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09/27/2005 5:38 AM

For all of those who wished to play my Vampire forum that I never got around to posting. Good news. I've finished with the plot. I'll need those who wish to join post here. I need 5 players to be part of the Vampire Slying side and maybe a few players who would like to be Vampires. I would appreciate if experienced players joined.

09/27/2005 7:56 AM

I've got a rough outline for a vampire character. Just tell me what you're looking for, and I'll flesh it out a bit more.

09/27/2005 8:32 AM

I might be interested in joining as a Vampire Slayer, although I can't remember your original Vampire idea, Dark_Elf?

Can you give us a bit of the story or some background and setting information please?

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