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09/26/2005 12:34 AM

Adanmegil's stone walls loomed heavily over the leather-clad wanderer, enormous shadow reaching past the surrounding ravines. Her untouchable boundaries seemed the only thing intact, since the Elvish Dynasty fell. Now the city's bands fought among themselves, some just a party of about seven, some fifty or more bodyguards sworn to protect and obey their leader. Eventually someone had to win, and take Adanmegil for themselves, but Niall wasn't here for that. He'd come for revenge.

A couple of elves guarded the gate - apparently, the men who'd taken over it last time he was here had been kicked out, or beaten altogether. It was a sought after place, being the only structure in Adanmegil promising to stand when the fighting ended. No matter, since he hadn't been on good terms with them, and elves were known to be reasonable. Most of the time.

He stared up at them - both clad in glistening steel armour, the one on the left warily observing him.

"What business do you have here?," he called down, one hand reaching in front of him. Probably for a bow, if not the massive gate's handle.

"What's yours?," Niall answered, with an intrigued twist in his voice. The right elf smiled at his comrade.

"Why do you ask? Isn't it our own?"

He didn't want to be here much longer. They decided whether he came in or not, so best to give them what they asked, Niall figured.

"I'm looking for Tanau. I guess you can't take me to him, if you want to come back with your head attached, but if you let me in I'll find him."

Now the right elf laughed.

"You must have a great reason to, risking your life like that. But you look hardened - a rogue, I'm guessing?"

"More of a Ranger, you could say. I'm just not very good at it."

Grinning, the elves attended to either side of the gate - seeming to accept his explanation. The wooden doors gradually creaked open, revealing the dull ruins inside. Grey buildings of stone and wood, most intact, shallow marks and dents lining every one. Suggesting a lot of the fighting went on here. If it weren't dirt, the ground would probably be drenched in blood from skirmishes past. As he drew nearer, Niall noticed they wore high-elves' armour, embedded with writing and spells, but looked more half-elvish. Maybe it was stolen from Imperial enemies after the fall. Basking now in the familiar surroundings, like a second home after nature, he wondered if the tavern was still around. It had to be - even the Orcs, who'd only come here to take the city, had enough respect not to burn the tavern down.

"Can I have your clothes?," called the cheeky elf. Failing to hold an amused smile back, Niall turned slowly.

"I won't die. But if I do, I'd prefer you take one of my weapons and use that to kill Tanau."

"Not so loud!" His eyes widened playfully. "You might be looking for death, but not us. Did you see the last lot of men holding the wall? We risked enough getting through them."

He didn't have time to chat, but Niall felt they'd be meeting again.

"I have somewhere to be."

Without a goodbye, he briskly steppped through a wartorn street, the elves returning his silence.

09/28/2005 3:11 AM

From under his pale, weather-beaten hood, Loth observed the below wanderer - assuming the man was being honest about his origins. He'd been intrigued since noticing the entry - climbing up, from the ravine, and was compelled to come closer. None of the wall guards had noticed him yet.
There was something about the way he walked; the handsome posture he carried, despite blending in with everything, as if all around him suddenly became uninterested in who he was, that was frightening and exciting at the same time. He walked like Moen, and from the sound of things, knew Tanau. The remaining high-elves would happily consort with one who wanted their enemies dead, and when he might be the son of a powerful warrior who once served them to his death, it only made sense if they'd be watching him.
Abandoning his regular stroll through the off-limits (except to wood and half-elves) walls, Loth airily sped to the nearest way down.

09/28/2005 6:47 PM

As Bard walked down the street, he saw a stranger walk by; he was definitely not from the city. A description was written in his mind, to be later copied onto his Journal. It had become very rare to see people from the country venturing into the city. The strong scents coming from a nearby shop, shook the thoughts of the stranger from his mind. He entered. A bored mage stood up at recognizing him and greeted him eagerly.

"It's ready. This time try to make it last a tad longer, eh lad?" the wizard said as he passed Bard a small clothed object. Bard gave him half a smirk, which rarely ever crossed his serious face. He felt the package; it was still warm from the spellcasting. He nodded and left the shop, having paid beforehand.

Bard now had half a day to kill before meeting up with his trade partner outside the city at sundown, spying on a political meeting between two bands of warriors, and later meeting up with a certain lady. An unfamiliar smile crept up to Bard's face as his mind wondered off to the memories of his mistress' shapely curves. He couldn't wait until midnight.

09/29/2005 5:51 PM

"They've got the warehouse secured, sir. Archers even. Anytime they saw me, I 'bout lost my head."

"Bring up the prisoner," Redryn Gale commanded, a confident smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.

It had been just over three weeks now since he'd managed to bring his force into the city of Adanmegil. It hadn't been easy. The high walls of the city had made it seem an impossible task, at first, but as he'd come to learn, a way would always be found. In this case, the way was a woman by the name of Nall. Since the city had broken out into chaos, she'd made a passable living smuggling in anyone crazy enough to want in.

When their price was paid, a steep one because of the number of men, and Redryn guessed, because of the quality of his own clothes and equipment, she led them to an abandoned section of the outer wall and produced from her cloak a small rod. Placing it between two stones, she uttered a quick incantation. What had appeared to be a stone, was in fact just a clever cover over a small tunnel through the wall. It swung to the side like a door, opening the way for Gale's entrance to Adanmegil. It wasn't quite the proud entrance he'd been looking forward to, but it would do just fine.

Ever since the collapse of order in and around Adanmegil, Gale had been anticipating that day. He thought maybe he'd been waiting for it even longer than that, but now there was no denying it. After toiling throughout his life, working with everything he had to keep a handle on all his political affairs, with only incremental gains, this was finally his chance for that one jump he'd been hoping for. When the dust settled over Adanmegil, and the blood stopped spilling, he would be a baron, or king. He could be an emperor if he wished it. All it amounted to was he would be standing on top of it all.

And to think, he'd agonized over the decision to leave behind his role as the first advisor to a governor of the north.

Now he stood somewhere within those walls. Where he was exactly, he couldn't be sure. Here, distance couldn't be measured in days, or miles, but by battles and bodies. He knew the walls were far behind him, but the city center, where he hoped to find his greatest prize, was still a long way off.

Though his dream was still distant, another prize was within his grasp.

A mountain of a man called Hargon, his one high-priced mercenary, and makeshift leader of his "army", had spied the warehouse the day before from the bell tower of a the church they'd come across. The men inside had claimed to have no will for fighting, but when Gale ordered his men into the church, they'd resisted with all their heart. With no weapons or armor, they had no chance, and as it turned out, Gale's men had no qualms about slaughtering unarmed men. The exertion had netted his men more food to sustain their grueling venture into the city, along with plenty of water gathered from the church's altar. As well as the high vantage point, they had also gained one more boon.

The shuffle of boots on the debris-strewn road caught Gale's ears. Still smiling, he turned to greet his band's "guest". "So good to see you again, revered Ulman."

His face battered and his hands shackled before him, the priest was held up only thanks to the support of the burly men at his sides. They grinned proudly at their leader as if it was their own doing that had taken the man the day before.

The priest was a small man, smaller even than Gale himself, and his weight could easily have been held by only one, but sometimes the visual was all that mattered. Though the day wasn't nearly as hot as the last few had been, sweat covered his time-worn face and matted his graying hair.

"What is it you want from me, you fiend?" he managed to say with more strength than Gale would have thought possible.

"Ulman," he started, closing the distance between the two of them so that he could look the man close in the face, "I understand you don't like me..."

"You are a murderer! You'll burn for what you've done!"

"Perhaps." Thinking it over a moment, he added, "But this is all necessary. Even you must understand that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good."

Ulman simply glowered up at him from under his eyebrows as though there were no words that could lash at Gale hard enough.

Taking his silence as acquiescence, Redryn went on. Motioning around the corner with his hand, he explained, "Around this corner is a courtyard. On the other side of this yard is a warehouse. Inside is likely plenty of food, water, and equipment for my men, as well as a safe place to sleep tonight and a base of operations for the next few days. I want that warehouse."

"So you look to murder again?" Ulman interrupted, his voice laced with contempt.

"No. I guarantee you, I have no desire to kill whoever is in there. I would much rather share that place with them." Putting his finger squarely in the center of the priest's chest, he said, "That's where you come in."

"I'll not help you, beast."

"That's just what I thought you'd say. You see, I'll have that place, one way or another. Scattered in and around these buildings, I have almost fifty men. My right hand here estimates only a dozen in there. If it comes to force, even a man like you can see the end result."

A defeated change came over Ulman's face.

"What I want you to do is make sure that doesn't happen. You have until the first signs of twilight to convince those men it's in their best interest to let us in and join with me."

With a nod at Ulman's shackles, one of his men unlocked them and let the priest free. He looked at Gale unsurely.

"I have no need to shackle you, priest. If you decide to stay in there and fight with them, you'll die with them. My men have surrounded the warehouse, so if you decide to escape, you'll die, and they will too. Your only hope, but more importantly their only hope, rests with making sure they join with me." Putting a hand on Ulman's shoulder, he urged him toward the courtyard. "I wish you the best of luck."

Resigned to his fate, Ulman rounded the corner and started cautiously over the courtyard, hands raised in deferrence. He walked with a noticeable limp.

When he was halfway across, Hargon came to Gale's side. "Do think this is a good idea?"

Ignoring the man's stench, they all stank anyway, he replied, "It's the only way we can take that warehouse without taking a blow. The worst that would happen is that he join with them."

Stroking his bushy beard, just a hint as to why the men called him "Briarback", he grunted. "That would be more costly than you think. The priest is a healer."

"Which is just another reason they'll trust him. Believe me, Hargon, he doesn't want a fight here. He'll tell them what I want him to, and they'll listen."

"I hope so."

In all his years striving for gains, working one side against another, convincing everyone he had their best interests in mind, Redryn Gale had never trusted to hope.

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09/30/2005 2:31 AM

The sun was finally hiding behind the City Walls, to the relief of many sunburnt commoners in Adanmegil. Bard watched the reddening clouds as he approached the Church where his good friend dwelled. His meeting with his merchant partner wasn't until about one more hour, so he decided to get his "blessings" beforehand. After all, you never know when a merchant will turn on you. It had taken much to convince the self-righteous priest, but after a few vows to not spill innocent blood and a rather large amount of gold coins (for a priest, at least) to give to the poor, Ulman had agreed to perform a few protection spells on Bard every once in a while.

Bard lifted the heavy metal doorknocker and listened to the echoes across the church. It was then that he realized he was being watched. There were sentinels in the church pointing crossbows and bows straight at him! He moved back a few steps. Something was very wrong. He put a hand on his hip close to one of his sheathed double dagger, careful not to threaten any of the guards.

What had the priest gotten himself into now?

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10/02/2005 1:16 AM

"What the bloody hell's he doing?" Grell asked, waving his hand toward the approaching stranger.

His brother, Erik, a fellow member of Redryn Gale's "militia" shrugged. "Got me. Looking for prayers?"

Grell, the bigger of the two chuckled heartily, the sound echoing a bit in their alcove across the street. "S'pose we better get rid of him?"

Erik brushed a tangle of long hair away from his eyes. "Well, if we don't, Gale'll give us hell."

With a quiet scoff, Grell replied, "All that fop'll do is sic Briarback on us."

"What's your point?"

Grell frowned. "Well, just that... You see, it's..." With a heavy sigh, he concluded, "You just need to learn to keep your tongue in line."


"What is it now?"

Erik nodded up the street. "He's still here."

"I know that! You think I don't know that?" He struggled to keep his voice level.



Now fighting the smirk, Erik said, "What are we going to do about him?"

Starting away from the alcove in a huff, Grell barked over his shoulder, "Come on, twit."

Checking to make sure his slender sword was free in its scabbard, Erik followed his brother, who he noted was pulling his cudgel free from his belt.

Just as the two bowmen in the church were coming out to confront the stranger, Grell and Erik approached from behind. "Now who in the hell are you?" the older growled, tightening his grip on his club.

"Now don't upset him, Grell. He might be one of those hotshots wandering around this place," Erik said, smiling broadly now.

The four guards surrounded the man, generally keeping their distance. One of the bowmen kept his position on the church steps, his arrow-point directed right at the man's heart. Grell and Erik took flanking positions, the latter resting his hand on the hilt of his sword. The second bowman ventured out of the defensive ring and strayed close to their subject.

10/02/2005 1:31 PM

Bard didn't move a muscle as the guards surrounded him. He kept his gaze on the ground waiting for someone with authority to approach.

"Now don't upset him, Grell. He might be one of those hotshots wandering around this place,"

"Ah hello. I knew it'd be a matter of months since the church was taken. No respect for religion these days... Anyways, I had only come to see a friend: Ulman. I'm afraid I can't talk to corpses, so I'll be taking my leave." Bard turned around to find a crossbow bolt staring at him threateningly.

"There is a secret entrance to the Church. I am sure you wouldn't want that piece of information escaping my lips, and if you're any wise, you'll tell your damn guard to get out of my way," Bard thretened without turning around, then changing his tone he added, "My name is Bard, but don't go repeating my name in any taverns or you'll find quite few knives in your back. I am a Knowledge Merchant and happen to be on the look for new customers. I will contact you."

The guard blocking Bard's way looked at Erik and moved to the side after seeing Erik wave him off without realizing that the tip of his crossbow bolt had been severed and now lay on the floor. "The priest is alive, but too busy right now," Erik called to Bard's back. Bard ignored him and strolled off hurriedly, there was much preparing to do.

Grell put a hand to his forehead and desperately asked Erik, "What are you thi...?"

"Calm down brother. We know nothing of this city; we could use a man like him. Gale will be thankful." Erik still received a back-hand to the back of his head as he turned around.

10/06/2005 4:06 AM

At first this was looking slow, but now it's coming along very nicely. Should be fun.

Perhaps Niall had chosen a bad time. That was what he got for not remembering to bring food or money before he arrived at the tavern. So he needed to find something. The church's silverware - a jewel among the run-down old place - sat unmoving in his hessain sack, left hand cradling it with perfect stillness. Before the grunts were easy to avoid, but that elf had gotten them all on edge. It'd be a trick getting out.
As their guest left, the two men conversing among themselves, Niall snuck further toward the secret entrance, which wasn't too hard to find considering it was meant to be secret. Then from the open doors, a guard turned and faced him. He froze. The next few seconds they both stood in chilling quiet, then he turned back. Relieved, Niall scurried along the back wall, turning hastily - and beating his loot hard against the alter.

10/06/2005 11:56 AM

Cassandra adjusted her rather slinky dress as she stepped out of the small room. The dress, made of black silk, clung to her curves, a slit from the her right shoulder to her left leg, which is looped together with a red ribbon. She fluffs her navy hair as she walks through the streets, a wide grin on her deep red lips. A bruise on her arm is the only, indication of what she had been doing in that rather large building.

She didn't know anything of what was happening else where, only that she, needed to get back to her inn. How long had she been in the temple? All sense of time seemed to get lost in there. Ears standing strait up, she moved through the chilled streets, until at last, the Inn she called home appeared. The soft sounds of conversation filled her ears as she approached. Slowly Cassandra opened the door, looking around. She stepped within, once again, turning her head to look. Nothing new...When would there ever be any excitement for the dear kitten?

Almost as if the question had just been asked, it was anwsered with a tug on Cassandra's tail. If one theing really pissed her off, it was someone pulling her tail. Hissing loudly, she turned, scrapping nails over the large man's skin. Which was a huge mistake, for when he stood, he was twice as large as the little kitten, and a member of the guards. Grabbing her around her waist, he carries her out of the Inn.

"Assult me will you whore?" He grunts, as he carries the kicking and screaming woman down the street.

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10/06/2005 1:43 PM

"Put the girl down or else." Said a voice from the shadows. And from those shadows a teenager appeared. He wore a black cloak with his hood up and both of his swords were tied to his back.

All that could be seen was his leather gauntleted hands. Drake stared at the giant without fear. "Do I have to tell you again? Put the girl down or else you die."

10/06/2005 2:53 PM

The beast of a guard, drew his bastard sword with his free hand. "Back of kiddo." He grunted, adjusting the weight on his shoulder. "You don't want none to do with one of Bast's whores." He said, which resulted in a kick in his back.

"Don't bad mouth Bast." Cassandra hissed, purple eyes resting on the boy. "I wouldn't challenge him kid. That can get you in prison." She sighed, though continued to struggle.

"Take the girls advice." The big brute said. "And scram. After all, ya ain't gonna get much out of her anyway. She's too doped up to be much use."

10/06/2005 5:44 PM

Bard strode across the streets, a bag slung over his shoulder. The mundane-looking bag held his prized herbs and a spell that allowed it to hold much more than it's normal capacity. The trade had gone well as ever, same price and no restrictions, with his merchant friend spilling a lot of gossip about the problems of the southern kingdoms.

As he approached his home he saw some commotion in front of a local inn. His trained ears caught enough of the conversation to know that it wasn't worth listening in to. He unlocked a side door to the large building and locked it behind him. He went to his room and placed the bag with herbs in a locked shelf.

At first he hadn't understood why his parents had gone to so much trouble to make sure their sons would receive this scruffy room when they died. Or why he was consistently told not to sell the pendant that hung about his neck. He would always thank them for both.

Bard went over to an empty wall of his small chamber and held out the pendant with his family's crest and said, "I, Bard Ravenshadow, order you to show thyself." A door appeared and opened, and he entered a dark room with a dim gray glow. It was a room protected from scrying of any type, a great luxury and advantage for anyone in the city. He prepared himself for the night's job: dressing completely in black; wearing a mask made of black cloth with two holes for his eyes, tied behind his head; and placing his tools in pouches tied to his belt. He put on the ring he had picked up in the morning and waited for the time the meeting he would eavesdrop, was to be held.

10/07/2005 5:30 PM

Samuel sat in a tree near the walls, he heard people talking. He ignored them and pulled out a small green flute, his mother made it for him. He started to play some random tune he made himself. His blue eyes were shut as he played, he never missed a note. His ears twitched, then relaxed as he played the soft notes of the song

10/07/2005 6:58 PM

Striding calmly beside the walls, knwing its owners were watching him, Loth halted suddenly. This was an unusual, and oddly pleasing, sight.

"Music?" He lifted into an amused smile, watching the demon play. "It's been a while since I've enjoyed any of the sounds coming from this place."

10/07/2005 7:53 PM

Drake smiled and laughed. "I never said I wanted to challenge him, I said I wanted to kill him." He unsheathed both of his swords. He pointed his left blade at the brute.

"Drop her so you can fight. I wouldn't want to accidently kill the girl." He then took off towards the brute with both blades behind him. He feigned to the left and jumped to the right. With his left blade he swung in an arc towards the mans ribs.

He flipped his right blade and aimed for the mans neck. He hoped that he could finish the brute off quickly for he knew that a prolonged fight would mean the death of him.

10/08/2005 3:32 AM

Samuel sat in a tree near where 2 men fought, he didn't understand why so many people were fighting. He sighed and pulled out his flute and started to play a little tune he learned long ago before his family died. His tail could be seen dangling from the tree, his ears twitched

10/08/2005 5:06 PM

Maybe he didn't hear the first time. Loth stepped closer, regarding the demon with another warm smile. Though wondering what such a harmless-looking creature was doing here.

"It's a good evening, isn't it?"

10/08/2005 5:15 PM

The man shook his head, taking one long stride back. "Kid, you don't want to do that. I'd have the rest of the guard on you faster then you can say sorry." He grunts, dropping Cassandra to the ground. "But if you want her so bad, then you can have her." He says, now walking away.

Cassandra rubs her rear, sighing softly. "You'll be lucky if he doesn't come back to arrest you." She says, standing slowly.

10/08/2005 5:33 PM

"hm? oh thanks" he said smiling, he wondered what he wanted. hopefully nothing of samuel's or his bounty of 50,000 gold. He continued to play the tune

10/08/2005 9:41 PM

Redryn smiled with a flourish of his left arm for Hargon's sake as he spotted Ulman hobbling back out of the warehouse. "You see there, friend. Just as I said."

Hargon nodded to himself, but his doubt wasn't quelled. "I'll call it a success when I'm in there and had a good look around."

Gale dismissed this with a flick of his wrist.

Shoulders sagging, Ulman approached. "I've told them everything you wanted. They are skeptical. They know you can overpower them, but don't trust you to welcome them."

"Pah!" roared Hargon. "Then I think we should show them the error of their ways," he said, pulling his axe from his back.

Gale put a hand on the big man's wrist. "Stay your bloodlust." Turning his attention back to Ulman, he said, "Will they speak to me?"

The brief hint of a smile that tugged at Ulman's lips went unnoticed by Gale and his men. "That was what they suggested," he said, affecting dejection.

"Good. Then I'll go and see them," he pronounced proudly.

"But, sir..." Hargon started.

"Hush!" Redryn turned an icy glare on his second-in-command. "You're suggestions have led to nothing. We do things MY way."

With a quick motion to the men against the wall, Redryn Gale followed Ulman to the warehouse, six motley guards in tow.

10/08/2005 10:17 PM

He was shy - too shy for an Adanmegil warrior. But it was a brilliant act, if he was here to fight. Curious, Loth stepped closer, swearing he'd seen the face somewhere before. Then with a pang of revelation, the elf couldn't hold back a grin.

"We've met before. Samuel, if I'm right? We were in the same prison wing."

10/08/2005 10:32 PM

With a quick motion to the men against the wall, Redryn Gale followed Ulman to the warehouse, six motley guards in tow.

Had they not heard him? In any case, Niall knew this was a bit of luck that didn't come along all the time - let alone more than once in a thief's life. He loosened the grip on his bow, scooped up the silverware and hurried out the church's open doors. Glancing happily to the side, Niall bolted along the dusty street - then smacked hard into another man, hearing the heavy thud with his own. He didn't know where the silverware was - everything left his mind, except the image now drawing his hateful gaze. Redryn Gale. Niall drew a knife and held it at the leader's gut. Not realising his entire band was watching.

"I've been looking for someone like you. I want to ask you about a certain band leader, if you don't mind."

10/09/2005 6:13 AM

"hmmmm..... maybe, though i don't remember any elfs. sorry, when did you get out? i had to escape or they'd kill me..." samuel replyed he sighed and pulled out his gem worth 1,000,000 gold. It shined brightly, samuel wanted to show this elf something that meant so much to him. "this is what they really wanted, but when i was captured i left it at home that day. my mother gave it to me......... but she's gone now" he said, a tear rolling off his cheek

10/09/2005 4:08 PM

Drake sheathed his blades as the man left. "Coward." He then looked at the girl and tried to speak but no words reached his mouth. He had never spoken to a girl before in his life. All he had done as a child was study and train with his blades, nothing more.

He removed his hood as he began to feel as if he couldn't breath. He shook his head and looked around, avoiding eye contact with the girl. He rubbed the back of his neck while he looked the girl over. He found her very attractive even though he knew she was a whore. He then closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind.

"What ever. If he does, I'll kill him then and that will be the end of it."

10/09/2005 4:39 PM

Cassandra sighed, popping a small white candy into her mouth. Her eyes roll back into her head, as she hums a moment, lost to all reality, then slowly she returns. "I do appriciate that. I wouldn't have gotten anything out of him." She laughs softly, tipping slightly to her left.

"He won't come back alone." She regains her balance and moves towards the boy. "We better get you off the streets. You can come to my place, keep you hidden for a while. The guard isn't fond of folks like you." She says, tail wrapping around her wrist.

10/09/2005 4:47 PM

" me? no i'm fine ive got a weapon" samuel said pulling out a dagger and jumping from the tree

10/09/2005 10:36 PM


" me? no i'm fine ive got a weapon" samuel said pulling out a dagger and jumping from the tree

Kawai, excuse my confusion, but who are you talking to? :P

The imperial couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy. Though mixed with amusement, seeing at last where that rock had gotten to.

"You wouldn't have seen any elves breaking the law, back them. I was thrown in there, because I kind of conspired against the hierarchy. One of them, anyway. When the prison was destroyed, I was one of the inmates quick enough to get out. Guess I should consider myself lucky."

He was aware both the other imperials and wall guards could hear him, but they all knew. He'd learned more loyalty since those days - for a dead king, ironically.

"That's a beautiful flue, by the way," he added as Samuel dropped, staring him in the eyes now. Loth stepped back. "I have one that's pretty similar, but not nearly as well-made. I haven't picked it up in years."

His attention was taken suddenly by distant yells. Another skirmish had started, and would probably get nearer. He signalled for any nearby elves to warn him if it got dangerous - he couldn't see anyone, but there were inevitably a couple or more strolling around.

10/09/2005 11:07 PM

Bard jumped deftly from building to building. It was a perfect moon-less night. He blended in with the shadows like a black cat skipping in the dark. It was cold, but the exercise kept him warm enough. The night wasn't yet at its darkest point but Bard really wanted to get work over with. He found the building and scanned it's roof and surroundings. Everything was perfect.

Bard pulled off his boots, held up his hand looking at his ring, and activated it with a quiet word. He felt the spell immediately take effect and as he walked towards the edge of the inn, his feet sticking to the floor. He then climbed down the wall, upside-down, using his four clinging limbs. [i]Thank the gods for Spider Climb spells![/i] thought Bard. He had now gotten used to the blood rushing to his head and could use his tools perfectly well. The windows were all completely covered; Bard thanked himself for arriving early. He took out a small ring with a circular saw, and slowly, quietly made a small unnoticeable hole in the wall. He repeated it again the exact distance between his ear and his eye. As soon as he had finished, somebody entered the room and sat around the table. One band's leader along with his numerous guards. The other leader arrived soon enough. Bard, who knew all the important characters of the city, recognized Tanau immediately...

10/11/2005 1:14 PM

"thanks! my mother made it for me..." he wispered, his ears twitched. Another fight, they happen alot lately don't they? "i escaped with my friend moon, hes a shapeshifting wolf mage. I say that because, well his father was a shapeshifter and his mother was a wolf....." Samuel sighed, he was tired and hadn't slept for days

10/11/2005 3:20 PM

Drake looked at her for a moment and blinked. "Your.... er, welcome." He shifted slightly as he felt a bit awkward. Drake ran his fingers through his short hair and sighed.

"I know, I know. I'm not a child. I haven't been one since my father died." He trailed off and looked away. The memory was still fresh in his mind as if it had happened yesterday.

He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. After a few moments he breathed deeply and looked at the girl. "I'm ready to go when you are."

10/11/2005 6:43 PM

The leaders stared off for a moment, surveying the other suspiciously.

"Are these all the guards you're bringing?," the leader asked flatly.

Around Tanau side of the table sat five men, each burly and scarred from battle, all watching the other boss's fifteen or twenty with the same bored expression. One, who seemed not to have been scarred at all but carried an experienced look in his eyes, sat at the leader's right. They all wore armour, except him and Tanau. Though telling by the size of his axes, which sat at the door as a goodwill sign, he wouldn't need them.

"All we need is one witness. You could outnumber and kill us now if you wanted - you're the closest to yours and our weapons, so I don't see why you're complaining."

His voice was smooth, calm, unlike his bitter features.

"Now, Ufel, if you're finished throwing suspicion at our trust, let's discuss matters."

Tanau stood and approached a full, heavy-looking sack behind him. As he did, behind the other men, the door silently creaked open.

"We can secure the tavern within the next few days. After then, you and your men will have every bit of information you could want."

By now, ten thin, chestnut-clothed half-elves were creeping toward the weapons, sliding two out each, and noiselessly approaching the table. They were unmarked, with short hair, suggesting they were mercenaries.

"If you'll direct your eyes to this bit of currency," Tanau announced, taking a bit of gold from the sack as his men positioned themselves around the other gang, "Maybe you can tell me where it's from."

The leader opened his mouth - then jerked back, crimson splattering the table and its occupants. Before the others could react, they each fell over the table with their boss. Tanau idly wrung the blood from his shirt.

"Well done." He turned to his right. "Uscias, kill that spy behind the wall."

10/12/2005 4:54 PM

Redryn stood back, temporarily stunned by the new arrival. He stared awestruck a moment at him, only dimly aware of all the silverware clattering around him.

Before asking the man's name, it occurred to him that his men were still behind him, also staring at the stranger. Ignoring the man, he turned on them. "What in the hell are you doing? I'm being accosted and the lot of you stand and watch?" Shaking his head as he turned back to the thief, he muttered, "And I'm paying them good money.

"Now then... What IS your name?"

Hargon raced to his side, axe in hand. "I knew this was a bad idea," he said.

Gale raised a hand in warning. "Stop. I want to hear him out." Turning back on the new man, he said flatly. "Your name, and your purpose."

10/13/2005 1:52 AM

Uscias! Uscias was after him! [I]What have I gotten myself into?[/I] Bard asked himself full of desperation while he leaped to the roof of the building. He saw sharp metal - of what must have been a thrown axe - splinter the wood of the wall where he had just been spying from. Before running off and jumping onto another building he caught a glimpse of Uscias peering up at the window.

As soon as he saw Tanau, Bard knew that he should have been out of there. Curiosity killed the cat, indeed.

Bard heard something behind him as he jumped to another building. He looked back to see a large man holding on to the edge of the roof he had just landed on, metal "claws" shining menacingly. Uscias was literally on his heels. The spy shot across the roof, giving up stealth, and jumped off the other end. He bent his knees as he landed and rolled onto his shoulders, nonetheless hearing a crack inside of himself. He clutched at his knee in pain and cursed his luck in his mind, but kept as quiet as possible, refusing to believe his end was at hand.

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10/13/2005 6:25 AM

Bitterly amused, Niall answered with a flat chuckle.

"I'll indulge you, for both our sakes. I go by Niall - last descendant of my line, protector of the Imperials. When the Imperials existed, anyway."

Before they could recognise who he was and butt in, he continued.

"I'm a wanderer, and I've come here looking for Tanau. More specifically, to kill him. I know you want the city to yourself, and he'll be an obstacle to you, so there's no need for me to keep this knife held to you. But in case your reputation for logic is exaggerated, I'll happily kill you to reach him."

Knowing the others were now ready to attack, the wanderer held his other hand over the sword at his belt.

"But for now, I think we've found ourselves with the same enemy. Maybe we could work together against him?"

10/13/2005 6:35 AM

(OOC: Oops, should I not have controlled Uscias? I'll edit it if you want, Pillage.)

Meh, it's cool. I'm feeling a bit lazy, so automatically moving works to my benefit :P

Drawing each of his heavy axes, Uscias gave an annoyed cry and lunged toward Bard. Since he didn't like being listened in on, it seemed only fair that this elf shouldn't be given time to stand. He swept in from the side at Bard's neck, left axe covering his ribs.

10/13/2005 11:31 AM

Cassandra smirked, fingers wrapping around his hand, as she darted down the street. "You'll have to excuse the clutter." She said, preparing him for her house. "With my job I don't really have time to clean up." She smirks, turning a corner. A small building came into view, all the way at the end of the street. Cassandra tugged the boy down the street, and then stopped. Looking around slowly. The hair on her tail stood up strait, as did the hair on the back of her neck.

Her tail moved slightly, before she rushed them inside, closing the door. "Not a very good Neighborhood." She smirked, smoothing down the hair on her tail.

10/13/2005 5:33 PM

samuel's ears twitched, something was happening around them

10/13/2005 5:37 PM

Redryn smiled at Niall's words. Part of him understood perfectly well that the man was only saying what he thought would more quickly lead to his own goals, but still, the compliment HAD been nice.

A quick glance to Hargon made the mountain-of-a-man's feelings all too clear. He was practically bristling. His hand unconciously clenched and unclenched on his axe. A look to Ulman showed the opposite. He shuffled his feet uncomfortably: a clear sign that he didn't like the idea of Gale's added strength.

More strength...

His smile grew all the wider as he faced Niall again. "You have a point there." Extending a hand for little more than the symbolic gesture, he said, "I would be most honored to have your aid in this." Getting caught up in the dramatics of it, he said, "Together, we can make short work of Tanau, or anyone that stands in our way."

10/13/2005 6:39 PM

He took the leader's hand calmly and helped him up.

"Fair enough, then. I was at the tavern not long ago. The one where all the knowledge merchants go. Apparently, he's making a move on Ufel's turf - they're probably all dead by now."

Niall realised his knife was still out, and sheathed it hastily.

"Tomorrow night, maybe you'll show me how your men can fight against superior odds. I'd like to give him a message. Whether or not he knows you're with me, is up to you."

10/13/2005 9:49 PM

samuel's ears twitched, something was happening around them

The wall guards were suddenly gathering around, bows in hand. A distant rumble drew nearer, thundering through a nearby street. Watching the mounted band emerge, Loth cursed under his breath, but stayed calm and composed.

"Samuel, how good a fighter are you?"

Loth drew his bow and aimed.

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10/13/2005 10:11 PM

Bard rolled to the side sluggishly, moving his neck out of the axe's range but lining his shoulder up with the sharp edge. The axe ripped through flesh, blood spraying out abundantly. Bard grabbed at his shoulder crying out in pain. [I]This is it, this is the end,[/I] accepted Bard. He closed his eyes and prepared for the axe to end his "perfect" life.

Instead, there was only a grunt and a loud thump. Bard felt warm blood spray on his body and opened his eyes to see Uscias lying beside him, a surprised expression on his face and his throat bleeding profusely.

"Tut, tut, always in trouble," said a familiar voice. "Luthien?" asked Bard rolling onto his back seeing a beutiful woman in leathers holding a bloodied dagger. "Do you know who you just killed?!" burst out Bard in complete desperation. Tanau would come for them both!

"You're welcome," said Luthien sarcastically. "You know, you left me waiting," she threatened touching the tip of the dagger with her index finger.

"Not now Luthien!" yelled Bard as he reached for his one potion, "You just killed Uscias, Tanau's right-hand man!" Luthien's eyes widened, she cursed loudly and kicked Bard in the ribs leaving him worse than before.

10/14/2005 6:04 PM

"not very good, espesially against orcs..... i hear ifyou run they don't eat you!" samuel said nervously, he was scared. Samuel never was the fighting type, he stared out looking at all the bows

10/15/2005 7:58 PM

Drake blushed as she grabbed his hand and tugged him down the street. "Er.. thats okay. I understand." Drake suddenly became alert as he heard a distant noise. A familiar odor reached his nostrils just as the girl rushed them inside. It was the putrude smell of orcs and lots of them too.

"This neighborhood is about to get alot worse." Drake unsheathed his blades and looked out a window. "Damn, some of them are heading this way." Drake went to the door and then turned back to the girl.

"Lock your door and windows. Orcs are coming." He then opened the door and stepped outside. "They won't get past me."

10/16/2005 12:58 AM

The arrow loosed swiftly past, knocking one of the mischevious orcs from his horse. It wouldn't have killed him, considering it hit armour, but at least slowed them.

"Come with me!" Loth sped toward a ladder, hoping Samuel was in tow, and decided to try his luck with the wall guards. Below a few more orcs fell, imperials scampering noisily and deliberately (but unseen) in the shadows to try and keep them out of Loth's reach.

10/16/2005 4:48 AM

"Not now Luthien!" yelled Bard as he reached for his one potion, "You just killed Uscias, Tanau's right-hand man!" Luthien's eyes widened, she cursed loudly and kicked Bard in the ribs leaving him worse than before.

Hesitating, as he heard a few mercenaries coming nearer, Uscias coughed a mouthful of blood to the side - barely able to move.

"It gets worse," he croaked hoarsely.

Of course one of the nearing men would be a medic, but he hoped they'd arrive in time. The roof tiles around them and his own garments were soaked crimson - if he lost any more, Uscias might be unsalvageable. He hated being sane enough to feel fear.
A claw scraped the roof's edge. Almost instantly, about three half-elf mercenaries flipped themselves up, tailed by a few of Tanau's more nimble guards. One headed for Uscias, tearing his shirt. The others ran at the two spies, weapons drawn.

10/16/2005 12:10 PM

samuel followed him trying to dogde an arrow that came flying by, it just missed his head. He ducked and scrambled to escape the oncoming arrows

10/16/2005 10:54 PM

Bard managed to gulp down the potion and immediately felt the burning sensation and with a sharp sting the bones on his knee set back in place and his bleeding shoulder healed a little.

"It gets worse," he croaked hoarsely.

Bard hurried to stand up and Bard and Luthien only shared one look before going back to back, weapons drawn ready to face the newly arrived attackers.

"And what would the reward on this fine man's head be?" joked Luthien playfully, stabbing at one of the mercenaries, Bard blocking the other's attack. One half-elf fell to the floor, blood shooting from his slashed chest.

10/17/2005 12:08 PM

Cassandra smirked softly, brushing her hair out of her face. She turned walking into a room. Moments later she returned, now in a black cloak, beneath of which she wore light chainmail. In her hand was a short sword, and the other was a dagger. "I've been dying for a good fight." She smirked, tying her hair back. "Well let's get to it then." She smirks, unlocking the door. "We can't let everyone else get to them before we do."

Yeah she was a bloodthirsty little nymph....

10/18/2005 3:56 PM

Superior odds... He didn't like the sound of that.

How could he even them? This new man would help. The men held up in the warehouse would be another additions, along with any equipment therein. What other chance did he have?

His gaze fell on Ulman, still standing uncomfortably at the edge of the group. He smiled. "Well, my dear Ulman, I think you've just been promoted. We'll need your skills."

Turning back to Niall as the echo of hooves started to overcome them, he said, "I have a feeling we shouldn't be out here anymore before we move tomorrow. Would you like to accompany me inside?"

Before the man could answer, Redryn motioned to Hargon, sending him to gather the rest of his men to populate the warehouse and surrounding area to form a perimeter.

10/18/2005 4:36 PM

suddnly samuel was grabed by an orc, he was held in the air by it's massive arm. Choking him almost "let me go!" samuel cryed trying to get a grip on him to ballance himself. It pulled out a knife but to samuel it was a sword, then placed it to samuel's throat. he stopped moving looking at the elf pleading that he would help him. well he didn't say anyhing but his eyes did

10/19/2005 7:44 AM

Anna was watching from a roof top. "Uh oh, I think someones in trouble." She hated orcs and wanted to kill them all but decided not to get involved in this one.
'Although', she thought, 'they look like they need help... Alright lets kill some uglies! Yay!'
Anna swiftly jumped to Samuel sliding her guaive through the orks neck. Spotting another she turned and sprinted off not checking whether or not Sumuel was alright. She stabbed the next ork and went after another.

10/19/2005 12:21 PM

samuel fell to the ground gasping, he panted for a long while then ran back to the elf

10/19/2005 11:07 PM

With an indifferent calm, Loth strode up to the next orc to climb up, watching him react and cockily lift his weapon. Moving close enough to feel his heat, the orc slashed - then froze midair, tumbling down past the ladder and almost knocking his advancing friends off. As if he'd done it a thousand times before, Loth shoved the ladder away from the stone wall.

"Those are the Orcish riders," he explained. "They go around and cause trouble every night - enjoying the anarchy, I guess. Their base is full of plunder - you should see it."

He remebered Samuel was a thief.

"Want to come with me now, or would you rather wait unntil tomorrow night to further risk your life?" The elf smiled lightheartedly, hoping he'd decide quickly, since the wall guards wouldn't want living orc bait on their base. Though the hooves had moved on now, and the other imperials had trusted Loth to get back safely.

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10/19/2005 11:10 PM

"I have a feeling we shouldn't be out here anymore before we move tomorrow. Would you like to accompany me inside?"

Naturally," he grunted back, picking up the dropped silverware again. "Let's discuss our attack." Niall followed Redryn, though still neurotically ready to dodge and counter anything that might come at him.

10/19/2005 11:22 PM

Feeling the life seep back into him, Uscias took a moment to enjoy not being close to death again, and let the empty flask fall. The medic helped him up and scrambled away, throwing the guard his axes in the process. With an angered grunt, Uscias charged shoulder-first at the spy, hoping to shove him off the roof.

10/20/2005 11:52 AM

"now!" he gasped running after him still panting. He continued to dodge arrows, they seemed to materalize from the air

10/20/2005 2:39 PM

Drake looked taken aback as she came back looking like a warrior. He then smirked and said, "Well then, lets show them how we deal with orcs." He rushed out the door and down an alley. He jumped onto a barrel and then onto the top of a house. He ran silently across rooftops until he came to the orcs.

He wasn't sure where the girl was now but, he figured she could handle herself. He then scanned the surrounding area for more orcs. The only orcs he could see where the ones that he was currently standing over. He counted 20 or so orcs heading to the girls house.
Hopefully she had moved, unseen to another position to attack the orcs from.

If not, then she would meet the orcs head on. He unsheathed his blades silently and flipped his right blade into a side-stabbing position. He lept from the top of the building and landed behind the last two orcs. Before they could turn to see what they had heard, they were dead.

With his right blade he stabbed the orc through the side and with his left blade stabbed the orc to his left, through the heart. He withdrew his right blade and raised it to the throat of another orc, who turned around to see the commotion. He pressed his arm to the blade and moved forward, slitting the orcs throat. He withdrew his left blade and swung at another orc who turned.The orc moved to duck but Drake was too fast, slicing the orcs forehead off.

By now the rest of the orcs had turned to see their brethren fall at his hands. "Four down, sixteen more to go." Drake said as he twirled his blades around himself. The orcs then screamed and charged at Drake.

10/20/2005 3:09 PM

"Fourteen..." She smirks, sword sliding from the back of one orc, and into another. She had infacted slinked through the shadows unseen and unheard. A third orc's hand grabs her tail, pulling her back. Hissing Cassandra turned, missing the orc by a hair. Soon, several more were around her.

And...Cassandra....alone hissed trying to get them to back off. Though the hissing alone did not work. She slashed at them, though she was clumsy with a sword head on. She was better at the whole sneaking around thing.

10/20/2005 5:25 PM

Anna killed off the archers just in time to see two people fighting about 10 orcs. She went to them, eyeing herself a target and hamstringed him before slicing his head off. She shattered anothers knee cap with a swift kick before breaking his neck with another. With a swift toss her guaive she sent it flying into another head who was about to attack the woman. Drawing her long sword she prepared for another.

[EDIT-Horrific spelling accident, sorry.]

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10/20/2005 5:50 PM

Samuel stopped, he heard hissing and ran up to the orcs surrounding cassandra. Samuel jumped over them and pulled out his dagger to cut the one holding her tail, he then attacked it again trying to kill it

10/20/2005 6:26 PM

Three more orcs later Anna faced off with one who was alot bigger than her. When their swords met hers sheared off at the hilt and she slid away swearing. That was the sword she had gotten very long ago, it was like loosing a friend. With an inner sigh of sorrow she dropped the hilt now weapenless. When he advanced she dropped and rolled around him, with in a blink of an eye she was up and kicked the back of his knee. He callapsed on to his knees and she swiftly grabbed his head to break his neck thinking about her family as she felt the life flee from his body. She grabbed his sword and went after one of the last two.

10/20/2005 6:33 PM

Samuel moved out of the way of a falling orc, he then attacked a diffrent one. Sadly one grabed his tail, Samuel howled in pain. He lay on the ground crying as the orc dragged him somewhere by his tail. Samuel's tail was one of his small but effective weaknesses

10/20/2005 7:34 PM

Anna sighed seeing the last orc drag Samuel away by his...tail? 'Freaky' She thought and ran to catch up. When she did she whisled at the orc to make him notice her as she slit his throat. The orc was so suprised he let go of Samuels tail and fell down, eyes wide.
Anna shook her head throwing the sword she had used on the dead orc. She raised her eye brow at Samuel and walked to get her Guaive. She wiped the blood on the fallen ork and slowly went to get her sword. With a sad smile she cleaned the blade and slid it back in her sheath. She slid what little blade that was left on her hilt over the blade and locked she hilt into place. If she didn't try to draw her sword no one would know it was broken. Gingerly she cleaned her Guaive to its gleaming normal self and walked down the road away from the three.

10/21/2005 6:43 AM

Bracing as he landed on the dirt ground, Loth glanced around at the team who seemd to have stumbled into each others' presense. Another demon, a warrior and what seemed like a female hermit, walking casually from them. Maybe she could help with the orcs' base.

"Wait!," he called, amused at the way she'd suddenly left them. Loth skipped over an orc's hacked up remains and jogged toward her, not straying too far from Samuel and the others, but still glad to be further from the wall guards with every stride.

10/21/2005 7:22 AM

Anna stopped giggled silently to herself. 'Oh corse this would happen. You DA.' With that thought she turned with a deep breath and a look of slight curoisity on her face. "Yes?"

10/21/2005 11:32 AM

Cassandra looked down at the man that had just saved her neck. Now that everything had calmed down a bit, she was able to relax. Grabbing her own tail, she smoothed the fur down, then dropped to her knees neck to her savior. "Are you alright?" She asked, ears flattening against her head, disappearing in her hair. While she spoke, she stuffed her tail down her pants, and thusly hid her feline features.

10/21/2005 12:12 PM

Bard managed to dodge the charging Uscias in the last moment, moving to the side and attempting to stab at him. The blade missed the charging Uscias but blocked an axe coming dangerously close. "Let's get out of.." began Bard as he spun around but was left breathless at the sight of a half-elf mercenary's sword deep into Luthiens chest. Bard stabbed the mercenary in the neck, almost severing his head off. He turned to Luthien and held her as her life-blood poured out. He muttered a word triggering the effect of a pendant he wore.

A second later, they both appeared in the middle of a street in front of a cathedral and the Pendant of Teleportation shattered, void of magic. Bard sheathed his blades and held Luthien's dying body with both his arms as he assured her, "It'll be alright." She opened her mouth to say something but found it too hard to speak. Bard looked back up at the chapel and walked up to its huge doors, determination burning in his eyes. He felt the eyes of the guards and their arrows staring hard at him.

"Redryn Gale!" Bard called out.

10/21/2005 12:21 PM

"ow, my tail hurts but yes i'm fine" Samuel sitting up, his ears twitched a few times. Samuel smiled "you don't have to hide your tail from me, i've got one see!" he exclaimed standing up and frolicking(sp?) about

10/21/2005 1:38 PM

Cassandra shook her head, laughing slightly. "Oh no love. I'm not hidding it. More like protecting it. That orc almost ripped it out." She smirked softly, her ears raising again. She laughed softly, as his attitude seemed to completely change. "Well aren't you a strange fellow."

10/21/2005 2:39 PM

"maybe? i was born with a sunny disposistion!" he said dancing, Samuel was happy that he didn't die from the orcs. Though he stopped smelling something awtul "ew whats that smell" he asked covering his nose

10/21/2005 7:23 PM

Drake sheathed his blades and turned to walk away. No point in staying. The other warriors seemed competent enough to handle themselves. Besides, he didn't have time for this. He had a man to find and kill.

10/22/2005 5:51 PM

Thunder echoing through the cathedral, Grell turned to the door. "Who do you suppose that is?"

Erik shrugged indifferently. "I don't know. Where's your courtesy, anyway? Open it and see." When the man outside shouted he said, "Seems to be looking for Master Gale anyway."

Shaking his head to himself as he stood, Grell muttered, "Open it and see, he says. Brilliant." Though he was complaining, he didn't have to look back to know that Erik had already fallen in behind him, ready to support him if need be.

When he opened the door, his expression soured. "You again?" Before he could think of any warning to cast at the man, he saw the woman in his arms. "Hey. What happened to her?"

Erik leaned around his larger brother to see. "What's the hold up?"

Before anyone else could speak, a messenger came breathlessly around the corner, exciting the guards. "Master Gale says we have to move. Trouble's afoot tonight. We're to meet with him at the warehouse right now."

10/22/2005 6:15 PM

Gale thought this new ally of his might have an attitude problem. It would have to be addressed later, though. Leading the band to the open warehouse door, he smiled. Things seemed to be going well. They were making good progress through the city, and already he was gaining more influence.

When they reached the door, Ulman cut in front of him and entered first, motioning to the others inside. In an instant, Hargon caught him by the wrist and forced him against the wall, holding him as a hostage. "What's this about?" he shouted.

Gale looked in and saw four men waiting inside wearin brown cloaks, swords drawn. When they saw Ulman, they're faces fell. One looked over his shoulder and called, "Stand down."

In the next few moments, another five men appeared from behind boxes.

"I knew he couldn't be trusted," Hargon growled.

Gale observed the men another second before his guards rushed in to subdue them, then went to the priest, face pressed unceremoniously against the wall. "Ulman. I'm hurt," he said, affecting a sad expression.

"You're a murderer, Gale," he seethed.

Nodding silently to himself, deep in thought, he finally said, "Tie his hands. Put he and these men in a corner where they can be watched. When you're done with that, see what's in all these boxes."

Finally taking in the rest of the room, he had to fight to keep his imagination from getting away. Each wall was lined with stacks of boxes, and throughout the center more rows, some tall, some long, and some just a few boxes each. There appeared to be no order to it, but nonetheless it made Gale's mouth practically water.

Looking over his shoulder, he said to Niall, "What do you say you and I discuss tomorrow night while we wait for the rest of my men?"

10/24/2005 9:23 PM

Looking over his shoulder, he said to Niall, "What do you say you and I discuss tomorrow night while we wait for the rest of my men?"

"Of course."

Niall scanned the place himself. "Quite a bounty you've found here. Anyhow, I take it your men are some of the finest around? They don't look like the kind who like to be fooled with." With a sly half-smirk, he continued, demonstrating the plan with simple hand gestures. "My sources on where he might be holed up aren't the greatest, but I'll confirm that before tomorrow night. If we can sneak in and take out a few of his guards before they know we're here, we can press on our full strength into his stronghold and kill him, before the rest of his guys know what's going on. I'm guessing we'll face about a third of his units in there, if it's a busy night. But we're still heavily outnumbered. Do any of your men know about the covert arts?"

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10/24/2005 9:30 PM

Anna stopped giggled silently to herself. 'Oh corse this would happen. You DA.' With that thought she turned with a deep breath and a look of slight curoisity on her face. "Yes?"

"You're a good fighter." Loth stepped carefully over an orc's spillled insides, facing her with intrigue. "Your weapon's elvish, but I haven't seen you around these parts before. Did you ever serve the Imperials?"

10/24/2005 9:34 PM

"Redryn Gale!" Bard called out.

Gale? What could a spy want with a man who'd just entered the city so professionally? Uscias refused to miss this bit of drama. Waving the mercs off, he found a windowsill below the rooftop and climbed down. The boss wouldn't like him neglecting the job like this, but he'd only be a minute.

10/25/2005 6:45 AM

Cassandra laughed softly, then turned her head, watching as Drake left. "Well...so much for that..." She sighs, looking at the other now. She wasn't exactly...amused by his bubbliness. Fighting always put Cassandra in a bit of a...irritated mood. "Well then...what's your name?"

10/25/2005 2:17 PM

Darke disappeared into the shadows of the alleys as he walked away. That was until he spotted a group of orc archers preparing to fire upon the other warriors. He ran on a wall and jumped towards the archers. They turned just as he killed the first few. A few were able to launch their arrows just as he arrived.

"Look out!" He yelled to the other warriors as he continued to fight the orc archers. He flipped over one orc and stabbed him in the head as Drake was in mid-air. The orc fell with a scream and died instantly.

He then fell to ground as two arrows criss-crossed over his body. The two arrows hit two other orcs and Drake jumped back to his feet. He ducked underneath the arm of an orc and sliced him in half. He knocked an arrow from a bow with his right blade and stabbed the orc in the gut with his left.

He jumped to the left onto a barrel next to the wall as a row of archers shot at were he had just previously been. "Whoa, a little too close for comfort." Drake pushed off the wall and landed in the midst of orcs once again. "Come on! Is this the best you got!" He said with a grin as he continued to slaughter one orc after the other.

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10/25/2005 2:26 PM

"i am samuel" he said as he stopped dancing around. Samuel sat next to her panting, he was now tired from dancing and such

10/25/2005 3:49 PM

Redryn started to think maybe this man thought he was going to be duped. But then, it was all true, wasn't it? Maybe this man was just smart enough to see it.

"My men can do the job. A few of them have backgrounds in less than savory areas. I'm sure I can muster up some former thieves for you." Deciding to play the compliment game himself, he added, "They certainly won't be able to match your ability for stealth, but if you were to lead them in, they should do well enough."

Hargon returned from overseeing the binding of the new prisoners. "Sir, I think we should continue with the plan as we are now. We should progress slowly through the city, gaining allies and subjugating others, until we have the strength to match with someone like Tanau."

With a casual wave of his hand, Redryn dismissed his arguments. "Nonsense. We've yet to see any challenge here. Even Niall here sees the ability of our men."

"Sir, these men aren't soldiers. They don't have the discipline for this. They'll be taken apart by Tanau."

Sighing, Gale spoke much like he would to a child. "You just don't see the bigger picture. That's always everyone's problem. With our men entering before the full attack, there will be chaos among Tanau's ranks. When we rush, they won't be ready for us. In one night, we can accomplish what would otherwise have taken months."

"You hired me to lead your men. I've taken stock of them, and I'm telling you they can't do this. They'll be crushed."

Nodding, Gale responded sardonically, "You're right. I hired you for your muscle and your skill in battle. I'm not paying you to think. Now then, do you have the will to lead them in this plan?"

"It's suicide..." Hargon started.

"Will you lead them or are you a traitorous coward?" Gale snapped.

Shooting a glare at Niall, Hargon nodded. "I'll lead."

"Good." Turning back to Niall, he asked, "Now, what sort of signal can the main force expect?"

Hargon remained where he was, bristling as he looked between Gale and Niall.

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10/25/2005 6:52 PM

Bard stared silently as the men spoke. He suddenly realized that bloodied leathers wasn't exactly a proper attire, but those thoughts were swept away by a moan from Luthien. Waiting for no invitation he walked through the large gates of the cathedral, his and Luthien's blood dripping into the fine carpets. "I'm here to see [i]Master Gale[/i], I believe I have a proposal that will interest him deeply," said Bard as he entered.

"Unfortunately, I'm in quite a hurry today and need to see him urgently soon. You see, my... attendant is in dire need of healing and it would be real shame to have to let her go." Bard hoped against probability that any would notice that the connection between him and Luthien ran much deeper than he tried to make it seem.

10/25/2005 8:59 PM

Niall mentally went over the layout of where he assumed they were again.

"We'll all go in at the same time. Each of us sneaks as far in as we can, then take the nearest torch and set the room alight. We'll cut the rest of the building off from ourselves and the targets, and your men can take that as the signal to move in. We just have to make sure we put the fire out afterward."

The night had grown quiet - almost dead. It happened occasionally.

"In the meantime, I should get back to the tavern. It was ... enjoyable, metting you. Excuse the quick leave."

It was the only goodbye he had time for. Niall rushed through the exit and headed for the tavern again, hoping to avoid any of the bands that were out.

10/25/2005 9:03 PM

Letting Bard leave his sight, Uscias continued toward the base. The mercs and a few of the guards were leaving. Assuming he'd be doing the same, not being needed anymore - even if we was the right-hand man, the huge axe-wielder turned indifferently. Continuing confidently along the dusty road, he assumed there'd be someone out to fight.

10/25/2005 9:30 PM

"You're a good fighter." Loth stepped carefully over an orc's spillled insides, facing her with intrigue. "Your weapon's elvish, but I haven't seen you around these parts before. Did you ever serve the Imperials?"

Anna smercianed, "You have an eye for weapenry, I'm half elvish. I'm new in this area. The only times you may ever see me is in a fight. I don't usually stick around afterwords, incase someone with a bow has a grudge against me." Her smile bittered. "Somehow I've made alot of enemys... I take orders from no one and fight for who I wish." She paused and descretly inspected him with her green eyes. "Is there some reason for the personal questions? If you had not noticed, I need to replace my sword..." She paused in time to hear a shout of;

"Look out!" Derke yelled to the other warriors as he continued to fight the orc archers. He flipped over one orc and stabbed him in the head as Drake was in mid-air. The orc fell with a scream and died instantly.

Anna's eyes spied Derke instently with the few arrows heading torward them. "Shit" She whispered and practly flew at Loth. The arrow heading for his neck hit her in the shoulder instead. Instently her face went dead white with pain as she rolled off Loth. Her fingers decovered the head of the arrow free from the back of her shirt.

Her jaw was clenched tight as she fumbled to her feet and reached her good hand out to Loth. "A little help?" She merrmered with an eyebrow raised and an attempted smile. The attempt failed as her eyes darted in serch for the next arrow heading their way.

10/26/2005 11:28 AM

"i am samuel" he said as he stopped dancing around. Samuel sat next to her panting, he was now tired from dancing and such

Cassandra, extended a hand. "Cassandra..." She said softly. "What are you Samuel..." He nose wrinkles. "You don't smell of Felrine." Her ears rose slowly as she listend. There were still orcs around. "Can you change?" She asked. He'd understand, if he could.

10/26/2005 1:16 PM

"a simple cat demon" he paused, his ears twitching "change as in my true form? its a weak form i choose not to change into it...." Samuel wispered looking away from her

10/27/2005 10:48 AM

Cassandra shook her head. "Aye, no. That's not what I ment." She smirked, grabbing his hand. "We probably shouldn't hang out here. I smell more orcs." She pulled him along, into an alley. Poking her head out, she gazed around. A few orcs darted past, to help their comrades, but that was about it. None noticed them. "Then you're not Felrine. I didn't think so..." She said turning back to Samuel.

10/27/2005 12:49 PM

" felrine? whats that?" Samuel asked, his head cocked at an odd angle. his ears twitched, he heard footsteps of the orcs. Samuel poked his head out as well, then pulled back

10/27/2005 1:30 PM

Cassandra pointed to herself, laughing softly. "Why, I am Felrine." She purred softly. "I'm not surprised that you don't know about my kind. We're not very common any more, and most of us are whores." She sighed, pulling her tail out again. "We're cat people persay..."

10/27/2005 2:14 PM

"hmmm.......... well its nice to meet you, i'm a cat demon so i think were slike in many ways" Samuel smiled his fangs exposed, the white glistening canines which were sharp for bitting

10/27/2005 3:28 PM

Grell furrowed his brow at the man. "One second," he said, uncertainly. Turning around, he huddled up with Erik. "I don't remember the boss saying anything about this guy."

Erik nodded. "Right. But he did show the man the respect he deserves... And said something about the girl working for him. Must be important."

Nodding as well, Grell added, "Gale would probably be madder if we didn't bring this guy."

"Probably so."

Nodding one more time for emphasis Grell shouted so all the men in the area could hear. "Alright, boys! We're moving across the way to the warehouse. It'll be a couple blocks. Eyes open and move!"

Lowering his voice as he set his attention on the stranger, he said, "If you want to see the master, you're more than welcome to come along." When Erik nudged him with an elbow, he added, "There's a litter inside if you want to carry your..." Erik nudged him harder. "Err... I mean... If you'd like some help carrying your attendant."

10/30/2005 4:51 PM

"There's a litter inside if you want to carry your..." Erik nudged him harder. "Err... I mean... If you'd like some help carrying your attendant."

"She can wait here until we come back," said Bard hiding his curiosity as to where they were going and the feeling of dread that came with the knowledge that if he wasn't quick enough it would be too late for Luthien. He directed himself into a closeby chamber where he knew a bed was kept and laid Luthien's dying body there. He returned to the main hall and followed the men onto the streets.

For a second, Bard thought he had seen someone on a rooftop. Impossible. If there had been someone [i]he[/i] would know.

10/30/2005 11:35 PM

Calmly, Loth loosed his bow a few more times. The riders seemed to be swarming around in full force tonight - probably another half-thought-out attempt to take Adanmegil. He snapped the arrow in Anna's shoulder, not noticing even a shudder, and plucked the cork from a bottle of rum in his pocket.

"Either way, you've been fighting for a while. You're not even flinching - I guess you're quite resilient, or crazy."

The common but widely loved alcohol began soaking into the ground under her, dripping from the odd cascade down her solid but fair muscle.

"You know, there's a force of elves still loyal to the crown. We keep an eye out for each other, and that's where half the arrows are coming from."

His attention turned suddenly to the wall guards, who were reloading their bows. Apparently they'd joined in, though by the look of the arrow's severed tail, they hadn't tried to kill him yet. If they planned to, the guards would have to hurry - the orcs were beginning to thin out.

"You seem like the solitary type. But we'll watch you, in case you get into trouble again. Anything we can do for another elf."

11/01/2005 7:43 AM

"Some would say crazy. Thank you." She whispered. She tor off her tunics sleeve from her good arm and wrapped it clumsily around her shoulder to cover the wounds. She tied it with the help of her teeth and then ripped parts of her shirt off to pad the wounds.

'Wow', she thought as she hurried to finish, 'no one ever stays to help. Usually go running away screaming.' With a slight smile she gathered her quaive and lightly laied her sore hand on Loth's shoulder.

"Thank you." She repeated with feeling, and then removed her hand stiffly. "I'm Anna."

11/01/2005 10:49 PM

"Anna ..." Loth surveyed the name, voice deepening curiously. He stood gradually, watching for orcs, and offered a hand. "That name's quite rare around here. Especiallly for a half-elf."

No more appeared to be coming for now, though the wall guards were watching something in the distance. He had places to be, and would have plenty more opportunities to meet this intriguing lady - assuming neither of them got killed before then. While the imperials made excellent guards, they were approaching a climax in the band conflict. Loth would be needed, if they wanted the crown returned. Which meant it'd be a lot more dangerous in the next few days. Nothing new to him.

"You must have a reason for being in Adanmegil. What brings you here?"

11/02/2005 7:03 PM

Anna smiled. "No real reason. Just a need of new sceanery and new fights-..." She grasped his hand with and ironicness comming to her smile. "but if I keep this up I may need to retire early. As to the name..."

She thought for a moment after letting his hand slide from hers. Finally she shrugged. "Mamma was elf, Daddy was human. He loved mamma but never the elvish side so he named us. Mamma loved him, and the money he brought in, too much to object. But there is a good side. I'll never have to work a day in my life. So I can do as I please and buy what I need with just simple letter to home." With a giant smile she fell deep into her own thoughts but to be awaken a second later by a question popping into her mind.

"Whats with the little society of elves, if you call it that, you mentioned earler? Whats happening here with all the fighting? I've been in seven already and I've only been here three days..."

11/06/2005 1:41 PM

As the band of warriors poured into the streets the people ran to their homes and closed their blinds. They knew this city all too well. Bard tried to remain unseen as he walked among the small army, unseen from pretend-beggars left in the street. Most if not all of them were spies like he, and if word spread that Ravenshadow was helping so directly in the city-wars he would never have clients again. Bard snorted after a moment's thought: [i]If I come out of this alive,[/i] his mind said almost immediately.

Before reaching the warehouse a strange man passed them. [i]Foreign warrior,[/i] Bard thought to himself. Then, he realized it was the same man he had seen that morning on his way to the magic shop. Bard turned away and they entered the old warehouse.

11/07/2005 12:28 AM

"Society of elves?"

Loth half-smirked again, as he had a few times during her speech.

"When the crown was lost, the king's armies didn't entirely disband. Those of us who were more ..." he glanced away in thought, "... determined, refused to let our lands be poisoned by unrest and anarchy. Though now exactly that's happened, but it'll change soon. Hopefully in our favour."

The elf readied his bow and relaxed a bit, feeling his senses sharpen. If the approaching footsteps were more orcs, they were truly declining, and wouldn't be fighting much longer.

"As for all the fights I get myself into?" He faced the nearest corner and stepped forward, speaking up so Anna could hear from behind him. "I like to explore, though the places I go aren't exactly safe. Of course you seem to be quite fascinated by my daily life, judging by the way you look at me."

He grinned broadly, anticipating her reaction, but didn't take his eyes from the choke point.

11/07/2005 6:35 PM

Anna bit back a laugh and instead shook her head with her eyes closed. With a giant smile her eyes opened. "Oh, someone thinks they're funny." She said jokenly watching his back.
"Is something wrong?" She whispered, silently comming up beside him, watching.

11/08/2005 11:53 AM

Redryn Gale surveyed the goings-on in his new warehouse amiably. Ulman was tied with the warehouse's previous inhabitants in a corner, with a few men standing guard. Hargon was directing the rest of the soldiers to open up the boxes inside and see what bounty they would come up with. So far they'd turned up plenty of food, and a box of swords meant for the original city guard. Given the action his men had seen, Redryn knew full-well the blades would be an improvement, especially considering that most of his men carried only clubs as it was.

They would need the new weapons, and hopefully some armor to go with it, if they were to succeed tomorrow night. He'd only been in the city a few weeks, but it was enough to know the reputation Tanau had. He knew his vain tendencies and saw that he might have overestimated himself and his men here. This new find would help make up for it, though.

A ruckus outside caught his attention. He noticed Hargon stiffen at the sound, his hand straying to the axe hanging at his back. Following his lead, Gale found his hand resting on the hilt of his sword.

One of the men peered out a window and turned back smiling. "It's Grell and the rest."

Gale resisted the urge to breathe an audible sigh of relief. Combat was risky business that he didn't think he much cared for. "Splendid."

Hargon stepped outside and gave the order for most of the men to populate the other buildings in the area, forming a defensive perimeter. When he returned, he brought Grell, Erik, and Bard with him, looking once again chagrined. "Another one to see you, Master Gale."

At this, Redryn was forced to raise his eyebrows. "Another? For me?" Turning his attention to Bard, he affected his most welcoming smile. "So, you say you wish to speak with me? What regarding? Pray tell."

11/09/2005 7:31 PM

"So, you say you wish to speak with me? What regarding? Pray tell."

"Aye. Let me present myself: I am Bard Ravenshadow," said Bard in his business-tone with an almost unnoticeable bow, "You might have heard of me. I would say that I have come as a kind neighbour to offer my services, but I'm afraid you won't believe that." Bard smiled. "You see, I find myself in a very tight corner. I am now hunted by Tanau and I stand no chance without joining a group. Of course, the service of such a famed figure as me come at a small, almost irrelevant price, if you're willing to let me enroll in your... great army."

11/10/2005 8:22 PM

"I think there are a few more orcs coming," Loth quietly answered. He glanced at Anna, noticing how close they were.

"Are you comfortable?" He playfully nudged her.

11/10/2005 8:38 PM

Of course, the service of such a famed figure as me come at a small, almost irrelevant price, if you're willing to let me enroll in your... great army."

Niall cautiously entered the room, a few curious faces meeting him from inside, though he didn't seem to be interrupting anything. He modestly continued devouring the bread he held, wandering to the nearest object and sitting on it.

11/11/2005 2:45 PM

Two enemies of Tanau. A tremendous find.

Gale smiled to himself, noting Niall from the corner of his eye. He wondered briefly what his new ally might think of another recruit, but quickly quashed the thought down. He was supposed to be in charge here. It was his choice to make.

Spreading his hands, his lips momentarily quirked to the side as though he were in some deep thought, he said, "To turn down an offer from such a reputable figure as yourself would seem foolhardy, of course. And, as it turns out, I find myself in a position to oppose Tanau himself; no small undertaking." Casting a sidelong glance at Niall, catching a glimpse of Hargon shaking his head in the process, Gale extended a hand to Bard. "If your terms are modest, I will accept you into the fold."

Redryn Gale had always known power was good, but something about this far exceeded his days of politics. Something primal that appealed to the very marrow of his being.

11/11/2005 4:08 PM

Bard listened keeping a blank expression as he listened to Gale thinking to himself that this man was a complete fool thinking to battle with such an incompetent army. Careful never to underestimate anyone, Bard pushed this thought out of his mind.

"If your terms are modest, I will accept you into the fold."

"I am simply a bit low on supplies," explained Bard, "especially healing potions. And it so happens that my assistant is in a very bad state. Apart from that, you must understand that while I do hold almost infinite valuable information, I can only give you that which will advantage us directly against Tanau. And finally, if I join your band, I will never be able to offer my services to anyone else in the city; I will need financial support." Inside, Bard wanted to kill Gale right there and take any potions he might have, but he assumed that it would not lead to any results since his life could be ended a thousand times over before he reached Luthien.

He simply squeezed his fist hard.

11/12/2005 12:05 AM

Gradually stepping closer to them, Niall dug a hand into his pocket. Maybe he'd regret doing this, but it was goood karma - something he still wondered why he believed in, considering he'd just stolen silverware from a church. Either way, it seemed to have worked thus far, and he'd need all the good fortune he could get. Though he had nothing to be taken in return when he stole, Niall briefly considered the chance that his ways had made him poor on the inside. He'd lost the priceless necessities like family and a home, and in the process made a great enemy. But when he knew nothing else, perhaps the powers that be owed Niall what he took.

He faced bard, speaking through a mouthful of bread. "Here." Niall presented the healing potion in his hand. "You made quite a racket coming in here."

Arm still outstretched, he turned back to Gale. "The inn's run by some bad company. If I slept there, I'd be murdered. Mind if I stay here tonight? I'll help the guards if you want."

11/12/2005 11:03 AM

Anna grinned and touched her wound. "I'm done in. I don't think I could fight anymore anyway. With all these orks, though, I must say I'm a little worried about my supplies in a warehouse I bought. I fell that checking it wouldn't be a bad idea. Are you done here?"

11/12/2005 12:54 PM

Nodding to himself as Bard spoke, mentally running over his demands, Gale mused that by the tone of his voice, he might just be in awe of his army. Nothing terribly surprising about that.

When Niall offered up a healing potion, he inwardly cried out with joy. It seemed this man knew his place.

"The inn's run by some bad company. If I slept there, I'd be murdered. Mind if I stay here tonight? I'll help the guards if you want."

"Of course you can stay here tonight. I'd say there's no place safer in this city when the moon rises than among these fine men." The thought of Tanau's trained warriors in a real fortification never occurred to him. "As to whether you will help the guards, I leave the decision to you. There are certainly enough to do the job, but another pair of watchful eyes can only be a blessing."

Reaching behind his stately cape, he produced a small sack of coins. Turning to Bard, he tossed the bag to him. "I accept your terms. I trust this should cover your expenses for the time being?"

11/12/2005 1:11 PM

Tied in the corner, dejected at the lost opportunity to end Gale's path of destruction, Ulman watched the goings-on. From his vantage point, he couldn't see the entrance, or Gale's position, but he could hear much of what the man grandiously claimed. From what he could gather, Redryn Gale's end would come soon enough.

Under the less than watchful eyes of two new guards, Ulman considered trying to tell the men that had been in the warehouse about Gale's plan, to ease their minds. In the end, he decided it would be pointless, and contented himself to trying to find a comfortable spot on the stone floor.

"So you really mean to tell me you think 'Briarback' couldn't take both of those new guys?" the larger guard, named Grell, said.

His brother shook his head. "No way. Just like I can always beat you because I'm faster than you, they'd beat him."

"Pah! He'd crush 'em like they were nothing."

Shaking his head more emphatically, Erik said, "I'm telling you, he'd never be able to get a hold of 'em."

Getting a little red in the face, Grell exclaimed, "He could! It's a matter of knowing where they'll be. He could just swing that big ol' axe of his and..."

Interrupting, Erik said nonchalantly, "Keep talking, big fella. You'll be right eventually."

When the shadow of Hargon, Gale's second in command, the man they called 'Briarback', fell over them, they quieted. "Enough talk," he barked. "You're on duty."

Seizing this unusual opportunity, Ulman piped up. "It seems like Gale's trying to make you less important."

Turning a ruthless glare on the priest, the beast of a man growled, "What did you say?"

Raising his eyebrows as though he'd earlier been disinterested, Ulman piped up. "Hmm? Oh, I was just noticing that he seems to be bringing in all of these new recruits. You obviously think it's a bad idea, and yet he goes about it anyway. It just seems to me that you're becoming expendable."

"He could never get rid of me. I'm the only one here with real military experience."

"You're right, I suppose. I mean, until he finds another brute to lead his squad, that is."

Hargon's upper lip quivered at that. Glaring down at the priest a moment longer, he barked to the guards. "Keep your eyes on these men. Stop your jabbering." With that, he stalked away, his mind clearly elsewhere.

Ulman was quite pleased with the turnout, giving himself a pat on the back, when he finally heard the familiar voice of the newest man brought in. [I]That's Bard.[/I], he thought. [I]What's he doing throwing in with Gale's lot?[/I] Whatever the answer to that question, he'd have to find a way to alert him that he was captured here.

11/12/2005 11:00 PM

Still eyeing the corner, Loth listened carefully. There were only a few more left, and they'd be torn apart by the wall guards like hunting game. Though of course, it'd be rude to abandon Samuel - though he now had others to stay with. Loth afforded a moment to touch Anna's gaze with his own.

"Most girls club me over the head before they drag me back to their caves," he joked. "It's nice to see you're thinking of me. I can't stay long, but I guess I'll come with you." He slung the bow back over his back and unsheathed a dagger - he might be needing it considering how busy the night was. "Lead on."

11/12/2005 11:09 PM

There are certainly enough to do the job, but another pair of watchful eyes can only be a blessing."

"Then if I'm needed, or you're attacked, tell me. I'll sit around and keep an eye on the fort, until I need to sleep."

Niall treaded humbly to the guards at the entrance he'd came in. After they acknowledged him, he nodded idly.


Niall sat on a crate behind him, finishing off the bread.

11/13/2005 12:02 PM

"I"ve no though about clubbing you over the head. I have found though, that on night like this its best to go places with a friend." She murmured to him. With another thought she went on. "I'm not exactly being a good girl with some of the stuff in the warehouse. My fathers a mersonary and does anything to the job done as fast as possable." She smiled with the thought and walked on comming to the street. "Of corse it would help if didn't tell. It would do my father no good to have his supplier in jail, wait. Whats happening here?" She had stopped in the shadows, the street was busy, well not busy exactly because the people where doing there best not to be seen. "This isn't one of your parties...party is it?" She asked, refering to the elves of the city.

11/13/2005 8:35 PM

Bard grasped his new potion with hope. He simply looked at the stranger and nodded in gratitude. Bard etched in his mind the face of this stranger and made a note to repay him highly someday. Now, however, there were things to be done. He caught the bag of coins knowing it was well more than he needed, but then again, these were about to become hard times. He gave Gale a small bow. "My thanks sir, I will be back very shortly."

Without waiting for a dismissal, Bard walked towards the gates of the storeroom. As soon as the heavy doors closed behind him, Bard broke out into a desperate run. He could feel the hot tears wanting to escape from his eyes and he ignored the watching guards and the pair of warriors on the street. He pushed the gates of the church, not caring about the fitted and aimed arrows of the sentinels. Fortunately he was recognized and no one made a move to stop him as he sped inside - leaving the entance doors wide open - and into the room where Luthien was breathing her last breaths. He hurried to her side noticing immediately her shallow breathing and feeling her faint heart beat. He pulled off the cork and emptied the bottle in her mouth. She coughed a little and opened her eyes to look at him. He knew, that she had died before the potion had ever taken effect.

11/20/2005 8:31 PM

Gah! Sorry guys, my connection dropped out without warning, and I was AFK for a few days.


"This isn't one of your parties...party is it?" She asked, refering to the elves of the city.

The occasional imperial wandered among the shadows, unseen by the few that would travel these parts alone. She was good.

"Just some of my comrades," he answered, waving to them. None waved back, in case they were seen, but doubtless they saw him. "They seem to like this place."

Loth smiled, confidently heading further down the street. Halfway down, he turned again to Anna.

"I'd say it's not nearly as bad as some of the things that we fought after the bands formed. But continue."

11/20/2005 8:45 PM

Watching the elf scramble with a curious look, Niall spotted a few shadows treading along the street, becoming more and more clear in the light. As they came closer, he sank back in dread. Could he have led them here?

Modestly, Niall crept toward the guards.

"See those men in front of us?," he inquired, careful to stay out of their view. "They're the inn-keepers, and I'd say they're looking for trouble like they always do. We should keep an eye on them."

It was obvious they'd followed Niall here, and planned to steal their money back from last time he visited Adanmegil. At least he'd know what these guys were capable of, if they survived the Dwarven inn-keeper band, who'd never lost a fight.

11/21/2005 1:36 PM

Hargon stood on the roof of the warehouse, well away from the archers standing guard on the east and west ends, brooding. His mind was on the priest, or more accurately what the priest had told him. The scoundrels called Bard and Niall were gone, but Gale had still been going on about what a day he'd been having and how the tide would turn. He'd tried to tell him those two wouldn't be enough for them to overcome Tanau, but the foolhardy politician wouldn't hear it.

It seemed to him Gale had more faith in two layabout rogues than in the man he'd hired to be his military advisor. Despite that, Redryn still expected him to lead the "army" in the fight with Tanau, a fight he would advise against. Everyone of his men, those unlucky enough to slip away at least, would be killed by Tanau's forces. As much as he thought he might like to see the look on that pompous bastard's face when he saw his plan falling apart, Hargon knew it would mean his own death.

But then, he'd been paid to come here and lead. He'd been paid to fight. It was his duty to be at Redryn Gale's side when they were all slaughtered. He'd been a soldier all his life. It was all he knew. He'd been born the son of a soldier, and now he knew he would die a soldier.

[I]Redryn Gale be damned,[/I] he thought ruefully.

11/21/2005 5:19 PM

Bard dried his tears on his sleeve. Grief had changed into determination in a split of a second. He pulled out a his double-dagger and with one side cut a large wound on his palm. Blood began trickling out instantly; it was gonna leave a scar. He grabbed Luthien's limp hand.

"I promise you on my life that I will avange your death and kill Uscias myself."

Bard took a sheet by the beed and spread it so it covered Luthien's fragile body. He left the room closing it behind him and walking out of the cathedral. He tried to run over the story again in his mind, but his brain seemed unwilling to receive orders. He entered back into the storage room giving a slight signal to the wary guards. With a grim face and tone of voice he asked, "Where's Gale?" to a guard standing in the entrance room.

11/27/2005 1:54 PM

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The guard shrugged to Bard's anger. Bard snorted and walked off remembering where he had seen Ulman being taken. He walked around the boxes until he found the corner where the bound Ulman sat. The guard told to keep watch over Ulman stood up and blocked off Bard's way. With a look of utter annoyance, Bard ordered, "Move, you fool. I am now a direct assistant to Gale's cause. Unless you don't like your job I recommend you move off." The guard seemed skeptical but was convinced by Bard's use of words and let him speak to the priest.

Ulman was smirking at Bard, "You traitorous bastard..." Bard was now so irritated that he conidered giving Ulman one or two kicks in the gut.

"You idiot," spat out Bard, "I'm here to help you. I can give you some freedom, but only if you cooperate with me. Perhaps for some reason you prefer sitting in this corner conversating with rats." Ulman's face went completely serious; he was listening. "Remember that story you told me years ago?" asked Bard, his expresion softening from the reference to his younger years of history and books, drawing a frown fom Ulman. "Was there any truth to it?"

Ulman's face brightened with understanding, "You plan to use [i]It[/i] against Tanau?! But it's only legend..." Bard smiled at him for a second, thinking of the power to bring him revenge. Suddenly, he pulled Ulman to his feet grabbing at his priest's attire. "Guard," commanded Bard, "we're off to see Gale."

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11/29/2005 6:58 PM

Bah! It's good you're introducing more stuff. The slowness is my own fault. Forgiveness prease.

As if nothing were happening, Niall dawdled toward the back of the warehouse. He'd probably find a place to watch around there. Somewhere high up but unnoticeable.

A couple of stocky, short dwarves emerged from the night's sillhouette effect, axes at their side. One had a short sword at his belt. They were being followed by half a dozen or so others, their weapons gleaming in the moonlight.

"Where are you hiding him?!" The axe-wielder demanded, unfazed by the fact that the guard he was looking up at, was probably three times his height - and a very good build. "Speak quickly, or we'll hack through your band!"

11/30/2005 1:51 PM

Redryn Gale sat in the corner he'd had his men prepare, walled off with spare boxes, lounging in what seemed to him a palace after the last weeks. The coming night would require cunning, something he considered himself well in supply. Hargon was supposed to be crafting the battle plan, but he would have to think of some way to rally them beforehand.

A rousing speech would have to do the trick. It had always done so in his previous career. How his men would react, he didn't know for certain. It was always part of the game of people. What words would evoke what reaction? He'd had a knack for using just the right words before, but when a mistake was made, it could be disastrous. In politics, damage control was an essential skill, but how well that would translate to rallying an army, he couldn't say.

Giving a good stretch, he settled into his chair, only slightly annoyed by a small commotion outside. [I]Never a moment of quiet in this damnedable city.[/I]

11/30/2005 2:01 PM

Grell looked down at the dwarf doubtfully. Giving a scoff he turned to Erik and said, "What the bloody hell is this runt going on about?"

Erik shrugged, smiling down at the dwarves. "I guess he thinks we have someone he wants."

Looking down on the dwarves, Grell said jovially, "Well, terribly sorry, my little friend, but the only people in there are either property or in the service of Redryn Gale. You [I]must[/I] be mistaken."

"What's going on down there?" Hargon shouted from the rooftop, surrounded by archers with arrows nocked.

Erik answered before Grell could even turn to see him. "We have half-men making demands of us."

"They want someone," Grell added.

"Who?" The single syllable echoed through the area as Hargon glared down on them all.

"They want..." Grell trailed off. Shooting a glance to Erik, he whispered, "Who do they want?"

"Big brother, you just never learn," Erik drawled sarcastically. It's obvious they want..." Leaning down he asked the lead dwarf, "Just who is it exactly that you're after?"

"Well?" Hargon's cry made his annoyance well known.

11/30/2005 8:21 PM

The five dwarvs behind him and the other stepped closer, ready to storm in.

"That damned thief! Now give him to us - this is your last chance."

They bared their weapons.

Niall pressed harder against the ground, giving himself more space out the bottom of the box he was watching from. This was much better than the roof - and he now had two exits to run to if the dwarves found him. Assuming the one at the back, which he'd just noticed, worked.

12/01/2005 6:03 PM

Bard entered the "room" where Gale was residing in the warehouse with a face of determination. "Good day, Master Gale," saluted Bard with a simple nod. "I have come to discuss a few things about tomorrow's attack." He gestured for Ulman to stay back; Gale would be easier to convince after Bard had given the information he had come to relay.

"Through my career I have inevitably come to collect a large amount of facts about Tanau's band which I believe might be useful to you, sir," Bard explained with hand gestures. He went on to name a few well-known warriors under Tanau's command, leaving out only one. [I]Uscias' life belongs to me,[/I] thought Bard, careful not to show his flaming anger in his emotionless facade. "The number of his troops," said Bard, "is unknown, since he makes a habit of hiring mercenaries and selling troops, only to regain them. He has more allies in the city than the previous emperors, but I believe that if he was to be killed in one swift strike, none of them would be willing to do anything for vengeance."

"The second thing I came to discuss here is about this priest you have imprisoned," Bard pointed his hand behind himself without looking back. The soldier who was to escort Ulman gave the priest a push for him to step forward. "Was he to help our cause, would it be possible for you to return him his freedom?" asked Bard.

12/05/2005 3:54 PM

Hargon sighed, absent-mindedly wiping his mouth. [I]Which of Gale's bloody rogues is it?[/I] It had to be one of them. He knew they'd be trouble, he just couldn't have imagined it would be so soon in coming.

"Thief?" he called down to the dwarves. "We don't know of any thieves around here? This is the encampment of Redryn Gale. He wouldn't be harboring any thieves here." The thought of wringing one of those scoundrel's neck brought a little smile to his face.

When the dwarves didn't seem satisfied with his answer, he continued, "You're going to have to leave here. We're busy and don't need any distractions."

The thought of their force being decimated by the dwarves wasn't entirely unappealing to Hargon. At least it would spare him Tanau.

12/05/2005 4:11 PM

Redryn listened intently to Bard's account of Tanau's followers. He was interested to see what this man wanted in return.

The soldier who was to escort Ulman gave the priest a push for him to step forward. "Was he to help our cause, would it be possible for you to return him his freedom?" asked Bard

"Ah. So it's the priest you're after." He smiled at Bard, proud of his deduction. "Well, I'm a man that understands the value of bartering in uncommon goods. You've brought me information, and are still in my service, so I will consider letting this man go if he serves to the best of his abilities." Glancing to Ulman, he concluded, "That means in the thick of things, keeping my men alive."

Standing to get to his pack, feeling a gnawing in stomach, Gale turned. "Oh, and Bard... How is that associate of yours? I [I]do[/I] hope everything worked out."

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12/05/2005 6:15 PM

"Oh, and Bard... How is that associate of yours? I [I]do[/I] hope everything worked out."

Bard looked down at his boots. "I... she died," he managed to say without his voice breaking. She could feel the feelings approaching fast like a shadow bu shook them off reminding himself that there were things to be done - that and the prospect of crying in front of Gale.

"But healing was not what I had meant by the priest's services. He has something much more valuable to offer us, I believe. You see there is a legend... well, I guess I better let him tell it," Bard motioned to the priest.

Ulman cleared his throat. "Lord if I may - this is only legend. I don't believe it would be wise to follow it so blindly," he spoke to Gale and Bard, but the latter was giving him a threateningly deadly glare.

[i]"Twas' a long time ago, during the glory of the empire. A seer approached the Counsel of the Great Houses and told the elves of vast darkness approaching their kingdom. The proud leaders believed not in the damning prophecy, but the diviner had also foretold that one among them would die. It was a mere tenday later that an imprtant elven lady fell to a deadly and sudden illness. Needless to say, the oracle was sought after numerously but none could find him. In desperation, the elven lords stored their mightiest spells deep within Adanmegil. The legend says that the powers still await deep below the streets to be awakened.[/i]

(OOC: Pillage, if any of this doesn't match what you had in mind, please go ahead and correct me.)

12/06/2005 7:34 PM

[b]ooc:[/b] Not at all. This looks like fun.


"The Spoils of Adamnegil." Niall sat with the others, hand resting near his bow, in case he'd need it. This place looked safe. "My father and uncle told me all sorts of things about it, back in the day. But if I'm right, they won't be revealed to just anyone. I think it's still protected by the Imperials, since they don't have anything better to do with their existence. " He leaned closer in, trying to keep their attention from the dwarves. "And whoever holds that power, may very well be Adanmegil's new ruler, if they can harnass something like that without destroying the city." The last bit he spoke with an ironic chuckle. Niall motioned subtly at Bard. "A friend of the high elves has the best chance of finding it, and they seem to be allying with anyone who seems reliable at the moment."

Fuming, he screamed "We'll show you what we do to allies of such lowlife scum!" The head dwarf raised his axe and charged in, quick for one so short. The others followed, all seven tightly surging at the guards. It became apparent that none wore armour, but were angry enough to compensate for such a reassurance.

12/07/2005 10:26 PM

[I]Redryn Gale, god among men.[/I]

Taking in every word the two men spoke, Gale nodded to himself, his mind already ablur with the possibilities. He would have it. That was all there was to it.

"Gentlemen... We must find this power." Hoping his giddy excitement wasn't too obvious, he forgot all about his hunger. Wanting to sit, but knowing full well he'd never be able to stay still, he began pacing.

Speaking to Bard, with a nod toward Ulman, his voice trembling every so often, he said, "If he helps me... us... find this power, I will release him." Gaze fixed intently on the priest, he asked, "What more do you know of this legend? Do you know where to find it?" Turning between Niall and Bard as well, he went on. "Or can one of you help me in this?" A moment later, he added, "Well, of course, we could share in this prize."

Realizing his dreams of glory and power, along with the requisite plans to betray those that might help him and take it for himself, might be carrying him away, he turned to Niall, his voice calming with each word. "What about Tanau? Do we take him first, or perhaps search out this power and wield it against him?"

Remembering himself, and that he was afterall the leader among these men, he concluded, "I should like very much to have this power. Our bargain, however, is for Tanau. If I choose to pursue this new venture now, will you come?"

12/07/2005 10:39 PM

His men called him Briarback when he'd been a soldier. It was because of his exceptional amount of hair on his back, of course. The name, however, was an endearing one; one he gained because of the respect his men had had for him.

Though he was considered a brute in everyday life, amd shunned for his ways by military brass, Hargon "Briarback" was a leader of men when battle struck. Though he didn't care a lick for this bunch of buffoons, his instincts took over.

"Arrows!" he cried to the rooftop archers, men he knew weren't as skilled with their weapons as he'd have liked.

As the first volley flew, he was in action, tying a rope he'd brought around a weathervane, he called down to his men, "Open spacing! Take them as they pass between you!" He yelled the last word as he threw his legs over the ledge, gripping the rope with both hands.

As it took his weight, he knew the weathervane couldn't hold his size. Halfway down it gave way. Landing in a heap, he tried to take stock of the situation. His men were caught up in the chaos. There wasn't a single set of eyes that didn't look bewildered by the sudden battle.

Pushing himself up with one massive arm, the other snaked around his back and pulled his battle axe free. "Fight you fools!" he roared, charging the nearest dwarf with his axe raised.

12/07/2005 11:30 PM

Bard was surprised by the sudden and powerful reaction to Ulman's words. He listened to Gale as the leader shouted a rain of questions at them while pacing impatiently. A strange thirst had obviously awakened on the normally-calm Redryn Gale. "I'm afraid," explained Bard, "that I knew only what the priest had told me as a child. And I don't believe that Ulman knows more than the legend he just recited." Ulman certified this with a nod.

"My original plan was to quickly attain whatever powers the Imperials hid, perhaps with the assistance of some of your men, and use them in battle against Tanau. Frankly, I don't believe this force will stand a chance against Tanau as it is, but if we were to possess these powers..." Bard saw himself ripping Uscias limb by limb. At this, his eyes lit up with determination.

"Some believe that these spells are quite literally below the streets of this city," added Ulman, "but I believe all of you might be overestimating their power."

12/09/2005 9:59 PM

The dwarf mirrored Hargon, charging as quick as he could, double-headed axe held interestingly at his middle. Two others, one with a short sword, one holding a pickaxe above his head, scurried slightly behind him on either side - a sort of wedge formation. They drew in. The lead dwarf raised his axe from the middle, no higher than his head. He leapt forward and rolled fluidly between Hargon's legs. The other two hacked toward either of his sides.

Their leader swung furiously at the other guard with his axe, roaring with the strike.

The other three slipped in and out of objects, obscuring themselves from the archers, weapons sheathed. With each emergence, they picked something up off the ground and hurled it at their attackers.

12/15/2005 9:23 PM

Hargon dropped his head, watching the dwarf from between his legs. As the other dwarves approached, he stiffened. He deflected one attack with his axe, falling toward the blow to avoid the second. The second axe bit into his side, cleaving through the skin just under his ribs.

An arrow struck the second dwarf in the shoulder, staggering him a moment. Using the delay to his advantage, Hargon pursued his momentum toward the first dwarf. His diminutive opponent was already bringing his axe around for a second attack. Parrying that attack with the handle of his axe, he kicked the dwarf in the right side, momentarily lifting him off the ground before sending him sprawling aside.

"Briarback!" he heard the distinctive ring of Grell's voice call.

Without turning to the voice, Hargon looked over his shoulder, to see the second dwarf falling into a roll, unfurling with his axe coming down in a devastating blow aimed for his knee. He pulled his leg out of the way just in time, but found himself off balance because of it. The dwarf, now standing right under him, took advantage of that by jabbing the butt of his axe handle into his other knee, dropping Hargon to his level.

Though it took all his effort to defend himself against the dwarf, he saw out of the corner of his eye the approach of the other. He had no way to stop it.

Before the deathblow came, the dwarf turned aside to avoid a cudgel strike from Grell. He deftly evaded the attack and launched a counterattack at the big man's back. His axe came free from his hand before the blade could strike, Erik's dagger sticking out his throat.

Hargon's dwarf dropped his attack, backing away from the superior numbers of his enemy, looking to regroup with his comrades.

Hargon stood, flexing his knee, already wondering how bad the knot would be in the morning. Grell and Erik came to his sides. With the dwarves already engaging the rest of the guards, the three attacked from behind.

12/15/2005 9:38 PM

"Overestimating it?" Gale puzzled aloud. "But this is the stuff of legend. Surely it must be incredible."

[i]It has to be great. This power must be my catalyst to rule. I will have it... And it will be amazing.[/i] he tried to convince himself.

Looking between Niall, Bard, and Ulman in turn, he said, "We'll only discover the extent of this power by finding it."

Taking a deep, steadying breath for dramatic effect, he stood before Bard. [i]He would probably sooner cut my throat than serve me for long.[/i] "We've already struck the terms for your employment. I've decided to find this power, therefore, you are obligated to join me."

With commanding strides, he stood before Ulman. "You are rightfully my prisoner. In return for your aid in finding this power, I will grant you your freedom. If you refuse, your death awaits. When, I can't say." [i]He'll die before he ever leaves this city.[/i] Gale assured himself. [i]I'll strike him down with the power he helps me find.[/i]

Turning to Niall, he regarded him a moment before stepping before him. "Our bargain is for Tanau. With this power, we can more easily defeat him. Will you join me, or will you break our allegiance and pursue him yourself?"

[I]Leave me now, and[/I] you [I]won't survive the night.[/I] He was confident Hargon and his men would enjoy the distraction from the monotony of guard duty.

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12/18/2005 1:36 PM

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Bard stared at Gale in surprise, the man had turned into a fierce power-hungry beast barking commands and ordering aggresively. Bard, accostumed to working for no one, felt an urge to walk off right there and then, but remembering Uscias' face refrained from doing so. Bard listened intentively trying to remember any details about where they might find information on the legend.

"Where do you propose we begin to look for it?" asked Bard with a smile, knowing the leader hadn't given any thought to that aspect.

12/19/2005 12:46 AM

"Well," interrupted Niall, "from what I've heard, there are a few points in Adanmegil that lead to it. Only the Imperials and a few others know about those kinds of things, but if we can convice them to assist another war chief, they'll practically hand it to us. But I can't come with you - I'm an old friend, and they'll most likely recognise me. I'd rather keep my presence quiet."

Niall stood, cracking his knuckles to divert attention from his eyes, which now peeked at the nearby skirmish. These men knew how to fight.

[i]The dwarves[/i]
Each watching their friend crumple weakly over the ground, an incredulous, bloodthirsty scream rose among the inn-keepers. All except the two manouvering toward the archers broke from their fights, closing in toward the one who'd slain him, and the other two standing over the dwarf's tense body. Now only four, they enveloped Gale's men and each swung angrily. None thought of anything but spilling their targets' blood, the ones with their backs to the archers ready to dodge, letting the missiles hit their own soldiers.

12/21/2005 4:55 PM

Bard tried to ignore the sounds of battle around them and listened to Niall's response. "As opposed to what you may assume from my race," explained Bard, "I am not a friend of the Imperials. Before I joined Gale, I had no allies or enemies." He turned to their leader, "I could however, tell you who may have such knowledge." His face darkened; there was one who would undoubtedly know, but the Great Sage wasn't known to be generous.

12/23/2005 5:51 PM

Niall's gaze darted to the noise outside, then back at them.

"Then by all means, let's go now. There's no time to waste." He smiled broadly, backing up his bold statement.

12/26/2005 3:31 PM

Redryn Gale found himself caught up in the ups and downs of the night. At times, one statement made it hopeless that he'd ever find it. Then a moment later, it seemed as though the power was already halfway in his grasp.

"A great sage, you say," he ruminated aloud, only now noticing a commotion outside that only annoyed him a bit. "Where can we find this sage?"

When Niall announced his decision, Gale nodded to him. "A wise move, then. We can't have all of this thrown away because of some old grudges someone might hold. Of course..." He trailed off a moment, his mind racing with more possibilities. "If we were to disguise you, they might not notice." Checking himself, he said, "But, of course, I could understand if you didn't want to do such a thing. I've always had far too much esteem for myself to hide away like that."

Still considering how he would proceed in the morning, something banged against the wall outside. "What in the bloody hell is that racket?" he seethed.

12/26/2005 3:49 PM

Hargon swore when he saw the first arrow launched from a rooftop strike one of his own men in the stomach. Casting a glance to the archers, he was going to yell some obscenity or another, when he noticed the pair of dwarves at the warehouse, making their way up to the archers unnoticed.

He was going to yell something to the men in the area, but quickly realized they were having problems of their own. Four more half-sized combatants were tearing them apart. Most of his men were panicked, wildly slashing at their opponents, who deftly parried and counter-attacked.

When he, Grell, and Erik reached the fray, the four wheeled on them and attacked as one. The coordination briefly stunned even Hargon.

Outnumbered by their skilled opponents, the three men stood their ground, ready to defend. Hargon admired the two with him. They'd been as clueless as the rest when he'd met them, but they took to his teachings like no one else. They stood in a close wedge like the dwarves, willing to let them make the first move, in hope their formation would break upon them.

When the dwarves came, they were pursued by half a dozen men, chasing wildly, weapons brandished out of fear or anger more than any killer instinct.

As the groups clashed, the sound of metal on metal overcame them. Hargon deflected one attack and snatched up another dwarf in a quick spin, his muscles burning with the exertion, and flung him into the outer wall of the warehouse. He slid unceremoniously down the wall and lay in a crumpled heap.

Caught up in the ensuing battle, he didn't even consider the dwarves scaling the warehouse, until he heard a man's scream. Chancing a look, he saw one of his archers tumble over the side of the warehouse. Now the rooftop had exploded into a chaotic battle all its own.

Another scream caught his attention more immediately. He'd immediately identified it as Erik's. When he was able to locate the smallish man in the battle, he saw him falling back, his sword arm tucked closely against his stomach. The sword, however, along with the hand still gripping it tightly, lay on the ground a few feet away.

Grell swore mightily and launched a furious attack on the dwarf that had taken his brother's hand. Despite his inferior weapon, the bigger man knocked the dwarf off balance, now freely falling back from the relentless assault. When he fell to his back, Grell stood over him, delivering hard overhand blows for the head. At first, the dwarf was able to partially deflect the attacks with the flat of his axe, but one blow hit its target, killing the dwarf instantly. In spite of that, Grell kept pummeling.

The remaining two dwarves, now caught among seven opponents, not counting the one-handed man, nor the temporarily insane one, stood back-to-back against their encircling foe.

12/26/2005 11:47 PM

OOC: Unbeliever, you're doing pretty well, just be careful not to control the other characters too much. I think the jargon term's 'powergaming'.

[i]The dwarves[/i]
Eyes darting fearfully, with the same vigor that fuelled their anger moments ago, they surveyed the barricade. Now the only option was to run - forget the others, or they'd all die. Both shakily locked their gazes onto the weakest point; one dropped his shield and gripped a second short sword tightly. They screamed half-heartedly and charged. A couple men tumbled, the others they passed wobbling, or so the dwarves assumed. Out of the circle, but being manouvered around again, they backed swiftly toward the doors, slashing at anyone who got too close.

The occasional archer still dropped from above the huddled men, the other two surrouned but desperately batting at their foes, staing close to each other. They counldn't keep it up forever, though blood splattered their naked chests and a few of the remaining archers. The fight had become very close-quarters.


"What in the bloody hell is that racket?" he seethed.

"I'm not hiding," he sharply but lightheartedly insisted. "I have a reputation among the elves, though I'd rather you not mention it to them. I never give my trust to anyone this quickly - don't think me a gullible ally, though for our success, I should tell you that I'm the last remaining son of Moen. If the Imperials knew there'd be a huge fuss about me saving the city, being forced to side with them, then getting killed when they realise the chance for such a romantic comeback is lost to the bands." He paused. They were still sitting. Niall motioned to them, smiling lightly in a trivial fashion. "We should leave as quickly as we can. Bard, lead the way."

12/27/2005 1:07 PM

The sounds of raging battles were not uncommon in this city, as everyone well knew, but these sounded too close, almost atop them. However, Bard decided to ignore the yells and clashes of metal and heed Niall's command instead. "Well, I recommend keeping our force as small as possible so as not to call attention." Bard walked over to a window, ignorant to the fact that on the opposite side of the building Gale's forced combatted fiercely. "There," he pointed at a large ruined square building near the centre of Adamnegil, "the Great Library. Formerly a center of knowledge and wisdom, now it only stands thanks to an order of powerful monks. They shall direct us to the Great Sage."

01/03/2006 1:01 AM

Monks? Niall had heard of the Imperials, and even societies among species which endured just as strongly now as they had in Adanmegil's lost days of order. It was comforting to know that, in such aspects, Adanmegil still stood - interesting, too. He was tempted to look further into these societies at the tavern, but gaining a reputation wasn't wise yet. Of course he'd dreamed of taking his father's old place as the king's best man, but was equally good at supressing his dreams. To be known at the height of Tanau's power would be to die before the wanderer's birth name was known in the city - Eni, son of Moen.

Still, the square wouldn't be easy to cross, even for a spy. They'd have to either sneak or fight.

"How do we get across? You'd be accustomed to it, but unless we stick to the shadows and by some funny circumstance aren't attacked, we'll have to run through the middle. Dodging volleys of arrows isn't too much a problem, until you're flanked by a gang of their infantrymen and have to cut through them."

Or maybe the elf had another way of reaching the library. Niall exhaled slowly, silently, letting himself relax again. He'd lost a few relatives there, and got anxious when he thought about it.

01/03/2006 3:15 PM

"Keep our numbers as small as possible?" Gale muttered to himself. Adding volume to his voice, he asked, "Now would that mean, say four people? Or more like a dozen?" The thought of being parted from his hired muscle was less than enticing. Downright unbearable, he decided.

But then, there was great power awaiting him. Nothing could stop him from taking it for himself. The power to rule was at hand. Hargon and his nimrods would have to be left behind. Who could guarantee any of them wouldn't turn on him at the chance for such power. He already knew either of his rogues would do it. The priest, too, certainly had no loyalty toward him. But whose to say those men with his money in their pockets wouldn't do the same, rather than protecting him?

Feeling a bit more confident, he proclaimed, "We should go out the back way. If anyone is watching this place, they'll likely be looking at the front to see what sort of activity is to be found. Then, perhaps make our way to the library in a longer arc?" he offered. The fastest way between two objects is a straight line, common wisdom said, but in Redryn Gale's experience, that straight line invariably led to the most resistance.

01/04/2006 10:48 PM

"Well sir," Bard said to Gale with a smile, at seeing the leader's skepticism, "it depends on what you value more: stealth or security?" He turned to Niall, "We could try to just walk in through the front gate but I don't suspect we'd receive much of a welcome. If you'd like, we could try the sewers, I believe they pass under the temple." Bard's face darkened with disgust, "It might be even more dangerous though; they're plagued with rogues and filth."

"Whatever your decision, I'm going along," announced Bard as he left the room, "I'll return shortly." He would prepare for battle: where they were going, it was inevitable...

01/15/2006 1:21 AM

OOC: Bah! Sorry, got caught up for quite a while - I'm very busy, and I'm actually multitasking between two projects while I write this. I'll make a routine of coming here every day now - hell, I reckon I can get a minute or two free.


Niall turned to his associate. Gale seemed interestingly friendly and calm, though in a way that suggested it was masking something else - the wanderer was reminded by his smugness of others he'd been around, who weren't the best men to trust. No matter - they'd be safe. Instinct said they'd be quite a bit closer to their goal soon, and Niall's gut feeling had never let him down. When Bard returned, they'd leave.

"Alright, Gale, it looks like it's just the three of us. Unless you want to bring someone along, but any more than four isn't good for this type of situation - just so you know. I have everything I need. What about you?"

He craned a moment - it sounded like someone had called his name. Though the voice was familiar. Deep, but dwarvish. Niall cursed his luck with the filthiest insults he could imagine.


The axeman dwarf glanced at his friend. He nodded back. The two dropped their weapons same-time and dodged the archers' slashes. As if they'd done it a thousand times before, they tackled the nearest to the exit, fled through the space and charged the entry they'd come through - almost a mirror image. The last one out turned before he slipped into the night.

"We'll get him soon enough," he called for the entire city to hear, if it'd get the point across. "We'll get our loot off Niall, whether in gold or blood!"

He sprinted into the shadows.

01/23/2006 3:15 PM

Gale found himself a little uneasy now that it was clear they were going to seek out the power they'd only just heard about. "Well... I suppose I should gather a few things. Get everything together, you know."

Going through his things, setting his fine-crafted sword aside to make sure he remembered it, he pointed to Ulman. "I do insist that he come with us. That would make our party four when Bard returns. If he's to have his freedom, he'll earn it."

Just as he was closing his pack, sure he'd packed what he'd need, the door burst open. Hargon stood, his mass silhouetted in the moonlight, seething. "What the bloody hell are you doing in here?" he bellowed. "Are we throwing a party for our new [i]friends[/i]? Hmm? Was I not invited? Or did you just want me dead in the street?"

Gale's ire rose. His left eyelid twitched. "Lower your voice when you speak to me, brute. I'm the one that..." He was never able to finish his threat.

"You're the one that stands around in your "rugged" little outfit, prancing about with your merry little rogues while the real men do all your dirty work!"

Gale's voice was low, hardly above a whisper, but audible to everyone in the building. "I will have silence from you, Hargon."

Crossing the final paces between the door and Gale, Hargon leered down at his employer. "You already have these men's blood on your hands." He motioned to the door, where several bodies were being dragged in. "Isn't that enough? No... Not for the mighty Redryn Gale! Who would rather cower in his hole, convincing himself of his greatness, than actually accomplish anything on his own!"

"Quiet!" Gale roared, the authority in his voice enough even to make the hulking Briarback blanch a moment. Returning to his low tone, one that carried with it the threat of unadulterated malice, he said, "I will have respect from my subordinates. I've purchased you for this venture, Hargon. You are [i]mine[/i] and you will do as I say."

Hargon said nothing, though his fury was obviously being restrained.

"Now, tell me what happened."

Without so much a break in his voice, Hargon calmly recounted the events as he knew them, concluding with, "They wanted him," and a point to Niall.

01/23/2006 11:43 PM

Bard came back after he'd gathered all his things: caltrops, torches, thieves' tools, a day's food rations, and his mask, all squeezed into a small pack. He entered through the room to see a roughed-up Hargon, clearly having just come out of a fight, and a number of soldiers wounded or dead. Only then did it become apparent to him that the sounds of fighting had in reality emmanated from the warehouse. Gale and his subordinate were arguing as Bard entered the room, just in time to hear,

"They wanted him," and a point to Niall.

Bard saw all heads turn to Niall in anticipation. For a second, he thought this would sacrifice their mission, but he figured it was best to let the rogue explain himself. If he could not, Gale would most likely expect something from the deaths of his men, but Bard didn't think Gale would be one to act controlled by anger, let alone for the purpose of vengance. Bard watched quietly.

01/24/2006 1:47 AM

Watching the finger with perfect calm, Niall used this moment of quiet to his advantage.

"Yes, that would've been the inn-keepers. I'd say they were after us both, and couldn't pass up the opportunity. That's what reputation does - you can expect that kind of thing nightly. I imagine their numbers would've been high," he regarded the soldier and those rushing about behind him, "if they attacked and expected us both to be here. This should be enough to get back whatever you need."

Niall stood, reached into his leather vest and pulled out remaining silverware. He wouldn't be needing it. Dropping it on a nearby crate, he wandered to the back door and opened it gently. Outside, the town square was a block away. They could get through the dark alley easily, though beyond it was the exposed square itself, surrounded by double-story buildings. They gave ample cover, pillars holding up the second floors. They cast the buildings' fronts in perfect blackness. A sign of what Adanmegil once was.

"Should we go?" He casually asked, refreshing even himself with his voice.

01/24/2006 8:32 PM

Redryn Gale stood where he was, his gaze fixed on the silverware atop the crate for a long moment. There was tension in the air, he could sense that much. Someone in the back of the warehouse coughed.

First pulling his eyes to Hargon, he noted the man's pent up anger, ready to burst forth at the first sign of acquiescense. Turning to the right, he looked at Niall, the rogue watching him disinterestedly. In his mind, he saw the fine line holding them all to him. One misstep and one would be severed. That couldn't be allowed at this stage.

He walked to the corner of the room, lips pursed, still silent. Kneeling, he threw on his cloack, hefted his pack and shouldered it. Next, he fastened his sword belt over the one already holding his pants.

Looking Hargon square in the eyes, he said flatly, "We knew the risks when we came here. You and those men over there were paid to put yourselves in that risk. Victory doesn't come without a price." Nodding to the silverware, he added, "There you have some compensation. Be glad for it."

Hargon's face reddened as he snorted a sharp breath. "My force... Our force is weaker because of him!" He declared, pointing an accusing finger at Niall. "And just what is this business about leaving?"

Cooly appraising the much larger man, Gale said quite plainly, "I haven't the time to explain this to you, Hargon. My orders are that you keep this warehouse. That is all. Just hold this place. Arm yourselves with whatever you find and defend it.

"Niall is no longer your concern."

Redryn noticed Bard standing near the door and nodded to him, motioning him to the back door and Niall. Ulman had already found himself a suitable walking stick and stood waiting, obviously displeased with his assignment.

"As of now, you're in charge here, Hargon." Leaning in close, he added, "When I return, be assured, victory will be ours." He felt sure that would lighten the warrior's mood some, though if he had his way, he'd never lay eyes on him again.

Joining the others at the back door, he said with a self-sure smile, "Shall we begin our quest for discovery?"

01/25/2006 12:12 AM

Bard sighed at the seemingly calm resolution of the tension and followed towards the back door. He gritted his teeth thinking of the risks they were lunging into and the small proability of success. As a neutral force in the city Bard tried to keep away from danger above all things, but now it was inevitable. The events had tangled him into a war he didn't wish to be in and he wouldn't hesitate to rip Uscias apart...

He shook his head in order to focus to the task at hand. Walking into the night he automatically scanned the street: clear, although distubringly silent. His mind quickly found all the possible hiding vantage points. [i]How in hell will we reach the library?[/i] wondered Bard's mind but he simply walked on, keeping to the shadows.

01/30/2006 3:55 AM

"Alright. Follow me."

He darted into the short alley facing them, hunching subtly forward so anyone walking in their direction would be sillouetted by light from the other end. The alley appeared empty. Niall continued to the opening.
Without checking if they were actually following him (though Niall could feel their presence just behind his back), he surveyed the square in front of them.

Above their heads was a balcony, held up by a couple of pillars. These surrounded the entire plaza, casting enough room for two or three men in complete dark. The only risk was bumping into someone - or, as was more likely, an entire band. In the square itself, a few men lounged about a tree planted in the centre, coolly taunting a fourth. One who looked like he could beat them all up effortlessly, though from what Niall could hear, the mens' talk was slurred. He peered closer at the other, and hoped that Bard wouldn't notice him. Uscias, probably looking for a fight before he went home. Quickly, Niall gave them the proposed plan.

"I'm going in the shadows - if someone follows me, they have to stay behind. No more than three. The other two can either take the other direction and meet us there, or head through the square. It's not too busy at the moment, but it's not safe either. Still, you know if someone's going to stab you. There are archers in the buildings above us, too, so we'll all have to be quick."

They faced the church - just ahead and slightly to the left, on the square's opposite end. This was the safest route Niall knew, funnily enough. He hoped this was the one Bard talked of. They could get to it from either side and meet at the entrance (or wherever the elf led them from there), but staying together was too risky. He exhaled calmly and veered right, disappearing into the dark.

01/30/2006 4:39 PM

"Stay with the priest," Gale commanded Bard. "If he tries to escape, put a blade in his back." He thought that would keep Ulman in line, oblivious to the possibility that they might be friends.

Clasping a hand over his sword hanging at his belt, to keep it from bouncing against the wall, he followed after Niall. It took a great deal of effort to keep from demanding the rogue slow down for him. He wasn't used to moving quickly much, especially when he couldn't see if there were any obstacles in his path.

A shuffling near the wall startled him a moment, but he later decided it was just a rat. It wouldn't do to come face-to-face with some brigand or another in these shadows. Despite that danger, he'd rather risk it than walk out in the open where any archer with slick fingers could take his life.

Quickening his step, he inadvertently stepped on the back of Niall's foot. "Sorry," he whispered, surprised at how loud his voice sounded. In this situation, he didn't quite feel the commanding stride he usually did.

01/31/2006 11:39 PM

Bard nodded at Gale's order knowing that the man wouldn't notice the gesture in the darkness. He wished he had insisted further on selecting someone more suited for the job than Ulman, but he quickly changed his mind as he looked at the priest and noticed his attire; a plan formed in Bard's mind. Yes, it was ideal for getting through the square safely and taking care of the spies. Bard motioned for Ulman to follow from afar and quietly, by putting a finger to his lips and with an open palm. He scanned the walls to make sure there weren't any sentinels and found none, although in this city it was never safe to assume it so. Ulman followed "quietly" as his sandals flapped against the ground but fortunately there were no signs of trouble.

They reached the other side with no incidents. Bard couldn't see them but he was sure that by now Gale and Niall had reached the other side. He scanned the buildings in front of them in hopes of finding unnoticed obstacles from a new angle. Surely enough, the only guards were those at the balcony above them and a few on the trees. Bard leaned close enough to Ulman that he could smell the cleric's [i]humility[/i], and whispered his plan. He then hissed a magical word to activate his Spider Climb ring, jumping onto the wall, and sticking to it immidiately. Bard turned to see Ulman pull on the hood of his brown robe: yes, he might well be mistaken for a monk, like Bard had planned. The priest began to walk nervously towards the library, right across the park. Bard signaled for the others to stay in the general direction where he thought Niall and Gale where. Then he made his way up the pillars, pulling out a few hidden throwing knives.

02/08/2006 7:43 PM

OOC: Wow, ten days. Been busy. I'll tell you guys next time I start an advertising campaign for work ;)


Niall froze. After a moment, he felt Gale stop gradually behind him. Climbing a wall near the square wasn't a great idea. Though it was better to hope they didn't notice the others, than to reveal himself and Gale.

Something glimmered below him and tapped against the wall, amplified in the still night. Another two taps echoed. He realised nervously what it was.

[i]"Hurry,"[/i] he tensely, quietly sighed, teeth gritted.

The guards each snatched a bow from their quivers, leaning beside them. This elf seemed well-equipped. They peered out above the tiled roof's peak, barely concealing the two balcony-guards, and fired again.

02/09/2006 1:20 AM

"Hurry?" Gale whispered incredulously. "I'll have you know..."

He stopped as an arrow whizzed past his sight. He stared a moment in disbelief at the projectile. "They're shooting at us!" he exclaimed, forgetting his attempt at stealth for the moment.

Quickening his pace, he caught Niall again and tucked himself as close behind the rogue as he could manage without actually touching him. "Go!" he commanded in a strained whisper, oblivious to the fact that he was already going.

He nearly dropped to the stone floor at the sound of another arrow striking the wall near them. As of now, he was thinking he'd much sooner stand in front of a discerning committee with what clever words he'd have prepared for them, than be here, power-be-damned, and be shot at.

02/09/2006 9:54 PM

(The arrows were actually going for Bard, but my lack of specific-ness has given us a plot point that I was going to put in anyway. Cool.)

Calmly, Niall fled down the shadowy pavement on the tips of his feet, almost silent. He didn't understand why Gale had him go first, but figured this was the best way to get into the church now they'd been seen. Niall picked up to a hard sprint, charging through the patch of light between the pavement's end and the nearest stained-glass church window. It was shut, and didn't look like it could be opened by hand. But he was feeling lucky.
Arrows clanging against the ground every other moment, he latched his hands onto the windowsill and shoved upward. A few more hit the stone wall, more accurate now he'd stopped. The window wasn't budging. He sped to where he assumed the back entrance was, sharply turned the corner, and felt his legs give in. Niall tumbled into a heap, away from the arrows but now barely obscured in a grassy graveyard. A sharp pain veined through his right calf, throbbing in place. He felt it over with the hand he wasn't lying on. A smooth wooden shaft led into his leg's muscle, the wound surrounded by the familiar feel of his half-congealed blood. Niall cursed his luck, snapped half the arrow off without trembling and dragged himself toward the wooden door just ahead, ignoring the pain. At least they'd let him in now, hopefully. Then again, if Bard had to scale the wall, this door might not be real - or sealed by magic. Niall kept dragging himself along by his fingers anyway.

02/11/2006 1:51 AM

Bard cursed his luck aloud as his plan fell apart instantly. The sentries had noticed the group and didn't hesitate to use their arrows to attack them. A vague scream was heard from the other side of the building and Bard could see Ulman running for cover, hands flailing even though no arrow was anywhere near him. The experienced spy also caught a flickering sight of a shadow and knew it to be Niall.

But Bard had no time to worry about his companions, for one of the guards had turned to him, bow at the ready. Bard was running up the wall like a lizard, gaining momentum yet still much too low to do anything about his attackers. So when the arrow came he had to throw himself almost falling off the wall, yet he managed to hang on with a single palm. Bard could see the offender wasn't taking long to reload and in desperation managed to pull himself back against the wall with strength he didn't know he had. The next missile whistled dangerously close to his face, for Bard had managed to move to the side. Now he was exactly under the balcony, protected by the very ledge that had given his opponents an advantage. He smiled as he heard a comment of frustration and made his way so he was only a couple metres from the window. Leaning back a little he began throwing his knives up, unable to see where they would land. With satisfaction, Bard heard a grunt indicating at least one hit; the knives would do little damage but they were a good distraction.

Surreptitously, Bard made his way to the very edge of the balcony and - daggers clenched in his teeth - jumped over to land gracefully in a fighting position.

02/16/2006 6:40 PM

Struggling to ignore the pain, Niall reached up for the door handle, shaking. He clasped the cold metal and pulled it forward.
It was locked.
With his left hand, which didn't quiver as easily, Niall slipped out a lock-pick. He'd be safer in here, if they weren't expecting him.

"Don't worry about the guards!" He yelled to the others. "Just get us where we're meant to go!"

He got to work on the lock, realising it'd take a while.

02/17/2006 11:55 PM

Bard heard a scream from far away but couldn't recognize the voice so he ignored it. As he leaped over the edge of the balcony he saw two opponents: one clutching at his arm, where a throwing knive had buried itself and the other still holding his bow in surprise. A third sentinel could be heard running down the hall that lead to the balcony, undoubtedly to alarm more guards. Bard didn't even waste a second to curse before stabbing hard one of the guards who had dropped his bow to reach for a sword. The double-dagger bit deep into the man's gut making him grunt loudly.

The wounded man tried to reach for his weapon but by then Bard's small blades had slashed his neck cleanly, leaving only a thickening line of red. Bard jumped off the balcony, leaving behind a chorus of bloody gasps and moans. He clung onto the wall and pushed off landing fluidly into a roll, turning it simultaniously into a run in the direction he had seen Ulman going. If more guards got there quickly enough, they would all surely die.

02/27/2006 3:51 AM

Leaning heavily on the door, knees soaked by the grass, Niall frantically felt around inside the rusted lock. He felt light; the surrounding land spun hazily. Niall figured half of the moisture in his trousers was blood.

The air span sickeningly a moment. He thumped hard against the stone floor, barely hearing the door slam into the outer wall. They had to have heard that. A pair of hands gripped each arm, dragging him further in, then stopping just where the light ended. Struggling, he managed to look up. A pair of elves, one old even by men's standards and the other youthful, surveyed his drenched body. The stone floor, Niall realised, was painted by a crimson trail. Whoever hit him was a good shot.

"Son of Moen." The voice echoed through the enormous hall. He forgot about the wound, chilled and strangely comforted by another speaking his name.

"Yes?" Eli spat, surprised no blood rushed out from his throat - he could definately taste it.

"Loth," the older spoke, "guard the door and wait for his friends to come. It's vital we protect this man. I judge you know why."

"Definately," he confidently, quietly answered, snatching the bow from his back. A distant reach of his mind had told him this man was worth watching, but he didn't realise it was this important. He probably wouldn't take the throne if it was in his reach, but they'd found Moen's last son. The warrior's line, as was whispered once, still lived.

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