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08/23/2005 9:06 PM

Elspeth Sayre stepped through the pass-gate and into Marehollow, the first and friendliest of the Seven Middle-Woods. It was also the busiest, but she avoided the eyes of the other travelers, sliding out from pass-gates and finding the stone they sought. The stones were scattered across the grass of the many sunny clearings and among the tall, thin trees, each with the power to transport whoever touched them into a city or place. Most of the other travelers were warrior types, grim, swordbearing, as no one else wanted to mess with matters outside their homeground and therefore did not use the Middle-Woods. The amount of warriors probably had to do with the War as well. Elspeth shivered and pushed her short black curls out of her face. She did not want to have anything to do with the War, but the Finding drew her gently onward with a tugging she could not resist.

She walked purposefully between the rows of trees, looking for the gate-stone to the Second Wood, Nadareth, and from Nadareth to Perasash, the Third Wood, and so forth until the Seventh Wood, where surely would be the stone that would take her to the Academy of Lost Mages. But there were the unknown magicks and creatures and perhaps Mythics in the Woods, and besides that the gate-stones themselves were very hard to find, as for some reason the Finding even would not lead herself to them. The gate to Nadareth would not be too hard to find, but the higher woods would become like labyrinths of trees and magic and perhaps the Cities of the Nether-Dwellers, if such things even existed.

There was a sudden prickle of claws on Elspeths back and a little black ball of fur jumped down and streaked across the forest floor. Goddess Chi! Elspeth exclaimed, and began to chasing after the little kitten, nearly running into half a dozen rather cross-looking warriors.

09/24/2005 5:37 PM

Samuel sat in the tree wondering about what he should do, he was extremly bored. Though he was always bored....

10/07/2005 12:10 PM

Neeko eyed the warriors from a distance. They didn't seem to be happy with the girl whom had just run right into him. His green eyes dart towards the kitten now. He was more worried about his kin, then the girl. Darting from the shadows, bastard sword drawn he moves towards the warriors. "The girl is with me." He says, before they can get a word in edge wise. He was of course, wearing his cloak, so his form was covered. All that showed of him was his cruel green cat eyes, and his large, scard hands. He hoped he didn't have to use his weapons, he preferred not to attack and kill unless it was absolutely neccesary.

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