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09/09/2005 1:52 PM

I swear to God, if my computer breaks down ONE MORE TIME.... Well, In any case, it broke again, so I'm just giving up. I am bringing it in to a professional and I'm gonna get it fixed once and for all. Somehow, I no longer have an operating system, a floppy drive, or a cd burner drive at all. So I'm just gonna get it fixed by the tech guy here at work, and then I'm gonna upgrade a bunch of stuff. Just found a 160 gb hard drive for 40 bucks, which, for some reason, only allows me to use 127 gb of its full capacity. It's not even a cheap one! It was normally 120 dollars! But, before I begin to stray away ( I may never find my way back ), I'm just going to say that I should be on soon, but for the weekend, I will not be able to post anywhere. Same goes for Monday, and possibly Tuesday, depending on how badly I screwed it up.

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