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10/15/2005 1:08 AM

Lucas's eyes shot open and for a moment he did not recognize where he was.
He was suspended upside down inside of a large water chamber where he floated with a small level of boyancy. His long blonde hair floated like seaweed in the water, and his blue-green eyes surveyed the room outside of the clear tank. Outside was a dark cold cement room with two small drains on each side of the chamber. A small florescent light that seemingly drilled a hole into his eyes dangled on thinning wires above one end of the chamber. There wasn't a sound coming from the room other than the faint drip of water coming from one of the drains.

Rising up from the tank feet first, his ankles bending over the edge of the tank, calves next, then knees, until he was balancing on the rim of the tank. He drew his arms along his wet torso until he could push from the rim of the tube and land smoothly on his hands and knees, catlike in stance.

10/16/2005 6:50 PM

A cold breeze entered the room as Lucas emerged from his aquatic coffin, vigilant to brush every inch of his flesh as it swept past. Half the wind was dark; black perhaps, the other was nearly white. In a single moment, a single blink of the eye, two forms had manifested in the threshold. A guess would play host to the sinister idea that the two forms were once that particular wind and that the twins were not true flesh in the eyes of humanity, or the idea that it was a simple head game, a trick of the eyes. One could not be so sure. Bastivus and Chastity stood silent, immobile, yet with the contradiction that they seemed to be eerily swaying from side to side. Perhaps another trick.
"You're due, Mr. Fountaine." A voice came, it seemed to only be heard from inside of Lucas's mind, but yet it mysteriously echoed off the concrete walls. There were two overlapping voices in that single sentence, neither of their mouths had moved and even Lucas himself couldn't be sure of who whispered those words.

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10/17/2005 12:09 AM

Lucas stood up on the damp cement floor. His Long blond hair clung to his naked body as he walked towards the far wall were to a robe off of a single hook, It was the only thing on all four walls. Once warped in the robe He nodded towards them and said." Bastivus, Chastity,". His hands looked like great white talons under the floresent light as lucas moved a strand of hair from his face. "Every thing is in order!?. It sounded more like a command then a question. As lucas walked though the door way forceing the twins to part down the center, the air seemed as if it was tearing with them, for a moment it was as if you sould see the colors of there clothes mingle and then split up the middle as lucas tore between them.

Walking down a long hallway that connected the room that had nothing but a chamber of water in it and His bedroom, A few moments later Lucas had removed a pair of black suitpants and jacket with a white frenchcuff shirt and changed into them. The water that once clung to his body seemed to slide off his body moments before he changed into His suit, the only thing that was remotely damp was his hair and that He had tied back in a pony tail that was doubled up.

10/17/2005 12:56 AM

"Everything is in order, Mr. Fountaine." Bastivus answered, this time it was only a single distinct voice that could be heard. Each word was carefully pronounced, fluently strung together with an invisible silver bind and the aura around the expressions rang like a small bell. Bastivus and Chastity followed Lucas down the passage, the ascending ground level, and made not a sound behind him. The only resonance was the padding of his wet feet; the twins seemed to be balanced slightly on the air above the floor. Their gowns dangling just below their feet, immaculate despite the damp floor that was collecting filth, so the theory couldn't be proved. The candles that lined the walls all gave birth to flames as they passed, illuminating the dark hall. Not that either of them needed it the act was simply in reverence.
For a moment Bastivus made eye contact with her twin, the subtle glance not enough to be noticed by any human being, and gave a sly smile. Her body movements were a vague blur, and were uncommon to be perceived by even the keenest of eyes. "The guests will be found in Dining Hall B." Again it was purely the particular voice, and the unexplained perfume of desiccated roses lifted into the ambiance when she spoke.

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10/17/2005 2:05 AM

Lucas walked out of the bedroom with the twins One on each arm, His mind was fixating on the scent of blood that seemed to hug the walls and grow stronger the closer to dining hall B. Walking though the casino He made his way to the room that was playing host to tonight's ball. A jazz band played on stage and muckity mucks rub elbows and shared lie's to one another But as lucas approached the door way the murmuring seemed to dim slightly.

10/17/2005 2:43 AM

Bastivus turned her attention to Lucas, their eyes did not meet, in fact he showed no recognition of her presence but the hand that was equally draped around her waist and the waist of her twin sister. She simply observed his profile for an instance before raising her arm and making a discrete motion toward the double doors. Chastity did the same, and the doors were pushed open by an unseen force, slow and heavy. It was not telekinesis that opened the doors; it was merely a communications between the powers of the inanimate object and themselves. A dance, perhaps, of a still wind.

The scene before them was laid out in gold and silver, the French lace and expensive velvet colored the beings, their hair and makeup perfected to the very last detail. Some of the faces in the crowd were covered with masks, thin paper decorated with glitter and jewels or delicate porcelain frivolously painted with acrylics. The air was thick with blood, although the humans that were hidden in the accumulation of people couldn't sense or smell it; it was surrounding their very bodies.

As Lucas entered, the crowd parted like the red sea before Moses, and the room fell completely silent. The twins scanned the crowd, catching every overlooked presence that the room hid, from the dark shadowed corners to the very center of the room. Nothing could hide from their eyes.

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10/17/2005 4:30 PM

There was no announcement, For none was needed. There was not a doubt in any one of the people before him as to who he was. Walking though the parted crowd He noticed that the police chief was dining at the bar with a woman who Lucas doubted was over eighteen The smoke form the police chiefs cigar floated though the air around bar. There were a few couples dancing in front of the band, and groups of High ranking people talking about whatever mattered to them,

But it was the police chief that almost puzzled Lucas, He was a short man, Built like a wrestler, wide shoulders long arms the beginning of a beer belly on him, Short dark hair,
His name was Matt Curnin, And there had always been a distinct line about were the police stood with all of the"Unhumans". LA was one of the last states to bann the hunting of preternatural. It was still legal to hunt Were's in a handful of states and it was rumored that it was still done in some parts of Louisiana. Vampires were almost always on the wrong side of the law and last year an officer who was dating a vampire was forced off the job, And when he threaten to release Info on the chief of Police He was found three days later drained of his blood in His apartment and a chair was torched in front of the living room window were it looked like Alex The vampire he was dating had sat and waited until the sun rose. But within the vampire community.... We knew there was foul play involved... It was only a matter of time till the thing that need to be done would be, And then We would be sure as to what really happened.

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10/17/2005 5:26 PM

Bastivus stared at the profile of Mr. Curnin, her unblinking eyes showing no emotion despite the uncomfortable strain that she had intercepted between Lucas and the man. "Shall we ask him to leave, Mr. Fountaine?" Came the overlapping voices. Bastivus opened her mouth, pink tongue visible and glossy with saliva, and furtively stretched her jaw. A taste had begun to form in her mouth, indisputably the flavor of Mr. Curnin's life force. It was contaminated with many years of alcoholism and sickly sweet, perhaps not honorable enough for such creatures as the twins. Bastivus tore her eyes away from the man, sliding her tongue around in her mouth to try and alleviate herself of the awful taste.

10/18/2005 1:04 AM

"No no that will not be needed" Lucas said to Bastivus. As a waitress walked by Lucas scooped a class a scotch off the silver platter, The waitress looked at lucas and for a split second He thought she was going to glare at him But she must have recognized who it was and caught her self. She turned on her heel and headed back towards the bar to refill who ever's order he had just taken. " Here Bastivus" Lucas said handing her the glass of scotch, "clean the taste out of your mouth with this". The bad taste in Bastivus's mouth was apparent to Lucas.

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10/18/2005 1:38 AM

"Much obliged, Mr. Fountaine." Bastivus pushed the glass away from her and smiled perhaps the most frightening smile anyone could ever show. Her expression could either associate with one of two things, death or happiness, two things that often contradicted themselves, two things that were hard to tell apart with Bastivus. "I have tasted enough poison in his blood already, I'm afraid any more would make me ill."

A man came charging through the double doors, uncaring of the commotion he caused. His black suit sprinkled discretely with blood, an earpiece dangling off the side of his shoulder, a holster missing its gun and his identity tag reading Callaghan in big bold letters. "We have a situation, sir." He uttered between heavy breaths. Bastivus was the first to hear his words, perhaps even hearing them before they passed his lips, possibly when they were still lingering in his vocal cords. A cold black breeze shot towards the door, sweeping past the security operative and out into the hallway, white wind soon following. It was sure enough that both of the twins had left Lucas's side, a chance of him not even realizing until their bodies could be seen in the threshold.

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10/18/2005 6:49 PM

Pennant was not what most people pictured an immortal to be. She was small, and quite pretty in an innocent sort of way. The girl didn't look like she could be much older then 20. She was actually 70, which, by sidhe standards, is about 20. She was the master of the cities "human" servant, which was sort of funny. Considering humans had worshipped the sidhe over the centuries like gods at some points. Not that little Pennant would know this. That was far before her time. Clad in a striking silver gown that clung to her slight curves the fairey was dancing with one of the many boys who had swept her onto the dace floor at first chance. However, she was by her master's side when the security guard burst in. She wasn't afraid that Lucas would be attacked, he could probably defend himself better then she could, but, a silver bullet or a stake through the heart wouldn't hurt her.

She turned those tri-purple eyes up to Lucas, who was a good deal taller then her even in her modest heels. Using that ever so useful mind link thing they had going, she asked 'Is there anything I should know about that may make me wish I had brought my sword?' yes, she had a sword. A very nice sword. She was very good with it, too. She also had a gun loaded with silver bullets as she was really the only fey around, so steel or iron weren't needed. Her sword was made with a very high silver content, and was as user friendly to her as holy water was to a human.

10/18/2005 11:02 PM

Chastity halted the blur of wind that had been her body moments ago at the deplorable scene in the Second Entrance Hallway. Noticed first by anyone would be the three gruesome bodies scattered about like so many childhood Legos, bits and pieces gone missing only to be found contorted into inhumane positions against a wall or table. Chastity's eyes took in the scene quickly, every detail committed to memory before anyone else had counted how many people were still standing the in the devastated room. In the rough center of the three bodies, a figure was hunched, seemingly knawing on someone's servered arm. A diamond and sapphire bracelet still glittered at the wrist, a gaudy emerald ring hanging from one disjointed finger. The figure had hair the color of the night sky right as the stars come out, twilight. When he moved his head, his hair fell past his shoulders and flashed bluish highlights in the light of the many crystal chandeliers. The man stood slightly straighter, having sucked the very marrow from the bone of the arm, and Chastity caught a glimpse of his eyes. His eyes had gone a pure white, no trace of pupil or iris to be found. Yet the momentary eye contact let her catch a hint of his train of thought, his emotions, his purpose. Her breath caught for a millisecond as the knowledge sunk in; this man was completely empty but for the power he felt within himself. Something had altered his thought process, or eliminated it. His only purpose was to excercise the immense power he felt over his surroundings. As his attention turned to his surroundings, he flexed his usually intimidating vampire powers to a level that almost scared even Chastity. She flinched as he used every ounce of his new found strength to turn the room's ambience into one of utter chaos, discord and fear. All the humans in any nearby rooms immeadiatly scared to run about, their perceptions of reality gone completely askew. He quickly selected a few of the guests to realize their worst fears, and made others hallucinate their own deaths. A few seconds later, when he grew tired of their screams, he turned his attention to Chastity and Bastivus, who were walking slowly towards him. They were attempting to freeze his power temporarily with their minds, (this was an extremely draining task for the two, even with their powers being combined, so they only attempted it in the most desperate of situations) but he realized their attempts before they could even hope to make a difference, focused all of his power on them, and threw them into the ceiling, where they stayed, bodies crumpled into a grotesque imitation of the fetal position. He then let them fall from the impressivly high 24 foot ceiling to the ground, where Chastity's leg gave a sickening crack that Bastivus's ribs imitated.

10/19/2005 12:08 AM

Hearing a scream from the door way lucas said" Barr the doors Pennant, And don't let any one out!" And with that he stepped out of the double door way and shut the two solid oak doors slowly so there was no chance the guests within would think there was any reason to step out side. "You and You!" Lucas said point to two security personnel who were jogging towards the oak doors" Stay on this side of the doors and if any one Try's to Get in Use what ever force needed!" Shredding all hint's of preternatural grace Lucas ran down the long hallway and towards what he knew was a blood bath. The smell of blood and feces flooded down the hall causing a stench that only a preternatural could smell.

As he entered the room that played host two a few gruesome bodies and Chastity's and Bastivus's contorted figures He saw the person who was responsible for all the blood shed. Stopping in His tracks and in a very polite manner said" I as im sure your aware am the master of this city." The the twisted creature stood and said in a low guttural voice said." You might have been But by the end of this night Your thrown will be defiled and I shall sit atop it" Lucas started a slow methodical walk towards The creature across from him and with his hand out stretched said." You trespass on my land and then you have the nerve to threaten me!" Lucas flexed His power though the room so much You could hear the thread in his suit snap from pressure.

10/19/2005 12:58 AM

Two crumpled dolls. That's what had become of the twins in the few minutes of their arrival, thrown about like powerless children. Bastivus inhaled the vampire, his drug laced blood, his poisonous sense of supremacy, the details of his body even while her eyes remained forcefully shut. The scene drew itself clearly in her mind, two clashing preternatural beings, two in the same yet outwardly enemies. The clumping footsteps splattered the blood on the stone floor, puddles of it scattered at the trespasser's feet as he crossed the room.

Bastivus slid her arm out from under her body, balancing herself as she lifted a few inches from the ground. She stared down at her hands, covered in the blood of someone else's kill; the nails decorated a soft crystal white and filed to points. As the vampire passed, she lifted her hand, and what had once been a delicate wind had begun to resemble something fatal. The white blur was intelligent and defined, cutting just above his kneecap, severing the leg from its host.

Bastivus's hand had not been enclosed in the slick crimson, but a dark substance, quickly crystallizing over her fingers, shattering when it dripped upon the floor. The wound she had created seemed to easily dress itself with thick amber-like bandages.

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10/19/2005 5:56 AM

Chastity opened one eye lazily, trying to stretch like a cat but failing when her spine bowed back with pain when her legs extended. "Oh fuck that," she whispered harshly, her breath coming out in little more than a hiss. She threw a powerful blast of energy at the leg and vizualized it healing instantly. Seconds later Chastity bent her leg carefully, but the pain and the break and gone and mended. She didn't look at the man's severed leg as she picked it up, instead meeting his crazed eyes as she stood so fast her body was a momentary blur. She took a few swift steps towards him, and her movements were so fast he was left waiting for her to do something next, like a child watching the circus, entranced with the trapeeze artists still swinging in the air though the lion master has just had half his face bitten off. The vampire pushed against her power, trying to prevent her from coming closer by throwing waves of power that felt like needles being forced through every pore of her skin all the way through to her core. In return, Chastity held out the hand that wasn't holding the leg, which wasn't bleeding because the ice had frozen the severed end, and threw her own brand of power straight for the man's chest. His shirt caught fire, but in the crucial millisecond that the fire would have reached his skin and ignited his entire body within seconds, as vampires are extremely flammable, Chastity withdrew her power. He looked at the burnt holes in the front of his shirt and roared at Chastity, who stopped casually considering her blistered finger and hand and glared at the man. "Now unless you want to eat your own leg, I suggest you stop where you are. Unless you're into that sort of thing. I guess someone has to support cannabilism..." Chastity dropped the leg and sprung upward as the vampire half flew at her, he was running so fast. He attempted to fly upwards to meet her, but she landed on all fours exactly in the place she had jumped from. Chastity looked at Bastivus questioningly as the vampire made another wild dive for her and she rolled across the room. 'Want to help me out here? I don't think Mr. De LaFountaine wants him killed, so just stop him from flying about like some Harry Potter wannbe on All Hallow's Eve. I can't dodge him forever, whatever the fuck is going on with him might be permanant,' She couldn't count on every finger and toe in the dining room the number of times the telepathic link between her and her sister had saved them from being killed. Here's to hoping she wouldn't need to add this time to the list.

10/19/2005 4:45 PM

Tiny fragments of ice and snow gathered in the air around Bastivus's frame, they circled her, brushing against her skin and tangling themselves in her dark hair. Her skin turned a light blue as the tips of her fingers began to ice over. A frozen wind collided with the Vampire's profile, the ice splintering and burrowing into his flesh. In turn, he sent as much of his energy back at her, her body sliding across the floor. The further he pushed her, the stronger the wind that caught him hard in midair.

"Son-of-a-bitch!" Her arm had acquired nasty frost bite up to the crook of her elbow and the Vampire had yet to be stopped. His skin seemed to be repelling the cold, yet the veins in his arms and face had turned a dark blue. With the frostbite getting dangerously close to her neck and chest, the vampire seemed to slowly lose his mobility, the sound of his veins freezing was the only perceivable resonance that came from him. He dropped to the stone, making a sickening shatter effect on the floor, tiny bits and pieces of him had scattered everywhere.

Bastivus leaned over, cradling her arm and looking deeply at a hardened chunk of flesh that held his left eye; it seemed to be staring back at her, still alive and fully aware of what had happened. All the different little pieces were communicating and connected through an undeniably strong telepathic link, they were able to think as a normal body would, yet movement was out of the question, at least movement as a whole.

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10/20/2005 1:00 AM

"Well, So much for questioning the man." Lucas said in almost a sarcastic tone. " I doubt this will be the last of what's to come." Walking towards the now obliterated vampire Lucas picked up what remained of his forearm and looked it over. "We won't be as lucky next time... This "Lucas pointed to a mark that would have been just below the elbow..granted if it was still there. " Is the signet of The Devils Advocates... He looked at Bastivus who had a look that said something to the effect of.... And that means what?." Think organized crime.... But with fangs and they would not have allowed one of there's to go rouge. "Lucas never before had to deal with the The Devils Advocates directly but years before he was witness to what they were capable of doing.

We will need to take this taken care of before the guests leave. There was blood pooled all over the floor and now bits of gore. "Bastivus, Chastity, are you two alright?" Walking over to both of them He helped them get to there feet, There was something about Bastivus that just didn't seem right. Yet he could not pin point it.

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10/20/2005 1:55 AM

The vampires blood had completely enclosed her right hand, rendering it useless for the time being. Both of her arms proved inadequate, the other being frozen to such an extent. Bastivus didn't answer Lucas's question, instead she stared blankly at him, wondering how nonchalant he could be when there had just been a slaughter on his very ground! Had he no feeling for these people? Scattered about the floor like broke dolls, each one more gruesome then the next, obviously belonging to families. In all her years, Bastivus hadn't seen such damage done by a single vampire disregarded so easily. "I'm fine." She answered finally, pulling her hand away from him and stepping over the mess. She passed the security operative in the hallway, his posture slightly healthier and more confident.

"Are you alright, Nobility?" He called both her and Chastity 'Nobility' because of their heritage, or simply because he couldn't remember their names for longer then a ten second period. Bastivus hated it, yet gritted her teeth and bit her tongue; she would soon train herself to ignore his name for them. "Do you need bandages?" He observed her wounds carefully, pulling a pair of reading glasses from his shirt pocket to better see. One of the lenses was cracked, yet the other seemed to be in moderate condition, and he gently ghosted his fingers over her freezer burnt arm.

A sharp pain surged through her body, something in her right arm played host to the excruciation. Bastivus hissed and tensed her muscles. Callaghan recoiled in near terror, staring at her with bulging eyes. "Have I hurt you, Nobility?" He quivered when he spoke.

"I've learned to deal with the repercussion of my own power, it's this..." She raised her 'amber-ed' hand to his eyes and allowed him to examine it with curiosity. His brow furrowed and he bit his bottom lip, either a look of concern or puzzlement.

"May I ask how you've acquire such a nasty thing, Nobility?" Always so polite with her and Chastity, perhaps he was afraid of setting them off, afraid of being...too hot or too cold. Bastivus simply stared at him; he knew how she had gotten the nasty thing. "Oh...I see..." Another surge of pain, her hand, it seemed, was ablaze. Burning inside of this awful containment, the pain worsened and Bastivus dropped to her knees on impulse, cradling her hand. A high, silvery cry echoed off the hallways. Delicate and bestial all at once.

The security officer left her quickly, "Master Lucas! Come quick!" He called, sprinting down to where the Vampire and Chastity still stood.

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10/20/2005 7:17 PM

Lucas burrowed his head betweens his hands in frustration, something that was rare for him to do. Callaghan was jogging towards Lucas But His eye's were focused past the jogging man There at in the entrance way Bastivus kneeled Holding what he thought at first was a chunk of darkened amber but as the seconds past He realized that it encompassed Her hand, Bastivus's Eye's showed a sort of panic in them She tired to claw at it but her other hand was turning black due to the frostbite she had gotten.

In a blink of Callaghan's eye Lucas moved from the hallway to Bastivus's panicking body.
Slowly lucas reached down and held onto Bastivus's amber like arm With his left hand and with his right He punched it, the amber cracked slightly on the underneath of her arm and with a hairline fracture creeped up to were His knuckles had met with it. Again He bombarded the amber like substance This time His open palm. The amber shattered sending small sliver like shards that stuck into His arm It was not painful, They hardly even broke His preternatural skin, Using his left hand he tried to brush the off of his arm but instead they sliced His hand open in a hundred tiny places.

Lucas growled to himself. More out of frustration then anger. Flexing His upper body to the extent that the muscles rolled over the bones in His arm's causing a large amount of the amber slivers to fall from his arms... The other's though just dug deeper.

10/20/2005 9:08 PM

As the amber-ed shell broke with the force of Lucas's fist, it revealed something that ceased to be Bastivus's hand. What she held before her was a disturbingly mangled piece of flesh, bits of bone protruding from underneath her skin, bent and formed out of shape. The color was a vibrant red, boils and blisters, her nails were blackened and charred and her hand had acquired a numb sensation. Bastivus stared at it calmly, almost as if she didn't believe it was really her hand, her face had lost all emotion in less then a second. She looked up to Lucas in question, looking into his eyes in search of some answer. "I would like an explanation." There was a second voice underneath hers, possibly belonging to Chastity. "For the Vampire, his strength and blood, my hand." The dominant voice whispered 'my' but what appeared to be Chastity's own sounds could be heard underneath whispering an equal 'her'.

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10/22/2005 7:31 PM

Pennent had been having a much harder time dealing with all the magically crazed people in the room who wanted to do two things: Get out. And cause damage. Pennent could feel that dark energy trying to drive her over the brink like the others, her own blood and power let her keep her wits about her. And there was one other person in the room who seemed to be doing the same. A rather young police officer, who, she could tell, was psychic. She cast her healing power out ward and tried to sooth their minds, there was no way she would be able to drive these people back to sanity, but, she might be able to make them a little less vilont. Which was her main goal. However, this was proving to be a very difficult task, and she found it increasingly more difficult as that dark energy pressed against the inside of her head harder and harder demanding to be let in. She found her self on her knees staring dazedly at the floor not entierly sure how she got there with that pressure gone. She looked behind her to see the pshycic officer with a hand on her shoulder, and felt warmpth from his hand. "Thanks" she said a bit shakily. He nodded and helped her to her feet.

"So, do you know what's going on?" the warmpth of his power was circulating through her, and she only realized then that it was odd that he could do that. She was fey, not just any fey, she was a unseelie sidhe nobel. A powerful one, at that. So how was this human without any obvious effort using his powers to ward off this horrible precense and protect him self.

"No" said Pennent focusing on the here and now. She glanced at his hand "What else can you do?" she asked hoping maybe he'd be able to help.

"Keep you sane while you keep them from killing stuff" was the officers simple reply. Pennent sighed but nodded. It was better then nothing. She cast that power outward, and felt it had a little more force then before. She forced it into those who really needed it, who might not come back, and she felt it push back at her. Physically shove her backwards until she was pressed up against the stranger who was helping her's chest. "Concentrate" he said softly. She did. And, all of a sudden, it stopped. The fancy guests were looking dazed and confused and she could feel Lucas again. It was at that moment panic clawed at her innards. She hadn't been able to feel him, and she hadn't noticed. Shit. She glanced at her new friend who could sense something was wrong and motioned her off, she told the security personelle out side to make sure no one left and sprinted to where she knew by that bond of theirs Lucas was. She was sore, she was exhausted, and she knew that things had only started.

10/25/2005 12:12 AM

Lucas looked at bastivus, But he knew this was not the place to answer Her. "I want this place clean in a half hour" He said to three werewolf security guards who had just walked in from the doorway that came from under the casino. " I want the whole pack up here now!" Lucas said. His tone was not rushed nor laced with stress, By this time he was already formulating a plot as to what to do next. He could feel pennent coming closer and closer towards him and with that perhaps a sense of relief, though no one would ever have known it. "Bastivus, Chastity I will meet you down stairs in the library. Lucas looked at Bastivus's hand and wondered, Hoping pennent could be of some aid.

When pennant was there in the same room as him he would walk down and do his best at returning bastivus's hand and making the next move,
as to what the next move would be... well that will come later he supposed.

10/25/2005 11:34 AM

Arion was meabling down the street when one of his pack-mates came running up, panting. "Arion...there's trouble. The vampires request your presence." Sighing Arion waved the young man off, and picked up pace. He wouldn't get to Lucas very fast, not the the rate he was going and the distance he had to go. He had at least four miles to cover, and he'd never make it there just walking. Sighing, he hailed a taxi, which quickly stopped for the rich man. "Where to?" the drive curtly asked. Arion gave him the directions, then sat back, lighting up a cigar. He smoked it in silence, until atlast they reached the destination.

The place wreaked of blood, sour and cold. Something had happened, after all Lucas didn't call the werewolves for just anything. Running a hand through his hair Arion gracefully stepped inside, nodding to the guards. A scent caught his nose, and a shived ran up his spine. "Marie." He smirked, his hand sliding around the woman beside him. She wasn't the Lupa, no, but a female Arion fancied. The blonde woman leaned into him, and together they moved the Lucas whom was in plain veiw.

"I came as swiftly as I could..." Arion smiled. "What has happened?"

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10/26/2005 5:39 PM

Pennent was panting by the time she had sprinted in her fancy heels to Lucas, her chest heaving, her hair a mess, and the skirt of her dress now tattered and torn. More infuriatingly yet she still looked amazing. Damned genetics. "Lucas" she wheezed her lungs burning with the demand of air. She doubled over planting her delicate looking hands on her thights "What the fuck is going on?" she had slowly straightened and was standing up right again, glad that she caught her breath quickly. "What was that, that power? It was nasty" and that was putting it mildly. She could still feel that magic hanging around like a sickly blanket that violated her very pores and coated the inside of her lungs. Not a pleasnt sensation. However, she heard, and could (almost) smell Arion coming. The young sidhe straightend up and cast a hasty but effective cloak of glamour around her self. She was not so heavy handed on the magic of vanity as she had dubbed it that she looked perfect, but, her hair was not a mess and her skirt was whole.

Her tri-purple eyes were narrowed and staring fixedly at the door as it opened and she relaxed visibly upon seeing who it was. Attacking the were-wolves was a bad idea due to that whole ally thing. You don't kill your allys. It's just a generally bad idea. She would have been greatly suprised had the were-wolf even noticed the small sidhe woman, but, that was how she liked it. She had gotten very good at hiding at Lucas' side. Although she did fight back the urge to say "That's what I'm wondering" as, once again, it seemed Lucas was the only one who knew what was going on.

10/27/2005 12:56 AM

With the new entry of Pennent and Arion Lucas said In a subtle tone. "Come with me to the library and I will explain what I know" lucas turn on the heel of his Brusco ferragamo shoe's and walked with Pennent in arm though the door way. And down the hall that led under the casino. His shoe's clicked on the foot as he walked, It sounded as if the bottoms were plated with glass, Stopping Lucas looked down at his feet and rolled one of his ankles to the side so he could see the heel of it. The whole bottom of the shoe was now plated in a black Lacquer like substance, What must have once been vampiric blood. "My, My" Lucas said under his breath Before walking again the sound of his shore's clicking all the way down the long hallway.

entering the Library, with Pennent in tow and Arion not far behind them. Lucas found Bastivus sitting on a short black sofa and with her good hand she was reading a copy of Bram Stokers Dracula. Chastity was leaning agenst a large wooden desk Her arms crossed and her eye's closed as if she was resting..

"Please take a seat" Lucas said to Arion and another werewolf at his side. Lucas moved around to his desk and took a seat. He leaned back in the chair for a moment before kicking off his ruined shoes with a loud thump as they hit the inside of the desk.

"What is it you would like to know first" He said leaning in and resting his hands on the desk

10/27/2005 1:19 AM

To not acquire an answer immediately from Lucas himself was uncommon, but to be completely brushed off of his shoulder without the slightest recognition of the question, for Bastivus and Chastity, was unheard of. For lack of a better word, Bastivus was infuriated. She slammed the book down with extreme force, cracking the table below, "What the fuck is going on!" She was the first one to speak. Her voice echoed along the shelves, and everyone, including Lucas, seemed surprised by her outburst. Her sister seemed entirely unfazed, still sitting tranquilly with her eyes closed without due consideration. Chastity's graceful hand came up and firmly gripped Bastivus' gown, tugging her back down to her chair with commendable strength. After a long and painful silence, she spoke. "A thousand pardons, Mr. Fountaine." She whispered, her eyes low, "But that book is an ignominy..."

Bastivus stood, striding over to Arion and embracing him with two spider arms, gently kissing the air by his cheeks in respect. She did the same to Pennant. Bastivus had never shared an interest in wolves, or feys for that matter, but her manners were all at her best when in greeting. Save the outburst. She dropped into a chair covered with a cream damask and crossed her legs, tossing her wrist dismissively and pushing her index finger to her temple. "Mon Dieu." Were the only words she whispered then.

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10/27/2005 10:20 AM

Arion sat, Marie to his right. "To state the obvious, I'd like to know what happened. It's not often I'm out on my evening stroll that I'm called so hastendly to you." Arion smirked softly, eyes darting over Bastivus, and then Pennant. The woman Lucas kept around were very...interesting persay. Crossing his legs, Arion watched Lucas.

He had no problem with the vampires or the feys, he was, as most said, still new to their world. A 'werewolf' of only 11 years. His hand slide into his pocket, his nose wrinkling. "The place doesn't smell to great." He said. Marie obviously felt the same.

10/29/2005 5:56 PM

Bastivus sat with her head down, staring at the cover of Dracula. A 14th century nobleman, a sword by his side and a body at his feet, one booted foot on its chest, and blood running down his chin and the front of his shirt. She smirked, thinking he was the kind of man that would attempt to devour something and have more of it on his face then in his stomach. Vampires, however, were not like that to Bastivus. Lucas had never been known to spill a single drop unless he had been craving bloody carnage. This Dracula was a disgrace, his image nothing more then a tale of a crazed individual, posting the single thought in people's minds that all vampires are bloodthirsty monsters with bad table manners. Bastivus linked hands with her sister and shifted her attention to Arion, who had just stated the obvious. She thought of making some kind of sarcastic remark, something devilishly charming yet with undertones of innocents and evil. The last thing she needed, though, was to get into a fight with a werewolf, a friendly ally of Lucas and herself. Bastivus turned her attention to Pennant, the beautiful fey at Lucas's side. She figured that the only thing that could bring her to near death in battle, if near death was even possible for her, was sitting in this very room, dressed as a porcelain doll.

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10/30/2005 2:03 AM

Lucas leaned into the desk and pulled the chair close, It was a very human move one that lacked any trace of vampiric ability. Focusing on Arion, Lucas said, "A few moments ago we,The casino, were attacked. At first from the flash I got from one of the security guards I though it was...something of an Animalistic vampire. A beast that feels no pain, and thinks of one thing... Blood. But As I got closer I found that there was more then a hint of intelligence. Power seeped from Him. But as we found out it was hallow. A trick I have not heard of. But still......."Lucas paused, as if searching for something to say. And that in and of it's self should have been very alarming. For lucas never was at a lack of words. "I feel that this vampire Felt like he was far more powerful then he was.
And Its blood.. As you have seen Im sure, It hardens when it comes in contact with air. And, It distorted Bastivus's hand. The blood seemed to act like amber, hardening into something hard and almost glass like," Lucas paused again. But this time it was due to a sharp pain that tore though his stomach, and climbed like ivy up his body. His veins burned and His eye's narrowed and watered with the new found brightness of the lights.

Lucas had not yet fed that night and it had just caught up with him.

"But I beleved there is more then meet's the eye with what's going on. He had the mark of the Devils Advocates."

He stopped again, and leaned back trying to "play it off" as if he was done talking.

10/30/2005 7:48 PM

As time had gone by, the changes in Lucas's behavior were drastic. His movements became more sluggish and involuntary, his eyes seemed to darken to almost a horrifying display of crimson and the fact, it seemed that he was plucking the very scent of blood from the air. "My liege, perhaps this is a conversation for another time. There are other...matters to tend." Bastivus had acquired, once again, her coldhearted emotionless voice and stared watchfully at the Vampire. He was, to say the least, famished.

11/01/2005 11:51 AM

Arion nodded his head. "I agree. You don't seem to be in any shape to handle this right now." He was having trouble resisting his own urges. He needed his Lupa, and he needed to be outside. The night was young, and he had yet to make an appearance to his pack. "Perhaps you should feed first."

Oh yes, Arion knew that Lucas was hungry, he had spent enough time around the vampires to now what they did if they didn't feed. "I will return to you...soon enough. Lest you wish me to stay, and investigate. I can call some trackers, and we can find this deviant."

11/02/2005 5:21 PM

Pennant's mind had wandered off else where shortly after she had greeted Bastivus, she had always rather liked the other woman, not that there was any sort of deep friendship between them, but, she still liked her none the less. Her mind had, for some reason, wandered back to her childhood, which by human standards had been a very long time ago, but, by fey standards she was hardly a woman, so it wasnt so long ago. She was remembering coming up to her Father's knees and proudly holding up a monstrosity of a drawing of him. How he had laughed and smiled. Told her how wonderful it was. It was strange that she had been shown such softness and love from him, since she was a burdened responsibility of his youthful indiscretions gone wrong, but, he had loved her. And he had done his best to take care of her. She also remembered the day she had come into her second hand of power. How things had been getting ugly and it looked like it was going to be one of those rare times that a pure blooded sidhe would die. There are only one way to kill a pure blooded sidhe, and that was with an enchanted weapon. They could be hurt, just like vampires and werewolves, except that silver was a metal she was kin with. Steel was what did her in.

No, some of the other nobles were angry at her Father for supporting the Queen, and were determined to get rid of him now. Pennant had been forced to fight and her hand of blood had very un-naturally come out. It had not been a good night. This night hadn't been so great either... She was dragged back into the here and now when Lucas started getting hunger pangs. She was his human servant, and what he felt, she felt. "What ever caused that vampire to suffer from those delusions of grandeur isn't going to take long to strike again" she said softly, the first thing the girl had said since she had set foot in the room.

"And it's power was plenty strong on those humans in the ball room, which were going insane and trying to kill each other" her tone was light and business like, she had held her wrist out to Lucas almost loftily, she was his 'human' servant. It was expected he would feed off of her. There was just one problem with feeding off of fey, or any magical creature, actually, their blood was more potent. It was like the difference between water and beer, or, more accurate, water and vodka on an empty stomach since Lucas hadn't fed yet. She allowed her tri-purple eyes to flicker over to him, using their mind link she chided him 'Try not to drink too much Lucas, we both know what will happen'

11/03/2005 1:38 AM

With out a word lucas pulled pennent towards him untill she was leaning agenst the heavy oak desk, with Her wrist between his two hands hands he looked down at her wrist and could see the slight buldge with every heart beat. Moveing his tongue across her wrist untill there was a slight ammount of salive he leaned forward.Lucas's eye's were on the "crowd" in front of them. Arion, Bastivus, Chastity, and Arions friend watched them. though this was not new for bastivus or Chastity for they had seen Lucas feed before, Arion had not. Moveing his eye's back to Pennents wrist. Lucas moved his lips to her wrist and then opened his mouth leting his razor like teeth slice into her skin. Blood poured from the wound into his mouth filling it and then slideing down His throat, But lucas wanted more, sucking on the wound he pulled more blood from her body, It was as if he willed the wound wider leting more blood pump faster and into his mouth.

As he drank you could see his body change. His eye's changed so they did not look so hallow, the coldness around his body started to weaken. and the roughness in his predatory look started to lessen,

But he had yet to stop feeding, His hands griped her so hard there would be bruises.

11/03/2005 11:43 AM

The twins sat peacefully, relaxed and watching, Bastivus was perhaps the most eager. The energy spiraling around him affected the entire room, even Arion and Mary shifted uncomfortably, whether they did it subconsciously or not.
"Do not be so brutal," Came a voice only the two could hear, "She is your life source. Treat her with respect." The silvery influence echoed with no ones lips in play. However, they were clearly coming from the twins. As malicious as their snickers were, at least Bastivus had an opinion. The room seemed to lighten with the Vampire's energy, taking what candles there were and quickly dismissing their flame, but the chandelier that hung over their heads brightened to almost a painful extent before the bulbs began to shatter down. The entire area appeared as if expanding and collapsing to original stance, breathing almost. And even as close as they were sitting, the twins were miles away from any life in the room, the only one within reach, it seemed, was Lucas. Bastivus couldn't help but stare at the fey, curious as to when she was going to concede overwhelmed. Perhaps never. She studied her facial expressions, trying to find any hints of pain or fear but coming up empty in any hold. The bloodlust seemed to grow even after a Vampire fed, with ones such as Lucas, the girls had learned not to be fooled by his good manners and elegant stance.

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11/03/2005 4:41 PM

One upside to growing up in the dark court, you learned very quickly how to hide your emotions flawlessly. If you didn't, well, the Queen did have unlimited access to weapons that can kill the sidhe. However, pulled close enough that she half suspected he was going to yank her into his lap, she watched him slowly working up to taking blood. It was an interesting form of foreplay, or so she had always thought. How he would slowly seduce his food, a courtesy so few took anymore. Mind you, lighting candles for a steak does seem sort of silly. But she watched him (almost) gently cradle her wrist, hungry eyes staring at it lovingly. That is before he took the delicate looking body part in his mouth. Everything about Pennant seemed rather delicate, really. Her bone structure and face, her slight curves and almost girlish smiles. Yet put a blade in her hand and shove her in a fight and she proved that her looks were very misleading, but, hey, she went to great lengths to hide that. It was fun to be underestimated. However her wrist would go from looking delicate and dainty to looking battered and bruised once Lucas was done with her. She healed quickly, yes, not as fast as weres or vampires, but, much faster then humans, yet those marks would be there for a while.

Not that it was a pressing matter for Pennant at the moment. She was Lucas's human servant. Not a new concept. It had been the arrangement for nearly fifty years. What he felt, she felt. She felt his hunger. That simple need, that animalistic want for more. Yet, she was also feeling his magic trying to wash her into a sea of ecstasy. And, embarrassingly enough, half succeeding. Between the temporarily loss of a block between their mental connection (that she very much would have liked to keep in place in front of other people) and his grip she was in his lap and glowing. Yes, glowing, as all sidhe did, normally during sex, but, since a vampire's bite was so sexual in nature&. You get the point. Her lily white skin was glowing as if some one had set a lamp behind it, her tri-purple eyes were blended together, and even her hair of spun rupees looked a little more gem like. Instead of getting embarrassed, as, glowing was considered a good thing, really, she tried to pull their magic apart, as, it was melding, and further fuelling Lucas's power, which caused the bulbs of the chandelier to shatter. She spoke out loud as she calmly and, as authoritative as she could sound, spoke "Lucas, that's enough" there was a pause and when the vampire still did not release her she repeated her self a little more firmly "Lucas, that's enough. Let go" he was going to practically be drunk now, great.

When he still not let her wrist go she took it back by force. Which is not something that I would recommend you try at home, and not something she had had to do because of Lucas before. Her flesh practically peeled away from the bone as his fangs, still within it, sliced on their way out, more blood then before gushing out. She dared not touch her wrist, or the blood staining her already ruined gown. She kept her eyes on Lucas, not quite sure what had gotten into him and not quite sure how she should brace her self to handle it. Glass was everywhere, and a bit had sliced her cheek open, and she didn't even bother to try and use glamour to try and hide her ruined dress or her newly aquired cuts or just how bad her wrist was. She could have waited longer, but, immortal or not, she was going to start getting light headed and faint if she had let him go much longer.

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11/03/2005 6:05 PM

Feeling Pennants wrist being torn from his mouth Her blood smearing the side of his cheek. With something of a shock Lucas's eye's opened and slowly, as if there had been an echo He could hear pennant telling Him to stop, but it have only been after she tore herself away from him that he heard this... or at least understand what she was saying.
It was a falter in his judgment. Standing Lucas with one fluid movement grabbed Pennant. one arm on around her waist the other grabbing the wound. His huge spider like hand encased her bleeding wrist, blood dripped down his arm and into the sleeve of his suit jacket, The blood what had been sprayed on his cheek was now dripping slowly down his neck and into the collar of his shirt. He said nothing, there was no look of horror on his face, at least not for very long. Lifting Pennant off the ground by her waist he walked slowly towards the door saying in strong tone"I will be back in a few moments...." His voice was sterile but perhaps to Bastivus and Chastity would catch the heightened speed in which he rushed his wording.

This whole time the power from the room seemed to expand, curling and slithering though it like the snake lucas sometime's resembled. His jaw line became sharper and His eye's were now a piercing color of green. Though lucas walked with normal speed though the doorway with Pennant you could see the space behind his striding legs stretch with his movements almost being pulled towards him. Like smearing a finger though a fresh still wet oil painting but with this you could not see the canvas behind his movements.

Lucas tried to dull the stinging power that have pumped though the room. As lucas carried Pennant out of the door and down the long hall towards the "bed" room , coming upon another hall that cut from the longer of them there were a few doors but the one that they entered was met with two large oak doors, only these had a dark red color to them like years of staining that had been applied to them. The doors opened by them selves with no need of physical help. there inside of the room was a dresser two small leather chairs and a large four poster bed. there was another doorway on the other side of the room that led to a large bathroom.

11/03/2005 6:29 PM

Pennant was growing slightly concerned, more because that the blood flow was growing more rapid due to the vampire saliva in the wound. Through their mind link she mumbled something like 'And this is why it's a damned good thing I'm immortal all on my own'. She then proceeded to 'doze' off, her head resting against his shoulder as the glow of her eyes was hidden behind her lids, she was still glowing though, took a while to fade. She wasn't glowing quite as brightly as before though, which is probably a good thing. Probably. When she came back into awareness, and she was still bleeding, still being cradeled to Lucas's chest, and in the bed room.

"Lucas I know you want me but is now really a good time?" she asked drowsily but outloud. Well, if she was cracking jokes she couldn't be too badly hurt... Oh who am I shitting? If the blood flow didn't slow down soon she was going to be out like a light. She had a moment where she was oddly intune with her body and noted that her dress was even more uncomfortable now that it was soaked with blood and clinging to her delicate frame, the material which had been rather coarse before now just plain itchy. And cold. Wasn't blood supposed to be warm like a thick liquid blanket? Not a sheet of ice... Bah. She closed her eyes again, trying to shut off the minor discomforts and not quite realizing she couldn't feel her arm from the elbow down.

11/03/2005 7:02 PM

Bastivus stayed in the room, eerily immobile, staring at her sister. Perhaps Chastity would aid Lucas and the fey, but she would not, her heart by the more fashionable phrase 'What goes around comes around.' Pennant had not deserved this, her intentions perfectly placed, but her words fell unto the def ears of her noble Vampire. Bastivus scoffed, noble vampires. Lucas was as noble as they came, and as from anyone could have seen from his little display of power he wasn't as cordial as he led on to be. Feeding was meant to do in private, not in front of two beasts and supernatural decedents. It was, of course, a pleasing array of emotions, most being at the height of any sexual tensions. And quite fascinating, Bastivus would add, to witness a full blown exchange between the likes of the two, especially when Pennant lit up like a Christmas bulb.

Finally, Bastivus began to move. Her 'mannequins disguise' crumbling before the eyes of Arion and Mary; her hands came up and pulled her dark hair back with a small ribbon she had lifted from her wrist. She was beautiful, perhaps even more beautiful with the blood of her victim streaking her pale skin. How tragic, she thought, a mannequin with kill appeal. Something you only saw in an old movie. She rose, running her hands down the front of her gown, smoothing out what little wrinkles remained there.

"I suggest you get to work." Bastivus said to Arion before leaving the library.

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11/03/2005 8:02 PM

The wound had started to clot but it was still slow going by the time Pennant was laying down on the bed, Lucas ran one hand though her hair, the other still clutching the bloody mess of her wrist. There was a slight pang of guilt, He had let him self get out of control.
Pennants dress was tattered and bloody, Lucas released her wrist for a moment the blood down to a slight trickle. Lucas slid the spaghetti straps from her shoulders and slid the dress down her chest until it was bunched at her waist, Though they were both very casual about being naked around each other in the 50 years she had been his "Human" servant they had never breeched that last line of defense.Placing one of his hands at the small of her back he lifted up sliding the dress from her waist until it slid off the bed and onto the ground next to it.

Pennant was naked except for her skin tone panties, She laid on her back breathing softly. Placing a friendly kiss on her neck he brushed his hand though her hair and sat at the end of the bed watching her...

11/03/2005 8:42 PM

Bastivus picked at her fingernails, she appeared to be calm and laid-back, but was actually in a state of distress. Curiously desperate to find out what had become of Pennant. She stalked down the long hallway, passing random individuals until she came across one that followed her until the point of annoyance.
"What do you want, Callaghan?" She questioned, leaning against the wall beside her.
"Terribly sorry, Nobility." He said shakily, "But the people in the ballroom are disoriented, I need you to be there, for reassurance purposes. With Lucas's departure, not to mention the removal of his two body guards, they've panicked. I think that your mere presence there will help them." He was still wearing his glasses, broken and misshapen, Bastivus found this mildly amusing.
She let him guide her to the ballroom, even though his assistance was not needed by any means. She passed Lucas's room on the way there, staring at the door as she continued. Callaghan's description of the people was more then accurate, they resembled a flock of tormented sheep rather then Vampires and other various creatures. Perhaps they never really lose their true human tendencies; they always seem to resort back to a more common consequence to fear. As soon as the single twin entered the room, all eyes were on her, the music had even stopped playing.
"I'm afraid that something has come up, and Lucas won't be joining us for the rest of the evening. However, I assure you that everything is in order." She announced, crossing the room and touching the shoulders of those whom she passed. Bastivus felt like their deity, reassuring them that everything was going to be alright even when she knew it wasn't. Petty. Sympathy almost swarmed in her heart for these people, Lucas was the only godlike figure they had in this city, they'd have to travel a hundred miles to find another figure to worship.

11/04/2005 2:31 AM

Standing, Lucas walked from the bed into the bathroom were he removed his tie and suit jacket along with his shirt, blood had stained his white shirt and dripped down his arm to his elbow and down the collar and his chest. flinging his garments though the door lucas turned on the water, And with both hands splashed water up onto his face and washing the blood from his face arm and chest. returning to the bed he sat next to Pennants semi naked body as she floated in and out of awareness, Patting her naked thigh with is newly warmed hand. It was a friendly caress as if a silent wondering is she was alright.

11/04/2005 1:41 PM

Was she alright? Probably not. Would she be? Naturally. However, she was freezing, and still glowing ever so faintly, the streaks of bright crimson against her snowy white skin. The bleeding had stopped for the most part although she was still frozen. Her eyes drifted open, just a slit at first before about half way, and she smiled sort of lazily, her icy hand patting his. "You're so cute when you're panicked" she said lazily with a matching smile. She closed her eyes again "We really need better control of our connection" she mumbled this more to him then it seemed.

There was a pause "When did I get naked?"

11/04/2005 1:53 PM

"I can't believe this, I leave for a friend's home for one day, and come back to find this place so awfully shambled! What in the name O'god happened here?!" was the first thing to pierce the silence of the security room. Liliana was pissed, and come hell or high water, she was going to verbally chew out her servalience crew for not keeping an eye open this evening. Noticing some slight movement in one of the monitors, she trained her stormy grey eyes onto a scene of Bastivus calming the irate guests. "Well at least everything's starting back into proper order." she thought to herself before leaving the room to investigate how the perpotrater was able to slip past their defences.

11/05/2005 1:31 AM

Chastity sighed, surveying Arion sitting, his fingers laced and his eyes shining with the thoughts of his Lupa. She stood in a fluid movement, and in the millisecond it took her to reach a standing position she had located the maintenance crew for the casino mentally. Reaching her power in 7 directions simultaneously, she placed the thought that they needed to be in the study immediately. As she walked to the desk, she spared an amused glance at the shattered bulbs, as well as the blood on the desk and plush wine-colored carpet. Hmm, wonder if he chose that color of carpet for a reason... Aloud she said to Arion, "You may go for a few hours to be with your lupa, or rather the entire night. It seems Lucas will be indisposed for quite some time." She snickered, letting him see her bemusment at his lack of control. Chastity smoothed the front of her flowing black gown, tightly fitting with snow-white satin cloth laced back in forth corset-style. She shook back her hair of the same shining white as she walked through the door, though perhaps glided would be a better word, as you could not see her feet for the floor-legth gown, and her shoulders gave nothing away. Moments out the door, the first maintenance member passed her in the hallway, rushing with a single-minded purpose into the room. Chastity walked a bit faster, hoping to catch Bastivus in the ballroom before everyone had gone completely calm and none of the fun violent people were left. Who really minded a little bloodshed once in a while, as long as it wasn't destroying someone's reputation?

11/07/2005 4:05 PM

A shadow sat at the end of the bar, propped up on a stool with a large wine glass tipping dangerously between its fingers. There was white air rising from its mouth, breath in evidence. This shadow belonged to Bastivus, the steadiest profile within this ballroom. Most of the people had gone back to dancing, their emotions switching quicker then the blink of an eye after she had spoken. She was sitting directly underneath the security camera, her breath so cold that as she exhaled, little bits of ice and snow would form on her eyelashes and brow. This was, purely, from stress. Her eyes were eerily focused on the cop, who hadn't moved even when Callaghan came in and announced the situation. Maybe he would go through this entire party without ever leaving his barstool. It sickened her so much that even Bastivus had to move when she thought about it, and she broke off into the crowd, raising her glass to people that would do the same.

Even the twins needed to kick back and relax every once in a while, get their minds off of things. But all Bastivus could think about was that craze spreading across the city, violating the people, killing them. She sat in the foyer, profoundly laden with guilt and curiosity; a few guests were mingled across the room. Perhaps her mind would not relieve itself; perhaps she would be forced to call upon a fellow preternatural to...change her thoughts.

At almost that precise moment of thought, a man sat down beside her. His hair was slicked back with a toxic smelling substance; there was a small bald spot on the very top of his head, and a thick ring of red around his small eyes. His facial structure was very doglike, but somewhat handsome, unexplained attraction. "I'm Machine." He said in a simple whisper, his tongue running across his lips. This man reminded Bastivus of a modern devil, dressed in a white suit and red Gucci shoes with a cane balancing on one crossed leg. He slid his hand over the diamond clip on his tie, straightening it and tightening it around his neck. There was no need for this, perhaps simply just to pass time.

"What do you want?" Her voice echoed, unspoken but clearly heard. Machine smiled and took the wine glass from her hand, sipping at the clear liquid inside. Bastivus wanted to laugh, to stand up and break the glass over his head, to puncture his skin with the shards that remained. But she didn't. She couldn't. Something about him made her sit still and even lean in to show curiosity. This was not something Bastivus did very often; she rarely showed any interest in anyone other then Lucas and his accomplices. Machine leaned in equally close, until their noses were almost touching. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, a small gasping breath escaped as if he had attempted to speak something, but couldn't. They sat like that for some time, frozen amongst the gathering crowd, suspended almost.

"I'm just looking for a good time."

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11/09/2005 12:40 AM

Leaning on the bed with one knee Lucas reached across pennant and pulled the blanket that she was laying on over her so it was doubled over. Planting a light kiss on her cool forehead he stroked her hair as he swung both legs onto the bed, so he sat upright on the bed. Wondering if he should respond to her comment about him being "panicked" or not he kept running those spidery fingers though her hair. "I stripped your clothing off cause you were covered in blood, and I must say you did look rather uncomfortable" lucas said with a caring smile. It was a rare moment that someone saw lucas expressing care or, perhaps love for another.

"Is there anything I can do pennant? Lucas said still feeling guilty for disabling her to such a degree, "Would you like me to run you a bath or leave you here to sleep?" His tone was heartfelt and caring, Leaning back on the almost black headboard and closing his green eye's as his limbs shook slightly while he waited for the"high"of feeding to lessen.

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11/09/2005 5:14 PM

Pennant was vaugley reminded of being a kid with a fever tucked into bed. But instead of a fever she was drained. And instead of her Dad or a nurse maid it was her master, who sadly was lacking a whip. She smiled and closed her eyes, letting him toy with her hair "Well if I looked uncomfortable then the only logical action would be to get me naked, thanks for thinking of it" she was being sarcastic, but she really didn't care. She was a casual nude, and it was nothing Lucas had never seen before. And nothing he would not get to see again, lucky bugger... After her light hearted attempt at a joke she opened her eyes a moment and contemplated his offer "Actually" she normally wasn't one to take people up on those offers, but, Lucas so seldomly made them that she hated to discourage him.

"A bath'd be nice" she smiled tiredly and actually looked, older. Which was odd for some one who would forever never look a day over 35 and currently looked about 19. Sleep would be too, but she feel sticky and it'll probably annoy her so much sleep will become quite impossible. She hated how much it bugged her to be covered in blood and peered up at Lucas and frowned. "You're shivering" she hated how craptacular their mental bond was.

11/10/2005 12:31 AM

Machine wreaked of bad blood, decayed and rotten, the kind of man that isn't allowed in here very often. Only a fair amount of money and inside connections could get a vile in like this, of course he could always have unbelievable power. Fear over the population, perhaps, the kind of power you can't buy. His hands came up and his fingers curled around Bastivus's shoulders, "You're freezing, my dear." He said, just as light as his first words spoken.

"Everyone always said I had an unusually low body temperature."

"Perhaps you just need something to warm you up, rekindle the fire." Machine snickered like a high school deviant. His fingers worked her back, rubbing out the knots in her muscles, the tension over time. "I have something that you want, that you need." Bastivus pushed his hands away and turned to face him, eyeing him cautiously.

"And what is that?" She questioned, her curiosity allowing her worsened half to stay put and listen to his advertisement, any other she would have walked away the moment of any contact, but he was not any other.

"Don't play coy with me, princess." Machine pulled a tourniquet from his French laced pocket and dangled it in front of Bastivus, her eyes following ever movement that transpired. "I want to do it." He echoed.

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11/10/2005 8:37 PM

After thoroughly searching around the first floor for any signs of forced entry, Liliana started on the second floor. "Now if I were a nasty bugger like that, where would I have gotten through?" she says to herself while looking about. While passing an empty guests room, she paused at hearing a slight scratching noise coming from behind the door. Pausing just long enough to pull her gun from it's holster, she opens the door and cautiously looks inside. "Holy hell!" Liliana says while rushing over to the bloody and torn up form on the ground. Looking up, she see's the window had been completely destroyed and glass was scattered everywhere. "Miss, are you alright.....Miss!" she says while checking the maid. Realising that she'd forgotten to bring anything with to get her crews attention, she leaves the woman alone and goes out into the halls again. "Hello, is anyone on this floor? Hello!" knowing that no one was because of the commotion downstairs, she finally resorts to mentally calling for help. "There's a woman hurt up in room 34, I need someone here to take care of her and a cleanup crew." Going back inside, she checks the maid again, "Damn it to hell, she's died of her wounds!" she says, her teeth clenched tight in anger. Hearing rushed footsteps, she leaves the room so that the others could do their jobs. As she heads back to her post, she notices that she's covered in blood. Sighing she says to no one in particular "Great, now I need a shower and I'm hungry again." Knowing she'd have to report her findings before anything else, she goes to find one of the higher-up's.

11/13/2005 6:50 PM

The look on Bastivus's face was indescribable, a look of contempt and impeccability perhaps. Even she didn't know what emotion her face had contorted into. Her elegant hand came up, pale and slender, high above her head. It was simply held there for a few seconds, before dropping back down to rest on her knee. Machine smiled, thinking that those movements were of preparation and agreement until two men, one of which was Callaghan, came up behind them.

"Hugs, no drugs." She whispered in derision, Machine laughed.

"My venom is different; it will make you superior to even the sun."

"It is foolish to think that a daughter of Germain would need a [i]drug[/i] to feel superior." Bastivus watched Machine as he was lifted from the couch and escorted from the building. In his place next to her a small vile had fallen, full of a colored liquid she had never seen before, a color that seemed to change with angle as she lifted it up. This new discovery was slipped down the front of her gown as quick as the next pair of eyes met her frame, her secrecy was not intentional, just purely habit.

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11/14/2005 12:31 AM

Lucas, Still shirtless Leaned over and kissed Pennant on the cheek."The shivering will pass." Lucas said as he turned and moved from the bed in one graceful movement, It wasn't the type of grace one got from mere vampiric ability's but from doing the same movement for hundreds of years. Slithering into the bathroom He turned the water on and let it feel warm to the touch before pressing a small button that would allow it to fill, The tub was large enough for two or three people to be comfortable but small enough for it to be intimate.

Moments later after he had laid out a towel on the edge of the tub and the tub was full lucas walked back out to the bedroom stopping in the bathroom doorway and leaning against it, peering onto the bed. "It's ready" He said as he moved again to the side of the bed.

11/14/2005 1:32 AM

The thought of having poison hidden in the front of her dress made her slightly uncomfortable. Any guard would surely play host to the rumor that this poison was meant for perish upon the master of the city, and then even Lucas couldn't be sure. When it all came down on thin ice, a vampire would push you underneath the freezing water and use you as a [i]step stool[/i] to save their head, regardless of the fact that they're already deceased to begin with. The ways of the animal kingdom, one could only suppose. Useless thoughts. If something did happen, Lucas would surely side with Bastivus. She had been around for eternity, it seemed, and in that time a certain trust had grown. Both the twins had a debt to pay, Lucas ridding them of natures idea of solitary confinement, there is no reason for that debt to invert. Yes, they had acquired many injuries in this payment, but it had been worth it to at least Bastivus.

She easily found her sister in the ballroom, just a threshold away from the foyer she was in. A strange scent filled the air, perhaps Bastivus smelled what was contained in the vile, it was like honey and arsenic. Quite a horrible duo, a nasty sticky web of venom, she figured anyone would despise being caught in such a thing. Her two long fingers slipped over the rim of her dress and pulled the vile away. Bastivus held it up just under her nose and then raised it eyelevel. She held it as if it would explode at any minute, for all she knew it would, with two fingers carefully placed at the top and two fingers at the bottom.

"[i]What do you suppose it is?[/i]" She whispered inaudibly, attempting to hand it to Chastity.

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11/18/2005 8:26 PM

Pennant being far too stubborn for her own health had sat up and wrapped one of the blankets and sheets around her self. She was still shivering and had sucsessfully stained all of the bedding she had touched but didn't care, really. It was just cloth... She turned her purple eyes on him looking very small and delicate from the bed, despite the rather subtle erotica to her at that moment, she seemed so innocent. Ah for the art of contridiction. One of the few things the little sidhe had perfected. Determindly she slid her legs out from under the sheets and to the floor, and, letting the blankets fall away from her all too delicate seeming body like petals from a wilting flower.

She was standing on her own close to being stark naked (damned panties) before having to grab onto the bed post to keep her balance. She flashed him a smile that she didn't flaunt so much in public that sort of ruined the effect. "I wish I healed as quickly as you did" she said walking past him using various furniture peices for support as she made her way into the bathroom "Would make life a heel of a lot simpler" it really would...

But, she could take a silver stake through the heart and be just fine, so, point to the fey!

11/22/2005 1:02 AM

"Something that could end a life or enrich it, I would presume," Chastity mused, resting a hand on her hip. She took the vile from Bastivus and examined it from top to bottom. Her fingers moved to hold the bottom of the vile as she sniffed above the top, then jerked it away because of the rotten smell that had filled her nostrils. "Ugh, that's absolutely horrid. Where'd you pick it up?" she asked, handing the vile back to Bastivus with a look of disgust painting her features darker.

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11/22/2005 8:36 PM

The vile tipped between the elegant fingers, pale and perfect, the liquid inside sloshed back and forth as if a violent sea of iridescent silk. It was beautiful; she had to admit, even though it smelled of sweet death. Perhaps the scent was what made it so alluring to her; Bastivus had always taken a liking to things that, things that were dangerous and gorgeous. What a wonderful world it could be when Death learned to be in synch with Beauty. "I found it," She simply stated, "On the settee in the foyer." Bastivus quickly tucked the vile back into the front of her dress, brushing a strand of her hair from her eyes after she did so. Once again her hands ran down the front of her dress, smoothing out what little wrinkles had accumulated there since she ridded herself of them last.

She went back to Lucas's room and knocked on the door. Three times. Clear and precise, before she leaned against the frame. She didn't want inside, or for him to even come to the door, interrupting him was the last thing that she wanted to do. Especially when he had such a striking fey at his knees. Bastivus's body would be there, in case it was needed, merely to protect what lay beyond the heavy wooden door, until Lucas himself came out and sent her off. And even then, she may not leave, her loyalty to his life above even her rational judgment.

11/23/2005 1:10 AM

"I assure you Dear, You might like my rate of healing but there are horrible strings attached," There was a faint whisper of a french accent in his voice as he spoke.
A second before three raps on the door sounded off Lucas turned his head to the door, and gave a short, Almost silent sigh, It was not a sigh out of exasperation, No it was closer to acknowledgement.

"Come, Come, Deary Don't be so stubborn" Lucas moved from the doorway of the bathroom to beside the bed and held out his arm for Pennant. her delicate fingers wrapped around Lucas's arm It was apparent that she would not be able to walk for the bed into the Bathroom, So Lucas leaned down and Picked Pennant Up so that she was in his arms., "Don't Worry Bastivus, I doubt You will be having to deal with any more animalistic vampires tonight.....Well other then me." Normally this would have been a harsh put down, Calling another or one's self an animalistic vampire. But it was over Pennant and Bastivus and in private Lucas had a strong sense of humor.

Moving into the bathroom Pennant in His arms he sat her down on the bathtubs edge and checked the water.

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11/23/2005 1:38 AM

Bastivus let her body slip down the wall behind her, a restful pose, undermining the stubborn wrinkles that formed in her dress. Her legs folded underneath her, naturally as it be, and her body seemed to sway from side to side. Apart from his devilishly sophisticated appearance and his cold stance, Lucas had certain warmth that most Vampires didn't have. Bastivus had an interest in the softer side, the humorous side, the invisible side. She smiled, the color of her lips closer to blood than vermilion, her curiously long teeth barely visible.

Her mind went back to Machine, his slicked hair and perfect suit, anyone that smelt of blood like that would surely be trouble. No serene dream of warming arms could make him any less of what he was. However, Bastivus wasn't quite sure of what he was, or what he wanted. Her fingers slipped down and pulled the vile from her dress once again. She set it on the floor beside her, and tapped it lightly with her fingernail, pushing it across the cold ground. It would roll back and returned, like a faithful companion or a persisting foe, and she would push it again expecting the same result. With each miniscule wave it would seem a different color, a mixture that was foreign to even one that's been around as long as Bastivus.

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11/24/2005 7:55 PM

Pennant didn't make a joke as he commented on the strings. She knew the few times his accent slipped out it was just bad form. She gave him serious eyes and nodded, letting out a terribly cute and stubborn little sigh as he told her not to be stubborn. "Lucas my dear you should have come to realize by now that is very much impossible" her tone was light and void of any seriousness at all, she was quite deliberatly acting like an Oscar Wilde character, but, she did mean it. And she didn't even bother to protest when he picked her up. She just rest her head against his chest, enjoying the warmpth of her blood in his viens. She sat on the edge, keeping her balance as best she could, dipping a toe into the water almost childishly, and, again, extremly cutely. Mind you, when you have eyes that big and you're that small, you can't help but be "cute".

Not that she was a nessisarily anti-social person. Just... Aprehensive. She currently felt a lot like a little kid again however, so the tiny woman was letting her self act the part, even if it was just a little.

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11/24/2005 9:50 PM

Running His hand thought her hair again he finished undressing her and wrapped both spidery arms around her body and lowered her into the pool of swirling water.

"By now I know just how Impossible you can be pennant, Lucas said with a grin.
As her petite legs hit the water lovely swirls of color danced though the water, The dried blood pinked the water as the more.....thoroughly covered parts of her body became submerged. A perfect cloud of blood filled the bathtub as Pennant reclined in the bathtub. Her breasts just barely touching the surface, She floated there for a moment before pulling her self down so she sat at the bottom of the tub water reaching her neck.

Bending down Lucas grabbed her panties holding them between his thumb and forefinger, Not out of disgust, No if anything that was the farthest from what he thought of them, But because if he held them with his entire hand they might have disappeared behind those spindly fingers. For a moment he said nothing as if he was thinking of what to say "I must say it still amazes me sometimes how You could take these off and show less then with them on.." His smile was sincere, There was no sign of his fake venom filled smile.

"How can I help you now?"

Lucas moved from the edge of the bathtub to beside the sink and took a small blue glass that seemed to be filled with a salt of sorts. Opening the corked top he poured a small amount into his hand and then walked back to the bathtub sprinkling it over the tub of the water. The moment the sea salt hit the water's surface it bubbled and then started a cool boil, The waters temperature did not change but the room filled with the smell of peppermint. "That will number your body for a while, After lucas fed, If it was not in the act of something far more sexual then what had happened between lucas and pennant, Or lucas would have had to fill the room with his sexual energy to the point it was have gathered on the ceiling and dripped like steamed water, There would have been an ach in pennants joints from Lucas's bite.

11/24/2005 10:12 PM

She gave him her best bratty grin as he inspected her panties "It's part of my charm" was all she said, eyes closing as she leaned against the back once the salts hit the water. No one really knew why, but while those salts just numbed most people's bodies, and made them smell minty fresh, it made Pennant almost drunk. "Mmm" she purred, one arm hanging over the edge of the tub, she had scooted back to the shallower part of the tub, blood tainted water streaming down her small pale breasts, collar bone, and neck. "You need to be more careful when you throw that stuff on me" she wasn't slurring per-say, but she sounded like she had maybe had a drink or two in her.

She opened her eyes lazily about halfway, watching the man above her in a less then gender neutral way. "I'll end up doing something incredibly silly one of these days" or right then and there. The perfectly healthy arm that was hanging over the edge of the tub trailed up his hip, his side, and she put a hand around his neck, pulling him down and kissing him in a way that would make people into casual sex laugh at the term 'just a friendly kiss'. Her delicate and strong fingers played gently through the hair at the base of his neck, tounge gently prodding at his lower lip, asking for permission.

The room might not of been creaking with tension, but, give them a few minutes...

11/24/2005 10:40 PM

Lucas's hand slid around her head so he cupped it in his hand as he returned Her kiss with much vigor, If there was any way to give permission the way Lucas kissed her back was it.

Lucas moved his own tongue over his eye teeth sliceing it so blood dripped slowly out of his mouth and into her's. His over hand slid into the water and rested on her Hip, Slideing her close to him.
His blood with be like swallowing static electicity, it would fill every void of her and ride untill she could take no more. Then allmost as subtle as she kissed Him lucas moved away, blood dripped down her lip and onto her chin as lucas stood up and walked to the sink. she was under the influence to a degree and he would not take a chance that later she would think he took it when she was not at her best.

11/24/2005 10:53 PM

The poor girl was rather confused and breathless when he pulled away. She had started to glow (how embarrasing, think of glowing like an erection, except, the fey are much more open about it) and blinked her pretty tri-purple eyes at him, clearly confused as to what he was doing and what she had just done. She swallowed, the coppery taste coating her mouth, lingering on her lips and streaking her face. She looked almost like a vampire herself and drawing a shudder from her tiny body. There was a reason vampires seldom donated their own blood to others. To make it worse yet, she was retroactivly getting her own blood back. Meaning it was going to be a lot more potent, meaning if normally drinking vampires blood was like having some amazing sex this was like an orgy in her mouth.

She found herself against the back of the tub, trembling a bit from the after throws. Somehow, even though she was such a sexual being by specices and situation, Pennant was not one to go after men. She had only had a few boyfriends, and a little experimentation, but, for no real reason, this had been her first brush with sex of any sort. Metaphysical no less made it all the more strange. She blinked glazed over and dazed tri-purple eyes at him. She wasn't at her best. That was blatently obvious. She didn't have a shred of wit about her. It took her a few attempts to speak, but, she did. A soft sort of murmer, much closer to a slur this time, his name. "Lucas?" it was a question. My goodness, she was going to be shocked when she realized everything. Assuming she did...

11/28/2005 12:53 AM

Resting on hand against his eye's as if trying to block out the light coming from the 4 bulbs above the sink, He could hear Pennants whimper like sounds from the bathtub as she tried to make sense of what had just happened, Lucas's eye's were a startling color of blue and a tense movement of his arm he moved his hand from his eyes out as if he was doing some ritualistic movement or perhaps a dance the light's dimmed slowly as the dial on the wall next to the doorway of the bathroom spun, Pennants eye's widened Though the link they had he was able to pluck the thought from her head, She thought she was blacking out but it was no more then the lights in the room dimming.

Using it to his advantage lucas rolled her mind lightly in a painless manner and let sleep wash over her. walking to the bathtubs edge Lucas made sure she was not in any risk of sliding deeper into the water and turned walking from the room,the lights dimmed as he entered the bedroom, the dresser and cabinet held nothing lucas would wear over his bare chest so he opened the door to the hall. "Come on Bastivus Let's do something.... My mind is bored." He was concealing what he thought or felt for the time being perhaps he would be more open after pennant woke, " Oh please have two of my girls go into the bed room pennant is asleep in the bathtub, she will awake soon but I trust she will be confused, I don't want them messing with her, Only be there when she wakes to help her? Thank you bastivus, He said it before she had time to respond but his tone was truly kind.

after lucas got a black tight shirt,he left the suit jacket there,Lucas and bastivus would walk up the long slightly slanted hall back to the casino floor were the once crazed ballroom attendees were they now walked about the casino spending large amounts of cash and drinking far to much, They would have no memory, Or at least it would be strongly influenced, No doubt by how much they had to drink, but anyone close to lucas would know that.... was a lie

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11/28/2005 7:26 PM

Pennant's striking tri-purple eye's fluttered open grateful to be greeted by darkness. She was clearly confused, and sat up, the now icy blood tainted water sliding down her pale body. It had been a few hours since Lucas had rolled her mind and she had been asleep in the tub, hence the freezing waters. She let out a long sigh, closing her eyes and pushing her hair out of her face, trying to peice together what had happened. She knew there was SOMETHING she just didn't know what... "Glad to see some vital signs" Pennant let out a startled yelp and dove back into the water so it was up to her neck and cast frightened eyes upon the speaker.

Davon, a rather younge vampire who had been around the casino as long as she had laughed good naturedly, taking a robe and setting it beside the tub and turning his back. "I won't peek Penny" she sighed and stepped out of the tub, water gracefully cascading down her tiny body as she stepped out and wrapped herself in the soft black robe. She was never too fussy for silk when it came to things like robes. She preferred soft cuddly things. "May I look?" asked Davon teasingly. She sighed not sure why she liked him.

"Yes Davon" she said belting it tightly. He turned round and wiggled his eye brows playfully at her. "What happened?" she asked bluntly. He blinked.

"Be damned if I know" she sighed. "Are you okay on your own or should I stick around and keep an eye on you?" he looked actually concerned.

"I'm fine" she said arily. He gave her an unconvinced look but nodded and left. She drained the water, stepped back in the tub and rinsed herself off quickly before stepped out into her chambers to find that some one had laid out clothes for her. She blinked as she realized how un-formal they were.

A very short black skirt with a little slit on the side that was very close to flashing things that had no reason or need to be flashed. This was matched with a sequined black halter top that tied behind her neck and pulled her brests up and firmly in place, leaving her back completly bare. "If this was any where else, I would be very cold" she said to her self as she started the complicated process of putting on her shoes. They laced up to her knees but were spiked heeled sandals. Even after having done her hair and make up she pouted infront of the mirror. "I look like a tramp" she muttered to her self, grabbing a tiny purse and out of habid throwing an equally tiny gun in, and double checked the tiny knife strapped under her skirt. The very tiny knife. She was carrying it more out of habit then any thought that she'd need it in battle. Maybe to pry something open...

Heaving a sigh she headed out, knowing better then to complain when some one else dressed her. She got many a look as she weaved through the crowd over to Lucas and Bastivus, smiling sociably as she slid up beside Lucas and slid her arm through his. "You do know I'm going to ask, right?" she meant what had happened, and knew he knew. She said all of this in a hushed whisper, making it seem coy with a fake giggle at the end to on lookers.

If the girl could do one thing it was act a part.

11/28/2005 8:56 PM

The silent murmurs and the loud conversations of the crowd. Nearly unbearable to Bastivus, her mind attempting to focus on the tiniest whispers. It was as if she never existed, the way Pennant and Lucas seemed to act around her, it was as if none of them were real at all. Yet, it didn't bother her. She'd rather be overlooked then underestimated. When they moved, together, slithering through the accumulation of people, Bastivus kept herself on a very short leash. No matter how many elbows or shoulders hit hers, no matter how many hands grabbed her wrists, no matter how many conversationalists attempted to...'converse'...she would constantly be a few inches behind Lucas.

Why had she fought for Lucas all those times before if he could take care of himself? Why did she proceed to exercise extreme caution when Pennant was beside him? Why had she even bothered? It was useless to argue over. Her dark hair fell over her face, sliding from the ribbon she had tied it up with earlier, she felt it a foolish task to attempt to put it back up, so she tore it from the silk prison and let it be.

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12/12/2005 2:31 AM

For a moment Lucas's face hide behind a mask of arrogence. but it slowly vanished from his face. " I know but this is not the time." " I have been waiting for you. We need to go... We have a meeting to attend to.." Lucas slid his arm around pennant and Bastivus and started walking towards the door passing what seemed to be a Large fish tank. You couldn't tell from here but it covered three levels and was Larger then any one could beleave It was the second floor that you could only start to tell how large it was With tubes of water runing out into the bar, in some places the floor was glass so you could seethe murky water below it was rare that you saw anything and when your did you were never very sure what you has just seen. Lucas wondered just were chastity was He had not seen her for some time. All three of them stalked towards the doors of the bar like a group of exotic animals, each diffrent but deadly none the less.

They were going to go to the "meat packer" which was another club a few miles from the casino, It was heavy with the Bdsm scene and a real Were hang out.

there were rumors that every few months there was an invite only...orgy of sorts, blodd was said to run like cheap whine on the floor and some how no matter how many people came to it lesser left...

12/12/2005 11:02 PM

The pale and perfect hand was kept solely at her side, she had no reason or will to snake it around Lucas's waist like he had done to her. She felt...distant this hour, however often she resented such isolation. Bastivus had never done well without her sister, her presence unlike any others, even Lucas wouldn't suffice. A sigh hit the threshold of her lips, perhaps they would have been stained with crimson if not for their 'meeting'. Of course, Bastivus's idea of such a thing was far different then anyone else's, a trait that she highly admired in herself.

"And does this 'meeting' have anything to do with what I may crave?" She asked simply, her ghost of a voice trailing across the Vampire to her side, slithering through the tousles of fine hair, touching every one of his eyelashes and finally curling itself around his neck for a chrome embrace.

The thing that was Bastivus became cold with a shiver, as cold as Lucas would have been the night he died, as cold as the death that takes the gods.

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12/29/2005 2:56 AM

A few miles way from the infamous Lucas De LaFountaine's casino, and night club was another club, not as well known to the public but then again Lucas's was known to almost everyone in New Orleans, It was in an Old meat packing plant and slaughter house that the club"Meat packer" lay, the name may have led people to believe it was a Gay bar, But it was surprising How many women attended. Every so often the owner, Amis moses would make a call, and in turn that person would call another,and another, and another
Blood would flow, and screams would echo off of the concrete walls....

Tonight just so happened to be one of those nights. How Lucas might have known, Well that's anyone's guess.

Amis Moses was a tall man, built like a spider, in fact Lucas and Amis looked something alike, Amis before hand, and Lucas looking as if a god had bestowed a kiss upon His head, Lucas of course would have thrown the god to the floor and tore His throat out.... but that's beside the point. Lucas had an unearthly glow about him that Amis did not possess,

Amis was reclining in a chair, His office over looked the dance floor and bar below, and at His feet lay a very petite women,her name was "PET" Or at least that's what He called her, He was into the whole D/S,She wore a diamond studded collar. with a diamond leash that he held between His fingers, She,"PET" was on all four at His feet, dried blood tracing it's way down Her back, It was the most recent of many sessions, though scarification wing's were being drawn on her back, She all had some form of design on both butt cheek's. They looked like some stylized celtic knot.

Amis chuckled briefly while talking to some one on His cell phone, the night had begun, within a few moments people would start to arrive, and the"show" would begin.

01/11/2006 4:30 PM

Arion and his Lupa were out on the streets in an instant, from when they were told they could leave. Soon they were outside of town, a pair of dark wolves against the bright lights of New Orleans. Soon other wolves joined them, most black, some grey, one or two were brown. This was a dire need for the pack, and rarely did their Ulfric call them to him. "The vampires kill tonight" Arion said to his pack, shifting his form. He sat before them, cross-legged, the other's shifting as well.

"And something kills the vampires." He sighed. "One has called for me, and I have promised him our help. But tonight is our night. Tonight we run!" Howls were sent up into the air as those last words escaped Arion's lips. Wolf after wolf ran, staying on the edge of the forest.

Arion wouldn't join the pack though, he had other things on his mind. Pups. Many of the pack females were in heat, and he excited. It meant he'd get to pass down his gene's. Being the Ulfric it was his job to inpregnant the females, and no one elses. So, he went to the pack house, Marie at his side. She smiled up at him, shifting her form one last time, and ran into the pack house, laying down amongst the other females.

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