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09/02/2005 11:11 AM

I'm interested in starting up a science fiction RP themed on creating and exploring our own made up galaxy, set far off into the distant future.

It would probably end up being something like a cross between Stars Trek and Star Wars, maybe a bit like the RPG setting [url:http://zho.berka.com/]Traveller[/url], if anyone is familiar with it.

I think this way it'll be much more fun than sticking to one of the existing setting, as we get to be really creative and make up our own galaxy, planets, civilisations and races etc, as we go along.

Another good reason I'm hoping to create our own setting is that personally I don't really feel that I know enough about the likes of Star Trek, Star Wars or Traveller to be able to fully stick to them. Also, this way it keeps it open for anyone to join in, how ever little their previous knowledge.

If I can get enough interest, which basically meants enough people to crew our ship, then I'll post the RP along with a brief storyline to get us started. Remember though, this RP is all about being creative, so I'll try to keep it as open and non-linear as possible.

To get the RP started, I'm basically looking for people to post a character here. You can be any race you like, or even a droid. Feel free to make something up, or even choose something from say Star Wars or anything else you can think of, so long as you explain it fully. Your character also needs to have a role onboard the ship for use to have use of him/her as a crewman. The main positions I'm looking to fill are:


Your character can be skilled in more than one area, as we may need to double-up on a few positions depending on how the interest goes. You can also choose other areas that your character can be skilled in, but try not to go overboard, and remember to choose a main role for onboard the ship.

If your interested, please use this as a template for creating your character.








Hope that all makes sense. If not, just ask.

09/02/2005 1:11 PM

okay I'm in :) Though it would be interesting if the ship was similar to Andromeda :p

Name: Elyssiana (Lysa)

Age: approx. 229 (appears 25-30 years to humans)

Race: Faerilian

Appearance: Height is approx 1.4 meters. Weight is 45kg. Petite and lithe with delicately pointed ears and very strong for her size, Lysa resembes the elves of old Earth legend. Perhaps it was her ancestors who sparked this legend, being they are an old star-faring race. She has long silvery-blond hair, and bright lavender eyes that have slitted pupils like a cat. Her skin tone is translucent fair, with a faint silvery sheen.

Tittle (Ships role): Medic/Doctor

Skills and Special Abilities: Can heal minor wounds with a touch, exceptionally useful during a surgical proceedure. Excellently informed on human physiology, As well as the physiology on many other known races. Lysa sometimes seems too hyper to be a serious doctor, but when push comes to shove, she shoves right back.

Equipment: The usual medical supplies, but when it comes to defence, wether it be herself, the ship or her patients, Lysa uses a weapon most other races wouldn't bother with, mostly because of its danger. A Plasma Bow. The bow generates a portable force-field to protect its user. A thin beam of plasma flow is the 'bowstring' when pulled back and released, the bow shoots out an 'arrow' of plasma towards the user's target.

Hows that? need more??

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09/02/2005 2:03 PM

I'm up for it - been a while since I've played sci-fi.

Name: Roy Langan

Age: 48

Race: Human

Appearance: 5'10" tall, with broad shoulders and a stocky, muscular bulk. He weighs 210 lbs, most of it muscle. His broad, plain face is supported by a thick neck and is lined with creases and worry lines, as well as a deep scar that runs through his right cheek. His black hair is cropped very close, in a military cut, now greying around the temples. His skin is tanned and weather-beaten, very closely resembling old leather. He usually wears thick combat boots and khaki trousers with a white vest and blue sleeveless jacket, his thick leather toolbelt hanging loosely around his waist. He has a tattoo of a rose on his right forearm and a skull on his left shoulder.

Title: Technician

Skills and Special Abilities: Roy was a sergeant in the Terran Infantry and fought in many battles across the galaxy. He is a damn good field techie, knowledgeable in snap repairs without the right equipment, and he has studied extensively on the correct repair and maintainance of ship-board systems. In addition, he is an old hand in battle and rarely panics, and he can handle firearms. He has detailed close-quarter-combat training and served as an instructor for several months, so he is versed in lethal and non-lethal takedowns. Roy's greatest ability, though, is his forcefully good nature - he always tries to make people feel better, no matter what the situation.

Equipment: Roy still has a pulse pistol from his days of military service, fully loaded with .357 full metal jacket ammunition. Pulse weapons employ short bursts of energy to fire bullets rather than chemical reactions. Roy also possesses a toolbelt full of useful items, from screwdrivers, solders and pliers to three-inch cutting knives and a three kilo wrench.

History: Roy Langan's life has always been one of military service. He was born on Terra and lived with both parents serving in the Armed Forces, and grew up in barracks. It seemed only natural he would enlist age 16.

In the Terran Infantry, Roy endured the brutal training with the words of his father in his ears - "Pain and humiliation makes a good soldier." He showed aptitude for close-quarter-combat and was quickly proved quite brilliant at repairing broken equipment. Techies were in short supply, so the young Langan was pressed into service as quickly as was humanly possible.

He served in the Infantry in the campaigns against the Lysonia, the Convent and the Mehcna, fighting in more than two hundred separate engagements across sixteen different sectors. He was decorated twice for bravery and once for courage above and beyond. Roy proved himself time and again a dedicated soldier and an ingenious field repair man, able to make a rifle sing and dance after it had been fried by Mehcna EMP. His record was marred only twice, once for assuming command over a superior when an officer broke under stress and once for fighting with a fellow soldier in a dispute over a woman.

Roy grew up darting from skirmish to battle to dogfight, became a man and lost his youthful ill-temper. He became known as a good man to have on the squad, a level head who had a gift for keeping the youngsters calm even under intense fire. His easy, earthy humour and naturally self-deprecating attitude earned him many friends. But he never did conquer his impulsiveness completely, and at age 44 he was finally thrown out of the Terran Infantry when he told an officer exactly what he thought of him.

Now Roy is looking to set himself up on a ship, preferrably one bound for trouble. This soldier might not be a youngster any more, but he still has a good few adventures left in him...

09/02/2005 2:05 PM

Hows that? need more??

No, that's excellent Kalia.

Though it would be interesting if the ship was similar to Andromeda

I'm not actually familiar with Andromeda. Are you meaning [url:http://www.slipstreamweb.com/articles/andromeda_ascendant.shtml]THIS?[/url]
If so, I thinks that's a bit too big if I'm right in thinking it holds a crew of 4000. I'm not really expecting this RP to hit it off [i]that[/i] well. :D

I also found [url:http://www.urhajo.tvn.hu/artgallery5.htm]THIS[/url] while looking up that other link. Nice ship, and nice pictures, but again I'm thinking that's too big.

I was actually thinking of us having a quite a small, privately owned cargo style ship. How about having us exploring strange primitive new worlds, looking for rare and exotic minerals to sell. We could also ship supplies across the galaxy, looking for the best trading routes whilst trying to avoid pirates. Whadya think? :)

09/02/2005 2:11 PM

Hey, another excellent character Tirsan.

Welcome aboard! :)

09/02/2005 3:33 PM

I didn't mean the ship itself, I was meaning more along the lines of the ships' AI Computer being personified in an android-like character :D

09/02/2005 11:05 PM

You guys don't mind a newbie to join in the fun? If you don't here's my character then:

Name: Paitor Lorn (normally just Lorn)

Age: 35 Terran years

Race: Orbest

Appearance: Typical Orbest, of the planet Orr, are humaniod in shape. They appear lanky and gangly by Terran standards, with bodies denoting a heritage of a jungle planet where life was spent swinging amongst the trees. Typical height is 5'6" but that's measured from "hand" to "hand" as their four appendages are equal length, are all double-jointed, can all be used for precise manipulation and extend from their torso like Terran monkeys; like humaniods they have heads where it is expected. Their skin is yellowish in color with a light layer of hair around most of it. Their faces have large round eyes, a flatter profile of the face, ears similar in design to a humans, and a lack of nose  breathing is achieved via pores where the jaws and neck meet. Orbest are also hermaphrodites. Lorn is like typical Orbest, except there is a long cut that extends the length of the upper third arm (where the left leg of a Human would be).

Title: Pilot

Skills and Special Abilities: With four hands and appendages and naturally gifted working in three-dimensions, Paitor Lorn is perfectly suited as a pilot  first piloting or being a helmsman in a couple trash haulers or lumbering cargoships before it was scooped up piloting fast scouts and courier ships. Lorn has a thing for speed and that's what got it in trouble with it's last employer. Otherwise, Lorn is incredibly handy in climbing and bouncing off objects. It has not been through much groud combat with firearms, however, so it is rather nervous and unconfident in a firefight. Hand-to-hand Lorn is not a trained warrior but tends to lean on his agility to compensate for his lack of strength.

Equipment: Paitor Lorn carries with it a pack containing flight manuals and operation manuals for the various ships it has served in; they act as personal trophies. Otherwise, Lorn carries a knife and a pulse pistol of Terran origin.

Flark, that okay? Anything else to add onto this?

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09/03/2005 10:07 AM

I didn't mean the ship itself, I was meaning more along the lines of the ships' AI Computer being personified in an android-like character :D

Ahh, I see. Actually I sort of had an idea kind of similar to that involving my character and the beginning of the RP storyline. I'm just waiting to see what ship position I get left with before plan it out in detail though.

Good idea anyway. Keep 'em coming. :)

You guys don't mind a newbie to join in the fun?

Hi there Hedgehog. Of course we don't mind, welcome.

Flark, that okay? Anything else to add onto this?

No that sounds good to me. I like it. :)

09/03/2005 12:26 PM

Hey, about that ship of ours. I'm open to suggestions, but how do you guys like the look of this one? I know it's old and crappy looking, but that's what I like about it.


[url:http://www.shipbrook.com/jeff/raytrace/graphics/eagle-beautyshot1.jpg]FRONT VIEW[/url]

[url:http://www.shipbrook.com/jeff/raytrace/graphics/eagle-beautyshot2.jpg]REAR VIEW[/url]

09/03/2005 1:15 PM

I knew that ship was familair, it's from Space: 1999...the "Eagle" I believe. I think it's perfect especially the Traveller-esque feel for this RP.

09/03/2005 1:32 PM

I knew that ship was familair, it's from Space: 1999...the "Eagle" I believe.

That's right. :)

I think it's perfect especially the Traveller-esque feel for this RP.

Cool. I'm glad you think so. Let's see what the others have to say?

09/03/2005 3:00 PM

If we're supposed to be a private cargo ship, that'd be perfect, though I think it should probably be a bit run down and ragged around the edges.

09/03/2005 3:03 PM

If we're supposed to be a private cargo ship, that'd be perfect, though I think it should probably be a bit run down and ragged around the edges.

Yeah, I was thinking that too. That way it keeps things interesting when stuff goes wrong, plus it'll keep your character busy fixing things. ;)

09/03/2005 6:03 PM

haha, and my character fixing the crew when things go wrong as well :P lol, works for me!

09/03/2005 11:34 PM

Hi I was wondering if I could fill in the engineer character?

I am new to tis site i was looking for a new rp forum or play group.

anyway here is my character

NAME: Awwen Gee


RACE:Geonee-heavy gravity humanoid- looks basicly human,condensed frame and body structure, approximitly 2.4 times as dense as a normal human.

APPEARANCE: 5'5", 425lbs, silver-grey hair, slight asiatic looking green eyes. To anyone who see's him he looks like an average 200lbs man.He is not used to normal g living and it shows. Rather shy and quite once you get to know him you wonder were the off switch is. He will talk about machines for hours if you let him. Has preference for onepiece
jumpsuite with extra pockets and a military style harness adapted for engineering use

SHIP's ROLE: engineer TL10-15 certified, specializing in angine field theory

SKILLS AND SPECIAL ABILITIES: unique spionic ability to machines almost like empathy.
3 years naval college graduated with 4yr degree in ship's engineering.
6 yrs listed as a ships 1st grade engineer. 3yrs listed as junior grade scientist

EQUIPMENT: one standard multi-tool , one micro torch, one laser torch, assorted wires, electrical circuits,fuses, one portable energy/backpack-with cable , one multi-scanner
with adapted engineering pod added, weapon of choice one gryo pistol and one gryro assault rifle with railgun modifacations and superscope

HISTORY: At the age of 5 awwen's planet was attacked by a huge pirate fleet .
One of the lucky survivors awwen was taken aboard as a slave . for two years he washed the decks of the ship he was on, just to survive. The pirate ship he was on had a heavier gravity then his own planet. When he was seven he was caught with a bunch of scrap electronics junk,he would have been punished severly but some of the pieces he had been fiddling with were working again,the pirate engineer said he had the gift and was intuitivly fixing them, for the five following years he was a helper to the engineering department of the pirate ship and learned all kind of way to fix, finangle, jury rigg, and repair most any kind of machine they had. Just as he turned 12 the pirate ship was defeated by a terran naval fleet and its crew arrested. Still only a kid by galactic law and luckily wearing a slave collar, Awwen was freed and put into the naval orphanage. In the orphanage he recieved a basic education. At the age of 15 Awwen joined the Jr navy program and took engineering as his major, graduating in just three years Awwen spent the next seven years onboard a naval dreadnaught mobile repair ship capable of servicing up to 4 ships at once. On the seventh year Awwen was going through a service revue. when one of his mates sabatoged some equipment that failed during his watch. Because of the damage done, Awwen was washed out of the navy. after several weeks of marose drinking. Awwen realised he needed to start over.

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09/04/2005 10:05 AM

Another great character there Chill! And welcome to the RPGC, hope you enjoy your stay. :)

Tirsan, how do you feel about your character taking the dual-role of also being the ships communications operator? I was thinking that he'd basically deal with everything systems/computer orientated. Is that okay?

If anyone else is still interested in joining the RP, there's still a few vacancies up for grabs, but you'd best be quick. I'm also happy for you to make up your own job descriptions now that we've filled the essential ones.

Okay then guys, since we've got enough people to get the ship up and running, I'll set about getting this show on the road...

09/04/2005 2:09 PM

I dont want to be the bad guy. but going through the internet looking at various ships that could be a good cargo ship/transport ship. I realized that the eagle ship was not really designed for atmosphere re-entry . I have a couple of other ship alternatives to look at if it is ok?

1, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/avenger2.gif

2, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/transportvarviews.jpg

3, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/draizer.jpg

4, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/ships.jpg

5, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v498/chill1ray/hippo01.jpg

the last one was an idea i had when you said old derelict/clunky, How about an old near derilict scout ship, converted into a cargo/transport. when converted to higher tech level
systems, we gained alot of cargo space and a few secret compartment as well all thank to a wily tech and uber engy .

This would give us a bit more living space and the ability to land in both water and earth.
And on the plus side even though it is a couple of hundred years old it is still better armored then a regular hull and comes with 4 mounts for weapons, our techy can make them, I love pop-up turrets.

Doh! I dont know how to post a direct link sorry!!

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09/04/2005 2:26 PM

Guys the RP is up and ready! Remember to check out the OOC before posting! (Don't worry, I havn't gone into any detail about the ship yet).

Chill, don't worry about sounding like the bad guy, I was actually hoping you guys would have a lot of your own input.

About the Eagle not being designed for atmosphere re-entry, I actually didn't know that. We could always just pretend it is though?

Anyway I've looked at your other ships and I'm easy going either way. I'm happy for any one of them. Let's see what the others have to say about it then? We'll cast a ship vote if you like. :)

09/04/2005 2:42 PM

The eagle was actually capable of landing on a planet it just could not have an atmosphere.

we could start out in the eagle and find a derilict scout ship from a war a

thousand years ago. it could be in a wild orbit going through several systems.

she could be our project

ship. the eagle could hold probbaly 8-10 tons at most if using rockets still, if

upgraded to

basic fission/fusion maybe 20 tons cargo but that would produce alot of hull


the scout ship could give us 40-60 tons cargo displacement,and more living space.

Uh I dont know were to go to find our rp? eeeep "hit's scanner great im lost!"

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09/04/2005 2:46 PM

Shit Chill, you know your stuff! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad? ;) Ha ha :D

What do you think of the RP, anyway?

09/04/2005 2:59 PM

Uh I dont know were to go to find our rp? eeeep "hit's scanner great im lost!"

Click on 'Free form RP forums' under the 'ROLEPLAY NOW' heading. It's in the 'general roleplaying forums', 'general roleplaying' - 'Space Traveller'

09/04/2005 3:01 PM

woot found our rp thread am posting now!!

I love ships any kind any era.

09/04/2005 3:02 PM

Don't forget to view the OOC!

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