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11/11/2005 7:48 AM

Eolande closed her eyes and tilted her head back as she inhaled deeply. Feeling the gentle caress of the morning sun upon her face, she stretched her wings out and smiled. Her moments of solitude were rare, but when she was able to be alone, she often came to this place at the edge of the forest. Opening her eyes, she peered curiously into the thicket, wondering (not for the first time) why she was forbidden to enter the woods. As a child, she had heard the stories about child-eating-monsters and other creatures of horror who dwelled there - but as she lingered along the forest edge, she wondered how a place of beauty could contain such evil.

Looking back over her shoulder, Eolande confirmed that no one had followed her. She knew the Elders would be occupied with their Annual Gathering, so her absence would likely go unnoticed. Feeling a pang of sadness within her, Eolande was reminded that the Elders would be choosing her Consort before the day's end. She hoped they would choose wisely for her, but some part of her was angered that she did not have the freedom to choose for herself. Ultimately, it was her anger which gave her the courage to enter the forbidden forest. Folding her wings tightly behind her, she stood as tall as she could, and stepped in.

11/13/2005 6:58 PM

Vorin watched from the shadows of the trees. He wasn't supposed to be so far from home, but he never really bothered to listen to the rules. Things just weren't as much fun if he did. He continued to blend into the shadows as he stared at the farie in the glade. She was alluring, but Vorin couldn't figure out why.

He was more than a little surprised when she started heading toward the woods in his direction. It was sort of nutral territory, but few of her kind ever ventured as far as this. Vorin was sure that she must either be either very brave, completely naive, or totally nuts. There really were some dangerous things in these woods. He was sure that she had no real idea what she was getting into.

When she took her first steps into the forest, Vorin made up his mind to follow her. He watched from where he was until she got a little farther into the forest and than quite as a shadow slipped a few yards behind her. He wasn't sure what would happen, or what he would do if anything did, but he couldn't help himself. There was just something about her that he couldn't put his finger on.

11/14/2005 7:51 AM

Eolande was surprised at how quickly the sunlight was blocked out by the denseness of the forest. Only a few steps in, she felt as though she'd been transported to another world. Pausing for a moment, she looked over her shoulder toward her villiage. The warning voices of her parents played in her mind, but her curiosity of what lay before her outweighed their influence at the moment. If I don't do this now, I'll always wonder what I missed out on she thought to herself. She glanced for a moment around her, and decided that walking straight ahead was as good of a direction as any.

Her footsteps were silent as she tread lightly upon the moss covered ground. Years of playing hunt-the-demon with her brother had taught her to move about without being detected. It almost came naturally to her now. She paused for a moment at an unusually large tree, and tentatively reached forward to touch the bark on its trunk. She felt no ill-will from the tree, so she rested her hand more firmly upon it, and gently closed her eyes. The bark was surprisingly cool to the touch, and she felt a sense of strength from the tree. Opening her eyes to look upward, she wondered how many years it had stood here - and how many others had come to touch its bark just as she had. She patted the tree gently, and moved forward with more confidence.

11/16/2005 1:40 PM

Vorin caught his breath when the fairy in front of him paused. He could smell her almost too sweet smell from where he was. It left him little doubt that he wouldn't lose her in the heavily wooded area. A slight breeze blew his dark hair into his eyes. By the time he brushed it out of the way, she was moving again. He truely was shocked just how much he was drawn to her.

He couldn't help wondering just what she was thinking. Was she trying to prove something? If so, to whom? As far as he was aware, what she was doing was forrbiden, or at the least looked down on. Differences between the two groups had kept them primarily secluded from each other. He had friends that would have hated her at first sight. He couldn't bring himself to think like that.

He took up his pursuit again so that she wouldn't get too far ahead. She was moving a little faster now. As both of them were being silent, the sharp sound of the stick cracking to their left rang out clear. He froze just for a second before moving in a small arc to the right so that he could get closer and still not be seen.

11/17/2005 8:12 AM

Eolande smiled gently as she felt the breeze brush past her. She had always enjoyed the feel of wind on her face - as a child she pretended that she could ride with the wind and discover the many wonders outside her villiage. Your imagination will be your undoing, Eolande she heard her mother's voice repeat in her mind, Stop dreaming about what can never be, and start planning for what is sure to come. She shook her head slightly as she continued walking into the forest, and giggled a little at the thought of what her mother would say if she knew she'd ventured into the Forbidden Forest.

No longer able to see the edge of the forest, Eolande knew she would continue to venture deep into the forest until her curiosity was satisfied. She looked around in wonder at the trees, foliage, and at various animal tracks left on the ground. She stopped and bent down to examine one of the tracks that looked unfamilar, and froze when she heard the SNAP of a twig. For a brief moment, the stories she'd heard over the years of the horrors of the forest came crashing down on her. She fought the urge to scream out in terror as she imagined some dark and hideous beast leaping out of mid-air to devour her. Holding her breath in anticipation, Eolande listened intently for the sound of any additional movement. She heard nothing.

After what seemed like an eternity, Eolande found the courage to rise from the ground and look around her. Treat it like a game of hunt-the-demon she said to herself. A common tactic in that game was to make noises to startle the one being hunted - then the victim would always be on-edge, and never sure when the attack would come. The thought crossed her mind that her brother might have actually followed her into the forest - but she quickly dismissed it when she remembered it was his first year to attend the Annual Gathering festivities. He was so excited about that, he wouldn't miss it to simply play tricks on his sister.

Not wanting to leave the area yet, Eolande walked over to a small tree that bore some unfamiliar fruit. She leaned over to pick one from the branch closest to her, and began to examine it curiously. All the while, she kept listening for another sign that someone - or something - might be nearby.

11/17/2005 9:00 AM

Vorin knew better than to dismiss the snapping twig. It had clearly come from the ground, which ment something was out there. The only question was whether or not it was something dagerous. It made him even more nervous when the female fairy got up and started moving again, even if it was gingerly. Vorin didn't think she realized just how much she stood out in the darkness of the well shadowed forest.

As he watched her, Vorin could see that she was at least paying attention to what was happening, but she was truely showing herself as naive to the ways of this forest. She picked a gordain! Those fruits, while smelling sweet and tasting delicious, would make those that ate them sick for days. Vorin had heard of many cases where travelers had killed themselves just to rid themselves of the torment that the fruit bore. He couldn't just watch anymore.

Being that he was still somewhat behind her, Vorin was confident that he could sneak up behind her without her knowing he was there. He drew in close, gliding across the ground even more silently than before. He crept up behind her slowly. He knew that he was going to scare her, but it was either that or let her suffer. He just couldn't manage to let that happen. When he was just out of reach, he pounced at her, knocking the fruit out of her hand as he put his hand over her mouth to try and stifle any sound.

"Shhhhh," he whispered into her ear. "You must remain quiet." Vorin couldn't be sure that she even heard him.

11/17/2005 11:39 AM

Eloande felt some of the tension ease from her body as she examined the new fruit. It wasn't unusual for her curiosity to outweigh her fear - something that had gotten her into unpleasant situations more often than she'd like to admit. As she pulled the fruit close to her nose to smell it, the air around her suddenly spun into chaos.

Everything happened at lightning speed, and yet, in the slow-motion that only terror knows. She first heard the whooosh in the air behind her, and felt something hit hard against her hand. My fruit! she thought fleetingly as she watched it fly through the air - and then she opened her mouth to scream. Just as she was inhaling to release a shreik from the depths of her being, she felt something clamp over her mouth. It came hard and fast, and she felt blood trickling inside her mouth where her cheek had been slammed against her teeth. Her eyes widened with terror, knowing for certain that she was at the end of her short life.

And then, she heard him speak.

His voice was terrible and beautiful at the same time. She felt fear gripping the pit of her stomach, but also noticed a tiny amount of wonder and awe. She considered biting the inside of his hand, but then thought if he snuck up on me so easily, how do I know I could get away? Ever so slowly, she raised her right hand, and laid it gently upon his wrist, waiting to see what his next move would be.

11/17/2005 9:57 PM

He was relieved. The fairy in his arms only struggled for a moment. To long could have been disastrous. Something else was out there, and it was more of a threat than Vorin was. Still, feeling her slender body pressed up against his almost made him lose his concentration.

When she was still, he continued to whisper in her ear.

"I will take my hand away, but you must not make a single noise. Something else may be hunting us."

He had to trust that she would believe him. He took his hand away from her mouth, but still held her with his other arm. She may keep quite out of fear of him as much as what may be out in the shadows, but he couldn't trust her not to run. With his head slightly resting against her's, Vorin eased his breathing so that he could listen more intently. If something was indeed out there, he had to try and figure out where. He tried to remain as still as he could. He could feel the beating of his [i]captive's[/i] heart. He tried to think of something to soothe her, but it was an area he wasn't all that familiar with.

11/18/2005 7:12 AM

Eolande nodded once, hoping that would be enough to let her captor know she would not scream if he removed his hand. She did not yet know if he was friend or foe, but if something worse was out there, he was likely the lesser of two evils. As he pulled his hand away, Eolande exhaled deeply - not even realizing that she'd been holding her breath the entire time.

He still had a firm grip on her arm - she was certain she would have bruises where he grasped her. She had no idea how she would explain *that* to her mother, but reminded herself that she had a few other things to worry about at the moment. As she felt him rest his head against her own, Eolande closed her eyes and tried to regain her composure. If they were being hunted, she could not allow her fear to cloud her judgment. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, encouraging her fear to ride out on her breath and dissipate around them.

Feeling much calmer, Eolande opened her eyes and looked for any signs of movement. She realized they were in a vulnerable place, with many possible avenues for attack. She pressed herself firmly into him so she could lean back and whisper in his ear. "The thicket" she said as quietly as she could, "should we hide in the thicket?"

11/18/2005 2:10 PM

Vorin was about to agree when he saw what had made the noise snaking it's way throught the trees about twenty yards in front of them. A rorisk was creeping along toward them, it's black scales gleaming with whatever light that they could pick up. Vorin had to act quickly. He had nothing but a large dagger, but it would have to do. He pushed the girl in his arms out of his way. He had to try and catch it off guard.

He waited until it closed within ten yards and he sprinted towards the rorisk, drawing the dagger as he went. When he saw the beast prepare to pounce, he dropped into a roll, hoping that it would miss him. However, as it soared over him, it's claws scored the three searing cuts on his right side. Vorin tried to ignore it as he finished the roll and got up to one knee. The beast was coming at him again. This time he just let it come, waiting for it to get within his reach. As soon as it was he lashed out with the dagger, driving it into the front of the beast's throat. Something he didn't account for was the forward momentum.

The weight of the beast hit him full force knocking him to the ground and driving the breath out of him. By the time that they both stopped moving, the rorisk was laying across him.

11/18/2005 5:10 PM

Eolande had begun to shift her weight to move toward the thicket, when her captor suddenly (and rather violently, she noticed) shoved her away from him. She was about to protest when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye.

Turning to look fully in the direction of the movement, she felt her jaw drop open in amazement. What *was* that thing?? It moved with the grace of a cat, but appeared to actually glisten somehow. All at once, she saw her captor rush toward the creature, and caught the glimmer of metal in his hand. Feeling paralyzed by her shock, she stared in horror as the creature attacked him. She saw a mixture of blood, metal, claws, and scales - and jumped out of the way just in time as they tumbled toward her.

She knew she would only make matters worse by diving into the fray, but she *hated* feeling so useless! As their movement slowed, she heard the sound of blood gurgling in the beast's throat, and saw her captor's dagger sticking out of his skin. Scales, she corrected herself. As the beast breathed its last breath, Eolande bent down to where they were laying together.

It appeared that her captor was trapped beneath the beast he'd killed. I should just run away and get home as fast as I can she thought to herself, but one look at her captor's wounds told her that he was in need of her aid. She squatted down next to him, and gently brushed his hair behind his ear.

"Hold on a moment," she said quietly as she looked into his eyes. It was the first time she'd been able to see him fully, and for the briefest of moments, it seemed as though something in the core of her being found him familiar. Then as quickly as the sensation had come, it was gone. She blinked a few times, and then stood up to move around toward the belly of the beast. She knew she didn't have the strength to pull it off him completely, but she did manage to roll the beast off him and onto the ground next to him. She watched the beast for a moment, but saw no rise or fall of his chest, so she knew he was indeed dead.

Turning her attention toward her captor - rescuer - she thought, she winced as she looked at the depth of his wounds. She needed to stop the bleeding, but didn't feel comfortable out in the open. "Can you move?" she asked him. "If we can get into the thicket, I can tend to your wounds."

She hoped he would be able to get up, but knew that even if he couldn't, she'd somehow find the strength to pull him to safety. She could do no less for someone who had just saved her life.

11/21/2005 12:24 PM

Vorin coughed as he came to, the convulsions making the cuts in his side burn with pain. He groaned a little when the fairy he had followed fought to move the dead rorisk off of him. It relieved some of the stress on his wounds but it would surely take some time to get used to.

When she asked if he could get up he tried on his own, but the initial motion sent waves of pain throughout his whole body. He dropped back down to let the pain succeed. It was making him nauseous at well. When he settled a little, he conceded to let her help him up. Between the two of them, he managed to get to his feet without too much more pain.

He allowed her to help him slowly to the thicket as she wanted. He was sure that they were going to be fine for awhile, but he was in no state to argue the point. It seemed near an eternity before they made their way slowly into the thicket. There was no avoiding the pain that would come from getting back to the ground. He tried just sitting, with her help, in hopes of lessening it somewhat, but he didn't have the energy to sit straight enough keep the pain at bay. By the time he was laying on the ground he almost blacked out. He couldn't even tell if she was still there.

11/21/2005 1:55 PM

Eolande had hoped he would be able to rise in his own strength, but it was evident that he was going to need her help. She rather awkwardly placed her arm around his waist, and after making sure her grip was firm, she rose slowly with him. They stumbled a bit as they made their way to the thicket, but she kept them from falling to the ground.

Entering into the thicket, Eolande brushed aside the branches until they came to a small clearing. Not the best of settings she thought to herself, but at least we'll be able to hear if anyone - or anything - else approaches.

She tried to help him into a sitting position, but his pain at doing so was obvious to her. She helped him slide down to a prone position on the ground, and watched his eyes carefully while trying to tear his clothing free from his wounds. He was fading in and out of consciousness, and she was unsure how much time she was going to have to work on his wounds.

She looked briefly around her and cursed under her breath. "I do not know the foliage here" she whispered to no one inparticular. "I cannot heal him by natural means" she sighed. Remembering one of the childhood stories of the Forbidden Forest, Eolande wondered if he was one of the Dark Ones. Though he did not try to kill me and drain my spirit she muttered to herself, no, he saved me from certain death. And so shall I do unto him.

Nodding to herself, Eolande leaned forward and placed both of her hands directly on top of his wounds. She noticed streaks of red appearing around the wounds and spidering out through his veins. She wasn't sure if this would work on him, but she knew she had to try.

She closed her eyes and began to hum softly. Soon, her huming changed to words - though she was never able to decipher the language she sang in - it seemed to understand the intentions of her heart. She sang to the poison within him, gently coaxing it to return to its point of entry. At first, it fought her - as infections always did. But then she felt herself connect with the poison - with its desire - and it began to reverse course to return to her.

Keeping her hands over his wounds, she felt the poison seep out of him and into her own skin. Though she felt the intense power of the poison - she knew her body would be protected from its deadly effects. As the red streaks began to vanish from his arm, Eolande felt her stomach turn with discomfort. Just a little more she thought to herself, and she increased the intensity of her song to draw out the last of the poison.

Confident that she had indeed gotten the last of it from him, she ripped off part of his clothing and wrapped it carefully around the wounds. "That should stop the bleeding" she said to him, unsure if he could even hear her.

"Ohhhhhh, here we go" she said as she turned away and wretched on the ground beside them. She knew it was her body's method of discarding the poison, but that knowledge didn't stop the burning sensation throughout her stomach, throat, and mouth. She threw up several more times, feeling weaker after each episode. With her strength finally sapped, she knew the poison was out of her system. She did not have the strength to stand, so she crawled over closer to her rescuer, and laid down on the ground beside him. She then closed her eyes, and faded into oblivion.

12/05/2005 12:27 PM

Vorin was the first to wake. His body felt strange, almost disconnected. He didn't want to move for fear of bringing the pain back. That was until he looked around and saw that the light fairy was on the ground as well. He gritted his teeth and sat up, shocked that it didn't hurt as much as he expected, which made him worry about how long they had been there. The shadows of the forest didn't give him any clue about that either.

He rolled onto his knees and crawled over to her, afraid that she was attacked while he was out or maybe that she had gone and eaten one of the gordains. He rolled her onto her back, looking her over. Vorin was relieved when he didn't see any wounds. He laid his head on her chest to listen. While her breathing was light, her heartbeat was strong, bringing a wave of relief. He sat back down, lifting her head to rest it in his lap. He caressed her face until her eyes started to flutter, seemingly hours later.

12/06/2005 11:35 AM

Feeling a gentle touch upon her face, Eolande sighed deeply, thinking for the moment that she was back home being awakened by her mother. She soon felt a hard surface below her, and realized she was not in her own bed. Opening her eyes slowly, the events of the past few moments (minutes? hours? days?) came back to her.

She sat up instantly, and regretted the sudden movement as she felt a wave of dizziness rush through her. Holding herself steady for a moment, she then turned slowly to look back into the eyes of the Dark One. For a brief moment, which felt like eternity, she looked deeply into him. She felt many things - though she couldn't name any of them. An internal war rages there she thought to herself, but she could determine no more than that.

Smiling gently, she spoke softly to him. "My name is Eolande. Thank you for protecting me from that...that...whatever that was. I'm sorry you were wounded for my sake." She gently reached out to touch the wounds she had cleansed. "How do you feel?" she asked, thinking it was a strange question to ask - since she wasn't sure she could answer that question for herself.

12/08/2005 12:50 PM

Vorin turned away from her touch, not willing to let her see more of a soft side than she already did. The movement really didn't hurt that much, so he stood up, is back still to her. "Rorisk. That creature was a rorisk. And I didn't kill it just for you."

His head wa spinning. Not from his injury, but from the thoughts and feelings that were racing through his mind. He was torn between everything that seemed natural to him as well as what he had learned about hating her kind and the emotions and desires that looking at her brought forth. He turned to face her again, not wanting to make her run away from him. "The cuts are fine," he told her. [i]It's my head and my heart that are torn. Where is this coming from? There have been wars between our kind. Gods, she is beautiful.[/i]

"My name is Vorin. I will take you back to the edge of the forest. I'm sure you need to get home." [i]It might be for the best[/i]

12/08/2005 1:35 PM

"Rorisk" Eolande repeated, the name feeling awkward to her. "I've not seen one of those before, and quite honestly, hope to never again." His words that he hadn't killed it just for her stung a little, though she really couldn't say why. I really shouldn't care she thought to herself, our kind have been enemies for a very long time. And yet, something about him seemed different - something that she couldn't quite identify, but couldn't ignore either.

She stood to join him, and paused as he suggested he take her back to the forest's edge. She knew he was probably right - that she should get home, but she also knew she'd never have the opportunity to come back here again. Not once The Elders had decided her fate.

Unsure of how to broach the subject, she barged ahead rather ungracefully, "I don't want to go back" she stammered quickly, "not when there's so much here I've never seen, and I probably won't ever get back here, and I'll always wonder what I missed out on, and you seem to know what is safe and what isn't, and..."

Eolande stopped as she realized she was babbling. She took a deep breath, and then exhaled as she stepped closer to him. "What I meant to say, Vorin, is that my curiosity is not satisfied. It is unlikely I will return here, so I want to see more of this unfamiliar land. I don't want to burden you with caring for me, but would be grateful for your company if you would offer it."

She was well aware of the reality that he probably hated her - but he *had* saved her - so she clung to the tiniest possibility that he might not abandon her afterall.

12/10/2005 1:22 AM

Vorin sighed. He didn't really want to let her go, but he didn't want her to know that either. One thing she said he had thought of already. She wouldn't be safe if she were here alone. There were dangers in this forest that she had pbviously never dreamed of. Aside from that, there was something different about her.

He had always found the females of his people attractive. Cavlyn had been his favorite of them all. Her dark looks had always drove him nuts, and they had been together several times. Yet, he was drawn Eolande. Even Cavlyn didn't compare. Her pale skin and golden hair were both something that he wasn't used to seeing. But there was more to it than that, he just couldn't place it.

Vorin realized that he had been silent for awhile. "Alright, I'll stay with you." Vorin fluttered his black wings nevously. "I guess your hungry by now?"

12/12/2005 7:11 AM

Eolande breathed a sigh of relief when Vorin gave his answer. "Thank you, Vorin" she said softly, "I know I will enjoy the wonders of this place more if I'm not feeling fearful about what might await me out there."

She paused for a moment, and looked around the clearing. "I am hungry - but I had hoped to take care of that with the fruit I had earlier. I take it that wouldn't have been a very good idea?" She gave a quirky smile at her last statement, realizing that she was actually starting to like her unexpected companion. Perhaps she thought to herself, he is going to be the greatest wonder of all.

12/12/2005 10:42 PM

Vorin softened at her naivety. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to show her a little something. Besides that, he was sure that if he spent some time with her, he would come to enjoy her company.

"Well, no, it wouldn't have been a good idea at all. By the time you had finished it, you would have been sicker than anyone you had ever seen. While we're at it, those dark purple berries over on that bush are even worse. While that gordain would have made you sick, the poison in those berries could kill you in an hour. But there are some good things to be found. First, we need a fire."

He dug a little pit in the soft earth and gathered together some dry wood. Vorin then kneeled beside the wood, and closing his eyes, whispered a short spell while tracing a symbol in the air. There was first just a light glow from below the pile. Then all at once the wood burst into a roaring fire.

"Wait here," he told Eolande. "The fire should keep any threat away. Besides, depending on how long we were out, night could be coming soon, and we won't know it's coming until it's here."

Vorin left Eolande to herself and headed back to where the rorisk was laying, his dagger still forced up through it's head. He retrieved the dagger and proceeded to cut some tender strips out of the beast's back. While he continued to work, he could help thinking that maybe he was leaving Eolande alone too long.

12/15/2005 10:48 AM

Eolande gulped when Vorin explained what the various sources of food would have done to her. She found herself even more greatful that he had come along when he did. "It's obvious I would have gotten myself into a mess without you, Vorin. Thank you again."

She was about to say more, when Vorin began to search for firewood. She looked around and gathered a few dry branches, trying to be of some help. When he piled his wood together, Eolande laid hers a bit outside of his, so they'd have some for later. She was about to ask what they could use to start the fire when Vorin kneeled beside the wood. Curious, she drew closer to him as he closed his eyes. She watched him draw an unfamiliar symbol in the air, and leaned closer to the wood as she saw a faint glow within the pile. Tilting her head in wonder, Eolande barely jumped back in time before the sudden burst of flame lept toward her.

Yelping in surprise and fear, Eolande stood back from the fire - and from Vorin. What creature is this? she asked herself that he can create such fire? Not able to tear her eyes from his as he spoke to her, she thought again One who bears destructive powers? A Dark One, indeed. She didn't trust her voice to remain steady, so she simply nodded at his command to wait where she was. She picked up one of her sticks and pretended to tend to the fire, hoping he'd walk away.

Once he'd left her, Eolande sat on the ground and stared at the flames. Muttering under her breath, she asked herself quietly "what am I doing here in the company of a Dark One? He could as easily use his Fire Power on me as that wood. How do I know he won't eventually get over his curiosity of me, and dispose of me without a second thought?" Staring into the dancing flames, Eolande could feel the heat on her skin.

Finally, her fear got the better of her, and she began to think about going back to her villiage. No doubt, Mother is frantic by now she thought, but her ranting would be preferable to an uncertain future here in the forest! Having no idea how long she'd been deep in thought, she was unsure as to when Vorin might return.

"It's now or never" she said aloud as she got to her feet. She began to make her way through the thicket, hoping she could get out quietly before the Dark One noticed she was gone.

12/15/2005 10:19 PM

Vorin finished cutting up the rorisk and wrapped up the meat with fresh, broad leaves. They would be able to roast the strips over the fire with some sticks. They wouldn't be seasoned, but they would do.

He cleaned the dagger, gathered up the mushy packets and headed back toward the glowing fire. As soon as the blaze was in sight, Eolande's lack of presence was obvious. He immeadiatly set down the meat and his dagger and listened. There was a slight rustle off to his right. He headed off in that general direction, only veering at a slight angle, hoping to get ahead of her. He had to laugh to himself a little. *[i]She's heading the wrong way.[/i]*

Vorin kept to the shadows like when he was following her earlier. He moved as quickly as he dared without making too much noise. As he went he periodically paused to listen for her. It didn't take long until any noise he heard was slightly behind him. He cut across to where he thought her path would lead and waited. When he didn't see or hear her, Vorin got a little nervous. He headed back toward where the last sounds had come from.

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12/16/2005 4:09 PM

Eolande moved as quickly and as quietly as she could - feeling desperate to put considerable distance between them. She was focusing so much on escaping the forest, that she wasn't as attentive to the sounds around her as she usually was. As she continued to move forward, she felt less and less confident about the direction she was going. Things looked much darker now that it was night, and she wasn't even sure if she was going the right way. Best to keep moving she thought to herself, at least until I'm sure that I'm out of reach from the Dark One.

She spotted what appeared to be an old path on the ground, and veered towards it. Pushing a branch quietly out of her way so she could gain a better field of vision, Eolande had no idea Vorin had been waiting for her. As he stepped out in front of her and spoke, Eolande screamed in terror. She turned away and ran back to the way she'd come, hoping to lose him somehow.

She knew it was probably futile, and that if he'd found her once, he'd no doubt find her again - but she wasn't about to be taken without a fight. She'd had plenty of time to recall the stories of her youth - the Dark Ones and the horrible things they would do to an unsuspecting fairy. She hadn't stopped to consider whether any of those stories were true, but neither did she want to be held captive by him in order to find out.

Running blindly through the forest, Eolande felt as if the trees were caving in on her. Are they drawing closer together? she wondered with fear. Looking up at the tree tops, she did not see the huge root sticking up in front of her. She tripped over it and fell to the ground with a loud THUD. She tried to get up, but had somehow managed to get her ankle tangled in some sort of vine. Reaching down to free herself, Eolande felt the vine tighten around her ankle. She tried desperately to break free, but the more she tried to pull away, the tighter the vine's grip became.

Eolande felt fear in the pit of her stomach as she realized her situation had gone from bad to worse. Get a hold of yourself girl! she chided herself. Not sensing that there was any other immediate danger around her, Eolande decided to remain quietly sitting on the ground, until she was certain she'd lost Vorin for good. Then she'd find some way to break free from the tightening vine and get back to her homeland.

01/02/2006 5:45 PM

Vorin crept slowly through the dense forest growth, searching for the fairy that had run from him. It was getting a little hard to see in some places, and several times he could have passed within feet of her without knowing. He considered himself lucky when he almost tripped over her as she was laying on the forest floor, seemingly trapped.

"I would have though that you had learned by now that this forest is dangerous. It was very foolish of you to run like that. You didn't even know where you were going, did you?"

He didn't wait for an answer before moving around to her [i]trapped[/i] foot. He undid the vines that had managed to tangle around her ankle like an odd sort of noose. He didn't like the look of her ankle. Without waiting for permission he scooped her up and craddled her in his arms. He was going to need to be careful as he picked his way back to the fire.

He couldn't help noticing two things as he got under way. Eolande smelled wonderfully sweet. It was alluring and Vorin was sure that he could get lost in just the scent of her. The other thing was the way her body felt pressed up against his. Her smooth skin almost made his body shiver. He found himself starting to wish that he'd be able to take her home with him.

01/02/2006 8:27 PM

Eolande was waiting in the silence, certain that the beating of her heart could be heard from miles away. She then heart a rustle from the foliage behind her, and gasped in surprise as Vorin nearly fell on top of her.

His words to her were came as a shock because she sensed no malice within them...but perhaps....concern? She watched him as he reached for her ankle, and began unwrapping the vine that held her. As he pulled the vine away, she realized that the pain had not gone away. Peering more closely at her ankle, she saw it was red and swollen, and tender to the touch. She was wondering what was wrong with it when Vorin suddenly swooped her up in his arms and pulled him close to his chest.

Eolande thought she would scream - but then realized that she had no fear within her to fuel such a response. Recongizing that she could not walk on her own, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and laid her head against his chest. She felt the pounding of his heart upon her cheeck, and inhaled his musky scent. Closing her eyes, she relaxed herself into his care - recognizing that she was indeed safe with him.

She wasn't certain how long they had walked, but she eventually found the terrain to be familir. Our clearing she said to herself as she recognized the fire they'd built earlier that night. Was it this night? she pondered. It feels as if it's been days. It seemed that Vorin paused for a moment before he set her gently on the ground. She found herself reluctant to let go of him, but couldn't say for certain why. She'd felt all sorts of emotions stirring within her since they'd first met. She knew she shouldn't be drawn to him - but she was helpless to prevent it.

Staring into the fire, not certain that she wanted to meet his eyes, she said quietly, "I'm sorry, Vorin." She paused for a moment, trying to find the right words, trying to find the courage to speak, "I was a fool to leave here, probably as much of a fool as I was to enter the Forbidden Forest to begin with." At that moment, she did look up at him. She felt as though she could be honest with him - needed to be honest with him.

"I have spent my life hearing stories of the Dark....of your kind, Vorin. I know our people have been enemies for a very long time. I was afraid, that you would eventually become the type of creature I'd heard about all those years ago. But...you came for me. I don't understand it, but you came for me." She looked away then, feeling guilty for having been so harsh to him. "I'm sorry to have judged you, Vorin. You are not the creature I have been lead to believe."

She kept staring into the fire, holding her breath, hoping he would say something and at the same time, fearing that he would.

01/03/2006 11:23 PM

Vorin knelt beside the lithe female after he set her down, unwilling to yet move away. He took in both her explination and her appology, both of them making him think. [i]Am I different now, or is just her? Will my people see a change in me? I may never be able to go home again.[/i]

Vorin tried not to let his sadness show, but when he spoke, his voice was soft. "You have nothing to fear, Eolande, at least not from me. I will watch over you for as long as you wish." He paused, giving thought to what he didn't want to say. He didn't want to say something that would make her feel worse. In the end he mustered a weak smile and asked, "You were hungry were you not?"

He pulled himself away from her and found the wrapped meat that he had carved before Eolande had run. He cut two branches off a nearby sapling, both of which were about an inch thick and sharpened them. Vorin put one strip of meat on each stick, piercing it through one end and then wrapping it back up the stick and piercing the other end to hold them on. He set them up on two forked sticks he stuck in the ground to work as a make shift spit. With the meat cooking, Vorin focused on a nearby thicket that had familiar looking vines poking out here and there.

It didn't take him long to find exactly what he was looking for, a small patch of oblong green and yellow gourds. He picked two that would be easily handled and went back to the fire. Vorin sat near to Eolande and turned the sticks so a new section of meat would be facing the fire. He cut a hole in one end of a gourd and passed it to Eolande. "Here, drink this. I think you'll be surprised."

He watched her in the firelight. The glow and the shadows excentuated her beauty. He started to feel warmer, but it was coming from inside of him, not from the fire.

01/06/2006 12:51 PM

Eolande smiled girlishly when Vorin spoke to her. There was a rhythm to his soft voice that soothed her somehow. When he remarked on her hunger, she simply nodded - not trusting her voice to remain steady.

She watched with fascination as he made his way so easily around the forest. I would indeed be helpless here without him she admitted to herself. She wasn't sure if she'd ever actually admit that to him, though.

As he sat next to her, Eolande felt such a sense of safety, it took great effort to keep herself from leaning into him. She took the gourd from him, her fingers gently brushing his as she did. She shivered slightly from the touch, as if something deep within her had been stirred - and then all seemed normal again.

She smiled as winningly as she could, and closed her eyes to drink from the gourd. The taste was a surprising mixture of sweet and sour, and she giggled a little when some dripped out along the side of her mouth. She wiped her mouth gingerly with her fingertips, and then awkwardly stared at them, not sure if it'd be appropriate to lick them. She shrugged and did so anyway - enjoying the taste of the juice on her tongue.

She turned to see Vorin staring at her, and her curiosity about him began to surge forth. "So, tell me Vorin, do you often come this close to the edge of the Forest?" She wasn't sure what all he'd be willing to tell her, but she couldn't help wanting to know more about this Dark One.

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01/07/2006 1:16 AM

Vorin felt a burning flare through him when their fingers touch. He hadn't expected it, but it didn't really surprise him too much. When the juice ran from the corner of her mouth, he was tempted to wipe it away. He was too slow though. Eolande got it herself and he could do nothing but watch as she sucked it of her fingers.

"Accually no, I'm not usually out here," he responded. [i]But it's a good thing I was.[/i] "I was simply out to get away and have some time to think. What about you? What brought you into this forest? It's not normally a place for your kind to travel."

Vorin hope that he hadn't offended her, but she had asked first. He got up and turned the meat strips one more time. They were almost ready. When he sat back down, He made sure that he was a little closer to her.

01/09/2006 11:06 AM

Eolande noticed that Vorin's answer was a bit vague, but she could hardly blame him. It had taken her so long to realize he was trustworthy, she could expect no less of him. She wondered briefly what kinds of things he might have heard about her kind over the years.

She was about to speak when he got up to tend the meat, but she waited until he sat down again - noticably closer - before answering his question. "Well," she began, "it sounds as though we had similar motivations. I needed to get away myself, and felt as though this would be my only opportunity to do so."

Eolande paused for a moment, wondering if he was really interested in her story, or if he was simply being polite. She decided that she wasn't going anywhere soon with her ankle the way it was, so she might as well risk a little more with him.

"Today the festivals are - or were - taking place in my village. The Elders meet together, to discuss laws and other things, and to Choose consorts for those eligible to marry." Eolande looked off in the distance, as if lost in a memory. Shaking her head slightly, she refocused her attention on Vorin and said quietly, "they were going to Choose for me today. But, I didn't really want to be Chosen." She knew he probably wouldn't understand the depth of those words - what it would mean for someone of her kind to refuse a Choosing. Drawing random figures in the dirt with her fingertips, Elonade continued, "so, I thought I'd come see what was in the Forbidden Forest. Not that I expected to find anything, but I knew if I didn't come now, I probably never would."

She paused a moment to let that sink in - wondering what Vorin had picked up and what he might have missed. She then asked quietly, "What was it that you needed to think about, Vorin?"

01/10/2006 10:47 PM

He was taken aback. It was shocking to him that they were in such similar positions. Vorin just couldn't fathom how her people could take it so much further. He almost didn't want to tell Eolande for the sake of not wanting her to think he was mocking her. He took a sip from is gourd before deciding to risk it.

"You may not want to believe this, but the thoughts that brought me out here are not that very different from the ones you are running from, unless I am mistaken." Her beauty in the firelight distracted him for a moment. "Although I don't fully understand what it is you mean by being Chosen, I'm sure. You are talking of a Pairing, though, are you not?"

"Our people have more than enough traditions, many of which don't bother me. But when one gets to be my age, and is not Paired, the older members start to push us into it. It's never forced, but it is insisted, and the badgering just gets old. I've always been one to go my own way, and I enjoy my freedom. I don't want to be locked tight all the time."

The meat was ready. Vorin got up and pulled the two portions out of the fire. He handed one to Eolande before sitting down, again a little bit closer. She looked a little hesitant at the sight, so he pulled off the first section, tearing it just before the spot where the stick went through it again. It was nice and juicy, if a little bland, and not too done with a little pink in the center. He chewed it quickly, swallowed, and smiled at her.

01/12/2006 7:14 PM

Eolande looked at Vorin in stunned silence as he spoke of his tradition of Pairing. She scrutinized him closely, searching for any hint of mockery, but sensed none. She was curious as to how they could have similar customs, but was suddenly distracted by his comment of enjoying his freedom.

Freedom. That was the crux of it, wasn't it? The freedom to go wherever one might choose, without the constrictions of tradition - or the expectations of others. She looked at him thoughtfully as he rose toward the fire, wondering how different they really were at the core of their beings.

As Vorin handed the meat to her, she smiled as she reached out to take it. She did notice that he sat a bit closer to her than before, and she felt some comfort from that small gesture. Watching how he had eaten the meat, Eolande followed suit. It was a bit gamey for her tastes, but delicious nonetheless. She hadn't realizedd how hungry she was until she had the taste of the meat in her mouth.

She finished chewing, and then said to Vorin, "it sounds as though our worlds are not that different afterall. I too desire the sweetness of freedom - and abhor the thought of being chained to anything - or anyone. I suppose it's part of what enabled me to come into the Forbidden Forest. The very fact that I was told not to ever enter here was the very motivation that drove my curiosity." She laughed a little at that, and wondered if she'd have the courage to voice to Vorin the thoughts that were trickling in the back of her mind.

Pausing to eat more of the meat, she eventually asked, "so does anyone from your villiage know you're here? And what would they think of the two of us talking with one another?"

01/16/2006 2:15 PM

Vorin had nearly finished his share of meat while Eolande had been talking. It was a surprise that they had any common ground when they seemed so different. He wouldn't have thought it possible from what he had been told about these light fairies. Yet Vorin couldn't take his eyes off her. Even her soft little laugh seemed amazing and her sweet scent was intoxicating.

He was so distracted by her that her last to questions caught him off guard. He chocked back his surprise and tried to figure out where the thoughts had come from while he answered. "No, no one knows I'm out here, at least not that I'm aware of. I didn't talk to anyone about it, I just walked off. If someone did see us, I'm sure they wouldn't understand it. Not that it matters what they would think. Where is this coming from?"

He really did want to know. Vorin couldn't figure it out.

01/17/2006 11:00 AM

At Vorin's rather direct question, Eolande broke eye contact with him, and stared at the fire for a moment. She wasn't all that certain she understood where her line of thinking was coming from - but she also knew even the most random of thoughts eventually served a purpose.

She inhaled deeply and exhaled again before she spoke; imagining that she had inhaled courage and exhaled her fears. "Well, Vorin" she began, "I've no doubt that the people from my villiage would misundertsand what's going on here." Pausing for a moment, she wondered whether or not to forge on ahead, but decided it really was too late to turn back now.

Turning to face him with her body, Eolande looked into Vorin's eyes, and said with a bit of tredpidation, "Is it true that you hunt faries like me, so you can lure us into your caverns and devour our souls?" Eolande felt her face flush at asking such a question of him, but she also knew unless that childhood story was faced, it would always be in the forefront of her mind.

01/17/2006 10:18 PM

Vorin could feel his eyes go wide at her question. It was inconceivable. Yeah, his people had won the last war centuries ago, but to make up such a story? There was no basis for such a lie.

When the shock wore off, he finally answered. "Eolande, I can't expect you to really believe me after a question like that, but that is completly untrue. I don't know where that would have come from. My people have never been able to do anything like that."

He thought back and it was true, as best as he could remember. He had never heard of anything like it. Perhaps it was time to make peace between the two tribes. But that was something for someone other than him and would have to wait. He wasn't leaving Eolande to the forest. Her being from the light didn't matter, Vorin didn't want her hurt.

He brushed her hair away and let his hand rest on her cheek. He returned her look and asked, "Is that why you ran from me? Did you really think I was going to hurt you?"

01/18/2006 8:59 AM

Eolande held her breath, waiting to see how Vorin would respond to her question. She watched him closely, some part of her ready to bolt away if need be. As she studied him, he seemed genuinely shocked at her question. His reaction allowed her to relax a little, and to really listen to what he had to say.

Vorin seemed so sincere in his response, Eolande didn't even flinch when he reached toward her. When he rested his hand upon her cheek, she closed her eyes briefly, enjoying the sensation of his tender touch. Opening her eyes to look at him, she felt them moisten with held-back tears. "I'm sorry Vorin. I wanted to believe you'd never hurt me, but I've heard so many things about your kind since I was a little girl - I just had to know if that particular story was true. Please forgive me for judging you so harshly - you've shown nothing but kindness to me, and I'm afraid I've given you nothing but suspicion in return. You deserve better than that - you really do."

Eolande wished there were some way for her to freeze that moment in time - it felt so honest, so pure - and now that she'd felt his tender touch, she was afraid of the ache that would be left behind when he finally withdrew.

01/19/2006 1:35 PM

Vorin was taken aback by her appology. He just wasn't ready for it. Her responce seem genuine enough too.

He felt it had been a small success that Eolande had not flinched at his touch. By the time she finished talking he couldn't be sure if it was even the firelight that twinkled in her eye as he stared into them. There seemed to be something more. He decided to take a chance and do something he had been longing for.

Vorin leaned forward, closed his eyes, and pressed his lips to hers, giving her a deep and passionate kiss. Even with his eye's closed, everything around them melted away, even the ground, making it seem as though they were flying. Brilliant colors flashed through his mind as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body in close to his to hold the kiss. It was an experience he had never been a part of before. He had kissed others, yes, but it had never caused a reaction like this. When he finally pulled away, he waited for her eyes to open again so he could look into them again. "I forgive you," he said simply, smiling to her.

01/20/2006 8:57 AM

It seemed as though Vorin was hesitant to move after she had spoken. Does he want this moment to last in the same way I do? she wondered to herself. She was about to dismiss her thought as silly and childish when Vorin began to lean in toward her.

Before she fully realized what was happening, she felt his lips upon hers. For the briefest of moments, she was too stunned to move, feeling as though she were frozen in place. And then she began to feel the warmth - the need - in his kiss. Eolande closed her eyes, and surrendered herself to be consumed by him.

At her moment of surrender, she felt a warmth flow through her body - a warmth that touched places within her she'd long thought dead and forgotten. Everything within her and around her came alive as she responded with the passion and desire of life itself. She felt the harmonies of the earth reverberate within her and then surround them both, as if it was some sort of blessing over something that others would seek to forbid - or destroy.

When she felt Vorin begin to pull away, Eolande had to fight the urge to pull him to her again. Opening her eyes slowly, she felt as though Vorin was looking deeply into her with his gaze. His smile and his words were comforting, and she clung to them with a desperation she hoped wasn't terribly obvious.

"Thank you, Vorin" she whispered softly, wondering if he knew the many things she meant by those simple words.

01/29/2006 11:15 PM

A thank you wasn't quite what Vorin expected, but he took it. He was sure that it was for his forgiveness, though he hoped that it was for more than that. He licked his lips and could taste Eolande on them, almost a sweet taste. He could help but to wonder if he could make her his.

It was something that he was not aware of ever happening, though he was sure that if it had the elders would not let that information pass on to future generations. It was entirely possible that it hadn't happened, given the turmoil between the two clans. But he was certain that if they tried they could make it work. Not to mention, Eolande may be the only one that would let him be himself. They were looking for the same things weren't they?

He pushed the thought out of his mind for now. Vorin was going to lean in for another kiss when he felt a drop. He looked up and muttered, "Perfect, just perfect." I wouldn't take long until it was a total downpour. That was how the rains always came in the forest. He looked back to Eolande.

"Quick, grab as many of those gourds as you can. We don't have much time. I know where we can go." He gathered what was left of the meat and his dagger. At a word the flames disappeared. He joined Eoland in the brush and grabbed one gourd with his empty hand. He told her to follow him as he headed deeper into the forest.

02/20/2006 2:19 PM

Eolande felt her heart rate quicken as she saw Vorin leaning into her again. As they were about to kiss, Vorin stopped and muttered something under his breath. Confused, she followed his gaze upward, and blinked when a raindrop landed on her forehead.

She was about to comment on how she loved the rain when Vorin began gathering their belongings and instructed her to do the same. She now knew she no longer needed to question his actions, so she got up quickly and gathered the few belongings they had. Her eyes widened a bit as Vorin extinguished the fire, but she didn't feel the fear at his display of magic like she did the last time.

As Vorin walked past her, Eolande felt him brush against her. Closing her eyes for a moment, she allowed herself a small smile. Then she opened them and headed after him into the brush, not knowing where they were going - and finding that she really care where they were headed, as long as she was with him. She quickened her pace to catch up to him, and had to fight the urge to link her arm into his. Now was not the time for affection - though she found it difficult to keep herself from him.

Muttering under her breath, she asked him quietly "what magic have you worked on me, dear Vorin?"

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