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08/18/2005 4:13 AM

There are many Alternate Realities. An infinate number of possibilities in every situation. Rules are there to govern each situation and henceforth the outcome. But Rules are BORING! Some cosmic force has seen fit to crunch all the alternate realities into one, thus creating a world without Logic, without rules and most importantly, without Sense! A World Called (DUN DUN DUUUUH) RaNdOmEdA!

A small group of survivors find themselves alone in a strange environment only by some incredibly lucky chance that they did not loose an essential part of their beings in the big crunch. Their Mission, should they be under the impression that they have a choice of whether to accept it or not, is to search this land for the cosmic force in order to get him to restore order to the worlds. They each have their own reasons, some more important than others.

~-~-This Thread Will Self Destruct Unexpectedly In The Future-~-~

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08/19/2005 1:42 AM

Dorkus M. Sporkus had just sat down to enjoy a healthy serving of Spirulina Flavoured Jelly when he noticed something strange. Normally, sitting on the tiny little handmade seat, placed on the desk beside him, was his pet Potato, Spud-Nick. But today, the chair sat empty. The absense of his precious tuber struck Dorkus much more powerfully than the absense of Jelly in his Digestive system. Sticking his spoon behind his ear and grabbing a magnifying Glass, Dorkus stared through the tool at the empty chair. When he had come to the conclusion that the chair really was there 23 and a fourtenth minutes later, he began searching the chair for Spud-Nick. "GASP!" he said outloud in a very non-gasping way "Spud-Nick has gone! I must Go and search for him In Lands Beyond Yonder Lands that Are Beyond the Yonder of These Lands!" He strapped on his Fish-belt and hurried through his door, not bothering to open it, leaving a Dorkus-shaped hole in the wood...

08/19/2005 5:05 AM

In a field of rainbow coloured grass, under the shade of a cookie tree, the front end of a brown pantomime horse pretended to graze.

He looked up to see a regular looking teenage boy with glowing green hair, a purple jacket and dark green coloured lederhosen rushing by.

Curiously the horse blinked twice, almost as if his eyes must be real, although quite clearly they were not.

[i]Damn! That boy must have seen through my disguise![/i], he thought.
[i]He's probably rushing to tell the authorities. He must be stopped![/i]

The pantomime horse ran clumsily across the field towards the boy and attempted to jump over the surrounding 3ft fence. Unfortunately he didn't quite clear it, and landed flat on his face on the other side...

10 minutes later, he managed to get back onto his feet to resumed the chase...

08/19/2005 5:35 AM

Y was hovering over a mushroom, sipping lightly on his tea (which is something to see since he has no arms). In the distance he saw a boy and half of a horse speeding along in a desperate chase. Y adjusted his monocle and straightened his top hat then as the two were passing him, time slowed down and they were moving in slow motion. Y however was not affected by this awkward and comical time shift.

"I say old chaps..." the big happy moon face said. "What's all this rush about? won't you sit and have a spot of tea? come, let us sit and discuss the human condition. why theres plenty of room on the ole mushroom."

08/20/2005 11:39 AM

With a whipcracking noise, a midget fell out of the air and landed on a top hat wearing moon. He sprang to his feet, balancing on the hat, and brandished his feather duster.

"Wotcher? Who What? Que?"

There was a great cloud of dust as he shook his duster over the moon's face. He coughed violently and fell off of the monn's hat.

08/21/2005 10:20 PM

Dorkus was running by when suddenly heeee foooouunnnd hiiimseeellf moooviing veeeerrryyy slloooowllllyy..... Heeeee tuuuurrrrrneeed aaaassss soooommeeeeonnnneee taaaalkkeedd toooo hiiim....

"I say old chaps..." the big happy moon face said. "What's all this rush about? won't you sit and have a spot of tea? come, let us sit and discuss the human condition. why theres plenty of room on the ole mushroom."

Time Returned to normal once this man had finished talking and as Dorkus had been leaning forward attempting to move faster, the sudden speed up made him fall over onto the ground. He got up as a loud crack was heard and then was confronted by Three other Incredibly strange looking people. Half a Horse. A Floating Moon And A Tiny Litle Person with a feather duster. He brushed his green hair out from his face and adjusted his jacket. He pulled his fish from his belt and brandished it at the group "Who on earth are you Guys? Have you seen Spud-Nick?"

08/21/2005 10:32 PM

Spud jabbed his feather duster at the strange green haired fellow from his prone position on the ground.

"Whatchoo want with da spud?"

He popped up off of the ground and wafted a great cloud of dust in Dorkus' general direction.

08/22/2005 3:32 AM

"Who on earth are you Guys? Have you seen Spud-Nick?"

Hearing this, the half pantomime horse relaxed a little. He remained silent and tried to continue looking inconspicuous, eyes blinking slowly as he watched the conversation unfold between the others.

08/22/2005 8:16 AM

On the other side of the meadow in a tree, a blue-haired girl was arguing with a piece of moldy cheese.

"Cheese of evil, what's wrong? Why don't you answer meee?" Skitz demanded, shaking the rancid dairy product.

Voices caught her attention, and she stuffed the cheese into her bag again. The wanna-be samurai eyed the strange people across the grass, chewing on the side of the tree absent-mindedly.

Skitz finally grabbed her rusty, dull sword and hopped out of the tree, attacking it for a minute just for good measure.
Her head was starting to feel odd, so she hit it against the trunk a few times, then trotted across the grass towards the weird people, chewing on a dead bat to relieve her craving for tapioca.

08/22/2005 1:37 PM

Y took a sip of his tea from his petite little tea cup and eyed the midget who crumpled his hat.

"Dear me, I haven't seen such a midget downpour since the frog disaster of 1342!"
Said Y. He then made sure that his top hat was in good order before looking over the others.

"Well what a fine group of people we have." Y said before taking another sip, then when the green haired kid brandished his loaded fish Y dropped his tea on the mushroom and stuck his nonexistent moon hands in the air.

"Please sir, for all that is good do not fire that thing in this sacred place. You wouldn't want to upset the rainbow would you?"

08/22/2005 2:13 PM

Far far away, in the Far far away lands, a giant explosion occured. All could see the explosion as a heat wave swept over them. Then suddenly a shooting star appeared. It grew bigger and bigger as it flew towards them. "YAHOO!!!" The shooting star wasn't a shooting star but, it was a teenager boy flying in the sky.

He wore a red shirt, red shoes, a red hat (which all had a flame logo on it), and blue pants. He had flaming red hair and brown eyes. Which his eyes grew as he saw that he was going to land on a blue-haired girl, carrying a sword and eating a dead bat. "Look out below!"

Too late and he crashed landed right on top of the girl, sending them both flying backwards. His head hit something hard (the sword) and the next instant he was out like a light.

08/22/2005 2:46 PM

The startled pantomime horse took a few steps backwards as the boy came crashing down towards them. Unfortunately, he didn't notice the puddle of water behind him. The extremely deep puddle of water that is. The puddle of water that he would swear had not been there moments before.

The horse completely disappeared into it's murky depths, then mysteriously enough the puddle vanished, leaving no trace of it, or the horse.

08/25/2005 3:44 AM

Dorkus looked around at the group and then decided that he had had enough of the ground so he stood up.
"ARGH LIGHTNING ROD IS ME!" Dorkus yelled as he was randomly struck by a bolt of lightning but instead of becoming a tasty meal of KFD, his eyes rolled back in his head and he began talking in a computerised voice (Like Steven Hawkings)
"Bzzz...Greetings Survivors.....My, yes MY! Name cannot be comprehended by your, yes YOUR! Primitive Minds, Let Alone Pronounced, But for educational purposes, You, yes YOU! can call me, yes ME! Glorbfangistienificationarynessitron Or Glorb for Short. I, yes I! am the creator of this world. I, yes I! am the master of randomness and Randomeda! Which is the name of this world conincidently. You, yes YOU! are trapped without sense or purpose for all eternity. I, yes I! alone can reverse the Big crunch and I, yes I! wont! Ever! Not Even if you, yes YOU! gathered together a group of Eight people, travelled along the path through danger to the Skyscraper where I, yes I! reside and defeated me in random combat. Ah Crap! I, yes I! just told you, yes YOU!, all exactly what to do! Someone, yes SOMEONE! turn this thing Off before more is revealed! Hurry! It's Off? Good..............................Phew that was close. I, yes I! almost revealed that there was a secret teleport to my self destruct button in a disappearing puddle near them....WHAT??? YOU, yes YOU! DIDN'T TURN IT OFF?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOO YOU STU....bzzz"

Dorkus' eyes rewind back to normal position and he looks around confused at the others staring at him...

08/25/2005 3:58 PM

Which his eyes grew as he saw that he was going to land on a blue-haired girl, carrying a sword and eating a dead bat. "Look out below!"

Too late and he crashed landed right on top of the girl, sending them both flying backwards. His head hit something hard (the sword) and the next instant he was out like a light.

Random things had been happening to Skitz a lot lately. None of them so far had been quite as painful as somebody falling on top of her. One minute, she was just standing there enjoying some cold bat, and the next some idiot lands on her! Honestly!

The blue haired girl's head swam as the ground leaped up and tackled her painfully.
The would-be samurai groaned, gasping for air. Then screamed. LOUDLY.

she shoved the offender onto the ground, unconcious. If she'd had a bit more energy, she would have kicked him.

As it was, she felt like most of her bones were broken (or just hurt) and mutter "Baka*!" into the dirt before passing out. (likely due to the reddish-purple lump on her forehead)

(*baka= idiot)

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08/31/2005 6:44 AM

Gradually, a dark looking cloud began to materialise a few feet above the head of the unconscious girl Skitz. As it formed, it began to rain on her, then suddenly a flash of lightning and a blast of thunder caused a wet looking horses to fall out from it.

The half pantomime horse landed heavily on the unfortunate girl, as the cloud quickly dissipated.

Slowly and uneasily the dripping wet horse got back up onto its two feet and looked around, blinking curiously.

09/05/2005 10:19 PM

"So Guys" Dorkus began "Is anyone going to answer my question about Spud-Nick? You all look strange. You're looking at me as if (*said very fast*) I had just been struck by lightning which in fact wasnt lightning but a means of Communication by some villian guy who happened to destroy all sense in the world who had called you guys to let you know that fact and that he was invincible and also that his name was uncomprehendible in our tounge but we should call him Glorb and he told us how we could defeat him but someone here didnt hear and missed the button while in the Puddle. (*slows down again*) Heh, but what are the chances of that eh?" Dorkus then fell over gasping for air as he had used all the air in his lungs and some that wasn't even there in the first place to say this long monologue.

09/06/2005 7:09 AM

Skitz groaned at the weight of the pantomime horse, jarring her (reluctantly) back into consciousness.


She opened her eyes and saw the horse.
"Che! BAKA*! OFF!!"

*Che= damn!
Baka= IDIOT!

09/06/2005 8:52 AM

The dripping wet horse quickly backed away from the girl.

"Curses! My disguise is ruined!" snapped an angry voice from within the costume.

Ignoring the ramblings of the foolish boy, the horse began to wriggle until a pair of arms poked free. The arms grabbed at the front of the costume and ripped it away completely, then lifted off the horses head, to reveal...

A man...

The man quickly composed himself, putting on his hat and straigtening out his black cloak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, of course I need no introductions, but for the sake of formality, let me proudly introduce you to the infamous Dandy Highwayman!" he announced grandly, raising his hat and bowing with a flick of his cloak.

"Now what was that you were saying about a button?" he asked the boy, resting his hands on a pair of twin Flintlocks which were holstered on his belt.

09/06/2005 2:40 PM

Jerry awoke suddenly and jumped up. "Ah, that was a great explosion! I felt like I was flying!" Jerry laughed insanely. Then he noticed the blue-haired girl standing near him.

"Oh yeah, thanks for breaking my fall earlier. You were very..." Jerry looked the girl up and down, ... comfortable to land on." Jerry smiled a wide grin. Then he grabbed his head. "Ugh but, your sword hurt a lot."

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09/06/2005 3:09 PM

Hands still resting on the Flintlocks at his hips, the Dandy Highwayman glared at the silly superhero boy wannabe.

"[i]Excuse me![/i] I doubt anyone's interested in your stupid explosion. Now if you don't mind, I believe they'd prefer to see my fine awe inspiring entrance without further interruption. Thank you," he scowled, shaking his head and tapping a boot on the ground in disbelief.

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