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10/10/2005 1:04 PM


The city was in complete chaos, a thing unknown to most of its inhabitants. The monasteries were holding up to the rebel attacks, thanks to the skilled clerics. Equilibrium was also holding on well thanks to the guards and held most of the population; however, the Palace of Justice and the Hall of Enforcement had been partly infiltrated and was now in a stand-off state.

Rebel forces moved hurriedly through the streets, moving weapons, aiding the wounded and taking more buildings. The underground of Libria seemed to have hidden hundreds of members of The Resistance, as they were almost as numerous as city guards. One of the Prozium factories was utterly destroyed after the initial attack, causing great panic in the citizens... for they now felt panic.

Anthony waited his men's report in a room below the surface of the battling city. Preston had done it. Libria would soon be free!

10/14/2005 1:54 PM

Keaira watched in horror as the bullets came speeding towards them, she ducked, narrowly avoiding a premature death and swung her guns round to return fire. Besides her Alexis stood panting heavily.
"We can't hold out much longer," he said between gasps and she nodded. The two of them had been assigned to a small group of resistance fighters who, along with several other groups, were to attempt to advance further into the Palace of Justice. There had been eleven in the beginning including the group leader but now she and Alexis were all that remained. She looked around her at the bullet ridden corpses of her dead comrades and nodded again.
"It's time to go,"

They turned and began to run along the narrow tunnel towards their own defence line. Keaira ducked and dived as bullets sped past her. Suddenly she heard a grunt and she spun round in alarm. Alexis had been hit and he lay on the ground with his right hand pressed to his chest. She could see the blood pour out from beneath his fingers and she ran towards him in, regardless of the desperate motions he made with his other hand to try and ward her off.

She crouched down besides him and quickly ripped strips from her top and pushed them into his hand. Then she gripped his left arm and dragged him up off the ground. She shifted herself slightly so that she was almost carrying him and nearly collapsed under his weight.
"Let me go," he cried weakly but she shook her head firmly.

She felt a sharp pain in her left arm and she looked down briefly to she blood begin to pour out of a deep gash. Cursing she doubled her pace as she dragged the now unconscious form of her friend away from enemy fire&.

That had happened ten days ago and Keaira was now in one of the medical rooms beneath the City that served as part of the resistance's main base. The nurse that had been rebinding her arm smiled briefly at her before leaving the room. Keaira turned her attention back to her unconscious friend. It had been ten days since she had brought him in here and he had still not awoken and she was beginning to worry.

She begun fiddled with the pendant at her throat, the way she always did when she was nervous. She longed to go and join the rest of the resistance in the fight for freedom but she knew that she could not leave her friend here alone. She wanted to be there with him when he woke.

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10/17/2005 1:34 PM

Anthony banged his fist on the table in irritation. Clerics had been sent into the Hall of Enforcement, which meant that if the Resistance didn't get to its leaders soon, the Clerics would. "Where in hell is Preston?" Anthony shouted in frustration. "The only Senior Cleric in our force and he's disappeared." Then after a moment of deep thought, he announced, "Form a team of the best fighters in the Resistance. I will lead them into the Palace of Justice and we will return with Jurgen and the other leaders." One of the men in the room walks off to complete his task.

"There's something else, sir," said the messenger and sole survivor of the last attack, "Finding the leaders was too easy... It's as if they had wanted me to know they were still alive."

"Of course, a trap," said Anthony in full understanding as he stood up, "Now if you'll excuse me, I really must prepare."

"And you still mean to go?" asked the messenger in confusion. Anthony smirked at him.

10/17/2005 2:08 PM

Keaira stood suddenly and began pacing the room, her fingers still playing with the pendant. She was becoming frustrated; the room was humid and smelt of blood and vomit. Around her the others in the room were either deep in sleep or moaning softly to themselves. Keaira shuddered slightly, she hated medical centers. They reeked of death and disease and here she was right in the middle of one of them.

Keaira increased her pace so that she was almost jogging. She could still feel the lingering traces of adrenaline in her body from her daily practice and exercise in the practice rooms.

"You don't have to be here," a voice called to her from across the room and Keaira stopped moving and faced the voice. It was the nurse from earlier; she had come to attend to another patient.

"No?" She said softly and sighed, "I don't know why but I feel that somehow I need to be here. You know, for when he wakes up. It'll be good to see a friendly face."

"If he wakes up," the nurse replied seriously and Keaira glared at her, she didn't like to be told such things. "Still it's not just Alexis that needs you; the resistance needs good fighters like you. The initial feel of victory is wearing off and people are beginning to feel that success is a long way off yet."

Keaira laughed bitterly at this, "If I was good, Alexis would not be like this and the rest of my team would still be alive."

"But you got him out of their alive didn't you? That must have taken some skill."

Again Keaira laughed, "Not skill, just luck."

The nurse shrugged and having finished with the patient exited the room again. But Keaira knew she'd come back soon. She always did. Which was nice for her because at those times Keaira had someone to talk to while she waited.

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10/19/2005 12:38 PM

Anthony nodded to a nurse coming out of a room full of victims of the war. He entered it, scanning it carefully. He looked at his list, and to the only person besides him who was not groaning in a bed. She had to be Keaira, but he had expected someone different. He approached her slowly, "Keaira, I assume."

"Let me present myself, I am Anthony Partridge, currently in charge of the Resistance forces. I heard about your brave escape in Equilibrium about week ago. You saved your friend."

10/20/2005 11:52 AM

Keaira had begun pacing the room again when she heard the door creak slowly open. [i]That was quick, She was only gone for a few seconds.[/i] she thought to herself in reference to the nurse. So Keaira did not turn, expecting it to be the nurse. But soon she heard the footsteps of someone moving slowly towards her and so she whirled round to face the incomer and came face to face with a stranger. It was not the nurse.

"Keaira, I assume." The newcomer said and Keaira nodded dumbly. She looked at the stranger quizzically, she recognised him from somewhere but she could not quite remember where. He was tall with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She tilted her head slightly to one side as if this new angle would help her recognise him better.

As if sensing her distress he said, "Let me present myself, I am Anthony Partridge, currently in charge of the Resistance forces. I heard about your brave escape in Equilibrium about a week ago. You saved your friend."

Again she nodded but this time with a grim smile and gestured to the bed besides her on which Alexis lay.
"If by saving my friend you mean Alexis here I wouldn't say I did a very good job on saving him. It' been ten days and he still hasn't woken up and they say he might never wake up at all. Still you must have better things to do then concern yourself with the health of one man. "

She looked at him again and then as if finally realizing that the leader of the entire Resistance forces had come here to find her, she smiled slightly, "So what brings you here in search of me anyway? What do you want?"

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10/21/2005 12:31 PM

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"Still you must have better things to do then concern yourself with the health of one man."

He smiled at the irony behind that comment that Keaira wouldn't see.

"So what brings you here in search of me anyway? What do you want?" she said.

Anthony gave her a grim smile, knowing well the situation he was about to put this girl in. "I'm assembling a team with the top fighters in the resistance," he stated. He had always been one to get to the point. "I'm going to attempt to infiltrate the Palace of Justice and save Jurgen along with the other leaders. We have recent reports that say that they're still alive and that a team of Clerics is now defending the Palace. Interested?" he asked, cocking his head and burying his hands inside his coat's pockets.

10/22/2005 9:12 AM

"What do you mean I can't have anymore men, I almost broke past their lines!" Yells Victor as he enters into the room before the leader in charge of his group, Kyle.

"We have no more men on the team to spare for your suicide attacks on the enemy bases, you are lucky to even make it back youself" Argues Kyle, his face showing little consideration for the request from Victor. Getting nowhere Victor quickly moves around Kyle to stand in front of him, blood seeping through a wound on his leg, the area of his jeans around the wound stained red.

"Look if you don't give me any more men I'll charge the lines by myself!" Threatens Victor. Kyle just looks at him with uncaring eyes. Anger seeps from Victor's face as he can tell what the answer is without Kyle even opening his mouth. Kyle turns and walks to a few men in the room checking on their condition and if they will be able to fight soon or not. Victor wonders over to a chair next to a table, setting himself down softly. Reaching over onto the table he pulls a few cleaning supplies and a bandage. He rolls up his jeans and starts to clean the wound gently, his face whining once in awhile at the stinging sensation that it causes to ripple through his leg. Once cleaned, the bandage is applied, wrapping it around his leg a few times before taping it in place. He rolls back down his jeans, looking around the room.

Victor's eyes catch sight of the leader of the resistance, Anthony. He quickly climbs to his feet, pondering over a way to get more men from the big man himself to lead another attack. Victor quickly sweeps across the room to Anthony, his boots tapping on the floor with each step as he gets closer an closer. He is stood at the side of Anthony now and decides that he may aswell cut straight to you point.

"I need more men and I need them now to attack the front lines!" Shouts Victor, his voice carrying a high demanding tone in it, dispite Anthony has more control over him.

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10/25/2005 9:52 PM

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Anthony turned to his side at the sound of running footsteps. A man with a bandaged leg - by the looks of him a Resistance fighter - now stood before him.

"I need more men and I need them now to attack the front lines!"

The man yelled loudly. Anthony frowned at this man he had never met before and was now demanding a whole team of fighters. He was about to put the stranger back in his place when he remembered what his mission was. Despite the man's rudeness there was a certain determination in his eyes. Anthony accepted that the eager soldier might be a nice addition to his team.

Softening his expression, Anthony said, "Good day. Would you do me the favor of waiting for me? I'm in the middle of a discussion right now," he pointed at Keaira with an open hand before turning back to address her. "Now where were we? Oh yes. Are you interested in joining my team?"

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10/26/2005 8:57 AM

"I'm assembling a team with the top fighters in the resistance," he stated simply, getting straight to the point. "I'm going to attempt to infiltrate the Palace of Justice and save Jurgen along with the other leaders. We have recent reports that say that they're still alive and that a team of Clerics is now defending the Palace. Interested?"

His words were followed by a long silence as Keaira stared at him in shock, [i]he wants [b]me[/b] to be part of his elite team[/i]. She felt honoured to be considered one of the top fighters and she desperately wanted to prove herself to him but at the same time she was reluctant to return there or leave Alexis.

Keaira bit her lower lip in a pensive manner as she pondered his proposal. But her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of two men arguing. Suddenly one of the two men broke away and moved towards the two of them. He stood definitely before Anthony and shouted, "I need more men and I need them now to attack the front lines!" There was another long silence and Keaira looked him over eyebrows raised. [i]Who is this stranger who thinks he can just walk over to us and talk to the leader like that.[/i] she thought to herself, frowning slightly at the man, [i]he needs to be put in his place.[/i] But though Keaira fully expected Anthony to reprimand the man he surprised her choosing instead to soften his expression and say, "Good day. Would you do me the favor of waiting for me? I'm in the middle of a discussion right now." Her eyes flashed briefly in anger at Anthony's dismissal of the stranger's blatant disregard for status but the look was hidden behind her black tinted glasses.

Anthony turned back to face her and she smirked at the stranger.
"Now where were we? Oh yes. Are you interested in joining my team?" He said and her eyes flickered to Alexis before she sighed and answered "I'll warn you now, the Clerics have a firm defensive position around the Palace. You may be a great fighter but the Clerics have the advantage of the location and few who attack that place make it out alive." Then she grinned suddenly, "Still I never turn down a good challenge and those bastards owe me for the death of my team. So I'm in but I'll need full details on the mission."

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10/26/2005 6:58 PM

"I'll warn you now, the Clerics have a firm defensive position around the Palace. You may be a great fighter but the Clerics have the advantage of the location and few who attack that place make it out alive." Then she grinned suddenly, "Still I never turn down a good challenge and those bastards owe me for the death of my team. So I'm in but I'll need full details on the mission."

Anthony nodded with closed eyes as he heard Kearia repeat what he had already been told too many times: the difficulties of his mission. But her grin and the final comments made him grin back. He liked her attitude.

"Of course," he gave Kearia a folder, "here is a map of the inside of the Palace of Justice, marking our target. There's also a list of names with the candidates for our elite team, but I can tell you little more than that; however, there will be a meeting tomorrow. It's all in there." Anthony began to walk away but stopped abruptly. Without turning he announced, "I'll make sure personally that your friend gets the best help available." With that, he walked towards the man who had interrupted him before-hand.

"I assume you know who I am," said Anthony, observing the man carefully.

11/18/2005 10:43 AM

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Keaira took the folder from Anthony and sat herself down on the edge of Alexis' bed. She removed the files contents and was beginning to shift through them when Anthony stopped abruptly and without turning said, "I'll make sure personally that your friend gets the best help available." She smiled slightly at this, but he already is, she whispered so quietly that Anthony could not have heard her.

Keaira turned back to the files contents and removed the map from amongst the pieces of paper. She recognized the layout and most of the key sites having been there herself but all the parts from the inner section of the Palace of Justice was still unknown to her as they had not managed to breach that far and she wondered how it was that they had managed to get a map as detailed as this.

Keaira replaced the map and removed a pen from one of her many pockets and having made a brief note of the meeting on her hand she turned her attention to the list of names in front of her. Most were familiar to her as and some she had even had the honour of working alongside. Two people from the list she knew reasonably well having worked with them on several occasions but Keaira could tell from just a glance that this list consisted of the top fighters the resistance had to offer and Keaira was felt honoured to have been included in such an elite force.

A second glance revealed what Keaira had been expecting to see, the team would consist of mostly men and of those fighters she was the youngest.
She could also see from the list that this was to be a small force and she strongly approved, small forces could often go where larger forces could not which would be important for a mission such as this.

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11/19/2005 7:15 PM

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Anthony looked at the strange man waiting for a response, but there was none. With a frown Anthony handed him a paper and said, "If you wish to speak to me ask around. You'll be let in as long as you have this." He turned around to face Keaira one more time, gave her an small bow and a smile before leaving the room.

Anthony's face turned deadly serious as soon as he stepped into the hall, his thoughts shooting faster than any guns. There were many preparations to be made. His elite team's first meeting would bein only two days. Time was indeed of the essence.

11/24/2005 4:15 AM

Fenix held his hands behind his back, his wrists crossed, each hand gripping a pistol as he stared blankly out the window of the top floor of equilibrium. He watched the smoke rise from various points around the city, but here in his fortress all was serene. It seemed as though the sun was setting forever on Libria, as though his world was ending, but Fenix seemed not the least bit affected for he was confident in the overall victory of
his righteous crusade.

It was not the prozium that kept Fenix so calm. In fact... Fenix had been off of prozium for years. Father and the others had found that the drug actually lowered Fenix's overall effectiveness. So fanatical was Fenix, so dedicated to the Libria Ideal was this child prodigy that he was allowed to remain off of his prozium dose. Other theories had been forwarded that prozium use by his mother had somehow altered his genetic structure.

Two of Fenix's colleagues entered the room and approached Fenix with a small handheld computer.
"Sir. We have the files you asked for. The resistance survivors whom we questioned claim that this man is now leading the attack on Libria."

Fenix calmly retracted the pistols back into his sleeves via a specially made Cleric mechanism and took the device from his colleague.
"Thank you Malick." Fenix said as he skimmed through the files on the computer.
"Ah yes... Anthony Partridge. Denied entrance into the monastery... An enforcement guard. I see..."

"Yes sir. We also have the names of many suspected to be in the resistance and data files cross-referenced with missing personnell rosters to create an estimation of the resistance strength. " Malick added.

"Very good. Wiley do you have anything to add?" Fenix said, addressing the other cleric, A tall blond haired blue eyed example of emotionless perfection.

"Yes sir." Wiley said calmly. "Through all logic calculations and a study of any battlefield education Partridge may have gained in the guard force, we have concluded that his next advance will be against the Palace of Justice."

"Yes of course." Fenix stated, "They will make a move to capture Jurgen and the palace of Justice is half-fallen already. Wiley you'll be accompanying me to retake the palace of Justice."

"Yes sir." Wiley answered, "But If I may ask.. What shall we do with the citizens on the bottom floor here in equilibrium? They have not had their prozium injection in days, but there is more than enough here to supply them for months. They are becoming frightened and erratic. I simply can not find the logic in your decision to deny them prozium."

Fenix set down the small computer on a nearby table and glared at Wiley. He then Placed his right hand on the cleric's shoulder and led him and Malick towards the elevator.
"Come fellow Clerics... soon My wisdom and pure logic will be made clear to you."

"Yes sir." They both responded in unison before stepping into the elevator headed for the bottom flor.

11/25/2005 5:43 PM

Anthony observed the first few resistance fighters as they entered into the empty room and greeted him. The room had delibarately been left void of furniture or chairs to see every individual's reaction. Then his eyes lingered on one of them for barely a second longer.

"We have reasons to believe this man is a cleric infiltrating the resistance force," one of his subordinates had told him the day before.

"Good," had replied Anthony with a smile, "put him on the Elite Retrieval Team." His assistant simply stared in open-mouthed confusion. Anthony was known for making strange desicions but this... "I want to see who in the Elite Team will recognize him as a cleric first."

And now he was saluting the traitor with the exact same face he had used with every other soldier. "Just a few more," announced Anthony, "and we'll start the meeting."

11/27/2005 7:16 AM

Fenix exited the elevator followed by his two advisors. The bottom floor was used as a gathering place for the loyal residents of libria who were confused and did not side with the resistance when everything went to hell. Most of the cities Denizens were lodged here like refugees, sleeping on cots spread out over the buildings many floors. Wiley was correct in mentioning that equilibrium had enough prozium stores to supply all of them for an extended amount of time, but Fenix refused to give them their doses, meaning that many of them began to feel emotions for perhaps the first time in their lives. they were scared and confused and many had gathered this afternoon on the bottom floor to discuss their circumstances. When Fenix entered a silence immediately broke out throughout the entire crowd. All eyes were on the steely eyed cleric who's footsteps echoed off of the marble floors and walls.

Fenix and the other two stopped at a small rise that was used as a platform to address the crowd. Mostly Fenix gave instructions from this platform but never gave an ear to anything the citizens had to say. Soft, comforting music was played throughout the entire building and Fenix gave the illusion that food was running low when really they had plenty of that as well. The time had come and Fenix was now ready to reap the benefits of his investment.

"Watch carefully young clerics." Fenix said softly to his two colleagues befire turning to address the crowd.

"Citizens of Libria. I will now hear anything which you may have to say. I will permit one from among you to present whatever concerns may be weighing on your hearts."
Fenix's voice was fatherly and seemed genuinely concerned. The poor crowd was like a gathering of confused lost children. All their lives they had been told every little thing, no decision was ever left to them, their lives were laid before them. Fenix struck fear in their hearts and they looked at eachother without direction. But one man carefully stepped out of the crowd and advanced slowly towards Fenix.

"Yes citizen. What is it you wish to say?" Fenix asked the balding middle aged man.

"Well... uh S-sir..." The man stammered. He cleared his throat."Well you see, er... many of us .. Well we have these... feelings. Aweful uncomfortable feelings of... of..."

"Fear." Fenix said softly with a slight nod.

"Yes! yes, fear.. Please sir we couldn't help it..."

"Yes citizen I am aware that you have not had your prozium doses.. continue."

"Ah.. very good then. Well.. Also sir, many of us are rather hungry and most of the adults had been giving up our rations so that the children could eat. Day after day we hear the gunfire outside.. the explosions, sometimes... well sometimes we hear screams and we feel that... that fear! that aweful fear and it keeps us awake at night." The man was sweating and he looked up into Fenix's face which was a blank wall. But in the silence his features softened... somewhat and Fenix slowly made his way down from the platform.

This is exactly what the Cleric wanted. Instead of herding a bunch of useless drones in equilibrium, Fenix figured it would be far more practical to shape them into a tool he could use. Fenix had no qualms allowing them all to become sense offenders, so long as it was in the intrests of preserving Libria and that utopia. Besides.. Fenix would have most of them liquidated once Libria was saved.

12/01/2005 2:03 PM

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Keaira dashed down the corridors and skidded to a halt just in front of the doors. She paused for a moment, took a deep breath and walked calmly into the room. She gazed swiftly around noting the lack of furniture, shrugged and moved towards the wall where she began leaning against it with her arms crossed.
She was the last to enter and it seemed that everyone had been waiting for her. She smiled apologetically at the others in the room, noting their barely concealed annoyance. They did not appear happy at the prospect of waiting and Keaira made a mental note to make sure that she arrived early in future.

Keaira fixed her attention on Anthony as he began addressing them, but she soon felt her gaze flickering to her team mates and she began observing their expressions whilst keeping half her attention on what was being said. Most people were listening completely transfixed by what was being said but Keairas attention focused on one man in particular. She looked him over. There was something about her that struck her as odd, she could not place it but she had spent thirteen years with the resistance and he acted differently to those she was used to seeing. She glanced at him once more before deciding that it was probably nothing.

12/04/2005 6:52 PM

Anthony repeated the information which his team had all already received in a folder and explained the basics of the attack plan. "...so as you can see we'll have to be very flexible strategy-wise due to the cleric force." As he explained this he watched Keaira from the corner of his eye. [i]I underestimated her,[/i] he thought.

"But," Anthony's tone rose abruptly, "there seems to be one problem. One among us is a cleric."

About a dozen guns were drawn at the same time...

12/05/2005 3:27 PM

"Citizens!" Fenix called out, his strong baritone echoing off of the marble walls as he placed his hand gently on the man's shoulder.

"Your pain... is my pain. I know you are scared! I know that you're hungry! But do you know why this is so? Do you know why you can not sleep at night? Because there is a determined and evil enemy outside of these walls. An enemy who wishes to destroy the very fabric of our peaceful and productive society. An enemy who wishes to bring back the days when men brutally murdered eachother in the streets! A time when crime ran rampant because of those aweful products of human weakness: Greed. Lust. jealousy. Hate and fear! These barbarous wretches wish to tear down the walls of civilized society and watch as the fabric of humanity deteriorates because of their unbridled, selfish desires! They are the enemies of freedom! They are the enemies of justice! and they are the enemies of peace!"

The citizens began to get riled up. Fenix was playing their new emotions like a piano, playing to their fears, to their ignorance and naievety. Many began crossing their arms in anger at this "Enemy" that Fenix was describing. Many nodded their heads to what Fenix was saying and their blood continued to stir as Fenix approached the crowd, looking them in the eyes, speaking as one of them.

"Citizens of Libria. You have found yourselves the guardians of all that is just and right in the world! Will you not stand to defend freedom?"

"We will!" A voice shouted from the back. The fervor began to spread throughout the crowd. They began to let go of their fear for Fenix and grasped a hatred of the enemy instead.

"Will you not stand to defend peace!" Fenix shouted over them.

"Yeah!" More voices, raised fists.

"Sons and daughters of Libria! The hour of testing is upon you! Meet your fears head on and prove yourselves the guardians of liberty!" Fenix shouted.

Many shouts, raised fists and yelling erupted from the crowd. Fenix stepped aside and was met by his two proteges. They spoke in hushed tones, unheard by the fervent mob.
"What are we to do with them?" Malick asked.

"They're a distraction. Arm them and send them into the tunnels beneath the city. A frenzied mob running amuck in their own tunnels is sure to grab some of their attention.
Malick you will follow them and keep things under control." Fenix ordered.

"Yes sir."

12/12/2005 12:35 PM

Keaira listened to the last of Anthonys words. His plan seemed fairly simple, it was similar to many of the previous rescue missions but with one vital difference and Keaira soon found herself smiling slightly, [i]it might just work[/i].

"But," Anthony said suddenly, "there seems to be one problem. One among us is a cleric." At that instant about a dozen guns were drawn each pointing in different directions. Keaira laughed at this and drew her own gun and walking slowly towards the man that had first caught her attention and placed the gun to his head with a confidence that bordered on arrogance. She was relishing in the fact that she seemed to be the only person who had any clear idea of who the traitor was. This was probably because during the meeting she was the only one getting bored by Anthonys words and so was the only one who had looked around during the meeting. She almost laughed at the irony of it.

I think its you! she said grinning impishly then a flicker of doubt crossed her mind and she tilted her head slightly and moved the gun away from his head still keeping it level with his body, but in case its not I apoligise in advance.

Keaira continued to smile slightly as she looked to Anthony waiting to see if he would correct her. Suddennly she had horrible images of him telling her she was wrong, she knew how foolish she would look but she also knew that almost everyone here thought she had no place being part of the mission and she desperately needed to prove herself to them.

12/17/2005 2:15 PM

Anthony stood calmly as guns were pointed and looks of suspicion were shot from person to person. He scanned the room to find that only one person had correctly identified the traitor. Kearia said something to the cleric, but he was in no mood to conversate. The cleric's gun was pointed straight at Anthony, and it was done so surreptisiously that not even Kearia had noticed. Anthony walked slowly across the crowd of fighters as slowly they began to realize who the real traitor had been. The cleric was undoubtedly aware of Kearia, but he seemed to be ignoring her, completely focused on the Resistance leader. Then before Anthony could do anything about it, the cleric unfurled into attack, pushing the trigger at least thrice in a couple of seconds. But to everyone's surprise no bullets sped through the air. Anthony smirked; he had made sure the cleric could do no damage before the meeting.

12/29/2005 2:20 PM

The mob demanded weapons to fight the "enemy" and Malick supplied them with guns from the Equilibrium armory. The Cleric gave them a crash course in weapons handling, merely showing them how to pull the trigger and reload. Then he handed out ammo... even to young adolescents. There were a few mothers who were hesitant about leaving their younger babies, But Fenix assured them that every able body was needed to fight the rebellion and told them that the clerics would look after their newborns, and so the new mothers were also given instruments of death as their children were taken from them.

Malick let them to a steel Grate deep in the hear of Equilibrium which led to the foundations of the building and eventually snaked into the tunnels. The Clerics had not completely mapped out all of the Rebels tunnel system but they did manage to secure this small piece beneath Equilibrium. It wasn't necessary to have the tunnels mapped out, Fenix just wanted to unleash chaos in the depths and so Malick held open the great as angry and uncontrollable citizens climbed in one after the other.

"Show no mercy to the enemy! fire at anything that moves!" Malick barked as they poured into the tunnels. "Leave no dark corner unchecked, search every room you find!"

Then the last of the mob climbed down and Malick followed, sure to keep well behind them so as not to get caught in their undisciplined firing. The citizens weren't quiet, they yelled and clammered and fired at shadows. If the tunnel split, the crowd split, they were like a group of medieval villagers with torches and pitchforks sent mindlessly to slay the beast.

Fenix and Wiley were left in the Building when Malick had departed with the citizens. Fenix turned to Wiley who straightened under his gaze. "Now.. to the palace of Justice."

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