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08/15/2005 8:12 PM

i would like to start a prg about a bar i need 2 bouncers 2 bartenders 2 wateress 2 waiters 1 chef 2maids and a manager to run the inn once i got workers the role playing fun can begin with ether a bad poker game fight to she stoled my master cat fight i think this would be great come on give me support

08/16/2005 6:05 AM

I would be happy to Be a bouncer/manager, or waitress. My general style is I can be a Manager and fight xD. So I can stop BAttles ect or w/e :).

Name: Sakura Tenshi
Race: Woof Elf, human, Fallen Angel
Appearance : Waitress, Maid Fighter o_O. Black leather collar Black hair, Dim red eyes.
Sapphire necklace about 5"7. Around 110.
Hair: Black
eyes: Dim red.
ABck : Wings, Black feathers.

Full tunic, sleeveless with little cleaage and a spot cut out around her stomach for flexability. Knee High black leather boots. Black leather School girl style mini skirt and her hair is back in a black small ribbon.

"Quick and easy :P."
Bio: Looking for love, And looking for work :).

08/16/2005 6:15 PM

Welcome aboard, rmyoz!

Always nice to have new faces around here.
However, it's recommended that before starting a new thread you go to the Training Grounds, where other RP sages like me can help you get a feel for the forums.

08/16/2005 9:45 PM

Jesus... fucking.... christ.

08/16/2005 10:02 PM

easy damien...

08/17/2005 12:42 AM

easy damien...

Why? He beat me to it...


08/17/2005 1:40 PM

I agree with Damien. I was actually surprised he didn't go off on them right then and there. Though I think he should, somebody has to teach the newbies.

[Edited by SoaringEagle on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 1:42 PM]

08/17/2005 1:52 PM

Unless you can offer contsructive ways to help make the post better, you should all keep your name-calling and insults to yourself.

We have people at a variety of playing levels here - and those who need to develop their skills need the aid of the sages (and other helpful members), not the insults of others.


08/17/2005 2:21 PM

I would like to point out that I didn't insult anyone.

But to point a few facts:

1. This topic is pretentious and inane. 12 years olds on chat-based RPing make topics like this.

2. Don't make pretentious, inane topics.

3. It's painfully clear that the OP wouldn't know 'gothic' if it kicked them in the face. To put a finer point on it - don't make topics about things you don't have the damndest clue about.

There.. was that more helpful to the pretentious child?

08/17/2005 2:23 PM

There.. was that more helpful to the pretentious child?

Well, it's an improvement from your first post, if that's what you're asking.

08/17/2005 3:37 PM

Ah it probably was more my post that Shall got mad at. Am I right? Anyways, I'll offer up some tips as well.

First off, Yuna, you can have more than one character! Everytime I have seen you post in a thread it has been with your Sakura Tenshi character. It's okay to create more characters for different threads! There is no need for you to only use one character and change their class, background info, or anything else just to fit into another thread. I have tons of characters that I use and once I create them, I never change them to fit into another thread.I simply create a new character to fit the thread that I want to join.

So come on, let your creativity flow from you and make some great characters!

Uh, I believe that was the only thing that I have noticed about Yuna's posting. Over all, I think, she has done a fine job and should continue to grow and become and even better roleplayer.

[Edited by SoaringEagle on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 3:39 PM]

08/17/2005 6:03 PM

Yuna wasn't the OP.

So come on, let your creativity flow from you and make some great characters!

Her character is listed as a "Wood Elf, human, Fallen Angel." I think that speaks volumes of her creativity.

It doesn't exist.

08/27/2005 5:07 PM

Just out of curosity, once everyone is in the game, what do you want to do from there? what is the plot, what is the problem that sets the story into motion? why are you even starting an rp? you have so little experience at this site, why dont you get into some rps first, and learn what topics work and which dont? Also, there are hundreds of rps with the exact same idea as yours. why dont you simply join one of theirs instead of taking up space with what will, eventually, die off?

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