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10/04/2005 7:13 AM

((OOC: I'm posting the intro and I'm recruiting, I'm wanting about 5 characters other than me, I'm hoping for non-futuristic characters. My character is a Rage Demon Hybrid, this will be explained later. I'm wanting demons like Vampires, Many variations of demons and any werewolves too. Post if your bothered.))

As the dark night fell and the shadow of night was strong there stood a tall male, in the darkness not alot could be seen about his features all that could be seen was this dark blue glowing design across his chest. There was a sudden shift of the wind and the light of the moon is release from its cage of clouds. The moon shone straight onto the creature his burning red eyes glowing in the light, his ebony skin almost indistinguishable, that was if it weren't for the glowing blue marks all over his bare chest. By his hip the hung a scabbard, with a metal hilt. He bent his head to one side as he sniffed the air. He suddenly snapped his head to one side as there was an ordible crack. "Ahh thats better. (sniff) I smell company." He said in a deep throaty growl.
His sword Numenox, was drawn extremly quick, he crouched ready to pounce. His glow fade as he dissapeard into hiding. He stood his blade by his side, ready for his visitor.

((OOC: I don't know what you think but I thought I'd try. Just so you know I've been role playing for 5 years, off of the internet.))

10/04/2005 1:00 PM

A small creaure approached, not much to look at, aout 4'6" with bright blue skin. five horns stuck out of the things head, as it skipped along, humming merrily. It wore a potatoe sack, as it moved, blue eyes gleaming. It appeared male, though in the dark that couldn't be told. Weaponless it moved through the darkness, head bobbing.

The thing seemed helpless enough, not much of a threat, as it skipped through the night, pointed ears twitching as it listened. Suddenly the blue thing stopped, nose wrinkling. "I smell a wee little smell..." It said in a high-pitched voice. Almost as an anwser a mouse darted out of the shadows. Eyes glowing, the blue thing chase the mouse, snatching it up, and stuffing it into it's mouth. The bones crunch loudly as it bites down, blood oozing from the corner of the little creatures mouth.

10/05/2005 6:45 AM

((OOC: Atleast someone has joined.))

Balthazar got a wiff of blood, he smiled. 'Just some harmless animal hunting' He thought to himself. He stepped out from behind an oak tree and saw a blue creature.
Balthazar gave a deep throaty growl "Grwwl". He dipped his head to one side. "And what do you think you are then?" He stepped slowly toward the blue creature. The creak of the leather handle of his sword being gripped harder.

10/05/2005 2:57 PM

The small blue greature let out a small growl of his own, as he whiped the blood from his chin. "I am Baba." He says in the high-pitched voice. "Demon of the deep." He smirks, hand on chin. He was obviously sizing the demon before him up. "And what do you think you are?" He smirks.

10/06/2005 9:20 AM

Balthazar Growled deeper this time as a warning. "I am a greater rage demon, I don't ever want to see your sorry little blue face in my dark forest again." He unfolded his big black wings, and started his ascent. He would leave to the near montain.

((OOC: Don't leave realy.))

10/06/2005 11:27 AM

Baba shrugged his narrow shoulders, and niavely(Bah) followed the flying demon. It took him a while, but he was able to keep good pace, and catch up shortly. "Who says it's [I] Your [/I] forest?" he asks, diffiantly.

10/06/2005 4:05 PM

Inven traced her bottom lip with a cold finger. Her white looking nails tickeling her as she removed the blood crawling down the sides of her mouth. She played with the small rabbit as it twitched in her lap, it's neck bleeding slowly. Iven ran another plae cold finger across the rabbit's neck and sucked on the blood it managed to pick up.

She chuckled as the poor thing was about to give away. Her bright green eyes half closed as a serene look filled her face. Her long shredded dress flowing siftly as a breeze made her waist long, black hair swim through the air. Inven ran her tounge across her mouth and fiddled with her fangs.

She looked up into the sky as the creatures warmness as leaving her cold body. Inven threw it to the forest floor as she stood up on the branch she had been sitting on. Her bare feet giving her a perfect balance. Suddenly, two creatures flew over her. Inven smiled crookidly, making her perfect complexions more realistic. With a graceful jump she shot toward the sky as her black, bat like wings tore her pale skin apart in order to free themselves. She looked almost angelic, but with dark features all around her.

10/10/2005 5:08 AM

"I have taken shelter from the unknowing world in this forest for years. I don't hunt the animals and they leave me alone. Thats how it has been for years and how it should always be. Then you! Some little blue THING start munching and piss them off! I should strike you down!
Well I do need an excuse to go hunting humans again?"
Balthazar flew over a beautiful creature, almost human, almost. He saw her dark soul. He liked that in a girl, dark and evil. 'Wonder if she's a Succubi?' He thought as he landed on his high perch on the mountain.
"Well little one, do you know how to hunt humans?" Just as he began he saw that dark beauty flying in on black wings of skin.
"Hmm not another one. Oh well better confront her." Balthazar dived off the cliff swooping up behind her.
"And who are you then?" He said his purple eyes glinting in the moonlight.

10/10/2005 3:27 PM

Baba watched as the other demon took off towards the woman. He knew her kind, and his kind were often taken as 'pets' for hers. He smirks, bounding behind. He hummed his little tune again as he followed. He didn't get far until he was at the edge, and couldn't go any further, or else he would fall. "No far! Baba can't fly." he whined. "Ooh! Mousie!" he said, spoting another small grey mouse. He scoops it up, and stuffs it into his mouth, crunching down.

10/10/2005 4:04 PM

Inven turned her head as her balck hair departed from her face. A smile playing through her lips, as she turned to face the new comer. Inven noticed he was a demon as her eyes narrowed. She gracefully flew toward him and put two pale hands on him shoulders, she approached his face as her dress flowed behind her. Her cold lips, next to his ear.

"I could ask you the same question.", Inven said her voice a soft echoing melody. Her hair soon caught up with hair and gave a fair complexion to her face, as the tips fiddled with his face.

She raised a pale finger and brushed it against his neck, a chuckle escaping her. She pushed off his chest and ntoiced a glowing blue scar. Her bright green eyes fell upon it as she nibbled on her neail. Inven turned and sat on the air, her wings flapping slowly and constantly.

"But if you must know, I am Inven." she said as she chipped ofa piece of her nail. It instantly grew back. "A vampire with no need of a clan for survival."

10/11/2005 2:18 AM

"Hmm so I'm guessing you know how to hunt humans then." Balthazar smiled.
"Well I'm bored of this forest, I'm hungry for flesh. Do you fancy coming for a bite?" Balthazar tilted his head to one side eyeing her up.

10/11/2005 7:28 PM

Inven raised a perfectly thin eyebrow. Her smile faint now as the sound of the word human filled her ears.

"The human world does not amuse me anymore." Inven said as she straightened. "Though I have not rested my eyes upon a human for many years. But I take your offer stranger."

She swooped down and hovered above him in a teasing manner. Inven stopped, her body upside down as she stred at his blue eyes.

"You have not mentioned you name to me." she said awaiting to leave the forest in which she had concieled herslef for centuries.

10/12/2005 1:20 AM

"Oh sorry I am Balthazar, Rage Demon." Balthazar dropped from the sky, falling rapidly to the ground, yet landing gracefully. He sheathed his blade and walked towards civilization, he had a burning desire for some human flesh!

10/12/2005 9:19 PM

Inven put her index finger to her chin as she gave Balthazar a puzzled look. Her hunting method's were different that his. He shrugged and followed him by air through the forest.

As the traveled the demon by land and the vimpire by air, they reached a small town. It was a few miles away from the forest. Inven's eyes were getting watery she pulled back and shiled her eyes. She had not been use to any light except for the light of the moon. In the day she managed to find a a cave to sleep in or something like so.

Getting a little closer, she landed on a tree branch as her black bat like wings settled themselfs into her skin again. She gracefully jumped from branch to branch, in a sneeky manner. Her shredded dress and black hair flowing magnificantly behind her.

Her eyes caught glimpse of two humans fiddiling around the forest, daring one another to enter...Inven made a face ruiening her perfect complexions. She had forgotten how disgusting human were, with their colored skin and foolish characteristics. She made a soft hissing sound as she revealed her fangs, just the sight of them made her want to ripp them into pieces. She fangs grew, her nails became sharp, and her eys turned into an eery crimson.

10/13/2005 11:40 AM

Baba, seeing that he had been left behind sat down on the edge of the cliff. He hummed softly, for a while, feet dangling. He was there for a while before an eagle swooped down and grabbed him. Being as small as he was, the eagle easily carried him away. A high shrill sounded, as Baba twisted and turned.

Bones crunched as the small thing slowly got larger, and larger. His skin changed from bright blue to a dull orange, and finally a hunters orange. He was now ten times as big as he was to begin with. The eagle, who's claws were now firmly stuck in the demons cement like skin, fell to the earth with the huge orange demon. With a loud howl, that resound through the forest, Baba ripped the eagle off of him, claws remaining lodged in his skin.

He snapped the large birds neck, throwing it to the ground. Slowly he begun to move, muscles rippling as he picked up to a run. He was angery, and hungery. The transformation always took alot out of him. Growling he moved towards the smell of humans.

10/14/2005 5:06 AM

Balthazar carried on walking out of the forest and up to the 2 humans. His enormous wings folding and put at ease. He dove on one of them who was paralysed with fear. Balthazar ripped out the throat of the young human, the warm blood giving him a adreneline rush he had missed all these years.
Balthazar's fingers solidified into talons. His anger leading the way now.

10/14/2005 5:24 PM

Inven's eyes widened by the sudden attack Balthazar had made. Her fangs hide behind her lips as her fine ears heard steps coming her way. Instinctively, she stood up on the branch she had been crouching on and swooped to another one. With the same grace she landed on the equally cold forest floor and rested against a tree.

She eyed her nails as the sound of a creature's steps apprached them with great speed. Inven's eyes still glowing red as her hair stood still for once. She examined her cold hands as her nails grew and turned sharp.

A twig warned her of the intruder and his distance toward her. She smirked and streched out her arm. She looked foolish if anyone were to turn and gaze upon her, but Inven knew what she was doing. The creature ran into her trap, he ducked her arm as if it were a branch. With that Inven grabbed the thing by it's neck and carved her shapr cold nails into his somewhat skin. The creature screeched as it's body seemed paralized.

"Hello, my pet..." Inven said to the orange creature, her smile cruel with the decoration of her fangs. She could sense he was the strange little creature that accompanied Balthazar when she had met him.

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10/15/2005 9:52 AM

As the other guy began to run Balthazar threw a fireball at him, the guy disintergrated. Balthazar now dripping with blood gazed back to where that wierd female was but saw a orange creature on the floor infront of her.
Balthazar calmed himself and walked to her, his black skin glistening in the moon.

10/17/2005 12:15 PM

As the female caught him, his body shrunk down, and turned blue again. He wiggled in her grip, whinning softly. "We didn't mean any harm. The nasty little birdy was taking us..." He whimpered softly, fingers gripping towards her. "Baba only ment to catch up...." He cryed softly. "Let us go. Please." He was pitiful. It was hard to believe that once huge and scarey had become weak, and whinny.

10/18/2005 5:15 PM

Inven chuckled, as her hands clasped around his little neck. She eyed the pitiful little thing as he pleased to be released. She shook her head and her hair swam about her and the blue little thing.

"No, Baba.", she said in a melodic voice. "You and your kind have gone unoticed by me for years now."

Baba whimpered, Inven could feel his body tense up. She grinned at this. Her crimson eyes turning back to the bright green one she had. With a long plae finger she caressed his little face.

"It's time to be my pet." she said dreamy. "No more little freedom for you, Baba."

Inven grasped him with one hand as she bit into her wrist. She pulled a string of hair from her head and whatched it flow. She put it under her wrist and watched as her hair consumed her blood. Baba whinned and wiggled constantly. She ignored that and wrapped the string of hair around his neck. Soon a bright green collar grew around Baba's neck in place of hair string. It glowed for a moment and dissapeared.

Inven let go of the little creature, as soon as his little feet touched the ground he scurried away from Inven. She narrowed her eyes and the collar appeared choking the little thing until he returned to her.

"Now, Baba." she said teasingly. "Lets not displease your master."

She truned to look at Balthazar, a smile playing across her lips. She eyed him as she pushed back her hair. Inven gracefully walked toward him and the mutilated humans.

10/19/2005 12:12 PM

{Let's not play my parts please :D}

A smirked formed on the little blue demons face. "Baba's kind has surved the woman for all their lives..."He said. He had no objections to survatude. It was what he lived for and died for. "We don't need this..." He said touching his neck. "Baba is obidiant." He smirks, rolling on the ground, as a dog would.

He looks towards the other demon, scratching his neck. Hungerly he eyed the demon...but no. Baba's new mistress would not allow it. Shaking his head, he slides on the ground behind Inven.

10/19/2005 12:36 PM

Balthazar changed form, his bones popping and reforming. "Well I'll leave you to your business, I'm going hunting!" Balthazar now looked like a normal human man. He sheathed his sword and stalked into the town a nice toothy grin on his face.
As he walked he thought to himself 'Why do humans scream, it gives them no advantage. I wonder how many of this town will scream.'

10/19/2005 8:26 PM

((Oh, I'm sorry....got alittle carried away...>.< ))

Inven crossed her arms in response. A frown decorated across her face. She wasn't going be be ignored that easily, especially not by the likes of that demon. Her ripped dress tickled the forest floor as she planned what to do with Balthazar. Taking actknowledge of Baba rolling on the ground, she bend over to pick him up. She held him as if he were and infant, scratching the top of his head. She left the collar on him, not trusting his kind for they had been absence in her life for years.

"Killing him would be a waste," she said softly. "don't you think, Baba? Though we could have a little fun."

Inven smiled, showing her fangs as she chuckled. She walked over to the edge of the forest to get a clear view of the suppose human town. Her feet not leaving the forest as her thought about how usless they were apart from being food. Inven had remaind hidden in the forest for some time, the human world no seemed like a complete mystery to her as new things had evolved.

She sighed deeply as finally stepped out fo the forest, an odd look on her face. She turned to look at Baba and said, "Shall we?".

10/21/2005 4:58 AM

As Balthazar arived at the edge of the settlements to this town, he got the strong stench of life. To him it was like morning dew. The quiet before the storm. As Balthazar took a step into the town he drew his sword and changed to his natural form. Big black feathered wings, black (ebony colour) skin.
One of the humans stood there frozen by the sight of a demonic soul.
Balthazar did nothing put stare, he waited for the hunt. His favourite part of the killing.
The human didn't run, it started incanting something.
Balthazar through a fireball at him and killed him.
"What the fuck was that!"

10/21/2005 10:46 AM

Baba smiled, curling against Inven. "No, not worth a kill..." He lightly nuzzled her arm. "Baba's hungry though." He sighs softly, eyes following Balthazar. He touched his blue skin, then his neck.

"We shall, we shall." A cruel little grin crosses his face as he's carried off.

10/23/2005 6:33 PM

Inven laughed, she took a graceful jump toward the town. Her bat-like wings ripped through her skin in order to free themselves. She took to the air, her hair flowing angelicly behind her as the human below pointed and gasped.

Her long pale fingers curled arounf Baba's tiny body. Her green eyes scanned for Balthazar. The humans below coward and screamed, to her surprised Inven actually enjoyed the attention. Especially the fear in their voices and hearts, she smerked.

Her eyes locked onto Balthazar, he was not hard to find the human's scream provided a path for her. She found him ready to attack a human who did nothing, but mumble words under it's breath. She chuckled, Inven put her lips to Baba's ear.

"Get him," she said softly. Inven let baba fall to the roof of a house. She looked on from above as she sat in mid air. Her long dress flowing unatually as people yelled out, "Dark Angel" and other bizzard names for her.

10/24/2005 10:32 AM

Baba's long, uneven teeth showed as he smirked widely, dropping onto a roof. He giggles ever so softly, as he moved across the roofs, sleak as a cat. No one saw his blue body as he darted through shadows, across streets. He had to avoid the rampaging feet of scared humans. Soon he spotted Balthazar, the grin on his face becoming wider.

"Balthy..." He said, slinking towards him. No need to change. Not yet. It was more fun to toy and taunt then to full on attack. He'd play until Balthazar became angery with him.

10/25/2005 8:38 AM

((OOC: Guys the humans in this village are spell casters, they have spells that can hurt us, Balthazar knows this now but you guys don't, its just so you know they won't be running scared from any of you! They will stand and fight.))

Balthazar stood there starring at Baba. "We have to leave! These guys aren't normal food!" Balthazar drew Numenox and flew off rapidly. Leaving the Baba there on his own.

10/25/2005 11:18 AM

Baba shook his head. He didn't eat humans. Humans were disgusting! Shaking his head, his teeth disappeared into his mouth, and his skin, changed to light pink, much like the humans themselves. He was a shapshifter dear Baba was. Only three forms however. Smirking he watched as humans rans past him. He turned, following them as the chased after the flying Balthazar.

10/25/2005 11:18 AM

Baba shook his head. He didn't eat humans. Humans were disgusting! Shaking his head, his teeth disappeared into his mouth, and his skin, changed to light pink, much like the humans themselves. He was a shapshifter dear Baba was. Only three forms however. Smirking he watched as humans rans past him. He turned, following them as the chased after the flying Balthazar.

10/25/2005 4:15 PM

Inven followed behind as human women grabbed their infants and dissapeared into their homes. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see a group of men huddled togther. Murmuring under their breaths. She ignored them, thinking of the prayers she use to hear them do every other day when humans became part of her meals.

She continued to follow Baba. Suddenly, a blue orb was flying towards her. Inven hissed as her teeth came visable, she swooped toward them anger rushing through her cold body. She was going to rip them to pieces for attacking her, as she approached them another blue orb was thrown at her.

Not able to dive it quickly enough, it heit her left wing. Inven screeched as the sight of her blod braught her to a roof top. She sat on the roof gazing at her blood, bllod that she had not seen in many years.

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10/26/2005 11:50 AM

Before Baba's change was fully complete the smell of Invens blood filled his nose. Immidiately his form changed, swift, he almost seemed to skip the small blue form he first held. Before the group of Murmuring men was the huge orange demon. He was nearly four times as big as the largest man there. They begun with the enchanment again, and Baba, angered brought a fist down upon one of them, breaking their concentration. Several stumbled back, Baba after them. He didn't speak as he chased, smashing in a few other heads.

An orb, much like the one that hit Inven zipped towards him hitting him square in the chest. Baba went flying back, into one of the houses. Groaning he stood, looking at the rather nasty wound, but this only enraged him more, and when he's gone bazerk(I can't spell that word) pain doesn't bother him in the least.

Pushing past the dwindling group he moved towards the house on which Inven had taken refuge. Another small group had crowded around, and where preparing to burn the house, and drive her down. Baba knew his new mistress was injured, and thus would save her. Shoving several men aside, Baba climbed to the roof, moving nimbly towards Inven.,

10/26/2005 5:23 PM

The battle that had been going around Inven snapped her back to reality. The people of the village where no fools. Without wasting anytime, they hurridly reached the house Inven had landed on. Looking around, she saw many of them with torches and preparing to surround the house. Clutching to her dress, she cursed them and herselelf.Coming into the village without having first studied it's poeple was a foolish thing to do.

Her injured wing was the prove of her ignorance. Smoke soon filled her nostrils, her eyes turned to a cirmson color as the humans yelled and mumbled incantaions. Inven got to her feet, her hair merciful to the movement of the wind. The spell casters pointed at her as their hands filled with red orbs, as swiftly as they pointed they threw their spells. Instinctavely, she took to the air, her wing siezed to flap as the other one stuggled on it's own. Giving up she, yet again, landed on her prison, the roof. The in jury could not make her tuck her wings back to the safety of her pale skin, causing her to lose balance. Preventing Inven to jump her way from roof to roof. She carved her nails into her skin, the orbs passing by her and missing their traget by inches by inches.

Inven saw Baba coming to aid her, her body tensed up as the house was being consumed by the flames. Baba finally reached her, Inven took cover behind him. It would take a while for her body to remember these type of wounds, so healing herself would not be a snap. Inven wondered if Bab had the strength left in him, seeing as he too was injured. The hole in her wing was slowly healing itself, the process was too slow she noticed. Anxiety overwhelmed Inven making her fangs sank into her lip.

10/27/2005 6:07 AM

Balthazar saw the smoke rising in the distance. Damn them, why didn't they follow me.
Balthazar dived staight back to the town, I had better help them!

10/27/2005 6:49 AM

Baba reached and arm behind him, grabbing Inven. His eyes were glowing with fury as he started to run, off the roof, and leaping into the air. He held tight to his mistress as he landed on the ground, back to the humans. He turned looking at them, and growled. He hated humans so.

Spotting Balthazar, he waved him down. Baba was much to injured to carry Inven. He waited for the second demon to come, and once he did, he would give Inven to Balthazar, and then take off into the forest. He had to trust another demon to take care of his mistress, but not for long, for soon Baba would be better.

11/06/2005 11:42 AM

Balthazar swooped low and landed by Baba, he saw a group of humans sneaking up behind Baba. Balthazar through a energy sphere straight infront of them casting up loads of dust giving them a few seconds. "Run! We have to escape now!" Balthazar took the woman in his arms and flew off.

01/11/2006 4:50 PM

Baba turned staring at the humans. As long as his mistress was safe he was okay. He puffed out his chest, charging at the humans, spitting blood at them. The blood hit their bodies, and soon many of them were laying on the ground, writhing in agony as his blue blood burned their skin.

01/12/2006 5:18 PM

((OOC: Wow took you long enough!))
Balthazar flew off his wings beating fast, he had to get away from these humans, he hoped the young baba would be ok.

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