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09/10/2005 1:23 PM

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The crowd roared; the air thick with their excitement. The pungent odor of sweat and blood permeated the entirety of the Coliseum; a smell that one never quite gets used to. An automated voice calls out from the Judge's booth:

"Survivors; combatants 204J-12, 341S-88, 152S-17..."

The dust slowly settled around fighter 152S-17, John Snow, as the rest of the names were called out. Only 8 had survived this time. There was one round left, and John knew he was not going to die today.

He had taken down more than his share of the opposing prisoner team, and then a few bots. He hardly had a scratch on him. This is what came from 3 years experience in the Coliseum. The voice rang out again.

"Prepare for the Final round."

The remaining prisoners huddled in the center. This round was always the hardest; it would be amazing if half of them survived. Trapdoors opened in the ground and brought up a vast assortment of weapons. On the center of one of the pedestals was Snow's personal weapon: a katana. One of the newer fighters, a huge hulk of a man, reached out and snatched the sword from it's perch atop of the pile. The crowd gasped; obviously this man didn't know his place. Silently, Snow creeped up behind him. As he neared the fighter, Snow snatched an axe from a nearby pile. In the blink of an eye, Snow had retrieved his sword. The lifeless body of the foolish fighter fell to the ground with a sickening thud, the axe still lodged in the back of his skull.

The crowd went wild; Snow had just killed one of his own teammates! He turned and walked back to the group of combatants. The extra weapons sunk back into the ground as the six Coliseum doors opened.

[i]No,[/i] Snow thought as he watched the wolves slowly appear from the dark. [i]Today is not my day to die.[/i]

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11/01/2005 6:05 PM

Bobby quickly grabbed his broad sword befor the weapons went back to there resting place.

One of the newer fighters, a huge hulk of a man, reached out and snatched the sword from it's perch atop of the pile. The crowd gasped; obviously this man didn't know his place. Silently, Snow creeped up behind him. As he neared the fighter, Snow snatched an axe from a nearby pile. In the blink of an eye, Snow had retrieved his sword. The lifeless body of the foolish fighter fell to the ground with a sickening thud, the axe still lodged in the back of his skull

"HAAHAHAHAHA!! Stupid man! you should have watched your back! Hehehehe."

Bobby didnt really like this guy Snow, but he was a damn good fighter and was a little impressed by him. 'He aint as big as me but he can sure kick some ass...'

As the wolves crept out of the shadow the giant grinned and hoped he would get the first one. Right as he thought that it wasnt gonna happen one of the timber wolves lept for is throat, but was met by the side of his masive blade. Two more followed...

11/02/2005 2:41 AM

The voice returned. "Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight! I give you... An Everstay!" The floor opened up, and Davian looked up. He stepped out of the circle, and the wolves winced. The sheer animalistic aura of the newcomer frightened him. Davian shot away from the group, diving from one wolf to another, giving them a good dose of 20,000 volts of good, solid electroshock. After killing seveteen of the animals, he dove towards the center, ending in a combat roll. He got up and dusted himself, then returned to his part of the circle. The croud went wild. They loved the everstays. They always faught the most ferociously.

11/02/2005 5:30 PM

Snow grumbled. He hadn't even lifted his sword, which was bad enough in itself, but the fact that the announcers hadn't even realized he was there in the first place. After all, he, too, was an everstay. He turned to Davian, cold anger in his eyes. He lifted his sword, pointing it menacingly.

"Next time, leave a few of them for me!" He growled, scowling at the man who had just stolen his spotlight. He then whipped around and threw his katana directly at the announcer's booth. It flew through the air, twanging as it hit it's mark in the thick glass layer between the prisoners and the announcer. The announcer's stunned face could almost be seen behind the wobbling sword.


Snow turned back toward Davian, still scowling.

"I don't mind if you fight beside me, but if you get in my way..." Snow moved to Davian, their faces almost touching, "...I'll kill you." Snow continued past, making his way to the exit.

11/02/2005 9:44 PM

"You don't scare me, nothing does anymore. Sooner or later, one of four things will happen. Either you die, I die, We both die, or we get out of here. I'm alright with any. So if you intend to kill me, let's see you take a shot at it. But if not, I suggest we continue." Davian stood up, allowing the announcer to continue.

11/03/2005 6:53 PM

Davian stood up, allowing the announcer to continue.

"That ends today's third and final round -" The announcer was cut off by the dissatisfied groaning of the crowd, slowly rising into a disgruntled uproar. The announcer could be seen screaming into the microphone, but to no effect. The shadows of a riot could be seen; a huge, undulating crowd made up of hundreds of thousands of angry "patrons" could have no positive outcome. In a sudden act of desperation, the announcer dove to the console and smashed a small, red button. Immediately, platforms rose from the ground. The crowd hushed, waiting to see what was awaiting the remaining prisoners.

Snow glared to the platforms behind him with utter disgust. He had left the circle alone, believeing today's battle to be over. On each of the four platforms were ten prisoners, all wearing bright orange. [i]The bastard! He plans to slaughter us![/i] It was obvious that the forty prisoners were realatively new. They held their weapons too lose, in the wrong hand, or in the wrong place. Still, there were too many of them to fight head on; the numbers were still five to one. [i]Even with two everstays,[/i] Snow thought, [i]these are terrible odds.[/i] Snow glanced up at the announcer's booth, rage in his eyes. His sword was still there, lodged in the glass. The hissing sound of the platforms as they stopped brought his eyes back down to the arena. He slowly removed his shirt, revealing his bare chest, adorned with a single scar. Across his chest was once a deep gash from his first day in the arena. He cracked his make-shift whip.

"Round Four, begin!" The crowd sounded in a deafening roar of pure bloodlust.

11/04/2005 3:07 AM

Now Davian was getting annoyed. He turned to the only other person who could stand up in these odds. "The only way we're going to get through this is to turn them against themselves. They're new, so as soon as the fight begins, they'llstrike anything that moves. Here's the plan. We let them charge, then when I give the signal, we jump. Try to get above everyone else. The higher we get, the more chance we live. Ready?" The enemy rabble charged. "Steady," They were getting closer. "Steady," They were almost on top of them. "NOW!!!!!!!!"

11/06/2005 12:29 PM

Sinn leveled his blade to let the two wolves kill them selves on it. He watched an everstay electrocuted the shit out of the rest of the wolves.

"Hey budy leave some for the rest..."

Snow was far madder than he was and he let the man know it. Evedently they knew eachother. Sinn didnt care for this other guy either. 'Show off' his thoughts drifting 'days over, damn'.

"ROUND FOUR!" the announcer screamed!

Sinn turned to see fourty brand new prisoners. You can always tell the new ones by the orange they wear and how shaky they are with there weapons.

We let them charge, then when I give the signal, we jump. Try to get above everyone else. The higher we get, the more chance we live. Ready?" The enemy rabble charged. "Steady," They were getting closer. "Steady," They were almost on top of them. "NOW!!!!!!!!"

Sinn took advantage of the eversay's idea and took too the air, but he just wanted to get back down once he was up. He wanted to slaughter all of them. What right did they have he be such an opposition? They were new. They hadn't earned that kind of respect!

He came crashing down on top of them. His broad sword made it clean through two of them. He swung around in a circle, his blade grasped by both hands exitending it from his body. He look down eight more of them. All at once they took there attnetion to him.


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11/06/2005 9:55 PM

"You asshole!" Davian screamed. "You just ruined the menouvre!" Now the prisoners had common enemy. They knew who they were fighting now. Davian jumped off the shoulders of the prisoner he was standing on, and landed outside the melle. He looked around for Snow. Snow may be ignorant, but he needed a skilled fighter to defend against the horde.

11/07/2005 10:31 AM

"Yeah well you might want to take advantage of that kind of situation!!"

He turned to the closest "newbie" and put his blade right through him and into the next guy. He flung them both of of his blade as he went for the others.

He felt a hard woodend club against his back and another weapon pierce his side. Three other people clobbered him wiht sticks. Befor he knew it he was under a dozen prisoners attempting to puch and kick him as he was down.

"You assholes had better take advantage of this and KILL THEM!!"

11/07/2005 7:01 PM

Snow had watched the men in the middle try to formulate a plan. Lucky for him, many of the fighters who were originally coming to him left towards the others in the center of the stadium. Seeing his chance, Snow lashed out with his makeshift whip at the nearest prisoner. After the shirt wrapped around the prisoner's head, Snow violently yanked the shirt back, breaking the neck of the unexperienced figher. The sickening crunch of the neck cought the attention of some of the other prisoners, who turned. Seeing Snow weaponless, they charged. Snow smirked at the oncoming fighters. As the first prisoner neared, recklessly waving around his small axe, Snow readied his whip. With a swift crack, Snow had disarmed the prisoner by breaking his wrist. The man recoiled in pain, dropping his tomahawk. Snow dove and rolled, picking it up as he passed. A few quick swings made the other prisoners around him no longer a threat.

Snow slowly looked up to the announcer's booth, his sword still jutting awkwardly into the air. Behind him, the prisoner with the broken wrist stood up. He grabbed one of the weapons from his fallen teamate and slowly crept toward Snow. The prisoner raised his arm to strike, but in the blink of an eye, Snow had thrown the tomahawk, dislodged his katana, recovered it and, in a beautiful stroke, had slashed at the prisoner. After a moment's hesitation, the head of the prisoner fell to the ground.

11/07/2005 11:19 PM

Snow was obviously handling himself. Davian charged forward, and drove a baton into a crowd of noobs. The shock carried through the group, blowing them to the ground. Not enough to kill them, but enough to make them no longer a problem. He then faught his way over to Snow, and said "United we stand, divided we fall,"

11/08/2005 3:38 PM

Sinn rolled out to the Bobby-dogpile and started bashing and slashing his way over to the other two Everstays. He grasped his side with a slight wince of pain. His shirt was completely torn off and his pant legs were shredded. Bruses covered his body and face, but he held his sword steady.

"Ok I think I will listen to you guys...my plan didnt really work," His side still bleeding and his knees wobbly,"I will live to finish this day."

11/08/2005 10:15 PM

"United we stand, divided we fall,"

Snow sighed understandingly and yet recultantly; he knew he needed help if he was to survive through the last battle. Already, all but four of the original fighters had been killed. Only Snow and three others were left.

"Ok I think I will listen to you guys...my plan didnt really work," His side still bleeding and his knees wobbly,"I will live to finish this day."

"If we are to work together, let me make this evident. We are not friends in any way; we are only doing this to survive, got it? The only reason I'm helping you is so I can survive. That's it." The fourth fighter screamed as he was engulfed in the crowd of frenzied prisoners. "It looks as though there are about thirty more; if we can each get ten we should be fine. Here they come." The prisoners had begun to surround the three men. Suddenly, they converged. Snow looked back at his two new allies, and nodded. [i]We may live through this after all...[/i]

11/09/2005 2:52 AM

Davian's world exploded in a fiery ball of hatred and revenge. He jumped up, rising like a dove. He kicked off the other teammates and landed headfirst in the crowd. Chaos ensued as screams and gurgles echoed through the battlefield

11/10/2005 10:36 AM

Encircled my the crazed noobies Bobby only thought one thing, keeping them infront of all of us. As Davian launched himself at the oppontents he openned up hole.

"Come snow we need them infront of us or we will surly be engulfed by weapons of death."

He made his way twards the opening swinging his sword back and forth just enough to keep the prisoners seperated long enough for the two everstays to get through.

11/25/2005 10:09 AM

[i]So that's how he's going to play it? Fine.[/i] Davian had left the group. Again. Snow had given up. He angrily followed Bobby, slashing at any man who came into his path. One after another, the prisoners would lunge at him and Bobby only to be thrown back into the seething crowd. Suddenly, two prisoners slashed at Snow from either side. Snow barely rolled out of the way before he was sliced in twine.

[i]It looks like I underestimated them.[/i]

Snow turned and walked in reverse to Bobby until their backs touched. Keeping his guard up, he craned his neck around toward his teamate.

"We're surrounded. I have a plan..."

A flying axe forced Bobby and Snow to separate. A kick to the chest sent the prisoner reeling as Snow returned to Bobby's back.

"See that crack there?" Snow said as he pointed to the dusty ground. "Shove your sword into it as deep as you can!"

A large group of prisoners prepared to attack.

"On three! One! Two!"

The prisoner's began a mad dash towards Bobby and Snow.


11/26/2005 7:48 PM

Sinn liftend and slammed his sward into a sliver in the ground and turned his attention to the closest threat and grabbed him by the neck and threw him back twards the zombies with weapons.

"I hate noobs!" his shouted right befor his calf tasted cold sharp metal, "Ahg! You little shit!" He smashed the brawly girl on the head with his fist and blood pured from the wound. She collapsed, her eyes wide open as her body lie motionless on the ground.

"NOW WHAT SNOW?" His heart was starting to sound like the crowd.

11/27/2005 9:53 PM

Davian had them right where he wanted. They were all connected in some way. He stabbed two people with the shock prods, sending a chain reaction through the crowd. It wouldnt kill them, but it would give them 5 minutes to rest.....

11/30/2005 3:19 PM

Sinn's sword had been lodged deep into the silver crack in the ground. Deeper, even, than Snow had expected. Snow pressed his foot hard against the flat end of the sword, slowly prying open the ground. As it was opened, the machinery inside began to fizzle and pop sending a shower of sparks into the air. Suddenly the ground beneath them began to shift, signaling to Snow that his plan had worked.

"GET DOWN!" Snow shouted while making a wild dive for Sinn, as the sparks shot higher and higher into the stadium. With a thundering sound, the crack where Sinn's sword had been lodged exploded in a huge fireball, taking with it a large number of the prisoners. Sinn's sword, apparently quite durable, had been thrown from the explosion and was now lodged in the midsection of a hapless fighter.

Snow tightened his grip on his sword, his body trembling with exitement. [i]These odds don't look so bad after all![/i]

12/02/2005 5:55 PM

As Bobby was lifting his head he noticed that much and changed since a few seconds ago. Sinn was overwhelmed and confused about what had just happened. Sparks... fire... explosions and death. 'OK, Snow knows what he's is doing...follow him...'

"MY SWORD!!" He looked around in a panic. The hilts gimmer caught his eye and he turned ot see it stuck in the ground right through a bloody corpes. He ran blindly to grab it only to meet a club in the head. He fell falt on his back as he looked up an saw the club coming right down on him!

12/03/2005 5:49 PM


Snow watched as Bobby dashed towards his sword. He turned to follow, only to catch the tip of a blade in his lower back. He stumbled from the pain, recovering by spinning on his left toe and catching himself on his right leg. He then pushed off toward the offending prisoner, ducking under a second attack and piercing him in the stomach. Kicking the body off of his sword, Snow turned around to see that Bobby had been knocked down. He saw a man standing above Bobby, preparing to bring his club down on Bobby's face. Snow dove for Bobby's sword, ripping it out of the dead body and in a huge swing, throwing it towards Bobby. The sword flew towards the prisoner, slicing right through his arms. Rather than taking a club to the head, Bobby was showered with the prisoner's blood.

12/05/2005 12:37 PM

Blood squirted down on his face as he watched his own blade fling by him.

"Not again..." Bobby scrambled to his feet expecting to see his broad sword across the arena. He flaired his head up and noticed his blade once again sticking out of another bloody corpes. He desided to be more causious this time grabbing the closest person and used him for a shield. After only a few steps of people hacking and slashing he threw the now bleeding shield away and yanked his sword from the skinny piece of flesh that shiethed it. Bobby swung blocking two other weapons and and found its way through a thick bald man. He had backed up in to a corner with four newbies closing in on him.

"I feel sorry for you bunch o'loosers!"

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