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10/11/2005 7:40 PM

Lately I have been doing a lot of things that have to do with the Roman Empire and its downfall so I have had the hankering for an RP about it. Hopefully I get some players that will stay with the RP and know of the period in time. I was hoping to put this after the Roman Empire has lost Julius and has severly weakened. Now the barbarians are casting an invasion upon it. Thank you anyone in advance. I am not the greatest person on Imperial Rome myself and that is for sure so if anyone else wants to step in and help it is fine with me.

10/11/2005 8:50 PM

It sounds intresting. I'm like to join but just one question. Are you talking about after the Ceaser line ended in 217 A.D.? Cause when Julius Ceaser was assassinated there was no threat of Barbarians invading the capital of Rome.

10/12/2005 7:17 PM

It is actually around 350 A.D. Somewhere around that. When such Barbarians such as the Saxoms attacked them. That is where I am guessing to set it in at the moment. Any comments or suggestions are fine.

10/13/2005 7:09 AM

Can we be the Barbarians? If so, I'll probably join.

10/13/2005 3:37 PM

You may be the Barbarians of any faction(they have to at least have something to do with Rome though), You can be a Roman, Greek, Spartan, or any other type of country that was closely associated with Rome at the time.

10/13/2005 9:01 PM

So then this is near the end of the Roman occupation of Britan?

10/15/2005 9:21 PM

Well when did the Barbarians invade the Roman Empire? I did say this is taking place during 350/360 A.D. around that time.

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10/16/2005 10:31 AM

The 'barbarians,' as we know them, didn't really start showing up until about 3-400 C.E.

I did say this is taking place during 350/360 B.C. around that time.

This wouldn't really be a good time to set the 'Roman Empire.' The Roman 'Empire' didn't happen until much later. Rome was -founded- about 625 B.C.E. (700-something for the mythological Romulus and Remus founding of Rome). It would be quite a long time after that that Rome would become the great empire seen in films like Spartacus and Gladiator.

Further, you stated in your first post that you want to play in a Rome -after- Julius Caesar. Julius Caesor died in 44 B.C.E. That's over 300 years -after- 360 B.C.E.

Plus, earlier in the thread you stated that you wanted the thread to take place in 300-soemthing "A.D." -- not "B.C."

Also.. there would be no Spartans after the fall of Julius Caesar. By that time all the remnants of classical Greece are gone.

In short: You're all over the place, historically. I suggest sitting down and doing at least a modicum of research to really nail down exactly what the hell you're doing.

MY suggestion for a good timeline would be about 15 C.E. Rome is powerful and not quite yet falling into decline. The first mounted soldiers and auxiliaries are showing up.. and warfare isn't just about footmen anymore.

At this time, your 'Barbaric' enemies would be: Dacians, Parthians, British Celts, Germanics, and Sessanid Persians.

I might join up, if you approve, once you've decided on exactly what you want to do, timeline wise.

*C.E. is A.D. B.C.E. is B.C. -- C.E. and B.C.E. are more proper 'religiously neutral' terms

10/16/2005 1:39 PM

Yeah, the Roman Empire was about at it's height around Jesus's life, I'm pretty sure. Bah, what do I know about history!?

10/16/2005 2:05 PM

Yeah, the Roman Empire was about at it's height around Jesus's life, I'm pretty sure. Bah, what do I know about history!?

Actually the Roman Empire would have been at it's "height" about a hundred to two hundred years after they killed Jesus.

10/16/2005 4:02 PM

sorry about my post before I accidentally put B.C. instead of A.D. I just was not thinking much at the time. Sorry. Ether way like I said it would take some time before I am fully ready to make this or something like that.

10/25/2005 6:00 PM

Well I have been working on it and those of you who think I am new to the GMing thing(including me) I guess will end up thinking the storyline is horrible. It really is not a starting a prologue but like a trailer or something of the sort by which it has means. Ether way the reason I did that was because I did not want to mess around with anything much as it is going to have enough limits as it is with me puting it in Rome during a certain time. One thing I have to ask before I am ready and I may be able to put a short storyline into it. I want you guys to agree on being ether the barbarian hordes or the Roman Legionaries or another faction of the time?

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