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09/20/2005 6:11 PM

Nestled in the heart of the Solamnic Plains, a towering spire of shimmering crystal springs up from the very bedrock of the world, streatching towards the heavens. Some called it the Gods' Tower, an adequet if misguided name. For the Creatroix of this awe-inspiring construction was a dragon.

Lets not forget that this dragon was one of the most powerful on Krynn, the last remaining of the true daughters of the God of Light, The Platinum Father... Paladine.

Glimmer paced the tope of the spire, her wings trembling and her tail thrashed in fruy, while her golden eyes were filled with heart-wrenching fear and worry. Every so often, she'd stop and stare back at the crystalline nest, and the four bright, gem-like eggs it contained.

She turned her gaze back tot he sky and roared her frustration to the winds. Navarre, Her mate had dissapeared, and she was powerless to contact him. With him, the Staff of Light also vanished. Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.... Desperate to find her mate and the lost staff, and torn between that and guarding her nest and its' precious contents.

Perhaps this once, she should use her influence of the world of Krynn and have others look for it for a change.... She sat down on her haunches, and began to whisper her magic, knowing that even doing this would drain her.....

A brightly glowing piece of parchment appeared on the crystal slab by her feet, and she leaned over, scratching her message on the paper with one crystalline claw.

Fame and Fortune!

To all interested in undertaking a dangerous quest that may result in world renown and rewards beyond your dreams!

The Crystal dragon Glimmer awaits you at the Crystal Spire in Solamnia, if you are interested, simply sign your name at the bottom of this parchment and the imbedded spell will take you there.

Murmering again under her breath, she tossed the rolled parchment in the air, and watched as the paper grew as brittle as glass and shattered, the pieces scattering across the sky.... streaking towards those with ambition....

10/08/2005 7:13 PM

Rika and lark sat by a small fire, rika shivered. lark noticed he was cold "here rika, take this" lark said handing him a blanket, rika smiled at his brother "thanks" he said wraping himself in it. lark pulled out a flute and played a lulaby for his brother, rika yawned and fell asleep slowly.

10/09/2005 4:26 PM

When the two had fallen asleep, A Man appeared out of a rift in the sand of this universe. "hmm.... fairly andvanced dimension, No hostiles in the vicinity, Looks like it's good. I guess I will ask these people..." Tarott said to himself. Another dimensional rift, another world. "Hello! could I ask what land I am currently in?"

10/09/2005 4:45 PM

rika only snored, lark jumped up grabing his blade. "who are you?" he demanded drawing the blade, it shone brightly against the fire

10/09/2005 6:12 PM

Not too far away, a woman rode onward, continuing her exploration of Ansalon. While it wasn't her native land, she was intent on knowing all she could about it. Abruptly, she reined in the stallion she rode, and he tossed his silvery mane and snorted indignantly

:: What was that for? :: His mental voice slipped across her mind like silk, but she ignored it, and only stared up towards the sky. A Shimmering light streaked across the sky like a shooting star.

The stallion turned his cobalt blue eyes towards the sky, and watched as the light seemed to draw ever nearer. He tensed, and seemed ready to bolt when the woman rested her hand on his shoulder, her soft mental voice slipping into his mind.

::: No... Wait... Watch. :::

The stallion froze, becoming stone-still, and only his ears flicked towards each noise of the forest around them.

Kynia raised her sapphire blue eyes watching the glimmering sphere as it approached and hovered above them for a moment, bathing the pair in a prismatic light. Abruptly, with an audible 'pop', the light vanished and a parchment scroll landed neatly in Kynia's waiting hand.

:: What is it? :: the stallion intoned curiously.

Kynia read the message aloud, feeling her heart begin to race as she did. She knew this dragon, and her mate... too well in some aspects. She would do anything to help Glimmer, to repay her for the help she had givin years ago as she fought to dislodge Navarre from her lands.

However the fact that this quest that Glimmer was proposing was to search for not only the staff of light, but Kynia's own old enemy. It didn't matter that he had repented his ways, and had formally apologized for his actions, the fact that he was still alive and breathing the same air as she brought about a sense of duty to Kynia, that she abandon him to his fate, whatever it may be.

But honor tugged at her too, she owed Glimmer, and honor was more important, considering she was here to represent her people, her lands. As their Queen, she couldn't afford to loose that honor.

She clenched the scroll tight in her hand, and frowned.

:: Will we go? :: Kyel intruded in her mind, becoming impatient. Kynia stared at her Guardian, whom she really only had a faint inkling on who and what he really was, or if he would ever tell her. She wondered, not for the first time, if he ever really wondered what really went through her mind.

Kyel watched Kynia, watched the frown that creased her brow, as the wind played with her dark hair, splaying the heavy locks against the backdrop of the star strewn sky. He knew that her mind again had strayed to his origins, and he knew that he couldn't really explain it, for as it is she thought he was invulnerable. However, he was as fallable as she was, just as susceptible to doubt and injury...

Kynia was silent for a full minute as the wind toyed her dark hair, occasionally intertwining it with Kyel's silver mane , before she spoke.

"Yes. But I think we'll ride, we're not far from her Tower...."

Kyel nodded, and turned without her direction, heading west, towards the heart of the forest. Knowing their trail would carry them through to the edge, and into the plains of Solamnia.

Grasping hold of the reins that was attatched to a silvery-blue bitless bridle, Kynia balanced herself as Kyel lept forward, thundering through the night, heading unknowingly towards their future companions.

10/09/2005 6:14 PM

Working out in the field finishing up some work he was doing on a persons farm he takes one last look across their land. A movement catches the corner of his eye and he sees its a paper flapping, caught amongst the bushes. Not wanting to be fined for letting trash just blow around he moves over and picks up the paper.

He is intrigued to read what is inscribed upon it, but not having a pen on him and not much one for writing, he rolls it up and goes back to the main house.

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10/09/2005 8:04 PM

"who are you?"

"The name is Tarott, and I'm not from around here." This was a massive understatement. "I assure you, I mean you no harm, I just wanted to get to know the natives, or whoever is from around here. I haven't been here very long, and suffice to say, I am lost. So please put away knife, and lets talk."

10/09/2005 11:30 PM

After finishing his meal with the family of the household, of which the topic of his find was of discussion, he collects the rest of payment and takes his leave.


"Thats an interesting invitation, who do you think it was meant for?" asked the head of the house.

" Maybe it was for you pa." stated the youngest boy of about 8 years of age.

That made most of those at the table laugh.

" Or it could have been for William..." proposing the oldest daughter cutting a small glance Williams way.

"Well," said the father, " I think William found it, so its on him to decide if it be fate..or somebodys folly." He added the last part with a slight smirk and light laugh. William didnt speak much on the matter after that, just thinking the issue over.

Shaking hands William begins to take his departure out on the road. As he walks down the path leading away from the house he looks at the charcoal pencil in his hand that was recently given to him. pocketing it for the time being, William adjust the pack on his back and continues walking into the night.

10/11/2005 9:04 AM

Darrel kissed his wife gently on the lips. "I will return, my lady," he assured her.

Gail stared at the scroll in his hands. It was a message he had recieved that morning. "What do you think is wrong?" she asked him, more then a little worried.

He shrugged, "All I know is this, it's a dragon."

"One of the metalics, do you think?" she questioned.

"Do you really think a red or black dragon would ask for help?" he retorted.

She shook her head and laughed at her own folly. Then, with seriousness etched in her voice, she whispered, "Be careful, my lord. The knights still hunt for you and I do not wish to become a widow."

"Somehow," he told her as he grasped his reins, "I do not think you'd be overly upset with that."

"Darrel!" Her eyes widened. She couldn't believe he had just said that. "You are my love. My only love."

"Just not your only lover," he said with an ironic grin.

"You should talk," she growled hotly.

He shrugged and patted her on the shoulder. "I'll be back, Gail. I promise you this. Now, I must be off."

"Perhaps you should call to Tinsel or Coby?"

He looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "How do you expect me to do that?"

She bowed her head and shrugged. "I'd feel better if one of them were with you."

"I've ridden into battle alone before. You have little to fear," he told her. He then kicked his horse and was gone.

Gail watched as her husband disappeared down the road. When the dust settled and she could no longer see him, she turned around and walked back into the village.


Darrel rode on through the night. He held onto the horse with his legs and took out the small scroll he had recieved. He read over the contents again. "Glimmer," he whispered, his lips forming the words.

Why would a dragon need the help of mortals?

10/11/2005 12:40 PM

Walking through a good portion of the night William was not sure where exactly he was headed. Perhaps at the next town he comes to hed stop in and have a few drinks to decide where his destination lies.

For the time being, however, he is going to call it a night and get some sleep in to be well rested for what ever he decides. So taking off the path to its side he takes in down besides a tree and covers himself with a spare shirt as a blanket.

And in the cool of the early morning night he silently snoozes off to sleep.

10/12/2005 5:32 PM

Lark sheithed his sword and sat, he made a gesture asking him to sit and talk near the fire. "i am lark, the oaf sleeping is my younger brother, Rika" Lark paused "i know nothing of these lands, nothing entirly important anyways..." Rika rolled over, Lark smiled at him then turned to there guest

10/13/2005 3:17 AM

"That is alright, I just wish to find companions, so I may partake in this." Tarott held up a piece of parchment he picked up moments earlier. It had writings on it, advertising for a mercenary callup.

OOC: the thing up the top... The dragon sent it

10/13/2005 5:37 PM

"so, what is it?" lark stopped to read it"i'd love to help, but my brother and i are trying to hide from some certain bandats. They are trying to kill me, my brother Rika there probably going to keep as a slave" he sighed, Rika sat up he looked at lark then the new comer. Rika lazely walked up to them "who's that? your boy freind lark?!" he laughed "will you shut up! you know i like girls you lout!" lark yelled hitting him upside the head many times

10/15/2005 6:13 AM

"Woah, woah, calm down... Maybe I can help you dispose of the bandits. Just tell me where they are and I will make sure they don't bother you again." Tarott said. He was acheing for battle, and he didn't mind who...

10/15/2005 11:39 AM

"no, there everywhere. even my father, a knight of this kingdom couldn't. it's sad, because of them.... i had to leave my father and the other knights. Rika would have become a knight, but now it can't be done..." Lark sighed, Rika nodded in despair.

Something moved in the bushes behind them, bandits probably. Lark turned around, then turned back to there visitor. 10 to 20 men jumped out all pointing there swords and axes at Lark,Rika and the visitor. Lark sat still, if he moved he would be killed. Rika stood shaking in fear, they might kill him aswell

10/17/2005 2:40 AM

Tarott could see the fear in his friends eyes. He could feel hatred in each and every bandit's heart. The emotions overwhelmed him, and he closed his eyes..........
After several seconds, his eyes flew open. He jumped into the sky, as wings sprouted from his back. He dove up, then plummetted down into the midst of the bandits. Drawing his two katanas Aefelfirth and Kalthronas, he slashed away at mind-blowing speeds. He dodged to the left, then braught his katanas smashing down onto the first bandit. He jumped to the right, narrowly missing an enemy's thrust. His blades whirred as he cut down any that opposed him. He backflipped onto one of the opponents, breaking his neck with knees. He then bounded back to his friends, waiting for the next attack......

10/17/2005 2:28 PM

Rika and Lark watched in amazment, then they too jumped into the fray. Lark was fightingwith the one who looked to be the leader, trying to cut off larks head he was. Rika was trying to kill another, though it proved hard for him. Lark dodged and missed attacks from the bandits

10/18/2005 12:55 AM

Tarott jumped back into the fray..... Slashing, hacking, ect.

OOC: can't post much be back soon......

10/18/2005 1:33 PM

Lark was becoming tired "getting tired boy?" the bandit asked still tryng to cut off Larks head. Rika lay on the ground panting as a bandit had a dagger to his neck

10/18/2005 3:37 PM

Kyel and Kynia had reached the heart of the forest, and the stallion brought himself up short, as the sounds of fighting reached his sensitive ears. Kynia had reacted the moment he slowed, shifting her position to keep from meeting his neck with her nose. She kept silent, as his ears turned towards the sound, then his head.

She would've asked why he had stopped when the sounds of figting reached her ears as well. She didn't bother to say anything, the sense of her thoughts was enough as Kyel turned and raced towards the sounds.

It didn't take long for a beast of Kyel's stamina and speed to reach the battleground. Remnants of a camp were scattered everywhere, and the pair stopped long enough to figure out what was going on.

:: Get the boy... I'll take care of the one that seemes to be leading this ruccus ::

Kynia gathered her feet beneath her as Kyel plunged forward, trumpeting a battle cry, his ears flattened against his skul and sharp incisors bared. He banked sharply, and attempted to trample the bandit who had Rika pinned to the ground, while Kynia vaulted off of the stallions' back to draw her sword in mid-air.

She met the bandit's sword as he brought it around for another swing at Lark. Metal against metal rang out, sparks flying as the blades slid against each other.

"Get back" Kynia growled towards Lark. "He's no match for me."

10/18/2005 3:42 PM

Rika jumped up shocked that aid had come, Lark stepped back and stood next to his brother panting. "who are they?" Rika wispered, Lark shook his head

10/18/2005 6:47 PM

Kyel reared up, striking the closest raider in the head, the human dropped like a stone. Snorting in distaste, he danced away from the fallen man, and rounded towards the next closest, while Kynia engaged the leader.

"You think you can best me? Little Girl??" He snarled.

"Fool...." She hissed between clenched teeth as she twisted her blade, catching his and prying it out of his grasp. The sword caught the light of the two moons, silver Solinari and Scarlet Lunitari, twisting the light into a garish purple, reflecting it into the Leaders' eyes.

He flinched and stepped back a pace, trying to see past the glare. "Damn!!" He spat, dropping to a crouch as he heard another of his men fall to the hooves of the Stallion.

"Get out of here, before I change my mind on being so generous as to let you live." Kynia spat.

All around him, the Leader could hear the remaining bandits scramble for cover as they made their escape, leaving him at the mercy of this strange woman. Finally he turned, still semi-blind and stumbled towards the cover of the trees.

"You'll regret that bitch!" He snarled.

Kyel snorted and walked over to Kynia as she sheathed her sword. He fixed the trio with his abnormal blue eyes, and tossed his head, making the silvery-blue tack jingle.

:: Now what? :: He questioned within Kynia's mind

She pointedly ignored him, not wanting to give all their secrets away just yet. "Seems they had you at a disadvantage... I am Kynia Rilisari, this is my companion, Kyel....."

10/19/2005 12:32 PM

"thanks for the help, i'm Lark. This is my brother, Rika" Lark said bowing in respect, Rika did the same. Lark looked at there camp, he noticed they took his horse with all there supplies "DAMNIT! they took my horse with all our supplies and money!" Lark screamed in frustrasion(sp?) Rika gave him a glare, Lark glared back at him. Lark sat on a fallen log "now what" he wispered sighing

10/20/2005 12:35 AM

Lark sat on a fallen log "now what" he wispered sighing

"Maybe this supposed 'quest' is the answer. I would be happy to acompany you, and I desire no riches of this world." Tarott answered. He then turned to the newcomers "I believe we have not met. My name is Tarott. I a traveller in these parts, and I do not yet know the customs...."

10/20/2005 12:02 PM

"i guess we must, now that we have no supplies...." Lark complained, Rika's eyes lit up "yeah! we might be rewarded!!" He exclaimed jumping in the air many times

10/20/2005 1:50 PM

"Quest? Reward??" Kynia fished out the scroll from the hardened leather case attatched to Kyel's saddle. "Are you talking about Glimmer? that quest?"
She paused, not really waiting for an answer.

"Well if that's the case, you don't even need to activate the spell... I can lead you to her tower, I know her personally....and owe her a debt that is why I travel to her aid."

10/20/2005 4:27 PM

"yeah. we need supplies though..." Lark said standing up, Rika walked up to him and smacked Lark "cheer up!" he said Lark grabed a stick and beat him with it. Lark then sat back down "leave me be..." he wispered

10/21/2005 1:36 AM

"Well let's get started, then.... We will most probably come across the most fortune if we stick together." Tarott said as he leaned over, brushing his tunic.

10/21/2005 12:24 PM

"alright.." Lark muttered standing up and placing a hand on his sword's hilt, Rika gathered up his sword and scabberd and sheithed it. Rika walked up to Lark smiling "this might be fun! cheer up big brother!" he said. Lark smiled then placed a hand on his shoulder, Rika's happy nature always cheered him up

10/25/2005 2:51 PM

Kynia nodded, and then glanced at the others. "Have you horses?" She wondered, knowing that without using the teleport spell, it would be a slow trek without horses. Kyel snorted, knowing what she was getting at, and pranced a pace, prideful knowing that no horse of Ansalon could keep up with him.

10/25/2005 5:33 PM

"i used to, the bandits stole him..... he was my best horse too. i know that he'll be fine, he won't let them ride him only if he knows you or if i'm with you. though they may call him useless and kill him instead..." Lark said trying to hold back tears, his father gave him that stallon and now he was lost to Lark. Lark wished he could get his horse back..

10/25/2005 10:49 PM

"You may have noticed earlier, that I have no need for horses." He glanced to his back, where the wings had grown. "As for the others, I am not sure if they can find new steeds, as I am not familiar with this land's customs."

10/28/2005 7:54 AM

OOC: Sorry for my bad spelling...

Anna was riding alone, upon her guilding moonlight, when a piece of parchment floated torward her upon the... [i]wind[/i]? 'What wind? What in heaven or earth is wrong with this?' She thought stopping the horse, agienst her better judgement, to catch it. Reading the message she thought long and heard about its contense. 'Ah fu*k it!' She decided and wrote her name down.

Instently she felt a pull and then felt as if she was in a giant surrenge. Woosh-She was sucked in before she realised it and Woop-she was standing atop her horse face dead white matching her knuckles that clutched her raighns.

She was infrunt of a large tower that shimmered. It would glow even without light' She thought with a shake of her head as she dismounted. sence there where no stables she just hitched the palamino to a cristal with a little of her feed from the packs.

Moonlight was shaking and wouldnt eat. Now this is weird! Again she shook her head and instead of going into the crystal tower she sat on some, compherting her horse.

*EDIT NOTE* Alvanna, I fixed your italics html error and spaced your paragraphs, you have to double space to make it more legible :D

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11/01/2005 2:33 PM

Glimmer felt the ebb and flow of the magic as the first of the adventurers appeared at her spire. She crouched on the edge of the tower and craned her sinuous neck to look down. Her sharp vision picked out the girl and her trembling horse and Glimmer launched herself from the spire, her wings only slowing her fall as she decended.

Several hundred yards from the ground, she began to shift form. Wings fading, becoming a billowing cloak and gown, silvery hair flowing around a human face. Eyes closed in concentration, Kalia landed on the ground with the barest whisper of wind and magic.

"Welcome to my home, traveler..." she said, opening her golden eyes and taking a step forward, hands empty and outstretched.

Kynia pondered this for a long moment. "Perhaps we should simply invoke the magic of the parchments that Glimmer sent to us. It would inevitably get us there much faster than walking...."

11/01/2005 3:29 PM

Lark nodded, Rika did aswell. But Rika's was more joyful than Larks, Latk was still sad about his horse

11/02/2005 2:43 AM

"Fine with me. I am yet to experience this world's magic." Tarott leaned over the parchment. "How does it work, pray tell?"

11/03/2005 1:21 PM

"yes how does this work?" Lark said walking over and staring at the parchment, Rika followed him. Lark wondered how they were to get to this 'glimmer' person

11/07/2005 5:01 PM

as KYEL and KYNIA galloped on, Royal Magic watched with intrest she was a beauitful unicorn with wings,she was solid white her horn long and sliver,her mane and tail tuched the ground,her long graceful legs carried her lightly while her wings were agianst her side,her crystal blue eyes ful of love watched KYEL,she loved him even tho he did not know her, so she fallowed them so her quest began..............

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