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10/22/2005 11:44 AM

Carlos stood there is hair blowing in the breeze, the smell of fresh meat wafting into his nostrils. His teeth shining in the moonlight, the fresh blood at his feet glistened silently. The body behind him still warm, the way he likes it.
His body shudered as his fangs elongated, his body strengthening. The blood had reached his veins. His powerful legs walking him down the hill away from the teenage couple he had just slaughtered for his own means.

Carlos was in a new city and needed to start the reason he was here for. To start his own covenant. To start a new death, a new dark era of vampires!

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11/06/2005 11:42 AM

A storm at midnight passed as the red moon symbolized the death of another innocent. Aredhel, knew this was a sign of troubles brewing in the town she so longed to keep protecting from forces. She was sitting in the chair next to one of her patients, the elderly lady who had been bitten by a wolf was glowing with the purple mist that symbolized the healing was almost done. Aredhel looked out the window and knew where it was coming from, but she was not ready yet to leave her patient at nature's will.

"When shall all creatures know that this is not a town not to be messed with!" she said, "What can it be, I cannot recognize the creature," she had never been ace to face with a vampire and knew none about them.

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11/07/2005 9:59 AM

As Carlos scanned the hill as he decended down it he scenced (sorry can't spell it) a human, not a normal one though, a one he had never been in the presence of before. He stood still concentrating on this new human, it was female. She was a witch!
"Hmm I may need a witch in my covenant." He cracked his joints and stalked towards where she was. "Witch, oh witch!" Carlos's nostrils flared as he tried to sniff out his prey.

11/07/2005 1:29 PM

The aura on the old lady had turned white which meant she was fully healed, at least one of Aredhel's worries had ceased, now was the fear of facing something or someone she had never seen or even know how to fight it. She looked at her skin as it trembled, she decided to cast a spell upon the household.

"Sadel-non-markrin Vardimir linea von costen," she called upon the seal of he family to protect the house, which was not her residence. "I hope this will protect te inhabitants here, she faced the old woman's son who stood there worried about his mother, "I must take my leave now, your mother is cured now, take care of her, " the son insisted that Aredhel would spend the night there but she knew whatever was out there would try to harm them. She stood out the house wearing a long white robe which made her look like a heavingly being since it glistened with the moonlight. Her hair blew with an unsuspecting breeze.

"Whoever it is, its danger, I must run now," she walked through the townhall where a waterfall stood, she took out a silver flask and grabbed a bit of water on it. She lived pass the short woods, a place of resting for creatures, a beautiful house, almost surreal was at the center of the woods, she went inside.

11/08/2005 4:59 AM

As Carlos approached the house in the woods aura of the witch became almost solid in his mind eye. "Excuse me witch! I would like to have a word with you. Don't worry I will not kill you. I would like to give you a proposition." As he said this he tried his best to hide his fangs and talon like claws. He meant no harm to her, she would no he was a vampire almost instantly but he wanted to atleast seem to be making an attempt to sho he wasn't trying to harm her in any way.

11/08/2005 2:06 PM

*Blink Blink* Aredhel's face was in shock to see a man was brave enough to step inside the forest let alone step in her house. As the words reached her ears, she knew this was not a normal human, of course he didn't look human. She turned around and spoke,
"What is such proposition?", she said, "What business can I have with you?", she then noticed his fangs, and stared but then turned around to seem as she hadn't look,

11/08/2005 3:29 PM

Ever sence a few days ago after he killed a larg family of humans and was ran out of yet another town Damon knew he had to change his ways or there would be no where else to go.

"Retched, stupid, stinking HUMANS!!" He howled. Even the tast of there blood, though more strengthening, almost made him sick. Just to think that he as to feed from them. As he walked for almost the whole day and now into the night the felt another of them...humans.

"Wait. What IS that? A new sense I feel. What kind of human is this?" As he started to climb up on the house the feeling and sent of another blood sucker laced the air. He grinded.

"What business can I have with you?"

She sounded delicious and for a human that is an honor in his eyes. His coat made a slight snap as the wind pulled at it.

"Well there goes any kind of suprise," His black shirt and brown trench coat were dirty from landing behind the other vampire. His blue jeans were torn on his right knee and his weapons were snugly hidden. "G'evening..."

11/08/2005 3:43 PM

"Great!" Aredhel said sarcasticly as she looked at the other bloodsucker, "What did I do to deserve this", she laughed. She then poured a cup of tea a took a sip from it, she did not look or seem afraid of them but she was certainly curious.

"Is he with you?" she pointed at the vampire already standing and looked at the new visitor, "I usually like it when people knock on my door before they come in"

11/08/2005 3:56 PM

"Well as you can tell I am a vampire and I'm starting a covenant, but I want more than just vampires in it. I want it to be the strongest in the world!" Carlos walked into what he thought was her dinning room, he grabbed a fork and scratched at his fangs.
"Well whats your choice, my side or my enemy?" This time he starred right at her, his tongue playing at his blood stained fangs.

11/08/2005 4:04 PM

She walked behind him.
"Would you at least mind introducing yourself sir" she said concerned at the thought she had strangers in her house. Her dark hair dropped to her shoulders and she took of her white cloak to find a long pale lavender dress.
She put her cloak in the coat hander near the door.

"My name is Aredhel.." she knew they were looking straight at her

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11/09/2005 5:46 AM

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"I am Carlos Estat, Son of the legendary Leona Estat. Sire to many." Carlos stood proud his fangs showing and his talon like claws clicking together as they moved.
"I'm sorry to intrude, but I need a healer in by covenant, and I want you!"
Carlos turned to the other vampire and looked him up at down.
"Who sired you, you aren't a true born are you?"

((OOC: Leona Estat is a legendary vampire who all super naturals would of herd about. Both Carlos and Leona are true born.))

11/09/2005 12:56 PM

She thought for a second before responding. The thought of the lust for blood she had heard that vampires had made her want to say no but also the thought of herself fighting with 2 vampires and having her city in dangered.

"Pleasure to meet you sir", she looked down, "Does it mean I have to turn into your kind?"

11/10/2005 4:48 AM

Carlos gave a toothy smile at the human, and gave a low cackle. "Only if you wish to be, also I do not wish to be a covenant that almost eradicates life itself, infact I wish to be in the background killing only when needed. Much like my mothers covenant, we only wish to be the ones who control the movement of supernaturals in our area of power." He licked his teeth as he looked her up and down.
"I would love to be your sire!" He thought to himself 'Its a crime for such beautiful human was to be wasted with mortality.'

11/10/2005 10:23 AM

OOC: Sorry for missing out. Im a marine and sometimes I have to "Find" time.

"The name's Damon. They call me Damon 'Dark.' That story is...personal," He reflected back on how he killed his whole home town in the pitch black of night. 'They were all defisiant...' he thoughts befor he continued,"and I am a pure born as a matter of fact. I keep my self on the low." He didnt even look at Carlos, not once as he spoke. His eyes couldnt be peeled away from the girl. He caressed her neck with his thoughts, his fangs acking. Damon could almost tast her blood,'no...' snapping his eyes shut,'shes a human, a nasty disgusting human...'

His full attention turned to Carlos,"If your looking for the 'most powerful', I cant say that I fit. I can tell you that I get anything or anyone for that matter, and usually that comes with a price."

11/10/2005 4:44 PM

Aredhel blushed at the comment Carlos made, and felt an enigma towards Damon.

"Forgive me for not being polite," she said, "You can sit if you'de like, there are chairs in the living room." She somewhat shivered, there were two vampires in her house where she had not met one before in her life, plenty of werewolfs and very sarcastic warlocks but never vampires.

"Would you like anything to drink?", *in her mind" what a stupid questions, they are blood suckers for all sakes"*

The window opened with a blast of the wind and she ran to close it, very big window.
"No wonder the elements are like this" she wispered.

11/11/2005 4:57 AM

"Yes, do you have any alcohol, I enjoy a nice wine." Carlos didn't like what he was hearing from this Vampire, and didn't want to make a judgement on him just yet.
Carlos walked into the living room and pulled up a chair.
"I don't wish to harm you but I do wish for you to join me in my fight. There is a Warlock cabal in this town and I want to remove it. They do not follow the rules of the high council, so with some help from my vampire friends I will eradicate them."

((OOC: Will be explained later, bit pushed for time at the moment.))

11/11/2005 5:58 AM

Warlocks, that brought back memories for Aredhel, he father was a warlock who for a strange reason liked this town, he then changed and began killing, that is when witches and warlocks began their fights, because of him.

"I will help then", she sighed, "Its my duty...." her aura changed to a very melancholic sense. She took up a wine from her cabinet, it was merlot,she poured it into a goblet and handed it to Carlos.
"Hope you enjoy it", she said.

11/11/2005 12:49 PM

"Why thank you, but if you join me I will be needing you to be leaving this house. It is not safe, you need a stronghold like my own." Carlos downed the glass of wine and licked his lips. "Beautiful, very nice. Will you be joining the army of vampires? Or staying as a human?"

11/11/2005 2:40 PM

"Well....", she sighed, "I will help you but mortality is important to me", she paused for a moment, "Let me think for a while, but don't worry, you have my support" she said, and headed to the kitchen.

There she opened a box full of letters, they were old to the point of vanishing she read one and thought for a moment, how life would be outside her home, her forest, her patients and her enemies.

She got out to the balcony to get freash air and gazed at the stars, the constellations Aries, Orion and the Urasa Major were visible. She rested her elbows in the stand and though about life, death, war and the two vampires in her living room, one of which made her blush while the other made her suspecious.

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11/13/2005 8:45 PM

Damon watched and monitored thier conversation with curiosity. 'Will she join a greater life or stay human? Does she not realize that eighty years is a sneeze in the life of a vampire? What will she do?'

He used all of his speed and training from his former life to get on the roof with out her hearing him. The ex-assasin would have been shocked if the other vampire heard him. He gently looked down at her standing on the balcony. So powerful she could be...

"Mortality is so short. You have no idea how great a vampire some one like you could become. Not very many vamps have an aura of that kind of magic about them. You should really give it a thought or a drink."

Damon's black hair waved in the wind, almost mimicing his crimson jacket. He had no clue if his words would get to her. His thoughts went back to this..."Carlos" a vamp with a some what 'noble' cause. Do vampires do noble? Well none that he knew of had a clue what noble was. 'He must be up to something more.' His thoughts shot strait to Carlos's mind.

~If you want my help I will gladly give it. I will greatly enjoy the blood of a warlock.~

11/14/2005 12:52 PM

"Damon..." she paused, "I forgot what I was gonna say", she said, her heart was beating faster and faster by the moment, his words made sense but... she was not decided but sort of convinced, his eyes were so sad she had never seen such eyes in her life, no one ever so angry and sad at the same time but she could sense that he cared, a little but cared for the way he looked at her when he said those words.

"What happens when you are turned?" she asked in a whisper almost.

11/15/2005 9:07 AM

Carlos who had followed the woman to the balcony was happy to here she was interested.
"Well to put it bluntly your body dies, but your spirit lives on. To become a Vampire you must go through a changing that takes normaly about 3 days. I who will most likely be turning you, if you chose to be turned that is, would perform a ritual where your blood is drunk by me and then you drink your own blood from my poluted vains.
Then as you drink I must chant the encantation that with awaken your spirit. You become extremely powerfull but limited by day. Day weakens us, slowing us down and stopping blood from flowing.
A vampire then must drink the blood of a human within 24hrs or become very weak and insubstantial. It must be from a living subject!
I so hope I haven't put you off." He said licking his lips and eyeing her pulsating veins.

11/15/2005 3:08 PM

She imagined her dead body, what would people think if she turned but then she would not be able to aid them against the warlocks who in her eyes were the worst of creatures. She needed to consult this with her friend but where to find him, he had turned into a werewolf and attacked the old lady she had been healing.

"Well, wouldn't it be different since I'm a witch", she smiled at him, "I mean I haven't read of any witch being turned or anything" her eyes mirrored the Moon in the sky it was beautiful.

11/17/2005 9:27 AM

He looked a Carlos with a discouraged, sour face then turned his eyes back to her.

"Not everbody turns the same way. Its different for everybody. My turning lasted for almost four days and it was painful. Others were different..." Damon remenissed about all the others he had turned and how they had a much easier turning than his own.

"There is no way of telling exactlly how your turning will be. But is worth it!"

11/17/2005 3:13 PM

Aredhel used her speed against gravity and found herself in the roof.

"Pain.....no one ever knows what its feels like unless they feel the pain of the heart", she told Damon and Carlos and then she turned to reach for the moonlight. Then she looked at Damon and got to his level, her face was two inches away from his. She whispered, "The past is something we all have to live with" she shivered, "Is getting cold here" she laughed a bit.

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11/19/2005 11:11 AM

"The past is something to leave behind you! What was, will never be again, EVER!"

Damon took to the trees brooding about what had happend to him so many ages ago. He leeped from branch to branch for about ten minuts and finaly resting a hundred yards away from the cabin.

"What does SHE know about the past? She has never been chased out of her how town by every body that you know and once loved. She has no damn clue!"

He could seen the whole house from where he was siting. Damon locked eyes with Aredhel on the roof,"can she still see me? Or is it just me?"

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11/19/2005 1:25 PM

Aredhel's eyes were sad, she knew the forest by heart and knew where he was. She could feel his emotions stirring up and she felt the pain, she knew past she knew what it felt like loosing people, all thanks to what she was and her linage that was the reason she left her town and come to protect humans on the town next to the forest, the had learned to appreaciate her efforts, of course nothing was easy at the beginning nothing ever was, they thought she was evil as humans always think witches are and she worked hard to get herself a solid good reputation. She sighed and her eyes glowed, the moonlight was right in her shadow illuminating her.

She turned to Carlos, "Too much for me to handle for the night, please excuse me, I'll give my answer to you tomorrow" she looked at the forest once again, "The morning is coming soon, I have a basement you can stay there for the night". She leaped to the groud and accidentally scratched her knee, her dress was thron on that spot. "How clumsy I am". She walked inside the house and blew off the candles in the kitchen and headed to her room.

11/21/2005 2:50 PM

Damon waited for her to leave befor he even moved.

"The morning is coming soon, I have a basement you can stay there for the night"

He could already feel the sun comming. Light laced the air with anger and hatered for his kind. 'Shelter? She offers this to us willingly...' a small grin slid across his face.

11/22/2005 2:11 PM

She was in bed thinking about everything that had occurred since night time. She could not sleep at all, when her eyes closed she was taunted by nightmares.

"Not again" she said as she opened her eyes at the sight of troubles in her dreams. She walked around the room uneasy. She took a glass of water she had and rom the plant she had next to her bed she took 4 leafs. She mashed them together and stirred them with the water, it was a soothing taste. She laid her head on her pillow and tried to sleep, It was only a couple of hours before she had to run her daily errands.

11/24/2005 12:46 AM

The basement was surprisingly warm and bright. Usually any given basement of a house is cold, dark, and moist. This whole house was different from the norm. Once again it was his luck to play, here were no beds or anything of that sort to lie on, not that he wasnt used to not lying down. Everybody still believes that we sleep in coffins. That wasnt always the case, especially not for Damon. Ironically enough Damon hated closed in spaces.

~I can hear you walking around up there. Cant sleep?~ His message shot strait into her head, piercing any thoughts she might be having at the moment.

"Im sure I can take your mind off of not sleeping..." He grinned to himself.

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11/24/2005 8:19 AM

"Wow, what was that, how can he? " she said to herself. She walked to the kitchen and from behind the counter took out a pillow and a blanket. She went down to the basement.
"Artelus conicus" the candles turned to give more brightness to the room. She looked at Damon. "Did you speak or something" she said ,"Must have been my mind playing tricks", she handed him the blanket and the pillow, "I have another set for Carlos" she turned around and her hair fell from the bun she had it up in.

11/25/2005 4:53 AM

((OOC: Sorry I have been in hospital so I couldn't come on. Vampires in my RP don't need to hide from the sunlight. They do not need to fear it. Just be wary, the sunlight weakens them. I put that in the discription of the vampire. Also turning is as I explained it. Humans cannot be turned by accident.))

Carlos stood watching the sun rise, his black hair catching the light. "There has been many a Vampire witch, the only thing is Witches tend to stick to vampire ways once they have changed.

11/25/2005 8:32 AM

((OOC: Hey are you alright? Why were you in the hospital? Anyways, I rather have the vampires resting inside the house for a while rather than being weak)))

Aredhel was going up the stairs when she felt the sunlight rise. She had to go to the town and take a look at her patients like always but first she had to go to check on the blacksmith over some weaponry she had place an order for, werewolfs were hunting nearby and she had to make sure the people of the town were alright.

11/26/2005 7:28 PM

((OOC: um, nobody said anything about the sun killing vamps or being changed by accident!? I only say this cause im confused about what you said. I hope you have fully recovered from the hospital.))

"Th...thank...you...for the um, pillow and all." He had forgotten how long it was since he had said thank you to some one. Then agian he couldnd recall the last time he even had help from some one with out a price to pay for it. A sharp shiver ran down his spine and the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.

~Carlos! Is some thing here? some thing that shouldnt be?~ Something had to be near the house, something...big.

((OOC: sorry not trying to run this, just trying to get a little action going. If you dont mind.))

11/27/2005 2:57 PM

"Oh, you're welcome" she blushed a bit and then looked at her watch. "Oh, no, I'm late for all my chores already, I must run" Aredhel then exited the basement like the devil was after her (expression) Back in town the first person she went to see was the blacksmith,

"Alexander, are the blades done yet" she asked the blacksmith, "Of course miss Aredhel, may I ask why such a pretty lady like yourself would need weapons like these?" the blacksmith asked.

"Werewolfs, they attacked Mrs. Nathaniel last night, they might come again" she sighed, "I just want everyone to feel protected.

"Well if you need any help don't hesitate to ask" he said, "Of course I won't" she exited the workshop it was 10:00 am already and she still had to do more but the thoughts of having two vampires at home, werewolfs attacking and warlocks on the loose kepts her ever more worried.

She sat next on a bench near the water fountain thinking.

11/28/2005 12:31 PM

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12/03/2005 9:26 AM

((OOC: Sorry I had a relapse, I have some sort of blood poisoning. All I know is that I am fine now. Dude it is fine with your posts so far. Sorry its been so long. Next time I will do the action setting. Lots more to come.))

Carlos heard what the other vampire thought and he new aswell. Carlos took a deep breath threw his nose and got a the smell of a canine in his nostrils.
Carlos dove off of the balcony and onto the floor. His feet pumped as he charged towards the smell, all of a sudden he fell to the floor panting. 'Wow has it really been that so long that I am so weak against the light.'
He forced himself up and jogged forward. 'Better save my energy.' His mind working on the smell. He had to analyse what was behind it.

12/03/2005 6:30 PM

As Aredhel sat down and thought about all that was going on a person approached her, he didn't look friendly but he sure was familiar. He sat oposite of her and just whispered to her.

"Meeting tonight at midnight, come alone and no harm will come to anyone" the voice said. she replied, "I always fight my own fight" before she could say anything else he was gone. She forgot all the other errands and ran to the house. She stormed in, forgetting there were the men there and ran to the kichen, she grabbed two vials, one glowed green and the other purple, there were tears on her eyes while she searched for other things.

((OOC: Glad you are okay now friend)))

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12/05/2005 12:27 PM

OOC: Blood poisoning? Ack! How you are alright!

IC: Damon heard the door slam shut as Aredhel ran in.

"Well, there goes any chance of sleep..." He said to him self as his fingers laced the hilt of his blades. He sniffed the air. 'wet dog...' suddenly a sharp pain hit his stomach and he doubled over. His eyes grew bright green and his fangs lenthend a quarter inch.

~Carlos! Theres a group of them, half a dozen maybe more. MUTTS!~

The vampires trench coat screamed behind him as he set out for Carlos's position, blades in hand. He couldnt see the flea bags, but there sent gave them away and they were closing.

"Carlos! Death is apon us!"

12/06/2005 1:58 PM

((OOC: Got an infected toe that sort of went wierd.))

Carlos got a screaming voice in his head. What there was more than one? How could he not have noticed it? He drew his blade, Venom, it shone in the sun. He felt his anger at his own incompitance rage through him. "Thats right, get angry. Feel yourself get stronger." Carlos screamed as he moved towards them. His skin had started to get used to the sun and he felt less weak.
Carlos arrived at a worn grassy path that these extremely big wolves where hudled around. They where no wolves! They where Werewolves and had heard him even though he moved as silent as a fox.
They ran at him growling and baring their teeth. As he moved at them he swung Venom at one slicing its chest and knocking it to the ground. "Damon come show me your battle prowess! The sun weakens me too much to handle these." Carlos was knocked to the ground by one of them, and struggled to fight off his wait and gnashing teeth in this blinding sunlight.

12/06/2005 4:15 PM

Aredhel knew one of the wolves was gonna be her friend, he had been turned, what to do, the vampire that had treated her nicely was in danger and she was scared, not of death but to hurt someone she loved. She arrived at the scene before Damon, she recognized the wolf that knocked Carlos to the ground.

"Ak-nun-fall-firga no martirius"- a ball of thunder shocked the wolf.

"Sorry I'm late Carlos" she said.

12/07/2005 5:43 PM

Carlos stood after the werewolf was knocked off of him. "Took your time! You take that one, I'll hold off the rest till Damon arrives." Carlos dwung his sword extremly fast as he sliced at another one. He felt his body getting more tired the more he used his sword.

12/07/2005 6:33 PM

"Hey don't be mad at me!" Aredhel shouted, she noticed Carlos was becoming weaker by the moment because of the sunlight.

"Clouds and shadows, rain and hail overcome the sky and hide forth the sunlight from this place" a giant cloud began covering the sunlight. Electricity began coming out of her hands.
"Carlos, is better if just leave, the wolfs are gonna come after us for revenge" she said nervously hoping that Carlos strenght might be coming back soon and Damon would show up soon, she had taken a warmth for both of them yet one of the werewolfs was her friend she kept thinking this on her head.

12/12/2005 11:55 PM

OOC: Sorry my internet was down for a few days, but Im back in the game...

IC: Damon's feet almost stumbled over them selves as he hurried his pace. He could hear Carlos adn Aredhel in the clearing, along with snarling and growling. His feet left the ground and met with the trunk of a tree. He pushed off his toe to give a little spin to his leap. Swords firmly gripped he cut one werewolf's head clean off, tucked, rolled and plumeted the slightly curved blades into another.

"Sorry Im late Carlos the sun slowed me much more than I thought. Thanks to the witch the cloud cover helped." He quickly ducked as masive claws made for his head and caught only the ends of his coat. Damon jumped and kicked it square in the head knocking it back twords Carlos.

12/13/2005 10:40 AM

((OOC: Hey its fine, by any chance your not with AOL are you. It seriously pisses me off.))

Carlos felt his strength growing as his body adjusted to the darkness again. Carlos moved at breakneck speed, dashing inbetween each one. All of a sudden Carlos ripped out one of the werewolves throat with his teeth, the blood rushed quickly through his body invigorating. He swung his sword to the side of him striking one in the side.
"Grahhg!" Carlos screamed in a fury as one of them latched onto his ankle, dropping him to the ground.
"Its fine, just don't let it happen again! Hehehe now lets get these dispatched and show this witch the power of a VAMPIRE." Carlos said in a more growl then talk. Carlos caught the wolf on his blade and smiled. His blade incinerated it. "Lovely witch magic on my blade." He swung his blade down choping up the wolf munching on his ankle.
As Carlos turned and growled at the final wolf, it ran there was a few injured on the ground, one that were not killed but wounded.

12/13/2005 2:19 PM

Aredhel stood there motionless as she saw the slaughter, she had never seen fighting like that, so bloody. Then she feel to her knees, her magic had drained her strenght, mostly covering the sunlight which was really hard, she felt as if she was about to faint.

She mumbled, "Let them go, please..." then she stumbled to the ground.

12/14/2005 11:31 AM

Just before Aredhel hit the ground Carlos grabbed her, and lifted her from the ground.
"Come let us go back, we all need to rest. Plus us vampires need to talk." Carlos took one last look at the bodies and sighed. "We had better come back here tonight to get rid of these bodies." Carlos started walking back to the witch's house. He hoped his strength would provail.

12/14/2005 6:09 PM

Damon glanced at Carlos carrying the girl, but turned away.

"Why?" He flickered the blade in his left hand to show the silver laceing. With out a second thought he dashed through them, his blade tasting bloody gloory. Each one disintagraged the second his blade left it leaving one werewolf left. Damon lifted its bloody body off the ground and sunk his teeth in its neck. The blood soothed his fury as it ran down the back of his throught.

"Now we can go..." His eyes mimiced a blue moon, hands trembled, and he just couldnt get rid of the smirk of satisfaction.

12/21/2005 4:57 PM

While she was out she dreamt of the spirits of the rivers many years ago, a dream brough her back to centuries ago. She was nor aware who was it but her destiny was linked to one of the boys but who was it. Meanwhile while Carlos carried her, her body turned into a blue aura that meant that something was troubling her in her mind as well as her heart. Back into her dreams she saw a boy and he was being hunted and three girls one of which who died in the warlike field.

01/02/2006 4:26 AM

((OOC: Sorry its been so long, internet went down good and proper!))

Carlos lay the witch carefully down onto her bed and walked into the other room where damon was. A slight nod towards a chair to signal him to take a seat.
"So Damon tell me of your past, I wish to know of how you was turned." Carlos sank into the sette and started to relax.

01/05/2006 11:59 AM

Damon slumped slowly in the suggested chair and thought about his past. His mind steamed with anger, hate, and sadness. 'How many years has it been sence I've even been there?' His eyes shimered as he looked up at Carlos.

"Its was...bad. I cant even remember how long it was when I turne, but I did it for a good reason." His eyes glazed over as he could amost watch his past unfold right infront of him,"I was a lord with a mansion and almost two hundred people in my domain. I was a good man and took care of the people, looked after them." The glaze was quickly replaced by focus,"one day, on a cold winter night, I realized that I was growing older by the year and my wife could not have a child, so I looked for an absolution. If I didnt have to die then I could keep my villagers forever and with that I seeked a vampire. After I turned then same people that I wanted to protect betray me!" His fists tightened and his posture unsettled,"they killed my wife, burned my home, and ran me out of town...been running ever since."

He couldnt look in Carlos's eyes anymore and went down to the basment where his bed was. His mind kept tracking back to the fact that he didnt tell Carlos that he went back to the village years later and killed everybody,'he doesnt need to know that,' struggling to reasure himself. Damon stood in the darkest corner and closed his eyes, once again dreams of burning houses filled his mind...

01/05/2006 2:16 PM

Aredhel slowly woke up, she noticed she was sweating, she tried to remember her nightmares, they were all a blur. She try standing up but she quickly sat down, she had lost strenght. While sitting she tried to make up something from her dreams, the only thing she saw was death. She motioned herself to the window grabbing a cane she had used previously when a fight with a warlock had left her paralized for a while. She stood by the window and reached a couple of herbs that grew by the glass window. She didn't know wheter or not she was being watched. She took the herbs and mashed them in her hands and ate them, they were sour but at least they were to help her regain the strenght in her legs.

"Carlos, Damon..." she whispered, "They must have brought me back". She stood by the window for a while and didn't realize she was falling asleep again, her eyes were shutting and she decided to stay there for a while.

01/06/2006 10:38 AM

Carlos looked on at Damon as he saw the anguish in his eyes, he felt no compassion though. It wasn't in his nature. He settled down for a bit of rest. Like many vampires he preffered the night to the day. Carlos found a chair and sat slumped comfortably. Night fell and he awoke at twilight. Carlos marched straight into the witchs room.
"Come on get up! We have some hunting to do." Carlos shook her gently untill he got a response.

01/07/2006 10:52 AM

Aredhel opened her eyes and shook her head, her hair fell into her face. She saw Carlos and her eyes lit up.

"You are alright, so glad!" she said and hugged him, "Sorry, I was just worried about everything, I kept having these strange dreams" She stood up and saw she was still on her dress from the past days. She went up to her closet and picked up a pair of black pants, her eyes turned amethyst, she took a blue shirt and a black overcoat.

"Wait here, I'll go change", she said as she entered the restroom.

01/10/2006 3:04 PM

Carlos just smiled and pulled out a mobile phone. The phone began to ring. A very aserted female voice answered. "Hmph, son what can I do you for?" Carlos instinctivly lowered his head. "Mother where can I get equipment, do we have a supplier in this city?" The answer came back with a laugh.
"Try a gun shop son!" She hung up and he was left standing without a clue. He smiled and slid the phone back into his pocket. "So what are your thoughts on the Nosferatu way?" He perched at the end of her bed.

((OOC: Nosferatu are the old name for vampire, if you didn't know.))

01/10/2006 8:32 PM

"I guess is alright when you think about it" she said walking out of the restroom, a light glistened while she waltzed out.

"I mean, you can help out people at times" she said while walking inside the room, she looked completely different from her normal outfits of dresses.

"But...." she paused, "Is it really necessary to live on human blood or can you just live on animal blood?" "I just wanted to ask, for future refference maybe I will turn" she said smiling to him.

(I know what Nosferatu means, saw the original Dracula))

01/12/2006 5:03 PM

OOC: Ok, thats cool!

"Did you say we got some KILLIN' to do?" His fangs grew and his eyes lite up like bulbs,"lets get on the go!"

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01/12/2006 5:16 PM

((OOC: In this there is only one kind of vampire, please edit your post. I'm not going into the many breeds of vamps we have just the one.))

"Yes killing will ensue, damn those warlocks. They need telling where they stand in the hierachy." Carlos smiled his fangs protruding the blood lust building.
"You can live on animals, it make you weak but you can. Or you can just go to the blood bank." Carlos laughed as he walked out of the room towards the door.
"Come on you guys we have to hurry so we can keep the darkness. They are having a meeting tonight, they're all going to be there. More security but more important people to kill!"

01/14/2006 11:43 AM

"If you don't mind, I'll go by air" Aredhel said angerly. She went to her closet and took out a stick that seemed used for Tae- Kwon- Do. She took it in her hand and sad, "I call upon your power, on this full moon day" the stick grew bigger.

"Well, shall we?!" she said while she exit the house. She sat on the stick and took flight.

01/15/2006 12:25 PM

"What the fuck!" Carlos was quite suprised by this magic, it confused him. "I think I'll run!"
Carlos broke into a sprint as he charged out of the woods towards the city.

01/21/2006 10:01 AM

Damon followed Carlos as close as he could as they zig-zagged through the woods. His thoughts shot strait to Carlos's mind because the wind would snuff out any attemt to actually talk to him, ~So, where are we going? A castle or a house? How heavily will it be guarded, cause to tell you the truth, I've never acutally gone against a warlock non the less a group of them!~

'I dont like the sound of fighting a group on something like the lady we are with,' he thought to himself,'If they can do what she can this will be very damn hard...'

01/23/2006 5:47 PM

Aredhel felt really secure of herself that night,

"Hey boys, don't you think I'll need a knight in shinning armour to save me tonight" she shouted and with great laughter she grew closer to the moon. She paused for a second to attempt to feel the warlock's presence. She felt a weak pulse coming from deep in the woods.

"One more mile boys" she said.

01/24/2006 9:09 AM

((OOC: Sorry its not in the woods, should of been a bit more specific. Its in a city tower block.))

Gremore stepped out of the woods onto a silent road were a car waited, he stepped up to it and opened the door. Just as he opened the door he was hit bye a bullet straight in the neck, blood trickled down his neck as he scanned the woods and hillside.
"Where are you assasin!" Gremore reached into the car and pulled out a shotgun, he pumped a round into it.
"Well wherever you are I'm coming!" He took a deep breath through his nostrils and got a faint smell down wind and in the trees, there was a click and then a muffled shot as a bullet hit his left thigh in the major artery but still only blood trickled down his leg.

01/31/2006 8:29 PM

Damon jumped on to the buildings but kept his eye out to watch below. He could smell blood, magic, and gunpowder. With every step his fangs grew along with the rage, anger, and hunger. Damon's eyes started glowing yellow as his blades quiver with antisipation and without thinking he took to the air waiting for a sighn from Carlos.

02/15/2006 11:28 AM

Aredhel saw Damon and she began thinking about the upcoming battle. Two vampires and a witch against a whole warlock community, that was to be recorded.
"Waiting for you signal Carlos" she said to herself. Her aura changed it was black now, might have been from all the combination of magic, sorcery and mostly her father.....She landed on the ground and began walking but she heard something nearby her.

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