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09/04/2005 2:14 PM

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[i]Congratulations on your successful application for the vacancy aboard the Capricorn!

I am pleased to inform you that my agent recommended you as being highly trustworthy and more than capable of the job in hand.

A complimentary payment of 1000 credits has been paid into your personal account in assurance of your discretion.

Our newly assembled crew are to meet at the Binary Starport on Arid-6, stardate:70349, 03:20, 17:15 hrs. You will find a one-way ticket aboard a passenger shuttle enclosed within this package to ensure your safe arrival.

I am looking forward to our meeting and am fully confident of our future success together.

Bo Van Andle.[/i]

* * * * *

Bo Van Andle walked around his newly acquired vessel admiringly. Yeah she'd done a few billion miles in her time, and she was hardly the best looking ship he'd ever seen. Still, he was confident enough she was a tough old bird and she could get the job done without any major problems. Beside, he'd only just managed to scrape enough cash together to pay for this. Oh how things will change, he thought to himself. He couldn't hide the smile that crept onto his face as he thought about how he would possibly manage to spend the millions of credits they would all make from this voyage.

Still smiling, Bo looked down at his wrist watch. The shuttle would be arriving in less than fifteen minutes.

Suddenly the smile vanished as Bo felt something hard press into the back of his neck.

"What th..?"

"Don't move!" hissed a female voice.


"I said don't move!" she hissed with increased venom, "Drop the case and put you hands on your head and step forward, and don't turn around!"

Quickly realising he had little choice, Bo reluctantly dropped the briefcase onto the floor and did as he was instructed.

* * * * *

Arid-6 was a fairly unpleasant place and the Binary Starport was fairly quiet in respect of this. Cygo stood in the starport's waiting area where Bo had sent him to meet the rest of the crew and guide them to the secluded dock where the Capricorn awaited.

He watched the passenger shuttle as it slowly descended into the dock. A young blonde haired woman who seemed to be in a bit of a hurry, suddenly caught the droid's eye. She weaved between the few bystanders and then disappeared into another docking area.

Cygo turned his attention back to the shuttle as it docked noisily in front of him.

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09/04/2005 2:44 PM

Roy Langan skulked a little bit, he had to admit. It wasn't a pleasant thing for a man to do but sometimes you just had to admit that you were skulking. He finished his cigarette, a very bad habit from his Infantry days, stubbed the butt out on the wall and threw it in the bin. Blowing smoke out of his mouth, he flexed out his shoulders and was as always reminded of his age by the dulling ache that seemed to hang about his joints permanantly these days. His pulse pistol jabbed uncomfortably into his side in it's holster beneath his blue sleeveless jacket. Everything was against him today.

So this was his first berth after the Infantry. Maybe on civvie street he could avoid making enemies of the people who could get him fired without a second thought. Probably not, come to think of it. The Capricorn, the note from Bo Van Andle had said. Admittedly, Roy hadn't read much past the 1000 credit advance for a few hours. He'd been shopping for the first time in ages and was sporting all new clothes. Sure, they were covered in grease from his last home repair on his boiler, but they were still new. Army boys weren't used to having anything new, just stuff that was washed and pressed on industrial size lines.

This promised to be a fun trip, maybe a profitable one as well, but that wasn't Roy's main concern. At his age, having served in dangerous confrontations all his life, money wasn't a big concern. Not that he had much, but he needed very little. What he really wanted was some excitement, some adventure. He craved it, almost as much as he craved his old buddies. He was hoping to recapture some of that old cameraderie, too.

So it was that, full of hope and bright expectations for the future, Roy Langan stepped out of the crowded, cramped shuttle and onto the bright, crappy-looking spaceport that bore his immediate future. He smiled broadly in that toothy way one normally associates with one's grandfather. This was going to be a blast.

09/04/2005 3:15 PM

As Awwen stepped of the ship he noticed the gravity in the was a bit heavier then the shuttle he was on. Carrying all his belongings in a modified footlocker/backpack, Awwen was looking foreword to his new life. he was excited like a boy on his first date , he hade no idea what kind of ship he was workin on, but it did not matter it was a spaceship.

With a thousand credits still in his pockets and nothing to do Awwen still found himself heading to an info-booth and looked up the birth/stall/port number of the capricorn. After a few minutes arguing with the port AI, he got the ship address and headed out.

As he turned to go he noticed an android just standing there. He headed towards the android to say hi, the military androids were almost lifeless. Awwen wanted to see if the civilian models were more animated!

"Uh Hello" Awwen said a bit timidly, excitement in his eyes, waiting for his response.

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09/04/2005 5:57 PM

Elyssiana stepped off of the transport, pausing breifly at the end of the narrow walkway to gain her bearings when an impatient traveler pushed past her, causing the slender woman to loose her balance.

Landing hard on her backside, Lysa swore quite eloquently in her own language, as she pushed herself to her feet, gathering her scattered belongings. Pushing her long hair out of her face, and tucking loose strands behing her pointed ears. She shouldered the case that held her Pasma Bow and pulled the wheeled footlocker behind her. She glanced at the NotePad in her hand, re-reading the welcome note there, and double checked the docking adress, and headed off to find the Capricorn

She had had plenty of credits, but no desire yet to spend them, at least not here... She headed in the direction she needed. before she had taken a half-dozen steps, she noticed two others, an Android and a Geonee standing there. She wasn't sure if they were headed for the Capricorn or not, so she walked over towards them.

"Am I the only one who seems lost?" She asked in Galactic Standard, Her violet eyes bright with curiosity.

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09/04/2005 7:27 PM

Paitor Lorn, or Lorn, ambled down the spaceport's corridors on two hands in a rush. Normally, Lorn would be trying to use handholds or ledges of some sort to swing across the corridor but the smooth surface of the walls and ceiling prevented that. So, he dashed along the floor on two legs awkwardly and growing increasingly irritated. How humans and other bipedals could walk upright so fast on two appendages when they had two perfectly good ones just swaying about idly it just could not fathom. Yet here Lorn was, trying to do exactly that on a planet where he was sure it was the sole Orbest around; going on all fours or swinging along the ceiling would have garnered Lorn unwanted attention.

Its motions slammed someone else off balance as it moved further forward, to which the Orbest sputtered some lame apology in Galactic Standard. Lorn was in a hurry, egged on more by desperation more than anything else. It had been fired by the Hamatsouka Shipping Conglomerated after almost burning up a freighter with precious cargo within. Lorn's impetuous plotting of an atmosphere re-entry course that was too steep had seared off most of the freighter's ceramic heat shields and only the planet's thin atmosphere had prevented it and the cargo from burning up. HSC did three things: Fire Lorn, use Lorn's salary to pay for the repair, and blacklist Lorn from piloting HSC vessels.

The third punishment was what sent Lorn aimlessly passing from backwater spaceport to backwater spaceport looking for employment, only to find out his reputation had preceded him. As luck would have it, Lorn had managed to contact a hacker to remove the offending stain from it's records  a job paid for by its life savings. So finding itself penniless, Lorn found itself stuck on Arid-6 with secure employment aboard the Capricorn plus a credit advance.

It had spent the money rashly, procuring a new knife and jumpsuit tailor-made to its specifications. "And now here Lorn was late and a little lost. What would this Bo Van Andle think?" thought the Orbest as he had to backtrack his way to the meeting place. There he found the Android, a stocky Genoee, and a Faeril-the figure he had run past in a blur from earlier before. They seemed to emanate a mixture of excitement and confusion.

"You with the Capricorn?" started the Orbest quietly to the group and eying the Faerillan, his voice rose slightly for: "We've met already, I think. I apologize for bumping you earlier."

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09/05/2005 8:29 AM

Cygo carefully watched the passengers disembark, as he tried to spot the new crew members from Bo's brief descriptions.

After a few moments he eventually managed to gather the group together, greeting each one with the over-friendly voice he used to compensate for his lack of ability to produce a smile. He extendend a strong arm and shook hands with each one in turn as they introduced themselves.

After shaking hands with the last of the group, the human male, Cygo glanced around the waiting area curiously. The last of the passengers had now vacated the shuttle and had quickly departed the waiting area. The group of five now stood alone appart from a pair of android guards.

"It seems we are one short," he commented. "There should have been a human female..." Cygo's words trailed off as he remembered the blonde haired woman he'd seen just moments ago.
"Come on, we should get to the [i]Capricorn[/i], Bo's waiting," he turned and quickly led the group away.

* * * * *

In the secluded docking bay that he had specially requested for the purpose of discreetly briefing his crew, Bo's body lay motionless in a thick pool of dark red blood. Beside the lifeless corpse, an empty briefcase lay open and discarded.

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09/05/2005 9:10 PM

The Orbest greeted the mechanical man-thing with one of it's hands and smiled blankly at the cyborg. Lorn knew the being meant well, but the greeting sounded forced and canned in its opinion. The Orbest wondered if this cyborg pondered or nitpicked over the multitude of eccentricities these humans exhibited.

At the cyborgs recommendation the Orbest moved along with the group, away from the armed guards and towards a secluded docking bay he knew the [i]Capricorn[/i] was sure to reside. It still ambled on two legs, however, Lorn deciding the time for swinging around and using his hands to the fullest of its abilities would wait later, when there were only a few souls to annoy with his frantic movements than many. It piped up: "Has anyone here met this Bo?"

Lorn took the 1000 credit discretion deposit as a sign he was going to be in some shadier aspects of space life, and the last thing the Orbest wanted was to be caght stuck in knee deep in...what was the rest of the euphamism? Oh yes - knee deep in shit.

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09/06/2005 12:08 AM

Rather suprised by Cygo when greeted, Awwen recieved another suprise as time seemed to stop, She was the most exotic looking person he had ever seen. He had seen Fearilian on the race background vid's in the military but had never seen one in person let alone a beautifull female of the species.Then another shock as an Orbest ambled up, one of the race's renowned for piloting skills, he must be our pilot Awwen thought.

Awwen suddenly realized he had been staring like a teenager and his cheeks turned red. looking away to cover his embarrassment. So what position did the Fearilian hold as he pondered this, Cygo told them to follow him, as he started for the dock's.

As they started to follow Cygo Awwen looked over and said to the lady "would you like me to carry your bags my hands are free and id be glad to help if you dont mind".

09/06/2005 9:56 AM

Lysa nodded to the Orbest. "No problem I suppose, no damage done." She said softly, then glanced at Awwen and nearly laughed at the sight of his obvious staring. She stifled a giggle as his face reddened and he glanced away.

She started to follow Cygo and readily handed over her wheeled footlocker to Awwen when he asked.

"thank you." She said in heavily accented Galactic Standard, keeping hold of the case that held the Plasma Bow.

"I am Elyssiana, you can call me Lysa for short if you will. I'm here as the ships' medic."

09/06/2005 10:25 AM

"Has anyone here met this Bo?"

"Yes, Bo's busy uploading information into the ships navigational computer right now. We really should get a move on," the droid stated as he hurried along ahead of the others.

For some reason, the more he thought about the suspicious woman he'd just seen, the more the droid got a really bad feeling in his circuits. He realised that he was probably acting a bit off key, but he really couldn't settle until he'd confirmed that Bo was okay.

09/06/2005 11:53 AM

After shaking hands with the cyborg, Roy walked towards the back of the group as they moved towards the cargo bay. His first impulse was to light up another smoke, but he restrained himself. Others often didn't like the habit, and he was going to have to ration out the fifty he'd brough along. That meant nic fits for a few days, but it'd be good for him in the long run. Maybe a long spell in space with nothing but recirculated air might be the impetus he needed to kick the bloody things altogether.

Roy studied his new crewmates - strange collection. A cyborg, a Faerillian, an Orbest and a Geonee. He recognised them from other units he'd worked with, allied military forces working with the Terran Infantry. He wasn't a racist, not like a lot of the remarkably xenophonic Human race, but then he'd had a great deal of experience in dealing with other species. He was aware that many considered all Humans to be trouble-makers and violent aggressors, and it played on his mind somewhat. That was why he remained quiet as the others started chatting.

Deciding to take the plunge, Roy walked over to the Orbest and proferred his hand:

"Hey there, I'm Roy. I think I'm the technician on this flight. Jus' so you know who to come to if your toaster breaks!"

Roy chuckled nervously. Strange that he was nervous after all his experiences, but then, meeting new folk when your dying to make a good impression is always nerve-wracking.

"So, what's your post?"

09/06/2005 7:30 PM

The Orbest took the man's hand with it's own. Well one of them. Though it didn't display it the Orbest was skeptical of this crew's bubbling personalities; it's usual forays outside of the corporate realm of a much less savory character.

"I am the pilot," responded the Orbest, with a vibrato in it's voice. "Come to me when you need to escape from the authorities quickly." The Orbest smiled back, also trying to be as congenial as well. For all it knew this cyborg had some implant that recorded thier conversations or a tiny pinhole camera watching thier actions.

Lorn decided now to introduce itself, as it turned to a quieter, more empty corridor. "My name is Paitor Lorn. If you are not familiar with the Orbest it is the family name first then my true name. Call me Lorn."

09/08/2005 7:33 AM

With the others not far behind, Cygo quickly made his way down an empty corridor which turned a sharp left before leading into where the [i]Capricorn[/i] was docked.

As he entered the room, the droid instantly spotted Bo laying face down in a pool of his own blood. The killer had made no attempt to hide Bo's body which lay in full view, just in front of the ship.

Without a pause, Cygo ran straight up to him to check for signs of life. As he knelt down beside the man he saw a large gaping wound in his back. It was clear to see that their new employer had obviously been murdered. Beside Bo's body, his briefcase lay open, empty and discarded.

09/08/2005 11:22 AM

Roy was about to reply when they entered the Capricorn's docking bay. He spotted the body immediately, and even as the cyborg Cygo ran to his fallen master he whipped the pulse blaster out from under his jacket and scanned the room. His combat instincts flared back into life, even after his months out of action, the sight of death snapping him back into a soldier's mindset. He checked the corners quickly, moving with purpose with his weapon raised in a two handed grip, just like he'd been taught. Just like he'd done a hundered times or more.

He saw nothing, however. Whomever or whatever had killed Bo Van Andle was long gone. He called out:


Holstering his pistol, Roy jogged back over to the group and looked on, a sinking feeling in his stomach. His hopes of adventure, it seemed, had been answered in the way they always were. It was easy to forget how closely death and excitement ran, for a soldier.

09/08/2005 2:03 PM

As Awwen looked around he noticed the blood was still spreading, it made him think of a coolant leak. His mind racing knowing time was critical. If you turned off the engine and repaired the damage and the leak, everything would be fine.
Turning to Lysa Awwen said " your our medic, if the captain has only been dead a few minute's could'nt we cryogenic freeze him until the dmg is repaired with cyber tech or bio regen?" "since he was not shot in the head"?

09/09/2005 8:09 AM

Lorn, upon the sight of the dead body, quickly drew out its pulse pistol and stayed there, scanning the area nervously for any would-be assailants. A cold sweat broke on its face as trhe cyborg ran torwards it's master. It wasn't until the human's shout of "Clear!" did the Orbest lower its weapon, still scanning for anything suspiscious.

The Orbest instinctively moved more naturally for it, his hind appendages bent so it looked like it was squating, the third appendage helping to support the body with it's forth was gripping the pistol tightly. "He looks dead," commented the Orbest to Awwen. "I don't think he'd have a chance with all the blood seeping out."

The blood of Bo's body had leaked out, the Orbest saw, to the point where the body was now within a pool of the dead person's own blood. Still not moving he said to Langan: "You should check the ship for intruders or traps.

The Orbest hesitated a little: "I'll check the perimeter."

09/09/2005 9:05 AM

"Gotcha," Roy replied, nodding his assent to the Orbest. "Take the Geonee, and both of you watch your backs." The statement seemed rather ironic, considering how Bo had died. Roy had to agree with the Orbest's assessment of the body - no one came back after losing that much blood, not with even the most advanced tech and the best trained surgeons. You never could conquer death, no matter how far technology advanced.

Walking over to Cygo, Roy put a hand gently on the cyborg's shoulder and spoke in as reassuring a manner as he could:

"Cygo, there's nothing you can do for him now. I need you to help me check the ship over, okay? Can you do that for me?"

His experiences of battle and the reactions of those unaccustomed to death had always showed him that expressing how sorry he was would have elicited an outburst of emotion. He was instead asking the cyborg to stay in control, to focus on an immediate task. It would help, in the short term. Besides which, he needed the codes to open the ship, and someone who knew what should and shouldn't be there.

Turning to the Faerillian he spoke quickly:

"Sorry to just dump you here, but keep an eye out for the authorities. If anyone does come... well, I dunno. Just do what you think's best."

Turning back, Roy beckoned to Cygo and drew his pulse pistol again. The comforting weight of the .357 blaster reassured him, and went some way to calming his roiling stomach. He realised, absently, that'd he'd fallen back on his old habit of quickly assuming command of a situation and issuing orders regardless of who was actually in charge. Oh well. If he offended anyone, he could always apologise later when he was sure they were out of danger.

09/09/2005 9:55 AM

"Cygo, there's nothing you can do for him now. I need you to help me check the ship over, okay? Can you do that for me?"

Cygo slowly stood up and turned to face the man. As soon as Roy had finished speaking to Lysa, he suddenly exclaimed, "I know who did this!"

"Come on. If we're quick we might still catch her," he tugged at Roy's arm as he spoke, trying to get him to follow.

Forgetting his own strength, the droid pulled Roy half way across the dock before releasing his grip and sprinting off down the corridor from where they had just came.

09/09/2005 5:09 PM

Lysa stepped forward without hesitation, her hands checking for signs of life. Most would think this frail-looking woman would blanch at the sight of such carnage, but Lysa didn't even flinch. Finally she rocked back on her heels, staying crouched down beside the motionless captain.

"There's nothing I can do now... if I had been five minutes earlier..." She swore softly, tucking a stray lock of platinum coloured hair behind one pointed ear, ignoring the fact that her hands were bloodied, regret quite evident in her eyes and facial expression.

When Cygo exclaimed that he knew who may have done this heinous act, Lysa didn't question him, she grabbed the case she had been carrying, and pulled out the plasma bow and followed him with surprising speed.

09/09/2005 11:22 PM

Well as Roy said unfortunately "dead is dead"
As Awwen watched the three head Head for the door, Awwen realised his weapons were in his chest-pack. Awwen reached over his shoulder and unlocked his chest back pack and lifted the chest of the hook and swung it around.
In a hurry Awwen slammed it on the floor, face up. The shock of the near 500 pound chest sent shivers through the deck plates.

Oppening the chest, Awwen pulled out his gyro pistol and ammo belt. From underneath his clothes Awwen pulled out his multi-scanner with the senser upgraded to detect even the most minute energy trace's usually for finding flaws or cracks in engine cores.

walking over to the body Awwen waved the senser pod over the burnt and bleeding hole.
Measuring, scanning and taking in air samples and a sample if the flesh from the wound.
"Give muski a few and he will be able to tell you what kind of weapon was used"
Awwen said.

"lorn Im gonna check out the ship, you gonna be ok?" Awwen said

As Awwen headed up to the doorlock Muski was happily working away on the info.

09/09/2005 11:24 PM

Paitor Lorn was about to circle around the [i]Capricorn[/i] when the cyborg's terse statement caught its ears. Pistol in hand, the Orbest wheeled its body around just in time to see the steely mechanical man-thing sprint out of the hanger.

[i]So this cyborg knows who killed Bo,[/i] the Orbest thought as its mind wreslted with what to do. The [i]Capricorn[/i] still needed to be checked for maybe the assailant might have stowed away there, or this cyborg was leading them astray when clue could have been right here at the hangar. Lysa's movement directed Lorn's course of action.

Not thinking completely in the sudden confusion that emerged from Bo's dead corpse, Lorn ended up running out of the hangar behind Lysa. It was more from momentum and inertia than a rationalized thought process. Pistol in hand, Lorn chased after the cyborg, unsure of where this bot was leading them or even if it's "hunch" was a correct one.

09/10/2005 4:49 AM

Not turning to see who was following, the droid ran back the whole length of the corridor and arrived back in the main transport dock. The dock was empty save for two android security guards and a few maintenance droids checking over and refueling the passenger shuttle from which the crew has just arrived.

The two android guards eyed Cygo suspiciously as he slowed down to a walk upon entering the dock.

"Are any ships due to take off in the next few minutes? Or have any taken off since this shuttle landed?" Cygo quickly asked them.

Clutching their rifles, the two android turned to face each other for a moment before one of them spoke.

"There was a small private vessel take off from dock 4 just a few minutes ago."

Hearing this, Cygo's broad shoulders seemed to slump in defeat.

"We're too late." he mumbled to himself quietly.

09/10/2005 4:55 AM

Roy's arm was nearly wrenched out of it's socket as he was pulled along. he recovered from his surprise quickly enough to start running as soon as the cyborg (whose strength was quite astounding) let go of his arm. He recovered balance and regained his footing, running in the clipped, brisk manner soldiers were trained to use - balls of feet, heels never touch the ground. He stayed light and projected forwards with each step, maximising his use of energy. It was all instinctive, though. Langan was thinking about how long it had been since he'd actually fired a gun, and whether his accuracy would have gone to shit in the months he'd been inactive.

Lorn started to run alongside them, as did the Faerillian - must make an effort to learn her name. And hope she wasn't offended by his mere prescence, as many Faerillians ofted saw humans as brutish and foul-smelling. It was actually a fair description, in most cases. The Human race was easily the most warlike group of bastards in the galaxy, though not the most advanced. Roy should know. He'd fought in every major war the Terran Infantry had been involved in - thirteen directly involving the Terran Republic, five border skirmishes and seven cases of meddling in others affairs. It wasn't the lot of a soldier to question where he was sent. Just go and kill who you're told.

The guards stopped them, and then delivered their bad news. Roy took some deep breaths and holstered his weapon, then put his hand on Cygo's shoulder:

"Cygo... we'll find whoever did this. Don't worry."

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09/10/2005 5:28 PM

Upon entering the Capricorn Awwen noticed she still had a light layer of dust on her.
Walking up the ramps Awwen looked around and sighed she had alot of man-hours in cleaning and maintanince not to mention a new paint job. It was hard to tell what color the ship was with the different color layers peeling.

As he reached the second level of the catwalks in the cargo bay he saw a door and went through. Looking at the walls as he walked Awwen finally noticed the military markers on the ceiling several color bands ran along the hallway, If it was the same as the terran navy
Blue was medical, red was bridge, green messhall, brown engineering but they were so faded it was hard to tell brown from red.

Awwen chose the one hopefully more brown and headed out. As he followed it he decided it was the right one becouse he was headed to the rear of the ship. coming up to a dual seal hatch with the nice radiation symbol on it he knew he was home.

Stepping into the engineering area was like stepping into his worst nightmare, never had he seen such a mess. The ship had recently taken out of mothball containment, the sealing wax was still partialy on some of the equipement and the class 3 covers used to protect the electronics had just been cut open instead of removed.

A high level of anxiety hit Awwen for a moment, he wasnt sure he could do this. This was not a ship it was a death trap waiting for someone to throw the switch. scared for the first time in his life,Awwen headed for the engine core. As he stepped through into the core room, he was completly suprised to see a TL 12 pulse Fission reactor core made by Osaka industries. Awwen had never seen one this small, Would it perform as well as it's big brothers if so they had all the power they needed, hell they might be able to achieve short jumps if the field coils were good enough to handle the load.

Heading back out to the engineering floor Awwen went to the computers and looked for a place to jack Muski in. Finding a netplug Muski was set on the computer and jacked in. "Ok Musci access the ships mainframe and run preflight check on the ship, use the computer resources to help finish analyzing the sample and sensor data"Awwen said. Muski just chirped in response to Awwens command and started turning on all ship board systems and testing them.

As muski work away Awwen wondered how the rest of the group was fairing and if they had found the person responsible for their boss's death. And what were they gonna do about his body. Awwen did not know what to do, so he did what he did best and started up the engine.

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09/10/2005 10:26 PM

Lorn rushed forward in it's tri-appendaged gait stopping at the two andriod guards. It didn't catch the cyborg until he heard the bad news. The pilot felt bad, sympathetic to the cyborg. Though as travelled as it was, it hadn't met a cyborg so zealous as opposed to diligent in its orders. It felt almost [i]natural[/i]. It felt a deep concern and an emphatic sense of revenge that this cyborg must have been feeling. It occurred only later to holster Lorn's weapon.

[i]It left four minutes ago,[/i] thought the pilot. The fleeting vessal might still be in the atmosphere ascending into space. The Orbest looked at the androids and spoke as Lorn saw Roy console Cygo.

"What class of vessal was it that left four minutes ago?" asked Lorn. "Liars and cheaters of business partners ran off with in that vessal!"

If it could discern that much information, it might have pointed them to some sort of lead as to where this mysterious assasin might have tried to escape to, though not who that being was; answers to that belonged to Cygo.

The androids looked at each other and the Orbest could have swore it heard chirping sounds eminating from the voiceboxes of the humanoid robots. "The vessal in question was a [i]Skipray[/i]-class courier, sir. Information about flight log and manifest is unavilable to you however."

The androids moved away and the Orbest turned to Cygo. "We might not be far off, Cygo. [i]Skipray[/i]'s are intrasystem fast couriers only. Might be trying to get onto a spaceport or dock with a larger vessal to lose whomever could be chasing it!"

09/11/2005 7:56 AM

"We might not be far off, Cygo. [i]Skipray[/i]'s are intrasystem fast couriers only. Might be trying to get onto a spaceport or dock with a larger vessal to lose whomever could be chasing it!"

Cygo waited until the two androids were out of earshot moving in closer to whisper, his usual chirpy voice now deadly serious.

"Okay, it's worth a try. I strongly suggest we get out of this place asap, anyway. Going by the small snippets of information Bo Van Andle has disclosed to me, I think it would be best for all our sakes if this incident remained unreported. I'm afraid all I can suggest for Bo is that we jettison his body into space. Come on, I'll tell you what little I know while we prep the ship."

The droid turned and began quickly making his way back towards the [i]Capricorn[/i].

09/12/2005 9:21 PM

Lorn moved torwards the [i]Capricorn[/i] once again, happy as it was in piloting a vessal. Granted, the [i]Firefly[/i]-class wasn't as manuerverable or agile as a fast courier-type vessel but that didn't matter so much for it: Lorn would be a pilot once again.

Making it's way back onto the vessel, the Orbest quickly climbed up the catwalks with deft grace and agility, thinking to itself where an intrasystem courier like the [i]Skipray[/i] would go to in the Arid system. With the exception of a small observation satellites around the planet itself, the only logical conclusion the Orbest came up with was Station Perdition on the nearby planet of Arid-8, past the system's asteriod belt.

It'd mention it later the Orbest was thinking as it bounded up into the cockpit and jumped down onto the pilot's rocket chair, trying to get a feel for the vessel's cockpit and glancing around from the equipment for a hint as to the avionics package the [i]Capricorn[/i] was hiding.

09/15/2005 5:44 AM

Lysa shouldered her bow, sorrow gleaming in her slitted eyes as she followed Cygo back towards the capricorn. While it felt wonderful to be heading back into space, the happenings on this ship already made her uneasy.

09/15/2005 11:16 AM

Moving behind the lanky Orbest who had quickly overtaken him, Cygo made his way back to the [i]Capricorn[/i]. As he re-entered the dock he heard the engine rummbling loudly. It seemed the new crew were as anxious to get moving as he was.

Cygo didn't have a specific role aboard the ship, but he always tried to make himself useful whenever possible. He had in fact, over the years, learned how to carry out a few small tasks to a reasonable standard, though he usually preferred to leave that sort of thing to the experts.

Before boarding the ship, Cygo took up the grim task of dealing with the body of Bo Van Andle. The droid carefully picked up the bloodied corpse, cradling him in his strong arms. He climbed into the ship and carefully placed the body down inside the airlock, before running off into the cargo bay. When he returned he was carrying some kind of hand-held cleaning device, with which he frantically got to work removing the pool of blood on the dock floor.

By the time all traces of the incident had been removed, the crew were all safely aboard, familiarising themselves with their stations. Once again, Cygo climbed through the airlock, this time sealing both doors shut behind him, with the body of Bo Van Andle between them.

"Airlock sealed, everyone inside, once you've requested clearance for take-off, we're ready to go," he announced over the ships intercom.

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09/15/2005 12:47 PM

Smiling Awwen said over the speaker!!!!!
"This is your handy engineer all preflight checks on software and electronics packages have been done by Musky to the tune of a lvl one diagnostic's sweep.
We have power all systems are a go, Lorn your a go for lift off.
One little problem we only have foreward facing long range sensers, and we have a seal leak we need to find!
I have not had a chance to look over main engine so please, please dont engage her directly into full power main burn".

Hanging up the speaker phone Awwen proceeded to clean up the engine room.

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09/15/2005 7:52 PM

Lorn smiled at the comm. message from Awwen. An engineer doing the preflight checks for a pilot? And Lorn thought Engineers were only good at fixing things and bitching at those who broke them.

"Thank you, Awwen," said Lorn as the status board above it blinked green except for a bright red pilot light that taunted the Orbest. Stenciled underneath it in microscopic letters were "Long Range Sensor Array: Aft." An exceedingly noisy voice warned it of the danger this entailed, followed by the same message five seconds afterwards.

It dialed into the common Spaceport frequency and spoke through his microphone. "Arid-6 Spaceport Control this is the Independent Stellar Ship [i]Capricorn[/i] requesting take-off clearence."

A garbled, high toned voice penetrated through the static. "[i]Capricorn[/i] is clear for launch. Have a nice day." Lorn rolled it's eyes at the fake congeniality of the spaceport traffic controller as he spoke to the rest of the crew. "Hold on, bi-everyone," said Lorn followed by the ship AI's warning. Lorn flipped a switch to shut the voice off as he pulled back on the flight stick.

From nothing came a tremendous roar of the engines shooting exhaust torwards the landing pad which caused the [i]Capricorn[/i] to rise. "Not bad," thought Lorn as he checked his engine status. Lorn hadn't pushed the throttle stick past the 5% mark. As the [i]Capricorn[/i] floated above the enclosed landing bay an engine gave out.

Lorn felt itself being pulled to starboard as the starboard engine gave way. Caught almost unawares the Orbest quickly rammed the throttle control with one of it's appendages only for the starboard engine to kick violently into life again, giving the pilot a similar experiance of being jerked around, this time to port. The Orbest cursed as starboard drive pod wheezed back into life.

[i]I'm definately going to speak to Awwen about this[/i], thought the Orbest as it angled the drive pods for forward flight and throttled up for a flight path off this dustball.

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09/21/2005 9:19 AM

Unaffected by the extreme G-force as the [i]Capricorn[/i] accelerated rapidly into the air, Cygo steadily made his way through the ship towards the cockpit. He felt the harsh rumbling of the ships hull, followed by the smoothness of space as they exited the atmosphere of Arid-6.

Paitor Lorn sat comfortably in the pilot's rocket chair.

"Hello Lorn, it's good to see you've gotten to grips with the [i]Capricorn[/i] already. Sorry we had to take off in such a hurry. Is everything running smoothly? Any signs of that [i]Skipray[/i] on the long range scanner? If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask."

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