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11/08/2005 4:44 PM

Sam walked down the deserted corridor to the Ravenclaw dorm. She was alone, lost in her thoughts. The Dark Lord was still at large and apparently Harry Potter-who was a year above Sam- was going to save them all from Voldemort's wrath.
'I wonder if we're all going to die.' Sam pondered, 'That wouldn't be good. I haven't even finished school and I want to be an auror!'
The possibility of not fufilling her life's dream enraged Sam. 'The only thing I want in life is to be a good auror! But no one else thinks that a book worm of a girl should be "engaging in dangerous, life threatening situations." But I can! I'm smart and I got 12 OWLs. Why does everyone doubt me? I wish at least *one* person would support my dream....'

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