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10/02/2005 9:18 PM

Please read this carefully

There will be 3 charries including me as the pilots of the fusion series. So this is first come first serve, please, post your information and intros in the ooc or pm me so i can revise them and confirm the ones i want in my story.

thank you

The year is 3010 M.D. and all war technologies have turned to the M.T.U.S. [machine tactical unit specialists] or in other words, the future has turned to humans controlling robots. This was not an easy job for the M.T.U.S. because of the government and supreme courts.

War has broken out between the humans and the Messan; monster like creatures that will destroy earth and leave it as a waste land for the survivors.

3 were created and 3 will operate these special machines from the cock pit. Series of tests were run upon the people chosen and not all passed.

-10 years ago- the first mech fusion test

Mech code name: fusion 1
Pilot: Amahano Crins
Age: 17
Blood pressure test: pass
Heart speed test: pass
Soul level: pass
Mech fusion test: failed

Mr. Crins, youre doing great so far, just keep it up. The operator, Yasho Kim had said through the mic from the lab room, looking into the 80 by 80 bullet proof glass; looking to the mech, half covered in a purple substance in a testing room.

heart level is sustained, well over 100. first lab personnel.

blood pressure is rising but nothing to stop the tests. second personnel.

what about his soul level and F1? Yasho

its fine but its steadily rising from 15% third personnel.

this is great Amahano Yasho turned to the second personnel but still keeping an eye on the mech. raise the fusion level steadily and the capability measures.

-within the mech-

Amahano started to breath harder as the soul fusion started to rise for test purposes and sweat beats started to form on his forehead. He gripped the handle of the control tighter and tried to focus on what was in front of him but things started to become blury.


everything is fine sure, Amahanos blood pressure is rising and heart beats as well but nothing wrong with the mech or the pilot. as the second personnel looking at the screens in front of her, the numbers all read fine until the soul fusion calculations went out of control.

wait, this isnt right, this shouldnt be happening. The fusion levels are going crazy, the mech doesnt want to fuse with Amahano! first personnel

what!? Whats going on? Everything was going fine! Yasho

There was a loud screaming from within the mech and the rooms were in red alert. The piercing sirens went out and speakers spoke in words which everyone thought they wouldnt hear.

this is a red alert, all personnels evacuate the premises immediately. I repeat..

As Yasho took a look at the monitors, fusion1 did not want to communicate with the test subject. All of a sudden, the mech programmed itself to run. F1 started to grabs its head and scream in pain as if tortured. Amahano started to panic and a splitting pain was pierced into his body and in less then a second, his world turned black.

Amahanos blood pressure and heart rate just went blank! The mech just blocked use out completely! Third personnel

As the men and women within the lab watched the mech in horror, its started to go berserk.

cut out all the energy sources and cut out all the cables! Yasho ordered.

As the first, second and third personnel all calculated and changed the codes, the cables attached onto the mech were cut off and all energy sources blocked out. The red alert alarm went out and all were silent until Yasho spoke out.

get men out there and get Amahano out of the cock pit! NOW!

After hours and of manual work they pulled out the pilot and his heart had stopped. Doctors had examined his body and confirmed that F1 had killed the pilot because of the fusion failure.

-end transmission-

After this incident, the M.T.U.S. had destroyed F1 and created a new and more enhanced mech for war purposes. This new mechs code name was F1, same as the failed. And soon after they had found a pilot, after many tests, the M.T.U.S. had made more of these machines. F2, and F3. [this is where you come guys come in]

These fusion models were souly created for the war with Kamiza but a twisted human by the name of Yashro wanted them for more. Thinking that the 3 mechs could be of more purpose; for the creation of a God.

Pilot of Fusion1

Mech name: Moonlit
Pilot Name: Maroo [last name not confirmed]
Age: 17
Originally from where: not clarified
History: As Maroo was lead into the M.T.U.S. facility, the scientist and generals had no information about her family history. All they knew was her name. Maroo wouldnt even give her last name and told all that she had no family.
Blood pressure test: pass
Heart rate test: pass
Soul fusion: pass
Mech fusion level: passed

Pilot of Fusion2

-not yet clarified-

Pilot of Fusion3

-not yet clarified-

Personnel 1

-not yet clarified-

Personnel 2

-not yet clarified-



1. No god modes
2. No 2 liner posts, must be a good length
3. The two other pilots will not just be a pilot, they will be recovered and tested by the personnel


This is what I want from you.

Fusion mech: I will pick the Fusion series for you
Mech name:
Your charries name:
Originally from where:
first intro:


Heres my intro

Since Maroo was young her family had thrown her away because of the poverty they lived in. Her mother had no money to feed her and her father had run away with another younger woman. As her mother left Maroo by a door of a small home, she cried as she departed from her child. The owners of the home had heard Maroos cries and as they opened the door, found the infant Maroo wanting milk. They had taken her in and soon after, Maroos mother had passed away from a virus.

As Maroo grew to a young, strong and beautiful woman, her parents had told her that she was not theirs. Upset with the tragic news, Maroo had run away with an identity she did not have.

Maroo had worked for money and lived life on her own at age 15. She had still gone to public schools for education and on her 16th birthday, Maroo was visited by M.T.U.S. soldiers and taken out of school for the mechs.

Maroo did not know why it was her they needed but for once she felt wanted and needed. Willingly Maroo let the M.T.U.S. test on her and piloted F1. After a year of running test, Maroo finally got the chance to pilot Fusion1. There was a problem with the soul fusions and as Maroo was taken to the M.T.U.S. hospital, she came back ready for the test again. The second time was a success and not long after, Maroo started to run field tests and pilot the Fusion1.

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