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10/18/2005 1:35 AM

He stared at the cooling corpse on the floor. The skin was already blue at the lips and the light and sparkle in her eyes that had bewitched him these last months was no more. Cold - like his life. At the end she had cursed him and begged to be spared, they all did; such a waste.
He stepped over the body and across the leaf littered wood floor avoiding the weak spots and walked out onto the balcony.
From here he had a good view of the Tiber and the ships that arrived from across the world.
Even as he watched at this late hour wares were unloaded from a Venetian trader.
Maybe he should leave Rome; such thoughts often stirred in his mind but were quickly banished. The thought of skulking from farm to farm, hiding from the light during the day, fearing being caught without cover as the sun rose was too great. He was as much a prisoner as any of the plebs that groveled in the dirt.
Company is what was needed, fine company, better than the dead rags that already started to stink - how long had he stood here gazing down at the docks? Even now the first glint of false dawn could be seen in the east. Anger surged within his veins and he swept across the floor and was back at the balcony along with the body and hurling the body out over the water like the night soil it was.
Tomorrow, he promised himself, he would lift his eyes from the filth he had wallowed in for years uncounted and search the city beyond for somebody more worthy of his company.
Having made a decision he retired to the cellar to sleep amongst the amphorae, long emptied and filled with dust. The irony was not lost on him as he lay down and closed his eyes. Tomorrow.

10/18/2005 3:43 AM

Davian was in shackles. As the guard walked past him, he uttered a minor curse, so that his watcher's hair would fall out in the next few days. In the next few days, he would die. He only regretted he didn't have more time to exact his revenge. Every holy man he killed, the more his thirst remained unquenched. He looked out the window of the galley, and thaught he saw a figure in the window of a building. Not that it mattered anymore, nothing mattered.

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10/18/2005 6:18 AM

Kuvanu stared at her glass of ale in the small romanian tavern. She took a small sip leaning back slightly against her chair. She leaned back on the two back legs quietly her bow leaning against her table. Her swords were both at easy acess with her hands. She stared at the door waiting for something to brighten her day. Even if it is a Fight she would enjoy winning it easily. She doesent push herself too far in a fight, Just enough to win. She grinned thinking of her Father, her lust for blood was great. She may not be a vampire but she took to their likings, Blood Violence. She laughed quietly to herself. Her arrows were tipped with silver just incase something happened with one of her "clients" She could back herself up. She closed her eyes and sighed softly letting herself enjoy the quiet whispers lulled her in and out of sleep.

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10/19/2005 12:28 AM

Davian was in shackles. He looked out the window of the galley, and thaught he saw a figure in the window of a building.

As the sun slipped into the west he awoke. A creature of habit his first act was to greet the night from the balcony.
Torches and braziers lined the quays and the usual stench of rotting fish filled the night air. He was intrigued to note that the Venetian vessel still lay anchored and a number of men-at-arms, more so than fears of rogues would merit paced the deck.

He approached the quay from one of the many shadowed alleys that dominated this quarter. The fetid aroma of human excrement seeped from the hold - a slaver.
Slipping past the guards he peered in through a barred window at a man coffled to the heavy beams - amusing.
"Why do the men fear you so?" he asked quietly.

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10/19/2005 10:16 AM

Ennio awoke from his deep and dreamless slumber by knocking on the door of his room. Two fast knocks, followed by two slow. It was the knock used by the only two people Ennio truly thought of as friends, Angelo and Giuseppe.

Angelo was Ennio's right hand man. He took care of the wenches and that side of [i]business[/i]. He was the same age as Ennio. His hair was a little darker, almost black, yet his features and physical form were very similar. His brown eyes were the most obvious difference in their appearance. Ennio had met Angelo the very first time he ran away from home, and the pair had been close friends ever since. It was their closeness and their adventures together that made Ennio drift further and further away from his father, and the dull and miserable existence he would have him lead.

Ennio met his other friend, Giuseppe, a little later in life. It was almost a year ago now since Ennio had won over the thief's loyalty with a costly bribe to officials which had saved the man from a certain death sentence. Giuseppe lead a small, but ever growing band of cut throats and pick pockets, and not a more cunning or ruthless man had he ever met. Ennio was intelligent enough to keep an awe of caution about their friendship, but so long as the partnership benefited both fractions, he was fairly confident the man would not double-cross him.

Rarely one for complacency, Ennio instinctively reached for the knife under his pillow. Nimbly he climbed out of bed and quickly pulled on a dark, loose fitting pair of trousers and an old worn pair of soft leather boots. Finally he pulled on a darkly stained tunic, before unlatching the door which he opened cautiously, his knife concealed behind his back.

It was Angelo who stood out in the corridor before him, "May I come in? We need to talk."

Ennio nodded to his friend, and Angelo stepped inside and latched the door behind him.

"What is it?"

"It seems another one of the wenches has not reported for work tonight... I think we need to investigate this matter further before things get out of hand, we don't want any more of them getting ideas. We need to find this girl quickly and make an example of her..."

10/19/2005 4:51 PM

John had walked nearly across all of Rome since he had arrived. For some reason the number of penants was not that great this visit for none had any plans to pilgrameage to the Holy Land. However, there were still a great number of churchs and bascillicas left unvisited.

This evening he found himself outside of Saint Peters bascillica. There were those who thought it enough of a penace to give a meager donation to his order, but he needed someone to help fund his trip back not buy him dinner. Of which, that remined him, John had planned to dine with an old priest friend of his at a local seminary. It was not too far from the Bascillica and so he started off for his destination.

Father Jose Allonso was the rector of the seminary of Rome. John had met with him after he had joined with the Order of the Temple Knights. Now every time he is in town he checks in with his old friend and makes plans to dine. On this occasion the good father had also allowed John to stay in the seminary dorms.


" Father, how are you?" John asked in greeting with a smile and outstretched hand.

"Fine, John. Any luck yet with a way home?" The Father replyed takinging Johns hand smilingly.

" No, it seems that many care more about politics than their souls. I pray for the day the Church will be reconciled."

" As do I. But come, our dinner is getting cold, we can talk of the devil's chess game as we eat."


And so the two friends walked in the cool night air into the cafiteria and join the other priests and seminarians in a humble feast.

10/20/2005 12:47 AM

"Why do the men fear you so?" he asked quietly.

"I see through all the lies of the church. I acnowledge it for the festering pit of worms it is." Davian was not sure how this man got through security, but he would enjoy some company in this, his final hours. "They say I will be killed for murdering priests. I have killed so many I have lost count. They call it murder, I call it hunting. They took something away from me, I took more from them. So now I will die. They call it justice, I call it oppertunity. It is the oppertunity to take a few more souls with me..... So what about you? What drives your existence? Opertunity of necessity?"

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10/20/2005 4:59 AM

They call it murder, I call it hunting.

"So you live to kill? Reflect on these words.
"If they follow the old ways, they will trial you then execute you on the morn three days hence. I will visit you once more before the end. I would say farewell, but under the circumstances that would not be fitting."
As quietly as he had arrived he left, barely a whisper though some of the guards shivered as if somebody had walked over their grave.
From alley to alley he meandered, keeping to the valleys between the hills.

He visited his usual haunts. The place where he first saw her - he had already forgotten her name. Tonight another had taken her spot and two men were engaging her in conversation. Their words were of no interest though his attention was caught when one grappled her and she instinctively lashed out scratching his face, leaving deep gouges. He retaliated and struck her across the face sending her spinning to the ground.
The man's hand reached for his face and came away flecked with bright ruby glints. The metallic fragrance whispered to him calling to him, begging him.

Half a dozen strides and he had reached the man, lifting him by the throat. Without breaking his stride he continued across the alley, leaping onto a wall and then up onto the roof scattering a couple of tiles.
As he disappeared over the ridge the wits of man in the alley returned and the name Giuseppe was shouted in anguish.
In the darkness the whites of Giuseppe's eyes were like crescent moons - fear inhibiting any resistance. His rough tongue caressed the side of the rogue's face, down past his chin to the neck. Afterwards he casually hurled the body from the roof to land head first in the street below.

Moving on he, unsatisfied by the contaminated blood, but for the moment quiescent he remained at roof level watching the streets and the people.

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10/20/2005 9:44 AM

Ennio and Angelo walked side by side down a dark cobbled alley. If they were to have any success in finding this run away harlot, then they we're going to need the help of Giuseppe with his many eyes and ears throughout the city.

As they neared the rogue's turf, the sound of running foot steps suddenly caught their attention. The pair stopped in their track to listen. The footsteps rapidly grew louder before a darkly clad figure sprang out from around a corner up just up ahead of them. Seeing the pair, the figure skidded to a halt, turn around and fled back the way he'd came.

For a second the pair stood confused. They glanced at each other suspiciously for a moment, before wordlessly seeming to make the descision to give chase. Drawing their knives, they sprinting after the figure. As they turned the corner in pursuit, they saw the figure run past something dark and bulky laying on the ground. Getting nearer it became quite obvious what the object was - a body. Suddenly things made sense, the man was running because he'd just committed a murder.

Passing the body, Ennio glanced down and almost tripped over his own feet when he noticed the victim's face. It was Giuseppe! The recognition hit him like a slap across the face.

"Giuseppe!" he gasped, pointing at the lifeless twisted corpse.

Angelo looked down, equally stunned the pair stared in amazement.

Suddenly Ennio snapped back to his senses, "Let's get him!" he snarled...

10/20/2005 5:22 PM

After dinner and vespers the Templar Knight ventured into the courtyard upon the seminary grounds and sat befrore a statue in the center of the Blessed Virgin. Here he stayed for a time in meditation. The church had been in turmoil, the Greeks were scoundrels, and the Germans were still pagans. The heretics were growing in number and here in Rome herself was riddled with corupt officials. Too many were focused more on the life now instead of the life here after. Statesmen too worried about having the churchs power abused instead of seeing the church finally united.

He made his prayers against the evils and demons of these days. John was glad and thankful that his order was free from political tyranny and would be an instrument to show the power of the kingdom of God. Closing with a Glory Be John retired for the night to the quarters prepared for him in the dorms.

10/21/2005 12:38 AM

Suddenly things made sense, the man was running because he'd just committed a murder.

A commotion in the streets he had just left caught his attention. Shouting and the sounds of running feet echoed to where he perched by the side of a crude chimney.
Two figures were in hot pursuit of another, the companion of Giuseppe, possibly? The leader of the hunters seemed lithe and animated with such passion for revenge - such loyalty to Giuseppe, beautiful.
Leaping the short distances from roof to roof in this crowded part of the city he observed the unfolding drama.
The quarry had turned into a blind alley and dropped to his knees. There the man begged and pleaded that some demon had 'done in' Giuseppe and that he had only 'gone through his stuff'.
He watched the angry one, the one with passion, seeing his breath slow as he struggled for composure. He was captivated. He would wait until the hunter was alone and pay him a visit.

10/21/2005 1:42 AM

Closing with a Glory Be John retired for the night to the quarters prepared for him in the dorms.

Before he had finished his ablutions there was a tap at the door and Father Jose Allonso entered the dorm, finding John on his own.
"I did not like to mention this earlier as others where listening. It is good that you have returned as something evil stalks the alleys of the city and preys on the humble folk. The knights care not and as you said earlier, the Church is more interested in politics than souls. I do not ask anything more than that you keep your eyes open."
Having said his peace the Father withdrew from the small room leaving John to his thoughts.

10/21/2005 7:17 PM

Davian sat there for a long time. He thought to himself, and he wondered why the stranger was so interested in him. He tried to stretch, but the shackles were as tight as ever. He went to sleep, waiting for the third day.

OOC: Why single me out? sakura is apparently killing demons, yet noone picks her up on it? And another thing. Whether or not it was actually real, witchcraft was practised in medieval times. Why shelter players from the real medieval experience. Vampires are most commenly known as myths. So are witches, ect. One last thing, a dozen or more priests live in a single coventry. Some of them are uninportant, but they are holy nonetheless. So what's to stop my character from going from city to city, killing undefended coventrymen....... I'm not trying to be argumentative, it's just this thing needs to be expanded, as to attract more roleplayers. Just trying to help. Feel free to correct me

10/22/2005 12:39 AM

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John took in what his friend had told him. He was right, there is no reason why the others should be disturbed by this news. And yet there was no reason why he should be disturbed either, yet he was.

It was the remark of how the knights did not care. True they had their focus on freshly gained lands and the assult miles away. Many knights were made up of nobility, or like himself serfs in service to a noble.

But now was time for him to rest, he should rise in a few hours and see if there had been any fresh incidents in the area.

10/22/2005 4:13 AM

In his panic, the fleeing killer turned into a blind alley with no apparent route of escape. Dropping to his knees in despair, he begged and pleaded his innocence, blaming Giuseppe's death on some [i]demon[/i].

Ennio and Angleo slowed their chase down to a cautious approach. Getting nearer, the pair suddenly recognised the groveling killer to be one of Giuseppe's own men. Anger boiling up inside of Ennio, he neared the pathetic traitor with his knife ready to strike.

"No, wait!" he screamed.

Ennio slashed his blade across the man's face, bringing it straight back with the same motion, he plunged the knife deep into the man's neck. Not waiting around to watch the slow, agonising death, the pair quickly and silently disappeared into the night...

10/23/2005 5:16 PM

Diane wrapped her cloak tight around her body, a strange feeling running down her spine making her shiver. She twitched as she walk down the cold street, heaingr faint footsteps following her from behind. Diane unsheathed her short, rusty sword, and quickly spun around. Her thick, long brown curls slapping her across the face as her golden eyes scanned the street from left to right to find nothing.

She let out a soft, short luagh, her mind was playing tricks on her. Lately she been in constant fear of being ambushed that it haunted her..She continued to walk, scanning gloomy alleys from the corner of her eye as she passed by. Daine noticed she was inturding inGiuseppe's area. Each group of theifs, smugglers, and such had an area of their own. Which made her become a constant intuder. She on the other hand had nothing, the only thing she had were teens who yearned to be in her 'group'. To their disppointment, Diane had no need of a group or a right hand anything. She worked alone, she decided this since the day she was brutally beat by her clan, the people she most trusted.

She had been in Giuseppe's area many times before. Where she recieved constant threats and surprise beatings from Giuseppe group of theifs.Giuseppe had aslo become part of that, it was a time she sliced one of his men's throat and recived a bloody beating from him. Luckily, her life was spared, if it weren't for her dagger Giuseppe would have been smiling upon her lifeless body in triumph.

As she recalled her bad memories, she looked up to find a crowd of people just a few feet infront of her. The crowd was filled with whispers, gasps, and yelping. Diane walked around them, suddenly a man yelled out that.....was dead. Diane stopped dead in her tracks at the mention of Giuseppe name. It took her a while to process the new given information, thinking that mayhap the man had made a mistake. She headed for the group and stood behind two women in their mid-thirties. She got on her tip toes to get a better view, her eyes danced as she saw the body of Giuseppe. She smerked as the familiar group of theifs received the shocking news.

"So it was you who was ment to be smiled upon by your enemy," she said in a whisper. "yet you were not slain by your enemy's hand."

The women infront of her turned and gave her a horrified look, Diane took no notice of the woman's gasps. As she turned to look at the lifeless body of Giuseppe once more, she turned to noticed a man was starting at her as he brushed his beard, a thoughtful expression on his face. He nudged another man with a short scar on his cheek, mouthed something under his breath and pointed at Diane.

"Damn it!", she said as she cursed herself. Being the gifted lip reader she was, she saw him clearly mouth "It's her." to the man. She clentched her fists, now they were going to get Diane for being glad of Giuseppe's death. Her cocky smerk was what gave her away, again she cursed herself.

Diane ducked and walked away from the crowd, she looked back to find the men running after her. At that she bolted into a run, her cloak flowing behind her as the men picked up their speed. The bearded man streched his hand out and grabbed a handful of her cloak. Diane choked and unlached her cloak swinging forward to prevent from falling. She found an alley and headed toward it, a big mistake. She realized her stupidity, but it was too late the men already had her trapped.

"Merry that our leader is dead are you?!" one of the men hollard. "We'll teach you more respect you little wench!"

The man with the scar kicked Diane in her stomach suffacting her, she fell to her knees her arms wrapped around her stomach. The bearded man grinned, he bent over and gave Diane a hard blow across the face as the familiar taste of warm blood filled her mouth.

She tensed up knowing the beating was coming soon, the men had her against the wall blow after blow coming toward her. Taking one of her daggers out from underneath her clothes she jammed it into the bearded man's chest. He let out a painful scream and landed on the stone floor with a hard thud, a puddle of blood making him company soon after. She took out another dagger as the bearded man lunged toward her, she thrust it into his stomach and twisted it. He pushed her off him and stabbed her on her side, right underneath her ribbs.

Daine yelped and ran out of the alley, grabbing her cloak on the way. She pulled it on, hiding her face under her hood to cover the wound and bruises on her face. Diane put pressure on her wound as blood gushed out of it until she could find a healer. She was starting to feel light headed and staggered down the street. Diane reached a local seminary not having the strengh to go on, there she collapsed.

10/25/2005 1:17 AM

"That's right, kill him," he whispered to himself as Ennio slashed the knife across the rogue's face then into his throat before retreating.
No sooner had they left the alley before he was down, staring into the terror wracked eyes of the dying man.
The fear made the blood all the sweeter as he fed and the final ripple of resistence as the soul was released from its mortal prison, pure ecstasy.
Pursuing the pair, he caught up on them a few streets away. From a discrete distance he followed, waiting for a chance to visit Ennio alone.

His moment came later, finding Ennio as was much the custom emptying his bladder against one of the many ancient pieces of stonework; a testimony to a religion and way of life long since abandoned.
As the last drops splashed the ground he approached silently. Maybe it was fear of rejection that forced his action, maybe it was the rapture of the feed that prompted him to recklessness. Whatever the reason he did something that he had never done before. He hammered into the back of Ennio, causing the his arms to become pinned between the wall and groin. Without a word he plunged his teeth into the man's neck and steadily drank.
Finally the he stepped back and Ennio slumped to the ground moaning softly. Reciprocation followed and Ennio drank greedily, draining reserves that had taken him decades to accumulate, weakening him beyond any wound he had received. Finally, he could bare it no longer and wrenched Ennio off and staggered back.
"Beware the dawn and I will see you tomorrow eve," he choked out and having said that he fled into the night to recover his wits if not his strength.

10/27/2005 6:07 AM

[i]Beware the dawn and I will see you tomorrow eve...[/i]

Ennio heard the words echo over and over in his mind as his vision blurred and an increasing dizziness forced him to his knees.

"Ennio? Ennio! What happend?" cried Angelo, running towards his friend as he toppled weakly to the ground...


Ennio awoke. Opening his eyes, he found himself in the comfort of his own bed. Suddenly a sense of fear gripped him, making him sit up he glanced about his room in some confusion.

Lucetta was at his bedside, her pretty face filled with concern in the faint candle light.

"What happend?" he asked.

Lucetta spoke but her words went unheard as a voice inside Ennio's mind spoke...

[i]Beware the dawn and I will see you tomorrow eve...[/i]

Memories of a foreboding nightmare suddenly came flooding back. Jumping up out of bed, Ennio looked down in surprise to see he was completely naked.

"Was it a dream?" he asked frantically, grabbing at Lucetta with both hands.

"Calm down Ennio, it was no dream, but you are safe now," she replied.

Releasing his firm grip on the girl, Ennio slowly reached his hand to the side of his neck and felt a dressing.

"I've seen to your wound, you'll be fine..."

Ennio's eyes grew wide as he realised it had been no dream. He could feel a strange urge deep within himself. A strange [i]hunger?[/i], or more a [i]thirst?[/i] As the young courtesan continued to speak, Ennio's eyes became fixated upon her.

"Angelo left you in my care as he had to rush off to deal with..." she trailed off. "What's wrong Ennio? I must say you're looking quite frisky already." she said with a cheeky glance downwards.

Ennio smiled back as he began to realise what his body was craving. He could feel a strange new inner strength which yearned to be fed. Lucetta didn't even struggle as he roughly pinned he down onto the bed and brought his mouth towards her beautifully delicate neck...

10/27/2005 10:49 PM

Davian was getting worried. He hadn't figured a way of getting out yet. He had an idea, but it would be risky... "Sir! Sir! I need to relieve myself!" Davian called to the guard. "Just do it there. I've been told not to let you out." "But I tend to spray everywhere," Davian lied. "Please let me have a hand free to aim." "Ok, I guess." The guard undid a strap. Davian reached up and ripped the guard's vocal chords out. The guard made a gurgling noise, and dropped dead on the spot. Davian reached out and got the guard's key. "Free at last" Davian thought. Now it was time to dispose of the other guards. He unlocked the cabinet where his equipment was being kept. The next guard that came in died of a sudden death as he was disembowled by Davian, who had hidden in the closet. The rest of the guards died in similarly gruesome ways. The stranger was coming back tonight. Now was just time to wait.

10/28/2005 2:54 AM

John had left his quarters in the hours of the early morning. Upon exiting the main gate of the seminary he encountered upon a bloody form of a girl who was still alive, beaten bloody and bearly, but still alive. As carefully as he could John brought her into the seminary and with the oversight of the rector aided in the nursing of her wounds.

There was really not much for her they could do but bandage her for the time being and let her rest. Inside the chamber where she lay was set incense, buring with a strong scent. Incense was used for many purposes, a sign of prayers, a purification of the soul, healing, and warding of malice spirits. John had left the lady behind a locked door so she would not be able to bother the seminarians. He would check on her progress later, and perhaps bring a local phyisian to better nurse her wounds. That is if she managed to live.

After bringing in the woman John went back out on the streets about his usual business of looking for employment. Also he went around trying to see if he could find anything about these killings of late. Gossip always spread like wild fire, even when it involved a member of a high family. Somehow the word always got out, and in this place at least some church official would be willing to talk openly over a drink or two. It was in this way in which he had heard of several murders that had happened the night before involving some of the more influential of the dark society of Rome.

With his day nearly down, John returns back to the seminary in the early evening. Speaking with Father Alonso, John informs him of the recent events. Breaking for vespers, John visits the injured girl after his prayers. He was unsuccsessful in getting a doctor for he had no money to pay him with, and as he unlocked the chamber door he was hoping the girl would be in better health.

11/04/2005 10:04 AM

Ennio's vision gradually came back to him. Blurred at first, slowly the familiar setting of his room came into focus, triggering him suddenly into regaining his senses.

On the bed, Lucetta lay naked and motionless, her now lifeless body looked pale in contrast to the dark blood soaked sheets.

"What have I become?..." he whispered, looking down at his blood stained hands. His thoughts returned to the stranger who'd attacked and bitten him in the alley.

[i]Beware the dawn and I will see you tomorrow eve...[/i]

Suddenly clear in his mind what he must do, Ennio began to clean himself up and get dressed into some clean clothes. It was time to go and pay this stranger another visit...

11/08/2005 12:52 PM

The smell of incense woke Diane from her slumber. Opening her eyes she found herself in an unknown chamber. She pushed her covers off her and sat up, a sharp pain coming from her side. She winced, placing her hands on her bandaged wound. It took Diane a while to notice where she was as she remembered the past events.

The last thing she could knew was being near a local seminary. Scanning her surrounds, she smiled weakly and let her feet dangel from the edge of the bed. Greatful that someone had come to her aid. Her belongings along with her clothes were neatly stacked in a chair next to her bed. She shuffled through them to find everything there and notice her clothes had been rid of the blood stains.

Not planning on staying here for long, she took off the white robe she had been provided with and put on her clothes. Reaching for a bowl of water, she carefully washed her face as her hands traced over her bruises. Diane cursed the men that had done this to her and herself for getting into the gossip.

As she dried her face, the door knob turned. Instinctavely, she reached for her dagger on the chair. The pain on her wound increased by the sudden movement, she dropped her dagger and fell to her knees. She lifted her shirt to find the bandage soaked in blood, she let out a short cry and begun to put pressure on it. Pushing her long, brown curls out of her face to find the door reveal a man.light but strong build. He had dark hair, grey eyes, and rough features. Her own golden eyes stared at his grey as she clentched her teeth, holding back a yelp of pain.

11/09/2005 4:18 PM

As John looked intothe room he noticed that the girl was awake and attempting to be about. Well at least she still has some fight in her, which is probly why she is still alive.

The fresh air from outside changes places with the incense as it comes into the room. While all of the leaving incense smoke hits John right in his nostrils. With a slight coff he walks toards the bedside where the girl had fallen.

Looking down at her he speaks in his best italian:

" You should stay in bed and rest."

11/10/2005 8:23 AM

With a cruel looking dagger concealed beneath his long black cloak, Ennio skulked through the dark, deserted alleyways. He steadily made his way towards where the incident had occurred the previous night.

11/14/2005 5:03 AM

A new night had come and as expected the passionate one had returned to the spot of his siring - alone, it would seem.
Already the fire of human emotion so bright just one day ago, now simmered. The motives and desires so easy to read in a mortal now seemed shuttered behind doors.
Had he come with questions or for revenge?

Having watched his latest creation stand there for what may have been hours while memories of similar scenes slid by, he finally came to a decision and stepped of the side of the roof, descending over twenty feet to land lightly on the mud of the alley.

There he stood gazing at the youth, waiting for a response.

11/14/2005 5:56 AM

Surprised, Ennio took a step back as someone suddenly and unexpectedly landed lightly on the ground a few feet from him. Glancing upwards for a split second, Ennio saw there was nowhere he could have come from other than the rooftop of a two story building. The walls in this part of the alley were sheer with no windows or ledges.

Ennio eyed the man suspiciously. He was certain it was the same man who had attacked him here the previous night.

"So, you have come back here. Tell me, who are you? And what do you want with me? Why did you attack me, yet let me live when you could have so easily killed me?" Ennio's tone was cold and firm, though not threatening.

11/14/2005 7:29 AM

"Why? Maybe a whim. Possibly a moment of weakness for an old man. It could have been the desire for a child, a slave or just entertainment.
A more astute question, my child, is who or what are you?
Those questions I cannot answer as I do not have the answers.
The Pope and his minions would call us evil and demon, though I have met Popes that have been responsible for more deaths than I.
The plebs would burn incense and curse us though your friends have caused many more of them to die in pain and terror than I.
This I can tell you, you are cursed to watch the years slip by untouched except by ice that creeps into your heart. You are doomed to seek moments of companionship much as I have done, yet to know that in time it will be as dust.

For now though it must seem as though you have been reborn and for these fleeting moments I shall take joy in watching you my fledgling take your first faltering flight from the nest."
Having said this he took to the rooftops, slowly at first, allowing Ennio to follow if he would. Steadily he made his way to the harbour to return to the convict that lay chained on the barge. Once there it was his intent to give Ennio the decision over the prisoner's fate.

11/14/2005 2:43 PM

Ennio listened carefully. Before he had chance to ask anything more, the stranger suddenly turned and flew up into the nights sky. From what the man had said, Ennio realised he was expected to follow. Somehow Ennio barely gave the notion a second though before he leaped up into the air and steadily rose above the rooftops of the buildings around him.

A normal man would have been overcome with emotion at the sudden prospect of flight. But Ennio was no longer a normal man. Something inside of him had changed forever. His emotions had died, yet Ennio had never felt so alive. His eyes widened as he stared at the city below him. The stranger seemed to be beckoning him, and Ennio felt compelled to follow. Steadily he persued until they were high above the harbour, then with a definate sense of purpose, the leader began to descend towards a barge in the darkness far below them. Ennio followed.

11/15/2005 6:41 AM

"Within lies a man of hate and anger. What would you do with him?" he asked as they approached the prison barge.
Just then the fetid air was disturbed by a zephyr, bringing towards the approaching pair the stench of human filth, but also the sweet tang of fresh blood.
Still weak from siring Ennio, he stumbled as the smell snared him. It nearly snapped his will but while he was able to hang on to the shreds of sanity, it was still powerful enough to tear from him an inhuman yowl of desire and longing.
Beside him Ennio, unaccustomed to such an assault on the senses was quickly loosing control...

11/15/2005 8:44 AM

Landing on the prison barge, Ennio immediately realised what had caused the stranger's chilling cry. The reek of fresh blood filled the air, and Ennio breathed deeply. Filling his lungs to savour the smell, he could almost taste it.

The same sensation as when he had been with Lucetta began to take over him. A sense of both power and hunger flooded the young man's body, causing him to tremble violently. Ennio howled with excitement, mimicking his [i]Master[/i].

[i]It was time to feed[/i]

Marching forward, Ennio kicked the sturdy looking cell door, causing the wood to splinter and crack. A second kick broke the upper hinge, causing the top of the door to tilt inwards. Finally stamping on it, the door broke completely and Ennio rushed inside.

11/17/2005 10:18 PM

Davian was surprised that someone new entered, and just stood there. He had figured out the mistery, and willingly accepted death's cold embrace......

12/07/2005 9:11 PM

Diane turned her head and carefully stood up. Pushing her curls aside, she looked at the man as a weak smile played on her lips. Reaching for her belongings, she put them in their place and headed toward the door. Her hand curled on the knob and rested there for a few seconds.

"Your hospitality is much thanked for," Daine said bowing her head a bit. "but I do not have the pleasure of lingering here. It would not be of my convinience for you or the people of this seminary to befall any danger."

With that said, she turned the knob, swung the door open, and headed for the streets in which she had come from. Just before leaving the place, Diane leaned against a wall, checking her wound. The bleeding had stopped, but not the pain she had managed to hide from the man. Having his image fresh in her mind, she lowered her gaze, and continued to get out of the seminary. Remebering that she did not even ask for his name.

12/07/2005 11:50 PM

"Your hospitality is much thanked for, but I do not have the pleasure of lingering here. It would not be of my convinience for you or the people of this seminary to befall any danger.""

The girl had said before she had quickly left the room. John had to side step out of her way she was in such a rush. The only thing which puzzled his min d was why she thought she was in a seminary and not some rectory or church hospital. He was mainly glad she was well enough to move though it was evident she needed more rest. John was also glad that none of the seminarians knew of her pressence.

After she had left John tidied up the room she had been kept and than met back with his friend for supper, informing him of the events. The meal was long and quiet, but with a good bottle of wine so spirits were high. After dining John once again took his leave to the streets in hopes of some works he may provide or information he may find.

12/08/2005 9:07 AM

With both hands outstretched, Ennio reached for the throat of the hapless prisoner. The newly fledged vampire was thirsty and he had no intention of showing any mercy to this one. Pinning the unfortunate fellow against the back wall of his cell, Ennio sunk his teeth deep into the man's neck and began to drink deeply.

The commotion of Ennion's unsubtle entrance must have alerted the guard force, for suddenly the sound of heavy running feet quickly aproached them. Pulling away from his prey, Ennio pushed the weakened prisoner to one side and turned to face these on comers.

The [i]master[/i] had vanished, but two guards both armed with swords were now just a few feet from the open doorway of the cell. Without a pause for thought, Ennio rushed forward to greet them with open arms. Hesitating slightly at this unexpected attack, one of the guards received the full brunt of a flying fist to the face, knocking him out cold. Ennio immediately had to duck a crude swing of the second guard's sword, before he hooked his leg up and threw him over the side of the barge and into the dark water below.

[i]Surely there must be easier prey elsewhere in the city.[/i]

Ennio took off and disappeared into the night's sky...

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12/08/2005 2:23 PM

Davian was weak. But during all the commotion, he had crept out of the door. He was now hiding amidst the balisters. He slowly lost conciousness.

OOC: Does this mean I'm a vampire now, or am I just skrewed?

12/09/2005 5:17 PM

The streets were not as crowded as they were last time. The people went back to usual business after they had their little gossip and shock. Closing her eyes Dinae could clearly see the mangled body of her foe. She shook her head and bushed her curls aside, continuing her walk to nowhere appearently. Leaning againt the walls of a local pub, a boy about the age of eigh passed by her.

"You there." Diane croaked. "What have you heard of the man who was murdered not so long ago?"

"Nothing, lady." The nervous boy said. He was on the virge of sprinting into a run. The door of the pub sprung open and the boy saw it as a chance to run.

A drunken man came out, he was a dirty looking fellow with a full beard. He took a few steps forward before bending over, resting his hands on his knees, and vomiting. Diane closed her eyes, her stomach was weak at the moment. He cleaned the vomit form him mouth with his sleeve and turned to find Diane leaning against the wall.

"Diany?", the man said puzzled.

Diane's eyes widened at what the man had called her. Dainey was her childhood name, only the bastards that had betrayed her and her leader called Diane that. Getting a good look at the man, she noticed it was one of her "old pals" from the clan.

"Get away form me, Snivious." she growled. The man smiled and began to laugh. "I won't hurt you, Diany." he said getting close to Diane, the smell of vomit and rum blasting through her nostrils. "Just wanting a little chat. My what a woman you have become after the beating. I must admit the beating did fix you up from the ugly looking lass you were."

"Hold your tongue, Snivious, before I chop it off." she snapped.

The conversation and insults went on. But no physical action happped, Diane was too weak to fight and clearly Snivious was too drunk to do so. The day began to get darker and her wound continued to sting. She knew being out this late could mean trouble, but being against the wall was the only thing she could do to make the pain decrease. From the corner of her eye she scanned the alley's. She was sure her enemies would be about and looking for her soon.

12/11/2005 11:48 PM

Davian awoke. He did not know how long it had been since he lost consiousness. He knew what would happen if he fell asleep again. He would burn to death, under the sun that would soon rise. he knew much about the lore of the vampire. He dragged himself along the ground, getting up, stumbling, falling, getting back up. HE eventually made his way into an abandoned house, where he lay own to rest

12/12/2005 7:54 AM

High up in the dark sky, Ennio silently glided over the sleeping city, watching the streets below. His desire to feed upon the blood of another human had subsided somewhat, all be it only temporarily. For now he was simply enjoying this new experience the freedom of flight brought to him, and his increased feeling of superiority and strength.


Angelo prowled the dark streets in search of the run-away whore. Since the death of Giuseppe and the disappearance of Ennio, he was not entirely sure who he could trust at the moment, so chose to work alone this night.

Although he tried to concentrate on the job in hand, and push it to the back of his mind, he couldn't help but worry about the fact the guild had fallen into complete disarray over the last couple of nights. He knew his was the only remaining figure of authority, but he wasn't about to recieve a dagger in the back while attempting to restore order to the group. Instead, Angelo had decided to concentrate his efforts on searching for the missing wench and wait until things had calmed down again before showing up at the guild house. He'd heard a rumour that the girl had been spotted near some old abandoned houses in a disused part of the city, so he slowly made his way there.


Inside an old abandoned house, Maria hid inside a closet as she heard someone enter the building. Trembling with fear, she tried to remain as silent as possible as she spied through a small crack. She breathed a small sigh of relief when she saw the man was neither Angelo or any of the guild members she recognised. In fact the stranger looked badly hurt and in need of aid. His black coat was soaked with his own blood. Unsure of what to do, Maria continued to silently watch as the wounded man lay down to rest.

12/13/2005 3:04 AM

Davian was awoken shortly after he lay down to rest. He noticed, in the corner of his eye, a glint. He moved over to the sparkle, seeing it was peeping through a crack in a wooden box. He moved closer to it, motioning to open the lid......

12/13/2005 8:05 AM

Maria tried to hold her breath as the man seemed to sense her presence. Fear began to take hold of her again as he moved closer and began to open the lid. Too scared to even move, she layed still and silently prayed that the man would be friendly.

12/14/2005 2:23 AM

Davian lifted the lid. Shocked at the site of the girl, he stumbled back. He had not seen beauty for some time. He spent several seconds to recompose himself.

"Well, hello there, girl, why are you hiding?"

12/14/2005 1:55 PM

"Well, hello there, girl, why are you hiding?"

"I'm not hiding!" she insisted. "I'm just uhhmm... Okay, I am hiding," she admitted blushing slightly with a shrug. Maria stood up and hopped out before dusting the dirt from her dress. The stranger obviously wasn't one of the guild, so she decided not to mention them in case he got ideas about turning her in.
"Never mind me, you look hurt! What happend to your neck? Are you okay?"

12/14/2005 5:14 PM

"I'm..... not sure. It's all kinda blurry. I guess I must have been bitten by sonething. You should probably watch out, you might get bitten two...." Davian's feet seemed to carry himself across the room. He couldn't stop himself. He didn't want to. He sunk his teeth into her neck, as if it was natural. He drunk deeply.

He stood over the corpse. He felt stronger. He remembered. He wanted revenge on the bastard who was going to drain him. Although, the sun was rising up, and he needed some sleep. He went into the cellar to rest.

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