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09/23/2005 8:30 AM

What I have in mind is a former city, just after the end of a dynasty, which has been devoid of Imperial rule and is now governed by small bands of men bent on destroying each other's factions. I have a lot of good ideas for storyline and whatnot. There'd be plenty of NPCs too, which players can also take on if they want. In fact, I encourage it, since it'd add yet another story to the plot web, and get this literate locomotive moving even faster.

Personally, I'll play GM, which'll put me in control of enemies, NPCs and major plot points that don't interfere with others' control. Also, I'll play a role which the story doesn't revolve around, but does interact and shape the rest of the plot. A Human wanderer - he's travelled a great length to this forgotten land, whose walls hold tales of nightly bloodshed and rivalry. He searches for a band leader, a feared and respected being they call Tanau. For months, he's dwelled on nothing but vengeance, promising himself every day that when they meet, he'll pay back every moment of pain he's felt tenfold. Mad with hate, the wanderer sees nothing sweeter in this world than watching Tanau's blood spill over the ground, and as his enemy fades from this world, knowing he's been avenged.

As you can see, I'll happily put a lot into this RP, without it getting too confusing. If anybody wants to join, go ahead and reply. I'll decide on the amount of other players whether or not to start it. Races, classes, etc. are quite a loose rule, so there's not much I won't accept. Of course, it's mostly D&D-based, to try and keep along those lines. Generally, the most common charcters would be:

- Soldiers for the band leaders.
- Mercenaries who aren't aligned to any side, but fight with those who have the upper hand - for a price.
- Band leaders, with their own set of minions.
- Rogues, solitary hermits, rangers, etc. who are aligned to nobody but themselves, and wander the city for whatever reasons they may have.
- Solitary warriors - assassins, etc. I'll be in this category, but will probably align myself to a party or band.

Would anyone be interested?

09/23/2005 9:59 AM

I'm interested...


09/23/2005 1:25 PM

Ooh sounds delightfully fun-tastic!

Could you give some more info on the "bands of men bent on destroying each other's factions"? Guilds, clans, houses???

09/23/2005 4:24 PM

The bands would bastically be small groups of warriors. Think a bit like modern street gangs. So essentially, clans would be a good category, but they could act like guilds, houses, etc. depending on what the leader wanted.

By 'men' I referred to warriors in general, so they can be any race, gender, whatever. If you wanted, you could stick it to my mysoginist describing ways and create a band of Orcish amazons called the de-pillagers. Entirely up to you, unless you want one of my NPCs. In which case, tell me and I'll hand it over if I wasn't hoping to use it myself.

I'll need plenty of players as the story grows too, so if anybody wants to join mid-game, they're quite welcome. Multiple characters are also good, if you have the spare time.

Who else wants to join? To make sure we can really get the RP moving, I want one or two more in this topic. Otherwise, I'll plan a bit more, then go ahead and start it in a couple of days.

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