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10/31/2005 10:56 PM

Name: Ghansheil Morgana Reid
Race: Elf turned Vamp
Weapon of choice(if any): Carries batard sword called Aruline and throwing knives.
Physical Appearance (Can be pic): Tall, 6' to be exact, vuloptuous. Long black hair with pale skin and bright silver eyes that turn saphire blue when she is upset or needs blood.
Wears black, usually skimpy clothes.
Short History: Mother and Father were vampire slayers and when they were killed her and her brother took over.
A vampire named Imbollin's sister was killed and in revenge her raped and turned Ghanima. Her brother abandoned her from the guilt and she changed her name to Ghansheil.
After years as a mercanary she settled down and founded Vlad's, a safehouse for nightcreatures. She now runs that and does all she can to protect others like her.

10/31/2005 10:59 PM

Hi there! This forum is a free form. Anyone is welcome to join!
Just post this bio or one similar to it!

Weapon of choice(If any):
Physical Appearance ( Can be pic):
Short history:

Ok.. So just post that and you are ready to join... Here is the plot... Thing... (That must encourage great confidence...)

Ok. Vlad's is a nighclub/hangout for those lovingly dubbed "night creatures" These of course include Vampires, werebeings, and your occasional fairy, elf, human, etc...
Every race is welcome in Vlad's.
The city in which Vlad's is, has a high profile hunter academy. Often time there are skirmishes and interesting clashes between the patrons of Vlad's and the people of the city. Though the owner of Vlad's will not allow killing in her establishment.

Basically this is a place where anything can happen... Romance, sparring, drama, or melo drama. Lol. Only a few simple rules I beg you to apply to your posting.

1) No god moding during PvP fights. IE: Make sure if you make a move you give your oppenent a way of dodging it. And if someone attacks you, dont miraculously dodge every blow... I think all of you understand.
2) No cyber what so ever. If something like that comes up you can deal with it outside of the forum.
3) Finally! I know I am long winded and boring. NO killing or turning without the other players permission. I am rather picky about this. Just thank a diety... or rock... or a guy named George, I dont make you post the message with the afore mentioned agreement on it.

OK now that I am done laying down the law. Welcome! And have fun!

10/31/2005 11:10 PM

Ghani opened the doors to Vlad's letting in a cool breeze. She flipped the open sign and then walked behind the counter preparing for the nightly rush of costumers. She shined the counter with a rag and then sat on a stool sighing. This was her first night opening Vlad's, she hoped it all went well. She stood and walked into the back to get changed and came back into the main room wearing a black button up blouse with tight black jeans her hair in a neat braid. She stood waiting for the first costumers.

((hopefully I am not screwing everything up! This is how I work my forums on other sites... If Ia m doing this wrong please correct me!))

10/31/2005 11:40 PM

Okay.. let's see.

The RPGC Features:

First of all.. you should go to the Ideas Interest forum to see if anyone is actually going to want to play in your game. You can't just start an RP without doing so, especially when you're new to the forum. You'll get a much better overall turnout if you post the idea in the Ideas forum first and expand upon it there before actually following it through.

Secondly, you're brand new. You should not be starting your own threads yet. Join existing RPs to get your feet wet. As elitist as you may think it is - you need to prove yourself and your skill before established RPers are going to want to play with you.

Third, there is a specific set-up to these forums so that you can make an RP and OOC section in the same thread. Plot descriptions, character bios, and generally chit-chat about the RP take place in the OOC section while the actual RPing goes in the RP section. Pretty simple.

There are also specifics problems, some of which are more opinions of mine than anything else. Overall, I'd say your entire concept here is extremely amateur, not to mention very "chatroom RP" style crap.

Your 3 rules offer that you not only do not understand message board RPing, but that you haven't read the forum rules and guidelines as well.

To be perfectly frank, you had no business starting an RP thread and I consider it rude that you clearly didn't even bother to read the guidelines of this website, as well as the tutorials on how to use the features, before diving in and making yet another newbie-craptastic RP thread that only other crap-RPers are going to want to join.

And for the record.. once in a great while it's actually fun to make a character that isn't vapid and pretentious.

11/01/2005 6:14 AM

CrimsonGhani, please don't mind Damiens' frankness... he means well in his own way, trying to improve the quality of the site. However, he has brought up several points that you should take to heart, such as posting in the Interest Query thread first, and that how you're so very new, that you should get a handle on what you're doing and what the site is about before just jumping in head first.

Email or Intramail me with any questions....

Exec. producer for FFRP gaming

11/01/2005 1:06 PM

I think it is wonderful that both of you are willing to be honest and tell me what I did wrong. I suppose this sites slight oddities and my zealous nature are to blame. I am in no way new to froum style rps... I have done it before. And while I respect your honesty, the technicalities truly take away from the fun of the rp. I dont know, so far my rps success rate has been excellent. I have other rps on other sites... I suppose I will just support those and beg forgiveness for my obvious ignorance. *bows out humbly* A thousand appologies.

11/01/2005 1:22 PM

we in no way wish to chase you off :) please don't leave...though if that is your firm intention, there is nothing I can do to sway you. Many of the rp'ers here have a pretty high expectation (somtimes too high, and yest I admit I too have been guilty of this...) but that doesn't mean that we don't want to give you a chance.

11/02/2005 5:42 PM

Lol... I wasnt "chased away". Like I said. I appreciate honesty... And while I admit the first thing to come to mind after reading Master Damien's post was not exactly... shall we say friendly... It was obvious that the likes of me and my ideas were distasteful to the older memebers of this site... I suppose I just felt that if my rp cause someone such discomfort than I have no right posting here on this site. *shrugs* Too bad. It really bothers me little... I will just put my efforts into my other rps... This was more of a spur of the moment "Im bored and would like to meet new people" Thing.
Sorry for any misunderstandings. Ill try to be more thoughtful in my attempts at thread making in the future. Wouldnt want all the Damiens out there to jump on my ameture attempts and all of the Kalia's to have to come jumping to my defense. ^^

11/02/2005 5:51 PM

heh, well to soften the blow somewhat I suppose, Damien is generally like this.... most of us are more tolerant. If the older members don't like a member's thread, they know quite well that they don't have to join, and that it's prefered that nothing is said for it makes for some nasty flame wars :D

also, a thread like this was started once, and didn't do well... :( however you're welcome to try it again, as we've gotten a recent boom in members and some may enjoy it. (Though I would suggest starting over a whole new thread, and this time, setting up the OOC/Recr. Section as well as the main rp... (it's the box beneath the main one when you create a thread) to eliminate clutter of OOC.

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