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10/02/2005 12:14 PM

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A strange mist began to swirl between the rocks and trees in the rapidly fading daylight. Nature had long ago claimed back this land that had once been a magnificent city. Now the only reminders of its very existence were the odd piles of bricks left strewn around the dense forest.

The name of this ruined city had long since been forgotten, but somehow, past down through generations, rumours of its once magnificent existence remained. Occasionally the odd band of adventurers would stumble upon its presence, either while searching for its legendary riches, or some simply by accident.

Strangely though, of the many adventures and travellers who had found its whereabouts, none had ever returned to tell the tale of their discovery. All had befallen the same fate, for beneath the city ruins was a vast, seemingly inescapable network of chambers and tunnels. Deep holes lay hidden in the undergrowth, covering the decaying, unstable city grounds.

As darkness continued to descend, a buck deer curiously sniffed at the cold air. Its eyes grew wide as it sensed the presence of another creature not far away. Nimbly the deer skipped away between the thick undergrowth and trees. Quickly the deer changed direction, first to the right, then left, the back the way it came. Something was closing down on the hapless creature and no matter which way it turned it still seemed to sense the beast.

From nowhere sprang out claws extended with the warm embrace of death. Somehow the agile deer managed to leap between them, leaving deep scratches in its side as the deer got away. Injured and fleeing for its life, the deer bounced blindly through the forest. It could almost feel the warm breath of the beast at its heels when suddenly the ground seemed to slip from beneath it. Helplessly deer tumbled downwards out of sight into the blackness below.

The beast pulled up just in time to avoid following the deer into the newly formed hole. Mouth drooling as it panted and backed away from the pit edge as more ground gave way. The beast howled loudly in hungered frustration at the loss of its meal, angrily it turned and stalked back into the darkness from which it came.

10/03/2005 2:26 PM

(OOC - Here goes nothing...)

The last rays of the setting sun illuminated a robed figure, resting against a large tree, of the dense forest. The temperature dropped fast, not unlike an anvil, as darkness crept upon the shadowing trees, but the figure remained stagnant, not a single breath from it was audible. It had been immobile on the spot for approximately four hours and a half; many would have presumed that it was sleeping or dead, the inhabitants of the forest seems to think so, as none bothered to turned their attention to the figure.

Even if it was getting quite dark, the scene of the dense forest in front was clearer than the day for whoever the figure was. As the descending of darkness proceeded, a buck deer jumped past the figure out of the shadowy forest. It came to a stop considerably far away from the figure, as if expecting something. Then it scrammed out of sight into the thick forest of undergrowth. Something was there. The presence of whatever it was, disappeared as quick as the deer left, apparently rushing after its dinner.

The figure blinked and gave a long sigh, an icy freezing lifeless breath; the breath of the dead. The undead rose up from its hunched state, stretching and as though waking from a nice nap. Considering its fair face and build, one would have to say she was a female. Who ever she was and wherever she came from, she seemed utterly relaxed, considering standing in the forest rumored to have monsters one could only dream of. Stories also tell of a hidden treasure in a so called underground dungeon beneath the lost city. Unfortunately for our friend here, she did not find anything like a city to her at all - unless you counted rocks pointing out of the floor and some stone floor here and there, a city.

A crude old battered staff lay on the grassy floor, the grimy nature upon it screamed out to be refined. Its owner, however, paid no attention to it, as she didnt seem to pay attention to her filthy disheveled self, picked it up and embraced it no finer than any ordinary walking stick. She set off into the darkness of the forest, her staff dislodging the undergrowth into a coarse path, as she made her way, in hope of finding any clue of the dungeon entrance.

10/04/2005 3:18 AM

"SET THE CAMP OVER THERE JOFF, THERE'S A GOOD LAD" said Lord Greystoke to the boy. Joff, limping now from carrying his own bodyweight in supplies for the best part of the day, eyed the swirling mist and piles of misshapen stones.
"Wot, ere, Sir? You're avin a larf."
"NO BOY, HERE IS JUST FINE, DON'T WORRY YOUR HEAD, NONE SHALL PASS MINE EYE AND SWORD, THOU ART QUITE SAFE" replied Greystoke in his most reassuring voice. Dismounting he drew his sword and knelt, performing a short prayer with his head bowed, touching the pommel and giving thanks for another safe journey, with only the merest hint that a few extra coins coming his way would not go amiss.
Soon a fire was crackling merily and the heat drove away the surrounding mist while a few bunnies dripped fat into the flames.
"And you tricked the hunchback into carrying you out in a sack" interupted Joff.
"Lord save me from arseholes and may his horse throw a shoe and let the fat git walk," whispered Joff, tugging the thin blanket over his head and getting as close to fire as possible without catching alight.
Soon all was quiet in the camp, but beyond the light things stirred...

10/04/2005 1:48 PM

In the darkness, the beast prowled relentlessly. It's ears pricked up as it caught a faint scent in the distance. The beast breathed deeply, filling its lungs with the cold night air. It instantly recognised this new scent. The scent was that of cooking meat, and the beast's mouth began to drool at the prospect.

The beast in fact was a rather large, and extremely cunning dire wolf. Almost shadow-like, it silently closed in on its new found prey. It could see the silhouette of two humanoid figures sat close to a small fire. Keeping its body as low to the ground as it possibly could, it almost crawled towards them. Its muzzle transformed into a wide snarl, razor-like teeth bared as it prepared to strike.

10/04/2005 9:14 PM

Two figures made their way through the forest, trying to find their way in the dark of the night. One was stumbling along and muttering under his breath, when the other stopped and turned to face him.

"Oof!" A chubby, middle-aged man doubled over in pain as he was punched in the gut by his travelling companion.

"Wh-what was that for?" he gasped.

"Because, Wenzel, you're scum, and I'm starting to think you lied to me - [i]again[/i]."

"No, Razkir! I am serious! There are rumors of a lost city that once existed, and there's bound to be lots of treasure there!"

"Give me that!" Razkir snatched a crude map out of Wenzel's hands and looked over it.

"We left the last marked territory on this map days ago! There's nothing but scribble marks after that...Who gave you this information and map?"

"Well, uh...it was a gnome, and he...was downing quite a few flasks of ale as he wrote the map."

"Great, we're being led on a wild goose chase by a drunk gnome." Razkir crumpled up the map and tossed it on the ground, then drew his dagger and took a step towards Wenzel. "I should have done this when you lied about already having my payment ready for me."

"Wait! Please don't! The city is out there. I swear on my brothers grave it is!"

"You hired me to assassinate your brother last week, a job which you never paid me for I might add, and now you swear on his grave!?"

"My...my other brother!"

Wenzel shrieked and fell to the ground as Razkir's dagger flashed across his face, just skimming a cheek enough to draw a thin line of blood. Razkir put the dagger away, and lifted Wenzel to his feet.

"Normally, I would kill any man who tried to double cross me like you did and not pay me for my work. But I admit I was intrigued by your tales of riches that you promised if we found this supposed city. Now, do you smell that?"

Wenzel stuck his nose up in the air. "Bacon!"

"Whatever animal it is, it's meat being cooked. Which means there must be a camp nearby. I'll let you live a while longer, and you better pray that whoever is at the camp knows where the ruins of the city are.

A nervous Wenzel gulped and nodded.

"Let's get moving then and not waste anymore time. I don't think it's too far. However, thanks to your pathetic scream, I wouldn't be surprised if every living thing within miles of here has been alerted to our presence. Keep your eyes open."

Razkir took the lead and started walking in the direction the smell of the cooking meat was coming from. Wenzel sighed and reluctantly followed, not wanting to be left alone in the dark.

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10/05/2005 12:19 AM

"What was that?" said Joff, sitting bolt upright and patting out the edge of his blanket.
"TWAS NOTHING, BOY, JUST YOUR IMAGINATION, NOW BACK TO SLEEP," replied Lord Greystoke in a sleepy voice.
I was dreaming I was that rabbit, caught on a spit while a beast with red eyes glared at me," muttered Joff glancing about nervously.
Greystoke raised an eyebrow at that but didnt comment. The lad was always talking nonsense. All he needed was some iron discipline.
The cold was beginning to bite and being roused from his slumber merely drew attention to his full bladder. Taking a torch Lord Greystoke made for the edge of the camp. Humming noisily to himself he pushed the torch into a natural crook of a branch with one hand while rooting in his breaches with the other.
Suddenly from the undergrowth a beast comprising little more than dripping fangs and red eyes of pure evil sprang from the darkness smashing into the side of Greystoke and sending the pair of them crashing to ground.
They rolled around, claws raking the side of the paladin while he, pinned to the ground grunted in pain and used all his strength to hold back the mighty jaws.
Joff just stood there staring at the monstrous beast, rooted to the spot in terror.

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10/05/2005 4:19 AM

Hacking through the dense greenery wasn't such an easy task, as she had thought it to be. The trees and overlapping undergrown seemed to be resisting entrance itself, enclosing possible pathways. A pale hand reached out, forcing a low tree branch, that stood the way of it's owner path, aside. The lich took a step forward, it's naked foot stepping into a shrub, awarding the lich another couple of scratches. Taken by surprise, the pressure keeping the tree branch in place lessened, allowing the branch to come free. Like a whip, the branch sprung back into place, proceeding to hit the intruder squarely on the right temple.

"Oww..." She groaned, facing sideways as she had been slapped, her foot still in the wild shrub as she stood over it. After blinking several stars out of her eyes, she wrenched her foot out of the plant and started to look around, leaning on her crumbling staff.

Nothing to was to be seen in sight other else than -
"Trees, trees, trees... and trees! " She muttered irritably under her breath.
"You couldn't ask for more in the world... "
It was true, nothing other than green was to be seen in sight; everywhere in the vicinity seemed to be completely covered with plants.

A delicious smell of roasted meat filled her nostrils, she looked for the source of where it was coming from and there it was - a dark spot not to far away on her left ; referring to her ability of Dark Sight it could only mean one thing, a lighted fire - a encampment. Suddenly, a shriek of surprise echoed into her ears, it seemed to be coming not so far ahead of her. She was offered a decision once again.

Heading forwards to the stranger, who might be in need of escort; sounded nice, it didn't attract much attention, but it could also end her up dealing with some monster - which was definitely something she didn't want. While heading to the encampment; it was bound to attract attention, but it sounded much more promising than heading straight into the hands of a could-be monster. After making her decision, deliberately. She started to make her way towards the encampment, but was stopped again by a slight tugging on the hem of her large robes. Whipping around, she found her robes caught in a bush she had passed before.

Feeling slightly vexed, she gripped for support on her staff with on hand and started tugging with the other. It still wouldn't come free. Feel thoroughly annoyed, she grabbed a handful of robes and pulled harder. A loud ripping noise broke through the cold air, as her robes split in half. She ignored this, and hurried to the encampment.

The encampment was settled on a small clearing, the lich stopped when it came into sight, observing the two figures in the camp. One was evidently a paladin, the other was a boy, the paladin's squire. The scene was dim for the lich, the light from the fire was blinding her from getting a clear sight.
Is that a paladin??? She asked herself, edging to the nearer the encampment for a better look.

Why. Bloody, jolly good. It is! She thought sarcastically, eyeing the squire, who jumped up as if he had seen a ghost. She retreated back into the shadows of the trees as the squire and paladin had a short conversation where the paladin took a torch and headed to the opposite side of the camp, from where our undead friend was standing.

Without warning the paladin suddenly crashed back into the encampment, with some company; a large terrifying wolf, on top of the paladin pinning him to the ground, while the paladin fought back with all his strength keeping the wolf's jaws from it's meal.


The lich heard a firm voice call out to the boy, who stood there eyeing the beast, consumed by fear.
Pathetic... She commented to herself, still reluctant to aid the paladin.
Too, pathetic... She flashed across her mind, seeing that the squire was still overwhelmed by terror to help. The paladin could be crushed by those giant fangs any moment and there was a good chance that the he, whoever he was, had the way to this rumored city.

Without a second thought, the lich jumped into the blindness of the light, towards the great sword she had seen somewhere on the floor. Luckily, the sword wasn't so close to the fire as she had thought, so her sight wasn't completely diminished. She made a grab for it and threw it to the paladin.

"Here! " She cried to catch the attention of the paladin, as the sword flew towards the pair, wrestling on the floor.

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10/05/2005 5:21 AM

The sword clattered to the ground still a couple of feet from the pair, lying against a piece of knotted wood. The pommel rested on the ground while the blade projecting menacingly into the air.
"PERFECT," grunted Lord Greystoke, seeing the tactical advantage such a positioning granted.
Rolling to one side he shifted the weight of the direwolf causing it to overbalance and fall.
Lord Greystoke however quickly rolled the opposite direction and grabbed the sword by the blade and brought it over in an arc, clouting the beast firmly on the snout with the hilt.
Temporally stunned the beast backed off giving the paladin time to get to his feet and reverse the sword.
"HAH FOUL BEAST, YE COUNTED NOT ON MINE SKILL AND CUNNING!" he said menacing the point of the blade at the creature.
Joff however appeared to have finally regained his senses and hurled a flaming brand from the fire, momentarily distracting it. This was the opening needed for Lord Greystoke to press his advantage and an ear of the direwolf fell to the ground.
With a yelp the beast leapt back and deciding that chance of an easy meal had passed - for the moment - bounded off into to the darkness.
"Er, bain't me wot did it."
Turning the paladin finally caught sight of the monochrome apparition.

10/05/2005 7:12 AM

No quite certain, that her help had done the trick. The lich turned to watch the continued struggle of the battling pair on the forest floor. The lighting was dim, making barely being able to make out anything, thanks to the help of the lit fire. The sword that she had thrown, announced it's coming as it fell onto the floor with a clatter.

The paladin grunted something which she could only make out vaguely, and then a some fighting took place. Then some yelling and some more fighting. The rustling of leaves narrated the exit of one of the two, the sound of the paladin congratulating it's squire that did nothing, told the lich that the wolf had been wise enough to have fled.

"Er, bain't me wot did it."

The squire protested the paladin's praise. At this point the lich groped into her robes with her free hand. What the squire had just said clearly drew attention from the paladin to her. She wasn't going to take chances; she had already been turned down by most people that she had once counted friends just because of her misfortune - she certainly wasn't going to trust a paladin, who had devoted his life trying to clear off her present race.


The paladin was clearly talking to her. Her mind raced, she wasn't sure of what to say. The paladin could strike her down and complete another job of clearing the world of evilness, for all she knows. However, being the devil's advocate, having joined a paladin was quite a good tactical idea. He certainly wouldn't want much of the riches, would he?

Making up her mind, she smiled; the cold-yet-charming smile that she bore since she was a human.

"Not a problem, Milord. But I must say, that I strongly suggest you put out that good-for-nothing fire before it attracts anything else and move, from this place. I recall hearing a shriek somewhere near here not just a few moments ago before your encounter. "

Her voice was light and she was standing in a most comfortable stance, her hand on her staff while the other deep inside her robes.

"Probably some poor person down their luck... " She added, as though nothing had happened and nothing will.

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10/05/2005 8:40 AM

The direwolf was a smart enough beast to know when the odds were against it. The human had been saved from ravaging claws and teeth by his strong suit of plate armour. Whimpering softly, the direwolf fled far off into the forest to recover from its painful wounds.

10/05/2005 8:48 AM

"Looks more like death still cold," said Joff under his breath.
"AHEM, WHERE ART MINE MANNERS, LORD GREYSTOKE AT THY SERVICE," concluded the paladin lamely, bowing low to cover fixing his breaches with more than a little embarrassment.

10/05/2005 4:43 PM

As Razkir and Wenzel made their way to towards the camp, they heard a brief commotion coming from it. Razkir quickened his pace to see what was happening, while Wenzel just groaned and tried to keep up.

When they arrived, whatever had happened was already over. There appeared to be three figures standing there; a boy, a man who appeared to be some sort of knight, and the third was a small figure wearing a torn robe. Razkir furrowed his brow as he caught a glimpse of the figures face as it was briefly illuminated by the dancing flames of the campfire.

Wenzel cleared his throat to announce his presence and started to walk into the camp, but Razkir grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar and roughly pulled him back. Then Razkir walked into view, keeping a hand behind his back holding his dagger, just in case there was trouble.

Razkir turned to the man clad in armor, whom he assumed to be the leader of this trio. "Greetings, I am Razkir. And this," he said poking a thumb at Wenzel "is my...associate, Wenzel. I think we are a bit lost, and was hoping you could help us."

10/06/2005 12:48 AM

"S'pose yer gonna offer out the rest of me stuff to any old scrote that just happens by," grumbled joff to himself. With that he stalked off to gather some dead twigs to feed the dwindling fire - despite the obvious alarm on the girl's face.
"BOY, WHEN THEE ART FINISHED GATHERING SEE TO THE COMFORT OF OUR GUESTS." Muttering and grumbling greeted this comment, not that anyone was paying attention.
"Yeah, loot some gold for repairs before the roof collapses in on the castle - yer make it all sound so noble yer big pansy." If Greystoke heard this muffled retort he chose to ignore it.

10/06/2005 9:35 PM

The paladin seemed to take her warning as some joke, as her merely stated that she was jesting. However, she was not jesting whatsoever of any kind.


Greystoke? Is that your first name or what? She was most tempted to interrupt and ask, but holding the element of politeness, she resisted. A snobbish noble with his worthless servant wasn't worth her effort of insulting, seeing criticism would probably bounce off their ignorance.

Running through her mind, she eventually ignored Greystoke's question about her destination and the boy's muttered statement.

The flames of the burning fire flickered as her, causing the lich to snap away from it, her eyes watering. She hastily wiped them out of her eyes with the sleeves of her baggy robes. She eyed the forest thoughtfully, whatever that caused the shriek should have been here by now - or perhaps it changed direction?

Seeing perfectly in the dark, she soon caught sight of a figure, headed towards the camp, clearing his throat. She still remained silent, her hands; inside her robes and on her staff, as the figure was pulled back roughly by another, who proceeded in front. Before he stepped into the dimness of the lighted camp, the lich registered him immediately as a person she could cut a deal with. Judging by his light build, cloak and tunic, she presumed him as someone who worked on the darker side of the street like she - presumably a thief or an assassin.

He introduced himself as Razkir and his friend, Wenzel. The stated that they were lost, which she found hard to believe. Lord Greystoke, who seemed awfully foolish than he looked, accepted Razkir into the fold without a question. This was getting out of hand, it was time she started talking.

The lich flipped her hood over her head from shielding the light of the fire, as Greystoke threw some dry twigs into it. Slipping her hands back in place, she observed Razkir's hands, finding them leading to his back. Acting like she had no suspicion she voiced her question.

"Lost? Did you say ... ?" She said in a soft voice that was only audible enough for those in the camp. "Well Razkir, I heard a shriek somewhere not far behind you. Why... You must have passed the spot where it happened - What happened...?" She asked, cutting her speech short, her eyes gazing at the lean figure.

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10/07/2005 9:39 PM

Upon being greeted by Lord Greystoke, Wenzel wasted no time in rushing over to the fire and chomping on what was left of the rabbit meat. Razkir watched him eat, with a look of disgust on his face. Then he put on a smile, and began to address Lord Greystoke.

"Thank you for the hospitality. It's been a long day, and I'm glad to be in good company now. However, I'm afraid I can't help you. We have no plans to travel to any settlements anytime soon, and there is no time to be burdened with escorting anybody."

The robed figure had removed it's hood now, and Razkir could see it was a female, and a rather pale one at that. Then she spoke in a soft voice. "Lost? Did you say ... ? Well Razkir, I heard a shriek somewhere not far behind you. Why... You must have passed the spot where it happened - What happened...?"

Razkir turned to regard her carefully, not sure what to think of this woman.

"Ah, yes." he chuckled. "You see, Wenzel here is a bit clumsy. While we were walking through the woods, he bent a tree branch to get it out of his way, except he let go of it too soon and it smacked him in the face! The shriek you heard came from him. Just a minor incident, nothing to be alarmed about. Isn't that right, Wenzel?"

Wenzel looked up from the food he had his face stuffed in, and brought a hand up, brushing it against the dried blood on his cheek where he had been cut. Then took notice of the stern look Razkir was giving him. "Yes, stupid me. Gotta watch out for those tree branches!" he said with a nervous laugh.

"See? Now then," Razkir started "as far as being lost goes, and what our destination is...Well, I see no need to hide anything. We are searching for a ruined city that is rumored to be in the area. If either of you have any information on it's location, we would be very grateful."

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10/08/2005 7:31 AM

The lich eyes features lessened instantly upon hearing Razkir's answer, taking the explanation without a single suspicion as the embarrassing event had happened to her also. However, what had caught her attention most was Razkir asking for a confirmation from who he claims to be his associate with a stern face and Wenzel playing along with a nervous laugh. She looked between the two, her eyes flicking from Razkir to Wenzel as Razkir spoke up again.

"See? Now then, as far as being lost goes, and what our destination is...Well, I see no need to hide anything. We are searching for a ruined city that is rumored to be in the area. If either of you have any information on it's location, we would be very grateful."

Just as I expected... She thought to herself. Her crimson eyes not wavering from Razkir for a single moment as she considered to herself how much to tell and whether he was honest or not. She soon let out a long sigh, which sounded more like a hiss than an outtake of breath before she answered Razkir with a drawling tired-like voice.

"You stand on the city you search for, Razkir... " The lich began slowy. "As you can see, it seems to no longer exist, as does it's rumored treasure... " She concluded her thoughts simply, breaking her eye contact from Razkir. She swept her eyes around the camp for a dark spot to settle down, suddenly remembering something she hadn't done yet.

"Oh... and the name's Rogue, by the way." She told Razkir in a throw-away-like fashion, before making her way to a large tree at the edge of the camp, hoping for the shadow it provided.

Rogue settled down between the large roots of the tree, her staff rested on the tree trunk beside her, the hand that usually held it, playing with her white filthy hair, the other hand, however, remained dormant in her robes. Her suspicions were not down to zero just yet.

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10/10/2005 4:27 PM

Kiar eyes began to move as his attention was caught by something. His wet nose sniffed the air as he took a step and sniffed. Nori raised a thin brow at her wolf looking dog, she was puzzled. The beast seemed to be hungry again. It's long tounge hanged to the side of it's mouth as he took to wiffting the air once more. She rolled her eyes as she continued to walk infont of Kiar.

She frown as the forest seemed to be leading her nowhere, and the sight of trees and more trees was annoying her. Nori cursed under her breath as the noise of crushed twigs and leafs reached her ears. When asking the road to the next town, a midwife had told her to take the trail that lead into the forest, when she had stopped in a nearby village for food and supplies. Her suppose "trail" had dissapeard a night ago. She was too deep into the forest to turn back, so she dicided to manage getting out of the forest by herself. Now, she was regreting her decision.

Kiar whinned as he started to jump despretly on Nori. "Down, you stupid mutt.", Nori said as she hit him plenty of times with her hand on his nose. Kiar ignored that, after many failed attemps on getting his master's attention he speed off towards Nori's left.

"Kiar!", Nori yelled as her dog was almost out of view. Nori growled as ran after her disobediant dog. She ran gracefully though the trees, ducking every twig or swiftly jumping every bush infront of her. Her steps could barely be heard seeming as each step she took was a glide.

Nori's long black hair flowed behind her as her gold redish eyes kept track of Kiar. Suddenly, her dog stopped dead on it's tracks as it's teeth came to view. His nose and ears pushed back as he growled, resisting the temptation to bark. Nori came to a full stop next to her dog as a short, chubby man stood infront of them.

Kiar barked as the sound echoed loudly through the forest. He took to the air and landed on the chubby man, attacking his left hand. A painful scream escaped his lips as Kiar ripped the bacon from his grip.. Nori took her bow and arrow putting them both into place, a little cracking sound coming from her bow as she pulled the arrow next to her ear.
She let go of the arrow, it pinned itself to a tree very close to her dog, missing Kiar by inches. Her dog immediately let go of the chubby gnome's bacon and hurriedly went to Nori's side.

Her dog started to whine again. Nori's hair was covering most of her face as a soft breeze made it swiflty move behind her. . Her gold, red eyes scanning the poeple around him as the sight of the cooked meat came to view.

[i]"So that was your reason for taking off, stupid mutt!", Nori thought angrily. "Now look what you've wound me in!"[/i]

Kiar whinned a bit more, without warning he headed for a thin figure concield underneath a shodow. He leaped on her as Nori hurridly grabbed him by his fur.

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10/10/2005 7:49 PM

Slithering down a path which led deep within the forest, the snakelike humanoid figure stretched as it moved through the underbrush. The trail seemed to be one mainly used by game animals.

The sounds of the forest surrounding the path suddenly drowned out into a silence. The scaled creature slows to a halt and crossing its path is a wounded beast, in the dense fog it looks to be either a large boar or hound.

Remaining still as the beast seems to smell the air about it, the snake creature took quickly into the brush hiding amonsgt thick foliage. The beasts eyes glowed an errie red in the fog as it came into sight. It was an extremely large dire wolf that looked to be wounded as it searched for the mysterious scent in a daze. Luckily the beast was in such a state or else it probly wouldnt have given up so easily after not being able to find its prey.

Todd remained there still, covered in thick brush. If it were not for his scales he himself probly wound not have been able to tollerate the cutting twigs and brambles. Here he finds to be a good place to rest for the time being. With wild creatures about, no lighting, dense fog, and off his trail he finds it best to wait for daylight to get set back on track and search for any others like him.

10/11/2005 1:47 AM

"ROGUE?" asked Greystoke.
"As in thieving wastrel bastard," muttered Joff sulkily staring at the shiftier of the new arrivals as he ploughed through Joff's would-have-been breakfast, "just one of many I reckon."
"TREASURE, HIDDEN CITY, BELOW US? TIS NEWS TO MINE EAR" continued Lord Greystoke, all thoughts of the maiden and her curious name forgotten with news of his impending fortune. "ON THE MORROW THEN, YE SHALL ACCOMPANY US DEAR LADY WHILE WE CLEANSE THIS WARREN OF EVIL. WORRY NOT THY HEAD FOR MINE SWORD IS SHARP AND MINE SKILL LEGENDARY." Turning to the rest he announced with all the conviction of a leader whose appointment, status and role had never been in question. "MAKE THYSELVES COMFORTABLE GENTLEMEN FOR WE SHALL RISE EARLY AND SEEK THE ENTRANCE."
"S'pose you'll all be wanting breakfast then," grumbled Joff.

10/11/2005 2:51 AM

As the dire wolf made its way back to its lair, another scent of a possible meal caught its attention. The beast stopped for a moment to sniff the air about it. There was definately something [i]unusual[/i] about this scent. Somehow the beast sensed that whatever lurked nearby would not make for easy prey. Not much feeling like another challenge this night in his current condition, the dire wolf turned quickly and continued on his way towards the den.

10/11/2005 3:58 AM

An awkward silence seems to settled over the dark camp, the dull situation bored Rogue greatly as she closed her eyes, waiting for someone to say something. Several seconds passed with nothingness. It was Greystoke who broke the eerie silence.


Rogue turned to the addresser of her name with rapt attention, finding it was only Greystoke, she lost her interest nearly instantly as he continued with his speech.


Is he deaf or what... ??? The first thought that came into Rogue's mind was swift and clear, as she surely recall herself saying that the city didn't seem to exist, but he seems to take what she said as the city still existed.

"I said the city no longer exists... " She retorted Greystoke, every syllable of the sentence loud and clear, but then it struck her. Suddenly like an arrow springing from a bow.

Underground... Surely a great city as the one they were in search for must have had dungeons. Why hadn't she thought of that before? Had just several days deep in the forest dulled her sharp wits thus far?

The lich smiled at Greystoke constantly ignoring the squire's non-stop nuttering. She opened her mouth to say that he might be right, when a loud barking interrupted her.

Rogue snapping around to find the source of the sound. Had the dire wolf they attacked brought back more fellows from it's this time? The barking got louder and louder, indicating that whatever was causing the sound was coming nearer to the camp every second.

Not looking quite at the correct direction, Rogue was not entirely aware as IT immerged swiftly from a building wall of overgrown. Screams irrupted. The same pathetic scream that Rogue had heard earlier in her way to the camp. Alert, She whipped around once again.

The thing attacking Wenzel was a black handsome wolf, it was smaller than the direwolf that fled the fight moments ago, but it looked just as lethal. Not sparing a single thought for the thing, Rogue pulled her hand out of her robes, withdrawing a poisonous dagger that she always kept in person.

But before she could even aim at the thing, she was spared the trouble as an arrow shot straight at the wolf - no, near the wolf, missing it a few inches as the wolf backed off immediately, whining as it headed to it's presumed owner.

The women that had shot the wolf, making it retreat back to her, looked about a few years older than Rogue. She wore a black tunic and boots, her bow was still in her hands as she scanned the area with her gold eyes, her waist-long black hair covered some features of her face as it had dropped from behind her shoulder when she took off after her pet.

Rogue thought that the stranger hadn't noticed her that was concealed under the shadows of the tree, but she was sure she was mistaken as the wolf had leaped on her when she was lost in her thought on the new arrival.

"Off... Off, I tell you!" She muttered madly trying to push the large creature off of her, her dagger falling to the ground beside her and failing as she gave into the wolf's heavy weight. She gave in finally, letting the dog lick her as much as it had wanted, but before the dog had time to do anything, it's owner grabbed it back by it's fur.

"Thanks, and you are...?" Rogue asked the woman, who seemed to own the wolf-like dog, her hand found it's way back on the hilt of her dagger. Rogue might be sincerely thankful for pulling the dog back, but it still wasn't enough to render her from being cautious.

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10/11/2005 7:12 PM

Nori kept a tight grip on Kiar, her gold-red eyes scanning the person her foolish beast had trampled over. It's features were hidden behind the shadows, but Nori could make out that it was a woman from the fair figure.

"Kiar!", Nori said immpatiently. Her thoughts about the stranger being a woman were confirmed as the woman spoke.

Nori hesistated to answer as Kiar shifted constintaly. She took Kiar's ear and pinched it hard with her nails. The creature gave a sharp whine and curled up at her feet. Nori shook her head at her wolf-like dog, she could feel her blood rush up to her face as his hungry little eyes set upon the cooking food.

"I'm sorry to intrude like this," Nori said as she pushed her hair out of her face. "seems my dog could not resist the temptation of food."

Nori took out a single arrow from her bundle and pointed it at Kiar, daring him to move. She placed her bow over her shoulder and fiddled with her arrow. She needed her dog as an excuse to take the arrow out, at least it would serve as a weapon incase the woman suddenly attacked her.

"I am Noriana," Nori said as she rested a hand on her chest. "This here is my beast Kiar." Nori cocked her head at Kiar as the woman's eyes scanned the animal.

"I'm in search of a town at the end of this forest, but it seems that the forest will not let me escape it's vastness.", said Nori a bit annoyed by the fact. "I've been tring to find a path for sometime now and managed to encounter you all. By mistake, as you can see."

She gave a nodd to the men to actknowledge their presence. Then, she gave a cold stare at her dog while it sniffed the air, it's tounge hanging to the side.

10/12/2005 12:09 AM

"Bloody hell, every friggin' man And his dog!"

10/12/2005 9:08 PM

Nori thought it over. She could reject the man's offer and be on her way, the only problem was she didn't know wich way to be on. Her dog was no ousse to her, he would be whyinning and dazed because of their lack of food. She scanned each and everyone of the people at the suppose camp. Nori didn't trust them yet. But her lack of sleep and hunger gave her no choice.

'Acccepting would prove helpful', Nori thought. Getting a bit of rest anf food was what she and Kiar needed. Also the strangers could prove helpful to helping her and ther beat to a near by town.

Nori nodded her head at the stranger as his squire mumbled something under his breath. "I accept your offer, kind sir." Nori said after taking her eyes off the squire. He seemed someone her beast wouldn't mind chewing on. She luaghed inside.

"A bit of rest and food would be pleasent.", Nori said smirking. "Though, this adventure you talk about, would it not be of a lost city I have heard such rumors about would it?"

She had over heard two villagers in the town she had departed from talk about some lost city. Nori avoided listening to nonsense. Traveling from village to village had taught he to not belive every word that escapes the villagers mouth.

10/12/2005 10:01 PM

"Great!" Razkir exclaimed after hearing Rogue say they were on top of the city. Lord Greystoke then announced that the group would go and cleanse the place of evil in the morning. Yeah, Razkir smiled to himself and thought, we'll cleanse it alright.

As Razkir was about to say something, a wolflike beast leaped past him and attacked Wenzel. Razkir just stood there and chuckled as Wenzel struggled to try and keep his food. An arrow was shot near the animal, and it retreated to a woman with a bow who had also appeared.

Then it turned around and jumped on Rogue. Razkir was about to intervene - Rogue had done nothing wrong and he didn't want her to get hurt, Wenzel, however, was expendable - but it just started to lick her, and the other woman who must have been it's owner pulled it off.

The woman introduced herself as Noriana, and the dog as Kiar. They were looking for a town. Greystoke started rambling about they were all warriors and it must be favored by the gods to all be meeting here, and they would enter the ruins together. It sounded like Noriana agreed to join them, and said some food would be pleasant.

Meanwhile, Wenzel stood there rubbing his hand, his face a shade of bright red. He had heard enough. "Well you'll get no food from me! You keep that mutt away from me too!"

Razkir stood there and rolled his eyes. "Wenzel..."

"And you!" Wenzel shouted, taking a grimy finger and poking Lord Greystroke, smearing it on his shiny armor. "What are you talking about? Warriors!? I'm no warrior! I don't want to go into any ruins! It might be dangerous!"

"Wenzel! Calm down."

"What??" Why should we listen to any of these people? Do something about it, you're the assassin!"

Razkir sighed, not exactly thrilled about having his profession revealed to everybody. "I think you're forgetting something, you half-wit. I still haven't been compensated. Now, I intend on going to these ruins, and you're coming with us. Either that, or I'll gut you right here and feed you to Kiar."

Wenzel started grumbling to himself, but made no further objections. Razkir did his best to put on a reassuring smile to let everyone know there was no problem here.

10/13/2005 12:44 AM

Greystoke gasped as the scruffy man touched his armour, leaving a greasy soot smear down the breast plate. The outburst ended with the man Wenzel describing his friend Razkir as an assassin.
At this burst of righteous anger, Joff for once was mute, scambling for the oil cloth to see to his lord's armour.

10/17/2005 5:45 AM

Far undergound, deep below where the lost city had once stood, something stirred in the darkness. Silently, Nexhertepes floated above the cold stone floor, making his way into a massive vaulted chamber where many creatures of varying races cowered and waited.

Nexhertepes stopped, his many eyes scanning over the horde of creatures. Resisting the urge to unleash a fireball spell into the crowd, his hideously orb-like body visibly trembled with rage. Uncomfortable moments passed which seemed like hours to the cowering creatures before Nexhertepes, but still he did not speak.

Finally, one of the highest ranking creatures, an Ogre Chieftain plucked up the courage to speak, his voice was filled with dread and fear.

"Master, we thinkses the thief was the Half-Orc, Rarsh. He's not here and..."


Still the horde cowered motionless in fear.

"NOW!!!" screamed the Beholder.

At this the horde of creatures jumped up to their feet, pushing and tripping over one another in a frantic rush to exit the chamber.

10/17/2005 2:29 PM

The Yaun-ti awoke in the stillness of the night. Nodding off for only amoment seemed like a near eternity of rest. Taking a second to think back this was still the same night, he had not slept the night away.

Cocking his head at an angle he listens to the jungle around him. Slight noise in the distance, a cricket near him chirping and all else silent. Moving his head silently to scan his surroundins, the snake creature saw and smelled nothing out of place.

Now that he was awake and alert, Todd figured that he should move to what would feel like a sligtly safer surrounding. After another moment of waiting and nothing changing, the scaled figure slithered forth into the further darkness.

Not long in his advandce a slight vibration could be felt underneath as suddenly the ground beneath him gave way. Not being quick enough to evade the radius of the hole in the earth, the serpent coiled himself around a group of thick roots that protruded forth in the newly formed well. The roots should be able to hold him for a while, and he could hang forever. A need however was for him to get back atop the surface, or to find if he could survive the drop.

10/18/2005 8:29 AM


As Lord Greystoke finished his grand speach, the sound of falling rubble suddenly pierced the silence of the forest. It lasted for only a few seconds, but the sound of collapsing earth and rock was quite recognisable, and can't have came from too far away.

10/18/2005 4:29 PM

Nori chuckled as the Razkir threatened Wenzel to be fed to Kiar. The beast lifted it ears at the sound of his name, his tail waging about wildly. After not being called for a second time, Kiar whined and rested his head on his paws. Nori lifted a brow at him and wondered how she came upon such a pitiful creature. Yet, she was glad she did, it was Kiars whining that amused her.

At the mention of Razkir being an assasin, Nori scanned him. He was lean and light build, a good body structure for an assassin. He had medium length brown hair, a blakc cloack along with a burgundy tunic, leather leggings and boots. Nori had to admit he was rather attractive, she grinned at the sight of his weapons. Though, him being an assassin did not worry her as long as he knew where his loyalty lay. Noried hoped it be with the group.

As Lord Greystoke spoke, Nori leaned against a tree, her eyes gazed at the crackiling fire. With out warning a loud crashing sound inturrupted the group. Nori clutched her bow tightly, her bow ready incase she needed it as she pullerd out a dagger from her belt.

"What in the world...", Nori said, but cut herslef off as the sound faded. She looked at her dog like wolf as he growled, his teeth shown clearly. Nori turned to the group, they too had puzzled faces. Her hair fell over haer face as her eyes darted around the area.

10/19/2005 12:54 AM

The sound of collapsing earth was enough to spring Greystoke into action. Before the noise died away his sword was out, Joff was send flying along with the armour polishing paraphenalia and Greystoke was sprinting towards the noise. As he passed the fire he stooped picking up a brand, burning at one end.
Dissappoint registered on his face as he reached the side of a newly opened pit. If he had mistaken the sound of a landslide for some strange kind of raging beast he was not going to mention it.
Hurling the makeshift torch into the hole he could see a number of passages leading off. Some had been partially blocked by the landslide but one was most definitely clear...
"T'WOULD SEEM WE ARE IN LUCK," he shouted to the others still back at camp a short distance away. Finishing the conversation with the assassin could wait.

10/19/2005 12:59 PM

((OOC: Mind if I join in now?))

10/20/2005 8:06 AM

The woman apologized for her sudden appearance and so-called intrusion, explaining her pet's appeal for a bite. It didn't matter to Rogue much, as she was seeing that the camp was starting to attract more and more attention by the minute; thanks to Greystokeis idiocy for not putting the fire out.

Rogue edged her dagger back into the folds of her graying robes, holding them in a lose grip.

"I am Noriana, This here is my beast Kiar."

Noriana introduced herself and her pet, she had taken out and arrow, too, before introducing herself, and seems to be acting that the reason of her actions were because of her dog. It didn't occur to Rogue much, because if an attack would occur, judging from Rogue's own experience; she would have to say in her own opinion, that she seems to have the upper hand in the fight.

Lord Greystoke continued on to rave and rant about warriors and gods and invite Noriana to join the so-called raid of evil creatures and such, as Rogue listened to him reproachfully. Pah! It was nauseating for her to see someone as naive and blindly righteous as a paladin. And expectantly, Noriana agreed to join the party.

The small introductions between the party that continued was nothing of Rogue's concern, making her stay silent throughout it.

A loud rumbling echoed throughout the forbidding forest, straight to the ears of the party and interrupting the chat, narrated the fall of land mass not far from the camp. Without a second thought, Rogue took of into the darkness without a sound, disappearing from the shadowy hostility of the large tree.

Rogue took a different passage from Greystoke, as she arrived in the shadows of the undergrowth; Lord Greystoke was already standing beside a large black hole that seemed to suck everything that was once there into the darkness of the underground maze.


His booming righteous voice yelled back to the others, as he waved a torch at the opening, illuminating some details inside the Dungeon. Rogue standing close enough to see saw various passages leading to places unknown.

Rogue stepped out of the undergrowth towards Greystoke to get a better look underground. Her eyes that were set on the opening, did not see a large vines tangling into the hole, causing her to trip on them.

Falling into the blackness, Rogue reached out to grab onto something by instinct. Her hands fell on the rough surface of the landfall that, unfortunately, was not strong enough to support her, as she tried to pry her fingers unsuccessfully into the rock and dirt.

It was within a second that Rogue saw some vines hanging down from the earth surface next to her. She flung out to grab hold of them, but her hands were bloody from trying to hold on to the sharp rocks and dirt mass, making them too slippery to hold on to it.

Down and down she went on the vines, then some brown propped out of the green next to her. She reached and grabbed that too. Luckily, the brown were robes and Rogue managed to stop herself by holding on to the belt of the figure.

Sighing with relief, Rogue peered down to the floor below her; it was quite far and looked far enough to be fatal if dropped, then looked up to the figure that was on the vines not unlike herself.

"Errr... Thanks... ???"

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10/20/2005 8:42 AM

"MILADY!" shouted Greystoke as the dark figure of Rogue disappeared into the void. "JOFF, BRING ROPE, QUICK BOY."
"Er... we bain't got none."

10/20/2005 11:59 AM

Lark walked through the thick forest, he sighed out of bordom. He had been traveling for days here, he was looking for a town or something to restock supplies. Though none were found, only a large place with ruins and such. Lark stayed there for a few days, he found some gold but that was all. Lark stopped "didn't i see this tree yesterday?" He wispered to himself.

Lark jumped for a moment then turned around. Lark heard something

"Er... we bain't got none."

"who are they?" He wispered as he walked through some bushes torwards a man and a small kid. "umm hello, i'm lost can you help me?" Lark asked looking as stupid as ever

10/20/2005 1:46 PM

The large battlemare picked her way through the brush, following the white wolf before her. In the faint moonlight, the wolf stood out like a beacon. Ayeka dozed in the saddle, trusting the well-bred mare to follow the highly intelligent wolf. Her long blonde hair fell loose around her shoulders, shadowing her face from the night. A cloak of deep black shrouded her shoulders, keeping her warm from the slight chill to the air.

Once, twice, three times the moonlight caught the pendant that was suspened by a golden chain around her neck, gleaming a sullen scarlet before it was again cradled by the shadows. Abruptly, the sound of falling rock and earth caught the wolf's ears, and the beast froze, every hair on end. The mare snorted and stopped ten paces from the still wolf.

Jennah lifted her nose to the wind, and scented several humans... and some.. well more interesting humaniods ahead. But the sound had come from a different direction, and it didn't bode for easy travel.

:: Kal'endral... Humans ahead....:: The wolf sent to the dozing woman upon the mares' back.

The gentle mindspeech of the wolf was caught and amplified by the packsong that the woman and wolf shared, echoed by many voices through the grey tide. Ayeka didn't move save for opening her eyes, which the moonlight caught and made gleam a soft silver for a breif moment. When the silver faded, it was replaced by a shade between violet and blue.

A shiver danced along her spine, it had been quite a while since she had.... Quickly she sat up, and shook the thought from her head as her senses fanned out, seeking out any possible danger....

"Lets go Jennah... our supplies are low, perhaps they can spare some before we continue on our way."

The wolf sneezed and shook herself all over before she turned and led the mare onward. As she picked her way through the undergrowth, Jennah still couldn't help but wonder why her mistress wouldn't accept herself for what she was....

The mare snorted, tossed her mane and followed the wolf again, while Ayeka rode in silence, but this time she was painfully alert, not dozing.

10/20/2005 2:30 PM

Razkir just nodded and pretended to listen as Lord Greystoke went on about seeking redemption or being punished. While he was talking, he noticed Noriana had her eyes on him. Now that everybody knew he was an assassin, he wasn't surprised that they would want to watch him more closely.

Lord Greystoke ended his tirade by saying that he would pray for Razkir. Shortly after he finished, there was a loud rumbling nearby. Greystoke wasted no time in rushing over to where the noise originated from. Razkir followed after and came in view of the pit in time to see Rogue tripping and falling inside.


After hearing Joff say there was none, Razkir unhooked the coil of rope hanging from his belt. He kneeled at the edge of the opening and peered down.

"There isn't much rope, so hopefully this pit isn't too deep. Rogue, hang on!" Razkir gripped one end of the rope tightly, then tossed the other end of the rope into the hole.

After tossing the rope, Razkir looked up as a red-haired boy came out of the bushes and claimed he was lost. Razkir just looked at this newcomer and raised an eyebrow.

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10/20/2005 4:08 PM

"can someone tell me where i might find a village? i was at some ruin a few days ago as well" Lark said looking to the assaissan. Lark wondered why he looked at him funny, though he payed no mind

10/20/2005 4:18 PM

There seemed to be a minor commotion at the tunnel opening, but of which Rogue could only register vaguely. True, the sounds carried down into the tunnels easily even though they were slightly contorted from echoing, but the torch that Lord Greystoke held had enveloped everything illuminated by it's given light from Rogue's sight.

There was some racket up on the earth surface for rope, and an unfamiliar male voice saying something like he was lost.

Ignoring the numbing pain from her bleeding hands, Rogue moved her grip slightly to get a firmer one, the numbness of her wounds spread tiredness to her arms more rapidly than it would have done, unwounded. Thick red blood streamed over her right hand and splattered onto the brown monk robes uncontrollably, hiding the depth of the wound from Rogue's acknowledgement as her left hand held loosely at her side, dripping the large red circles of blood on the grimy stone floor below. It was obvious that she would be releasing her hand soon.

Razkir's voice echoed down into the Dungeon, as Rogue breathed into the brown robes pressed on her face. It gave a weird smell, one that suggested that the owner was not entirely human, as the scent was slightly different form the scent that Rogue had smelled during her sessions to fulfill her carnivorous hunger - her hunger that seemed unquenchable by anything, but human flesh.

No. This isn't time to think about that. She gritted her teeth at the soreness of her hand and arm. Letting go and dropping fifty feet to the bottom looked strangely welcoming.

Out of the darkness provided by Greystoke's torch, a rope dropped down from the blinded spot at the Dungeon crude entrance. It swung wildly, somewhat five feet from her head, apparently impossible to reach, but she reached out for it with her left hand anyway and succeeding only to grab the mouldy air of the Dungeon that seemed undisturbed for some time.

"It's too far... !" She cried back with every ounce of her energy that she could muster through the pain ebbing away at her.

10/20/2005 4:21 PM

It was at this point that Jennah had poked her nose into the break of the treeline, and padded into the clearing, every line of her lupine body shrieked both curiosity and caution.

The mare and her rider broke through into the clearing only to have Ayeka rein in the mare, making her dance a pace or two before settling, she hadn't quite expected to run into them this soon.

Ayeka noticed the sink-hole, and glanced to Jennah, and the wolf didn't need any further prodding. The intelligent creature padded forward, ignoring the looks she recieved. Jennah peered down, her blue eyes blazed red breifly as the light caught them. She sneezed lightly, then made an odd chuffling sound in her throat, and backed off.

:: Two have gotten themselves in a delicate position, Kal'Endra....:: The wolf explained, and the packsong was filled with vauge amusment.

Without bothering to introduce herself, Ayeka pulled a length of rope from the saddlebag by her left leg, and tied it to the mare's halter. Deftly, she tossed the loose length to the nearest of those gathered.

"They won't be able to hold on for too long. Nytehart can pull them up with little trouble... tell them to wrap the rope around them, and hang on tight...." She said, an unmistakable accent to her alto voice. She then tapped the mare's right then left shoulder, speaking two sharp words.

"Val Kinarl." The mare snorted, and her ears lay flat for a moment, before she shuffled her hooves for a better stance, then locked her legs.

10/20/2005 5:04 PM

A slight light shown at the surface bringing Todd back to the concious realization of the situation he was in. A moment later a slight vibration from above as something fell down into the pit. It had caught on him, clutching to his rugged garments. Almost it seemed that a mere moment turned into an eternity of commotion and excitement.

A rope decended and he felt his new companion begin to slip.

At first Todd was caught off guard unaware of all that was suddenly taking place. Tightening his coils around the protruding roots, he piviots his upper torso and positions himself to loop his serpent arms around his humble guest in the dreary hole. Todd bothered not speak, figuring it best to leave introductions for a safer enviroment.

Once having her in his grasp he begins to lift her up so that she should hold a more comfortable post as he had.

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10/20/2005 5:38 PM

Lark noticed a hole, he looked inside then gasped "how long have they been there!" he said kneeling down and producing a long rope, Lark let it hang down. "here grab this!" he said smiling but worried they might fall

10/20/2005 6:11 PM

Alarming was the only word to describe being suddenly wrapped by snake-like arms and pulled up easily, but also thankful. Rogue was seriously considering dropping from her position, trying to convince herself that she was already dead and probably couldn't die if she fell to solid ground.

As she was lifted and given an opportunity to have a better post, some of Rogue's suspicions were cleared. He appeared as a monk Yaun-ti, which explained an awful lot; his strength, snake arms and scale were all part of his birthmark.

Rogue hung on the vines firmly next to the Yaun-ti, before nodding at the him to let go. She had avoided causing more harm to her injured hand so far, but when another line of rope fell down from the earth surface, she was in need to use it.

The rope, fortunately, this time was definitely long enough as it's end hung past the dual.


Rogue reached one of her bloody hand out, grasping the rope easily as she retrieved it back and struggled to tied the rope around herself one handed, surely she wouldn't manage to hold on to the rope long enough for the others to pull her up.

Handing the rope to the monk Yaun-ti, she paused, quite unsure of what to say. The Yaun-ti didn't appear to be capable of speaking English, as it hasn't said anything so far, and evidently wasn't time to be testing anything yet. Deciding that it would be better if to find out once on the surface, she offered the rope end to Yaun-ti, her brows raised in vague amusement at their strange meeting place.

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10/20/2005 6:18 PM

The snake body creature continued saying volumes with his silence as in the dim light permited from the touch above he revealed his hand. Rather it was seen that were one would have hands with five digits each, this creature had the head of snakes at the end of either serpentine arm.

Todds facial features were enough to convey a questioning look as if to ask, " What am I to do with that?". For though his body was that of the snake, his head was that a decent looking human man.

10/20/2005 6:24 PM

"should i pull you up now?" Lark asked peering into the dark aybiss, he tugged the rope to find one of them had graned it. Though he still waited for them to reply

10/20/2005 7:10 PM

The Yaun-ti revealed his hand to Rogue, for what reason Rogue was unsure then, until he gave a questioning look that it struck.


Her own, shining maliciously with red, wringed slightly. She could only see one way to get them both up.

Boy, Am I gonna regret this...

Rogue looked earnestly at the Yaun-ti, her air of amusement vanishing within the second. Struggling with the word she wanted to say and completely forgetting her theories of the monk not being able to speak English.

"Hold me."

The lich's gaze was boring into the monk's eyes, practically burning a hole it them. Her voice was cold, strongly suggesting her reluctance in the matter. It had been quite a while that anyone had even touched her after all.

10/20/2005 7:22 PM

Slowly the living corpse could feel the coils of the snake creature slowly unraveling from around the secure position around the roots. The snakelike arms moved and entangled around the slightly taught rope. Than the lower part of the torso adjusted and began to slowly wrap around cold blooded companion.

~I hope the rope holds under the wieght.~ he thought as he finally completed the transition from the root to the lady.

Todd made sure not to actually constrict his host, and tryed to adjust his wieght so that it was on his arms which were on the rope instead of letting it full wholly upon the liche.

10/20/2005 10:15 PM

"It's too far... !"

Cursing, Razkir was about to try lowering himself into the hole, when a white wolf walked over and peered down the pit. Then a woman with long, golden hair rode in behind the wolf. The woman produced her own rope from her saddlebag. She spoke to her horse and tied the rope to it's halter, and tossed the loose end to the boy who just showed up, who lowered it.

Razkir retrieved his own rope, then cautiously stood up and took a step back. More people potentially meant more danger. But they were helping, for the moment. He looked around for Wenzel, and saw him standing off to the side, beads of sweat rolling down his face as he nervously watched the wolf.

Then he turned to look at Lord Greystoke. "Friends of yours?"

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10/21/2005 5:20 AM

Balthazar's body was worn from travel he needed a safe enviroment to spend the night, where was he to find one of those at this time of night in the middle of the woods?
He felt sleep taking him. As he peered over what seemed to be a group of 'people'. All he knew was he could go no further! His body gave up and he collapsed.

10/21/2005 12:17 PM

Lark retrieved his rope, then sat and stared at all the people coming to the aybiss like hole. 'lots and lots of' Lark thought, he looked into the hole again and shuttered at the thought of falling in. He stepped back and waited for the 2 to come up from the hole

10/21/2005 1:12 PM

Ayeka watched Nytehart carefully, catching the unconsious signal as the mare tensed as the two below transfered their full weight to the rope.

"Chotto, Chotto...." Ayeka commanded, and the mare strained, taking one agonizingly slow step backward, the muscles and tendons in the mare's neck and chest stood out in pain relief as she struggled with the weight.

"Atashi...." Ayeka murmured, leaning forward, her hand intertwined with the mares thick black mane. Nytehart snorted, and again pulled, this time it didn't seem as slow, or as strained....another step followed, then another as the rope cut through the earth at the edge of the newly hewn ravine, creating a groove that it could move through with ease.

Jennah peered over the edge again, and this time got a good look at the other... well Creature that fell with the woman, and the wolf could only stare, though she managed, quite unintentionally, to send the image on to Ayeka.

10/23/2005 4:49 AM

Rogue was most surprised as the monk began to wrap his so-called arms around her; instead of feeling the unpleasent burning heat that she recall from a long time ago, the Yaun-ti's temperatue was approximately equal to the surrounding enviroment. However, she was slightly impressed for anything, but long. As her brain reeled into action.

Cold blooded...

She made sure that the snake-man quite a secure position on her as he continued to slowly tranfer his weight, before looking up to the mouth of the pit that seemed to be covered in a small void, provided from the paladin's light.

Let's just hope that those fellows up there have enough sand to not send us on our way down faster than before.

Oblivious of the new comers on the group, she chewed on her tongue slightly, thinking of trusting her health with a paladin, a cowardly squire, an assassin and some weird traveling lady with her wolfish hound, that she had met just a couple of minutes ago.

Shaking her head mentally at the situation, She finally called out in voice that was oddly calmer than she felt.

"Okay. Pull us up."

But as soon as she finished her sentence she instantly knew that her call was no longer needed, because the rope began to retreat back out of the pit with unexpected haste, as soon as the monk transfered all of his body weight on to the rope with her.

Out of the clearness that the darkness provided, they headed closer and closer to the hidden spot at gorge mouth. Soon, sight was no longer a main sense for Rogue to use as navigation. She reached out the rest of her available senses out instantly, as she noticed this.

Some dirt sanded from the edge by the rope, fell on her up-ward face, making her wrinkle her nose in an attempt to wipe them off without her free hand, that was busy reaching out for the edge.

At last, her blood-soaked fingers made touch with the upper level floor, causing her nerves leading to her hand to jingle. She ignored it easily and grabbed hold onto the edge. Pain wasnt a stranger, it never was.

After a few seconds, she managed to put her entire arm up on the ground and finally, her entire self with her newly met companion.

10/23/2005 5:43 AM

"you ok?" Lark said offering a hand to rogue to help her stand up, he smiled. Lark wondered who she was, though it didn't matter now.

10/23/2005 6:11 PM

Nori, with her bow and arrow at hand stood a few feet away from the hole. Her help was not needed seeing as there were plenty of people to pull out Rogue. Her eyes were fixed on the hole and on the newcomer with splendid blond hair. The white wolf was an attraction for Kiar, he would go back and forth between Nori and the white wolf. 'She won't pay attention to you, mutt.' Nori thought as she pushed her hair out of the way.

Kiar still made the attempt to get the wolf's attention, Nori simply shook her head. A bloody hand soon appeard out of the hole. She took a step forward, instinctavely wanting to help, but retreated as she remembered the amount of people around. The large group was making Nori feel uneasy, after years of being alone with Kiar she had got use to not being so 'crowded'.

Nori sighed, her eyes fixed on Rogue who was slowly coming back to the surface. Her eyes narrowed as she saw Rogue was not alone, a strange snake-like creature came out with her, wrapped tightly around her body. Nori held back a gasp as she put her hand to her mouth.

Nori looked around tring to see the other's expression, but a thud distacted her. She lifted a brow and held on to her bow tightly. She whistled at Kiar to stop flirting and come with her. The wolf-like dog whined, but followed getting infront of Nori. She went a few steps into the forest, her eyes scanning the area. Then a loud bark came from Kiar, Nori slowly and cautiously headed toward Kiar.

He was circling something, Nori took a few steps close and noticed it was a man, he was unconcious. She poked him with the tip of her boot, she needed to be sure it was not a trap and that he was really out. She turned him over with her foor to get a better view of his face, it seemed as if he had gone through some pain.

Nori took out a water container, she shook it to see if any water was left. On her way to the forest she had foregotten to refill it and Kiar kept whinning to have water. She took out the cork and spilled it on his face, waiting for a reaction. She turned to where the group was, as a conversation sturred up.

"Go get someone!" she ordered Kiar. He obeyed and ran back to the camp, tugging on someone's clothes, instructing the person to follow him.

10/23/2005 7:35 PM

Ayeka had once again commanded Nytehart to stand her ground, allowing the duo to climb out. It was then that she felt a tug on her pant leg. The glanced down and noted the wolfish dog that acompanied the other girl in the group, and Jennah growled.

She looked up and towards the direction the dog had come. "Can you speak with him at all Jennah?" She questioned the white wolf. Jennah growled, obviously reluctant, but she obeyed. Finally turning her eyes to the dog, Kiar was lost in the mismatched colored eyes, and felt something in him stir, something lost to all dogs, a primal instinct that was lost centuries ago.

Images flooded Jennah's mind, and she in turn sent them to Ayeka. "Looks like we're not finished yet, Ashke." She whispered, and dismounted, snagging the smaller pack from the mare's saddle, again speaking a sharp command. The mare wouldn't move now save for a natural disaster.

Resting her hand on Jennah's head, she turned to Kiar, "Led me..." The dog whined, obviously confused by what Jennah had done, and turned, to lead Ayeka to Nori and the wounded man.

10/24/2005 1:37 AM

As soon as his coils touched upon the firm earth Todd had released himself from his rope buddy and finished pulling himself up onto the solid ground. As soon as he and his fresh companion were up, in the dim light of the starteled crowd, Todd quickly adjusts his garments.

The lower coils covered by the skirt of his robe, his arms hidden within the folds of his sleeves crossed before his chest. The hood remained down for to try to pur it over his head would only reveal more of him. It was not that Todd covered himself for his own sake, but it was in his experience that most did not take well to his form. Apparently he would find out soon enough.

And so the bald headed figure in the brown monks robe stood there before them.

10/26/2005 12:20 AM

Lord Greystoke took stock of the situation and the full compliment of people that now arrayed themselves around the edge of the deep pit. The motley crew had performed admirably in saving the young lady.
"MINE THANKS TO YE BOTH FOR THY SWIFT ACTION," he announced to the two newcomers. By this point people appearing out of the mist in the middle of nowhere seemed as natural as sunrise. "T'WOULD SEEM THAT HOPE OF REST THIS NIGHT HAVE FLED AND OUR TIME WOULD BEST BE SPENT SEEKING WAYS DOWN INTO YONDER PIT. IF NO WAY DOWN CAN BE FOUND, LET US SEARCH HITHER AND THITHER FOR ANOTHER ENTRANCE," he continued pointing in seemingly random directions with all the confidence of a saint.

10/28/2005 11:59 AM

"who are you?" Lark asked with a black expression on his face, Lark wondered who this person was. He spoke as if he were a lord or something, Lark stood up and eyed him

10/31/2005 5:07 AM


10/31/2005 1:15 PM

"i am Lark, once a knight of belman. I am pleased to meet you lord" Lark replyed bowing, had he known that this man was a lord he would have bowed sooner. Lark stood up "i am sorry if i have displeased you, i did not know you were of noble ranks lord" Lark appoligized

11/04/2005 9:28 AM

"i am sorry if i have displeased you, i did not know you were of noble ranks lord" Lark appoligized

Just then the earth beneath their feet began to rumble slightly, then came a loud cracking sound. Suddenly the ground around the hole in the earth began to crumble, giving the companions little time to react. Those closest to the hole were quickly swallowed into the dark abyss below...

11/05/2005 11:15 AM

Not being out of that hole more than a few moments and already Todd found himself falling back into the pit. Reaching out again to attempt to grasp onto something to prevent his fall he only managed to grasp dirt. At best his attempt managed to slow his decent but the serpentine creature still crashed down into the wells floor.

Laying there, tired and bruised from all of the recent exercians, Todd remains stagnant. Perhaps hed move when the dust and debris finishes settling.

11/05/2005 4:22 PM

Lark awoke from the fall, pain filled with every movement. He sat up looking around but only seeing darkness, his world was spinning and his eyes stung. Little did Lark know that he had been cut by a root on his forehead and blood ran into his eyes. Making it seem as if he were blind.

11/05/2005 6:47 PM

Jennah had yet to follow Ayeka and the other wolfish dog, the ground beneath her paws crumbled and collapsed. With a startled yelp and howl, Jennah fell in with the others, falling in a heap of white fur that was quickly covered in dirt, dust and other debris.

Ayeka started as she heard Jennah's surprised yelp, and turned to see her bonded wolf fall into the crevasse.

"Jennah!!" She called, her mind-voice echoing in the packsong. She turned, now fully ignoring the other animal and ran towards the edge of the crevasse, her blue-violet eyes wide in fear as she dropped to her knees at the edge, hoping to see what had happened.

11/07/2005 10:29 AM

Balthazar awoke with a rumble from the ground. 'How long have I been out? I feel so revitalized.' Balthazar thought to himself. He stood finding power in his limbs once more.
Balthazar looked down and saw a larger whole than was there before and screams coming from below. "What in the nine levels of hell happened here? Well I had better go down and see if I can help, I thing I have a light scroll somewhere....... Oh here it is." Balthazar cast Slow fall as he dived towards the pit.
As he closed in on the ground level he saw a woman screaming out a name at the pit.
"Would you like a lift? I'm going down anyway." He held his hand out towards the woman at the edge of the pit offering her a journey down.

11/07/2005 4:28 PM

Ayeka turned towards Balthazar, her blue-violet eyes wide with fear as she nodded, and took his hand. As they decended, her mind cast around, trying to find Jennah's conciousness... and after several moments, found her, hurt and unconcious, but her presence unmistakable in the grey tide that was the packsong.

11/07/2005 6:05 PM

Lark tryed to stand, but fell against the wall. Lark couldn't see but he knew something was wrong with his leg, he tryed again. He fell, this time a rush of pain hit him. Lark sat clutching his leg, he winced in pain trying to find why he could not stand. A large rock or root had lodged it's self, he tryed pulling it out

11/08/2005 5:06 AM

Balthazar cast the light spell illuminating the bottom of the cavern around him. "Is everyone ok? I'm Balthazar nice to meet you all." Balthazar dropped the pebble he had cast light onto the floor. So that he could tend to any wounded with his potions.

11/08/2005 12:13 PM

"no i'm not...." Lark wispered blinking trying to get used to the light, he could see his leg now. It was a root stuck in his leg, Lark gemtly pulled it out and applied pressure. He looked to see Balthazar, Lark smiled "thanks for the light" he said

11/08/2005 4:02 PM

"Hey its ok, do you need some help with that?" Balthazar stood shaking a healing potion at him. "Its my only one spare, so we're going to have to share it about a bit. The worst gets healed first.

11/08/2005 4:17 PM

"i'll wait till we see everyone else's inguries, mine may not be that bad. i'm Lark" Lark said offering his hand to shake, he continued to press his wound to stop bleeding

11/10/2005 12:44 AM

Spitting dirt from his mouth, Lord Greystoke clambered to hit feet and looked around in a daze, "My thAT WAs somETHING OF A TUMBLE EH BOY," he said, his voice finally steadying. "NO BONES BROKEN I TRUST?"
Joff pulled himself out from under a mountain of soil, "...uck this, I'm sick of this shi..." his rant was cut off mid sentence as more loose soil slid down covering him again.

11/10/2005 6:33 PM

Lark looked to the lord "no, none mylord" he replyed, he sat there in the dirt wanting to laugh at the boy. He reminded him of his little brother, Rika

11/11/2005 5:49 AM

"I believe I can help with that..." Ayeka said, her voice ringing clear in the darkness. She began to speak softly, in the melodic language she had spoken in earlier, and a sphere of light appeared in her hands.

Whispering a few more words, the sphere rose up out of her hands and hovered a few feet above her head. She was kneeling down beside the unconcious wolf, her hands now busy checking the beasts' legs and ribs for any broken bones.

Once satisfied that her friend was alright, and would awaken soon, she turned and looked around.

"Now what?"

11/11/2005 6:05 AM

Ayeka's light revealed that the companions were in a large dome-shaped chamber which had two main passageways leading off in opposite directions. Around the edge of the chamber her light could just make out that there were numerous stone house-looking structures which were in various stages of disrepair.

11/11/2005 8:33 AM

Once again, the sickly empty feeling filled Rogue's stomach as she fell back into the pit she had only emerged from. She rolled down the new formed dirt slider, her hands not even making an effort on trying to grasp something, caught by surprise, thus falling right down to the cold hard bottom.

Luckily, she rolled down rather than fell down, as the slope absorbed most of the force that could have done harm had she done the latter.

The lich lied motionless, her lifeless breath ragged blowing the swirling dust from settling on her mouth. She blinked, twice. Before coughing and spluttering out a mouth-full of dirt she had successfully picked up on her way down.

Silencing she began absorbing every detail of her enviroment; The chamber she had fell into was in a good state considering the years it had passed and it's original shape seemed to be a recognizable dome structure had there not been a large hole on it's curved ceiling. There were two available passages on the chamber sides. A heap of brown was laying not far from her left...

The Monk...

Rogue hurried up and scurried over to the Yaun-ti, putting a hand on his shoulder she registered some bruises, completely ignoring her own.


An unfamiliar voice echoed throughout the chamber. How strange... it wasn't even the same voice that she heard offering her help before falling down.

How many more bloody people have joined this crusade anyway? I've only had enough time to get out and fall down the bloody thing again...

Her question was slightly answered, as two figures floated down slowly from the dark opening. Landing softly onto the floor, the duo joined three others; two remarkably like Greystoke and Joff.

Rogue had only noticed these few details, before one of the party cast a light spell, darkening the chamber instantly. Another new voice asked the well being of everyone, and announced himself as someone called Balthazar.

Rogue remained silent, as she listened to the voices on the other side of the room engage in conversation, tightening her grip on the Monk's shoulder, hoping for some respond from him. Her eyes not wavering from the dimest spot of the chamber, where the rest of the group was at.

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11/12/2005 3:04 AM

Rest really would be something welcomed right now. The serpent laid there in a half conscious state. Todds mind was never at rest, it was always thinking, planning, wondering, questioning. That was one of the reasons he had trouble with his training, he could never silence his mind.

In his half aware state something grabbed him, clutched to him. It took several moments for such to register, and when it did one of his snake arms struck out towards which held him. The snake head of a hand stopped just short of the liches mouth, its tongue flickering taking in its targets familar scent. This was the one who had held to him before, who stood beside him at the lip of the pit.

As the scent processed his sense began to return to Todds self. Turning his head Todd withdrawls his snake hand and stares at the liches dark features.

Where had that light now come from? Looking in the direction of its source he recalled the others at the mouth of the hole. Oh how he did not care to want to deal with them. Sure he owed them thinks for his aid out of the hole origionally but than because of them as well Todd had to take another fall into it.

Though now would seem to be his chance to venture off alone as the others were still in slight disarray. If it were not for the undead he would be out of it now as well. Twisting his lower half from underneath the dirt that was above him, the monk breaks from the liches grasp.

"Thank You." Todd states in a cool whisper of common tounge before he moves away.

His direction was headed towards the ruins of the buildings nearby inside the domed area. Purchance the others would pay more attention to the adjoining tunnels in search of a way out, instead of worrying of him and the decayed surroundings. It would be folly for them to think that they could exit the same way they had all entered.

11/12/2005 5:42 PM

Before Razkir had a chance to get a good look at the newcomer who had been pulledo ut of the pit with Rogue, there was a rumbling sound, and the ground by the pit started to collapse. As he saw some of the others fall down the hole, he felt the ground beneath his own feet give way and he started to fall.

Razkir thrust a hand out, digging it into the ground to stop his fall. But there was nothing solid to grab on to, and his hand slowly slid through the dirt towards the edge.

Then, Wenzel, who had been standing safely off to the side, appeared at the edge of the pit and looked down at Razkir, with a grin on his face.

"Finally!" Wenzel said with a sneer. "Now I don't have to go on your crazy treasure hunt with you and that group of fools! See you later!"

Razkir growled and, before Wenzel could walk away, he lunged forward and wrapped his hand around Wenzel's ankle, and tugged. A look of shock registered on Wenzel's face as he was flipped on his back and dragged down into the pit with Razkir.

As they tumbled down, Razkir tried to position himself so Wenzel wouldn't land on him. They hit the bottom with a thud. Razkir laid still for a minute, his body too sore to move. He eventually was able to stand up, with some difficulty. It was painful, but nothing felt broken. He looked around and saw Wenzel still on the ground, groaning. The others were recovering too.

The woman who recently arrived created a sphere of light to illuminate the area they were in. There was another newcomer too, Balthazar. Looking at the various structures, Razkir guessed this was part of the lost city. There were two passages that led off in opposite directions.

"I'm sure they both eventually lead to the same place. Let's just follow the one on the left.

11/14/2005 5:23 AM

"A SPLENDID PLAN," replied Greystoke, striding towards the passage, slapping Razkir who was ironing out his aches and pains on the back in an enthusiastic and cheerful manner as he passed. "COME JOFF, BRING ONE OF THOSE TORCHES."
Joff, having removed the dirt from his mouth just stared at the magical glow illuminating the area. "Must save a bundle on tallow. Ere, miss, you got any more of them things?"

11/14/2005 12:56 PM

Lark nodded, then looked at his leg "um... alittle help? i can't exactly walk right now..." he said looking stupid. He leaned on the wall waiting for the other's reply

11/14/2005 2:09 PM

Wenzel remained seated on the large pile of soil and debris where he had landed. He had fallen quite heavily on one ankle, and he rubbed it carefully, testing the movement of his foot. It felt quite painful and would probably be swollen and bruised, but he was relieved that it was not broken.

In the pale light of Ayeka's light sphere, a small glistening object, not far away, caught his eye. The object was amongst the rocks and dirt. With his mind on the possibility of gold or treasure, he began to crawl towards it. Careful not to attract the attention of the group, he carefully moved away from them, towards the object.

Wenzel hesitated slightly once he got within reaching distance. The objcet was a large red gemstone, but it rested lightly in the hand of a partially buried skeleton. With a quick glance over his shoulder to check that none of the group were looking, he reached out and grabbed at the stone. As he did so, the hand clasped firmly around his. Wenzel screamed, unable to retract his hand from the vice-like grip as it pulled him to the ground. The skeleton stood up out of the dirt and raised a wicked looking scimitar above his head...

"NOOO!!!" screamed Wenzel.

11/14/2005 5:36 PM

Ayeka reacted first, standing and turning on her heel, she drew the slender sword from her hip, the silver blade flashed in the dim light cast from the magelight. If any had been looking at her, they would've noticed the slight golden cast to her eyes, as an animals' caught in the glare of firelight.

Sprinting to Wenzel's side, she managed to parry the blow, the scimitar glancing along her blade, sending a short shower of sparks flying before Ayeka locked her wrists, holding the blade steady.

Jennah whined softly, finally regaining conciousness, and pushed herself painfully to her feet, her mismatched eyes unfocused, but her gaze drifted towards the sounds of battle, as a growl rumbled deep in her throat.

11/15/2005 7:54 AM

Ayeka's quick reactions had saved Wenzel from what would have certainly been a fatal blow to the head. Wary of a counter attack, the skeleton immediately withdrew his blade from the parry. With surprising agility and strength, the creature backed away and pulled the screaming Wenzel between them, using the large man's body as a shield. Again the skeleton drew back his scimitar, preparing another attempt to strike a critical blow to Wenzel's head.

11/15/2005 8:21 AM

being as she was, being what she was, Ayeka watched the creature warily. "Wait!" She spoke, thanks to her father's teachings, in a language known by all things tainted by necromancy.

Jennah had limped to her mistress' side, and baring her fangs, her growl gowing in volume and potential malice. Ayeka paid Jennah no heed, and even managed to block most of the packsong from her mind as she concentrated on the issue at hand.

Speaking a single word, the magelight above her head went from dazzling white to a bright red, illuminating the cavern, but saving the night vision of the party. Again she focused on the skeleton, and spoke again.

"Wait, don't hurt him..." again in the language known only by those touched by Necromancy. She lowered her sword, but kept it in hand, showing a small measure of trust as she waited to see if it would respond.

11/15/2005 8:53 AM

Balthazar Estat gazed around looking for any friends it might have. Ayeka seems to have that one covered. As he gazed around he saw some weird person walking off, he was some sort of snake hybrid thing. He tossed the healing potion to Lark.
Balthazar stalked to 20ft behind Ayeka just to cover her back. She may need his help.

11/15/2005 9:01 AM

"Wait, don't hurt him..."

The skeleton felt no pitty towards the sniveling human, and desired nothing more than to end its pitiful existence. Yet upon hearing the words spoken by the second being, it hesitated. How many hundreds of years had it been since the creature had heared words it could comprehend? The skeleton lowered it's blade slightly. Tilting it's head, it viewed the second being curiously.

11/15/2005 10:32 AM

Ayeka took a small step forward, and stopped, not wanting to loose the creature's interest.

"Why do you attack? Coming here and disturbing your rest was not our intention..." She spoke slowly, clearly in the ancient language, and for once, Ayeka had something to thank her father for.

Jennah's growl had softened, but her body remained tense, fur still standing on end. Ayeka was patient, it was the nature of her people to be patient, to be otherwise would be pointless for the longevity of her people.

11/15/2005 11:23 AM

The skeleton kept its grip on Wenzel's hand as he cowered on his knees before it. The very presence of the humans here in its chamber offended it, and the creature wanted nothing more than to slay them all, and return to its rest. Still, something about the creture which had deflected the killing blow sparked an interest. It sensed this one was different from others, the mere fact that it understood this one's speech highlighted that fact.

The skeleton wanted to communicate with her, but frustration built up inside the creature at its inability to do so. The ability to speak was a gift which had long since left it. It's natural instincts of jealousy towards all things living began to return. Maybe without the distraction of these humans, the two could come to some kind of understanding.

The skeleton raised it scimitar again, high above it's head. This time it would not be swayed from the kill...

11/15/2005 12:09 PM

Ayeka's eyes narrowed as the skeleton raised the Scimitar, this time, the silvered glaze to her eyes was perfectly visible. lips twisting in a snarl, Ayeka bolted forward, moving with inhuman speed and agility.

the instant Ayeka moved, Jennah leapt into action, darting forward, and clamping her jaws down on the skeletal remains that held onto Wenzel's hand, scraping the bones with her teeth, pulling as hard as the large wolf could manage.

Again her sword connected with the skeletons' scimitar, metal ringing against metal in the gloom of the scarlet magelight. This close, whatever the skeleton had to see, Ayeka's fangs were clearly visible, as she clenched her jaw against the jarring impact of silver against steel.

"I had no intention of harming you... " She snarled, the fury in her voice now quite evident as she continued in that ancient language. "But you've given me no choice. All you had to do was let him go." She growled.

11/15/2005 3:33 PM

The skeleton silently cursed as its strike was blocked yet again. Not only that, but a beast had latched itself onto its boney arm in an attempt to free the sniveling human.

Listening to its voice of reason, the skeleton became confused as to why the attacker cared so much for the life of the wretched human. Unable to escape, and seeing no way out, the undead creature felt sure that he must make the thieving human pay.

Lowering its weapon in a move that left it totally exposed to the attacker, the skeleton slashed its scimitar low across the stomach of the human, cutting deeply and satisfyingly into soft flesh.

11/16/2005 2:19 AM

Joff bolted towards the tunnel Lord Greystoke had entered only moments before. "Master," he cried into the darkness.
From behind the sound of ringing of steal could be heard, then silence, finally a groan of pain.
"NOOOOOOOO!" bellowed Greystoke, sprinting out of the entrance and covering the distance in a few mighty bounds."BY ALL THAT IS TRUE AND JUST, I SMITE THEE INCARNATION OF EVIL." Using a some rocks as a platform he leapt the last couple of yards bringing his sword down in a glittering arc towards the skeleton.

11/16/2005 9:00 AM

In a downwards arc, Lord Greystoke's mighty sword smashed powerfully into the unprotected head of the skeleton. Ayeka, Wenzel and Jennah were showered with small fragments of skull and dust.

Wenzel withdraw his hand from the crumbling creature's grasp. Dropping the gemstone into the boney pile of remains, he clutched at his stomach with both hands and screamed upon seeing the blood that was leaking from between his fingers.

11/16/2005 9:28 AM

Hearing the commotion taking place near the others Todd figured that that would preoccupy them enough to forget about him. That was what he wanted. Bothering not to watch the distraction of the others he had quickly set himself amongst the ruins.

Concentrating on his surrounding and background, the serpentine man seemed to nearly disappear amongst the ruins as if by means of some self camoflauge. Not that if looked at hard enough he would not be seen, but rather blending with his surroundings so that nearly as long he remained still any onlookers eyes would just pass over him.

What concerned him only was the liche. So far she was the main one who knew of him and what he could possibly be. The others seemed to have some other purpose down here in these ancient dwellings but what he did not know. What Todd did know was that he could not risk them ruining his relations with his lost Yaun-ti brothers.

11/16/2005 11:58 AM

sorry i was gone so long)

Lark drank the potion, though it tasted horrible. Lark stood up and put some weight to his foot, no more pain! Lark danced happly then made sure his sword was in it's sheith headed to where he could here blades crossing

11/16/2005 3:51 PM

Just as Razkir was about to follow Lord Greystoke, he heard a scream. Quickly turning around and heading back, he slowed down when he saw the person in peril was Wenzel. There was a skeleton poised to strike Wenzel with a scimitar. Ayeka and her wolf companion intervened and confronted the skeleton. She caused it to hesitate for a moment, and was speaking to it in some unknown language.

Razkir casually walked over, then folded his arms and watched the event unfold. Whatever was said to the skeleton, it didn't seem to care, and slashed Wenzel across the stomach anyway. Razkir remained standing where he was, as the skeleton was attacked. Lord Greystoke came running and let out a might bellow, then leapt into the air and brought his sword crashing down on the head of the skeleton.

The skeleton was defeated, and Wenzel was dying. At least Razkir hoped he was. Wenzel dropped a gemstone he had been holding, and Razkir just shook his head at the greedy man.

Wenzel looked up weakly, his life was quickly fading as the blood flowed from his deep wound. "P-please...help me!"

Walking in front of Wenzel, Razkir turned to address the rest of the group.

"I am aware some of you may be able to heal Wenzel, but I must ask that you conserve your energy and save your supplies. He was travelling with me, and I feel he is my responsibility. The area appears safe now, so please, go on without us. I will tend to his wound, and then we will catch up with the rest of you."

Razkir turned back around to face Wenzel and knelt in front of him. His cloak was already ripped from the fall, so he tore a piece of the cloth off. Wenzel saw the wicked gleam in Razkir's eyes and tried talking, but he was too weak, and he was forced to lay down.

Hoping to convince the others that Wenzel would be fine, Razkir pressed the cloth across the wound to try and staunch the flow of blood, and waited to be left alone.

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11/16/2005 4:08 PM

lark walked up holding the potion in hand "maybe this will help?" he asked looking at Wnzel's grave wound. He winced just looking at it

11/16/2005 4:36 PM

Ayeka had watched as the world slowed to a crawl, the scent of Wenzel's blood filled her senses. Only dimly hearing Razkir, Ayeka forced herself to step away from Wenzel, closing her eyes and clenched her fists, feeling the sharp pain in her palms as her fingernails bit deep.

Jennah whined, her gaze fixed on her mistress. :: Iie... Stay here... Help Razkir if you can....:: Ayeka sent, unable to trust herself enough to speak. She turned away, sheathing her sword, and grabbing her pack, trying to put distance between herself and the wounded man, keeping a tenuous hold on her self-control.

She spoke to no one as she walked on, the magelight hovering low over Wenzel and Razkir, offering what light it could. Her free hand clenched at a pendant that hung from a gold chain around her neck, clinging to it as one drowning.

Jennah watched as Ayeka retreated into the caverns, then turned her gaze towards Razkir, sneezed once and then padded towards the injured human.

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11/17/2005 6:04 AM

It took some time for Rogue realize that the Yaun-ti had regained consciousness, as she had most of her concentration headed at the source of the light, her ears straining to catch other voices in order to estimate how many people had received the same fate as her.

Rogue's attention came back to the vicinity around her, only when the serpentine monk broke free from her grip, got up, showed a brilliantly curt sign of gratitude and abruptly headed to the more ruined parts of the wreckage. This caused her to glower after him.

That was bloody nice... You really are astonishingly civilized to actually give me the honor of a proper introduction, aren't you?

"I'm sure they both eventually lead to the same place. Let's just follow the one on the left.

Razkir's voice seemed to stand out in the conversation between the party as he made his suggestion. The group agreed and headed to the life-wing passage.

Well then, if you're going left then I'm definitely going right...

It was her antagonistic instinct leading her once again; You chose this then I'm damn sure to choose the other thing, unless you convince me with a very good reason.

Which you seem to have offered non but a "all paths should lead to the same place"...

Suddenly, a pathetic scream erupted - a scream that sounded awfully familiar.

It was Wenzel. A split second later, someone launched from the group on the other side of the room to Wenzel's side with considerable speed. Though dimly, Rogue could make out an outline of an animated skeleton, opposing the two.

Rogue was utmost reluctant to scurry to the rescue, especially with an undead as she never had any problems with them before, well... after she died anyway.

Her left hand felt oddly light and she then noticed that she had managed to depart with her beloved walking stick. Spotting the grimy staff laying a few feet from the battle, Rogue scurried over to retrieve it, her facade still as if nothing had happened. She ignored the battle completely - it wasn't her problem, yet.

A moment of silence between the battle, as the lich grasped a long pale hand over the thing, carefully that her untended fingernails did not leave a single scratch.

"Wait! Wait, don't hurt him..."

Rogue's senses tingled; an unpleasant jolt ran down her spine, spreading out through her body to her fingertips and toes. The stranger spoke in an ancient language that Rogue knew better than the back of her hand.

The attacking undead stopped, confirming Rogue her fears; the woman knew how to speak the tongue of the dead. It could roughly mean two things; she was an undead or someone who knew the necromantic arts quite well. Considering that she did save a human being, the latter was more likely.


But her legs didn't move. Curiosity has cast it's charm on her once again; she wanted - no - needed to know for sure who the woman was, or rather what she was.

The battle finished with Greystoke giving the unfortunate skeleton a straight blow on it's head, though it did not leave any casualties, Wenzel was fatally hurt.

Everyone, but the monk, who lodged himself among the ruins carefully not attracting attention, and the woman that had rescued Wenzel, who had recoiled from the group at the sight of blood. Rogue would have done so herself had she neglected to feed herself during her time in the winding forest. Fortunately she had, her worries lifted some as the woman retreated from the group that seemed to have gathered around the injured member of the group; Necromancers aren't supposed to be affectionate with fresh blood.

Those two'll have to wait. Something else was on her mind.

Razkir seems to be sorting the affair out by saying that it was his responsibility and no one should worry about it no more, but, appearently, that wasn't enough to send the rest off.

Rogue found her feet again. She headed silently to the group to pick up what held her interest most at the moment; the gemstone. There was a possibility that it was magical and it's properties had some use to her.

Using a robe sleeve to sheild the dim light from the trinket, providing herself better vision; the gem was blood-red matching Rogue's eyes. Nothing about it looked special except it's size, that seemed large enough to fill her whole hand.

The lich reached her free hand towards the large flawless ruby...

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11/25/2005 5:03 AM

Balthazar thought to himself 'Well I'm not needed here then. These will serve my purpose well!' Balthazar waited for the others. He would wait for them to move and he would follow.

11/27/2005 11:36 AM

But before the group could start walking, they heard a voice. The voice was low, manly, but you could not separate if this low voice belonged to an undead or human, nor could you define if it was good or evil. Only thing you knew of it was that it was closing, not fast but steadily. The voice was forming words, no... it was forming sentences, an understandable sentences. It was talking.

"hahaha... You did very good, taking care of that skeleton."

The voice came closer and closer, finally you could distinguish something from the darkness. It was a man... Someone that looked very pale, but strong. Too strong to be an undead. The man was approaching even more.
The man clearly noticed that the group was acting precautious, as they should, he is a strager after all. The man wasn't afraid, he stated with a laughter;

"haha... You can seath your swords, as for now, I am not interested in harming you."

The man kept walking forward, looking at this quite confusing group, seeing that his, perhaps a little scary, looks didnt make the group any more friendly, he decided to introduce himself.

"Ah, ofcourse, where are my manners. I am Othuro, a necromancer at the moment" said this weird stranger, Othuro, as he called himself. Othuro still thought that the group dont trust him at all, he starter started digging his pouch and walking towards Wenzel, mumbling something like "little something for our wounded friend"

"This is just a Potion for our dying friend and an ointment for his wound" Othuro replied to the groups eyes in disbelief. Othuro threw the items for the rogue next to Wenzel.

"Heal him with those, that is if you want to save him ofcourse. Think of it as an gesture of good purpose. ...And prehaps a little something for causing that wound. heh... Yes indeed, that skeleton was my minion, but you tried to take something from me, that i thought would be of great value to me. But i understood that it wasn't the thing that I am after."

After saying this, Othuro kept a little pause, and continued:

"I have been here for a couple of days, and have been following your movement for a while. But now I had to show my self, as something catched my attention. I dont mean the fast movement, and precise use of the sword, but confusing the skeleton with 'reasoning'. As you all might know, not everybody can talk the language of the dead. I was hoping that Ayeka would tell me where she has learned this language, or perhaps she has some strings pulled on the dark side?"

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11/28/2005 8:06 AM

Ayeka froze, hearing her name, and wondering how this being knew it, as she had yet to introduce herself. She turned, and returned to the group. the moment before she stepped from the darkness of the cavern to the light, her eyes seemed to glow from within, just like that of any animal, a backlit glow from the dim mage light.

"How did you know my name?" She asked, the timber of her voice was dangerously low, and she resisted the urge to twist her lips in a feral snarl.

The wolf behing the group whined softly, a sound that deepened into a low, rumbling growl.

Ayeka, unknown to the others present, had come from a highly powerful family, one tainted by darkness as well as light. A race of beings who lived off of the blood of others, tainted by the cruelty of her father's ambitions.

"I have known this language since I was a child, the very roots of my own language had sprung from the words of Necromancy, as did my people." She stepped into the weak circle of light as she spoke, her hand rested against her hip, fingers curling around the pommel of her sword.

11/30/2005 1:49 AM

"Ah, but I said I have been following this group for a while. As I have other ways of watching." After saying this, Othuro mumbled something in the same language that Ayeka spoke to the skeleton. Ayeka might have separated few words from the sentence. "...come...imp..." With in three seconds, a small creature comes running from the darkness, making little screeching sounds. "As you can see, this little friend of mine and I, can communicate with each other... He has been giving me all sort of information of you guys."

"So Ayeka, is your father someone I should know, or is he one of the failed experientists?"

11/30/2005 6:08 AM

as much as Ayeka hated her father, she bristled at the thought of him being a failed experiment. but then, what had spawned their race? Father was an Asuli, a pureblood, capable of siring an heir... while the coriel, such a feat was impossible for him....

And she knew of her Fathers' Mother... Akemi.... She if anyone was the failed experiment.

"I'm not quite sure what you mean... Father wasn't an experiment, nor was he a true necromancer, per se...."

12/07/2005 4:01 PM

Noting the others preoccupation, Todd stealthfully moves about the nearby ruins. He checks the structures for any engravings that may tell him if his race had been here. Making sure to be quiet and out of sight, the process is slow as he moves. As he does so he keeps an open ear to the others in the tunnels.

As the conversation amongst those who speak the infernal words of the damned continued on, a vibration is felt and then heard. Somewhere else there must have been another cave in. Or so Todd began to think until he heard something else, a snarling roar emmitting through the right tunnel of the cavern.

What could lurk in these ruins?

12/08/2005 10:23 AM

The sound of yet more collapsing earth could be heared as even the ground beneath the companions feet began to tremble. In the not so far away distance of the tunnel to the right, a huge ominous black shadow quickly approached. Most could immediately make out the long slithering body, but as it raised itself up into the high dome shape cavern, the true horror was revealed for all to see.

The creature was a Purple Worm, which thankfully was not yet fully grown, though was by no means small. The creature's huge, many toothed mouth was actually large enough to swallow a man whole.

Beady red eyes sized up the companions as it prepared itself for it's first strike...

12/08/2005 12:28 PM

The yaun-ti took notice of the horrendous slithering beast, though thankfully he himself was already in hiding. Perhaps running down the opposite tunnel could be a wise idea, but Todd was not a quick runner. One does not have to out run the beast, just have to out run ones slowest companion.

And the crafty snake like man knows he cannot take on the massive worm, for Todd has no weapons but for his own body...which would surely be devoured. So as he looks on nearly terrified Todd remains still, gazing at what would be the fate of those who tried to save him.

~Could this have been what had layed waste to this ruined city...?~

Todd wonders as he watches.

12/09/2005 1:38 PM

"Erm people, I think there is a problem. Balthazar drew his twin longswords and stalked towards the big creature. His strides taking him closer than he should really be going.
Balthazar saw the weird creature in the shadows. He had but one thing to do, kill this creature and move down deeper into the dungeon to get what he came for.

12/09/2005 3:41 PM

Razkir tried to hide the look of disappointment on his face, at first when it looked like the wolf would stay behind, and again when he realized the group was not leaving at all. He could just go ahead with his plans for Wenzel, but the others didn't know the whole story, and probably wouldn't understand. He didn't want the rest of the companions turning against him. It would have to wait for another time. [I]Maybe nobody will notice if I let him bleed to death...[/I]

Just then, a new voice was heard. A pale man emerged from the shadows and introduced himself as Othuro, a necromancer. He handed Razkir a potion and an ointment to heal Wenzel, admitting that the skeleton had belonged to him.

Othuro then struck up a conversation with the lady who owned the wolf. While they were chatting, Razkir grudgingly took the potion and began to pour it down Wenzels mouth. Wenzel almost immediately began to perk up a little bit. His eyes darted around nervously, and he started mumbling incoherently while trying to move his limbs.

Then, more rumbling. This time near the right side tunnel. A large figure was approaching, and fast. It got closer to the light, and Razkir could see it looked like a giant worm with sharp teeth, and it was purple. It raised itself up, preparing to strike.

"Erm people, I think there is a problem."

Razkir watched as the strange Balthazar fellow drew his swords and began approaching the creature. [I]That guy must be crazy.[/I] Razkir quickly began backpedaling to put some distance between himself and the worm, while a terrified Wenzel was squirming around but still too weak to move away.

Knowing his melee weapons were almost useless here, Razkir drew his crossbow and loaded it. The bolt looked so insignificant compared to the size of the worm, but it was all he had. At the very least he hoped, between shooting it and Wenzel flailing around on the gorund, it would be enough of a distraction to help Balthazar and the others get close enough to strike.

Razkir pulled the trigger and the bolt flew towards the worm.

12/09/2005 4:46 PM

this time Ayeka stood in the shadows, watching the worm attack the group. She felt the heat of her blood rise, and feared that if she attacked the creature, she could be caught up in a bloodlust that wouldn't stop with the death of the worm. Her hand was clasped tightly over the pendant that hung from the chain around her neck. She closed her eyes and was murmmuring under her breath, the pendant glowed softly, even through her clenched hand.....

12/10/2005 10:18 AM

Razkir pulled the trigger and the bolt flew towards the worm.

The huge worm's body towered above the companions as Balthazar recklessly rushed towards it. Razkir took aim and fired his crossbow. The bolt pierced the creature's tough flesh but seeming had little more effect than to anger it. The worm shrieked with a combination of rage and pain. It could be hurt, but it would take more than a few bolts to stop it. Quickly bringing it's body down in a whipping motion, the worm swiped the advancing Balthazar away with little effort, sending him flying acrosss the chamber.

Ayeka had skulked away into the shadows, and Razkir had backed away from the bulk of the group of whom the worm now advanced on. Opening it's huge mouth wide, it raised it's head above them, ready to feed...

12/10/2005 4:05 PM

Balthazar shook off the wack and stood amid the rumble. 'Jesus that damn hurt, not used to that.' Balthazar spoke the words to release the power in his sword. One of them was engulfed in flames, the other glowed an eerie green. Balthazar sneaked up behind the worm. He broke into a sprint as he reached the top and ran up its back.
He stabbed downwards with both blades straight at the creatures skull.

12/10/2005 10:22 PM

From the covered ruins of the area in which he hid, Todd took in the spectalcle before him. The womr beast was massive and was amusing seeing now trod upon a creature which is used to trodding over it!!

Noting the futile effort of the man with a cross bow, and how little the bolt actually did, it made Todd feel saddened because he knew that he could not even aid that much. And than went the man flying across the cavern, just to get up for another attack...at least that fellow had spirit if not any brains.

Todd turned his attention to the liche which had clung to him earlier. It would be a shame if now she would be fell victum to such a gnarly beast. Besides the worm would probly desire a more lively creature to feast upon.

12/11/2005 8:58 AM

Balthazar recovered from his his wack, summoned the power of his pair of magic swords, approached and rounded the worm and climbed upon it's back quicker than a blink of the eye.

The worm's attention shifted from the stunned group of companions who were about to become prey, to the more immediate danger of Balthazar. The foolish hero climbed onto the worm's head and raised his swords for the critical strike. Sensing the imminent threat, in a desperate attempt the creature hammered it's own head into the ceiling of the dome shaped chamber. Balthazar was instantly crushed to death against the solid rock, but the impact also hammred his blades deep into the worm's skull.

With a deafening thud, the worm collapsed dead onto the ground of the chamber. Little more than mush remained of the reckless Balthazar. Even his swords had disappeared deep into the dead worm's skull, and it would be a hard task to try to retrieve them.

12/11/2005 4:37 PM

Nori had gone through the same process as the rest in falling into the hole.She found Kiar on her lap, his eyes wide with worry. She pushed the beast off her and sat there for a moment. Her head throbbed as the group regained energy and moved on. The time she had sat there was unknown, until the sound of clashing steel and a sharp cry filled her ears.

Nori tried to get up, but Kiar kept getting on her preventing her from doing so. Clutching her teeth, showing he jawline she resisted hitting Kiar. Kair seemed to know there was something wrong up ahead and wanted to keep his mistress away from danger. Getting annoyed with him, Nori let her hand open hand fall onto the dog's head, hitting hit weakly.

"Now, you get off me." Nori said in a deadly voice.

Knowing better than to cross his mistress, Kiar got off her and whined softly. Following all the commotion, Nori managed to reach the group. The battle that she had thought to be going on before had now ended. She stood a few feet away from the group and she observed their state of being.

The man Wensel was on the ground, blood all around him. His companion was not far from him. The others were not far way from the injured man. She recognized them all, except for a strange man who was in conversation with the wolf's owner. Seeing as all was in control, she remained where she was.

The sudden sound of collapsing earth reached Nori, giving her a slap of reality from her dreamy state. The ground began to rumble beneath her feet, she kept her sight on the ground. She looked quite idiotic, but she was hoping the ground would not open up beneath them as it had done before.

"Not again..." Nori said in a low whisper.

Kair 's whinning made her look up to find a large purple worm. Something she had not expected and a creature she had not encountered before. Then again this journey was leading to odd things. From assassins, cocky knights, speakers of death, a yaun-ti , and now a purple worm ready to have them for lunch.

Razkir and Wensel were only a few steps away from Nori and Kair. She took out her bow and loaded it with three arrows. Ready to attack and not miss out on this battle as she had done on the other one. Balthazar was already in the process of striking it down. Nori had to admit his actions were brave yet foolish.

Just a quickly as the battle had begun it ended, with a cruel fate befalling Balthazar. Nori had not even released her arrows when the body of the creature and man lay motionless. Her hands searched for her wolf-like dog, who was barking at the now dead worm. Wrapping her hand around his mouth she silenced him and pulled him toward her with another. Muffled whines continued within Kiar.

A final bark echoed through the place as her redish gold eyes turned for the reaction of the group. She placed her bow next to her and put her arrow back in place.

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12/12/2005 9:01 AM

Ayeka watched the battle, and while regret filled her when the worm killed the one called Balthazar, the scent of blood hit her hard. She had her hand on her sword, only an inch or two of the silvered steel was showing, but had forgotten why she even wanted to pull it out. The haze of red her mind stumbled through made it hard to think.

Jennah whined and looked up to Ayeka, her gaze fixed on the pendant around the Asuli's neck. The faint red pulse it gave off was weakening, and she paced towards Ayeka's right hip, and nudged the steel flask that rested there. When it didn't rouse Ayeka's senses, Jennah growled and barked sharply.

Ayeka could hear Jennah, but only as if her ears were stuffed with cotton, muffled and far away.... She wanted to run, scream, do anything other than stand there, but she felt so damned numb...

It had been years since she had felt this way, she had been so careful not to allow it to happen again. She knew the flask was at her hip, and what it contained... however she couldn't bring herself to move her hand let alone grasp it and swallow its' contents. Even so, she knew what would happen if she didn't..... Inwardly she cried out, the mental scream rippling through the packsong, making Jennah yelp and step backward away from Ayeka.

Making up her lupine mind, Jennah turned to the group, her mismatched blue and green eyes fixed on Nori, the one with the mutt. Barking again, she fixed her gaze on the girls' reddish gold eyes.

:: Help she needs... From that flask she must drink or in danger are you all from her....::

The growling mind-voice filled and faded from Nori's mind as Jennah broke her stare and turned to watch Ayeka warily.

12/12/2005 1:50 PM

As Balthazar layed there his body in ruins, he felt his life slip away. Balthazar drew his last breath and sighed. They would all know his true form. Balthazar's body changed in a blink of an eye. His purple skin almost matched the Wurm, his fangs potruding. He groaned as his body gave way to death.

12/13/2005 9:09 AM

Of the many creatures who patrolled the underground halls and passages in search of the half-orc Rarsh, the brutish Ogre Chieftain Burgh Boneshaker was the most determined to find him. He had no idea why the foolish half-orc had chosen to steal from the mighty Nexhertepes, but he was confident that his capture would raise his own reputation within the horde, and more importantly in the eyes of the beholder.

Ignorant towards the powerful artefact that Rarsh had stolen, Burgh was not in the slightest bit afraid of him. Nexhertepes had demanded that the half-orc was to be brought back alive, so Burgh planned on breaking a few of his bones with his heavy club before dragging him back to the Hordemaster.

Confident in his own ability to deal with Rash, and due to his desire to take all of the glory for himself, Burgh had only taken a handful of Goblin warriors to accompany him. This included Rutt and Kragg, who were renowned for being two of the finest trackers within the horde.

With Rutt and Kragg a little way ahead of the group, Burgh and his Goblins briskly made their way along a wide passage until the two scouts stopped suddenly and signalled for the group to halt. Gripping his spear tightly, Kragg crouched cautionsly and kept watch up ahead, while Rutt quietly made his way back towards the Ogre Chieftain.

"Fresh worm hole ahead, Chief," warned the goblin.

12/13/2005 2:51 PM

Shaking off his mistress' grasp, Kiar freed himself and headed toward the wolf, Jennah. Nori lifted a brow at Kiar, thinking it was not the time to flirt around. But half-way toward the wolf, Kiar stopped and stared at Nori. Her eyes widened as the eyes of both Kiar and Jennah gazed at her own. Taking a deep breath she held it there, forgetting to release it.

An odd feeling overwhelmed Nori, as an unknown voice filled and faded from her mind. She stepped back and blinked a couple of times, unsure of what had just happened.

"Help she needs...", Nori repeated softly. "From the flask she must drink or in danger are you all from her...".

Jennah broke her stare as well did Kiar making Nori look up at the wolf's owner, Ayeka. Her hand was on her sword and as much as Jennah tired she couldn't get a reaction from her mistress'. The bundle of air trapped inside Nori's chest finally escaped her lips.

Dropping her bow, she rushed toward Ayeka. Nori took grasp of Ayeka's arm and shook her vigorously, but no reaction. She looked at Jennah as she nudged on the steel flask that rested on Ayeka's hip. Snatching it, Nori knocked Ayeka off her feet and caught her on her way down. Nori's knee provided a right angel to place Ayeka in as her arm wrapped around her neck, with the other she opened the steel flask. She took it's contents and managed to poured some of it down the woman's throat. Kiar was whining quietly next to Jennah, a concerned look in his eyes.

12/13/2005 5:52 PM

Ayeka could feel herself fall as Nori knocked her off her feet, but remained powerless to stop it. Her teneous control over her body was weakening, and while she knew help was imminent, she dreaded it just the same.

The concoction within the flask was something her older brother, Touga, and her friend Kiri had come up with. An herbal mixture mixed with componants from both Kiri and Touga's blood would sustain her for some time.

The moment the flask touched her lips, Ayeka's body struggled against it, very nearly tearing loose from Nori's grasp. Jennah stepped forward, and growled the low rumble vibrated through the packsong into Ayeka's mind, but the thickening red haze was making it near impossible to think, as instinct took over.

Jennah could hear Ayeka's fading cry from the packsong as the survival instinct within every Asuli broke free, something that could turn her mistress from the kind, noble woman she was, into a cold-blooded killer. With a snarl, Ayeka knocked the flask from nori's hands, baring delicately pointed fangs as her eyes burned a liquid silver. Mouth stained with the contents of the flask, she instinctivly turned towards live prey....

With a snarl and a short-lived warning growl, Jennah attacked, her teeth closing over Ayeka's outstretched arm, causing the woman to cry out in pain. Jennah's weight carried them both to the cavern floor. The moment pain registered in Ayeka's mind, her vision cleared, with painful clairity. Jennah lay still for a moment, as it registered that Ayeka wasn't struggling against the wolfs' painful grip on her arm.

:: It's okay... I lost control for a moment only my friend.. thank you....::

Jennah released her hold and began to lick away the blood from wounds she had created. Whining she stood and padded over to the flask, and brought the remaining contents back to Ayeka.

Ayeka held the steel flask for a moment, and quickly drained the remains, grimacing and shuddering at the taste, as an old man might at the taste of a strong whiskey. She capped the now-empty flask, noting that she would have to replace it soon. Cautiously she looked up to a sea of wary faces, and immediatly her face reddened with embarassment.

"Gomen Nasai....." She murmured.... "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to loose it like that...." She continued steeling herself for the barrage of questions that were sure to come.

12/18/2005 1:02 AM

One of Rogue's pale spidery fingers made touch with the ruby and she felt magic flow into her veins from the ruby freely. Her hunches once again rang true; the ruby had some use. The only thing left is to find out exactly what they were.

Luckily, nobody else in the group seemed to have noticed her find. Knowing this, the liche quickly stowed the trinket away in the mist of her robes. A childish smile played around the corners of her mouth.

This should be interesting...

A male human made himself notified by the group, no doubt from the power slightly radiating from him - a wizard. He introduced himself a Othuro, a necromancer and handed a potion to the bloody heap on the floor that was Wenzel. Before engaging in conversation with the mystery women.

Rogue listened closely to the conversation, hanging upon every word. While she remained silent, not wishing to call unwanted attention from the others - Especially the necromancer. She need not the publicity from the dark side that she was already running from. After all, her deeds causing her lichdom were quite legendary.

The lich's eyes traveled to the passage she had considered before, just in time to see the serpentine monk heading for it. Yet, stopping as the racket emitting from the tunnel as ground trembled once again. Rogue flung herself away on instinct; into the shelter of the shadows just in time before the monster emerged.

A Purple Worm... Lucky for me not to have to deal with that...

She mused to herself in the shadows, as she watched a brave assumedly companion attack the worm in a reckless manner.

Fool... Was the only thought that Rogue could spare for the man as he struck his opponent down, but in the sequence also sacrificing himself.

The lich looked down upon the lifeless body of her ex-companion, her arms were crossed and she was leaning on the stone wall in an untroubled stance. Not an emotion was spared for the lost friend, not even a thought. Watching friends move on while she was cursed to stay alone had made her insentient on the matter.

Suddenly, the strange woman who earlier saved Wenzel's life fell onto the floor in something very alike to a crazed seizure. The flask in Noriana's hand beside her was knocked over. The wolf attacked her enraged mistress calming her nearly instantly. Though not fast enough to hide what the mysterious woman had to tell from Rogue's sharp eyes. She grinned openly to the dark.

Fangs. She could have sworn she saw fangs.

12/21/2005 12:34 PM

With Rutt and Kragg at the head of the party, Burgh Boneshaker and his Goblins proceeded to follow the worm's trail along the wide passage until they saw the opening of a chamber in the gloom up ahead. As they stepped out into vast chamber, the two scouts suddenly screamed a warning as they came upon a what appeared to be a group of adventurers.

Preoccupied and taken completely by surprise, the adventurers had little time to react as the foremost of the goblin warriors began firing their bows at the group.

Lurking behind in the shadows of the passage, Burgh remained behind as the goblin party charged forward to attack...

12/21/2005 6:53 PM

Ayeka looked up, startled as she heard the whisle of the arrows as they streeked towards the party. Ducking and rolling, she avoided most of them, but cried out in surprise and pain as one lodged itself into her left bicep. Reacting quickly, she snapped the shaft off as close as she could, and then ignored the injury as much as it would allow.

Drawing her sword, She ducked behind a considerably large stalagmite, and used the mirror polish of the sword to check the advancing horde.

Jennah yelped and ducked in beside her mistress, hackles raised as she too glanced over her shoulder to check what had attacked them.

12/21/2005 9:43 PM

The snake like monk slithered through the ruins of the darkness to hide deeper within them. Remaining still he hoped to remain unnoticed, as he was already out of everyones sight of view. Todd did not even bother to watch what ever carnage was to happen, from what he had over heard these wanderers had wrongful interest in these ruins.

Perhaps his kind are not in this part of these tunnels. Todd had encountered with these creatures he had glimpse spewing arrows, and even unknowing of his own kind the monk sincerely doubts that his race would have dealings with such foul creatures.

But what of that lady which had clung to him earlier, she was not seen. Perhaps she too ducked into the cover of the surrounding ruins to not detect attention. Unless directly assulted the cloaked yaun-ti figures it best to wait it out as he would rather not reveal himself.

12/23/2005 7:47 AM

The lich craned her head around instantly after a stray arrow whistled past her left ear, missing her by less than an inch. The scene of the attacking goblins came into view, yet somewhat dimly. Luckily the lighting was obscure, Rogue still maintained most of her sight.

Rogue edged a bit more deeper into the shadowy shelters of the ruins, ensuring her safety from the attacking horde. It was undoubtedly wiser to flee than to fight. The vampire had ducked for cover not far from where the lich was standing, while the serpentine monk seemed nowhere in sight. Her only way out seemed to be the passage that the group had agreed upon.

This was getting more risky by the minute. Chances that she could get in and out of this forsaken dungeon all by herself, somehow had shrunk seemed slim to none, the dangers lurking at every corner evidently is more that she had estimated herself. Even how confident of stealthy she is - some backup wouldn't hurt, would it?

Trusting that the Yaun-ti had already either fled or hidden himself, Rogue turned her attention to the vampire, who was nearest to her. She had her sword out and was using it as a mirror to watch the scene from behind the stalagmite, her pet wolf at her side.

How the hell do you get the bloody attention of a vampire and her pet wolf through a shower of arrows... ???

Rogue thought, frustrated at the scene before her. Clearly, she would have to wait until the goblins stopped raining arrows or risk getting struck down. Rogue remained motionless, perhaps it would be better off to lay low until then.

12/27/2005 8:14 AM

As well as catching Ayeka's arm, the first volley of arrows rained down on the unprotected group with devastating effect. Lord Greystoke, his servant Joff, the unfortunate Wenzel, Lark, and the dark wizard Othuro were all caught out in the open and stood little chance of survival. Saved by some extraordinary good fortune and his sturdy suit of armour, Lord Greystoke was the only one to survive the attack...

With a cry to the gods, the paladin raised his sword high above his head and charged into the ranks of goblins who were busy reloading the bows. Killing two at a time with each almighty swing of his weapon, Greystoke was fighting like a man posessed. For a moment it seemed he would soon have the assailants on the retreat, until a huge powerful looking figure entered from the dark tunnel the goblins had came. With a sudden renewed spirit, the goblins drew knives, short swords and spears and formed to surround Greystoke...

12/27/2005 3:58 PM

Nori looked back at the flask as it hand been knocked from her hands. Turning to face Ayeka she came upon pointed fangs and sliver looking eyes. Nori's goldish red eyes widened at the sight, surprised by the sudden change she threw herself back with a yelp.Ayeka unexpectingly stretched her arm toward Nori, Nori let out a muffled scream.

She had never encounted such a thing in her life, only heard rumors of supposed fanged creatures who thurst of blood or something like so. "Oh my god!", Nori breathed as the wolf's teeth closed over Ayeka's outstretched hand. Having had the woman taken away from her Nori quickly stood up and headed toward Kiar. "What is she...", Nori whispered. Her heart was beating fastly as she placed a hand over it.

An unexpected attack from Kiar toward the goblins surprised Nori and made her mind get focused on the the battle before her. The thought of Ayeka and her odd performance just earlier was pushed aside as Nori reached for her bow and bundle of arrows. Reaching to her back she swiftly took out an arrow from the bundle and placed it on her bow. Letting it go with ofrce and speed, it struck one of the goblins on the throat.

Kiar attacked wildly, but with no conscideration of what weapons the goblins carried. For his left paw was slashed, a loud howl escaped the mutt. Nori headed toward him as she ducked the flying arrows. Taking the daggers from her belt, she throw one at a goblin strucking it's rist making his weapon drop from his hand. From there Nori took out her bow and was ready to help out Lord Greystoke.

Shooting arrows with speed and agility she managed to get some of the goblins that surrounded him. While all this happened from the corner of her eye she spotted Rouge. It surprised her to see her fleeing, but before Nori could keep track f her any longer a goblin charged toward her. Luckily, Kiar was prepared and bit the creature on the ankle. The fall made Nori's short rusty sword make a bloody gash through it's head.

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01/06/2006 10:46 AM

Even with the aid of Nori firing her bow with great skill and accuracy, taking down a few more of the goblins, it was not enough to save Lord Greystoke. The brutish ogre Chieftain Burge Boneshaker stomped into the fray and immediately struck the hapless paladin with his huge club. Greystoke slumped heavily to the ground, and remained there motionless.

Burgh and his two remaining goblins, the scouts Kragg and Rutt, quickly turned their attention towards Nori and her mutt, who had just disposed of the last of the goblin warriors...

01/07/2006 6:13 PM

Seeing that only a few remained, Ayeka steeled herself against the pain in her arm, and stood. She headed for the nearest of two scouts, her eyes fixed with a deadly missive. Jennah leapt forward, fangs bared in rage, tearing towards the other. Leaving nori to deal with the leader...

01/07/2006 7:31 PM

Nori gasped as she saw Lord Gerystoke fall to the ground. She hoped he would get up, but the paladin remained motionless. The movement of the Ogre and the two goblins made Nori worry for her own life instead of Lord Greystroke's. Kiar rushed toward Jennah as they attacked the two goblins, leaving the ogre to Nori.

Her hands became sweaty as she held onto her short rusty dagger. Feeling as if the sword would melt in her hands, she gripped it tighter. Nori looked at her suroundings, she was inbetween a wall and the ogre, which was good. She didn't want to cause the paladin and Ayeka anymore injuries, so this spot would have to do.


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01/08/2006 10:07 AM

(OOC: ?... ?... ?... Please check out the OOC thread, OneBeautifulSoul!)

The two goblin scouts would have fled at the mere sight of their assailants, if it were not for the presence of the cruel and powerful Ogre Chieftain. Instead they had little choice other than to ready their spears and hope for the best.

Kragg took a few steps back as Ayeka neared him. Even wounded, the female had a deadly look about her which sent a chill down the goblin's spine. He wanted nothing more than to turn and flee, but to do so in plain view of Burgh would lead to more certain a death than from the woman's blade.

Rutt, meanwhile, had little else going through his mind other than to direct his spear into the wolf's chest as it charged towards him. Gripping the weapon tightly he braced himself waited in a crouched position...

Burgh Boneshaker bellowed an almighty war cry, as with two hands he raised his massive club above is head and stomped loudly towards Nori.

01/09/2006 7:33 AM

Ayeka's sword connected with Kragg's blade with a ringging sound that set her nerves on edge, landing with a force that had to have startled the goblin. Ayeka's mind was filled with Jennah's snarls and images of communication. The double vision of both Kragg and Rutt, made her blink and force Jennah's mind from her own, narrowing her sight to only include Kragg.

The severance of the link between her and her mistress caused Jennah to realize her own peril, and at last moment, feinted to her right and turned her attentions to Kragg, catching the filthy creature by surprise, as her jaws closed over his leg, clamping down as hard as she could. Shoulder muscles burned as she strained to hang on.

01/09/2006 9:11 AM

Kragg hadn't noticed the wolf had turned on him until it was too late. Dropping his weapon, he howled in pain as it's teeth sunk deep into his skinny, green leg. Temporarily forgetting all about the vengeful Burgh Boneshaker, he tried in vain to pulled away from the wolf, in a desperate attempt to escape.

Surprised to see the wolf suddenly turn to attack Kragg, Rutt moved closer and raised his spear ready to throw at the creature...

Nori remained taking cover behind an old section of wall as the powerful ogre loomed closer, with his club still raised high, he prepared to smash through the wall at her.

01/10/2006 3:29 AM

The arrow shower finally stopped, wiping out most of the group. The liche remained stagnant as she eyed the remaining people with a sardonic air.

Greystroke, one of the remaining was soon surrounded by goblins and the person who had dashed to his aid was unsurprisingly Noriana, but even so, Greystroke was soon struck down by the one that seemed like the chieftain. Only three of the opposing group remained now, their attention turned to Nori, who had survived the second round attack.

The vampire lady and her wolf companion had made out of hiding and was covering the two goblin scouts, while Nori was left to deal with the huge chieftain, who was advancing on to her. Nori cleverly lured the leader of the trio attackers from the group to the remains of what once could have been a handsome wall.

The goblin that seemed to be the ogre had it's club raised, posed to strike. Rogue could see it's arms raising up from her hiding place, but Noriana was nowhere in sight as the towering ogre's back had hidden her entirely.

The giant did not seem to know that Rogue was still there, behind it, enveloped in shadows. Waiting.

Without another thought, the lich broke into a sprint, her hands withdrawing from the folds of her battered robes with a pair of poisonous daggers; an eerie green glinted from them in the obscure moonlight spilling down in spots onto the chamber floor.

At the point where she had a perfect aim at the cheiftain's back, with one swift movement, she sent one of her daggers flying towards the ogre's occiput...

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01/10/2006 8:38 AM

Rogue's dagger struck true, nestling firmly into the back of Burgh's neck with a sickly thud. He roared in agony as he brought his club down and smashed it into the wall. Bricks and debris were sent flying in all directions as the ancient wall crumbled and collapsed, almost crushing Nori.

With one hand Burgh reached behind him to pull out the dagger from his neck, while with the other he raised his club and turned to face this new assailant...

01/10/2006 8:22 PM

Nori thanked the gods for Rouge's sudden attack as she escaped the orgre's club by inches. A few blocks from the wall managed to hit Nori on the shoulder, but she ignored the pain. As the Orgre turned to face it's new attacker, Nori sought for a chance to strike. Her attack would be a clear once since the orge was not paying attention to her.

Swiftly she thrust her short rusty sword into the back of the orge's knee. She rolled to the side before the orge would plan a sudden hit. Keeping her eyes on the orgre's new wound to see if the sword actually penetrated it. Her daggers at hand to protect herself.

01/11/2006 6:56 AM

widening the link between wolf and woman, Ayeka and Jennah attacked as a harmonized pair. Being able to see what the other saw, enabled Ayeka to warn Jennah of the impending danger of Rutt's spear.

Loosening her hold on the goblin's leg, Jenna darted around, using all of her nearly two hundred pounds as she jumped up, claws scrabbling for purchase as her jaws sought another, more tender area to clamp down on.

Ayeka spun around to attack Rutt as he seemed to have forgotten her, the silvered gilt edge of her blade biting deep into the spear shaft, cutting it nearly in half.

01/11/2006 7:19 AM

The lich was certain that her attack sequence had worked when the thud of her dagger hitting its target sounded. Through the dim chamber, she could see Noriana clearly, avoiding the ogre's club by inches; her companion was struck by some rocks, tumbling down from debris the giant had smashed to get to its opponent.

But that lost Rogue's concern as the chieftain had turned its attention to her; its club raised ready to strike again.

Her part done, the undead launched herself back to the direction of where she came from with all the haste she could muster, moving out of the range of the ogre's threatening club. The only thing left to do in her plan was to stay unscathed until the ogre reacts to the lethal poison laced on the dagger just buried directly into its system; it shouldnt be long before the thing should drop dead.

01/11/2006 8:29 AM

With his arms flailing wildly, Kragg tumbled to the ground and screeched. He was at the wolf's mercy as it climbed upon him, seemingly intent on ripping out his throat...

Rutt's delay had also proved costly. Ayeka spun on him, cleaving the spear from his grasp with her blade. Seeing what was to befall his companion, and suddenly unarmed, Rutt turned and began sprinting back across the chamber in the direction from which the goblins had came.

Burgh plucked out the dagger from the back of his neck with an agonising cry. As he did so he watched the dark shadow of a figure which had unleashed it disappear with utmost speed. Suddenly another sharp pain struck the back of the ogres leg, causing him to let off yet another agonising roar. Burgh turned to smash the life out of the backstabber, but as he did so his leg gave way, causing him to tumble onto his knees. The stab to back of his knee had penetrated deeply, causing him great difficulty has he tried to stand back up. Burgh then began to feel a very strange sensation throughout his body as the poison quickly began to take effect.

01/11/2006 8:43 AM

Ayeka only watched as Rutt turned to run, she knelt down and drew a dagger from her boot. Taking careful aim before he could reach the cavern corridor, she threw the dagger, which promptly buried itself up to its' hilt between rutt's shoulder blades.

Kragg's screech ended in a strangled cry as Jennah promptly tore out the goblin's throat, lips wrinkled back in distaste for goblin blood as it gushed forth, staining the white fur scarlet.

Ayeka turned towards the last remaining opponant, only to find him on his knees, Nori and Rouge taking care of the ogre brute. Taking a shuddering breath, Ayeka turned her attention to her arm, and pulled out a plain steel knife from a pouch at her waist, and began the minor surgery required to remove the arrowhead from her arm.

01/11/2006 9:19 AM

Before Nori could react further, Burgh who was still on his knees started to choke and clutch at his throat. A hideous gurgling sound began to emit from his lungs and his face rapidly ballooned a deep crimson colour. Collapsing face down onto the ground, the huge ogre's body twitched and convulsed for several long seconds, until finally he lay silent and still.

01/11/2006 3:55 PM

Nori sighed deeply as Kair came to lick her face, blood stains on his fur. She kindly pushed him away and for once the mutt decided to obey. She sat on the ground and pushed her hair out of her face, the nervous knots in her chest disappearing. As her tensed body relaxed a shrap pain struck her shoulder. She looked at is a blood surrounded her soulder and her tunic was ruined.

She clentched her teeth, blinking several times as her hand rested on the wound. She was lucky to have her travel sack with her. There she slowly poured a bit of wine on her wound and wrapped it with a clean cloth. Her golden red ewyes darted toward the dead ogre, it had been a while since she had faced such an opponent. Kiar whined from the sidelines, sensing his mistress was hurt.

"Stop that Kiar..", Nori said making a face. "Jennah is going to think of you as a coward. You see the sight of blood and cry like a pup." She grinned as Kiar whinned even more. In the inside she was happy to see the mutt whine, atleast he cared for her and not much for his selfish self. She turned her attention to Rouge and Ayeka, they had done a splendid job. Nori raised her head and looked at the two. "Alright there, mates?", she said with a tired voice.

01/11/2006 5:44 PM

Ayeka looked up just as she pulled the arrowhead free from the wound in her arm. She nodded once then focused her gaze on the metal of the arrowhead, cleaning it of her blood, she breathed a sigh of relief to see that it wasn't made of silver, but simple, crude iron. She feared the worse considering where they were, and she wouldn't doubt that the filthy creatures would use whatever metal they had gotten their grubby hands on.

She wiped it ruthlessly clean with the edge of her cloak, breaking free the clots and partial scabbing, forcing the wound to bleed freely again. Tearing away the edge of her tunic, as her pack was still high above them, she wrapped the wound to keep it clean. It would probably be nearly healed by morning.

She looked up to focus on the remains of the party. Only three to remain of such a large number. She turned to glance up at the distant edge of the cavern. "So now what?" She asked, her voice rough with the pain from her arm.

01/11/2006 9:43 PM

Rogue didn't bother to answer the question Nori asked; she was clearly in the better shape then the two, but gave the wounded vampire a calculating look instead, a thought stirred behind her eyes. What did that necromancer call her? Something like Akeya? No, no, no. That just wasn't it.

"How about an introduction? Funnily, we've fight along side each other and probably own some debts, but yet... I still have not been given the honor to know your name."

The lich spared her friend a glance at her suggestion to indicate talking to her, before making her way back to the corpse of the ogre. The poisonous dagger she had just used to slay the giant, was oozing with deep red on the ground not far away; she made her way to pick it up, wiped it blood-free and returned it back to the folds of her robes where it belonged.

She then made her way through the dead bodies of the adventurers that have not made it through, scavenging some items that might come in handy later on; Razkir's coil of rope, the fighter that got killed by the giant worm's backpack filled with various adventure gear, and luckily, the healing potions meant for the former troublesome Wenzel, along with some other handy potions she found from the deceased Necromancer.

"Here, I'm quite sure Wenzel won't be needing them anymore." Rogue threw one of the two potions that were given to Wenzel to the vampire she had just spoken to, seeing that she had been struck in the arrow shower, while she stuffed the other bottle into the gear backpack soaking red with fresh blood, along with the other potions she managed to scavenge. The lich began coiling the rope she found from her fellow assassin around her waist for keeping as a belt on her tattered robes.

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01/12/2006 6:34 AM

Ayeka looked at Rouge, and nodded once. "Quite true. Well then, My name is Ayeka Drache. I come from a mountain range far to the west. My companion there is Jennah."

Ayeka watched Rouge as she scavanged the gear and the potions the necromancer had left behind. She caught the potion that Rouge had tossed her, and glanced at it doubtfully. Well, it couldn't hurt... and swallowed half of it, knowing she wouldn't need more than that, and the rest could come in handy later.

01/17/2006 4:42 PM

A disappointed Razkir made his way through the tunnel at a brisk pace, wanting to go faster but reminding himself he needed to stay quiet in case there were anymore unsavory creatures lurking about. After the brief fight with the purple worm which saw the demise of one of the adventurers, Razkir grew impatient and decided to set out on his own.

[I]If only they had all taken the left tunnel like I said. It's safe enough down here so far. Should have left Wenzel to deal with that skeleton on his own. We probably could have been out of here by now.[/I]

Not one to just stand around and waste a lot of time, Razkir wanted to find the treasure and leave as soon as possible. They had a large group, so he didn't feel bad about leaving them since they could most likely take care of themselves.

Razkir had no source of light, making travel a little difficult. However, being an assassin, he carried out most of his missions at night. So he was used to operating in similar conditions and didn't feel too uncomfortable. Keeping his senses alert, he continued down the tunnel and hoped it would lead somewhere.

01/25/2006 9:14 PM

When most low level thieves went 'treasure hunting,' it was normally done on an opportunity-based system. No more thought went into those simple acts of theft than went into their thoughts when a more attractive member of the opposite sex passed them by. It was easy, it was there, and it was asking to be taken, giving weight to why most thieves are caught, but not this one...

No, the thief that stalking the darkened ruins beneath a once great city was much different, his mere being here thoroughly expressed that fact. He had first heard of the ruins in a place where most quests began and even more lives ended, a local tavern. True, drunken fools can make up quite the fairy tales, but by rule of thumb they most always had a factual basis...

And so he had found himself here, scoping out his potential heist before he decided to commit to his profession of finding any 'misplaced' items. Experience had taught him never to underestimate a job, and this time he was quite happy that he had entered with caution into the darkened caves...

He had managed to find an entrance with some ease, though the brush the he lay back upon it would have made it nearly impossible for others to see from the outside, but once inside the drunken man's story came to life before him. There was indeed a cave system of vast proportions, but what he hadn't counted on was it being occupied by several orcs and other creatures...

And thus brought him back to where he was now, and had been for several days. He had stalked to caverns nearly non-stop, testing enemy strengths and guard patterns, both in their walks and in their shifts. He knew most of the systems where the orcs had inhabited, and vaguely of the other portions though that was not his worry right now...

The night he had planned on attacking was foiled by what seemed to be an in-clan rivalry of some sort, and apparent an underling had stolen a superior's wand. He had gathered as much from his eavesdropping, but since then he had been mostly in hiding, just as he was once again fixing to be...

As he stalked to one direction of the cave he stopped his silent steps to listen behind him. He was certain that someone was behind him, though he only knew what was in truth Razkir to be a potential enemy. He quickly slide into a shadowy perch where he could crouch and be unseen, though see perfectly his prey...

His left hand found its home nestled on the hilt of the dagger which hung on his belt, and like a cobra poised to strike he patiently waited, cautious to the noises which emitted near to him...

02/03/2006 6:07 AM

(sorry to reply without permission, but this is a perfect place for Touga to appear....:()

Touga led Ghost along the trail, The gelded stallion picked his way carefully through the brush, following the lead of the grey wolf ahead of them. Touga sat the horse as one who had been born into the saddle, moving with ease at each pace of the well-bred beast.

The wolf that led them on was well-bred as well, standing about five hands at the shoulder, the beasts eyes were a bright gold as the moonlight struck them. The she wolf sniffed the ground between her paws, caught Ayeka's scent like a clear breeze in a stagnent den. She sneezed and then turned her gaze towards her bonded.

::She passed this way some time ago....::

"Lead on 'shade...." Touga said, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger, breifly dulling the headache that was starting there. Touga dismounted then, following Nightshade on foot, knowing the terrain was too rocky for his mount.

It didn't take long for Nightshade to lead Touga to an entrance of the cavern chains. :: This isn't her trail, its too faint now... but perhaps...::.

Touga's icy blue eyes scanned the entrance warily before nodding once and walking inside, hand resting at the ready on the hilt of his rapier. Once the initial cavern had been searched, the asuli and wolf continued on, following Touga's heightened senses, and the wolf's nose. I

It was then that a soft, stealthy movement caught Touga's attention, and 'Shade caught the theif's scent. The wolf growled low, and Touga's grip on the hilt of his sword tightened, arm tensing to pull the blade free from it's scabbard....

"Who are you?" Touga called out into gloom.

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02/05/2006 8:19 PM

To his dismay, the hunt at hand had to be put aside as another threat was now at hand, one that was much louder than anything in this cave system he had encountered. Even the Orc sentinels within the blackened caverns had somehow been disciplined well enough to keep chatter to a minimum, yet this fool decided to out in a voice that would surely echo throughout the once dormant halls...

His own heightened senses allowed him to hear this other menace, albeit far too late to have reacted accordingly. His vision had just briefly caught a movement ahead, and from the sounds that next reached his ears he could interpret this to be a different being entirely, as if the voice had not given it away completely...

The growl had been the voice noise to stand out and pierce the silence, though nearer the end of the warning Kelintra thought that he had heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed, causing his to accompany right behind as he remained in his crouched position...

The hand that had found its home upon the dagger to his left was now held diagonally from his left hip to right shoulder, somewhat across his hooded face, as he thought briefly on what to do. The options ran scarce within his ingenuitive mind as he had already weighed the fact that his abilities were best kept for stealthy approaches, and that had already been foiled by some blasted mutt...

In what seemed an instant he had decided what to do, he sheathed his sword as he stood and moved towards the center of the corridor, taking a few steps forward to allow himself to come more into the open, no doubt for the others to see. He could see them perfectly, however, as they were a little less than one hundred feet away, taking into consideration that over twenty years of either seeing in the dark or dying does not leave one easily...

He took a moment to size up his fellow cave dweller, and took as anyone would from his build that he was no doubt a fighter. He knew he likely stood no chance in a fair fight, so if he could help it he wouldn't allow it to come to that...

It was at this point that his low, smooth voice cut through the darkness to reach it's intended target, just low enough to be heard by the ones who had spotted him though hopefully low enough to keep from being heard by the other that was approaching...

[i]Who I am does not matter, but what is soon to matter greatly is that fact that your blatant disrespect for the resonating walls of such a cave will surely bring a scouting party of Orcs headed straight for us...[/i]

He said with a pause to allow it to set in. He could only assume that whoever was in front of him had no been accustomed to dwelling in caves, and neither had he for some time, but he still carrying with him several instinctive notions. After only a few seconds had passed he began to speak again...

[i]However, if you would rather live to see the end of this I would suggest you sheath that sword and realize where you are. This is no playground, and there are things down here that would love to make a meal of both of you...[/i]

He paused again, this time to check on the advancement of his other 'friend' that had been behind him now, though far enough away that he was no real threat. He heard nothing, and cursed to himself, though not aloud, at having alerted the other to his presence...

[i]Now what say you to sheathed that weapon of yours and let us find a better suited place to carry on these 'introductions' of yours, eh? Behind you several feet I'm sure you noticed the small nook on the left, though I doubt you realized the full extent of it. It opens into a rather large chamber, so how about you hurry along and I'll be right being...[/i]

He said with not an ounce of deceit in his voice, knowing that a seen threat was much less of a danger than an unseen one, as such was the one behind him and no doubt the one that would soon be on its way. He remained standing, hooded, with his arms crossed about his chest, waiting for the other to move as he would soon do the same if he so chose to follow his advice...

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02/13/2006 5:56 PM

(Touga had never truely drawn his weapon....)

Touga's hand relaxed on the hilt of the rapier, but did not relax his stance. He had been taught better than to let his guard down in such a place. He allowed what the man had said to sink in, and even 'Shade silenced her growls.

Quickly Touga turned back the way he had come, indeed having noticed just such of a nook when he walked into the caverns. Moving with the perternatural speed inherent to his people, he reached the cavern with little incident, 'shade right beside him. Stopping, he turned back and awaited the man he had met up with...

02/15/2006 1:45 PM

((Aye, I know, but I didn't explain myself. I only meant to say that Kel [i]thought[/i] that you drew your weapon, not that you actually did. Terribly sorry for any controlling I may or may not have done, I hate when it happens to me. Sorry again...))

He was beginning to wonder if the one amidst him one follow his advice, but when a blink of the eye had allowed him to disappear he knew that he had either heeded his words or planned to try his own luck out. Either way worked for Kelintra as he shot off in the direction of the nook, his steps silent and his intentions true, for the moment...

As he neared the nook he ducked inside, careful not to brush against the rocks that lined its edges. When he entered the larger room it opened up into, about the size of a normal inn room, he was completely alert, just as he had been on his way to the nook in case of treachery on the others part. He was not in the least suprised to find the visitor within the room, for he always had a way of coaxing people into doing what he wanted...

This one most definately seemed different, however. He could tell that his intentions were all but for the search of treasure, just his demeanor gave that away. He was careful to keep his hands away from any weapons and as well reduce his motions to slower ones, so as not to raise suspisions. He wasn't quite sure what to think of him at the moment, just that he was a potential enemy, but seeing as he was here also a potential ally, as if a Drow needed one...

[b]Well, t'would seem that you know when to take advice, an admirable aspect to one such as yourself, being as you must have had your fair share of fights...[/b]

He said as he crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back against a cavern wall as he continued to speak. His voice was no longer a whisper, but at the same time it wasn't so audible that anyone outside the nook could easily hear...

[b]But I must ask what you're doing down here. You don't quite seem the type to be treasure hunting, eh?[/b]

He was careful to choose his words so as not to provoke any anger. The burly man before him would be a challenge enoguh alone, maybe even impossible on fair terms, but with his added companion he knew he would only be doomed. He decided to give his wits a go at the situation first...

02/20/2006 8:34 AM

Touga tilted his head slightly, and a wry smile played at his lips. "Depends I suppose on your interpertation of 'treasure'." Lowering his head for a moment, Touga studied the rock under his feet while his mind locked more firmly with the wolf at his side.

'Shade's golden eyes locked on the drow, her interest piqued. Then without glancing at her Kal'endran, she cast her mind about for her own She'endra, Blood-sister. The caverns were seemingly endless but it didn't take her long to locate the grey presence of another V'lushar.

Through the link of the wolves, Touga could feel his sister then, and a lance of pain struck at his right arm, and his breath hissed as he reached up to staunch the floow of blood from a wound that wasn't there.

"Damn... I'm not here looking for any type of treasure that I'm sure you're here for." Touga growled, slowly lowering his arm as the link faded to a thin link in the back of his mind.

"I've come searching for my sister, and she's here somewhere in these caverns..." He paused and stared unnervingly at the Drow, his icy blue eyes unwavering.

"Have you seen her? Long blonde hair, eyes the color of the twilight sky... With a wolf the color of snow?"

02/20/2006 9:30 AM

Kel' studied whatever was standing in front of him, keeping an eye on his motions as he spoke. His right foot had instinctively edged back when he moved his arm to hold his other, but now it was inched back to its normal position as he continued to watch...

There was definately something different about this one, something not right in a way he couldn't quite put his finger on. If it wasn't for the fact that he was most definately NOT going to provoke this guy his hand would most certainly have already gripped the hilt of his wakizashi, and possibly even have drawn it...

Instead, however, he was going to take on a more uncautious approach, as if he wasn't paying attention to everything around had, but if the person in front of him knew anything about Drow then he would know that was untrue. Either way he moved his hand slowly but purposefully to remove the hood that covered his head, revealing his silver hair as he began to speak...

[b]The only other people I've seen down here are the orcs that patrol the corridors and endless halls of stone. I do believe that something had happened on down the hall that we were in, I heard more steps than the usual patrol and they were running...[/b]

He said unwavering, though to be honest he always hated telling the truth. It was just something about him always telling lies even when unneccessary that led him to almost always lie, and now it would lead him to once again...

[b]Too bad those same orcs came back the same way, and from the sound of it were dragging I'd say two things more than they brought with them. Mean anything to you?[/b]

He said just as he had told the truth. It would most definately be to his advantage if he could get this one on his side, and he already had it all planned out. Now he would just have to see if it played out as he wanted it to, of course with his light 'touch' every now and again...

02/22/2006 5:37 PM

Touga's normally calm, serious facade wrinkled into a frown, he didn't trust the other that stood before him further than he could probably throw him... which in this instance wouldn't be far as there was a wall of sheer rock behind the drow.

However the news made his heart skip a beat as his chest tightened in sudden fear. Fear that was quickly expunged as 'Shade swung her yellow eyes towards her bonded. Instantly his mind was flooded with images that at first contained his sister, blurred slightly, as seen through the eyes of her bonded. Then the vision blurred and swung sickeningly up, and forced Touga to thin out the bond to regain his own bearings.

When the bond became taut again, two other female figures swam into view, a woman obviously of necomantic beginnings, the other a young woman with a wolf-like dog at her side.

"Thanks... but I believe I've found her due to this little distraction. I should thank you though... You allowed me to contemplate my situation here. " He nodded and made to move past the drow, his steps totally silent upon the loose stones of the cavern floor.

02/26/2006 1:44 PM

[b]Ah, but then you must allow me to accompany you...[/b]

He said as he moved to his right to block his path, holding his right arm down at a fourty-five degree angle in the process. He did so in a very fast manner, not making any sudden movements with his hands as he did so. There was still several feet between them, enough time for either of them to make a quick dart or dodge towards or away from the otehr if need be. For the time being, however, Kel' continued to talk...

[b]Your sister could be anywhere, and I've been down here for some time now. For a small price I can guide you effortlessly through these halls, and remember since your sister is no doubt in danger time is always a factor...[/b]

He said, playing on the fact that there was no way, at least as best he could figure, he could find his way down here. He was a bit puzzled however as to how he suddenly 'knew' where his sister was, but he merely assumed that was an excuse for not believing him, as he had tried to leave almost instantly...

[b]Your choice...[/b]

He said plainly, leaving the ball in his court now...

02/26/2006 3:52 PM

a smirk played across Touga's face, the thought of he has no idea who he is dealing with crossed his mind again. But something about this Drow intrigued him, and amused him at the same time, and for one like him, amusment was a rare commodity.

"Fine... name your price if you will... and you may 'guide' me..." The mild amusment tainting his voice tones, as he reached for the small purse at his hip.

Nightshade sneezed softly, pawing at her nose briefly before looking up again at the drow.

::He is amusing is he not?::

Touga only half-smiled, smothering the response of laughter.

Ayeka froze, her eyes widened as her bother's mind touched hers through the packsong. It wouldn't take him long to meet up with her. At once she closed her eyes, and her view of Touga's face shifted, and was focused on a male Drow... Ayeka's brow furrowed for a moment.

This might just complicate things a bit...

02/26/2006 6:36 PM

He watched carefully as the creature in front of him spoke, careful to observe all of his facial features and body movements during and after his words. It was obvious that he was cocky, no doubt brought on by many battles won and challengers overcome, that much could be told by his words that he spoke. He no doubt thought Kel' to be a joke, but the Drow would soon make that dream a nightmare...

[b]Amused are we? Well put away that feather-light sack of coins, for that's not what I ask of you. I merely want your help in clearing out these corridors of 'unwelcomed' guests should we say. That's all I ask in return for me leading you through the darkened halls of stone, and I'm sure your sister would want the same, no?[/b]

He said as he carefully watched his expressions once again. He was ready for any treachery this one might throw his way as he grew more cautious with every word he uttered from his lips. The best he could do was wound if necessary, and then afterwards disappear in the caverns behind them...

02/27/2006 4:27 PM

Touga only smiled. "Well if that's all you wanted, you merely had to ask. As was my intention anyway, for most likely these 'unwelcome guests' of yours will barr my way to my sister."

He took a step forward, indending to push the drow out of the way if he must. "Nightshade... Scout ahead." The wolf chuffled softly and growled low in her throat as she slipped past the drow, heading into the darkened corrider..melding in with the shadows.

Ayeka glanced at the others, and then finally made up her own mind. She needed to meet up with her brother. She turned and slipped away unnoticed by the other two, Jennah at her heels... Moving silently down a darkened tunnel.

02/28/2006 11:24 AM

Rarsh the half-orc tiptoed almost blindly through a narrow passageway. His countless narrow escapes from the relentless orc patrols had lead him to this unused part of the dungeon. Now his carefully planned out route of escape seemed like a distant memory. Alone in this unfamiliar passage, the sound of dripping water from the stalactites above seemed like a welcome change from the continuous pursuing feet he had endured for several hours.

The seemingly flawless plan to seal Nexhertepes most precious artifact had gone horribly wrong shortly after he had laid hands on it. Rarsh couldn't quite figure out why despite the fact he had managed to remain undetected, the guards, and then patrols, had been so quickly on his tail.

Rarsh slipped a hand beneath his dark, tattered cloak and brought out the precious object which had caused all this mayhem. The bulky thief knew little about magic, though he found it odd that the wand showed no signs of its supposed immense power. There was no particularly special feel to it, and it did not even show the faintest signs glow in this pitchest black of passages. Rarsh began to wonder if the wand even had any power at all... But surely it must, for the way Nexhertepes had quickly dispatched so many of his forces to track him down surely proved so! Still, it's power did not matter to [i]him[/i] anyway. The mysterious wizard who went by the name of Lemolin had foolishly already given him half of the gold for the job. Regardless of the wands power, his end of the bargain would be complete once he found a way back to the outside world.

02/28/2006 1:50 PM

[b]Well in that case my services won't be of use to you and your scout there...[/b]

He said, obviously convinced that this warrior was too cocky for his own good. He didn't move until he had to, not allowing so much of a push but a brush of arms. He had half a mind to slit his throat right there, but decided against it since he could still be of use...

[b]And since you seem to know the way so well, why don't you lead the way?[/b]

He said sarcastically, his hand inched closer to the hilt of his blade though it would do unnoticed unless he was watching motion. It was obvious that he knew the way somehow, and if that be the case he had no further reason, though it did cause him to wonder how he knew...

02/28/2006 2:44 PM

Clad in smart looking dark blue robes, a tall man with grey hair and a large neatly trimmed moustache stood at a tunnel intersection. In one hand he was holding a large wooden staff which was propped on the ground, in the other he held a small crumpled piece of parchment. Straining his eyes in the dark, he was trying to make out the details which he had hastily jotted down just hours ago. This dank and gloomy dungeon was an unfamiliar world to him, a world which he would be eternally glad to leave far behind.

Looking up from his roughly scrawled map, he jumped slightly as he saw two figures approaching from one of the dark passages ahead. The outline of one of the figures was small and beast-like, the other was a humanoid which moved with all the grace of a woman.

03/03/2006 12:17 PM

Ayeka slowed to a stop. While nearly blind in the darkness of the caverns and tunnels, she would have to be near dead to sense the rush and ebb of heat that rushed through the others' veins. The sudden tension that echoed in the packsong from her bonded made Jennah's fur bristle out on end, and a low growl rumble in her chest.

As big as the wolf was, Ayeka didn't have to bend over to rest her hand on Jennah's head. The growl silenced at the woman's touch, but the tension in the lupine shoulders didn't ease as her mismatched eyes found the darker shadow among the others, and refused to look away.

Ayeka sent soothing thoughts to her bonded partner, and looked in the same direction as Jennah was looking.

"Be you friend or foe? Be warned, I am armed."

03/03/2006 12:22 PM

Back with the drow, the movement that the 'dark elf' had made didn't get past Touga, he just decided to not react negativly to it... yet.

"I doubt you would have any use of that blade of yours against me... nor if you decided that you had to, would it do you any good. Take that as a bit of friendly advice..." Touga said, no infliction in his tone, as he turned and made his way down the tunnel. Again not once did his feet kick loose small stones nor made any sort of scuffling sounds as he walked.

03/03/2006 2:10 PM

Upon hearing the low growl of the wolf, the man quickly stuffed the parchment he was reading into his robes and assumed a fighting stance.

"Be you friend or foe? Be warned, I am armed."

Relaxing slightly, he lowered his staff, "Friend, I hope..." he said, slowly stepping closer to get a better look at those who faced him. He was a confident, charming sort with a good knack of talking his way out of trouble. "I see you are well protected, but what might a fair maiden like yourself be doing in such an unpleasant place like this?"

03/03/2006 5:02 PM

"I was forced to drop in unexpectedly." Ayeka responded sardonically, unable to quell the mocking tone. "Forgive my harshness.. I simply stopped to help some other travelers and found myself stuck in these gods forsaken caverns.

"Sashikomu." She breathed the word and a spark of light formed in her hand, again forming into a sphere of pale scarlet light, luminating without robbing them of their night vision.

"There that should help." She murmered as the sphere hovered in the air above them. She looked up and studied the man as he was undoubtedly doing as well.

03/04/2006 8:03 AM

"Impressive," responded the man with a wry grin as he eyed the woman up and down. Even under the limited light of the sphere, he found her beauty striking.

"Well, it seems we are in quite the same predicament. My name is Lemolin. I'm an archeology of sorts. After letting my curiosity get the better of me, I wandered a little deeper into these ruins than maybe I should have..." propping his staff on the ground with one hand, the other made all kinds of gestures as he spoke.

"I was alarmed to find this place is not quite as deserted as I first thought. Creatures of all manner roam these passages, some which seem organised, almost like patrols. Luckily I mapped down my progress here," he said, pulling the creased piece of parchment from his robe.

"Come, if we do not wish to end up a prisoner of these foul creatures, we should quickly make our way out. Will you follow me?"

03/04/2006 9:01 AM

Ayeka nodded, and gestured towards the wolf. "This is Jennah, I am Ayeka. I will douse the mage-light and send her ahead. She can warn me of any impending danger before we come upon it. However I cannot leave. My brother is in these caverns, and I will not leave without him."

03/04/2006 9:07 AM

However I cannot leave. My brother is in these caverns, and I will not leave without him."

Lemolin's face screwed in annoyance upon hearing this.

"Then I will endeavor to do my best in helping you find him," he said, quickly turning his expression back into a smile. "Do you have any idea in which direction we should begin looking?"

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03/04/2006 10:11 AM

[b]Merely caution my friend, surely you would expect as much from my kind...[/b]

He said without skipping a beat, though he more than knew he would be getting a sly comment from his own previous one. He followed down the hall behind him, careful not to make a noise as well as he skillfully avoided the majority of the loose stones that lay on the ground before him, unlike the one ahead of him...

His words had puzzled him, and he began to wonder what he could truly be. He knew that normal blades could not harm the undead, but this being before him hardly seemed to have made to trips into this world. No, perhaps this was a vampire of sorts, though if he was he was most assuredly an unordinary one. However, whether that ordinariness was good or bad had yet to be proven yet...

He decided not to speak as they traversed the seemingly endless hallways, seeing as how giving away their location would be foolish. He only spoke when he needed to, such as when they came upon a section where the passageway split off into three sections. Speaking in a whispered tone he knew that his fellow 'explorer' could hear he gave his piece of advice...

[i]Ahead leads only to a dead end, and the right circles back around to where we came from. You're going to want to go left, it opens up into more of the chambers where the orcs dwell, and most likely your sister...[/i]

He said truthfully, though he sensed that the one at point already knew where he was going. He searched his brain for stories and tales of vampires that may have travelled with wolves, but at the current moment he was unable to focus much on that as he continued down the corridor, his steps silent and his body alert...

03/04/2006 10:35 AM

Moving silently throught the darkness, Rarsh had a peculiar feeling that the last passage he had just taken had brought him around in large circle. As he approached a familiar looking area where the passage split into three sections, he was suddenly sure this must be true. Studying the shape of walls, his attention was momentarily distracted by the revelation of this annoying setback. As he slowly progressed towards the junction he failed to hear the faint murmur of conversation between an Asuli vampire and a Drow...

03/06/2006 12:38 PM

It was Nightshade that alerted Touga to their impending visitor, her growls in his mind were savage. His hand went immediatly towards his sword, fingers curling around the pommel, and silently cleared the silver-gilt steel from its soft leather scabbard. Having learned quickly from his folly with the Drow, Touga remained silent, as did 'Shade, awaiting to see what was coming down the tunnel.

03/06/2006 12:41 PM

Ayeka nodded, and then closed her violet eyes, her mind delving deep within the wolf's mind, connecting her to her brother's bonded and distinctly caught the direction in which they were in. When she opened her eyes, she considered the tunnels ahead of them...

"That way..." She said, pointing to the left-most tunnel, and started towards it.

03/06/2006 1:07 PM

Stepping out into the open area where the passages interchanged, Rarsh emerged only a few feet from where the trio waited. Panic instantly flashed upon his warty features as his eyes locked on the dark foreboding figures which now faced him. Jumping back several feet, he drew a deadly looking scimitar quicker than the eye could follow. Assuming a fighting stance, the half-orc thief called out a challenge.

"Who stands in the way of Rarsh?... Step aside and there need be no bloodshed..."

03/06/2006 1:26 PM

Delaying for a second, Lemolin continued to eye the woman curiously as she set off along the left-most tunnel. [i]Had she just used some kind of telepathy?[/i] Now he really was intrigued by this mysterious beauty named Ayeka.

Snapping out of his momentary day-dream, Lemolin took a few long, quick strides to catch up, and was soon at her side.

"Let us continue with caution, Orc and Goblin patrols are everywhere remember..."

03/06/2006 10:23 PM

His own ears had alerted him near to the same time that Touga had been alerted, and his changing stance quickly reinforced the fact of the matter. His hand moved instantly to the hilt at his back as he made his way nearer to Touga, though several feet away and to his right. His eyes told of an Orc like creature, though he was understandably different than the others that dwelt down here...

As he spoke and drew his blade Kel' knew that the prospect of a peaceful encounter was practically out the window..


Kel' thought to himself as the Orc spoke...

[i]About time I had some action...[/i]

He moved around to flank his enemy in the chamber they now occupied. It wasn't overly large, but it still allowed him more than enough room to move to a more opportune position. His senses were heightened at the prospect of battle and he was completely focused on Rarsh, his hand itching to draw the blade from it's sheath. He did, however, manage to keep a fix on Touga as well, still not entirely sure of his intentions as of yet...

[b]Strong words for a strong odor...[/b]

He said boastfully and tauntingly as he made his round. He was of course already detected, and he hoped to provoke a foolish attack out of anger, one that he could easily parry and counter with his own attack. Besides, if he did manage to draw an attack Touga could easily attack from his standpoint, and Rarsh almost without a way to defend...

03/07/2006 8:28 AM

Reacting instinctively to the leaner of the two humanoids attempt to flank him, Rarsh backed into the tunnel from where he'd just entered. Ignoring the taunts, he quickly assessed the assailants blocking his path. They certainly weren't one of the patrols. In fact they didn't even look like any of the creatures he recognised from Nexhertepes lair. They [b]did[/b] however, look extremely deadly. Even with as much self-confidence in his own ability as Rarsh had, surely this was a fight he could not hope to win? To make matters worse, he couldn't possibly out-run them either, due to the beast they had in tow.

Bowing his head slightly, but without lowering his eyes, Rarsh rasped almost meekly, "My opologize. Me mistook you's for someone else... Rarsh leaves now..."

03/07/2006 8:41 AM

Staying close to Ayeka's side, Lemolin followed her through the tunnel she'd started down in search of her brother.

The tunnel was straight and narrow and had an unpleasant musky smell about it. The ground was soft and earthy here, and it was not long before they began to pass small puddles of stagnant water.

"This is not a tunnel I am familiar with. Are you sure we are going the right way?" he whispered.

03/07/2006 9:16 AM

There was something about Rarsh that made Touga pause, and lower his sword. "Wait... who did you mistake us for? What are you doing in a place like this?" He asked, his voice low and almost hypnotic as he cast a warning glance at the Drow...

03/07/2006 11:17 AM

Rarsh frowned slightly, unsure of what to say. Knowing his life hung in the balance and not wanting to be caught lying, he was compelled to tell some of the truth.

"Me mistook you's for patrols sent by Nexhertepes... They search for me, but Rarsh too smart for them... Rarsh must leave here now," pointing at himself as he spoke his own name, he finished his statement looking increasingly edgy...

03/07/2006 1:56 PM

Like a freight train all of tha facts added up and hit him at once as he realized who was standing before him. He had stopped as the Half-Orc went to take off back into the cave, but had not moved either eye nor hand from their place, save to take a glance back at Touga as he spoke...

[i]So he's the reason for the increased patrols...[/i]

He thought to himself as Rarsh spoke, knowing that while he had been down here there had been an increase in guard patrols, both in numbers and frequency. He still hadn't figured out why, but his assumption of an in-clan rivalry was now being proved almost to a 't.'...

[b]Wait... So you're who they are looking for, eh? I knew there had to be some reason they increased their patrols, but why? What in the hell did you do to anger them that much with you?[/b]

He said in a careful tone, only audible in the surrounding area to the untrained ear. He knew that normally a group of Orc's this large would just assume let a rogue leave rather than waste time and resources looking for him. No, either Rarsh had done something or had something that they wanted back, this much Kel' was sure of. The only question was what...

03/08/2006 9:00 AM

Rarsh thought carefully for a moment. He was intelligent enough to know that a lie near to the truth would be more believable than an elaborate one. He couldn't afford to let slip the fact he was carrying an extremely powerful artifact, so he spun a tale as near to the truth as he could think of.

"Man wizard came here to dungeon. Nexhertepes does not like wizard. He order Rarsh to kill him, but Rarsh not want to kill wizard. Wizard no done anythin bad. Rarsh tells wizard he must leave dungeon. Wizard thank Rarsh for not killing, he tell he have gold in forest above to give to Rarsh for reward... But Rarsh not go with wizard yet. Rarsh must tell Nexhertepes wizard dead first... Rarsh don't know how, but Nexhertepes know wizard not dead! Nexhertepes very powerful, very angry, Rarsh run from him."

Finishing his tale with a nod of the head, Rarsh felt confident his story was convincing, and that he had delivered it as well as he could...

03/08/2006 9:39 AM

Touga listened to Rarsh's tale, though watching him closely. It was the nod of the head at the end of the tale that told Touga that it was if he were trying to convince himself of his own tale...

The other was lying.. and Touga wanted to know why.. but first, he wondered how to gain this figitty creature's trust....

03/08/2006 10:21 PM

Kel' stood in a sort of standing position as he listened to the creature spin his tale, though he hardly believed it. Any Orc, even a Half-Orc as he was, was very unlikely to be so generous, though the prospect of gold no doubt increased his will to do 'good,' but he only found out about the gold after he had agreed to spare the wizard, at least according to him. His foot had began to inch back a bit as he turned slightly to face both Touga and Rarsh, just in case anything else was afoot amid his heightened and alert senses...

[b]So you mean to tell me that you spared this Wizards life, even after your superior ordered him dead? It seems like you are quite the hero, but that aside... If you are fleeing from the other Orcs in these caverns then we should have no quarrel with you...[/b]

He said, attempting to let the Half-Orc believe that his story had taken as truth as he continued to speak, hoping to possibly get a better location of this other Wizard, though he doubted there was one, or better yet where the other Orcs were holding most of their main stash of gold...

03/09/2006 10:14 AM

"This is not a tunnel I am familiar with. Are you sure we are going the right way?" he whispered.

Lemolin took Ayeka's lack of response to mean she would not be swayed from her current course. As they ventured further into the dank passage, a thick layer of mould began to grow up the sides of the walls, spreading from the stagnant puddles of water on the ground. The wizard looked down in disgust, but continued without further comment. Eventually up ahead the narrow passage seemed to open up into another vast chamber. Nearing the end of the tunnel they could see the chamber was filled with fungi of all shapes and sizes.

"This does not look good, I think we should turn back," he whispered.

03/09/2006 10:29 AM

[b]So you mean to tell me that you spared this Wizards life, even after your superior ordered him dead? It seems like you are quite the hero, but that aside... If you are fleeing from the other Orcs in these caverns then we should have no quarrel with you...[/b]

All be it forced, Rarsh managed a smile at the mention of the word 'hero'. He was relieved that he'd convinced them enough not to attack him, but he still wasn't entirely convinced he was out of trouble just yet. Deciding to continue playing dumb, he would let them think he trusted them.

"No quarrel. Rarsh can be helpful if you no friends of Nexhertepes. Rarsh can give information that you ask, then Rash leave. Yes?..."

03/11/2006 10:56 AM

" That sniveling, coniving little goat herder! How dare he take my money, then leave my side at the first hoot from an owl!"

Meadow's genteel face was a picture of disappointment and anger as she finished her dramatic outburst. She was slightly, if not fully outraged at the injustice of it all. She had paid Fazir good money to be her companion until she could meet up with a passing group of adventurers.
But Fazir had other plans it appeared, he had run off like a common thief leaving her with a small scrap of paper he had called a map. In reality it was a very obscure map of some place that Fazir had told her attracted many adventurers, a lost city with treasure to be reclaimed it seemed.

And so she was now alone, left to her own devices in a place she was not at all familiar with. It irked Meadow to no end that she had been taken for a fool in such a manner. In retrospect she should have done more research on her own instead of putting her faith in Fazir whom, she now was sure had planned to abandon her all along.

"Grubby two-faced earthworm..Fazir." she muttered as she kicked the dirt beneath her boots and scanned her present surroundings, comparing them as best she could to the map she now held captive in her gloved hand.

This was not how things happened in the stories Meadow recounted to her audiences, this was not acceptable to her at all. In her stories most of the companions were loyal, fairly obedient if not unwavering in the face of conflict.More often than not, this made for a good storytelling.

Meadow's story beginning however, was suddenly looking less than encouraging...she was not pleased.

Knowing lore and telling stories was not reality, only a distorted view of what may have actually transpired in time. She had always known this, but took advantage of the fact. She now realized that she was not as savy about the world as she thought or would have liked to be. It was a rude awakening she would rather not have had.

" Okay, deep breath... and the show must go on, no turning back now"she chided herself lightly.

Meadow would have to continue on her own from this point forward. She was not really prepared but; she set herself to the task immediately. Meadow cleared her mind, steeling herself against all negative thoughts as she begun checking her weapons and haversack. She then began singing in the quietest dulcet tone she knew, to begin her spell weave. She would not continue on unprotected; her family had taught her that much.

03/12/2006 2:22 PM

Somewhere in the depths of the forest, an ear pricked up at the faintest sound of unfamiliar activity within it's territory. A wily dire wolf who had suffered more than it's fair share of misfortunes just recently, stalked cautiously through the brush. Occasionally stopping to sniff the air and try to determine the direction of the sound, the wolf was determined to make amends this time as it gradually approached its would-be pray...

03/16/2006 3:16 PM

"A gypsy rover came over the hill ...Down through the valley so shady....He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang ...And he won the heart of a lady....Ah-dee-doo-ah-dee-doo-lah-day...Ah-dee-doo-ah-dee-lay-dee ..."

Meadow sang the familiar tune in a whispered tone, weaving her spell energies as she made preparation for the unknown. Her refined features were set deep in concentration, her wide eyes narrowed and lips pursed lightly with her efforts.

She wasn't about to assume that Fazir would come back for her. On the contrary, she expected that he had brought her to a fairly dangerous place so that she would not find her way back to seek him out for revenge.

She wasn't even sure there were other adventurers out here; it seemed pretty desolate at the moment. Then again, she had no idea what kind of adventurers she might meet, for all she knew there could be a group of murderous pirates come along to dig up thier long buried treasure.

At the very least, she had her haversack and her weapons. She hadn't been naive enough to let Fazir carry them for her. Good thing for her. He might very well have taken those with him as well, leaving her empty handed and quite vulnerable.

It was not a happy situation.

As she mulled over her options she wound her whip and hung it in it's carrier on her right hip. She then made a slip knot in her silk rope and hung that on the left. Carefully she repacked her haversack, putting her grappling hook at the very top for an easy reach. She wasn't a warrior by any means, but she had a few tricks up her sleeves... or rather down her back.

Meadow straightened her clothing before slinging the haversack on her back. It was not overly heavy and so sat comfortably just below her shoulders. She then pushed back her curly raven coloured hair, freeing her vision as she tied it up in a wide black ribbon to the left side of her head just behind her ear.

Last but not least, she picked up the partial map. Partial because she realized as she looked it over that, part of it was missing... the part that would lead her back home to safety. All she could hope for now was that what was left would lead her towards the lost city and maybe even the treasure.

She could only dream of such a find at this point.

Meadow eyed the map slowly studying it as she would a song, memorizing the land marks that would lead her to where she would have to go. She had decided she would move forward; she was not ready to give up on her goal just yet. Losing Fazir was a setback, but she would not let that interfere with what she wanted.

With that in mind she put her feet in motion picking her way through the brush with care. Her eyes and ears were alert for anything out of place. She didn't like surprises.

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03/17/2006 6:41 AM

The dire wolf stopped and crouched low in some long, wisping grass. Revealing a pair of finger long fangs, his snarl was almost a grin as he lay waiting in his favourite place for an ambush. A combination of experience and his keen hunting senses told it that whatever was approaching would come this way. He would hear the sound of the grass rustling, and his prey would be none the wiser of his presence until it was far too late. The dense trees and thick thorn bushes which would guide his meal towards him would also prevent it from escaping in any other direction other than back the way it had came from. Confident that he could outrun most creatures, this was the prefect place to receive an easy meal.

As expected, the grass ahead soon began to rustle. Whatever approached was moving quite quickly. His muscles tense like coiled springs, the wolf prepared to pounce at the first sight of his prey.

Fortunately for the wolf he could not laugh out loud, for if he could he would have found it hard not to. The creature which approached was a human man, his head was tilted looking behind him as he hastily made his way forward. In one fluid motion the wolf pounced, fangs clasping around the man's neck he brought him to the ground.

"[b]AARRGGGHHH!!![/b]" screamed the man, the sound of his voice trailing into a gurgle as he choked on his own blood. That was soon replaced by the sound of flesh ripping and finally a crunching as the wolf bit through his spine, severing the head.

Caught up in the ecstasy of the kill, his muzzle soaked with blood, the wolf looked to the skys and howled in delight, the chilling sound echoed through the forest for miles around.

03/17/2006 12:57 PM

Asmod urgently hopped over the heaps of rubble and piled rocks in the tight corridor, his robe flowing behind him as he scrambled towards the end of the pitch-black tunnel, the darkness hardly bothering him. A lone, dusty human skeleton stood there, facing the end of the narrow tunnel, a pickaxe hefted high in it's bony hands.

[b]"No, no, no! Idiot!"[/b]

Asmod raised the rather worn-looking shovel he gripped in his hands and smacked the flat side of it against the skull of the dingy skeleton working there with a hollow ring. The skeleton paused its work and lowered the pickaxe, slowly turning to face Asmod.

[b]"Look at what you're doing, Blinkin! You keep digging along that fissure and we'll have a burst. Look at all the side fracturing! Tch tch... We'll need to crib the tunnel if we don't want another cave in."[/b]

The skeletal figure stood staring blankly at Asmod in silence. It's ancient bones looked nearly ready to fall apart, broken and splinted in many places with bits of wood and metal, most likely from bieng patched and reconstructed a countless number times.

[b]"You're right. Keep digging, Blinkin!"[/b]

Asmod cackled to himself as the skeleton turned and resumed its work. He poked a narrow finger at a scrap of parchment tacked with a nail to the back of the skeleton's skull. Squinting, he carefully examined the random markings and nonsensical scribblings that seemed to be scrawled over the top of what appeared to be an Inn's guest list. Frowning, Asmod turned the paper upside down, pivoting it on the nail as he stared at the big, red, 'X' on the paper.

[b]"Hrm. We should be close now. Verrry close..."[/b]

Asmod pivoted the map back around to one side, tilting his head the opposite way.

[b]"Or on the wrong continent.... Dig faster!"[/b]

He turned and skipped the opposite direction down the cramped tunnel a bit before he stopped and crouched down. He put a hand to his mouth and called out with a low, raspy voice not-so-very quietly.

[b]"Winkin! Winkin! How's the lookout? Any wormsign or cave-ins?"[/b]

The dried up husk of a corpse that lay propped up against the tunnel wall, half buried in dirt obviously did not respond. In fact the skeletal remains had not spoke... nor moved... for centuries since it's owners grisly death. However, that didn't appear to be any importance to Asmod in the least.

[b]"He hee heee!"[/b] Asmod cackled gleefully as he started to rock back and forth slowly, ignoring his previous inquiry to the husk he referred to as Winkin. [b]"The shadows speak to us... the walls bring us gifts! A knock on the walls, a knock on the walls!"[/b]

Almost immediately after he spoke, a small clatter of rocks and dirt showered over the laboring skeleton at the end of the tunnel and a very faint pinpoint of dim light showed through a crevasse in the wall. Immediately Asmod sprang up and stumbled over the rocks towards the light, shoving Blinkin out of the way as he chattered in a loud whisper.

[b]"Shhhh! A break in the rock. Tunnels or caves! Let's see what runs through these. Empty? Perhaps more greenie orcs scampering about? They search for things, but they won't have our map. They won't take our treasure!"[/b]

A very slight rumble filled the tunnel with dust. Asmod glanced at the low cieling of the tunnel and frowned.

[b]"Looks like we might be under another sinkhole. Why do these things keep following us? Tricky ones they are. They'll follow and stalk us for days. They don't want us to have our treasure. They'll swallow it up for themselves. I'll have to have a word with them. Another time. Let's get a move on! No time, no time! Blinkin, go grab Winkin!"[/b]

Asmod put an ear next to the hole of light in the wall to listen as his skeletal companion dutifully trudged down the narrow tunnel to retrieve his burden. Asmod's face ticked slightly as he listened carefully at the dusty rock for a moment, a crooked smile grinning wide across his face.

[b]"Voices! Maybe greenies. Maybe something more? Shhh! SHHH!"[b]

03/19/2006 8:47 AM

"[b]AARRGGGHHH!!![/b]" screamed the man, the sound of his voice trailing into a gurgle as he choked on his own blood. That was soon replaced by the sound of flesh ripping and finally a crunching as the wolf bit through his spine, severing the head.

Caught up in the ecstasy of the kill, his muzzle soaked with blood, the wolf looked to the skys and howled in delight, the chilling sound echoed through the forest for miles around.

"[i]She left her father's castle gate...She left her own fine lover...She left her servants and her state...To follow her gypsy rover... Ah-dee-doo-ah-dee-doo-lah-day...Ah-dee-doo-ah-dee-lay-dee...He whistled and he sang 'til the green woods rang... And he ... [/i]"

Meadow stopped abruptly in her tracks, her voice fading as her ears rang with the sound of a bloodcurdling scream. She made a one-hundred-and-eighty degree turn and looked in the direction the sound had come from. Strangely enough, the voice sounded vaguely familiar to her, even in it's high pitch. Could it be? Had Fazir met swift justice at the hands, paws or jaws of another?

Just as the question entered her mind, she heard a resonant howl echo through the hinterland. Immediately her smokey grey eyes widened in response to the hair-raising sound.

" [i]Now there's something I don't want to be a part of.[/i]" she muttered to herself with some trepidation.

Shaking off the feeling of apprehension Meadow composed herself once again. Performing yet another swift turn around, she retreated in the opposite direction keeping her strides at a steady measured pace.

Her active mind was filled with imagined visions of what might have happened to Fazir. She almost felt sorry for him...almost.

She would have to be extra vigilant from this point on; that meant keeping to her mapped out path. There was definitely no turning back now.

03/20/2006 10:10 AM

Lost in thought, Meadow failed to notice the deep cracks in the earth which were partially hidden in the grass all around her. Pacing away from the impending sound of danger, she was caught completely unawares when the hollow ground beneath her suddenly gave way. Without the slightest chance of a leap to safety, or even desperate clutching of anything solid, Meadow was swallowed up into the blackness below...

Asmod put an ear next to the hole of light in the wall to listen as his skeletal companion dutifully trudged down the narrow tunnel to retrieve his burden. Asmod's face ticked slightly as he listened carefully at the dusty rock for a moment, a crooked smile grinning wide across his face.
"Voices! Maybe greenies. Maybe something more? Shhh! SHHH!"

The distant sound of [i]voices[/i], or singing as it had been, stopped abruptly. In it's place began the unmistakable sound of crumbling earth falling from a great height. Before Asmod could begin to react, the crumbling turned into a thunderous crashing with what sounded like the entire cavern collapsing at the other side of this thin wall of rock.

03/21/2006 8:28 PM

Lost in thought, Meadow failed to notice the deep cracks in the earth which were partially hidden in the grass all around her. Pacing away from the impending sound of danger, she was caught completely unawares when the hollow ground beneath her suddenly gave way. Without the slightest chance of a leap to safety, or even desperate clutching of anything solid, Meadow was swallowed up into the blackness below...

[i]"She left behind her velvet gown...And shoes of Spanish leather...They whistled and they sang 'till the green woods rang...As they rode off together...Ah-dee-doo-ah--deeeeeeeeeeee AHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!..."[/i]

The song Meadow had been singing caught in her throat and changed into a fearful scream as she plummeted downward with the collapsing earth.

She had only taken a few dozen steps when she first felt the ground beneath her boots begin to crumble and give way. Despite her desperate attempt to jump to safety or grasp a handhold, it had been too late. Meadow was already plunging hopelessly, her arms flailing as she panicked amidst the suffocating soil.

For one brief moment Meadow thought of the irony of her situation.

[i]"So much for being careful."[/i]

Suddenly she hit bottom like a sack of potatoes, her body slumping pitifully in the huge mound of dirt that had been her pitfall escort.


Meadow groaned in pain as she made her first effort to move; her landing had been less than graceful and her muscles let her know it immediately. Delaying making any large movements, she rubbed some dirt from her eyes and took stock of her surroundings. Her smokey grey eyes adjusted slowly to the dim light below ground. It seemed she had taken a tumble down into some kind of tunnel.

[i]" So this is what being buried looks like."[/i] she quipped sarcastically, trying to make light her plight.

From between her lips, Meadow blew out a small breath to clear her mouth of soil. She tasted some grit as she did so. She then shook out her bound hair. She was sure she looked like an old lady all covered in dirt as she was, rather than her young dark-haired self.

[i]"This will be an interesting tale to tell..." the bard that ran from one danger only to fall prey to another... the pitfalls of being a coward""[/i]

She guffawed softly, before attempting to move once again. This time it was a little easier, her body having adjusted to her slumped position. Slowly she prepared to lift herself from the pile of earth and rubble. Once on her feet she would have to scan the area with more care if she planned on getting out of this place.

03/22/2006 12:18 AM

Asmod strained his ears, his lips twitching in a half smile as he listened carefully at the crevasse in the wall.

The distant sound of voices, or singing as it had been, stopped abruptly. In it's place began the unmistakable sound of crumbling earth falling from a great height. Before Asmod could begin to react, the crumbling turned into a thunderous crashing with what sounded like the entire cavern collapsing at the other side of this thin wall of rock.

Asmod winced and covered his head, the tremors of the adjacent cave-in shaking loose a shower of rocks from the freshly hewn tunnel he stood in. He called to Blinkin behind him as he gripped his shovel tightly with both hands and hefted it like a pikeman engaging in battle.

[b]"Hurry Blinkin! The tunnel's coming down! Move them bones!"[/b]

Without further hesitation he drove the blade of his shovel through the remaining thin rock wall. Rock and dirt crumbled away as he quickly chipped at the growing opening in the wall into this new chamber. After a brief moment it was done and Asmod scurried out through the hole in the wall, followed closely behind by a large cloud of unsettled dust and his skeletal companion carrying his compatriot cargo.


With a bit of relief Asmod dusted himself off before stretching his arms out wide, free from the cramped tunnel that still groaned and rumbled behind him ominously. He calmly surveyed the surrounding aftermath of the sinkhole in the tunnel he stood in, as if an artist sizing up his subject. He glanced over Meadow's slumped form briefly, nodding and smiling nonchalantly, then continued to inspect the walls and piles of rock and debris to no alarm.

[b]"Hrrmm. I see now, I see. The topsoil is too wet, too much water. Too close to the surface. Whole area here looks unstable. We'll be running into lots of sinkholes like these up here... Tsk... tsk... But dig too low and we hit more ugly wormses. Hrm. What to do?"[/b]

Asmod's thoughtful gaze slowly drifted back towards the lovely woman, slumped and dazed in the dirt, his face lighting up as if seeing her for the first time.

[b]"Oh! .... Hi. Nice of you to drop in! I'm afraid I wasn't quite expecting company."[/b]

Asmod extended a friendly hand towards Meadow, the dim light barely revealing the outline of something crawling on his arm.

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03/23/2006 1:28 PM

Before Meadow had a chance to move, there was another rumble in the earth wall before her. This new disturbance seemed to be another collapse in the works. The fact that it was just steps away from her made her flinch with foreboding.

[i]" What now...?!".[/i] her voice cracked with frustration, as she waited for what would ensue

Meadow's eyes squinted and her body tensed as a large cloud of dust reached out toward her. Having no recourse for escape, she remained where she was.The falling debris that followed scattered below her current position atop the pile of earth she had fallen with earlier. Her eyes could decifer very little through the billowing dust. It wasn't until the dust began to clear that she was able to see what was on the other side; or rather what was coming in from the other side.

Having seen many oddities with her family during their travels, Meadow knew odd when she spotted it. Asmod was just that, odd.

At first she wasn't sure what Asmod was; he was so thin and a little gawky looking and his clothing was less than comely. To her scrutinizing eyes he looked tattered and stained in a patchwork quilt kind of way. If that wasn't enough, his companion almost resembled him, it's skeketal form following him upon his orders.

As Asmod stepped through the remaining dust cloud, Meadow studied him with quiet reserve. She would wait to see whether he was friend or foe.

She was a little surpised when he seemed to dismiss her rather absently with a smile and nodding gesture. He appeared to be consumed by the debris on the ground and the walls that currently housed them both. She watched Asmod's unkept form as he spoke while appraising the sink hole opening and then the tunnel they were currently in. She wasn't sure what the[i][b] " wormses ".[/i][/b] were, but from the tone in his voice she was sure she didn't want to know.

Meadow swiped a hand across her face to clear the dusty residue that the second collapse had left on her skin. She felt repulsively dirty, not something she was used to at all. Being an entertainer, she had to be appealing to her audiences and most often that meant she had to be clean, smell nice and look impecable. She certainly was not that at the moment, though her manners never were lacking.

Unexpectedly, Asmod turned his attentions to her. As he spoke his first sentence to her directly, Meadow was sorely tempted to laugh. She hadn't exactly planned to fall down the sink hole.

A charming little smile formed on her lips as she spoke.

[i]"Well sir, I hadn't expected to "drop in" as it were.".[/i] she mused softly, before adding...
[i]" It's just a matter of being at the wrong place at the right time, that I happened by."[/i]

As Asmod extended his hand toward her in what seemed a comradely manner, she extended hers in good faith. For the time being Meadow had no reason to think he was anything but friendly. Still, she was slightly guarded, it wasn't everyday that she fell down holes and met odd strangers.

She tipped her head up to look at Asmod and she was instantly caught up in the detail of his facial features. She was so distracted that she didn't notice the crawling shadow on his arm.

[i]*"He certainly is a character worthy of study, maybe even a story."*.[/i]came Meadow's unbidden bardic thought.

She blinked suddenly, a small reminder that she had been staring.

[i]" Seems the earth is less than sturdy in these parts.".[/i] she offered, trying to make small talk.

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03/23/2006 11:03 PM

[i]" It's just a matter of being at the wrong place at the right time, that I happened by."[/i]

Asmod looked down at Meadow between a couple of stray strands of red hair as he spoke almost sagely,

[b]"Wrong place at the right time, or right place at the wrong time? Hehehe! This certainly seems like the right place to me! You just arrived too early, you did. Too sudden. Not much patience eh? Heheh."[/b]

Asmod smiled goofily and grasped Meadow's hand firmly in his grip in greeting. His hand felt rough, calloused, and... cold. So cold it was almost as if his hand was drawing the very warmth from her body. As alarming as that was, it suddenly grew that much more so when Meadow felt something crawling across the back of her hand. Scurrying up Asmod's arm and wrapping around Meadow's fist was a large, nearly two-foot long [URL: http://markmlucas.com/images/invertabrates/amazon%20giant%201.jpg]spined black centipede[/URL]. It curled and reared it's head up, it's faceted eyes staring up at Meadow and a low hiss streaming from it's open jaws.

With one swift motion Asmod let go of Meadow's hand and uncurled the centipede from her hand. He held it aloft in front of him, frowning dissaprovingly at it.

[b]"Precious! Let's not scare our new friend, shall we?"[/b]

He shook his head apologetically in Meadow's direction as he petted the rather large invertibrate curling around his wrist, twisting to stare at Meadow.

[b]"I'm sorry. Precious tends to get this way around anyone else. Don't worry though, if Precious bites he only injects his venom if he likes you, and I don't think he likes you at all. So you don't have to worry!"[/b]

Asmod nodded reassuringly with all the confidence in the world. Just then he paused a mement, then pulled the wicked little beast close to his face to stare at it eye-to-eye. He gazed at it blankly for a moment, nodded twice, then frowned once again. He hissed at his little pet in a low, harsh tone;

[b]"No, Precious! No, we aren't going to kill this one. No! Bad Precious! NO!"[/b]

Uncerimoniously he shoved the creepy invertibrate inside his ratty, dusty robe where it crawled away and dissapeared inside the folds. Asmod smiled a wide, genuine smile and held his dirty hands out to his sides dismissively and shrugged.

[b]"He gets cranky this time of the century. Oh! But where are my manners?..."[/b]

Asmod's face twitched, one eye ticking as he slumped over a bit, his demeanor changing as he slurred his words.

[b]"..My manners? Where are they? WHERE? Did you take them!?!? Tell me!![/b]

He took a step, a frantic look on his face before he straightened up once more, his facial tick stopping as suddenly as it started.

[b]"...My manners? My name is Asmod. You've already met Precious, and these are my friends, Winkin and Blinkin."[/b]

Calmly stepping to one side he happily pointed each to the skeleton still standing idly by the mouth of the small tunnel in the wall, and the dry, husk corpse it carried slung over its shoulder, respectively. He turned back to Meadow, and after a bit of fumbling he withdrew an ancient looking skull from a pocket within his thick robe and held it towards the bard.

[b]".... and this is Nodd. He took one for the team a bit back there when one of those ugly purple wormses came diggin' around a couple of days back. Poor Nodd."[/b]

He placed the skull over his heart solemnly and turned to stare down the tunnel he had emerged from and stood there for a moment in silence.

[b]"But enough of myself! What are you known as, hrmm?"[/b]

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03/24/2006 10:26 PM

His keen ears drifted elsewhere as he caught the sound of tumbling rocks, snapping his head back around to stare directly at Touga to see if he had noted the same development. He was quite sure he had, but as he did so made sure to keep a bearing on where the Half-Orc was. After a second or two he swiveled back to look at Rarsh once again, answering his question with a question of his own, not in a hurry to tell him about the possibility of new visitors just yet...

[b]That all depends on you my friend. This Nexhertepes you speak of, where are his treasure keeps?...[/b]

He said quite inquisitively as he suddenly remembered what he Touga had been looking for...

[b]And his jail cells as well, if he have any...[/b]

He said finishing, taking a few steps back toward Touga, intent on checking out where the cave-in had occurred if he could get away from Rarsh for long enough. He would only need a split-second of a distraction to be gone, and he was confident he could find the chamber quite easily...

03/26/2006 10:20 AM

[b]"Wrong place at the right time, or right place at the wrong time? Hehehe! This certainly seems like the right place to me! You just arrived too early, you did. Too sudden. Not much patience eh? Heheh."[/b]

Meadow didn't even try to make sense of what Asmod was saying, her situation was confusing enough without trying to unjumble what this peculiar man was talking about. It was enough for her that he seemed to think that she was here for a reason and it was a good one. In a way, she was relieved to think that she had found someone lumbering about after the loss of Fazir. Being alone was something Meadow was not used to.

As Asmod grasped her hand in greeting, she felt how calloused and firm his grip was. At first glance Meadow had thought that his thin frame looked as though it could be blown away by a strong wind but, obviously he was no weakling. She had a feeling the shovel he carried had something to do with that.

She clasped his hand in return and as she did so, felt a creeping chill spread though her body beginning with the hand he was holding. She shivered lightly and put on a brave face, trying not to let the overpowering urge to pull away from him take over. She had to be civil after all. A bard was always courteous.

As the chill grew and became more of a permeating cold she began to worry that Asmond might have villainous intentions toward her. Perhaps his sociable gesture was all in the guise of being friendly.

[i]First Fazir, now Asmod[/i] ?... She really needed to learn how to read people better; this was not boding well for her at all. It appeared that she had the worst of luck.

Meadow's feeling of worry then turned to full blown panic as she spied a large carapaced insect wrap it's self around her wrist and very literally lift it's head to look her in the eyes. It was an experience she would never forget.

She fought against every instinct in her body to try and shake the "bug" off of her. The fact that it had wrapped itself around her wrist seemed to exacerbate things. She felt it's grip on her and knew that no shaking motions would help get rid of it at this point in time.
The creepy crawly centipede seemed to be sizing her up with it's many eyes. What it was looking for, she was not exactly sure.

Inwardly her mind was shrieking[i]" Get it off!...GAHHHhh!... Get it offffff!!!" [/i]
Despite her silent cries Meadow remained frozen in place, a feeling of utter revulsion and dread filling her as each minute passed. It was probably a mere minute and a half that her eyes were transfixed by this aberration of nature.

Before she was able to voice any real sort of protest or react to the pervading cold still seeping into her body, Asmod was taking charge of the situation. He unwrapped the insect from her wrist and scolded it like a parent would a child.

[b]"No, Precious! No, we aren't going to kill this one. No! Bad Precious! NO!"[/b]

Meadow's face bore a look of incredulity as she heard him speak to the critter.[i]"I'm not this thing's friend!"[/i] was her inmost reaction.

[b]"I'm sorry. Precious tends to get this way around anyone else. Don't worry though, if Precious bites he only injects his venom if he likes you, and I don't think he likes you at all. So you don't have to worry!"[/b]

As he apologized rather sheepishly, she nodded in quiet acquiescence, she couldn't quite find her vocals yet. Even with Asmod's apology, she did not forgive him this incident. Some things were just not forgivable in her eyes. This was one of them. She would steer clear of touching or even getting close to Asmod as much as was in her control to do so.

Even with this resolve set in her mind, Meadow still wanted to crush the repulsive many-legged sidekick. Just a few flicks of her whip would accomplish its demise she was certain.

[b]"No, Precious! No, we aren't going to kill this one. No! Bad Precious! NO!"[/b]

As she heard Asmod having his conversation with the centipede, Meadow came to the realization of how very close she had come to dying... She wasn't ready to die; not today not tomorrow, not anytime soon. It made her furious that Asmod had allowed such dangerous creature to touch her, especially when it might have killed her whether he liked her or not or was cranky or not.

She was much relieved when the centipede was out of sight and back in the confines of Asmod's robes.

[i]" Good...Out of sight, out of mind"[/i] she thought

[b]"..My manners? Where are they? WHERE? Did you take them!?!? Tell me!![/b]

Meadow was tempted to tell him where he could find some manners, but that would not have been very polite. Instead she fixed him with an innocent wide eyed look and hoped that his psychotic episode would end soon. Her thoughts about Asmod being good story material were accumulating. He was a character. When she had time she would have to write some of this craziness down.

[b]"...My manners? My name is Asmod. You've already met Precious, and these are my friends, Winkin and Blinkin."[/b]

Asmod seemed to regain himself a little and as he introduced his" Winkin, Blinkin skeletons" she smiled prettily and nodded to make sure he knew she was paying attention.

As he thrusted the skull towards her she leaned back slightly, not sure what he used it for.

[b]".... and this is Nodd. He took one for the team a bit back there when one of those ugly purple wormses came diggin' around a couple of days back. Poor Nodd."[/b]

" Ah..."

[b]"But enough of myself! What are you known as, hrmm?"[/b]

Smoothing her lips together gently Meadow prepared to speak once again.

[i]" I'm known as Meadow Larkspur of the Bardic Family Larkspur..." [/i]

She announced rather formally with an elegant inclination of her head.

That said, she hefted herself up from the pile of earth and dusted herself of with all the dignity she could muster.

[i]" I was traveling above when this collapse occured. I was in search of an adventuring group to follow in hopes of joining them to gain tales to sing and tell about. Added to that, now I must find my way through this passage and out of this ...ermm...new environment."[/i]

What she had really wanted to say was [i]"Dingy, dark, damp, decomposing, desecrated passageway."[/i] But somehow those words never made it to her lips.

As she straightened her feminine frame and regarded Asmod with what seemed to be an effortless smile she nodded once again.

[i]"Pleased to meet you."[/i]

[i]" If you don't mind my asking, what are wormses?"[/i]

03/27/2006 1:08 AM

Rarsh also noticed the distant sound of tumbling rocks which echoed quietly through the tunnel briefly. For a second the idea of fleeing crossed his mind as the dark elf looked away, but he quickly dismissed the idea as his head snapped back and eyes stared at him.

[b]That all depends on you my friend. This Nexhertepes you speak of, where are his treasure keeps?...[/b]

He said quite inquisitively as he suddenly remembered what he Touga had been looking for...

[b]And his jail cells as well, if he have any...[/b]

"Nexhertepes lair in the lowest part of dungeon. Prison cells many, but prisoners not last long if Nexhertepes hungry... Treasures he keeps close too. Now is time to strike if treasures you seek! Many guards look for Rarsh now... Rarsh must go."

03/29/2006 3:10 PM

[i]" I'm known as Meadow Larkspur of the Bardic Family Larkspur..." [/i]

Asmod's crooked smile grew even wider as he bowed slightly in response to Meadow's introduction, seemingly genuinely pleased to meet her.

[b]"Ahhhhh... A bard! A pleasure it is to meet your acquaintance. We do so love a good tale, It is good fortune we found one such as you in our company!"[/b]

He suddenly seemed very self aware of his appearance and tried smoothing down his wild hair to be more presentable, quite unsuccessfully. He batted at his patchy robes, succeeding only in releasing another small cloud of dust.

[i]" I was traveling above when this collapse occured. I was in search of an adventuring group to follow in hopes of joining them to gain tales to sing and tell about. Added to that, now I must find my way through this passage and out of this ...ermm...new environment."[/i]

Asmod's face lit up with mention of adventure. With an excited twist he jumped over to Blinkin, slinging his shovel onto his back through the ratty leather strap attached to it's haft. He snatched off the torn scrap of paper nailed on the back of Blinkin's head and waved it towards Meadow excitedly. He squinted one eye and leaned over on one side as he spoke.

[b]"Adventure? Ye've found it, Lass! Here be a lost booty the likes ye've never seen! We be a diggin' fer buried treasure! Garrrrr!"[/b]

He shifted his eyes around the obviously deserted tunnel as if looking for nearby snoops. With a suspicious eye he quickly rolled up the parchment and stuffed it into Blinkin's left eyesocket for safekeeping.

[i]"Pleased to meet you."[/i]

[i]" If you don't mind my asking, what are wormses?"[/i]

Straightening up and resuming his normal tone, Asmod's eyes widened as he spoke in a hushed tone laced with fear and respect.

[b]"Wormses! You know nothing of them? The big purple ones... big ones! A full fifty feet long they can get, and can swallow a man whole. Crawlin' through the earth, they live in the deep ground. A fierce monster they are! May the gods bless you with never meeting one's grisly maw while you walk the womb of this earth. Big worms."[/b]

Asmod studied Meadow carefully for a moment. He then turned his head and glanced to the empty space on his right, looking into empty air. Pursing his lips, he nodded slowly at someone... or something... that apparently only he could see.

[b]"Yeah. You're right..... Okay, I think that's best for her.... No she wouldn't. Mmmhmm. Right!"[/b]

With an affirmative nod he gazed back towards Meadow and spoke directly at her,

[b]"All right then! While obviously skilled in beauty and manners, you're ignorant and inexperienced in the ways of the deep earth, yes? One miss-step down here and... Foom!"[/b]

He motioned up at the gaping sinkhole above their heads.

[b]"We've decided we'll protect you down here. Help you find your adventure, and help you get out. We shall!"[/b]

A low hiss eminated from the folds of his robe beneath his right arm. Asmod frowned and lightly smacked his robe, quieting Precious.

[b]"No Precious! Hush!"[/b]

03/29/2006 7:39 PM

"Nexhertepes lair in the lowest part of dungeon. Prison cells many, but prisoners not last long if Nexhertepes hungry... Treasures he keeps close too. Now is time to strike if treasures you seek! Many guards look for Rarsh now... Rarsh must go."

[b]As long as you're in my company you'll have nothing to fear, all I need you to do is show me what you speak of...[/b]

He said, determined not to let this one leave. He obviously, or more than likely, knew where these places were, and sensing no deceit in his voice half believed him, but for a Drow complete belief is still disbelief. He knew he could protect him as long as they stayed hid, which was a bit of a hard thought as he sized the Half-Orc up yet again, but he looked able to hold his own in a fight, for a time at least. He soon began speaking once again in the same convincing tone he had used before...

[b]Besides, the last thing they will expect you to do is go back there...[/b]

He said as he waited for his reaction, intending to go in the direction where he had heard the sound as soon as this one agreed to follow, and he mroe than likely wouldn't be leaving unless he did follow...

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