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10/17/2005 9:31 AM

The sun was blazing red as it hung over the horizon. The red-orange ball was just a half circle as it slowly rose into the sky to greet Mother Natures great creations. The air was damp with the moist dew still clinging to the leaves and grasses. The small town Isfeil slowly woke from its slumber, pheasants yawned and stretching as they walked out side to return to their daily routines. Loud crashing horns began to echo through the small fields and plantations. The workers and nobles lined up around a large stone plate. The horns coasted once again a little longer and higher note. The sound of galloping sounded clearly as five riders Rode in quickly. All five were in gray cloaks covering their faces and armor. One slid off the steed easily and landed solid standing up, The figure was thin and sleek. The mysterious person pulled back the hood revealing a small but delicate face.

Small strands of brown hair fell down to her shoulders and a garland of Ivory and leaves encompassed her head. She tuned around and un-strapped A small wooden staff off of her Black stallion. As her hand touched it warmth flooded into her and the Green orb atop of the Staff glowed lightly. The Noble men and others awed at the Staff and the user. She slammed her staff down onto the ground and it made a loud smacking noise. The ground began to tremor slightly and she slowly rose into the air about 3 feet on top of a small bed of earth. Her mouth was stern and her eyes were focused on the people, She announced loudly. People of Isfeil, A plague dawn on you. I bring word from youre neighbors the Orcinias That the Federili has been released. The orb is creating mass armies of Orces Ogres and troll to Fight against this country. We will not let them take our homeland from us. We bring word from Orcinveil. I need people to venture with me. People of Noble cause willing to fight for the freedom of our lands. Willing to make a self Sacrifice to aid our people. Lend us youre hands youre hearts. I am the Mistress of Draconach, I seek youre aid. She said promptly. A young man in a red robe walked up and removed his hood. He bowed slightly and said Mistress Kuvanu, It is a great pleasure to see you again. He knelt down and took her hand kissing it lightly. He wore a golden crown on his head and a set of daggers at his waist. Kuvanu grinned, It has been way to long Milord.

He announced,  For all noblemen there shall be a feast for ShaunteĆ£s return. Listen well to her request. Help her, For we too are in danger. He said with sad eyes and he turned around and bowed lightly to the four horsemen who were just getting off their horses. I hope my men can get some well deserved rest. The men were covered in blood their cloaks stained red with impurity. They nodded as the Young king said Follow me, You may rest in my castle. We have a few spare chambers I believe. And Milady The Queens chambers is yours whenever you wish. The men followed the king towards the castle silently admiring the Towns great monuments of warriors and knights fighting in battle. Kuvanu looked around for a moment and the earth shrunk down again evening with the stone surface next to her. She nodded to the stable boy.  The horses have been wore out please take care of them well. He nodded and she threw him six gold coins and he nodded in satisfaction petting the four horses lightly. He was an oddball of the sort, She could tell he was of Dwaven Heritage. She smiled feeling good to be at her Born home. She walked towards the castle her green eyes running over the houses and the castle. The castle was the best artwork of the whole town Pushing high in the sky its four towers hanging up in the air visible from afar.
She walked up to the door and two guards scrambled to kneel and quickly stand up opening the gigantic castle doors for her. Welcome home Milady. They greeted her as she stepped in. The Castle was decorative and had the colors Red and green strewn all over. She walked down a red carpet and walked up a small set of stairs that lead to a much wider and bigger staircase. She began her climb towards the queens chambers slowly. She reached the door and opened it slowly walking in. She looked around at the neatly made bed and the dresser with mirrors. A man strode in slowly uncovering his face he smiled. Kuvanu, It has been way to long Mistress. He knelt down his chain mail glinting slightly from the sunlight leaking through the open windows. He had a great bastard sword sheathed at his side. His hair was black and slightly spiky but short. He was built and sturdy. She smiled and put a hand on his shouldering signaling for him to stand. Do not bow to me Lephi It is an honor to see you again. He rose and smiled hugging her. She let out a small squeak and smiled hugging him back.  It is nice to see you again. However my time here is very short. The king has called for me to help prepare the Feast for tonight. It shall be great for you to be there. She nodded and waved him off smiling. She walked over to her bed and laid her things out she had almost nothing with her. The clothes on her back and the staff she brought, Along with some coins. She set everything on the bed and took off the cloak revealing a mail shirt and pants. She undressed and walked over to the closet and looked at the folded clothes. She picked out a small Red and green skirt with a leather red tunic. She slipped into the things and slipped into her leather boots. She strapped on a small sword that was turned slightly giving it a scimitar look.

She walked down the stairs slowly and looked around. Kuvanu walked down the rest of the way and looked around. She held eleven features easily. Her ears were slightly pointed and her eyes were slightly curved upwards, She had a small nose and lips. She smiled as she saw the king. Destivo Tensha She bowed lightly And he smiled too. You look lovely as usual. He began clapping Start the music! He started dancing and clapping and the music began. He took her arm and walked her to the feast table. I have someone I think you may want to look at. He nodded towards a cloaked figure.

10/17/2005 11:59 AM

Gurin looked up, eyes flashing. A piece of grass hung from his mouth as he gazed as the music started up. His toe tapped to the beat, his hand lightly hitting against his thigh. Noticing that the fair elves eyes were now upon him he stopped, and adjusted his hood. No need to reveal who he was...not just yet. A soft grin crosses his face, as he leans back against the wall. His eyes close, the darkness beneath his hood becoming full.

He was taller then alot of the people in the room, and thinner, considering what he was. His short sword, hidden well underneath his cloak, clanked slightly against his armor. His other two, Mors Bain and his shield had been taken from him upon entry. No one trusted a rogue...which was basically what he was now.

Finally he stood, strait up, moving towards the elven woman. He wasn't one to make a woman come to him. Bowing low, he made his introductions. "Mi'Lady." He said, taking her hand and turning it, palm down. He brushed his lips against he knuckles, then released her hand and stood strait up. When he had entered the town he was told that he should make strait for the castle. Few knew who he was, and even fewer wouldn't care if they found out. It wasn't often you had an exile in your kingdom.

10/18/2005 4:46 AM

Kuvanu smiled lightly and lowered her head slightly showing he had her attention. She raised it back slowly her hair falling back again. Her Green and red shirt was loose fitting and her skirt was loose as well. Her eleven features were easily distinguishable. Gentinvunes, Greetings. She said softly in the eleven tongue and translated it for him. Her skin was a soft tan from her traveling it was the color of sand. Her boots were dark brown made from the finest leather around and the Short and skirt were both made of the finest eleven silk made. Made for a queen, She stood streight up as well. "Have you heard in on my story?" She waited for a response.

10/21/2005 11:56 AM

Gurin nodded his head, removing his hood out out of respect for the elf. "Indeed I have Mi'Lady." He smiles, his single golden tooth catching the light. "And I would like to join your cause." He pushed his blonde hair out of his face, sky blue eyes twinkling as they darted over the young elves form. He was a man after all, and could not help himself. "I would ask you to dance my fair elf, however I was sent here the moment I stepped into town and have not gotten to change." His smile was warm and welcoming as his eyes darted across the room. "For this is no time for talk of buisness."

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