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09/12/2005 3:12 AM

Its been 2 months now since 5 mages , their faces well hidden under the cover of cloaks, hoods and masks, appeared in a town called Norna.
The town was burned down to the last piece and many towns have ended up like that-burned with the town's treasury gone.
Merciless killing andn pillaging has been going on since then...2 months now...2 hell of a months.
Until this night. A band of heroes will meet and hopefully change the course fate has intended...

A ball of flame flew over tha walls and hit a house. It immeditly cought fire which spread like disease - at enormous speed.
A dozen more balls of flames flew over the stone walls a little later, and soon the entire town was caught in flames. People were running around, women screaming,children crying, the men extinguishing and the elder lamenting.

Finally, 5 great eagles appeared over the walls, bearing 5 mages in dark cloaks. They were creating fire balls in their hands and throwing them around or even blasting people with lighting bolts.
From time to time the eagles would grab someone with their huge claws and eat them or throw them from a great height down.

The barracks opened and proffesional soldiers, militiamen and mercenaries who were staying there ran out. Last out of the door came Roik, being held by two of his amtes from each side. Once again he was going into the fight drunk.
" Lemme be you bastards, I can fight alone !" he yelled at them and pulled his arms from them. He took out his crossbow and while running loaded a bolt.

" Alright, everyone, make a double line here, spears front, archers second row!" a general taking command gathered his man, forming a formation, hoping to shoot the mages down while keeping the huge eagles they were riding on away from them.
" Meh, no one commands me !" Roik yelled, and he rushed through the front row forward.

" Where the hell is he running ?! He is gonna get killed !"
But it was no use. Roik was caught in his anger.

He ran through the flaming streets, rushing through panicking people until he finally caught a sight of the first mage.
He took aim and pressed the trigger. The bolt flew in a totally different angle then he aimed - that was the alcohols work.

The mage saw him and pointed his skeleton like finger at him. Roik felt fear chill through him after a long time. A bolt flew out the mages finger, blasting Roik through a window into a house with 2 elves in it.

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09/19/2005 6:08 PM

Kitara quickly got into position, prepared to attack her bow and arrow in hand. She took no notice of her leader Roik being blasted into a window until one of the archers informed her. Kitara gasped and hurried to his aid, being an archer and the armies nurse, as the town was slowly being consumed by flames. Her temper began to rise as people ran into her or in the wrong direction.

She pushed them aside as she took notice of a couple of children huddled against the wall of one house. Kitara ignored them and headed to the house in which two elves stared at her leader with shooked looks on their faces. She jumped into the broken window and inspected the injuries on Roik.

"Not again." Kitara said as she took out a bottle of wine and took its cork out with her teeth. Roik had minor injures apart from a large piece of glass carved into his forehead. She bit her bottom lip as she pulled out the glass shard from his forehead. Kitara quickly poured wine on the wound, just then Roik got to his feet wih a jump and snatched the wine from her hands. He took a bug gulp of it and smacked his lips. Once more heading into battle as her wine bottle shattered.

Kitara said her apologies to the frightened elves and jumped out the windo once more. She shook her haed and got her bow and arrow ready. "Why do I even bother..." Kitara said sighing deeply.

09/20/2005 2:51 AM

Roik felt the alcohol flow in his blood again. The black has faded and he saw Kitara - a skilled archer under his command, yet somewhat annoying. He held her under hsi command only because her father was his mercenary mate.
She grabbed his arm and tried to help him up but he yelled at her :" Hands away, woman! This is my fight ! No mage will ever defeat a mercenary, damn them!"

With these words Roik stood up but realised he lost his sword and his crossbow while in mid-air.
He started searching the ruins of the fallen wall he flew through but he couldnt find anything.
" Bloody hell, gemme more of that wine!" he grabbed the wine Kitara was carrying for medical purposes and he drank the bottle right up.

" Ahh...finally...sweet alcohol..." he whispered to himself and he smashed the bottle with a laugh.

"Come my dear," he looked at Kitara, " we shall teach them the meaning of fear together." Obviusly he was getting one of his horny moods, but Kitara would never allow him to get near her like that.

Roik walked right into the open flames, not minding the flesh melting heat.
Alcohol had one positive effect on him. Bravery.

He took a rock from the ground, took aim and thrust it at the eagle that was 50 feet above him. It opened the eagles flesh which let out a terrible scream and started falling to the ground.

" Come get me, you coward !" Roik yelled at the mage who was aiming the next fireball at him.

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09/20/2005 2:10 PM

Kitara inspeacted the eagle and looked for a soft spot to shot at it. She took out two more arrows and placed them in position with her first. Her bow made a cracking noise, that was Kitara's signal to let go of her arrows.
With a tremendous speed her three arrows carved themselfs neatly into one of the eagles wing. The eagle gave a loud screech and struggled to keep itself in the air as it flapped on of one of its wing wildly.

She grinned as one of the other head archers ordered the archers to bring down the eagles she had injured. The mage was enraged and with one swift move her threw a fireball straight at her.
Kitara's grinned whipped itself from her face as she prepared to run. She looked for an escape, but only houses with small alleys were around, she figured if she attempted to jump into one of tha alleys she would end up roasted.

Up ahead there was a well. "Perfect!", Kitara managed to breath out. With a graceful jump Kitara dived into the well. Her sweaty hot body met the cool refeshing water.
As she turned around underwater to look at the fireball miss the well by only inches. Even underwater Kitara could still hear that cries and screams of the poeple outside the saftey of the well.

After a few seconds she managed to get out of the well and headed back to her place. Her fellow archers giving her odd looks and grins. She rolled her eyes and ignored them as she saw one of the eagles on the ground.

"Where is the mage?" Kitara said as she fired her arrows one after the other.

"We don't know, some of the spear men have gone after him, but haven't returned. What happened to you?", said an archer who aimed his attacks to one of the mages, his eagle about to give out. "It doesn't matter!", Kitara hollered through the yells and cries of the people.

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09/20/2005 3:04 PM

Two strangers approach the villiage from the south, one cloaked in white, the other wearing leather armor tooled in gold and silver leaf, leading a single horse, saddle bags laden with supplies.

"We're too late..." The cloaked figure spoke softly, turning her piercing blue gaze towards her twin.

"Yes, Leila, it seems we are..." Celes stated with a frown. "Another Village destroyed."

"But not completely it seems..." Leila said, raising one delicate hand, pointing to those who have survived.

"They're lucky..."

"If you say so sister..." Leila said, a bit coldly. Leila knew what it was so survive.... and look as all you held dear was destroyed. If it hadn't been for Celes... Leila didn't know what she would have done.

"Come on, Lets go see if there is any aid we can offer." Celes tugged on the mare's reins and the beast followed her. Leila hesitated, unsure, even possibly afraid, but she followed her twin, her white ash staff in hand.

"Heyla!" Celes called out loudly,slapping the reins into Leila's hands, Celes raised her empty hands for those who gathers to see that she was not a hostile.

09/21/2005 6:29 AM

Roik slowly opened his eyes.
Everything around was burnt down, smokes were floating from the ruins into the sky above.

Everyone was taking care of the wounded. And there were a lot of them.
Roik slowly stood up.
"...what a hangover..." he said to himself when he finally felt his head hurt.

" Roik ! Thank the gods you survived !" Aldaroth came running. Aldaroth was, just like Roik a mercenary captain in a different company though.
"What happened?" Roik asked.
" The mages were attacked by Lok-Lordin's company of archers. They flew away."

That was the company Kitara statyed at.
" Gods...there'll be no living with her now."
Aldaroth smiled. " 24th time she saved your arse mate?"
" Shut it, she is skilled in bow. Gotta admit that. It's just that girl is so annoying ! Gods, she won't even sleep with any of the men, not even from her company. She ain't a woman in my eyes no more."

" Aye, that's the only thing that bothered you...ever. Isn't it. Women and alcohol...hey what's that ?" Aldaroth pointed at Roik's hand. It had pieces of flesh hanging out, obviously burned by a fireball.
" I'll go get help, stay here."

Roik tried to stop him but it was no use. So he just sat there.
After a while, a group of people gathered around someone. 2 elves on a horse.
Roik knew one of them.
" Not her !!! It can't be !!! By the Gods, this can't be possible!"
He remembered that noble face. Quickly, he pulled his hood over his face, trying to hide away from the new comers.

09/21/2005 9:58 AM

Roik had pulled his hood over his face a fraction of a second too late, for Celes had already gotten a good look at him.

"Roik? I would've thought the Gods would have struck you down by now...." Celes said with disdain, as Leila came up behind her, leading the mare.

"Humans are quite resorceful it seems...." Leila spoke softly.

Celes only laughed and reached out her hand. "Wouldn't do to see you rolling in the dust."

09/21/2005 1:07 PM

"Roik? I would've thought the Gods would have struck you down by now...."

Roik slowly put his hood down. He stared at Celes from the ground.

"Humans are quite resorceful it seems...." the other elf said, reaching her hand down towards Roik but Celes stopped her.

"Wouldn't do to see you rolling in the dust."

" Damn you, Celes ! It's been ages since we last stood on one side, yet it seems it has nay been enough ! I prayed there'd be the day when I would be hired by someone opposing your recruiter."
The two elves sat silently on their horse and only after a long silence, Roik took notice of the second elf, Leila.
"...and hello to ya. Roik is the name." he said, and he took Leila's hand kissing it. He left a stench of alcohol on her hand.
The he turned back to Celes.

" You're lucky we're on the same side again...elfling. The Gods must truly have a sence of humor putting you, a pityfull elven warrior next to me, a skilled swordsman." he said with disgust and he spat on the ground.

09/21/2005 10:49 PM

Kitara was healing one of the archers. It had seemd that in the process of battle his bow snapped in two on part carving into his hand. She was getting annoyed by the fact he hadn't checked his bow earlier for any malfunctions.

"You're such a little idiot." Kitara said as she poured a bit of wine on his injured hand as he tried to pull it away.
"You won't be saying that for long, hun." he answered back a little drowsy.

Kitara grinned and made a ruff knot at the surface of his hand. Just then Aldaroth appeared as she was putting away her freshly bought wine bottle. Kitara raised a perfectly thin brow at him, knowing what was coming.
"Roik needs healing,he-"

Kitara put her hand to his mouth. She already knew what to do an headed Roiks way as she pulled out a fresh piece of cloth. As her bow and arrows dangled behind her, Aldaroth was a few steps behind her. She saw a couple of people near Roik and two elves she had never seen before.

Kitara took off her head as she unbraided her messy braid. She combed her waist, long hair with her fingers as it slithered behind her. Kitara made her way through the people and stood infornt of the group.
She didn't dare take another step, inturding into a conversation was not a thing she would do. Thanks to her fathers manners and teachings.

09/24/2005 3:44 PM

Anna streched her wings and sored with the people of the skies. She let the sun worm her as she went cold looking far below to see a mini battle field.

She let the wind wip through her wings as she flew to her home. Once through her open window she changed and dressed, letting her hair gently brosh her back as she left her small home. A dog barked and a cat purred, worried about her. Looking down she smiled and kissed them both atop the head. Letting her feelings become that of a worried mother.

"Excuse me sir." She batted her eyes to Roik. "Those things...people...mages. They arnt comming back are they?" She stuttered out, her hands clutched together on her chest. "Do we have to evacuate?"

09/25/2005 4:44 AM

Roik stared long into the noble eyes of the half-elf.
Kitara came near but stayed out of the argument.

"Excuse me sir.Those things...people...mages. They arent comming back are they? Do we have to evacuate?

Roik turned to face the newcomer. A girl.
" Who the hell are you ?! How should I know if the mages are coming back ? How the hell should I know if we should evacuate ?! Do I look like a damn farseer to you, wench ?! WELL DO I ?!"
Once again, Roik lost his temper.

" Mind your manners, captain !" General Lothe jumped in the argument.
" And stand at attention when talking to an officer !"
Roik rolled his eyes and he and Kitara stood at attention, their body tense.

" Now then," the general continued ," our scouts followed the fleeing mages. They flew way North, to the Afrasia lands. They landed near a citadel in the heart of Afrasia. Roik, you will lead a group of people there and assasinate the mages. Once done, visit the local dwarven village Larsaria and they will send a demolition squad to blast the citadel. Any questions ?"

Roik wanted to scream. Not only did he have a terrible hang over, once again he would have to lead cowards and weaklings into battle.

" Damnit sir, I would much better do this alone then with our current choice of men."
Kitara looked offended but she kept silent.
" Roik, we are mercenaries. We get paid for killing. Once I have the money, it is up to me to decide which man does which duty. Our men were paid to take care of this ruined town.
It is YOU who will go and you will have to choose people to go along with you. But don't be a fool, you may be a great swordsman, you will not defeat mages alone."

Roik was more angry than ever before.

09/26/2005 6:12 PM

Roik turned to face the newcomer. A girl.
" Who the hell are you ?! How should I know if the mages are coming back ? How the hell should I know if we should evacuate ?! Do I look like a damn farseer to you, wench ?! WELL DO I ?!"
Once again, Roik lost his temper.

Anna raised an eyebrow, a frown comming to her lips. Before she knew it she lost her temper also. "How Dare You! Do I look as though you can shout at me and remain unharmed?!?" She slapped him hard and a large, black dog grawled behind him. Her hand stung slightly but she took a deep breath and turned her back on him.

"And you must be incharge. I wish to help in any way possable. I most certainly hope that everyone under your command isnt like this one," She jabbled her thomb behind her, indicating to Roik. "Or you'll need all the help you can get. I'm fair with bows and an excellent spy." With a tiny smile she bowed, which was may be a little much, and stood straight.

09/27/2005 1:23 PM

Maze looked down at the damage that the mages had done. "Damn, I thought I would be able to beat them here. Guess not." Maze was flying through clouds to avoid detection because he too was riding an eagle. It was the only way he could keep up with the other mages.

He pushed down on the eagle to get a closer look and then heard a scream from the ruined town. "Oh this is not good." Next thing he knew he was dodging arrows...

09/28/2005 8:17 PM

Kitara sighed deeply as Roik recived a heavy slap from the girl. She crossed her arms as a faint smile plyed through her lips. She was glad that the girl had slapped Roik, it would bring some sense into him. SHe put her heair behind her ear and fiddled with on of her arrows As the girl and the commander were discussing something she wasn't very interested to hear about.

Suddenly there was a peircing scream that ringed across the town. Kitara shivered as the scream filled her ears, quickly she reached for her bow and arrows as she searched the skies for any other mages. Her bow gave a cracking sowund a Kitara loosend her stength on the bow. There was a sudden gush of wind coming form the east, she tuned quickly as her long black hair flowed behind her.

There is was, she saw another eagle and on it a mage. With a sharp whistle the archers got into position as the eagle and its owner came into sight. Kitara placed two more arrows on her bow as she shot at the mage with increadible speed. The rest of the archers did the same as the eagle screeched in pain.

Kitara noticed that this mage was like no other, he was actually dodging their arrows and ot a single fire ball was thrown from his hand. She raised a curious eyebrow as the mages eagle gave out. She didn't know what this mage was up to, but she didn't like it. She motioned two achers to follow her as they ran to the sight in which the agle had fallen.

Their taget had fallen a few miles from the town. Kitara and her two archers were in attack mode. Her temple began to throb as the mage carefully took out each arrow from the eagle. He turned to their direction, Kitara swollowed hard as she prepared for an attack from him. This mage was confusing her and she sisn't like it at all.

09/29/2005 3:40 PM

Maze dodged here and there but the oncoming onslaught of arrows was too much for the eagle and it was hit several times. The eagle plummeted back to earth along with Maze who was still holding onto the eagle. Maze scanned for a river as they fell and saw one to his right. He whispered a few words and with his hands motioned for the water to come to him.

The water rushed towards the falling eagle and wrapped around the eagle. With the water, Maze slowly let the eagle down and he jumped off. He layed the eagle down and began to take the arrows out. One by one he slowly and gently took the arrows out while healing the wounds at the same time.

Once he was finished the eagle jumped up and was conscious once more. The eagle looked Maze in the eye and Maze nodded. The eagle took off into the sky and went back the way it came. Maze heard the archers preparing to fire on the eagle and whipped around.

"No!" Maze created to water balls in his hand and tossed them at two of the archers. They lowered their bows to fire on him but it was too late. When the water balls hit them they immediately froze in place. Now it was just Maze and the girl archer (Kitara).

He raised his hands behind his back and got on his knees. "Arrest me or kill me, your choice." With this he closed his eyes and waited for the girl archers next move.

09/29/2005 4:37 PM

Kitara waited patiently, she ignored her frozen commrads, as her viwe was directly on the mage. Her fingers were growing red from holding on to her arrow for such a long time. She was about to shoot the mage in the chest when he raised his arms. She had thought he was going to attck, but instead he got on his knees.

Kitara was confused now more than ever. She could just spare herself the confusment and shoot him, but that was not what her father had taught her, He had always said, "Friend or Foe? One is never sure."

Kiatar took the mages word for granted, with her bow and arrow ready she approached him. Kiatara took out her cuffs, she took one of his hands, surprisingly warm and attached one of the cuffs to his wrist doing the same with the other. She helped him get ot his feet as the rest of the army was seen coming their way.

Kitara's face was inches away from his own, as she spoke into his ear. "What are you up to, mage?" Kitara said her voice unsteady. "Why do you surrender so easily into the hands of your enemy?". She pushed a string of hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear as the wind fiddled with it. As she awaited the answer she saw a few splinters on his hands from the arrows he yanked out. a trickled of blood here and there.

09/30/2005 4:53 AM

Roik exploded in anger.
" What the hell are you doing ?!" he yelled at Kitara when he saw her arresting him and whispering something to his ear.
" By the Gods, kill him at instant !" he pushed Kitara with force aside and he took his sword out.
He kicked Maze so he fell on his knees, his head bowed down.
" Any last wish, you scum of sorcery ?"

"Dag blast it, hold it Captain !" the General came running in once again.
He helped Kitara stand up first and then he grabbed Maze by his cuffs and helped him stand up.

" Captain, damnit, we hold captives ! No unnecesary killing !"
Roik shot a terrible look at Kitara.

10/03/2005 2:59 PM

Maze tried to move back as his face came closer to his. No one had ever been that close to him so he felt a bit awkward. He then sighed and looked at her from a side glance. "I surrenderred because you wouldn't trust me unless I was willing to put my life in your hands. Am I correct?"

Maze then noticed a man rushing towards them yelling. Next thing he knew he was gasping for breath on his knees. He lowered his head to the ground and continued to gasp for breath. He was then helped up once again as another man had stopped the other from taking Maze's life.

"Thank you." Maze said as he calmly regained control of his breathing.

10/03/2005 4:20 PM

"I-", Kiatara was about to answer as Roik pushed her to the ground with all his force. She landed on her side as her hair completeley covered her face. She flung it out of her way as he was about to finish off the mage. Both anger and astonishment crossed her mind as a few rocks cut her plam. Luckily, the general stopped Roik form doing so, as he helped her to her feet.

Kitara shot back the same look to Roik, as her jaw line could clearly be seen. Engraged, by his dumb actions, Kitara took her bow in hand and stomped toward Roik. As she approached him she gave him a sarcastic smile. With that she swung her hand and with all her strength hit him across the face with her bow. It turned out being a sort of bow slap, punch. Roik's face turned to the side, looked down, and came up, wild eyes gazing at her. She had left a slash across his cheek as streaks of blood spilled form it.

She gave him a heavy glare, as she was about to strike him again, but the General ordered an archer to hold her back. The archer wrapped his arm around her waist as Kitara gave in. Knowing that the generals comand was more important to follow. "He gave in," Kiatara said her voice shaking wioth rage. "what else did you expect of me. I save lives not take them away uless I have to, Roik, you drunken fool."

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