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09/26/2005 2:53 PM

Throughout the history of Krynn there has been four constants that have made and reshaped the course of the world. The Gods, Arcane Magic, Mortal Wars and finally and perhaps even more powerful than the Gods themselves, The Dragons....

The battles and wars between the races of dragons have not only reshaped history but the lands as well. Legends tell of battles between silvers and reds, golds and blues, blacks and copper....etc...

From the devistating battles of Darlanton and Crematia, to the horrific magic of the dragon overlords, Kellendros, Onyx, Beryl, Gell, and Malys... now that the world has again begun to recover from another mighty war of gods and dragons, Dragons again begin to squabble over their rightful lands...

Two familiar constellations have forever fallen from the sky, and balance has once again reigned in the mortal world of Krynn, but as time hurtles forward, the peace is once again about to be shattered by the clarion call of dragons.

The land has just about healed, returning to what it was once meant to be, as the overlords have lost their hold.

Two Dragons have called the rest to arms, while others retaliate against these two powerful beings... The one is known as the scion of the fallen god, Paladine, with scales shining like a star, wings feathered like a bird of prey. Crystalamira calls the dragons of light to her side, calling them to return to Ansalon, that the old oath no longer holds them away....

The other, an unknown shadow has roared it's challenge, demanding again the Krynn bow down to the might of dragons...

09/26/2005 5:31 PM

Neslted in a mountain pass, not far from the condemned city of Neraka, a memorial stood in crystalline relief against the lightening sky. The memorial was what remained of the Black Crystal dragon Navarre, his body encased in black crystal, a memorial to a powerful dragon.

As dawn struck the crystal, it began to crack... spidering fissures lancing their way throughout the crystal till it finally shattered. As it did, the great Wyrm took a deep inhalation, as if he had been holdin his breath for a millenia....

The exhalation resulted in an ear-splitting roar that echoed through the Khalkist mountains, startling birds and other fauna into hiding. Painfully he stood, his mind still foggy as his amber eyes took in his surroundings.

One wing bent at an odd angle, but a tingling there told him without having to look that it was healing itself, as were the other various slashes in his crystalline hide. Fallen feathers were quickly being replaced as his wing mended itself. Another roar shattered the silence of the rising sun as he blinked, and began to remember....

Then, as if a shadow of a cloud eclipsed the sun, the light faded from Navarre's world.

Ah.. Finally, a dragon untainted from the rest of the Gods... Your memories have yet to return, and they never will... You are once again mine! I will once again rule this pathetic little world, and the rest of the gods will once again remember the name Ionthas!!

Navarre roared as chains enveloped his mind, leashing him to this awsome power that called itself a God... He could do little to retaliate, and instead found himself once again unable to remember where he was, or why he was here....

You are on my world... Krynn as the mortals call it... and you are to be my champion.. my general in bringing other dragons to their Knees!!!

The disembodied voice roared in Navarre's head and he winced... If he were to do as this god told him, he would need others to follow him.... With a grating snarl, he raised his newly healed wings and launched himself into the air, searching for dragons to conquer and rule.....

09/27/2005 4:44 PM

Glimmer was shocked up and out of her slumber, as something seemed to shatter her very soul. She roared in shock and ambled to her feet, wings quivering in agitation. She could feel something retuning to Krynn, but what it was just barely eluded her senses.

Since the end of the war, with the world progressing as it should again, Glimmer had sequestered herself in the Crystal Spire, alone with her grief. For nearly half a century She remained in slumber, dreaming of glittering metallic dragons once again gracing the skies of Ansalon...

Now that she was awake she longed to see that dream a reality... oblivious to what was happening far to the south, she leapt from her high perch, and steered northward... flying high and fast... towards the dragon isles.....

09/30/2005 9:47 PM

Darkness stood in silence as he glared into the sunset. The sun cast strange shadows upon his black robes and pale form. His black hair flowed freely in the calm breeze of the beautiful afternoon, but something troubled him. "I can feel his presence, and it frightens me. After so many centuries, why now? The world has finally calmed, and now another has risen to challenge the balance."

Darkness raised his hands into the air, and out of nowhere a great dragon swept down from the sky and landed gracefully before him. The dragons scales were carved of the most beautiful of onyx, and her wingspan challenged even the largest of the Krynn-born dragons. "My dear Onyx, the time has come for you to enter the struggle again. Since I created you, you have seen nothing but war and destruction. But now something has awakened, something terrible, and I fear that your destructive powers will be needed once more."

The dragon nodded in approval, her respect for her creator was uncanny for a dragon. Many centuries ago, Darkness had many enemies amongst the dragon kind. In his desire to survive against all odds, he had created Onyx from a great onyx geode he had discovered near Thorbardin. The great onyx dragon had shown Darkness much compassion, seeing as though Darkness had given her a human mind an emotions. "But master, remember your promise to me," the great dragon spoke with an unnaturally beautiful voice. "After the battle has ended, I wish you to create me a mate. I cannot go through the eon's alone as you have."

"But my dear, you have me," Darkness smiled a little. "Do not fear, I have not forgotten my promise to you. You have treated me with much loyalty since your birth. After this war is over, I promise that I will honor your request." Darkness' eyes glimmered, having no whites in his eyes they only cast back the reflection of the viewer. But when he looked at his dragon they warmed. He had grown to love her, and though it pained him, he would honor her only request.

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10/01/2005 6:16 AM

...The sun glittered brightly in the spring morning, its lightest of breezes bringing with it the scents of rebirth, of flowers, the sea and the wild, but the air itself had an ominous feel to it like that of a storm before the first peal of thunder.

The massive form of Golandar shifted his haunches uneasily, deep blue irises flashing suddenly as the slight movement sent a myriad of broken reflections scattering over the rocky plinth as the morning light reflected from golden scales.

His eyes warily regarded the dark horizon and the storm clouds that were gathering. It was fitting the ancient dragon thought, that the news of strange tidings and the calling of the Council be heralded by a storm. Perhaps he was just overly cautious and suspicious but then that was his way. It always had been, since his earliest memories as a flightless hatchling.

Golandar shifted again, rolling his great form onto his taloned feet, the battle-worn platinum talons carving deep gouges in the ancient stone, but the movements were graceful, a regal bearing that belied the creature's massive size.

Moving his way forward to the cliff face, the dragon thrust his fang encrusted snout over the edge to savour the caress of the wind and feel the spray they carried from the waves that crashed against the bluff hundreds of feet below...

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10/04/2005 2:23 AM

Klarmeir, somewhere in what remained of the woods of Qualinost, was locked in a fatal battle with a stray silver. He was not injured, if only a little annoyed with the faster, more agile silver dragon. He had managed to disintegrate a wing of the silver, though, and now enveloped the much smaller dragon in an embrace that was, if anything, only too warm. The silver screamed. Klarmeir laughed. Heat began to destroy the scales that Krynnish dragons held in such high esteem, seared the flesh underneath, charred whatever bones the silver had. Klarmeir's claws, enveloped in fire, raked the dragon's back, picking at the spine with unspeakable heat. The white dragon gave one last roar, breathed ice into the Fire dragon's face. Klarmeir brushed it off as a dog would brush off water.

Klarmeir opened his mouth wide, to destroy the annoying wretch and cast its soul into the oblivion that was his stomach, when he felt it.

It was like a ripple, which grew into a wave. Klarmeir felt his soul tremble and felt confused, angered. He had been in the grace of Chaos, and had kept his soul intact, stable, then. He felt it shake now, with an unspeakable fear.

Dropping the silver, which was not long gone in its death, Klarmeir dug his claws of fire into the ground and roared, disintegrating the forest around him in a huge radius, the body of the white dragon included. Then, as if making his mind, he plunged into ground, leaving nothing but a large circle of charred nothingness in his wake.

He would find this thing. Whether to ally himself to it or to destroy it he did not know.


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10/11/2005 4:20 PM

Glimmer arched her neck as she skimmed low over the sea, raking the water with her claws. Her golden eyes narrowed as she caught sight of the largest of the isles. She angled her wings, and gained altitude and speed. She flew towards the nearest cliff edges, and pulled upward sharply, her talons creating sparks as she scraped the sheer rock face.

She saw the ancient gold as she crested the cliff, and pulling her wings in close, she spirialed out of his way, less she cause him any harm. The trumpeting roar echoed across the waves as she called her greeting, circling around to land with a flurry of back-winging, crystal claws digging into the stone as her wings held her balance.

She turned her golden gaze towards the gold, lowering her head in respect. "Tis been a long time, Golandar..." She said, as she soaked the warmth of the sun to her wings. She tore her gaze away from him and swiveled her head back the way she had come, feeling the waves of discontent awash over her, like icy breakers. Her eyes narrowed as again she felt a familiar tug at her soul, and shivered before turning her gaze back towards the Gold.

10/14/2005 4:00 PM

The sun was warm, and though he could feel the rising danger in his world, the silver dragon still lay on his rock, basking in the warm rays of the morning sun. A shadow passed over him, and Shantakalin opened one steel-blue eye lazily to see the shimmering scales and feathered wings of the Last Scion flying overhead. Crystalamira had returned. He knew the council would be meeting soon enough, and he dreaded it, so wearily the dragon stood and stretched out limbs and wings.

Perhaps I should go to call on Crystalamira... it seems she is visiting Golandar... the dragon thought to himself. He flexed his wings and readied his hindlegs to push off from the ground. He made his leap and pumped his large wings. Take off is getting a bit weak these days, old man... he thought to himself as he continued pumping wings to gain height.

Once he was high enough, he glided towards the waterfall and the plateau just below it. Already Golandar had joined Crystalamira, and he greated both of them. "Golandar, Crystalamira... good to see you both."

Taet looked at the younger dragons around him in mild disgust. Did they not know that they were the most superior race on the planet? And yet here they all were, of age to be learning and shaping the world around them, and not a one doing more than sunbathing.

For a dragon of his age, Taet considered himself to be more mature. He had lived only seventy-five years, and yet he had done more than most of these, the dragons of his generation, had done combined. He had traveled across Ansalon, learned the niceties of swordplay and a fair bit of magic, and was studying Dwarfish, Silvanesti, and Kagonesti, having long ago learned the Common tongue and Qualinesti from the villagers of Fernwood.

His peers cared little for the world beyond the Isles, and even less for the mortal races on it. Many did little else with their day than speculate on politics of the Isles. Taet, on the other claw, spent a great deal of time reading through the tombs and archives, learning about the history of the lands.

Looking at the sun, the dragon squinted sapphire eyes. The council should be beginning to gather soon, he realized, curious as to what they would talk about.

10/14/2005 7:40 PM

Klarmeir dived into the fire sea deep in the depths of Krynn. The place that was barred to all living things who roamed Ansalon. It was here that he had been born and, possibly, it was here that he would die.

He swam through the river of lava for hours, finding his way back Home. He could feel the trail of his kin, also heading in the same direction.

[i]It seems[/i] He thought to himself, [i]That I was not the only one to hear this beckoning call. So I am not mistaken, then.[/i]

And he laughed, his laughter reverberating throughout the fire sea, causing ripples in the surface. His laughter died, short, though, as he felt the doors of Home pressing against his snout. He breathed in the way no other creature in magma could, and the doors opened.

Klarmeir stepped out to his brethren of Chaos, his scales glowing bright, shining red from the molten rock he had just swum through. Into the cavern that had not been used ever since the world had been stolen from Chaos' mighty grasp. He counted only five others.

The last of Chaos' world-ending army.

[i]Klarmeir[/i] murmured the others in approval. One more continuing Chaos' work on Ansalon.

Klarmeir settled himself in the vast cavern and waited with the others. Hours passed and no one else came.

[i]It seems we are the last then,[/i] said the Eldest, the first and largest, even by Fire Dragon standards. [i]The last of His children on Ansalon.[/i]

The others murmured their agreement.

Klarmeir spoke. [i]Yet we have come together once more, brethren. We who do not mate, do not seek companionship. Is it just coincidence? Or did I not hear a voice that I have longed for for ever since that bitch of a god stole the world from His hands?[/i]

All the other dragons, minus the Eldest and Klarmeir, began to speak at once. Klarmeir and the Eldest watched until the Eldest raised a flaming claw to silence his brethren.

[i]If what you say is true, Klarmeir[/i] said the Eldest, his claw still raised, but this time in warning, [i]Then why has he not contacted us, his children?[/i]

Klarmeir knew that his life was on the line with these next few words. He paused, chose them carefully, weighing each one by the fire that enveloped the claw of the Elder.

[i]I have walked amongst mortals, and I have heard stories of a time when their weaker gods had disappeared. Mortals asked the gods why the gods did not return to the mortals, when in truth, the gods were waiting for the mortals to return to them. I believe that such is the thing that we must do,[/i] said Klarmeir, bowing his serpentine head.

[i]We must find chaos.[/i]

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10/17/2005 2:28 PM

Darkness had asked Onyx to fly him to the dragon Isles, but he was not sure of what he would find there, enemies or allies. In his previous years Darkness had been considered a plague on Krynn, but since his former masters demise he had turned over another leaf. The only living beings on Krynn that knew of Darkness' sorted past were the dragons, and they could hold grudges for many centuries. But Darkness had to put aside his fears of death, for if the dragons of light refused his help, Krynn may not have a tomorrow. He instructed Onyx to fly in low as they approached the Isles, not wanting to draw the attention of the long distance scouts. "If we can get close enough to reach Glimmer, she may see us, but if we are stopped before we reach her then this little trip of ours may end in bloodshed." Onyx nodded her head in understanding as they neared the home of the dragons of light.

10/26/2005 10:25 AM

Golandar was going to respond to Glimmer's greeting when Shantakalin arrived, backwinging furiously, making them both duck their heads to prevent dust and small stones from getting to their eyes.

Glimmer turned to Shantakalin and nodded her head. "Greetings, Friend." She murmered, then glanced towards the sun, noting the passage of time. "The council will be held soon...."

She shifted her weight and glanced over her shoulder, still uneasy about something, when she caught sight of a black dragon... at first her heart leapt into her throat... till her eyes refocused, noting that this dragon's wings were like other Krynn dragons, and not feathered... and only the highly reflective surface of the wings tipped her off on who the dragon was... and her rider.

"Darkness..." It had been some time since she had seen him... a long time. She excused herself from Golandar and Shantakalin, and twisted her body around, dropping like a stone to the mist below, before unfurling her wings, and striving for height.

It didn't tak her long to reach and circled Onyx, her golden gaze settled on Darkness as she swept around the obsidian dragon. "Greetings Darkness.... What brings you to the Dragon Isles??" She roared over the wind, before flanking Onyx, matching her pace as they flew to the island. None of the dragon scouts would dare attack with her so close.

10/26/2005 1:31 PM

Being circled by Glimmer did not phase Darkness, of all the dragons of light she was the most just and sincere of them all. She would not attack as the other dragons might, and her presence prevented any little skirmishes from breaking out.

"It has been a long time Glimmer," Darkness forced himself to yell over the sound of the wind. "You need not ask me why I am here, for you know the reason better than most. He has returned to Krynn, and without my help you may not succeed in defeating him. I do not wish the world to be turned to chaos, and whether I join you or not I will fight this threat to Krynn." Darkness motioned for Onyx to land on a nearby island and he hoped Glimmer would do the same. They had much to discuss, and very little time to take action.
Onyx glared at the beautiful dragon that flew next to her. She was somewhat envious of Glimmer's beauty and wondered why his master had not given that same beauty to her as well. So caught up in thought, Onyx almost missed her masters motion to land. She landed gracefully on the hard rock of the island, making almost no sound on landing. Then she watched as Glimmer landed even more gracefully than her.

This dragon was close to the same size as her, but Glimmer was greater in so many ways. She envied the crystal dragon, but she did not hate her, in fact Onyx would make it a point from here on out to strive to be just like Glimmer. That grace, that beauty, that power, only Glimmer could help her to achieve that, not her master.

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10/26/2005 4:12 PM

While she felt her heart pulse painfully at Darkness's words, Glimmer knew this presence... it took him to say something to actually bring that painful hope to dusty ashes. But what was the other tug she felt, the one so close to her soul.

"I Fear that more than just Chaos has returned to this world... another... one too close to me..." She raised her golden eyes and turned her head back towards the mainland as the sun began its decent from the Zenith.

"The Council will convene soon, and I will force myself back into my rightful place among the Council of Five... It is my birthright, and I will see the Dragons return to Ansalon, to live among mortals once again." Her gaze swept back towards Onyx and Darkness. She caught a flicker of open admiration in the gaze of the dark dragon, and Glimmer remembered that Onyx was a Magical construct... in many ways, so was she.

Her brow furrowed as this thought passed through her mind and then she turned towards Darkness. "What information do you have?" She asked.

Navarre banked sharply, the thick cloud cover that covered Neraka in almost a death shroud, blocked the noon-day sun, and was all well with him. He passed over the silent, dead city, his mind searching for inklings to unlock his hazy memory... but only found walls of chaos barring his thoughts.

Growling in frustration, he landed in the circle of black stones, using them to amplify his power..... and Roared, a clear clarion call for all that followed darkness and chaotic behavior....

A rush of wind blasted outward, pushing the call onward.. where the sound died, it deepened into a thick reverberation that thrummed in the mind and body, calling all who would heed.

Before Darkness could respond, Glimmer whipped her head around, again facing the distant mainland, as she felt a darkened call echo in her chest, it made her wings tremble, the feathers shiver at such a speed, they seemed to buzz. Her tail lashed as a gust of wind rushed over them, making glimmer duck her head, and spread her wings to protect darkness from any flying debris.

"That call....." She murmured, her eyes pained.

10/27/2005 6:20 PM

Vahntos was not happy. And when the large green dragon wasn't happy, people tended to die. Those damned elves had decided to come into his territory again, trying to rid themselves of the evil dragon who invaded "their" forest. He had dispatched the last wave easily enough, but they were getting smarter in their attacks. At least they're becoming more of a challenge, the green thought to himself.

As he lay there in his small clearing, contemplating what the elves might do next, it hit him. His mind and body thrummed and the yearning to leave the forest grew great. Even with all his strength and power, he could not resist the urge. He jumped into the air and began flying towards Neraka, leaving the elves to be happy, their forest safe.

Lieke hisses furiously and whipped her tail around, causing the tree it hit to snap and fall over from the force of it. What gave him the right to tell her what she could and could not do?! Who was he to tell her that she couldn't eat the human child whom she'd found wandering in the woods?

"It's just not right," he'd told her. "You can't eat a sentient being!"

What did it matter? It was just a lowly human; and a youngling at that. How could you even call such a thing sentient? It didn't even have the sense to find its way out of the woods and back to its village!

The hematite-colored dragoness fumed, ruby eyes wide with rage. Her mate was like and unalike from her in many ways. Kethriveris was, like her, a half-breed. A hybrid chromatic and metallic dragon. Also like her, he was often shunned by the metallics and chromatics, when they saw him for who and what he was, tried to kill him. Being half "good" and half "bad" really didn't do well at family reunions. But unlike the black and silver dragoness, Kethriveris embraced his metallic side. The blood of the golds, it seemed, ran deeper and stronger than that of the blues.

It was this that the two dragons fought about the most; morals. Liekelatier's were few and far between when it came to the mortals, though she upheld her own twisted sense of honor (had the child showed any woodcraft of hope of leaving the forest on his own, she would have never scooped him up and brought him to her lair). Keth's, on the other hand, were as rigid as the Oath and the Measure.

Growling in frustration, he landed in the circle of black stones, using them to amplify his power...... and Roared, a clear clarion call for all that followed darkness and chaotic behavior...

A rush of wind blasted outward, pushing the call onward... where the sound died, it deepened into a thick reverberation that thrummed in the mind and body, calling all who would heed.
In the midst of the dragoness's rage, she stopped. Her mind and body hummed, and feelings of darkness that were already so prevalent became even stronger. And she began to feel a pulling.... a feeling that told her that she must go to Neraka! And at once! The call filled her being so much that she forgot the dispute over lunch she had with her mate and she spread silver glittering wings, taking off and heading towards the ancient, evil city.

One final stir... and this elixir should be complete! Calista thought with a smile. The brew before her glowed with magic for a moment before dulling to an amber color. With a wave of her hand, she banished the fireball that had been heating the glass vial and set the elixir in a tray to cool. Her enchantment complete, the dragoness unfurled the long sleeves of her robes and untwined her auburn hair from its bun. As it cascaded down over her shoulders, she moved to sit in a chair by the window, looking down over the forest of Wayreth.

It was eerily dark for being noon, but then, Wayreth wasn't exactly normal. In that deep place where she had buried who she once was, Calista felt a stirring... something was happening in her world. But considering this world was that of the dragons, she pushed it to the back of her thoughts and pointedly ignored the feeling.

And then that feeling changed. It became a need to find out what was going on. A need to leave Wayreth. It overcame her and the black-robed mage soon found herself tearing through the halls of the Tower, running flat out.

She rushed past the other magi in the halls, who alternately called to her, wondering what was wrong, or else gave her a queer look and did their best to stay out of her way. Her robes rippled as they flowed out behind her and finally she burst through the doors of the Tower and into its yard. A moment later, she was transforming and wings pumped to climb above the forest and beyond.

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10/28/2005 5:41 PM

Keth noted Lieke tense, his golden eyes fixed on her as the reverberation blasted through his mind. He too felt the pull, but he struggled to understand it, and heard the chaotic ramblings deeply imbedded within...promising power... and death.

He shuddered, wings buzzing as he watched Lieke shifted and flew away. For a breif moment, he was shocked, before he shooed the human away, running his hand through his long dark blonde hair.

Sighing, he shifted, glancing towards the villiage, before leaping into the air, gaining altitude with two downward sweeps of his gold-tinted wings, the light of day glittering off the gilded edges of his azure scales. He resisted the pull... and perhaps he would follow just long enough to figure out where she was going.

Elsewhere, scattered across Krynn, other dragons heard the call...but for different reasons. This time it wasn't the call of evil and destruction... but blood calling to blood.

In solace, Wylin Majere froze, feeling a flutter in her soul.. and she glanced towards Hiaku with worried blue eyes. "Something is dreadfully wrong.. I feel as though part of my soul has been returned in a cruel fashion...."

Hiaku watched his mate carefully, the forein dragon knew that he could trust Wylin's instincts... his gaze flitted to his left, to the girl that was their daughter. Kiyomi was still young by their standards, but old enough to travel on such a quest by human standards. He would hate to leave her behind, knowing that she would probably attempt to follow anyway......

Skystrike, known to humans and other mortals as Silar Majere, faltered in his flight as the call reached him. He roared in anger, and whirled in midair, turning towards the pull, his blue eyes narrowed. The soul-call was familiar, a signature within it that beckoned to him, even though he sneered at the evil taint...

Deep in a mountain cavern, warmed by hot-springs and underground lava flows, a glittering black dragon woke, blinking her amber eyes slowly, then shaking the moisture from her black feathered wings. Mirisarl yawned, flashing wicked white fangs and jagged teeth. Ivory talons scraped at the stone floor, as she stretched herself awake. For a moment she stared around herself, unsure of what had awakened her.

Then the pull hit her, and while she was familiar with the signature behind it, she wasn't as hesitant as her siblings to answer the call. With a roar of pleasure, she wormed her way though the caverns, to burst into flight above the Lords Of Doom... Roaring her acceptance to the Call, turning East towards Neraka.

10/31/2005 1:59 PM

Darkness felt a tug at his soul, one that he could not quite shake off. The dragons life that he stole had awakened and it called out to him. He felt his blood boil, and his eyes momentarily changed from pure black to a glowing fiery red. The evil kept within him was boiling to the surface, but the call passed and he had regained his sanity once again. His eyes returned to normal before Glimmer, who had shielded him from the bulk of the gust, could see them. "By the gods, his power is growing. I did not think that he would have become this powerful already. Glimmer, the council may not be able to help in this matter, but I would like to join you when they convene." As he awaited Glimmer's response he could not let go of that feeling of power that came with the blast. He would not pursue the dark path, ever again.

11/08/2005 2:15 PM

Glimmer nodded, her eyes still fixed towards the mainland, her heart a tormoil as the echo of the roar within the Call reverberated in her chest. Navarre... but that was impossible wasn't it??

Reluctantly, Glimmer turned away from the mainland, her gaze sorrowful as she looked back towards Darkness and Onyx. "Come... lets get to the council halls... "

She turned her back to them, and lept into the air, her powerful feathered wings taking her further and faster than any other Krynn dragon. Banking sharply, she headed for the central island...

11/14/2005 1:38 PM

Darkness quickly lept to Onyx's back and instructed her to take flight after Glimmer. That call still haunted Darkness' soul. Never had anything in his life been so enticing, so seductive as that call. It took every ounce of his willpower to resist turning his back on his new life.

Noting that Glimmer had banked sharply Onyx turned to match pace with Glimmer. What was that call that bothered her master so? She did not hear the call, only the shockwave that the blast had set forth. Why was her master in so much pain? It wasnt even that powerful of a blast to her.

11/14/2005 8:26 PM

In a plane of light and mercury waves....

There stands a lone figure deep in a state of meditation. A soul that has always longed to be apart of the greatest of Krynns legends. A half breed of two mighty races that wasn't meant to bless the soil before his time. In this plane of stillness he has waited...

Now, is it time for his story to be heared loud and clear amongst the clouds and caves of Krynn clear as this " Call" has rang forth from the very fabric of every Dragons blood.

His name has been all but forgotten, yet in one heart his name lives on eternal as a dear friend.

He is of Both Bloods and his name is

03/22/2006 6:09 PM

The council grounds were empty as Crystalamira backwinged furiously as her claws touched the marble stones that lined the circular area. The call tugged at her heart and soul, and she was no longer sure if she could take control of the council... the mere fact that Navarre was alive had all but broken her resolve.... She raised her head into the sky and her jaws opened...

A wail that sent chills down the spine of any who heard it came forth, starting in her chest as a deep rumbling and spiling from her jaws as the pain of this knowledge manifested itself...

03/22/2006 6:18 PM

Back in solace, Wylin, and Kiyomi all froze as a wail echoed in their minds... Hiaku wrapped his arms around his mate and stared into her eyes. "It's mother... She's in such deep anguish..." Wylin sniffed and pulled out of Hiaku's grasp and squared her shoulders.

"Hiaku, take Kyiomi and go to the Dragon Isles... I have to find out what that blood-to-blood call was from... if it is what I fear, we are all in real danger...." Wylin transformed, her silvery-grey scales glinting in the fading light. Dove-grey feathers rose as she lept into the sky, circled twice then turned East, heading for the source of the call.

Hiaku and Kiyomi transformed as well, the sineous blue and silver dragon fixed his golden eyes on his mate's fading form before turning to his daughter. Silvery like her mother, she too had wings that sported white feathers. However they were too weak for flight and had to rely on her magic to maintain flight, just as Hiaku needed to.

"Come then...we seek out your grandmother..." Hiaku rumbled in his native language.

"Hai..." Kiyomi responded in kind. Within moments the two were flying side by side, this time heading north for Palanthas then for the seas that separated the Isles from Ansalon...

05/06/2006 12:05 AM

The doors of the Inn of Last Home opened inconspicuously, though many eyes turned to look at the strange newcomer with pale, wan skin, long and black hair, and eyes that seemed to mock fire as a lesser existence. Warriors placed their hands on their swords; mages felt for their spell components. The air in the room, already warm from the crackling fire, grew warmer. One of the barmaids, however, casting an imperious eye upon the lot, walked over to the pale elf and said,

"First time and can't find your table? Howabout that one near the fireplace? You look a little pale, truth be told, but it's nothing a glass of brandy and some of our spicy potatoes won't heal!"

The elf, slightly taken aback, nodded and followed the barmaid to his table. She asked him what he wanted, but he had just murmured, "What you said before" before lapsing into silence. As the barmaid flounced off, the tension in the air slowly began to bleed itself away and general chatter resumed. It was still seemed too hot, though, complained one of the customers before getting a sharp reply that it was all in his head from a passing barmaid.

Klarmeir began to tap his fingers on the table rather impatiently. Human formalities

[i]"Klarmeir," the Elder said, his large glowing eyes turning to his younger. "Travel to a town called Solace. There, search for a mortal."

"Why," snapped Klarmeir. He had fully intended to go to Godshome first, to test if the gods truly would try to knock him down. To test if his one true lord really had returned. "What could, or would a mortal do to aid us in our quest?"

"The mortal's family name is Majere."

THAT had sparked Klarmeir's imagination. The fall of Chaos was a widespread story. Palin Majere's name was a curse on his tongue.

"To kill Majere?" said Klarmeir, licking his maw in anticipation.

"SHE is not THE Majere," corrected the Elder. "And, with the power you possess currently, you will most certainly meet oblivion before you are even aware of it."

Klarmeir looked up angrily, expecting to see mockery in the Elder's eyes. But there was no mockery there.

"She is a dragon under the guise of Kalia Majere. Learn what you can of her, or, if you feel it is necessary, from her. Be wary. We have no direction as of yet, and your loss would be grieved."

Klarmeir bowed his serpentine head head in acknowledgement.[/i]

Klarmeir scowled. The old crotch had used telepathy on him. This peaceful town was the last place any being born of Chaos would want to be. He even felt he could [i]smell[/i] the understanding and the harmony that seemed to reek from every damn twig he had passed.

He felt like retching on the fire, but thought better of it as he heard "Kalia" from one of the two people nearest the bar. He had to strain his ears a bit, but the elven ears and his own enhanced hearing did not make listening too difficult.

He listened for about two minutes before he stood up and left, tossing a scorched dagger on the table in payment. He had learned all he had wanted to learn.

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03/27/2007 6:40 PM

Light danced through his closed eyelids as krynn embraced him once again. Breathing deeply Furanthas took in every moment as if it were his first. The clean refreshing smell of snow mixed with the subtle odor of the sea. His minds eye could picture the frozen temple from which he had left krynn so long ago. Its icy pillars stretching far above to a crystal dome that glowed a majestic cerulean blue.

Opening his eye's slowly he could see all was as it was, as if time never touched this secret place. The very ice that formed its rooms and great study seemed to be eternal as the gods them selves. The lighting was dim and with a motion of his hand the canterns lining the cicurlar study lit in unison. Once again he felt the sting of beauty touch his fragile heart. He was seated upon the icy floor directly in the centre of the study in a position of meditation.

Rising in a swift motion he walked towards the end of the study, his silver robes reflecting the fire light upon the icy columns around the room. Stopping infront of a solid wall of ice he stared once again upon his sword's frozen deep inside. A soft smile split his lips as he remembered the ways of the sword. Remembered the creation of these twin katana's, a creation that has cost many evil beings their souls. He whatched as the red gems clutched within a dragons mouth at the hilt of the blades pulsed with the light of captured souls.

Turning to face the western side of the study his heart leapt as his eyes found his silver dragon armour. Still suspened in air by the magic orb he had created so long ago. His shoulder guards shone as brightly as ever, the intricate patern upon them was constantly outlined by an emerald coloured essence rising like smoke. The helm was crested with sharp horns jutting back from the face. Set square in the front of the helm was a flawless emerald sphere that seemed to reflect light for it did not shimer. The shape of the helm resembled a dragons face combined with that of a human.

There floating in the cold northern air untouched by time was the Breast plate of the silver dragon man. Like no other peice its was forged with Furanthas's own blood and tempered with the love from his heart. Created from the scales of his own ancestor, the greatest silver dragon Darlantan. The peice was flawless in its curves and design, like any silver it was born to move as fast as one's soul could carry them. Covering the silver breast plate were magical runes and inscriptions of the deepest green. Similar designs marked his leg guards and plate mail boots.

Raising his head towards the cerulean dome above he began the spell that would release and once again equip his treasures. In the first breath of the spell a mist of white formed at his feet. Sparkling lights shot throughout the mist as it rose to envelope Furanthas. The air bacame still as he finished the spell inside his mind triggering an amazing effect upon the armour infront of him. For the set seemed to phase into an etheral form, a deep rumble of power echoed through the icy home as the lights exploded around Furanthas.

The mist surrounding him struggled to remain in this world as he stept from within its fold. Walking with measured grace he stopped once again before his swords, raising both hands he reached through the ice as if it were air and grabbed hold of white and black ivory casings. Locking them into place upon his back he moved again to the centre of the room.

"If my time is now....Let me live it well."

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