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09/01/2005 11:33 AM


The Moons were on the rise. Golden Soralis, only a slender crescent. Scarlet Lune was nearly half full, and Silvery-white Loran was barely clearing the horizon, a full silver disk. Ahead of them all was the Wanderer, the red comet.

Sixteen years ago, the wanderer graced the sky and prophesized doom for many people. For with the coming of the comet, came a woman who seemingly bespelled their young king. The Reigh was a kind young man, and he fell for this scarlet clad stranger uncannily fast. The Witches Coven had their suspicions, but with the sudden bans against magic, the coven was too busy fleeing for their lives, that they couldn't voice said suspicions.

Sixteen years ago, atop of one of the highest mountains of the land, The Dragonclaw, Elyssia was born. With coppery-brown hair that was rare in this land, and bright blue-gray eyes, Elyssia was an anomaly. In more ways than one, for she was gifted. Nay, some would say Blessed, or Cursed. Elyssia knew nothing of her family or where she came from. And if her guardian Jaynicia knew, she wasn't telling anyone, let alone Elyssia.

Now this day, the first night of the comet, conveniently fell also on Ostara, the first day of Spring, and everywhere the mountains were coming to life. Elyssia had been wandering the steppes all morning and afternoon, gathering herbs and roots. She had finished gathering a fresh harvest of Coltsfoot, ensuring that there would always be a fresh harvest by only cutting the leaves off with her white handled knife, not tearing the plant out by the roots.

The sun against the back of her neck was warm, but snow still glittered on Dragonclaw, and beneath the shadowed conifers. She could hear the birds singing, calling to her to play. She whistled and chirped back to them in their own language, wishing she could do as they wished, but the sun was already lowering behind the Dragonclaw and traveling would be rough even with Loran's light.

A small feline-like creature bounded out of some brush, with long delicate legs, a bushy prehensile tail and large ears. Its large icy blue eyes fixed on Elyssia, as it leapt up to her shoulder, tail wrapped around her arm to balance himself. Fur was midnight-black, with faint striations. A Corbi, this little creature was similar to cats and lemurs.

:: Have ye found what ye needed? Jaynicia will worry.::

"I know, Arlyn& That is why I am hurrying"

The ground got rockier and steeper as she continued on her way&The moons followed her progress, and again Elyssia found herself barely able to keep her gaze away from the Red Wanderer..

By the time she reached the valley shadowed by the Dragonclaw, all three moons were well above the horizon, and the Red Wanderer was a blaze of red across the western sky. As she reached the huge tree in the center of the glade, she noticed Jaynicia standing at its base, and Elyssia blushed.

"Where have you been? You had me worried. You should have had her back before moonrise Arlyn&" Jaynicia chastised the Corbi. Arlyn made an odd sound, a cross between a purr and a whine and hunkered down on Elyssia's shoulder.

"I'm sorry Maman." Elyssia murmured, using an ancient word for mother, its use usually placated Jaynicia on most occasions.

"Alright, alright. Get inside, the both of you. It is nigh time for you to bathe& the morrow is a special time, tis finally time for your Entrance Tests." Jaynicia said, resting her hand on the small of Elyssia's back, forcing her through the hidden doorway of the ancient tree, leading them down into the burrow of their home.

"Entrance Test?? So soon?" Elyssia gasped, obviously taken by surprise. She had heard of the tests of old, and wondered if she would ever be able to undertake them.

"Yes. Whilst ye will not have a teacher to apprentice yerself to, ye will be able to glean the knowledge ye will need from the world around ye. Now get on with it& the water is already sitting ready in the tub.

Elyssia headed for the washroom, extensively tiled, the huge metal tub was cold to the touch and the water wasn't warm.

"It would have been warm if ye had been on time." Jaynicia chastised from outside the door.

Elyssia sighed and dipped her finger in the water, willing fire to her hand&. Almost lazily she twirled her finger clockwise, and before she had made five twirls of her finger, the water was steaming. She quickly selected several herbs and salts to add to the water, and finally a rose scented soap that she herself had made just last moon-span. Settling herself into the heated and scented water, Elyssia lay back in the tub, thankful for the silence in the room.

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09/01/2005 1:09 PM

Elyssia sat outside in the chill air watching the moons pass. She was allowed nothing to eat or drink, and was dressed only in a simple white linen shift-dress. This was supposed to be part of her trials, to clense her mind and body before her tests. Frequently her mind wandered to the Wanderer, and wondered just what the coming of the Comet meant for her and the people this time.

Somehow she made it through the night without falling asleep, though the growling of her stomach kept her penty of company. Finally at dawn, Arlyn came to fetch her. The little corbi curled himself around her shoulders, and purred in her ear.

:: They're waiting in the clearing 'neath Dragonclaw:: He said softly.

Elyssia didn't have time to question who 'they' where, for Arlyn nipped at her ear to get her moving.

When she reached the clearing, she saw four others besides Jaynicia waiting for her. Jaynicia wore a simple robe of flowing umber silk, the color of her element, Earth. Quick glances proved the others to wear similar robes, in scarlet, blue, amber and indigo, standing for Fire, Water, wind and spirit respectively. THe woman in the indigo robes wasn't old, but she looked as if she had seen more than her years should have. It was her auburn curls and blue eyes that held hers that made Elyssia's heart flutter for a moment.

"So we shall begin..." Jaynicia said with a sweep of her hand, rings glittering. It was tradition years ago to give an aspiring witch a ring to symbolize her abilities and acomplishments... and it nearly took Elyssia's breath away to see all five elemental rings grace her guardian's hands, as well as three sorceress rings!

"Quit gawking child..." Jaynicia whispered, and red-faced, Elyssia joined the circle.

09/07/2005 10:03 AM

The five witches encircled Elyssia, who stood still and silent in the center. It was Jaynicia who started.

"I call upon Light and Earth at the North to illuminate and strengthen this Cirlce." A soft green light surrounded her as she spoke.

A young man with the amber robes spoke next, a soft yellow glow surrounding him as he did. "I Call upon the Light and Air at the East to illuminate and enliven the Circle."

An aged woman raised her voice, her hands sparkling with amber and ruby, her scarlet robes burning with phantom flames. "I call upon the Light and Fire at the South to illumenate and warm the circle.

And older man with blue-black hair spoke up, his voice liquid smooth as a cool blue light surrounded him. "I call upon Light and Water at the West to illuminate and Clense the Circle."

It was the auburn haired woman who spoke last, the misty indigo haze that surrounded her didn't hide this woman's power as she spoke. "I call upon the Light and Spirit at the heart of the world to illuminate and bind this Circle."

As one the five spoke again, as a misty white light surrounded Elyssia and a pentacle of white fire leapt up around her feet. "We draw this circle in the presence of the Lord and Lady, where they may come and bless, to witness the testing of their child, Elyssia."

Elyssia found herself moving as though by instinct, knowing somehow what to do. She turned to the small shin-level altar that was before her, holding a small copper bowl of water, a stone bowl of salt, a censor of already burning incense, thick with the scent of Myrr and Copal, and a vial of sharply scented oil.

The five watched silently, to see if the child was as gifted as they all thought.

"Salt is life and purifying, I bless this salt in this sacred circle in the unsung names of the Lord and Lady." She dropped three pinches of the salt into the bowl of water, stirring three times with her finger.

"Let the blessed salt purify this water that it may be blessed to use in this sacred circle, in the unsung names of the Lord in Lady, I concecrate this water." She moved slowly around the circle, sprinkling the salted water as she moved, where the water fell, a flare of light left a trail till it burned all around.

"I consecrate this circle in the unsung names of the Lord and the Lady, This Circle of power is purified and sealed."

Falling silent, Elyssia moved back to the center, setting down the copper bowl, then reched for the oil, marking her forhead with an equal armed cross thus encircled, a solar cross.

Jaynicia smiled faintly as she watched her charge perform flawlessly. Elyssia then turned walking almost as if sleepwalking to stand before her guardian. "I call upon you, Elemental Earth, to attend this rite and Guard this circle, For as I have body and strength, we are kith and kin..." A bellowing roar echoed through the valley as a phantom minotaur stepped beside her guardian, making his approval known.

Bowing her head, she turned to her right, and stood before the young man. "I call upon you, Element Air, to attend this rite and guard this circle, for as I breath and think, we are kith and kin." A glittering aura surrounded the youth, and upon closer inspection, each little glittering mote was a faerie sprite, showing their approval.

Bowing her head, she turned to her right, and stood before the aged woman. "I call upon you, Element Fire, To attend this rite and guard this circle, for as I consume life to live, we are Kith and Kin!" An impossibly mesmerizing song echoed as a phoenix burst into flaming existance, it's fiery gaze fixed upon Elyssia so that she found she could not move... :: Ye are chosen of Fire... For War is ahead. :: It sang into her mind. It turned, plucking a feather from its tail, and lay it into her hand.

Bowing, still seemingly in her dream-like state, Elyssia turned to her right, and stood before the older man. "I call upon you, Elemental Water, to attend this rite and gaurd this Cirlce, for as I feel and my heart beats we are Kith and Kin." An Undine appeared to stand beside the man who commanded this element, and nodded approval, but did not stray close.

Again Elyssia bowed her head, turning again to the woman with the auburn curls. Her heat leapt and skipped a beat as their eyes met. "I call upon you, Elemental Spirit, to attend this rite and guard thic circle, for as I am a child of the Gods, we are Kith and Kin."

Two beings of light flanked the auburn haired woman, and an infinty symbol appeared in white fire above Elyssia's head.

10/18/2005 9:15 AM

Elyssia retreated to the center of the circle, awaiting her trials. It was Jaynicia who stepped forward, so that Elyssia turned towards her. "Second trial of Earth. Call the animals to you Child Elyssia, call all that you can."

Elyssia closed her eyes, and spoke, not in words, but in sounds, chirps, growls and howls. Minutes passed and the circle was being surrounded by animals drawn by her calls.

A blasting roar answered her calls, echoing over the valley as a Dragon flew overhead, making even Jaynicia blink in amazment.

"She has passed the trial of Earth." Jaynicia nodded, and stepped back.

The man in amber stepped forward, and before Elyssia could turn towards him, he hurtled something towards her, quicker than she could possibly react. Inches before her, the stone that he threw stopped and hovered there as she turned to stare at it, then flew back in the direction that it had come.

"Manipulation of that which is already moving. She has passed the Trial of Air."

The aged woman looked at Elyssia for a long moment, then nodded. "She is strong in the power of fire. She will take the sorceress trial of Fire."

Elyssia was shocked, she had never heard of a student such as she to take any sorceress test this early.

Before she had time to even question, a Fiery salamander uncurled itself from the womans' feet, and lept at her. Without thinking, Elyssia used the same concept of heating her water, only this time created a heated sheild around her, the shimmering heat distorted all outside of it, and the salamander hissed in frustration as it slammed into it.

Using the same technique, but with an extra twist, she coerced the flames to dance in her hand, then throwing it like a ball, causing the salamander to vanish in its wake.

"She has passed the second and Sorceress trial of fire. To create a sheild, and to use fire as a weapon."

11/30/2005 5:18 PM

umm.... have u noticed that ur the only one playing this rpg?

11/30/2005 5:34 PM

first of all, please don't post ooc messages in this half of the thread. second, if you'd kindly read the OOC half of the thread, you'd notice that I wanted to write the opening myself, and then when I gave the o.k. others could join in.

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