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10/04/2005 12:52 PM

Docked at last, for a supply pick-up, and a little land for the crew, the great pirate ship, The Terror Of The Sea, rocked gently in the cold waters of the salty sea.

Standing upon the bow of the boat was Jewel. Some of her crew members moved around the dock, others on the ship, but most of them were in town, at the pub. Jewel would join them, soon enough, but for now, she was getting her grips on the new town.

People on the dock below had crowded to see the great gally. They had never seen a boat so big, though they were very cautious. They knew that the men aboard were pirates, and would flee if a threat acured.

Jewel pushes a stray lock of blonde hair from her face, sighing softly. She longed to be out on the sea again. She never felt quite safe docked in town. One never knew when the navy would be about. Boats clunked against the hard deck as a large man approached the lady.

"Jewel, there's trouble." He said, panting.
"What is it?" She retorted. Trouble was never good.
"A few of the fellows got into a fight on shore. They've been arrested." Jewel sighed heavily, eaching into the leather pouch hanging at her side. "Get them out, and send them strait to me." The man nodded, moving swiftly away.

Jewel turned her back to the dock. She places her hands on her hip and sighs softly, moving towards the edge of the ship. She leans over it, looking down the barnacle covered side of the ship. Grunting, she stands back up looking out at the sea. She hated it when they docked, and she wondered when they would get going again.

She loved to taste the salty wind, and the feel of it, as it moved through he hair. She sighs heavily, remembering home.

She hadn't always been a pirate. She had been kidnapped when she was a young girl, and after her former master passed on, the crew adopted her as one of their own, after all, she had been their just as long as most of them.

At heart though, she was still an Island girl.

She at last turns, walking back towards the dock. She debated going ashore, but being the only sober one around, she decided to remain on board.

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