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11/07/2005 10:14 AM

Ok so heres the basic ideas behind it, me and whoever joins will be either Drow, Duegar or Chitine (D'n'D races) traveling to the upper realm and hunting down elves, humans and many other races on the way after that scum Drizzt. We have been hired by the Drow matren mothers of Menzoberanzan to bring back his head!
No offence to fans of Drizzt but he is a panzy in my eyes so I would love to have a campaign running after him trying to get him and kill him.
The classes that are available are as follows:

Drow: Wizard (Male only)
Drow: Fighter (Male + Female)
Drow: Cleric (Female only)

Duegar: No monks, Pladins, Druids, Rangers or Sorcerers (Normaly killed at birth)

Chitine: Same as above but Sorcerers are aloud.

Drow, Duegar or Chitine are evil only in my campaign.

I'm needing atleast 2 fighters (any race)
I'm needing atleast 1 Cleric (Drow)
I'm needing atleast 1 Bard/Sorcerer (Can be a wizard/sorcerer mix for drow.)

So Is anyone interested?

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