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08/09/2005 5:16 AM

I would be interested in running a Mythic Celts thread.
The general synopsis is that the player characters on returning to their village find that it has not only been destroyed but it appears to have happened a very long time ago. The sole survivor, a withered old crone, claims to have been a girl when it happened. The gist is that the villagers have been captured by the fey for reasons unknown. The player characters vow to get them back.
The plot simply follows the standard celtic story of riddles to do with the Tuatha de Danaan, fights, cunning and magic  and obviously the odd twist or two.

I still consider myself a complete noob here. I cant see how to include the OOC thread and probably make a hash of it to boot, so if people are actually interested, I will need a little advice to get the plot off the ground.

08/09/2005 11:32 AM

I cant see how to include the OOC thread

You'll get the option when you create the thread. As long as you enter something into the OOC box, it'll create itself.

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