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10/10/2005 10:16 AM

Starvald Demelain. Elder Warren. The First Warren, Home of Dragons.

Child of the Elient, the First Child.

Mortal form with mortal blood and mortal life.

The Warren's are poisoned. The Chained One, Chaos poisons, assaults.

Starvald Demelain is beyond the corruption...for now. Mage of the Elient, to the Mortal Realm you are sent, aid your fellow Mortals and find the Gates of Chaos, long since hidden. The Breath of Chaos, Kurald Galain is the Key, the Son of Darkness, Anomander Rake, Lord of the Tiste Andii, Children of Mother Dark.

Seek them out!

What am I?

You are Child of the Elient. Made mortal to feel as mortals feel. Gifted with use of Starvald Demelain, otherwise inaccessible to Mortals Mages. You shall be Elder Mage on the mortal realm, unbridled power.

The small form shuddered as vision bombarded it.

What am I called?

At this, the voices paused. Only for a heartbeat. Tale.


Recognition swept through him, as it did through the source of the voices. Starvald Demelain was the home of Dragons. The Warren opened, and a male figure fell from it, tumbling onto barren earth, flesh of the Sleeping Goddess, Burn. He screamed, an unearthly sound, inhuman, yet changing to something mortal as his form fixed and the portal to the elder warren closed. Tale shuddered once more, he was on the mortal realm, alone, vulnerable to death, he wept then, salty tears of pity running down his reddened cheeks, glistening like pearls. " Mortal I am, and mortal shall I have to live. How do we live? ", it was a questions that fell from his lips, but there was no one there to answer it.

Standing, his legs threatening to buckle, Tale surveyed the barren land. It was not even a desert, simply hard baked earth, the strong sun above him already causing something wet to pour from him. The word entered his mind. Sweat.

Such confusion ran in him. His mind swamped with images, words and eventually understanding.

Tale. He appeared to be no older than 16, and yet held a ancient look about him so as to make one take a second glance. It was the eyes, a strange colour of amber, intense and overwhelming, holding so many thought and emotions at once, bright and sparkling, they held an innocence that would soon be stripped away in a river of Blood. Unbound hair fell passed his shoulders, so blonde it was almost white, a normal complexion all things considered, and robed in black, exposed at the neck. A foolish outfit for a child of his age, yet he was Elder Mage now, and he could not be more cleverly disguised. Or so he thought.

Walking proved a challenge at first, but then he gained the knack of it, putting one foot of the other.


The hours seemed unending, and the sun was still high in the sky, though it had dipped considerably, showing the passage of time. Time. Another concept he would have to learn and adhere to, for time did not pass within Starvald Demelain as it does within the mortal realm.

His feet started to ache, as did his stomach, and the strange sensations disturbed him greatly. Is this pain?

Suddenly, a child was upon him, in the open plain. A girl, small and petite, wearing animal skins and smelling of sweat and animal fat.  Hello. , her voice was high pitched and Tale took a step back, his first encounter with a human child, she was roughly 9, but possessed an uncanny intelligence in her eyes.  "What you doing out in the plain all by yourself? Whats your name? I'm Sorcha." , she offered a small grin, her hands clutching a rag doll to her chest. " I am called Tale." , at this she giggled, " A funny name for a bo"y. , her eyes brightened as she took in the rest of him.

" I am looking for friends. New friends. I don't have any as I am from Starvald Demelain. ", Tale was growing more easy, obviously this girl was no treat, and her expression was nothing but friendly. " I think you are my friend!" , Sorcha giggled again at this "  Yeah Ill be your friend, come, Ill take you to my mamma and papa, theyre real nice, theyll be your friends too". , she stepped forward and took his hand in her own small one. " This is Uryan, shes my friend as well. She says she likes you. ", Sorcha showed him her rag doll.

He frowned, then smiled,  "I like Uryna as well. "


The Rhivi people were a nomadic race, located on the continent of Genabackis. Mindful of strangers, many of the men stood tall and held their spears as Tale entered the encampment. Tension filled the air, though Tale was oblivious to it, not knowing what the feeling was.

One of the men, tall and brawny, dark skinned and dark haired, " We do not like strangers, boy, leave our camp. ", he pulled Sorcha away, and at this, Tale frowned. " I did her no harm, Rhivi Plainsman. She is my friend, and she is taking me to her mama and papa ." , he made to step forward, but the point of a spear jutted into his breast bone fiercely." I said, boy, you are to go no further. Leave now, while you still have your skin. "

"All I want are friends. I am to find friends and help them." , Tale was feeling something new, irritation, the sensation swept over him and he understood this one.

" I dont care if you were here to kiss my ass, boy. leav"e. , the plainsman shoved Tale roughly, and he fell hard on his rump, bruising. More pain, something he did not like at all, and what else? Humiliation? Another unpleasant sensation. Then anger. Now this was one which he knew off well. Starvald Demelain made sure he knew of this one. " I am here to make friends, and if you stand in my way then you are not my friend and I have to kill those that are not my friends! ", more laughs followed, from the other men of the tribe.

He started to raised his hand, but the air erupted with a scream. One of the woman ran into the group of men, shouting wildly.  Horses! Malazans! 

Indeed, Tale could not hear the hooves of horses thudding on the hard ground, fast with purpose. More shouts and screams erupted around him Sorcha grabbed Tale by the arm, pulling him up off his back side,  "Come on, we have to hide. They will kill u"s! , her voice, young and high, now filled with fear, the same fear burning in her eyes. So many new emotions to take in. Was he to be afraid also of these approaching Malazans? " Sorcha, I can help the men. I am Elder Mage". , at this the girl stopped and backed off.

" You are a wizard"? , she studied him, taking in once more the robes and strange eyes. " You are only a boy though. Boys do not have the power of wizards. Wizards use magic, they are strong and can kills lots of people. ", uncertainty filled her now as she backed further away. Maybe this was a trick? Maybe Tale was the enemy tricking her into thinking he was a friend?

She turned and ran from him, " Sorcha wait! I am your friend"! , but Tales voice was lost on her as the little girls ran to find her parents. A horse blocked her way, a sword pointing down at her. One thrust and blood sprayed from her back at the sword entered the front of her bony flat chest. Bone snapped, a lung was pierced, she could not even scream as blood filled her mouth swiftly. A booted foot placed itself on her shoulder, yanking the sword from the body, Tale watched as Sorcha fell to the ground, head rolling, unseeing eyes now staring at him, blood soaking the barren earth, as stone is ever thirsty for blood.

More screams, but Tale heard nothing.

Open Starvald, Tale, open us and consume him!

" I will". , rising on his own accord, the young lad moved towards the solider,  "Your turn now lad"! , he charged down Tale, sword swinging in an arc, that was until golden sorcery bloomed about Tale, surging forward to enfold the human man, he himself had no time to scream, nor did the beast he rode on, for once the air was clear of golden flickers, there was nothing left, not even ash. Amber eyes turned to the other soldiers. Those that had witnessed their comrade being swallowed by such hungry sorcery tried to flee, it availed them nothing.

One mage accompanied them, a mage of Telas, the Warren of Fire accessable to humans. He felt the elder sorceries, he shuddered as the youth turned his gaze on him. Brilliant red flames sprang to life, rolling with deadly purpose to surround Tale. With a gesture, the flames snuffed out, " This is impossible, you are human! "

Tale did not even grin, " I am Tale, Child of Starvald Demelain and the Elient! ", the last words the mage heard as Starvald took him also.


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