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10/22/2005 10:18 AM

The galaxy is in chaos. The Jedi have been scattered and lie on the edge of extinction. The Sith are in charge of the galaxy. Dark Jedi roam from world to world picking up force sensitives and teaching them in the way of the force. The Dark Jedi numbers grow as the Jedi numbers dwindle. The Sith fleet is lead by a strong and powerful Dark Lord, Darth Trayn. The few Jedi that are wondering the galaxy are found out by Darth Trayn and hunted down by countless Sith.

There is only one sure safe place for the Jedi, and that is a hidden Jedi enclave laying under the remains of the destroyed Jedi enclave on Dantoonie. From there the Jedi train the few force sensitives they have to become Jedi. A newly trained Padawan, promising in the force has been sent on a mission by Jedi Council to find out any Jedi that may be hiding out in the galaxy, eager to please the council, he agrees.

Name: Searos
Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Lightsaber: A green lightsaber
Background: Searos was found on Dantoonie and spent his childhood being trained in the Jedi ways. Having complete his training he is eager to do the wish of the council.
Rank: Jedi padawan
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 172 lbs
Appearance: Wears dark Jedi robes to not seem out of place in the galaxy by wearing Jedi robes.

Searos is lead out of the academy by the Jedi Master Qul-Quoma. Searos looks out over the surface of Dantoonie, seeing the crumbled stone of the former enclave litter the floor, the dark side of the force screaming out at him, begging for him fall. Searos ignores the lure of the dark side, looking over at Master Qul-Quoma.

"Remember young padawan, keep your thoughts guarded by strong emotions. We would not let anyone of the order do this, but we are sure you will not stray from the path of light" Says Qul-Quoma.

"I understand Master, I will not fail you" Replies Searos, turning away from Qul-Quoma and walking from the enclave doors. Qul-Quoma steps back into the enclave the doors sealing behind him. Searos walks down the moss covered path of the broken enclave as he makes his way to the Dantoonie space port. The citizens of Dantoonie know of the enclave and help the Jedi whenever they can and have been informed of Searos and his mission. He walks the open fields, avoiding the Kath Hounds so that he wouldn't have to fight them. He looks over the fields, seeing caves and hills surrounding the field path that he walks.

Soon Searos comes to a bridge where he is met by a Ithroian.

"Hello Searos, we have been asked by the Jedi Council to give you a ship, but unfortunately we have no spare ones at the moment you must wait at the space port." Says the Ithroian, stepping aside for Searos to walk on past. Searos nods at the Ithroian and walks on across the bridge. Ahead of him is a building, grass going over the roof and the stone layed over with dark brown clay to blend the building into the floor if look out from a aerial view. Around the building there is a few Bith traders on the path selling what parts they think people will buy. Searos follows the path to a open top building to the east, a droid standing at the door way to let people in and out. He quickly is granted access by the droid and steps into the space port.

Walking through the door and into the space port there is many ships coming and going, traders of the sort selling the contense of their cargo holds or filling it. The space port has many people waiting around, very few of them actually from Dantoonie. Searos steps into view looking around at everyone that is in the space port, his mere presence in the dark jedi robes turning heads, looks of disgust and fear come at him from all directions.

12/10/2005 6:20 PM

Name: Saya
Age: unknown (looks about 20)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Lightsaber: Ice blue
Background: Brought up as a Jedi. She currently wanders the galaxy
Rank: Jedi Knight
Height: 5'7'
Weight: scrawny build, 115 lbs
Appearance: Waist length silver hair, piercing ice blue eyes, wears a navy blue version of jedi robes.
Skills: exceptional pilot
Saya glaced around at the passing people, looking for someone who might need her services. Her ice blue eyes finally rested on a rather tall teenager. 'Maybe this one could use some assistance in the flying department. He seems to have force powers as well. That could be a plus and would make interesting conversation...' she thought to herself.
She walked over to the young man, who was looking around the spaceport. "Excuse me young man." she said politely, in Basic, "You look lost and in need of assistance. Are you searching for a pilot or a transport off this planet?"

OOC: What timeline is this in? Before the Empire or after? Or even after the Yuuzan Vong....

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