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03/31/2006 7:41 AM

Having spent the last few hours trying to get as far away from Nexhertepes's lair as possible, the last thing Rarsh needed right now was to be going back there, no matter who he had for company.

The firmness in which the Drow spoke told the half-orc that he wasn't about to back down. Feeling like a cornered rat, Rarsh made the split second decision that his only two option were to lead them to the lair, or fight them. Something inside of him snapped as he reacted in a desperate attempt to get the upper hand through the element of surprise. While raising his scimitar back into a defensive position with his right hand, the other reached under his cloak and whipped out the wand.

"DONT MOVE!" he screamed, pointing it threateningly.

04/01/2006 7:04 PM

[b]"Ahhhhh... A bard! A pleasure it is to meet your acquaintance. We do so love a good tale, It is good fortune we found one such as you in our company!"[/b]

[i]" Good fortune?"[/i] She was inwardly incredulous.[i]" Since when is it good fortune to have a bard drop in and need assistance?"[/i] She felt sure that Asmod's definition of good fortune was very different from her own.

As she lifted her gaze, Meadow's lips twisted lightly toward her left cheek as she stiffled a laugh. The strange ragged looking man was trying to spiff himself up. It was too much for her to take in all at once. She had definitely seen finer specimens in her travels. Asmod, as much as he might try not to be, was a walking, talking, eccentric dustball of a male.

[i]" But, an interesting character specimen for my story"[/i] she reminded herself.

As she finished her thought, she was confronted with a scrap of paper waving wildly in front of her eyes.

Much to Meadow's bewilderment, Asmod then gave her a squinted one eyed look and began his impersonation of a pirate.

[b]"Adventure? Ye've found it, Lass! Here be a lost booty the likes ye've never seen! We be a diggin' fer buried treasure! Garrrrr!"[/b]

Meadow smiled indulgently and then shook her head as she chuckled softly. Asmod was entertainng [i]her,[/i] who would have thought?

He continued to surprise her with his spontaneous outbursts. They were definitely something that she would have to get used to if she spent anymore time in his company. Unfortunately she wasn't sure she ever would.

She watched Asmod with something resembling morbid facination as he then stuffed the scrap of a map into Blinkin's eye socket. [i]"That's a little creepy." [/i]she cringed at the innermost thought.[i] "Who were these beings before they became skeletal puppets anyhow?"[/i]

She was pulled from her thought once again as Asmod straightened his lanky frame and spoke to her about the [b]"wormses."[/b]

[b]"Wormses! You know nothing of them? The big purple ones... big ones! A full fifty feet long they can get, and can swallow a man whole. Crawlin' through the earth, they live in the deep ground. A fierce monster they are! May the gods bless you with never meeting one's grisly maw while you walk the womb of this earth. Big worms."[/b]

[i]"Is there no way to vanquish them?"[/i]

She questioned without pretense then added quietly, [i]"I'd be sure to stay clear of anything that was interested in decapitaing me in any case..."[/i]
Without warning, Asmod began speaking to the empty air as though he were having a convesation with an old friend.

[b]"Yeah. You're right..... Okay, I think that's best for her.... No she wouldn't. Mmmhmm. Right!"[/b]

Meadow's slim eyebrows rose questioningly, her eyes widening as though she might see something if she opened her eyes a little more. To no avail; there just wasn't anyone there that she could see.

[b]"All right then! While obviously skilled in beauty and manners, you're ignorant and inexperienced in the ways of the deep earth, yes? One miss-step down here and... Foom!"[/b]

Asmod adressed her directly and although he complimented her in the first part of his sentence the second part was less than thrilling. She considered tuning him out then changed her mind.

[i]"Of course I'm lacking knowledge about how to survive the underground. I've lived above ground my entire life. If you haven't forgotten I didn't plan on being here."[/i]Her pointed reply came with a slight pained tone to it.

She disliked being so unaware of things but, in this unfamiliar territory the choice had been taken from her. All she had now was what others like Asmod told her and what she might learn on her own from this experience.

[b]"We've decided we'll protect you down here. Help you find your adventure, and help you get out. We shall!"[/b]

[i]" You shall protect me hmm?"[/i] She was faintly surprised by the decision Asmod had made regarding her appearance here in the underground. Especially in light of what his[i] " Precious"[/i]had done earlier to her.

b]"No Precious! Hush!"[/b]

Meadow frowned as she heard the centipede's hiss from beneath Asmod's robes. She wasn't exactly ecstatic about being near the worrisome creature but for the sake of adventiure and getting out of this dingy dark tunnel, she would put up with the little cretin.

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04/03/2006 11:21 AM

The Drow's sharp reflexes instantly shot into action as the Half-Orc made a move into his cloak, taking a step back as he drew the wakizashi from his back with his right hand, holding the blade in a downward slant in front of him between him and the creatue before him. He took a minute to size him up once again, as it was a bit different since he was now in a battle stance so to speak. The wand probably would have gave him a bit more submission in any other circumstance, but as the events of this day had played out he was starting to figure things out...

[b]So you either a thief or a magician eh?[/b]

He said as he kept his eyes fixed on his opponent, an easy glare indeed as he looked straight into his eyes...

[b]At least now we know why the 'great' Nexhertepes is after you don't we?[/b]

He said as it was only obvious what he had just said, but he was still a bit uneasy with approaching him, as he did not yet know if he had merely stolen it, or could actually use it...

04/04/2006 8:13 AM

Rarsh answered the Drow's taunting questions with a menacing stare. With his scimitar held ready in one hand and the wand in the other, he looked more than capable of defending himself.

"I dislike Nexhertepes and have told you all I know," Rarsh spat. "Now you [i]will[/i] step aside," this time his tone low and threatening. The half-orc looked like he had almost been tipped over the edge of reason and was on the verge of attacking those who blocked his path.

04/04/2006 2:07 PM

Touga nearly dropped to a crouch as Rarch's demeanor changed. The scent of nervousness and fear permeated the air... and Touga knew about how a cornered mortal would fight for their very life...even if it cost them the very life they wanted to preserve.

The beast within roared and his icy blue eyes fickered an animalistic gold as the wolf beside him snarled and snapped at the air before her, linking with her master's breech in conduct.

"Let him go..we have the information we need... And while our friend doesn't seem to have much magical prowess... he could accidentially use that thing... the power clinging to it is increadible." He growled, his voice held in a controlled low, soothing tone, his eyes never leaving Rarch's form as he backed up, quelling the beast that lay within, straining at the chains of morality that kept it bound.

Meanwhile, 'Shade turned her golden eyes towards the drow, locking their gazes. Within his mind, the Drow could hear Touga's voice slightly muffled and echoed...

:: The wand he has has no more power than a common stick... he's cornered...who know's what he'll do once he finds out it's a fake!:: He urged.

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04/04/2006 2:11 PM

Ayeka glanced back at her newfound companion, some of his anxiety rubbing off and she hesitated for a moment, till she felt Touga's temper flare through the link with the wolves...

She bit back an echoing snarl, one fang actually piercing her lip, as a coppery-sweet taste filled her mouth from the small laceration. "I'm not certain it's the wisest of paths... but it is the shortest, that is what I know for sure... Please.. Help me find him..." SHe wanted to scream, wanted to cry... too many things as of late seemed to be pressing in about her. She felt something stir with in her, akin to her brother's own demon, but strongly different, more insistant... more vindictive if not given sway...

"We have to hurry...." She gasped and stumbled forward.

04/05/2006 11:11 AM

"We have to hurry...." She gasped and stumbled forward.

Seeing she was troubled, Lemolin was about to clasp a hand on Ayeka's shoulder to steady her. At the last moment, for fear of repercussion, he suddenly thought better of the idea and pulled away.

"Be careful, don't touch anything," he warned her instead.

Exiting the tunnel, they ventured forth into the large fungus filled chamber. Cautiously weaving a path through the spongy ground, they did their best to avoid getting closer than necessary to any of the larger clumps of fungi.

The putrid stench of mildew and rotten vegetation was so overpowering that Lemolin felt himself become light-headed. It seemed each squelching footstep was wafting more of disgusting aroma into the air. Fighting the unsteady sensation in his head, the wizard focused on the opposing tunnel entrance in the gloom up ahead. Trying his best to keep his breathing as slow and steady as possible, he plodded onwards in pursuit of Ayeka.

"Almost there," he whispered hoarsely.

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04/09/2006 8:58 PM

Within a matter of seconds several emotions had passed through Kel' mind. As the Half-Orc replied he felt the unbeatable urge to lash out at him, but as he went to make a dash for him his companion, who had been quiet for quite some time, spoke up and for some reason Kel' stopped in his tracks. His head quickly darted to fixate on Touga as he said let him go, angry that he was such a coward, but just as quickly as Touga had finished Kel' heard another voice from within...

He quickly realized that the man behind him was no mere man, as if he hadn't already assumed that before, but what was more was his own companion, whose eye's seemed to mesmorize him as he peered into them. He quickly snapped back to reality as he bolted his head back around to stare down his would-be opponent, had it not been for Touga...

He fought his very instincts to sheath his wakizashi as he took a more relaxed stance, though he was still more than ready, not to mention eager, to leave this one gutted. He continued to stare him down, as was being done to him, as he started to speak in a threatening, prideful tone, much like any Drow would speak...

'Very well then, go. We shall block your path no longer...'

He said with both resentment and struggle, as letting an opponent such as this leave would have meant certain death where he came from. It was odd that the very thing that had made him leave the Underdark still kept with him for so long, but instinct cannot be changed...

04/11/2006 6:32 AM

Ayeka coughed and gagged before she grasped a handful of her cloak and brought it up to her nose and mouth. She felt her heart skip a beat once or twice and she winced. Something was odd here, somthing that was bringing that elusive demon that hid deep within her soul... something that wasn't chained and bound like her brother, mate and father... but something that was trained.... well trained... and something was rousing it...

She normally only felt it rise when she had to feed, when she had no other choice, that normal food that fed her human half didn't satisfy any longer... But she had fed, the empty flask at her hip proved that... She shivered, though the air within the chamber was warm and humid..

04/12/2006 10:05 AM

'Very well then, go. We shall block your path no longer...'

Cautiously at first, Rarsh made his way towards his opposers until he reached the passage section just to the left of them. Suddenly lowering his guard, the half-orc stooped forwards in a dashed attempt to make his escape.

04/13/2006 9:15 AM

Ayeka was not alone in sensing the impending danger, Lemolin too, was aware that something was not quite right here. For some reason his eyes drifted towards a milky coloured patch of something which resembled algae. As he studied the fungi speckled organism, he noticed a tuble-like part which had been concealed before, slowly begin to extrude and point towards him.

"Look out!" he yelled. As he did so the tube discharged a wide spray of small liquid globules into the air. Reaching for his cloak, he managed to whip it up in front of his face in to shield himself from the barrage of fluid, just in the nick of time.

04/23/2006 1:47 PM

Ayeka whirled and mimicked Lemolin's actions, bringing the edge of her blue cloak to cover her face, while Jennah crouched behind her bonded, growling furiously. The heavy scent of fungus spores in the cavern had started Ayeka coughing, as it dulled her vision and sense of smell, making her feel as though she were walking in a fog.

She coughed repeatedly as vine-like tendrils wove themselves around her ankles. She would have called a light, brighter than any she had conjured in this dungeon thus far, one that may cause this creature to shy away. However, the thick scent that continually choked her breath made it near impossible to utter the arcane words.

04/24/2006 9:42 AM

With his breath held and senses dulled, Lemolin failed to notice the vine-like tendrils which had wrapped around Ayeka's ankles. He held up his midnight blue coloured cloak in front of his face with one hand, while the other slashed out in front of him wildly with his wooden staff. Several times he felt the weapon make contact and swipe clean through something solid and mushy. Without turning to see what he had struck, the wizard clumsily made his way as quickly as possible towards the tunnel just ahead.

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