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11/02/2005 11:18 AM


Nearly five years had passed since that fateful bounty job. FIve years since the death of the true Emperor Palpatine. Five years since she shed her true name and became Han Solo's sister to hide her past.

Ayalana Solo sat beneath the large tree in the arboretum. Her mind free from the pressures of the force, she was free to eexplore every emotion that ran amok in her skull. She heard rather than felt the several small lizards that resided in the tree. Ysalamiri. Creatures that litereally silenced Aya's connection to the Force, numbing her senses. Offering her a true sense of peace. Of the here and now, not of the what-ifs and when.

She wasn't even aware of Luke's presence till he cleared his throat. Her blue green eyes opened and fixed on his. He stood just outside of the clearly marked boundry, watchin gher with interest. Luke disliked the absence of the Force, remembering a time when he had to spend more than just a meager hour in the Ysalamiri's presence... trapped in an entire forest of them, with a woman once known as "The emperor's Hand" on a planet he knew nothing about.

Slowly, Aya unfolded herself, and stood. In the dim light of the arboretum, a dark tattoo stood out in bold relief on her right shoulder, a tattoo easily recognized by any of the Imperial Order, marking her as the daughter of the EMperor. The Late Emperor Palpatine.

Noticing Luke's glance, Aya covered the mark with her hand, the medical droids had tried to remove it, to no avail. So, she always kept it hidden. She grabbed the poncho-like garment tha tlay to her right and slipped it over head so that it settled over her shoulders to cover the mark.

Knowing how the 'force bubble' unnerved him, Aya walked towards Luke. the moment she crossed the marked bountry, her mind was instantly assaulted by several sensations. A flood of emotion swamped her senses till she slammed her mental barriers in place, quiteting it to a dull roar that she could easily ignore if needed.

"The Council is convening. Seems there is a disturbance among the remnants of the empire..."

Aya cast Luke a sidelong glance, her step faltering.

"Disturbance?" She questioned. This was the first she had heard anything of it, or sensed it. Slyly she slipped pas this sheilds and defences, to feel the anxious undercurrent that ran strong under his emotionless facade.

"what is it? It must be serious...." She trailed off, but Luke pieced together what she didn't speak aloud.

"Yes. Rumor has it that the remnants are rallying under the rule of one who claims to be the Emperor's Daughter."

Ayalana froze, feeling shock travel through every nerve, as though she had touched a power cupling.... Luke stopped, watching her carefully.

The Emperor's daughter.....

Palpatine's Daughter.

"An Imposter you think??" She breathed, relieved that some part of her was working despite the shock.

"Only you can answer that..." Luke stated with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Only she... Aya swallowed hard as she pushed away any and all anger or fear she may have felt and turned, walking ahead of Luke towards the Council Hall.

Luke watched her a moment longer before following. He wasn't surprised at her reaction. Knowing all too well the torture her past brought to her mind. Living with the knowledge that you were the child of a power-hungry... Murdering monster... was never easy... He knew this personally.

As Aya entered the council hall, she felt all eyes turn towards her, making her edgy. She tried to quell the feeling, knowing that only two people in the chamber knew her 'dirty little secret'.

Make that three... She mentally amended as Luke endered behind her. As the Master Jedi walked in, it was like an unspoken cue, and everone, save for Han and Leia, looked away. Aya felt a momentary rush of anger, whish she immediatly squashed, as she felt Luke's mind turn towards her. Could the council not trust Jedi? No that wasn't quite true, they trusted luke...

No, it was Aya they didn't quite trust; even after all this time, all her service to the New Republic... They still watched her closely. IT didn't seem to matter that General Han Solo Claimed she was his sister, THat Jedi Master Luke Skywalker spoke for her... Nor that Councilor Leia Organa-Solo welcomed her.. Her shadowed past seemed to speak louder than they.

"Councilor Vorgan... Please continue." Luke said as he and Aya took their seats. Vorgan nodded, but was obviously irate at being interrupted.

"The disturbance has been centered on one woman. One who claims to be the Emperor's Daughter."

Instantly, Ayalana ferverantly wanted to be in her force nulled chamber. As fear, rage and hatred raced through the gathered representatives, the waves of emotions made her slightly ill, till Luke stretched his influence over her mind, casting her a chastizing glance.

"The woman claims she is Palpatine's Daugher, and only heir." As Vorgan spoke a hologram appeared in the center of the great hall, hovering in the air.

Abruptly, Aya's breath seemed slammed out of her, as if she had taken a punch to the stomach, and she couldn't breathe... She stared at the image, and she had the sinking feeling that she was staring at a mirror.

::Breathe Padawan... Just breathe. There must be an explanation for this...:: The sound of luke's voice in her mind calmed her, and Aya began to breathe again.

"This woman claims that her birthright is secure due to a brankd on her hand."

The image shifted, and the womans' right hand swam into focus. Again Aya struggled to breathe, it wasn't exact, but it could easily be mistaken for that tattoo on her shoulder. but it wasn't right... one line was wrong... saying "second" instead of "first". And it was a literal brand, not a carefully styled tattoo like the one she sported. Ayalana's breath caught and she stood, catching the unwanted attention of all present.

"Have you something you need to Say? Jedi Knight, Ayalana Solo..." Vorgan asked, putting a painful stress upon Aya's last name.

She could feel Luke's stare against her back, but it was too late. She plowed forward reklessly, it wasn't as if they didn't already suspect her.

"She's an Imposter... The mark is a fake."

Silence Reigned, save for a choked cough that sounded suspiciously like Han...

"And why would you claim that?" Vorgan sneered. Panic immediately welled, choking her voice. She turned her head slightly, seeking her Masters' advice.

Luke nodded, figuring it was finally time that the truth was told. Without saying anything further, he stood, prepared to back up her claims.

Aya turned towards the council, and fumbled with the poncho breifly before revealing her right shoulder. She noted that Han and Leia were making their way towards her as the council errupted in a fury of voices.

"Silence! Silence!!" Vogan bellowed, furious at the breech of conduct.

"What is the meaning of this??" He questioned as the commotion dulled.

"My name is Ayalana Lora Muldavayne. I was given my mother's surname to protect my identity. After the disasterous events two years past, I was adopted by General Han solor, and his family to protect me. Mostly from those who would exploit my position and status.

She took a calming breath as Luke rested a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and Han and Leia reached her side.

"I am Ayalana Muldavayne-Solo. I am The Emperor's Daughter."

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11/10/2005 10:14 AM

She sat alone, the black steel plated floor reflecting only starlight in the dimly lit room, her long dark hair unfettered around her shoulders.

Lightsaber at the ready in her lap, the woman seemed almost asleep, so deep was the meditation. Three target droids hovered in the air around her, the only sound in the silent room was their soft hum and whirr of electronics.

The darkened room and her clothes seemed to camoflage her, and the persistant nagging feeling that no one was there, to look another way seemed to make her nearly invisible to prying eyes.

A breath....

A Pause....

The droids sprang to life, each whirling off in a different direction. The snap-hiss and insistant hum as the lightsaber in her hand sprang into existance. The deep indigo blade seemed almost black as the woman stood, the only thing that betrayed her tension was the grip on the silvery hand grip of the Lightsaber.

The droids closed in, each from a different direction, firing stinging blasts, and an ocasional stun blast, which she had to dodge. Performing a backflip to avoid such a blast, the woman turned and managed to slice one droid in half, the burned and scorched pieces clattering to the deck floor before she focused on her next opponant.

The dim glow from the blade illuminated her face, while seemingly calm, anger and hatred glimmered in her blue-green eyes.

Throwing her hand out, the force contracted around the nearest droid, and it imploded, showering her with sparks and bits of debris.

The last one she concentrated on, deflecting and dodging attacks as she allowed the droid to corner her. With one devistating move, the droid was in scorched pieces on the floor.

The woman disengaged the lightsaber, and looked around at the debris and heaved a bored-sounding sigh.

"This is too easy... no challenge." She fumed as she returned the weapon to the belt at her hip.

"Seargent...." She said, pressing the comm button on the chair by the windows.

"Yes, M'lady?" The disembodied voice replied.

"Send in the traitors..."

"As you wish......" the comm beeped signaling that the seargent had turned it off.

Two men still dressed in their uniforms of highly trained stormtroopers stumbled in ahead of the seargent and two crimson guards.

Ashlynne turned, and decended the dias' stairs, her gaze fixed on the seargent, and gave a single curt nod.

The two crimson guard gave the two soldiers their weapons, expertly crafted blaster rifles. The two soldiers gazed at the weapons for a brief moment, in puzzlement, before Ash switched on the lightsaber.

The seargent and two crimson guards turned and left the room, locking blast doors behind them, leaving the two traitors to their fate as Ash advanced.

11/10/2005 10:18 AM

Khattiva had merely watched the commotion from behind Luke, in which's wake she had followed him inside the council. A wry smile was all that was written on her face and her only movement was a slight shake of her head. The ramifications of the statement that Aya had just made swiftly went through her head. The cat has been let out of the bag. The reactions is what I am interested in, but I am curious as to why nobody has ever bothered to tell me this 'little' detail.

With her build equal to that of Aya, she positioned herself in the vicinity of Luke, staying close as a padawan should, unless ordered to do something else. Today she had picked a mossgreen hooded cloak to wear, that matched the green in the rest of her attire, but covered her mostly from sight. Under the cloak her hand had reached for her sabre, invisible to those around her. This will certainly shake a few foundations. First we had no heir to Palpatine's throne, now all over sudden we have two, one of which seeming to be an imposter, by the look of things.

Silently she scanned the room, manipulating the force in such a way that she would hardly be noticed by anyone, a trick that Luke had taught her last year.

11/11/2005 5:19 PM

Luke had felt Khattiva's presence, and spared her a quick glance, briefly wondering what she thought of the subterfuge. He returned his gaze towards Aya.

Ayalana stood beneath the barrage of questions and accusations, her gaze steady and her face impassive, a facade Luke knew too well. He knew what she was going through, too many times he too faced such discrimination in the past, and while his father wasn't as ruthless as Palpatine, he had done his share of misdeeds.

Aya stood for the accusastions, listenting as the other councilors bickered among themselves, mostly ignoring that she was even present....

11/12/2005 7:20 AM

As she finished her round around the council, Khattiva stopped and stood beside her master, then looked up at him from under the hood. A soft whisper came from her lips, barely audible to those around them, yet sufficient to be heard by him. "When, if I may ask Master, would this small detail that you have chosen to hide from me have been brought to my attention? I have sparred with Aya on occasion and although she is able to manipulate the force in different ways then I do, I haven't sensed the presence of a sith within her." The look in her eyes, now just visible to her teacher, was one filled with questions, yet void of prejudice towards her fellow student, nor even a glimmer of resentment.

"This will certainly complicate our lives, will it not?" was the sole question she uttered at this time. The unspoken question that became visible in her eyes, strong enough to be sensed by Luke, mulled through her mind. Will this mean that we have an imposter to uncover and find out the reasons behind it?

In the meantime she had lowered her head again, never letting the guard down that had kept her from being spotted by the masses inside the council.

11/21/2005 1:53 PM

Ellis sat back in his chair with a sigh, looking on the broad vista of Yavin IV. Shaking his head, he pounded a fist on the now dead controls of his light freighter.

He'd left Dantooine three days before, headed for a remote Outer Rim world with this new shipment. He should have reached his destination just that long ago. His old goat of a ship had given out, though, and had been adrift the rest of that time. Now he was looking on a living monument to the downfall of the Empire.

He'd been just a boy when the rebels had struck their first blow against the Empire here, but he remembered the day vividly enough. News had spread quickly of the rebels ambush and assassination of Grand Moff Tarkin. When he was so young, he'd been hard-pressed to understand why they would want to do such a thing. Now he knew, though. The rebellion had wanted to destroy the peaceful order of the Empire and establish their own bastard government with the New Republic.

Now they were in charge, and the Empire was nothing more than a resistance force; a force he would give anything to fight for. He'd already served for the Imperial Navy once, and even for the Remnant, that was enough. They said he couldn't be counted on for sound thinking in a pressure filled situation. Even in these desperate times, the Empire he'd sworn himself to so long ago shunned him.

And now he was forced to stare at this planet that itself was a blasphemy against Imperial rule. On top of that, it was common knowledge that the forests and temples of Yavin played host to the newest generation of jedi. He'd heard plenty of tales in his time with the Navy, and before, to know just how power-hungry and corrupt the Jedi Order could be. How people could convince themselves of anything different, he didn't know.

Exhausted from lack of sleep, Ellis rubbed the heels of his hands against his eyes, taking a deep breath to steady his nerves for what he had to do. Knowing it could lead to no good, he thumbed the controls for his remote distress beacon. They'd never had much power, especially this cheap brand the company would pay for, so he'd been reticent to use it in deep space. Now, as much as he didn't like the location, he had a chance to be saved.

With his com-link already dead, Ellis silently waited, clenching and unclenching a fist, desperately eyeing the empty bottle at his feet.

11/28/2005 7:16 PM

As Falkon sat in the den of his newly homestead on Tatooine, meditating, visions was coming to him strong and true as if they were happening right there. Struggling to stay focused a blaster fire in his vision ended it and the com link rang loud as a bell with his name being said.

Falkon? A female voice said as he sat there.

Falkon the got up and answered the call over the com link and said Falkon hear. What seems to be the problem Tracy?

I am sorry to bother you while you are meditating but you have a important message coming in from Courscant. Its very faint and they say that your needed as soon as possible. It involves your parents. That is all. Tracy said sounding worried.

I will be right there. Falkon said as he picked up his lightsaber and walked out the room.

Thoughts and visions were coming in as he reached out to the force looking for his mom and dad but nothing was coming back. He raced down the hall and out to where the ship rested the past few months.

As he reached the ramp and walked up it Tracy said to him. Falkon I saved and cleaned up the transmission the best I could but it was no good like it was being jammed or something.

As Falkon and Tracy rushed to the cockpit the others joined them right behind them. Falkon them sat down in the pilots chair and started to work a few buttons on the panel to his left. All of a sudden an image appeared in the middle of the screen and there was a cloaked person in the picture fading in and out.

Falkon please come home to Courscant. Your parents&&.need&.help&. Please come&..soon. The hooded figure said and the transmission ended.

Sir it could be a trap. Please dont go. Tracy said sounding worried even more then before.

Everyone else nodded and agreed with Tracy. I understand but they are my parents and they are all I have left after my kid sister was killed a year ago by the Rebels. Falkon sat there and said with anger edging his voice.

Well sir with all due respect the ship is in running order and we can leave at any time. Tracy said as she sat down in the co-pilot seat and brought up the ramp.

Well I guess that is said and down. Everyone take there seats and lets get going. Falkon said as he fired up the engines and they started to leave for his home world&.Courscant.

As they were in space and away from the desert world of Tatooine, the stars started to chase like shooting stars and they were in hyperspace, off to Courscant. Worried about his parents and wondered about how Aylana was doing. The thoughts of pain and suffering was consuming him of his family could be going through.

Falkon then told Tracy, Take the Helm, Im going to lay down and relax until we get there let me know.

Tracy nodded and said No problem sir.

Falkon closed the door to the cockpit and walked back to lay down. Once there he made his bed and pulled back the blankets and then laid down. Once his head hit the pillow and pulled his blanket back he was out. Visions started again and he was on top of a mountain with a lady that was in a white dress with blaster fires going all over them. One grazed his arm and he started to blocked them one by one with his lightsaber. He looked at the lady and she ran off.

Falkon we are about to reach Courscant. Tracy said over the com link.

Falkon woke and said to Tracy. Be right there. And he started to rub the sleep out of his eyes and changed his clothes into a black tunic and black pants along with a black cloak. He then started to walk up to the cockpit after he grabbed both of his lightsabers . He then entered and saw the planet that was best said as One big city. They enter the city and landed at the docking bay with another ship there that looked like an Imperial shuttle with the ramp down.

Once Falkon landed the ship he opened the ramp and rushed outside after grabbing a tracer to keep on him. Tracy you and the others stay here and if I need you I will turn this on and you follow it. Falkon said as he stepped off the ship and Tracy nodded and closed the ramp once he was off.

He then rushed up to the blast doors and opened them. Then raced off to his parents home that was about a block away from the docking bay he was at.

Tracy and the others then decided to take off and await for Falkons signal to come back. Terry looked at Tracy and said to her, I really dont like this one bit you know that Tracy?

I know Terry but I am not about to disagree with Falkon because the rest of us would do the same thing if that was our parents. Tracy said as she flew the ship to a safe part of the planet.

As Falkon arrived to his home only to find it empty, rife with signs of a struggle has taken place his mind spun, thinking of what could have happened. Then Falkon found a picture of his sister and he then picked it up. Sis I could only say that I am so sorry for what happened and I only wish that I could have been there to protect you. All my power and I could not even save my little sister. Falkon said as a tear fell off from his eye and then he dropped the picture to find two crimson guards standing behind him and he had one of his lightsabers in his hand.

Admiral Falkon you are to come with us to see the master. The one crimson guard said as they stood there.

And what if I choose not to? Falkon said as he put his lightsaber back on his belt.

You are to come with us no matter what you say. The guard said as they cleared the way for Falkon to walk out.

You drive a hard deal but I have no choice then. Lead the way guys. Falkon said as he started to follow the guards.

They started to lead him to an unmarked shuttle where he landed and they boarded the shuttle. After a few hisses the ramp closed and the shuttle took flight. After a few minutes they were on the dark side of the moon where the Super Star Destroyer Judgment rested. The shuttle docked and the tension was so thick it could almost be cut with a knife.

Falkon came up to the turbo lift that went to his masters chambers and took it up. Once there the crimson guard stood there and said wait to be called by his master.

Falkon waited impassively outside of his masters chambers ignoring the pleas for mercy, the shouts of fear and the death screams of the two soldiers. Only his breathing betrayed his emotions. Every second was feeling like a life time as the cries for mercy ended as he waited for the call to come in.

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12/09/2005 5:11 PM

Luke was silent as the ruccus continued, carefully judging Aya's stoic expression before he stepped forward. Raising his hand, the escalating din of voices died away as effectively as any shouted demand.

"Why do you accuse her? She has had no more say in the matter of her birth as I had."

A murmur ran loose among the council as they were forcibly reminded of Anakin Skywalker... the Late Darth Vader.

"Five years ago Ayalana came among us. A bounty hunter on a doomed missive to kill General Solo. When I opposed her, I felt a familiar stirring in my mind. A gentleness hidden inside a ferocious, desperate need to survive.

He paused, and closed his eyes. When Luke opened them, Aya felt as if he had reached a decision, an action he was reluctant to pursue.

"Five years ago, had she resisted me, continued with her missive, I, regretfully mind you, could have, and would have killed her. Even partially trained she was strong, but I would have prevailed. Now, even the slightest possibility has passed.

I don't mean that I have been blinded by my compassion for her, or that I couldn't fight her if I had no other recourse. Simply put, if we were to be pitted against each other, I would have little chance against her, she would prevail."

Dead silence filled the chamber, and Aya could feel her own heartbeat thud in her ears, as she took a breath and held it, wondering what he would say.

"What I have to say to this council will not be well recieved. I have only met one rival to Ayalana's power in the force. Even Palpatine wasn't this powerful. His power lie in deciet and cunning. Using trickery isn't Aya's style. Diplomacy and sheer force as last resort. Only one person, and I knew him for only a few minutes... my Father."

This time not even Lukes' quite presence could stop the uproar in the council hall. It was Vorgan who managed some semblance to order and turned his steely gaze towards luke.

"No, Master Skywalker, this is not well recieved by this Council. You tell us that she has no rival, that she could destroy all that we have created as the New Republic?"

Aya felt her heart jolt in her chest, but her face didn't betray her fear. Luke bowed his head in aquiescence.

"Yes. So simply put. However... she has been here five years. There has been no subtle or even not so subtle maniputlations. The jedi are growing in number, and peace for the most part, reigns. Yet, you and this council seeks to force her to be an enemy. She helped to destroy Palpatine and his further plans to re-take the republic, and yet you blame her for things she hasn't done."

Han cleared his throat, and Luke glanced in his direction. "It seems to me, Ladies and Gentlemen... that she could be a greatly feared enemy, or a honoured and valued ally. It seems to be your choice...."

12/09/2005 5:47 PM

Ash disengaged her lightsaber as the second man fell, his eyes glazing over in death as he hit the floor. Her hatred sated for the moment, she could feel Falkon waiting for her. Smiling, she turned on her heel and returned to the chair on the dias. Pulling her hood up and over her head, she returned her saber to her hip. Pulling the cloak around her she sat down, and using the force to disguise her voice, called for the guards to remove the 'mess' and allow Falkon inside.

As he walked forward in the wake of the two crimson guards, he didn't even look towards the carnage she had caused. She watched him carefully as he approached. "You were reluctant to return to me....Normally I would find that insulting apprentice..." She growled, her voice deep and hoarce.

12/10/2005 2:39 PM

Khattiva raised a brow at Luke, then turned to watch Aya and her mind racing at the words spoken by her master. Luke not able to master her, if it came down to a duel? Might this be due to the training of both paths of the force, instead of just a single one, each complimenting the other on a path that lies in the middle of them both? I wonder.

She turned her head at Han when he spoke next and listened closely, as she had done to Luke's. Slowly she made a decision within her mind, weighing the options and the possibilities, then walked forwards and stopped next to Aya, while she placed one hand on her arm and lowered the hood of her cloak with the other. Calmly she spoke, utilising whatever leverage of the force that she could use to amplify her words, as she dropped the shroud that she had pulled up to hide her presence at the same time.

"The heart of the question here seems simple to grasp, even for a lowly Padawan such as myself. Do we even have the option of fighting on two fronts? Even if the person claiming to be Palpatine's daughter is a fraud, she is most likely a Sith and trained as such. We cannot fight both at the same time and come out of it unscathed. Aya is far ahead of me in the ways of the force, despite that fact that she trained as a Jedi for a shorter period of time then I have. The choice is not that difficult, for there is no alternative then to trust Aya for the moment, nor is there a solid reason that we could or should not."

Khattiva looked at her mentor and nodded, then continued to address the council. "The current threat to the security of the New Republic is not Aya, who is standing before you today, but the one that claims her heritage as Palpatine's daughter. A claim I must say that Aya has never made, only revealing herself as such for the information of this here council."

Slowly she bowed to the council, whilst letting go of Aya's arm and rose again. "My apologies for the intrusion, Mylords and Ladies."

12/10/2005 5:39 PM

Aya was momentarily surprised by Khattiva's revelation, but was grateful for the other woman's support.

Aya, for a moment couldn't bring herself to look up as she began to adress the council. "I have never truely wanted to claim my birthright. The man I knew, Palpatine, scared me. He was my father, and while he could be kind, it was always to serve his purpose, never a father consoling his child."

She swallowed hard and raised her eyes, then inclined her head. "All I had ever wanted since I was a child, was to belong. I never had any friends that I can remember, and I ernestly followed his instructions and tutelage with an egerness to belong to something...." She took a deep breath and held it for a moment.

"twenty years ago, Father dissapeared, and my escape from our sanctuary was so traumatic, that it took Master Skywalker and his meditations to force the memory back to my concious mind. I became a bounty hunter then, always scrounging for my next meal, fuel and repairs for my ship. Up untill the year before that fateful missive five years ago, I had little reputation among the other bounty hunters. I neither worked for the republic nor the empire... I took jobs that targeted both.

When I came here, I had only one objective, complete the job, fulfil my duty. Now I have a new job, a new duty, and a new family. Master Skywalker taught me this, and I will never forget it."

Vorgan studied Ayalana for a long moment before turning towards the other main councilors. Only one shook their head, while the others gave a brief, curt nod.

"Alright. It is the jugement of the council to turn Ayalana Muldavayne Solo over to her teacher, Master Skywalker. It is the fate of the Jedi order itself that holds over her good behavior."

Aya could tell that this was a double edged blade... while the council decided to believe her for now... if they had any cause to doubt her, it would scar the reputation of the whole Jedi Order.... She didn't like that one bit.

01/24/2006 2:59 PM

Khattiva gritted her teeth slightly, upon the words spoken by Councilor Vorgan. Her mind raced to weigh the possibilities, as she had always done. In other words, should the Jedi fail to control Aya, or lose it's battle to unmask this usurper, it will be the Jedi order that will be held accountable. Nothing changes, except for the names around us, while the politics of the entire matter remains the same. Covering their backs, no more and no less, so they have someone to blame if things go wrong.

She threw a quick glance at her mentor, while taking a deep breath to remain calm at the shortsightedness of the councilor.

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03/03/2006 5:15 PM

Luke's breath caught in his throat, and a frown creased his forhead as he nodded. "As is the will of the Council." He turned, and without asking for leave, motioned for Aya, Khattiva and Han to follow. Leia had to remain, given her position on the council.

Once the heavy doors were closed behind them, Han wheeled on Luke.

"What Kind of an idiot is that man? Can he really belive that Aya would betray us? After so many years with us?" He growled.

"Father did that very thing once...." Ayalana said, her voice dead calm.

"And you... how can you be so calm?" Han asked, astonished.

"How can I not? To do anything else would be a betrayl to my mentor's teachings. If everything I do is representation on the New Jedi Order, then I had better watch my steps here. Thanks to my father and Luke's, the Jedi already bear a cross that will take the galaxy many many years to forgive."

Han studied Aya for several moments, before sighing and turning to Luke.

"So, what next?" He asked

"We head for the Jedi Temple for now, regroup and try to figure out who this Imposter is...then we go in search for her." Luke said, glancing once behind him, his blue eyes studying the heavy doors to the council chamber before turning and walking away, Ayalana close behind.

03/04/2006 2:02 PM

Khattiva followed closely behind the two, but shot a brief remark at Han before leaving the room. "Staying calm is the best thing we can do, as anger will only make things worse, Han. We all know this and have walked our path despite the prejudice or narrowmindedness of others. Luke taught us this." She made a short bow and hurried after her mentor and fellow pupil.

Catching up to both Luke and Aya, she eyed both, then pointed at their transport. "How about I get to drive for a change, it'll help me think." She grinned and held open the door for them. Both knew of her pilot training and often it did help her think things through. Khattiva had a good thought already, but waited to state her mind in the confines of the craft.

As Ayalana walked past her inside the craft, she posed a single question, hinting to her train of thought. "Aya, how good is your memory?"

03/04/2006 5:43 PM

Ellis roused with a start, realizing he'd just nodded off. He regarded the planet before him with another grimace. His situation hadn't improved, though the blind optimist might have pointed out he'd drifted into Yavin IV's orbit.

Getting out of the chair, his knees and back protesting with various cracks and groans, he glared down at the beacon. It wouldn't surprise him one bit of the thing wasn't even working. His employers had never been the sort to splurge.

Flipping the lid off a small compartment at the back of the cockpit, he fished out a bit of food. He'd always stowed a little something there. He didn't rightly know why, either; he had plenty of food to last him a few more days in the hold. In his present circumstances, he found that he wasn't in the mood to put forth the effort.

Glancing back at the panorama over his shoulder, he thought, [i]Just don't let it be a jedi...[/i]

03/05/2006 12:38 PM

Aya was lost in thought, memories of times and places long lost to her when Khattiva's voice screeched her mind to a halt.

"My memory? There are some spots that are still hazy, but Master Luke has been helping me through them... why?"

03/06/2006 12:38 PM

Khattiva pointed at Aya, once she had followed her into the ship and then spoke her mind. "I thought it would be apparant as to why I asked. Can you run through your mind to make a list of people that could be aware of the tattoo you wear, combined with the knowledge that Palpatine had a daughter? The list of people that you create will be the first leads we can follow to find the imposter, correct master Luke?"

She grinned slightly and looked from Aya to Luke and then back again. "Seems obvious to me at least. I mean how many people would there be that know both things? How many would have been that close to the late emperor or even able to describe that tattoo so closely?"

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03/06/2006 12:49 PM

Aya frowned, her blue-green eyes dark with thought as she ran through what few names still remained with her... and none of them now lived... save for one, and he knew only by perchance...

"Race..." Aya breathed and looked up at Luke. "Race Falkon, The Imperial Admiral who gives us information..." Aya closed her eyes as her heart began to race. He wouldn't betray her... would he?

"There's no way of knowing unless we find him, Aya... perhaps you should get the Peregrine ready and set course for Kessel, he may still be there picking through the remains of the imperial base there..."

Silent, Aya nodded, her gaze drawn to the setting sun and the brightening lights of the city.

03/06/2006 1:05 PM

Falkon's mind raced as he tried to think of a way to placate his master. Uniwilling to glance up, Falkon reminded himself of how Dark Desu worked, using fear and hatred to destroy those who opposed him.

"Forgive me, Master... I know I am weak." Race said, allowing a bit of fear to taint his voice.

"Yes, that you are, Race Falkon. However I plan to use this at my advantage, as you well know. I have known for quite sometime of your treachery and treason against me and the Empire. However I am willing to allow you to redeem yourself." Desu paused, and shifted.

Race tensed, wondering if this redemption involved his life or not. He could feel Desu stand, and walk towards him. The Sith's hand rested on Falkon's shoulder, and Race could barely supress a shiver of gut-wrenching fear.

"Your life is quite safe at the moment, Race...as long as you remain loyal that is. I have need for you to expliot your little 'double agent' ruse." Desu paused as Race tensed in surprise. "Yes, yes, I have known for quite some time of your little game, and decided to allow it to continue, to gain the trust of those fools. They have just now learned of our little 'ploy' and I wish to know what they are planning. You will go to them and find out, and simply report back to me. That is all."

Desu turned and returned to the chain upon the dias, sitting down and turning to gaze back out at the stars.

Race knew better than to linger, if he valued his life at all, he had best leave the room. Standing, he turned and began back towards the door.

"oh.. Dear Apprentice... if you should think to betray me again... you and your friends will regret it before I end your miserable life."

A sickening feeling settled in Falkon's stomach as he stumbled towards the doors, grateful when they hissed closed behind him.

03/06/2006 3:48 PM

Khattiva listened to the conversation between Aya and Luke and although she had never met the man in question, she didn't like to stay behind. A thought occurred however, which she uttered as swiftly as it came. "Betrayal it would only be if the man knows he's feeding information to the wrong person, hmmm, hmmm." She made a good attempt to mimic Yoda, whom she had studied during her training. She did have the wit to elaborate on her words, albeit without the imitation this time.

"The hologram of the woman we saw in the council looked like you as one drop of water resembles another. I don't like Aya going there alone, for a single person is more easily trapped and a trap is just something that this woman might have in mind. Surely she must realise that she will be looked for. Care for a pilot and an extra pair of eyes, Aya? Provided Luke will let me, that is." With anticipation she awaited the answer from the two of them.

03/07/2006 11:33 AM

Luke regarded Aya for several moments, feeling out her pain and apprehension on seeking Race Falkon again. Their relationship had grown strong during their time, and their mental connection was strong... Luke feared what it may do to her if he indeed had betrayed her.

"I cannot go with you. My place is here with the council, protecting the Jedi Academy. However, Khattiva has a point, You cannot go alone." Luke reached out and grasped Aya's tattooed shoulder.

"Remember, Aya, we are your family now... The Empire is dying, and will do anything to remain in power. Watch your enemies, watch your friends... Push aside your doubts and fears... act on your instincts, follow your heart."

Ayalana felt as though she were drowning in Luke's blue eyes, and his voice filled her mind, deafening her to anything else. Aya closed her eyes and simply listened to him, and a calm once again filled her.

"Forgive me, Master...." Aya breathed.

Luke only shook his head and smiled. "Don't fret so.. I understand your feelings, I can only caution you."

Aya nodded and then looked to Khattiva. "Alright then." She turned and leaned past Khattiva's chair to activate the comm.

"This is Jedi Muldavayne... Prep The Nubian Star Skiff, Peregrine II."

::Yes Ma'am:: came the slightly garbled reply.

Ayalana straightened and then looked Khattiva in the eyes. "I would appreciate the help... however, the Peregrine is my ship. I am well aware of your piloting abilities, but when it comes to the Peregrine, only I pilot her."

Luke didn't say a word, but both girls could sense the amusment from him.

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03/07/2006 12:37 PM

Khattiva grinned, for more then one reason, as she did get to go with Aya and on the other hand the thought that raised in her mind. "Aye aye Captain." She winked and looked at Luke. "I so need a ship of my own, getting to pilot things is getting more difficult each time." As the sense of amusement hits her that emanates from Luke, she acts angry and turns to Aya.

"See, he even tries to refrain from laughing. Perhaps I should ask Han to pilot the falcon for him? Provided I get past that furball, that is." She smiled widely and picked up her sack from the transport, then returned to Aya and Luke.

"Travel light is what Han always said, at least before he married Leia. Must have something to do with the profession before he became a general. What was that name again that Leia called him, a scoundrel?" Slinging the small pack over her shoulder she stood next to Aya.

"I'll try and watch her back, Master." She stated to Luke.

03/07/2006 12:54 PM

Back In the now empty council chamber Han paced near the window while Leia watched helplessly.

"I know she's gonna go out there and seek out this imposter..."

"You can't keep fighting her battles for her Han... No matter how much you want to help her. Some battles are meant to be fought alone..."

Han only shook his head. "I promised I'd be there for her, that if she were ever found out that I would stand beside her."

Leia nodded, she had promised the same thing, but she was no use to Aya, not in this... "Alright... Go, but stay with her, have Chewbacca pilot the Falcon... Luke's communication has implied that Aya and Khattiva are headed for Kessel. Two ships that close together headed for such an area will raise suspicions."

Han nodded, and turned, hesitated and turned back. He wrapped his arms around Leia's waist and shoulders and brought her into his embrace.

"Thank you for understanding me..." He murmured against her ear before he drew back enough to kiss her.

03/07/2006 1:04 PM

Aya nearly laughed at this, knowing full well how Han could be. As the transport came to a stop she turned and faced Luke. "I won't fail you, Master...." She said.

Luke shook his head and again squeezed her shoulder. "It is enough that you do not fail yourself." He smiled and hugged her briefly. "Go, time stands still for no one, not even a Jedi..."

Ayalana nodded and stepped off of the transport, and walked towards the Peregrine. The Sky was still stained with red and purple, lending its color to the sleek silvery surface of the nubian star skiff. Aya paused and gazed upon the Peregrine, ever since her first ship of the same name had been destroyed, she wondered how she could replace it, until Han had surprised her with this star skiff. While not quite as large as the original peregrine, this one was much more versitile.

"Lets go..."

Aya had reached the entrance ramp when a voice called out...

"You're not going anywhere...."

Aya turned to see Han walking towards the ship.

"Without me that is..." He offered her a crooked smile.

Aya glanced at Khattiva then tossed a frown in Han's direction. "I'm okay with it... Just keep your paws off my ship...." She mock-growled, knowing full well of Han's love for tinkering.

03/07/2006 1:18 PM

Khattiva turned swiftly at the sudden voice, then raised a brow at Aya and lowered her voice as she spoke. "Since when is Han going anywhere without Chewie? I think we're about to be tailed." She smiled lightly and nodded to Han as he came closer. "And to quote your lovely wife, no shooting until it is needed. Remember, quietly!"

They had heard the story over a hundred times in the past, how Han quietly aimed to take out an imperial guard on endor, ending up shooting him with his blaster. So much for a surprise attack. Khattive grinned at Aya, then pointed at Han. "I could of course tie him down in his seat to be sure he won't be touching anything. He forgot to take his hairy shadow." She knew he was going to play innocent again, but simply could not resist toying with the general. It was too much fun to do and see the reaction.

03/07/2006 1:30 PM

"Hey, I know when to follow good advice when I hear it... Leia said that the Falcon and the Peregrine Flying that close together to such a place is just inviting trouble...." Han replied, checking over the pack in his arms, trying to look innocent.

"Alright Han, I'll play along, but remember, leave my ship alone." Aya said as she turned and acended into the Peregrine.

"No problem..." he mumbled.

03/07/2006 1:37 PM

Khattive smirked and boarded the ship. "Don't pout Han, I don't get to pilot, you don't get to tinker with it... of course we could tie Aya in a seat, but that would be considered as a risky undertaking." She winked and went deeper into the ship.

03/07/2006 1:53 PM

Han shrugged and followed, sparing a glance at Luke by the transport as he boarded the ship.

Aya strapped herself into the pilot chair, motioning for Khattiva to take the copilot seat. Han sat to Aya's left, set back further into the cockpit, which held controls for the secondary laser cannons Aya had installed.

It didn't take them long to gain clearance and lift-off. A single X-Wing escorted them from the planet, staying with them till they cleared the planetary orbit, then wished them farewell as they continued on alone.

Luke watched untill the sleek skiff rose into the sky and stayed untill it was a faint glimmering star before he returned to the transport, heading for his own ship, to return to Yavin IV....

Aya double checked the nav computer and then pulled on the lever that activated the hyperdrive. The stars begame lines of light, then mottled light and dark as the sleek ship jumped into hyperspace.

Aya leaned back into her chair as she unfastened the restraints that held her in the chair. Her eyes reflected only the mottled light from the cockpit windows before she set the autopilot and stood up.

"I'll be in my rooms if either of you need me..." Her voice had an odd despondant tone to it, as she turned and left the cockpit. Han noted Khattiva looking at him oddly.

"No way... I know better than to approach her when she's like this..." He said, raising his hands in defense.

03/07/2006 2:07 PM

She shook her head and unbuckled herself, then rose and followed Aya. "Why is it always the men that stay seated when someone appears to need a friend? Fine, you stay seated here then and i'll go see her.... and stay off the controls unless you have no other choice to keep us from being blown out of the sky." She pointed to the door, where Aya just disappeared and spoke softly. "We'll see later whether I made a good or a bad choice, but she is a friend and I have to try. Luke always said I was sometimes too impulsive, although this time I doubt he would do so."

Kat rummaged in her sack, then tossed Han her blaster. "If you get bored, the aim is off on that thing and I'd love to have it working properly." Khattiva headed out of the cockpit and made her way to what seemed to be Aya's room. Once there, she breathed in deeply, then gave a soft knock on the door.

03/07/2006 2:32 PM

Aya had shed the clothes she was wearing, and replaced them with a black tight-fitting suit. Over this a deep purple mantle with golden embroidery was worn like a coat. This one had many memories tied to it, but it reminded her of her purpose, and she wouldn't discard it.

When she heard the knock, she didn't turn, but merely sighed and walked to the small potted tree in the corner. A single Ysalamiri clung to a low branch, as she sat, she immersed herself in a force nulled area... she calmed herself before calling out for Khattiva to enter.

03/07/2006 2:49 PM

As she was called in, Khattiva opened the door and entered the room. Her eyes widened and instinctively she reached for her sabre. Something just didn't feel right and she could no longer sense Aya's presence. Then it hit her, as her eyes skimmed the room for her friend, but spotted the Ysalamiri instead. A gasp crossed her lips. "What is that thing doing in here and how on dantooine did you manage to keep it alive? Aren't these things supposed to die when not attached to their trees?"

She eyed around the room once again, as she slowly moved around and spotted Aya at last. "You seemed to be rather absent when you left the bridge. What's on your mind, Aya?" Unconfortably, she approached her friend and stood little over six feet from her, still suspiciously glancing at the animal.

Slowly she let go of her sabre, realising that this still was her friend and not someone else, albeit the sight of the animal had taken away some of her strong demeanor. This was apparant enough for Aya to notice.

03/07/2006 2:59 PM

Aya nodded. "Yes, but there is a way... I worked with Talon Karrade for a single missing quite some time ago, and he taught me how. I kept the knowledge, and found a good use for it. See that tank there, it feeds the tree a mineral rich fluid... and keeps the Ysalamir alive. I even have a chamber that holds several inside the Palace on Courscant."

Aya sighed. "They help me concentrate without any exterior forces at play. In this little nulled area, there is just me, and nothing else...Perhaps you should try it sometime, if only to meditate."

She offered the other a wan smile and stood, though loth to leave the nulled space, she did so to comfort her friend. "Don't worry, it's not like it will attack you..." She laughed softly.

"I needed to think... to figure out if there was anything that I had forgotten... I don't want to belive that Race would tell anyone that I was still alive... He had captured me once, a couple of years ago, not long after the defeat of the true Emperor. Stupid Ship, the Peregrine had been disabled and I had no choice... but I didn't go quietly. Another was aboard from the New Republic.. and he had set several charges on the star destroyer where I was held. He tried to rescue me, but I had to find out more about Falkon..."

Aya grew silent, unable to continue. "I felt the calm in him, something a war with the anger and hatred that swam on the surface of his mind... he was much like I was... Like I still am...."

03/07/2006 3:15 PM

Khat pondered on the offer of trying out the null forced spot, then shook her head slightly as she responded to the offer. "Perhaps sometime in future, Aya, but the force has been part of me since as far as I can remember, although I did not know it as such at the start. I think would feel robbed of something. Karrade, was he not the one that thought up the plot to transport these animals? I never thought that it actually worked."

She listened closely as Aya began to tell about Race, then nodded as Aya finished. "The struggle for calm over chaos within the mind. Luke told me about this once. How hard is it for you to control that? I can never tell once you're inside that room of yours, but I can sense it at times when you drop that thick barrier you usually surround yourself with."

Khat never told this to anyone and the revelation of this to her friend may come as a slight surprise, especially as she had at no point ever spoken of this, not even to Luke.

03/07/2006 3:29 PM

Aya closed her eyes as she again felt the chaotic power within her rise. "It can be difficult... Luke and I... As well as Falkon.. We're different. All three of us have been immersed in our anger and hatred... but we fought our way to the light. We fight because we have to, and use our feelings to advantages that other Jedi don't understand or know how to control."

Aya smothed the mantle of violet fabric with her hands, and then stared at them, remembering all the good she had done with them... and all the evil. "Its frightening really... to know what I am capable of, and to know that I wouldn't want my life any other way...."

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03/07/2006 3:37 PM

Khat shook her head, then calmly stepped up to Aya and placed her hand on her shoulder. "I think I have an idea of what you mean, but the advantage in it is that the force is stronger in those that have seen both sides and are able to control their feelings. Not wanting to change what you are is not a shame, it takes strength and courage to walk that line. Remember however that you have friends that will stand by you when you need them."

A smile came on her face as she spoke, but didn't stay there very long. From the glance that laid in her eyes however, one could determine that Khat spoke the truth.

03/07/2006 3:41 PM

Aya nodded. "Thanks... now if you'll forgive me, I should get back to my meditation..."

She turned back towards the small tree, and took a step towards it. "Khat... Thanks for coming in her... I suppose I needed to talk to someone about it all..."

She glanced over her shoulder once before stepping back into the force-nulled space, a genuine smile on her lips.

03/07/2006 3:54 PM

Khat looked at Aya and smiled, then replied without hesitation. "Glad I did and you know where to find me, should you need a friend." Now calm, she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.

During her walk, she pondered a bit, thinking that she had made the correct choice after all. Han would probably regret the fact that he did not, so she decided not to play upon it.

With a faint smile still on her face, she walked back into the cockpit and glanced at Han, who seemed to be tinkering on that blaster she gave him. "Managed to get that thing working normally?" She sat down near him and waited for him to reply.

03/07/2006 6:09 PM

Aya sat cross-legged under the tree, her gaze focusing on a candle across the room. The flame danced with the draft from the ventilation systems, and her gaze slowly unfocused, blurring the room, the flame, everything till she finally closed her eyes and turned her focus inward.

Memories flashed like lightning in her mind, just as quick and hard to focus upon... memories of Father... memories that both warmed her heart and chilled her soul. In her concentration her brow furrowed at these memories, as she sifted past them in an effort to find something she could try to use.

Time had no more meaning for her other than she knew it was slipping past her as she rummaged through her memories, knowing with each moment that slipped past was bringing her closer to Race, and the Imposter.

Wait... what was that.....?

A memory, lightning quick tried to slip past when she caught a glimpse of it. Suppressing a shiver, she fought after it, trying to force her subconcious to relinquish the elusive memory.

She was only five years old... a nightmare had woken her from her sleep and she stumbled out of her room, down the corrior to the common room. Momma wasn't there, not tonite, but Father said she'd return tomorrow.

It was the sound of voices that made her steps falter and stop just shy of the common room.

"She did what?" Came her father's voice, the shock in his voice made Aya tremble.

"She tried to take the child away... she was killed in her attempt to escape." The other figure said. Aya couldn't make out his face, shadowed by the cloak. Aya's mind couldn't comprehend what they were saying but she listened on...

"And the girl?" Palpatine questioned, obviously annoyed.

"She's fine, we had to sedate her, but she'll be back into her training tomorrow." The other said.

"Good. Keep a closer eye on her from now on... I don't want this to happen again. Now I have to tell Ayalana that her mother is not coming back to her. Its a good thing we kept the two separated all this time. I care not to think how such interaction would affect them. Go on, get back to the installation, and keep the girls' trianing up."

"Yes sir!" the other bowed and turned away, leaving Palpatine alone. It wasn't till then that he turned around and his piercing blue gaze fixed upon Ayalana.

"You shouldn't eavesdrop on me like that, child...." He said, as he swiftly advanced on her.... then the world erruped in light and pain....

Aya snapped out of the meditation... covered in perspiration, her breathing ragged and her hands clenched into painful fists. She struggled up to her feet, her legs trembling and nearly unable to hold her weight.

She forced herself to unclench her hands, and placed her palms on the back of a chair, blood staining the fabric from the small half-moon wounds from her fingernails. She closed her eyes and tried to control her shaking frame as she evaluated the memory outside of the nulled area.

She remembered this now... but her concious mind suppressed most of it, especially thanks to Palpatine's punishments... Her mother died protecting another girl... trying to get her out of Father's influence... could this be the imposter? Could she have a sister??

Aya sat down in the chair hard, not sure if her mind could completely wrap itself around this seemingly impossible, nay...improbable situation...

03/07/2006 6:12 PM

Han sighed and set down the tool he was figiting with. "Yea, actually... Maybe you shouldn't drop it so often..." He said as he pushed one panel back into place and handed it back to her.

"Is Aya doing alright?" He asked, as he contemplated the computer display in front of him.

03/08/2006 10:20 AM

Khat glanced at Han and nodded, then slowly began to speak. "As I went out of her room, she was feeling better, I believe. Tell me something, Han. Why exactly did you decide to tag along today? And am I correct in the thought that our beloved furball will probably pop up somewhere along our path?" Her voice had been in a serious tone, but not void of warmth. As she awaited the response, she reached for the blaster and looked along the sight.

Nodding approvingly she smiled a little and tucked it into her waistband, then placed the tunic she wore over the weapon.

03/09/2006 5:34 PM

Han nodded. "Yea, he's following us. At a very discrete distance. He'll be lkeaving courscant in about ten minutes, following the Peregrine at a parallel course."

He was looking around the cockpit by this time, examining every console and computer screen.

"She really did a wonderful job restoring this ship you know. If not for the technological changes, this ship is very near perfection as the day she was originally commissioned, fourty years ago. I was told that she was originally owned by a Nubian Senator who died in the Clone Wars. They say she died of a broken heart..." Han trailed off, and he closed his eyes and clenched his hands into fists.

"Aya may not admit it, but she has a fradgile heart. The cruel things that palpatine did to her has damaged her self-worth. She craves Lukes' praise that she'll do nearly anything to get it." He sighed and looked up.

"She doubts herself.. That in itself is her biggest, if only weakness...."

03/09/2006 5:40 PM

Falkon was quickly escorted by two armed officers to a small unmarked transport ship. One officer boarded with him while the other remained behind.

"So where are you dumping me off?" Race growled.

"We are ordered to leave you on Kessel. From there you're on your own."

Race nodded and then pushed a single button on the wristband he wore. A red light flashed off and on repeatedly as the tracking device was activated, sending a signal to his crew so they could find him.

03/10/2006 2:31 PM

Khat listened as Han spoke, nodding as he told her about Chewie, which slowly turned into a grin. "I already had a feeling this would happen, as soon as I saw you approach the ship in the dock. As for the ship, I personally would prefer something less shiny, although it does have it's advantages. Provided it shines enough, you can deflect a laser off the hull, but it will not stand for heavy blaster firing. Maybe some day I will find what I seek."

As Han began to talk of Aya, she payed even closer attention, taking in the information and processing this in her mind. When he was done, she shook her head and commented on what she had heard. "Her self worth can be refound, provided she gets enough support from her friends. Doubt in herself can be a disadvantage, as can too much confidence, yet it doesn't compare to indecisiveness, which in my eyes is an even larger problem. I asked to come along for the moral support and to get closer to her, which is something I don't do often, allowing others to get close."

03/14/2006 5:47 PM

Three X-wing fighters dropped out of hyperspace, the lead ship marked with bright red on the nose and wings. The lead was Luke, flanked by two members of the Rouge Squadron. Wedge Antillies, and Naftira loras.

It was Wedge that spotted the orbiting ship just off of their starboard side, and alerted Luke.

"Looks as if we have some company old friend..." Wedge said, watching the ship carefully.

03/15/2006 1:41 PM

Ellis sat up in a rush at the sight of three snub fighters dropping out of hyperspace. Checking that his distress beacon was still working, which he was dismayed to find it wasn't, he leaned forward, getting as close to the transparisteel as he could manage. They were hard to make out, but he guessed they were X-wings. The only ship that bore a resemblance to these would be the Z-95s, but that model didn't have a hyperdrive.

X-wings meant they were New Republic ships. He supposed in such a remote system as Yavin, he shouldn't have expected many independents to come through. The only other alternative would have been Jedi. New Republic would do.

When he felt certain the fighters had seen his ship, he headed into the cargo bay. The boarding passage was powered by its own system, a rare expenditure from his employers, and was still operational. Keying in the code, he heard the pleasant whir as a partial tunnel extended from his ship. He hoped the fighter pilots would get the message.

Sitting back against one of the half-dozen boxes, he watched the hatch and waited for the red light to turn green, the signal that another ship had made the connection.

03/15/2006 2:41 PM

Luke nodded, even though he knew his wingmen couldn't see the motion.

"I see it.. come on, lets see if we can't manage to send a message through... Wait-" Luke said as he noticed the partial tunnel extend from the other ship.

"Keep a lookout Wedge... looks like I just got an invitation..." He said. "however we can't do this type of maneuver in orbit..." Luke tried an uncoded message, hoping for a response.

When he got none, he could only assume that the ship was disabled, and unable to respond. "Alright, looks like we're gonna have to guide 'er in... I've got one more trick up my sleeve..." he said absently as he set about flipping several switches.

Luke's x-wing manervered in front of the disabled ship, as a small cannon-like device dropped from under the modified fighter. Once sure he was lined up right, the grappling hook shot from the devise, connecting him to the other ship the moment it came into contact.

"There, this ought to get 'er into the atmosphere, the trainees and fleet officers on planet-side should be able to guide 'er into the ship-yards from there..." Luke said.

"Alright Skywalker, we're right with you." Wedge called out as they began their flight path towards the Atmosphere of Yavin IV....

03/15/2006 7:55 PM

A clang reverberated through the ship while Ellis brooded in the cargo hold. Hurrying back to the cockpit, he saw one of the X-wings, unmistakeably identified as a member of the famous Rogue Squadron, with a cable attached to his ship. He knew then that they'd be bringing him into the atmosphere. It was a standard tactic with disabled ships, but not one that came without risks. He rushed back to the cargo area to retract the boarding tunnel, thinking the last thing he needed was for it to be torn away.

Once back in the cockpit, he strapped himself in and waited as the X-wing pulled him toward the planet, its two comrades taking up positions on either side.

04/11/2006 9:01 AM

The trio of X-wings moved steadily towards Yavin IV. Luke in the lead, towing the light frieghter behind him. Glancing at his gauges, Luke turned the piloting over to Artoo, and shut down his cockpit guidance systems. Clsoing his eyes to ease concentration, Luke focused on the stability of the frieghter.

He could feel the tormoil and anxiety of the lone pilot inside the frieghter, and quickly pushed the emotions aside, less he be caught up within them. Luke felt the cable shudder between the two ships and the Master Jedi delved deeper... Moving past even his own conciousness... The power that was unconciously controlled spread outward...

Pure Joy... One moment he felt truly alive, a joy he'd never known before...

The next, he felt a hand shaking his shoulder roughly, insistantly...

"Commander? Luke!" came Wedges concerned voice.

Luke blinked and stared at his wingman in confusion. He heard Artoo warble in concern and he shook his head as if to clear it. The blue sky above and the fact that the vertical hatch of his X-wing was open was proof enough that they'd landed.

He just didn't remember How.

"Was there-" Luke began, his tongue felt thick in his mouth, he swallowed.

"Any problems? Yea... for a moment." When Antillies didn't continue, Luke arched an eyebrow and turned in his seat to see the frieghter in one piece on the landing pad several yards behind his own ship.

"The cable nearly snapped... the incoming speed and friction was too much for it to handle... we all feared we'd loose it when it just held together and the cable actually slackened between your X-wing and the frieghter" Wedge continued, awe in his voice. The Pilot had been with Luke ever since he had joined in with the rebellion... and he never knew the man held such power.

Luke was silent for several moments... pondering this deep meditatvie state. "How long was this?"

"About ten minutes worth from orbit to landing to getting you awake." Antillies stated.

Ten minutes gone... It wasn't the first time he had delved this deep in the force, with no sense of time or even what he was doing... and he figured it probably wouldn't be his last...

"Lets check up on our stranded friend shall we?" Luke asked as he stood and waited for Wedge to climb down first before following.

04/12/2006 5:36 PM

Ellis felt his ship coming apart. It was just that simple. He knew every rattle and shudder and he knew that, quite simply, the ship was going to shake itself to pieces under the pressure of entering the atmosphere.

By this time resigned to his fate, he was awe-struck when the cable between his vessel and the lead X-wing went slack. How it could have happened, he didn't know. He marveled at the sight while his ship was still obviously being towed by the others.

The landing was uneventful, at least in the sense of the situation. He supposed being towed out of orbit should have been enough. Falling back into his chair, he hardly noticed the other X-wing pilots rush to their leader's craft. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to steady his nerves. His hands absent-mindedly went about the task of unbuckling his harness.

He stood and opened his eyes in time to see the three pilots coming toward his now junked ship. In the cargo hold, he was dismayed to see his once nicely stacked cargo boxes now strewn all over the compartment. He hoped the contents weren't fragile.

The loading ramp wouldn't open. He knew that before he ever tried the command, but went ahead with the attempt anyway. It never even made the attempt. He'd have at least been satisfied by a whir of motors. Settling on the side hatch, he used the manual override to force it open.

Carefully making his way out of the hatch and down the ladder, his feet felt infinitely more stable when finally they met the surface of the planet, he turned just as the pilots approached. "Fancy flying, boys," he greeted them, temporarily forgetting his disdain for the New Republic and his surroundings, grateful to be alive on solid ground.

04/23/2006 7:05 AM

Wedge stepped forward and smiled, clapping Luke on the shoulder. "Don't thank us... It was all our leader's doing... If it weren't for him, you'd have been a flaming fireball. Sometimes I don't know what we'd do without him and his Jedi abilities."

Luke was about to speak when he heard the lone pilot's swift intake of breath, and Luke went still... The hatred that sprang up from that single phrase made him focus on him all the more.

04/24/2006 9:57 AM

Khat turned to Han and started with a few questions on her own behalf. "Han, as much as you love your falcon, have you ever flown any naboo ships? The skiff is a fine ship, were it not that the room inside is limited and the hull a bit too shiny for my taste. However it flies well and the engines provide enough speed. With a different coat of paint and a few modifications to the weaponry and interior, a ship like that would please me. Have you any idea what such a ship from before the clonewars would cost?"

She eyed him closely, but made it clear with her voice that she was genuinely interested in hearing any possible answers he could give her.

04/24/2006 10:17 AM

Ellis' eyes flared wide as he turned to the leader of the X-wing pilots. Jedi. He hoped to hide his feelings from the men, morphing his distressed shock into surprised amusement. Forcing a chuckle, he pulled his lips back in a false smile. "Jedi? I suppose there aren't a whole lot of folks in this galaxy that can say they've been rescued by you boys."

He wasn't sure how effective his ruse had been; he wasn't even sure he could trick the Jedi. Some said they could read a person's thoughts. He didn't doubt for a moment that this one would be rooting around in his mind if he had the chance.

Offering a hand to the as yet unnamed Jedi, he said, "The name's Ellis. Ellis Beddin."

06/19/2006 1:00 PM

Luke was momentarily surprised by the fact that the pilot hadn't recognized him. However he reached forward and clasped his hand. He had felt the mans' shock and even vauge hatred, but he shook it off, there were many in the galaxy who didn't like Jedi. "Pleasure to meet you Ellis. I hate to greet and run, but I have trainees to look after. Captain Antillies, please, show Mister Beddin to our guest quarters." Luke said as he turned and offered Wedge a sly wink, one that Wedge egerly returned.

"Yes sir, Master Skywalker." Wedge replied, trying not to laugh at Beddin's expression as Luke walked away.

06/30/2006 5:18 PM

Ellis couldn't pull his stare away from the Jedi as he walked away. Right next to him, sounding amused by Ellis' situation, was one of the best known heroes of the Rebellion, and a bane to anyone that had ever been involved with the Imperial Navy, and yet, he meant nothing to Ellis at the moment.

Walking away from them was the single greatest enemy of the Empire, the man credited for the destruction of the first Death Star and the murder of the Emperor. It had been Luke Skywalker at the center of Grand Admiral Thrawn's defeat, as well. In the last years of the Empire, it would have been considered treason for Ellis to have been so close without trying to kill him.

At last, he got his emotions under some semblance of control. Turning back to Antilles, he nodded. "I'm anxious to see the guest quarters of Yavin IV," he remarked. The statement was true, but he imagined it could be interpreted much differently than he intended.

07/01/2006 7:16 AM

Within an hour his crew showed up. They landed with ease and opened up the hatch so he may come in. As he reached the top of the ramp he closed the hatch and said "Tracy lets get out of here right now." And the ship started to take off.

"So what is going on Admiral? What are the orders?" Tracy said as she was worried about the fact he was left on Kessel.

"Our orders are to learn of the plans of the Rebels and report to Dark Desu, my master." Falcon could only just pause and think of a way that everyone's life would not come into arms way. But they will not listen to reason.

Tracy and the others just sat there in a daze and say nothing. Tracy then put the ship into hyperspace and turn around to see Falcon staring into space. "Admiral?! If I may be frank. I don't think and the others would say this too but you don't have it in your heart to report such things to Dark Desu. Only to betray would get you and others killed." Tracy said before Falcon could say a word.

Falcon turned around and just said "Watch your tounge.....oh who am I fouling but my self. Your right Tracy, I can't do such a thing and people would get killed if I betray Dark Desu. So what am I going to do?" Falcon could only just turn to look out the window at the racing stars. The more he thought about it the more that he relized that he didn't want to say a word to Dark Desu.

After an hour of hyperspace Tracy brings the ship to normal speed, only to be over looking Tattooine. "Ok lets land this back our hidout and regroup our plan Tracy. Everything will come together soon. I know it will." Falcon said as Tracy landed on some remote part of Tattooine.

After the ramp went down Falcon went off into the building and started to regroup his thought and started to medatate. Images started to come to him as if they were right in front of him. People screaming and shouting, Starships being destroyed. "Ayalana.....where are you? Please becareful where ever you are. If you need me I am on Tattooine. But please don't come here it could be a trap." Falcon then wakes up by the sound of Tracy.

"Admiral are you ok? I thought I heard screaming?" Tracy said looking worried and with a blaster rifle in hand.

"Everything is ok Tracy relax." Falcon said as he stood up with both of his lightsabers in hand ready to do battle. Once he noticed it was Tracy he powered down the lightsabers and rested them on his sides.

08/28/2006 5:01 PM

The insistant beeping from the nav-comp drew Aya out of her meditations. She stood slowly and stretched, her gaze fliting to the small computer screen near her desk. They were only minutes from Kessel. Stepping outside of the marked boundry for the Ysalamiri, She closed her eyes for a moment as she conciously erected her mental shields as the sensation from the force flooded back to her.

Shrugging the violet and gold mantle over her shoulders, she clipped her lightsaber to her hip, allowing the lacey fabric to conceal the weapon. She strode from the room, and headed for the cockpit.

She glanced at Khat and Han and offered them both a brief smile as she slipped into the pilot's chair and eased the hyperdrive lever back to it's original position. The motled cold space faded into lines which quickly resolved into distant stars. Kessel loomed just ahead of them.

This Outer Rim planet is too small to hold an atmosphere of its own, so its surface is marked by massive air-producing factories that belch out breathable air. Despite these measures, the air is still too thin to breathe without oxygen masks, and the factory's output eventually bleeds away into space, leaving a vaporous trail behind Kessel as it orbits its bleak and distant sun.

The term "spice" has come to describe a wide variety of stimulants mined or processed from a number of worlds, but the glitterstim found on Kessel is easily the most valuable. Not only a euphoric psychotropic drug beneficial in therapeutic uses, the photoactive fibrous strands imbue a user with a temporary increase in latent telepathy. This, combined with the rarity of the substance, makes it incredibly valuable --- valuable enough to kill and die for.

When the Empire rose to power, it took control of the spice mining operations, cutting into the profits of a number of underworld enterprises. The Empire constructed a correctional facility on Kessel's blighted surface where criminals and political prisoners were forced to toil in freezing underground caves to extract the spice. Since the spice would be activated by any light whatsoever, the indentured miners had to work in absolute darkness as they harvested the precious strands.

Faulty breathmasks, malfunctioning heating gear, sudden cave-ins and wrong turns were not the only threats an unfortunate miner could face. It was discovered that the source of the spice was a species of voracious energy spider that spun the spice strands as a form of web. A hapless miner that wandered too deep into a cave bearing a spice vein could find himself impaled by a spider, and have his life energy completely sucked out in mere moments.

When not in the darkness of the mines, a criminal could find little hope in looking to the stars above Kessel. Not only was the system adequately guarded, but the skies were dominated by the startling display of the Maw Cluster, an unlikely conglomeration of black holes that would forever remind any souls on Kessel of their inescapable mortality.

The criminal underworld still found ways to profit from the Imperial spice trade. Corrupt officials could easily be bribed to let portions of glitterstim cargoes go "missing," only to show up on Black Sun or Hutt freighters. Foolhardy smugglers looking to risk their lives for incredible profit would risk Imperial patrols near Kessel.

The term Kessel Run came to encompass a number of smuggler methods designed to separate spice cargoes from licensed Imperial shippers. One particular method saw the quick distribution of spice along a slowly moving train of cargo freighters, while another approach was just a pure contest of raw speed that skirted dangerously close to the black holes of the Maw Cluster. A smuggler that managed to shave off a sizable portion of the 18-parsec Kessel Run had bragging rights indeed. *

A combination of anger and pity grew within her as she stared at this lonely world. "I'm Going to see if I can find Falkon here..." Aya closed her eyes and began to lower her shielding as she flung her conciousness towards the planet in hopes of finding her friend. She had just brushed the edge of Falkon's Conciousness when the attack came, swift and brutal.

She could only gasp as her breath was siphoned from her lungs, and an unseen force crushed her throat, making breathing impossible. Her mind struggled to fight back the intruding force, pulling at the Force around her...but she could only manage the tiniest of breaths. She was lightheaded now and she had to force her body to shut down... her heart, pounding hard began to slow to funcion with what little oxygen she could manage...

She heard Han faintly shout out, and Khat grabbing her arm as she slumped in her chair, and then felt Falkon's mind turn fully to hers. The alien presence was familiar, painfully familiar to her, but she couldn't quite place it. It was someone she had known before, known intimately... on some level...but couldn't conciously remember a face to go with the presence.

It was the combined efforts of Khat, Falkon and herself that pushed the presense from her mind, and slammed her shields back into place. Choking and gasping for breath, Aya, waved away Khat and Han as she fixed her gaze not upon Kessel, but at the Maw cluster behind it...

08/31/2006 4:37 PM

Luke retired to his quarters, already his surprise with the pilot Ellis had faded to the back of his mind. Returning to the urgent problem at hand, the woman who claimed to be the Emperors' Daughter. Seated at the desk nearest the windows that overlooked the dense forest of Yavin IV, Luke brought up several images onto the computer terminal there.

The first two were of Aya and the imposter, both were close facial shots. For several minutes he studied one, then the other... becoming increasingly convinced that they were dealing with a twin, not a clone. Their apparent age was the same, with the same dark hair and dark blue eyes.

For a moment Luke was taken aback by the cold stare of the Imposter's dark blue eyes. Icy cold, a fathomless depth of hatred. This woman had a hard, sharp edged, dangerous demeanor about her. Frowning, Luke cast his mind back five years to when Aya first stumbled into their midst.

She too had that same hard, dangerous look to her. A determination to complete her given task, no matter the cost. Then he had been able to overtake her, using the force to knock her unconcious. Now, he knew that her power far surpassed his... and if this was a twin...

Luke supressed a shiver. If this woman was a twin to Aya, then the danger to the New Republic was more than they had realized.

The pictures changed. This time showing Ayas'Tattoo and the Imposters' branded hand. Ayas' mark wsa an intricate, detailed tattoo, done in stark black. It had probably been created using a precise laser tool. The mark on the Imposters' hand was a brand. Red, twisted and ugly, Luke winced to see such a mark burned into human flesh.

He forced his focus back to the way the marks were set, not the marks themselves. And he quickly noted one difference, one that he would have to talk to Aya about to be sure of. THe script was Nubian, that much he had gleaned from Aya years ago... and from what little she told him, part of her tattoo meant, First Born. if that was true, then Aya held all the claim to the remnants of the Empire, not this one with the branded hand. Luke would bet all he knew that the discrepency in marks meant Second Child... or Second Born....

This would take some thought...

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