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08/06/2005 10:00 PM

That's right - I'm considering starting up my own RP here. Keep in mind though, it isn't definite. Right now I'm just drumming it around to see if anyone would even be interested. If so - I'll see what I want to do from there.

The situation is that I really have been hankering to run a Conan game - but I just don't have the time in my life right now to 'set aside' a regular gaming schedule. So online gaming is really my only avenue at this time.

I'm not totally sure what the overall concept would be as yet - all I can say with certainty is that it would be set in Robert E. Howard's Hyboria around the time Conan is king of Aquilonia. I'd be capable of making up a full list of nationalities if necessary, but it would be important to remember that the only 'player race' in this setting are humans. There are no Elves and Dwarves, or anything of the sort.

Conan games will tend to be very plot-driven, with plenty of opportunity for action. So any RP set in Hyboria will require lengthy posts by all those involved - since the entire point is to move the session along at a fast pace, rather than getting dragged down in the conversations and one-liners that can plague some games.

I won't post anything else as yet - I'll wait to see if anyone even pretends to be interested.

08/06/2005 10:18 PM

I, for one, would be certainly be interested, as I am already commited to take part in Kalia's The Dreaming God. Although you may need to guide me toward any research that may be needed for the timeline. I'm not all that familiar with Conan as King, but am familiar with more than just the movies. It has been awhile though, so I would need to 'refresh' my little bit of knowledge.

08/06/2005 10:23 PM

Yeah, I can do that.

What I plan on doing if I run this, and if it garners enough interest to bother, is to do a few write-ups.

The first will detail, insofar as I can write without giving myself a headache, each nationality of Hyboria. After that I'll put together a write-up of the different lands and a few things about them, as well as important provinces, if any. And lastly, I'll write up the general technology level - you know, available armour and weapons and things like that.

I also have maps on my computer that I can send to people, or direct people to if they're available on the web.

08/06/2005 11:05 PM

Your absolute commitment to some things is delightfully refreshing. Although I was also refering to the possibility of a short reading list that might encompase some of what you mentioned, thereby saving you at least some of the, potentially unnecessary, effort. Forgive me for my occasional lack of straight-forwardness.

08/06/2005 11:13 PM

In my experience - a reading list for an RP is rarely, if ever, helpful.

If someone already owns the books - they can go back and read them over on their own if they want to.
If someone doesn't own the books, it's highly unlikely that they'd read or purchase them just for an RP session.

It seems a lot more prudent just to hand out the information in easy to digest lists rather than forcing anyone to garner information from the books.

If I were to suggest anything, I'd suggest reading the gaming books by Mongoose Publishing, as they sum up the mood and information very nicely, with enough pastiche to keep it interesting while remaining as close to cannon as possible.

So if anything - I'd say The Conan Roleplaying Game and The Road of Kings - both by Mongoose Publishing, would be useful. Also, the novel Hour of the Dragon is probably the most prudent.

08/06/2005 11:34 PM

I'd be interested in RPing in a Conan game, although my knowledge of the world is limited at best. I was planning on taking a look at The Conan Roleplaying Game and this would give me another reason to hurry myself down to my local bookstore/gamestore.

08/06/2005 11:37 PM

That's two interested parties in a few hours - not bad. Hopefully the thread will generate enough interest to warrant actually getting the idea going within a week or so.

08/08/2005 10:09 AM

You know, I'd be interested, but the only experience I have with anything Conan is from that friggin movie. Plus, I think I should stick to just two RP's for awhile, seeing as how I'm going to be very busy.

08/08/2005 12:02 PM

Aren't you supposed to be staying in bed -anyway-, missy?

08/08/2005 8:41 PM

Thank the gods Damien said it before I did. Aeramae. Bed. Now.

I'd join too, and you know I would. Only problem is, I know less about Conan then Aeramae. (I haven't even seen the movies.)

08/08/2005 9:19 PM

Just so we're ALL on the same page here:

Setting awareness is not a prerequisite. It will be helpful for those that take up the mantle of leadership and want to help carry the RP, as the saying goes. But for the most part - you don't need to know anything about the setting.

Everything you REALLY need to know for your character, like places, ethnicities and even racism-tendencies will be fully explained.

I would never start up an RP without helping to make sure everyone has a handle on the setting.

08/11/2005 1:28 AM

Just a little bump to see if anyone else would be interested before I decide to shelve this idea as "not enough interested parties."

08/11/2005 3:45 AM

Yeah I am interested too. Luckily I am a Howard fan myself and pretty well versed in Hyborian lore...


08/11/2005 12:59 PM

So that's three people that would play... not really enough to bother... but I'll keep checking to see if anyone else would definitely join.

08/11/2005 3:52 PM

Unless you were just planning on being an overlord, which wouldn't really fit, that would make four. Or did I miss someone dropping out?

08/11/2005 5:14 PM

I don't really know much about the world setting, but if you are going to provide information, Damien, I'd like to join as well. Sounds interesting :)

08/11/2005 6:29 PM

Excellent. One or two more people just to make it interesting would be nice. We'll see what happens within a week.

And no, I don't plan to be an overlord. But generally, the person "running" the game doesn't count as a 'player' - even if they are playing.

08/11/2005 7:18 PM

I'd be interested in playing...if this RP's big enough for the like billion Damiens on this site...

08/11/2005 9:29 PM

if this RP's big enough for the like billion Damiens on this site...

Actually, the only active "Damiens" are yourself and myself. There's also a "Dark Elf" though he might have been banned or screamed off the boards for his disgustingly rude behaviour.

But that brings the RP up to like 5-6 people.. which seems good. I'll work on the write-ups and get back to everyone soon.

Anyone else that would be interested in playing - - let me know.

08/11/2005 11:06 PM

I'm putting together the big list o' countries, ethnicities, and equipment. But while you wait - chew on this, I've already put together a list of maps (links), and book reference material for both gaming and just the stories. I even threw in a general 'Hyboria' reference site.


[url:http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/pdf/conanmap.jpg]World Map (Hyboria)[/url]

[url:http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/pdf/conanshadizarmap.jpg]City of Shadizar[/url]

[url:http://hyboria.xoth.net/maps/arenjun.gif]City of Arenjun[/url]

[url:http://hyboria.xoth.net/maps/hw_bord.jpg]The Border Kingdom[/url]






[b]Reference Site[/b]

[url:http://www.dodgenet.com/~moonblossom/hyborian.htm]Conan - Heroes of Dark Fantasy[/url]

[b]Books (gaming) - Mongoose Publishing[/b]

Conan The Roleplaying Game (Atlantean Edition)
The Road of Kings
Aquilonia - Flower of the West
The Scrolls of Skelos
The Black Stones of Kovag-Re
The Pirate Isles
The Coming of Hanuman
Across Thunder River
The Free Companies
Shadizar - City of the Wicked
Tales of the Black Kingdoms
Hyboria's Fiercest - Barbarians, Borderers, and Nomads
Messantia - City of Riches
Tower of the Elephant
Heretics of Tarantia
Hyboria's Finest - Nobles, Scholars, and Soldiers
Hyborian Bestiary
Dark Bordello

[b]Books (story)[/b]

The Coming of Conan of Cimmeria (Conan of Cimmeria, Vol. 1)
The Bloody Crown of Conan (Conan of Cimmeria, Vol. 2)
[i]and coming soon[/i]
The Conquering Sword of Conan (Conan of Cimmeria, Vol. 3)

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08/12/2005 3:18 AM

Yes, I'm posting again....

Since I didn't want to sleep, and didn't feel like working.. I wrote up the Weapons of Hyboria. I'll probably do the armour stuff next... then a general write-up on the 'feel' of Hyboria.. followed by the pertinent Ethnic and Country write-ups. No, I don't expect you to actually read ALL of this, unless you really want to. Just putting the information here so it can be used as needed.

[b]Weapons of Hyboria[/b]

The world of Hyboria follows a late Medieval technology pattern. So most things that you can imagine existing at that time, with the exception of firearms, are most likely to exist in Hyboria. Some items are restricted (for example, rapiers will only appear in Zingara, or closeby Zingara -- and curved blades are virtually unknown in the West). For those of you that need ideas - I'm including a complete (or nearly complete) list of weapons and correlating descriptions. This list will also help anyone not familiar with Hyboria to peg down the 'language.'
It's also worth noting that these descriptions do not always follow along historically correct terminology. Robert E. Howard sometimes changed the historical usage of words to suit his purposes. So this list refers to Howard's definitions, and not necessarily the weapon's historical counterpart.


Knives & Daggers: Common weapons carried by peasants, sometimes even slaves. We all know what daggers and knives look like. As a general rule, 'dagger' refers to a short, bladed weapon that was meant as a personal sidearm or weapon, while 'knife' refers to an item that is primarily a -tool- that can be pressed into service in a way similar to a dagger. The Ghanata knife is a heavy, long, curved knife often used as a primary or secondary weapon by the Desert Tribes.

Poniard: The poniard is a long, triangular dagger used in much the same way as a stiletto. However, the poniard is thicker and far more combat-worthy.

Stiletto: The stiletto is a 'noble' weapon - a dagger to be precise. It's extremely thin, rigid, and has a unique cross-section that makes it ideal for puncturing the thin plate of a visored or great helm. These are mostly used by the wealthy as self-defense items, and are also carried by the occasional soldier to finish off the wounded.

Cudgels: Maces and clubs. Pretty simple, really. A club is a big piece of wood, or even metal, that you beat someone to death with. A mace is a mildly more sophisticated version - slender with a bulbous head, often spiked or flanged. Then there's the two-hand "war club." This type of weapon resembles a slightly longer baseball bat with metal bands, brass studs, and other bits of metal wrapped around and bolted through the end. The warhammer also falls under this category. Warhammers can resemble anything from a large claw-hammer (with a spike instead of a claw) to a small sledgehammer, and can be single-handed or two-handed weapons. Either way, they hurt when they hit you.

Axes: Axes come in three main varieties. The first is the hatchet. This is a very small axe - more of a tool than a weapon. It's most often pressed into service as a weapon of war by primitives like Picts. Your normal 'axe' is one step up - slightly larger and made for war. Following that is a heavier weapon - the battle-axe. Most axes seen on the battlefield are of this variety, with large, wedge-shaped blades.

Staff: The staff is a pretty simple item - a really long stick, also known as a quarterstaff. Useful in a bind, but not a primary weapon for anyone that wants to live.

Bows: Five different styles of traditional bow are seen throughout Hyboria. The most basic is the 'hunting bow.' This is your average bow that's mostly used for exactly what it sounds like - but are also pressed into war when necessary. Hunting bows are about 3 feet long. The Hyrkanian bow is a composite, recurve style of bow, about the same size as a hunting bow but with greater range and more power. The Stygian bow is slightly longer than a Hyrkanian bow but is more traditional in appearance, and therefore has impaired range and less power. The Shemite bow is the smallest, but is very much like the Hyrkanian bow in composition, but with a deeper recurve that allows the same range and power as a Hyrkanian bow. The Bossonian longbow is the only longbow in use in Hyboria. It's the longest - getting near 6 feet (depending on the user), and has power to match a Shemite bow, and greater range than a Stygian bow (but not so great as a Hyrkanian or Shemite bow).
Bossonian longbows are the preferred combat bow of most of the Western world.

Crossbows: The standard crossbow is just a bow on a stick - allowing for mechanics to replace the pull-weight. In short, a weak person can use a crossbow, unlike a traditional bow. The arbalest is a specialty crossbow with metal fittings rather than wooden ones, allowing the bow to have more power and range. In both cases - the range and power are only comparable with a hunting bow.

Spears: The javelin is a slim spear meant for throwing upon engagement of an enemy, right before battle is joined. It's weak, breaks easily, and isn't used for melee combat. The hunting spear is your average Hyborian spear with a good, functional tip and a sturdy shaft. A war spear is a thicker, sturdier version of a hunting spear, often with a wide and/or barbed head. The pike is an extremely long spear -- carried as an anti-cavalry weapon by infantry. It rarely sees any use outside of major engagements. Lances also deserve special mention. Throughout the Conan stories, lances are often referred to as if they were separate weapons, but a -combat- lance (as opposed to a sport-jousting lance) is virtually identical to a combination of a hunting spear with a war spear -- a long, sturdy shaft with a narrow, severely pointed head. One could consider a lance just another form of war spear that's commonly used from horseback.

Polearms: The bardiche is a 4-5-foot shaft of sturdy wood with a very large-bladed axe-head topping it off. Pollaxes are similar weapons, but the axe-head is smaller and is often backed by a bludgeon or a spike, and topped with something resembling a spearhead. Bills are a variation on a farmer's tool, a spearhead with a very small, axe-like crescent blade backed by a hook.

Straight Swords: Shortswords are your typical archer's or infantryman's sidearm - topping out at just over 2 or 2-1/2 feet in length. Arming swords are longer blades carried by both soldiers and courtiers. Broadswords resemble slightly longer, often wider arming swords and are carried by many professional soldiers and warlords. Both arming swords and broadswords are roughly 3 feet long. War swords are marginally longer than arming swords and broadswords, with the extra length being almost entirely in the handle. Whereas broadswords and arming swords are single-hand weapons (though capable of a two-handed blow), war swords are intended to be used either one- or two-handed. Greatswords are solely two-hand weapons, massive and dangerous. A common mode of us is half-swording, allowing the weapon to be used with precision, though some more barbaric warriors prefer to grip the weapon in two hands and just bash it into whatever gets too close.

Curved Swords: The scimitar is the basic curved sword. It resembles an arming sword, if an arming sword had its blade curved backward. The tips of scimitars are sometimes oddly shaped, making them often, but not always, poor thrusting swords. The saber is a longer version of the scimitar - often used single-handed from horseback, and two-handed while on foot. If the scimitar is identifiable with an arming sword, the saber is most certainly identifiable with a war sword. The tulwar is the curved answer to a greatsword, a massive, two-handed curved sword.
Curved swords are native to Eastern cultures and are only rarely seen in the West.
Unlike the other curved swords, the cutlass is seen in Western cultures and elsewhere. The cutlass is a short, heavy sword with only a marginal curve to the blade, and a steel 'cup,' basket, or knuckle-bow protecting the hand. They're used almost exclusively by sailors.

I can provide more information on weaponry, including some pretty good pictures, upon request -- if anyone needs help visualizing something, or needs clarification.

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08/12/2005 7:05 PM

[b]Armour of Hyboria[/b]

Armour in Hyboria, like weaponry, follows the general scheme of armour styles fond in the Middle Ages and earlier.
It should be noted that the list will note the various -types- of armour, but not all possible combinations. I'll leave that up to you, and rein in any particularly ludicrous combinations, if need be. For example, wearing a brigandine coat over mail is certainly correct, but over plate armour? No.
Traveling in armour is also an issue - most forms of basic armour (like a mail hauberk, but not an entire outfit of mail) are often worn to travel in. But extensive version of armour (such as a full plate harness, or mail hauberk with coif, chausses, full sleeves, and gauntlets) are almost exclusively kept in storage until battle is imminent. Generally speaking, combination armour (like brigandine over mail) is also far too uncomfortable and heavy for travel-wear.

Jerkins: Leather jerkins are a type of heavy, sleeveless shirt. They offer only the most pathetic protection, and only against glancing blows. But in a world where veryone is trying to kill you - something is better than nothing. There is also the quilted jerkin, also known as an aketon or gambeson. This type of jerkin is a heavy, sleeveless shirt of quilted fabric, and is often a bit more protective than its leather counterpart, though more prone to lice and other unpleasantness.

Brigandine Coat: A brigandine coat, or coat-of-plates, is a heavy leather, sleeveless tunic. Plates of steel are riveted or sewn to this backing in a non-overlapping fashion. A second layer of leather or cloth is sometimes applied over the metal plates, but not always. Coats-of-plates offer excellent protection for the torso, but leave the rest of the body vulnerable unless complimented with another set of armour.

Breastplate: Breastplates come in two varieties. The first is the true breastplate; a shaped piece of metal strapped around the back and worn over the chest and stomach. Expensive breastplates often have engraving. The second type of breastplate is far more protective -- called a cuirass, this type of breastplate is afixed to a backplate that protects the upper and lower back. Both styles may or may not have tassets to protect the thighs, but otherwise leave arms, legs, and head exposed.

Scale: Scale armour is made up of a backing of heavy cloth or leather with metal plates (often resembling fish-scales) riveted or sewn to the backing in an overlapping fashion. Scale armour offers a flexible, protective covering, but is more vulnerable to damage than brigandine armour. Most pieces of scale armour come in the corselet variety, protecting the chest, stomach, and back. Hauberks are also available, hanging lower (with a split for ease of movement) to protect the upper legs and even upper arms.

Girdle: A girdle is a simple piece of armour - little more than a big metal belt that gets wider at the stomach. Not really seen among civilized races, it's still popular in some areas as a means to keep your intenstines inside your body.

Mail: Mail consists of interlocking metal rings that resembles a heavy metal 'net.' Mail tends to be expensive, but is by no means rare (and is one of the most common styles of armour in Hyboria). Mail takes on many forms, the most common being the corselet. A corselet of mail is nothing more than a metal t-shirt, if that, falling to the tips and biceps, sometimes not covering the arms at all. Hauberks are longer, covering the arm to the elbow, and the upper thighs. Some hauberks are even longer, having full sleeves, and even falling almost to the knee.
Mail chausses are mail hose, rising to about the thigh and being clipped from there to an under-belt. Chausses provide excellent protection for the legs. Sometimes chausses cover the entire foot like a slipper, as well. Other pieces of mail armour include the coif (a mail hood often afixed to the hauberk), the mantle (a drape laced around the neck that covers the shoulders, neck, and very top of the chest and back) and aventail (a mail 'curtain' that hangs from some helms to better protect the neck).

Shields: The heavy shield is your standard knightly or warrior's shield and comes in various designs and shapes. A heavy shield can be anything from a round wooden core covered in bronze, to a rectangular wooden shield with a central boss (round piece of metal protecting the hand behind it), to an hourglass Greek-style wooden shield with iron bands.
The targe is a smaller, round shield made of wood with a leather facing. It's smaller and weaker than a standard heavy shield, but easy to carry around for traveling on foot, or for protecting yourself in tight quarters.
The buckler is an extremely small shield simply held in the hand (with no arm strap like the heavy shield and the targe). The buckler does not have the strength to absorb the power of a blow and is, thus, used mostly as a deflection tool to protect your weapon hand during an attack.

Helms: The most common helm is the cap, which can be made of anything from leather, to bronze, to steel. Also called a 'skullcap' -- the cap protects the top of the head only, and is quite cheap, ideal for poor infantry. Some styles of skullcap have a bar to protect the face, known as a noseguard. Next is the open-face helm. This type of helm starts as a skullcap, but has added protection for the back and sides of the head, but still leaves the face open, and may or may not have a noseguard. Ancient Greek and Roman helms are almost all styles of open-face helm.
Great helms are the style of helm that cover the entire head. The only openings in a great helm are the breaths (small holes at the mouth to allow for easier breathing) and either a large slit, or two smaller slits, for sight. The 'sugar-loaf' helm of the Medieval era is a popular great helm design.
The visored helm resembles an open-face helm with an attached face-plate which can be raised or lowered to provide protection for the face.

Once again, if anyone needs any extra information on armour, or any pictures -- I'd be glad to supply them.

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08/13/2005 8:48 PM

[b]The Mood of a Hyborian Game[/b]

A game set in Hyboria is rife with some important concepts that need to be covered for those unfamiliar.

1 ) War. Combat. Bloody, horrible, bone-shattering, gore-ific combat. While combat shouldn't take up the entire game, or anywhere near an entire game, it's a focal point of a Hyborian adventure. The Hyborian world is a brutal one.

2 ) Terrifying magic. Magic is not good. Ever. There are virtually no benevolent magical items. There are no kindly spellcasters, or powerful goodly wizards. Magic comes from dark places and demonic pacts. Spellcasters do their best, until they're incredibly powerful, to hide their activities. If a spellcaster isn't hiding what he is - chances are he's vastly more powerful than you. He's also most assuredly evil. If he isn't, he's on his way. A central theme of Hyboria is the tainting effects of magic. Wherever you derive the power from, even if from innocent study, it will eventually corrupt you.
For all of these reasons, magic is feared and despised in Hyboria. And while some may seek its power, and others may bow to those that already have it, the general populace would not welcome a spellcaster among them. Likewise, the characters, unless affected by some very curious and unique happenstance, should have no love of magic, and perhaps should have already witnessed first-hand its destructive power.

3 ) Betrayal. Some people aren't what they seem. And then again, some are. You can't trust everyone in a Hyborian game. But you also can't mistrust everyone. So characters in Hyboria have to actively consider who is worth trusting, and who might betray them. But guile is often superior to outright assaultiveness. Watch those that might betray you, but in most cases it's dangerous to outright accuse them. And who knows, you could be wrong. But then again - you could also be wrong about the person you -do- trust.
Likewise, be aware that everyone has an agenda. Just like in the real world, no one exists in a vacuum.

4 ) Monsters. Weird creatures are somewhat commonplace in Hyboria, but they are not -commonly encountered-. Unlike in settings like Forgotten Realms or Dragonlance, where oddities are an everday sight, characters in Hyboria should be disturbed, frightened, or horrified by seeing a strange fish-man, or a serpent-person, or a bloodthirsty mutated ape. A Hyborian character should never react to some horrible monster as if he were facing down just another armed city guardsman. Monsters should be terrifying and strange, even by the adventurer who has seen more than his fair share. Even Conan himself was taken aback each and every time he saw something disturbing and weird.

5 ) Morality and Honour. Both are subjective concepts in Hyboria. One man's demon is another man's saint. And in general, morals are pretty loose. Concubines and slaves are found in virtually every country, but so is honour. And a man's honour is not something you want to sully on a whim. Honour can often get you killed, but it can also bring you great fame. So while your moral structure is almost certain to be somewhat loose, you do have the option of whether or not you will be honourable, or only honourable when it suits you.

6 ) Heroic Death. No one lives forever. So don't cling too closely to a character. Death comes to us all. All you can really hope for is a heroic death.

7 ) Quasi-Medieval fun. The most important thing about Hyboria is to keep a Medieval 'feel.' That includes equipment (no sunglasses) and dialogue (no modern phrases). A single modern reference or poor choice of words can and will kill an entire game, as it just ruins the suspension of disbelief. So the utmost attention should be paid to keeping the "feeling" and "tone" of the setting in your posts.

8 ) The tone of the novels. In addition to the things above, Hyborian adventure isn't all blood and guts. Conan laughed, joked, wenched, and got painfully drunk. The key is finding the appropriate mix of rowdy fun and exciting adventure.

9 ) Religion. The Gods may or may not be real. No one really knows. Some worship, some don't. Some acknowledge them. Some don't. Sometimes a 'God' is a living creature -- a powerful sorcerer that has claimed Godhood over some culture or tribe. At no time has it ever become evident whether or not the Gods of Hyboria are real -- if they are, they do not act on behalf of themselves or of mortals on the material world. They will not interfere with mortal doings... if they exist at all.

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08/13/2005 9:22 PM

Looking good so far Damien (perhaps too good). I'm just waiting for the peoples of Hyboria before I really come up with a character.

08/13/2005 9:46 PM

Ethnicities is coming up next. Soon, padawan, soon.

08/16/2005 10:50 PM

im interested, although I know nothing about conan ata all. I'll read this thread over and wait for the people before I do anything though.

I'm confused by one term you used in the weapons explanation though, define half-swording, I'm a total idiot (I hear you thinking it Flandrake) in this area.

[Edited by Black_Plague on Tuesday, August 16, 2005 11:21 PM]

08/17/2005 1:04 AM

Great work so far Damien. Any restrictions culture-wise I should know about before I come up with a character?

One more thought though. Those of you who don't know much about Howard's Hyboria ignore this next question as I don't want to confuse you, so stop reading! Now! Anyway as I was saying, I know that most of the sorcerors Conan came across were evil batards, but wasn't Kalanthes a good sorceror?


08/17/2005 1:35 AM

im interested, although I know nothing about conan ata all. I'll read this thread over and wait for the people before I do anything though.

If you join.. you're going to have to pay a lot more attention to grammar and spelling. So beware!

I'm confused by one term you used in the weapons explanation though, define half-swording, I'm a total idiot (I hear you thinking it Flandrake) in this area.

Half-swording is a technique used throughout the later Medieval period. Because the 'control' you have over a two-hand sword is somewhat minimal -- a two-hand sword isn't over-good at making precision strikes into the gaps or weak spots of armour. Because of this, the 'half-swording' technique was developed. What you do is put your primary hand about half-way along the blade of your sword (hence the term), with your secondary hand on the grip behind the guard. While you -could- make cuts like this, the most effective use of the technique was in a devestating thrust that was far more controlled than almost any other sword could muster.

Keep in mind that many styles of sword (including two-hand swords designed for this) were not really sharpened until the last quarter of the blade, sometimes half of the blade. The rest was left dull -- so you were very unlikely to cut your hand (also considering you're likely wearing a glove of heavy leather).

Does that sum it up neatly for you?

Anyway as I was saying, I know that most of the sorcerors Conan came across were evil batards, but wasn't Kalanthes a good sorceror?

If I remember Kalanthes -- I'd say he wasn't evil. Probably not "good" - but not evil. But he was the exception, not the rule. My "Mood of Hyboria" post was meant to invoke the general feel -- which is that sorcery is evil and dark. If I mentioned "well.. except for this guy" - I'd invariably end up with someone saying "I want to play a GOOD sorcerer.." -- so I figured why confuse the issue? But you're correct that magic isn't ALWAYS evil.

The ethnicities are coming soon. I believe I'm going to start the game along the Zingaran or Argossean coast. So the only limitation on your chosen ethnicity is explaining how your character ended up in that area. It'll definitely be harder to explain a Kambujan in Zingara than a Stygian.

For those of you that just got confused out of your mind by that statement -- explanations are coming. I have two more posts to make before I can start up the RP -- one on ethnicity and one detailing the countries.

08/17/2005 1:51 AM

The question was more to see if I remembered right than to point out there were good sorcerors as Kalanthes was more than likely the exception to the rule. I can't remember any other even remotely good Sorceror. He was the Priest of Ibis that supposedly had battled against the worshippers of Set all his life.

I can't recall the name of the tale at the moment. It's the one where a priest steals some ancient Stygian sarcophagus bound for Kalanthes and Conan is accused of his murder because he was there to steal some Chalice and is caught by a watchman standing over the body...


[Edited by Arandur on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 1:53 AM]

08/17/2005 11:16 AM

Sums it up quite neatly acctually. And don't worry about my spelling and grammar, I was pretty tired when I typed that.

08/20/2005 12:07 AM

Ethnicities are coming up very soon. I've also compiled a list (below) of links to arms and armour for those not familiar with such items. They're just pictures to help you get a feel for what they look like and how they might work. I also hope to, within a week, scan some of my Osprey books' colour plates, which will give everyone a more thorough look at what armour and weapons look like when worn/held, and what a fully dressed warrior would look like.

Until then.. here's the list, and the ethnicities are coming soon, I promise.


[url:http://www.christianfletcher.com/Photogallery/braveheartsword.jpg]Brigandine Coat/Coat of Plates[/url]
[url:http://www.christianfletcher.com/Photogallery/ToblerGothic/toblergothic.html]Plate Harness[/url]
[url:http://www.christianfletcher.com/Photogallery/norman.html]Mail Hauberk/Coif/Skullcap/Heavy Shield[/url]
[url:http://www.christianfletcher.com/Photogallery/14thcustom.html]Partial Plate/Plate-and-Mail[/url]
[url:http://www.museumreplicas.com/imagelib/0300058_L_000.jpg]Mail (Blackened, Close-up)[/url]
[url:http://www.museumreplicas.com/imagelib/0300082_L_000.jpg]Close/Great Helm[/url]
[url:http://www.museumreplicas.com/imagelib/0300196_L_000.jpg]Open Helm[/url]
[url:http://www.museumreplicas.com/imagelib/0300130_L_000.jpg]Visored Helm[/url]
[url:http://www.museumreplicas.com/imagelib/0100024_L_000.jpg]Leather Jerkin[/url]


[url:http://www.christianfletcher.com/Catalog/Swords/Atrim/at1518/at1518.jpg]War Sword[/url]
[url:http://www.christianfletcher.com/Catalog/Swords/Albion/Sovereign/steelsovereignfull.jpg]Arming Sword[/url]
[url:http://www.museumreplicas.com/imagelib/0600614_l_000.jpg]War Club[/url]

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[b]Ethnicities of Hyboria[/b]

These are the many ethnicities of the Hyborian world. Hyboria is a detailed, but not fully detailed, world. Meaning, Robert E. Howard didn't write down every detail about every race. Likewise, he did write down many details about some of them. I'll do my best to summarize pertinent information like common names, modes of dress, and equivalence to real world cultures. But due to the breadth of the setting, I'm bound to miss, or not be able to give, some information.

On skin-tones: I will be following the Howardian convention of referring to people as 'dark-skinned.' This does not mean black. Black people are explicitly referred to as such. Likewise, yellow-skinned people are called yellow people, and so on. It's not racist-slang, though -- that's just how Howard described people of various skin-tones.

[i]Cimmerians [/i]: The chief god of the Cimmerians is Crom, a dark, brooding god that has given his people the strength to slay their enemies. The Cimmerians believe that Crom does not answer prayers, and he laughs at those weak enough to require his help anyway. Cimmerians are a somber people who live to fight and die. They are not generally happy or boisterous, and even their drinking and feasting is almost funerary. Cimmerians are on the 'dark' side of being fair-skinned, and tan very easily. Equatable with Medieval and ancient Celts and Irishmen, the Cimmerians are a tall, broadly build people with dark hair and grey-eyes. Their society is barbaric and tribal.
The most simple of insults can send entire clans of Cimmerians into long wars and blood-feuds. Cimmerians are also known for being physically imposing and powerful, as well as agile and quick. However, they are generally not all that quick-witted. Conan is an exceptional Cimmerian, and is unique among his people, and so Cimmerians should not be measured against him. The Cimmerians are descendants of the ancient Atlanteans, though few alive could possibly know that without sorcerous ways.
Cimmerians names have an Irish or Celtic bent, such as Conan, Doon, Comala, Cul, Aodh, Cruaidh, and Cael.
Homeland: Cimmeria.

[i]Himelian Tribesmen[/i]: These tribesmen are from the mountains between Vendhya and Hyrkania. Physically, the tribesmen are tall, hairy, and violent. The tribes that make up these people are the Afghulis, Irakzai, Galzai, Dagozai, Wazuli, Zhaibari and Khurakzai. There may be more that are uncounted. These people most resemble the tribal societies of Afghanistan and northern India in its barbarism and survivalist nature. Little is known about these people except that they are vicious, turban-wearing nomads and hill-men.
The religion of the Himelians is primitive, as they worship totem deities such as demons and the Ape God Hanuman.
Names are Arabic, Mongol, and Hunnish inspired, such as Yateli, Ahmad, Asad, Faryaal, and Ghezal.

[i]Hyborian[/i]: The Hyborians are actually a large grouping of different peoples all descended for the worshippers of Bori that swept down from the North early in Hyborian history. Hyborians rarely call themselves thus, preferring to name themselves after the land of their birth, such as Ophirans or Aquilonians. The basic Hyborian is tawny-haired and grey-eyed with mostly pale skin, though according to the country of his birth, a Hyborian may have enough mixed blood to affect his appearance drastically. Hyborians, whatever else they may be, are an extremely adaptable people, capable of going anywhere and doing almost anything.

--Aquilonians: People of this land are easily equatable with both Medieval Franks (the French) and Imperial Romans. They are a proud, light-skinned and light-haired people. Southern Aquilonians have mixed with Zingarans, creating a mixed breed of light-skinned people with dark hair and eyes, especially in the Southern Aquilonian province of Poitain.
Aquilonian names are Latin in sound, such as Amalric, Drago, Dion, Pallantides, and Soractus.
--Brythunians: Little is known about these people, except that their women are execeedingly beautiful and prized as slaves. It is presumed that they are a light-skinned, fair-haired people, though they have been intermarrying with the darker Zingarins in the east of Brythunia.
Brythunian names are Italian and Teutonic in tone, such as Aratus and Natala.
--Corinthians: Corithinians are atypically Hyborian in appearance. Their social structure is very late-Italian or early-Greek in theme with many competing city-states.
Corithinian names tend to be Italian, Byzantine, or Italian in tone, such as Athicus or Ivanos.
--Khauranians: Khauranians are virtually identical to Kothians, the ones who carved the kingdom out of Shem.
Khauranian names resemble Kothian names.
--Kothians: Kothians are a Hyborian race heavily mixed with the people of Shem and Stygia, creating a true mongrel breed. The culture of Koth has become overrun with the sensualities, luxuries, and despotic habits of the East.
Kothic names are Middle Eastern, Byzantine, Etruscan, and Biblical, such as Akkutho, Pelias, Sergius, Zorathus, or Lissa.
--Nemedians: Nemedians are a Hyborian people very much akin to Aquilonians in most ways.
Nemedian names are Greek, Italian and Germanic in tone. Examples are Numa, Alcemides, Brocas, Kallian, Publico, Tarascus and Octavia.
--Ophirans/Ophireans: The people of Ophir are a sturdy warrior-people with many famous knights among them. Ophirans have mixed greatly with both Zamorians and Shemites, both physically and culturally.
Ophiran names can be either Latin or Middle-eastern influenced, such as Amalrus, Livia, or Theteles.

Religion in the Hyborian kingdoms is oft-confusing. Mitra is the champion God - probably equatable with the God of modern Christianity. However, people of a given country are just as likely to worship foreign gods they come in contact with via borderin on a non-Hyborian nation. Most nations have, at the very least, a strong mix of worships within their borders.
Dressing conventions also tend to follow the modes of those countries the Hyborian nations are based upon, such as Medieval France or the Middle-east.

[i]Argossean[/i]: Also called Barachans. These people tend to be short and stocky. They were originally a Hyborian people -- but have lost their roots through interbreeding heavily with many other nations, such as Zingara, Shem, and even Stygia. City-Argosseans tend to be very cosmopolitan city-folk, while inland Argosseans closer resemble their forebears and tend to be farmers and craftsmen. Aside from those cultural aspects that would be obvious for a culture that relies heavily on sea-power, the Argosseans have a strange culture of mixed societies, having mixed with other peoples for so long. Zingarans tend to dislike Argosseans, and vice versa, as the two countries compete consistently to become the dominant sea-traders.
Argosseans seem to be mostly Greek in concerns to cultural flavour.
Argossean names are Italian and Greek in inspiration, such as Demetrio, Larissa and Polyxene.

[i]Bossonian[/i]: Bossonians are fierce, but civilized, defenders of their homelands--famed for their longbowmen. They are of medium height and complexion, with brown or grey eyes. Honour and justice are important to the Bossonians, and they maintain a standing alliance with Aquilonia. An agricultural people, the Bossonians live in large, walled villages. Long centuries of warfare have helped the Bossonians to develop amazing defensive capabilities and structures, as they are constantly defending themselves against Pictish incursions.
Bossonians tend to follow Aquilonian naming conventions.

[i]Gunderman[/i]: Gundermen are a brown-haired, grey-eyed, warrior people. They are directly descended from the Hyborian tribes. Gunderland is technically a province of Aquilonia, though Gundermen retain much of their own heritage, preferring not to mix with the cosmopolitan Aquilonians. Gundermen also keep no slaves, a rarity in the Hyborian world.
Gundermen follow Aquilonian naming conventions.

[i]Hyperborean[/i]: Probably the least civilized of the Hyborian peoples, Hyperboreans are universally gaunt, big-boned, and violent. They tend toward the tawny hair and grey eyes of their forebears, but interbreeding with Zamoran women, Aesir, and Hyrkanians has produced a variety of hair and eye colours among the Hyperboreans. A superstitous people, Hyperboreans live by attempting to farm the poor soil of their homeland while tending to herds of stolen cattle and sheep in their stone-walled towns.
Hyperboreans are an excessively hardy people, but they are quite slow of speech and generally not very intelligent.
Hyperboreans generally follow Nordheimer naming conventions.

[i]Turanian/Hyrkanian[/i]: Most Hyrkanians are a dark, tall and slender people. Though a squat, slant-eyed type exists, resulting from interbreeding with a primitive aboringinal people that the Hyrkanians conquered early in their history. Hyrkanians are descendants of the Lemurians, an ancient and powerful people, now almost forgotten. Turanians are the most prominent tribe of Hyrkanians.
The Hyrkanians are a nomadic horsemen culture resembling that of the Huns or Mongols of the real world. The Turanians, however, have settled from their nomadic ways, even founding the great Turanian Empire, which closely mirrors the Medieval Moorish Empire. Hyrkanians excell in the fields of organization, politics, and bureaucracy, but are still brutal and savage in many ways.
Naming conventions among these people resemble those of Tartars, Mongols, Huns, and Turks of the real world. Likewise, rulers tend to have Agha, Shah, and Khan incorporated into their names.

[i]The Khitan[/i]: The people of the jungles of Khitai are yellow-skinned and black-haired. Little is known about these people, save that their caravans trade gold, jade, and silk to Turan, and lotus blossoms to Stygia. Aside from a few exiles and caravans, the Khitan make no effort to communicate with the Kingdoms of the West. Khitai is a Chinese-like culture ruled by a god-emperor in the city of Paikang.
The Khitan follow Chinese naming conventions.

[i]Kushite/Northern Black Kingdom Tribesman[/i]: Kushites are a somewhat short, dark brown-skinned race with curly black hair. To the ignorant Western peoples, any man of such skin and hair is likely to be referred to as a Kushite, even if he is not, and any land beneath Stygia is likely to be referred to as 'Kush.' The Kushites, Keshani, Puntans, and Zembabweans share similar physical features. The northern Black Kingdom lands roughly approximate to North African states such as Mali, Ethiopia, and so on. The people of Ghanata, a harsh southern desert beneath Kush, are hardy, nomadic xenophobes, while the Keshans are separated into the dusky-skinned descendants of Shemites, and their black-skinned native subjects. In Kush, the dark brown-skinned rulers are descendants of Stygians, while their subjects are an even darker-skinned aboriginal people. The descendants of the Stygians are known as Chagas while the aboriginal inhabitants are known as the Ghallahs.
Little is known of Zembabwei, which is known as a 'hybrid empire.' Zembabwei hosts armies of black-skinned spearmen and dusky-skinned swordsmen. Presumably Zembabwei is a mixture of Black Kingdom and Iranistani culture. There is also a country purely of Ghallahs called Punt.
For these peoples, African naming conventions should be followed, with names such as Gorulga, Yelaya, Naeem, Tabari, Lakech, and Kaseko.

[i]Nordheimir[/i]: The Nordheimir (singular: Nordheimer) are actually two closely related races. The Aesir are a golden-haired people, while the Vanir are red-haired. Both races are blue-eyed and pale-skinned, tall and powerfully built. These cultures are odd in that they welcome peaceful foreigners, especially traders, but they also make regular raids against their neighbors, violently slaughtering any that resist. Living in the frozen North, the Nordheimir survive on raiding, supplementing their raids with what mild farming and herding they can muster from the frozen land. But living in these conditions means a Nordheimer will be sturdy and well-built.
Both races of the Nordheimir have a king, and may even have some old Atlantean blood, far back in their history. The Aesir are friendly with the Cimmerians, but hate the Vanir and the Hyperboreans. The Vanir hate the Aesir right back, but hate the Cimmerians and Hyperboreans as well. Nordheimir believe they will go to Valhalla if they die bravely in battle.
The Nordheimir use old Germanic and Scandanavian naming conventions: Frey, Wulfhere, Horsa, Thorr, Tyr, Fulla, Lofn.

[i]Pictish[/i]: Short, broad, swarthy-skinned savages. The Picts use drums to communicate over long distances, paint various designs all over their bodies in blue, in the manner of ancient Celts, and fight with flint, stone, and stolen iron weapons. These highly superstitious barbarians war with one another as often as they war with the neighboring Bossonians. They are hunters and know nothing of farming, though they do occasionally eat such foods after a successful raid into Aquilonian/Bossonian territory. These fierce people are generally terrifying to common people, and tales are spoken of the 'blue demons.'
(This is probably the least appropriate ethnicity to use in the RP as there are almost no good explanations for why a Pict has abandoned his people to travel with the hated Hyborians.)

[i]Shemite[/i]: Shemites are famed archers, alongside the Bossonians. A troop of mail-clad Shemite archers with their cylindrical helms marching in ordered formations has struck fear into the heart of more than one Hyborian soldier. The Shemites are a nomadic people, living in deserts and raiding each other on camel-back. They wear turbans and flowing cloaks and robes. Their culture is equatable to Middle Eastern culture, or even biblical-era cultures such as the Assyrians.
Naming conventions are like those of their cultural equivalents, Middle Eastern and Biblical, predominantly.

[i]Meadow Shemite[/i]: These Shemites are tall with Stygian blood, having hooked noses, and dark eyes and hair. In many ways they are like their nomadic, desert-dwelling kin. The major difference being that 'Meadow Shemites' as they are known, are slightly calmer and far more 'civilized.' They suffer frequent raids from their desert kin. In most others ways, Meadow Shemites are just like desert Shemites.

[i]Pelishtim[/i]: Pelishtia is a region of Western Shem, noted for powerful warriors and fierce sorcerers that may know the secret of eternal youth. Technically, this is a Meadow Shemite region, making the two cultures almost identical.

[i]Southern Islander/Southern Black Kingdom Tribesman[/i]: Southern Islanders are the darkest of the black races, tall and rangy with corded muscles. Warriors of these areas wear white plumes and rarely wear any form of armour. These people are infamous due to the black corsairs that range the open waters along Western Hyboria. Their culture is akin to that of the Zulu and Bantu tribes of the real world. The Darfari, though closer to the Northern area of the Black Kingdoms, are a fierce people that are known for filing their teeth and engaging in cannibalism.
Names follow the conventions of South Africans, particularly Zulus: N'Gora, N'Yaga, Sakumbe, Sipho, Thula.

[i]Stygian[/i]: The rulers of Stygia are tall, broad, and black-haired with dusky skin and straight, clean features. The ruling caste of Stygia are hereditary warriors, which seems odd considering Stygia is famous for its sorcerers. Most Stygians have dusky, dark skin, though a few of the ancient noble families actually have pale white skin. Ordinary Stygians are a mongrel-mix of many different races, mostly descended from slaves. Kushites, Shemites, Southern Islanders, and Hyborians make up the citizenry of Stygia, though rarely pure-blooded. Most are odd combinations of those ethnicities.
Stygia is a theocracy where criminals and heretics are punished with extraordinary tortures such as being skinned alive. Stygia is a land akin to ancient Egypt.
Stygian names are Egyptian: Thoth, Ak, Amon, Mes, Setankmek, Cris, Mun.

[i]Vendhyan[/i]: These are a sophisticated Eastern people. They tend toward light brown to mid-brown skin tones and straight black hair, with large dark eyes. This culture resembles that of mythical India, with a ruling caste that is considered near-divine. Their religion is called Asura, which has a Heaven, a Hell, and a judgement of souls.
Vendhyan names are Indian in origin: Khurum, Shan, Gitara, Ambika.

[i]Zamorian[/i]: Considered an ancient, evil race, the Zamorians are black-haired and dark-skinned. Zamora is regarded for its thieves, and Zamorians are regarded as the best thieves in the world. Zamorian slaves are well-regarded as, if employed, not betraying their employer. This is not a practice of honour, but of good sense. Not screwing over your employer means repeat business. Technically a king rules Zamora, though priests and squabbling courtiers seem to hold the king as virtually a slave. Zamora is also famous for its spider-cults and resultant gods.
Zamorian names tend to come from everywhere, as Zamora is somewhat of a melting pot of Hyboria. Therefore any name from any region is technically appropriate for a Zamorian.
(Note: One can also refer to citizens of Zamora as Zamorans. Howard seemed to float between Zamoran and Zamorian when describing these people.)

[i]Zingaran[/i]: Black-haired and with somewhat dark complexions, Zingarians are descended from a mixture of Pictish and Hyborian blood, along with the pre-Pictish inhabitants of Zingara thought to be related to the Shemites. Zingarans are lean and dangerous-looking with fiery tempers. Eastern Zingarans sport long mustaches not unlike those of Medieval Romania or Spain. Zingaran culture actually closely resembles that of Spain in the late medieval period. The nobility of Zingara is known for skill with a sword and great chivalry. The commoners, however, are mostly sailors or slave-masters.
Zingaran names tend to have a Spanish or Gypsy sound with male names ending in 'o' and female names ending in 'a' -- generally speaking.: Beloso, Galbro, Valbroso, Valenso, Bonita, Catalina, Madra.

The game will start with the characters as recently-captured slaves on a ship off the Zingaran/Argossean coast. They will have been captured only within the last day or so by Argossean pirates. It will be your job to explain how you were captured -- ideally I'd like one or two people to have been taken in a village-attack, and the rest to have been picked up from various ships that have been attacked over the last week or so. So some of the characters will have been on the ship for longer.

Also, I'd like one person to play a Hyrkanian noble (male or female) from the city of Khoraf. You needn't know a lot about the city, just enough to know that you'll be "safe" if you reach there. You'll also have to work in a promise to the rest of the characters that you'll pay them exorbitant amounts of money if they can get you safely back to your city. That's going to be dire - as it puts the entire game into motion. But you all still have time to think of character ideas, as I have a few more things to put up, including a list of countries and a few notes on each one, as well as a few notes on religions and careers (just to flesh out the characters).

For those that want to know more, and want the information all in one handy place, pick up the Mongoose Publishing d20 Conan book -- The Road of Kings (not to be confused with the actual story of The Road of Kings).

Need a name? Here's [url:http://www.20000-names.com/]20,000[/url] of them.

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08/25/2005 5:41 AM


Just a brief overview. Only 'countries' and 'career notes' to go and then I can start the RP if everyone is still interested.

As was mentioned previously, religion in Hyboria is like religion in the real world - entirely dependant on faith, and sometimes fear. No one can prove the existance of any God. So religion rarely plays a huge role in Hyboria. Typically, the most religious a story will get is when a character spits the name of a god out as a curse, or mutters a prayer before a battle. So I'm not going to bother with explaining every religion. This is just going to be a quick list of some of the more prominent Hyborian gods. Remember that just because your character is listed as worshipping a particular god or gods does not mean they ignore or don't believe in the others. Most people tend to believe all or none of the gods are real. Further, worship does not mean piety. Just because you 'technically' worship a god doesn't mean you ever really show it. You can also claim to worship a pantheon.. such as "Pantheon of the Black Kingdoms." This would be taken to mean that your character generally pays homage to the chief gods of your home-country.

Bori -- A chief god of many of the Hyborean tribes. Most people have abandoned his worship -- but some, like the Gundermen and Hyperboreans, still pay him homage.
Mitra -- Mitra is sort of like the Christian God -- believed to be the ultimate God, no matter what. Most 'civilized' Westerners, like the Aquilonians, have converted to the worship of Mitra.
Thog & Ollum-onga -- Gods of the Black Kingdoms.
Hanuman -- Evil, bloodthirsty Ape God of the Himelians.
Erlik -- Known as the Lord of the Black Throne, Erlik is a Turanian death god.
Tarim -- Chief god of Turan.
Yagkosha -- Khitai elephant god.
Gwahlur -- King of Darkness, Keshan god.
Ivory Goddess -- Goddess of Punt, possibly an incarnation of Ishtar.
Dagon -- Sea-god of Zembabwei.
Derketo -- Death goddess, and sometimes chief god or goddess, of Zembabwei and Shem.
Ishtar -- Variably a sex or purity goddess.
Ymir -- The Frost Giant. Worshipped by the Nordheimir.
Adonis & Pteor -- Gods of Shem
Set -- The evil serpent-god, known as the Old Serpent - he is the god of Stygia. All Stygians are required to worship him.

08/26/2005 11:26 AM

Is it safe to assume that the weapons used by the different races would be akin to their real world counterparts unless otherwise stated? Although from our starting position it won't matter much since we will be unarmed.

Man, that ethnicities reading was long.

08/26/2005 11:38 AM

Is it safe to assume that the weapons used by the different races would be akin to their real world counterparts unless otherwise stated? Although from our starting position it won't matter much since we will be unarmed.

I think it's a safe assumption. Howard never really specified exactly what weapons -looked- like. So whatever you like.

(For example, I've always imagined the Cimmerians using more Medieval-esque versions of Celtic weapons.)

Man, that ethnicities reading was long.

Well you didn't have to read the -whole thing-, just a quick glance to see which ethnicity you'd be interested in. Sheesh, man.

08/26/2005 4:56 PM

Well you didn't have to read the -whole thing-, just a quick glance to see which ethnicity you'd be interested in. Sheesh, man.

But you wrote out the whole thing, I wouldn't want you to have wasted your time.

08/26/2005 5:57 PM

Aww. That's just so considerate. ~pinches cheeks~

The rest should be coming soon. Is everyone still interested? Seems like only Flan here has responded since I started posting all the info.

08/26/2005 10:11 PM

I'm still in. All three of me. (shut up, your not supposed to acknowledge my existance.) (quiet you two)

08/27/2005 1:38 AM

I'm still here and some-what ready. I just didn't think my input was needed, so I didn't offer it. But since I'm responding now, this is all going to help. You are really out doing yourself this time.

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08/27/2005 11:06 AM

That's most of you... cool beans. Still have a little bit to write up first. But I wanted to make sure everyone was still interested before I spent more time on this.. heh. Soon.

09/08/2005 11:44 PM

Yeah, I know. I've totally put this off. Apologies, I've just had so many projects going and so many things to do that I couldn't get this done. But I'll be posting the last of the necessary information very soon.

09/09/2005 9:18 AM

Just reading along and trying to absorb as much information as possible.

09/10/2005 3:11 PM

Hey, mind if I get in? I've read some of the Conan books, and have run a few characters in other games based on what I found.

09/10/2005 5:01 PM

All are welcome, of course. I'll be finishing the opening the RP as soon as I get out the last of the necessary information.

It's all coming soon.

Hang tight, everyone.

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Here too... fried my power supply on the PC but back again now.


09/11/2005 12:55 PM

I'd like to participate still.

09/11/2005 7:05 PM

Id like to lend my sword to the cause if there is room? Ill keep an eye on this thread
for the start if I can join.

09/12/2005 7:18 AM

If I may lend my experiance and strength if you allow me too. I know Damian **Sorry trying, quick post. Will never have quick post's for the RP** I know we aren't excactly friends but I would like to change that hopfully :D. I hope you let me. :D

09/15/2005 1:15 AM

Yeah, you are both welcome to join.

I've just finished the Character Bio Template, my own character's bio (which you guys can use as reference), a note on the occupations available in Hyboria, and a list of the languages available in Hyboria. I still need to finish the list of countries, then I'll post all of it at once and set up the actual RP thread.

09/15/2005 3:28 AM

I'm almost disappointed in you Damien. You let something slip by that I just recently saw you smack someone down for.

Anyway, I'm still in, too. Your bio will probably be one of the best referance, at least for me. I might mail it to you first for any smoothing out help when I have it. I already have an idea of what I think I want, I just need to try and peice it together.

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Oh right.. sorry.

Sakura: The name is Damien, not Damian. Do not make me flay the flesh from your bones.

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Sakura: The name is Damien, not Damian. Do not make me flay the flesh from your bones.

Sorry, Im on my meds and I cant think striaght atm. Don't worry If I listen to music It makes me able to type alot better hehe. I will be listening to alot of music for awhile.
I got hit by a car, Thats what the meds are for.... Pain.

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I think i'll wait for the ethnicity report and whip up a character afterwards. I'm reasonably familiar with the books and setting and will probably enjoy myself. ;)

09/20/2005 4:49 PM

Damien, I know we have had our differences, and I think you think I'm mentally retarded, but let me assure you, I am not. I would love to join this rp, with your consent of course. I really think this could be a good one. So could I join as well, and could we set our quarrels aside for the time being?

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Raven: I don't hold my personal feelings about someone as exclusive. Meaning -- I wouldn't tell you that you can't participate just beceause I don't like you. But keep in mind that you'll be held to the same standard as everyone else. And because I don't like you, I'm less likely to turn a blind eye to your mistakes as I might with anyone else. That can't be helped -- it's only human. So, provided you can accept that you'll need to be well-behaved, you're welcome to join.


Okay.. due to some real life stuff I was unable to really make a dent in the country details. So here's what I'll do instead:

I'm going to post up the general rules I came up with, as well as a quick note on occupations. You already have the necessary information on everything else (located on the first page of this thread). So everyone just start thinking up your characters and respond in -THIS- thread as to where you plan to be from.. and I'll post the relevant information you should have for that country. This will help make the process a lot faster without cluttering the thread with information no one is going to use.

That said -- if you already have a functional knowledge of the setting and don't need any help of this sort.. feel free to post your character in the OOC section of the Conan RP thread. I will post the link to it in this thread as soon as I create it.

But everyone remember to follow the basic character template, which will be posted in the OOC thread with my character (with my character as an example).

This should work a lot better to get things started more quickly. I'm going to double post now -- so I can post the other stuff. And I may triple post if I feel inspired to go make the RP thread now.

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[b]A Note on Occupations of Hyboria[/b]

Hyboria has plenty of different career paths, so don't restrict yourself to the idea of "adventurer" (as a matter of fact, very few Hyborians would be actual adventurers) or "soldier of X." Hyboria has Medieval-esque pirates, entire mercenary companies (collectively called The Free Companies), soldiers, nomads, thieves, woodsmen, merchants, peasants, artisans, musicians, noblemen, knights, barbarians, sorcerers, scholars, witches... etc. The only occupation/cultural mode I'd like everyone to stay away from is sorcerer. If someone -REALLY- wants to play a sorcerer, PM me the idea and I'll consider it -- but I'd prefer to keep sorcerers as the opposition.

[b]A Note on Languages of Hyboria[/b]

In the Howardian stories... there are a metric ton of different languages. Unfortunately that doesn't work very well for our purposes. It gets confusing, and it means most people won't be able to understand one another. So I've separated the languages into just six -- Northern Hyborian, Western Hyborian, Eastern Hyborian, Southern Hyborian, Stygian, Old Nemedian. This is not cannon. It actually quite goes against Howard's work. But I felt it was far easier to RP this way.

[b]Some Rules[/b]

No uber-characters. You can be well known for an attribute, like being really strong - but you cannot claim to be the paragon of strength. Further, don't play anything you can't make believable. If you're not all that well-spoken, it's best not to play a brainy nobleman -- simple as that.

Proper Grammar is a must. Punctuation, spelling -- all of it. No one's perfect, just do your best. Gross inability or disregard for basic English will result in being asked to leave the RP.

I reserve the right to Veto any character idea, in part or whole. I doubt I'll have to, but I maintain the right anyway, just to rein in really silly ideas, or ideas that don't function well in this setting.

Keep the feel of the setting. Modern lingo, 'lol' and out of character (whether it be something actually Out Of Character, or just something that's not in line with your character's personality) ruin the 'feel' of the RP for everyone. Don't do it. If I see you using a lot of language that seems out of place in the RP, I'll give you one warning to bring it in line. After that I'll just ask you to leave.

Don't attack other players unless such a fight was pre-arranged between both of the players and myself. And if two players want to fight, make it cinematic and fast, no more than two-to-four posts long, total. I don't want the RP getting bogged down because a couple of players want to take each other on for the next 30 posts. It's boring for everyone else and it'll run the game into the ground. By all means, the characters don't have to get along.. but if they have to fight over it -- the outcome should be decided in the OOC thread prior to it happening in the game, so that it's controlled and short.

Characters may die. As a matter of fact, Hyboria is a lethal world and it's pretty likely that one or more characters will die. If you have some severe objection to losing your character, say so in the character's bio (as a sub-note at the end, just say "I'd rather not have this character die"). I'll take it into consideration. But it still could happen. In any event, I won't kill off a character unless:
A) I have discussed it with you first
B) You have been extremely lax in posting.
That's right, I will kill your character off if you fail to post. Dead weight and all.
That said, keep an idea on what other kind of character you'd like to play, just in case your main character does die. If your character dies, it would be ideal, if you want to keep playing, if you can have a new character bio up and approved by me within a day or two.

Speaking of approval, the RP will not even start until I've approved characters. This is for two reasons: 1) I don't want anyone posting until I've okayed your character. And 2) I plan to incorporate the characters and background info into the first post of the RP. I can't do that until I know who the characters are.

The bottom line is that I've been DMing and playing RPGs for quite a long time, and as such I've developed an utter distaste for anything that I would consider disruptive behaviour. Bad spelling, modern language, l33t, bad internet shorthand, not paying attention to storyline, continuously acting contrary to your character's given personality... these and other things are all disruptive behaviour that can drag the RP down for everyone else. In the interest of fun I simply can't allow that. If you're disruptive, you're gone -- this isn't a personal grudge, it's done to make sure everyone else can continue to enjoy themselves.

[b]Re-Hash of the Storyline[/b]:

The game will start with the characters as recently-captured slaves on a ship off the Zingaran/Argossean coast. They will have been captured only within the last day or so by Argossean pirates. It will be your job to explain how you were captured -- ideally I'd like one or two people to have been taken in a village-attack, and the rest to have been picked up from various ships that have been attacked over the last week or so. So some of the characters will have been on the ship for longer. Meaning, you weren't all captured at the same time, or in the same place.

Also, I'd like one person to play a Hyrkanian noble (male or female) from the city of Khoraf. You needn't know a lot about the city, just enough to know that you'll be "safe" if you reach there. You'll also have to work in a promise to the rest of the characters that you'll pay them exorbitant amounts of money if they can get you safely back to your city. That's going to be dire - as it puts the entire game into motion.

If nobody is willing to play this character, then I'll do it. But I want to offer it to everyone first - to see if the idea interests anyone.

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09/24/2005 10:53 AM

Thanks for letting me join. I'll make sure to pay attention to what I'm doing. Just one quick question though. You said you weren't going to start the rp until you had everyone's character, but you also said that we were supposed to use your template to post our character's bio. Where is the template going to be? I am assuming here, but I don't wanna miss it and have everyone waiting for me.

09/24/2005 11:13 AM

Also, I'd like one person to play a Hyrkanian noble (male or female) from the city of Khoraf. You needn't know a lot about the city, just enough to know that you'll be "safe" if you reach there.

I'd have no problem playing this role, although I admit I don't know much at all of the city. That being said, if you know more about Khoraf and would like to take over this role, by all means feel free, but if no one else wishes to, I'd enjoy playing it.

09/24/2005 12:52 PM


When I finish my character write-up (today or tomorrow), I am going to make the RP thread and post my character and the template there in the OOC section. The RP section will be blank -- i.e. the RP will not actually start until I know what characters are involved.

I will put a link to the RP thread in THIS thread when I make it, so that no one will miss it.

So just think of what kind of character you want to play.. and then check back to see when I post a link to the RP thread.

09/24/2005 3:56 PM

Got it.


09/25/2005 4:15 PM

Ah. I get it. Thanks. I already know exactly what I [i] want [i] for a character. Hopefully she'll work out alright.

09/27/2005 11:36 PM

Okay.. use the bio template and fill in the appropriate information for your character. It -all- must be filled out. Meaning, don't say "will decide later" or "unknown." That bugs the hell out of me.

But [url:http://www.rpgconsortium.com/rpgforums/discussions.cfm?forumid=4&topicid=267683&bookmark=1&ooc=0]here[/url] is the thread.

10/02/2005 11:07 AM

Yeah, this probably sounds silly, but where's the OOC thread with the character bio template?

10/02/2005 11:56 AM

Either in the top or lower bar there is a box beside where it says 'OOC/RECR PAGE:.' Click on the down arrow and then on the page you want, in this case 1.

10/03/2005 11:10 AM


10/10/2005 4:22 AM

Hmm, read through all two pages, weapons/ armour and all. Interested in joining, will post sheet when I have it all worked out. Have you seen the movie Mandingo, I care to base a character like that...a Mandingo is basically a slave that is used for fighting, actually concidered a set breed. But something along those lines, a mandingo from Zamoria or what ever that one slave country was. He could be captured at sea as if he were already on route to his master when the ship he was on was sacked and he basically got a new master for the time being. Sound good enough to join?

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