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08/02/2005 9:29 PM

The Goran. Said to be one of the mightiest of all the Gods of old. Sayori looked up at the statue of the "sleeping" god. His eyes closed in slumber, the ivory statue was peacefully beautiful.

Her gaze lingered on the hole above, and between the closed eyes of the "sleeping" God. Legend once said that an untried woman-child born with the mark of Goran, would find and replace the sleeping god's third eye, and awaken him.

"Sayori, are you daydreaming again child?" Came the sweet voice of her step-mother. A woman of cool beauty swept up behind Sayori, resting her hand on the girl's shoulder.

"No, Marlfa. But the God dreams. I feel something is calling me forward, onward and away from here." Sayori whispered, her blue eyes wide as she stared at the statue unwavering.

Marlfa smiled, and took the girl's right hand in hers, turning her hand palm up. Across the inside of her wrist were four dark marks. Three lines formed an even triangle, while the fourth slashed through the top point to end halfway down the entire mark.

"You are the child of the prophecy, Sayori, you are destined to rule the world with Goran as your guide. The jewel that is the God's magical third eye lies far to the west, and there is much ground to cover between here and there. But there is one more thing. You need companions, travelers to help protect you. For while you are the only one who can procure the Jewel, you are also the only one who can successfully revive the Sleeping God. And you only have a short time to do it in." Marlfa turned, handing Sayori a goblet of wine

"In one turning of the moon, you will turn eighteen. The prophecy also says that if the God has not awakened on that date, he will never awaken. You will have to leave soon if we must complete this task."

Sayori nodded. "Might I take the Captain of the Guard? He is my bodyguard after all."

"Of course, I will send for him."

"Set up a proclamation, for warriors and the like to help me on this quest& we will see who will turn up." Sayori said softly, setting down the glass, having not touched a drop of it. "I should start to get ready. I feel it will not be long before we get answers once the proclamation is read."

Marlfa watched Sayori leave, and a knowing, cruel smile twisted her lips. "The sooner you leave, the sooner you return, handing your kingdom over to me."

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08/11/2005 7:30 PM

Jarria squinted dark eyes up at the stage before her where a proclamation was being read by a portly man who did nothing other than what he did now, reading loudly from a scoll. The day was hot and the sun was high, blaring down into the town's center with a fiery intensity from a cloudless sky.

So, the warrior woman thought to herself, the child of prophecy has finally decided to give in to her destiny... well, I wouldn't mind being a part of such a historic journey as this...

"Those who wish to journey on this quest should go to call on the house of Sayori with any further inqueries. I imagine that with the number gathered here, the Goran-marked will have to pick among you for those she wishes to take with her." The man bellowed out, rolling up his scroll.

Well, she thought to herself, looking from the stage towards the girl's estate, that's good enough for me.

She picked up her pack and walked across to the house, knocking at the door raptly and thanking the Gods that she was one of the first to arrive.

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08/12/2005 5:33 AM

"You here about the proclamation?" said a low gravely voice from the shady recesses of a nearby doorway. A tall, lithe figure moved from the shadows into the light, revealing a borderlander dressed in buckskins. Long tawny hair was tied carelessly back from his tanned face though a few longer strands fell across his angular features.

The stranger appraised the warrior woman with dark grey eyes, the colour of the sky before a storm, as he walked towards her his rough calloused palm rested easily on the bone-handled long knife which hung from his left hip, the rattle of a quiver and its contents eminating from his right.

He stopped a few feet short of her, his eyes momentarily resting upon Jarria's sword then glancing up to meet her eyes, his movements wary and cautious. After the space of a few heartbeats silence he offered his right hand to the woman, his bare arm tattooed extensively from the back of his hand to the sleeve of his uncovered shoulder, inked with stylised patterns common to those of distant lands.

"I am named Cael." He stated simply in his solemn voice...

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08/12/2005 11:32 AM

"You here about the proclamation?"

Jarria squinted into the darkened doorway, and when the man came into the light, she nodded. "That I am, sir," she said roughly, her voice obviously not used much for speaking, if for anything at all aside from roaring battlecries. She stood silent as the man looked her over; not as a piece of meat like some men would, but as a warrior.

When his hand was offered, she took it in a firm grip. "I am called Jarria. Jarria Strongblade. Well met, Cael."

The light breeze played with the woman's long, black hair, blowing her ponytail out behind her and to the side. As she shook his hand, Jarria inspected the man similarly to how he had her. He was a warrior of seasoned years, and used to hard work, the calluses spoke that much. The eyes hinted that he was a forgeiner to these lands, as did a slight trace of an accent and the pattern and style of his tattoos. The rattling of arrows... a archer as well as a warrior, then, for the rest of him seemed to speak too much of handling a blade for the man to be archer alone.

She nodded to him again, a slight smile on her lips. He seems the type that I will get along with just fine, she thought to herself.

08/12/2005 3:10 PM

The sound of jingling bells could be heard behind Marlfa. "You called Marlfa?" A young man with tattoos on his arms and shoulders was standing in a window, high above Marlfa. He had spiky red hair and brown eyes that looked down at her. He wore bells around his waist, had red pants, but wore no shirt.

He jumped down and landed behind her. "You know, its not very easy to avoid all the guards that are around this place." He smirked as he stood up. "Although some of them went running in terror when they heard my bells."

Tao was one of the most famous pirates to sail the seas. Many people knew who he was just by looking at him. And the bells were his 'weapons' to strike terror into his enemies. When one heard the sound of these bells they immediately ran in the other direction, knowing what was coming. Though some how Tao had managed to learn how to keep the bells from making a sound when he didn't want them too, making it very easy for him to sneak in.

"So what do you want?"

08/13/2005 7:11 AM

Marlfa looked Tao over once, then turned away, pouring herself another glass of the dark red wine. "Sayori is staring her quest, she is already gathering warriors to her side. I want you to go along, I need someone I can trust to carry out my orders. Try to keep her alienated from the others, She must return here pure... When she recovers the Jewel, kill the others if you can, but bring Sayori back here immediately."

Sayori smiled in her own girlish way, pleased at the outcome to the proclamation. She nodded to her bodyguard to allow them entry.

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08/13/2005 9:26 AM

With sandals on his feet and his pipe in his mouth Monty joined the crowd huddled around the portly town crier. His wide brimmed had shielded his eyes from the hot sun as the sound of adventure had caught his ear. He knew nothing of prophecy or destiny and if he was to be honest with himself he thought this mangy bunch of sweaty warriors and would-be adventurers could all use a good bath. Monty had stars in his eyes when the fat man rolled up his scroll and he slowly turned and made his way to Sayori's house with his lute strapped to his back.

"Ah finally... this seems to be the inspiration I've been looking for!" He thought to himself. "An adventure worthy of my poetic genius!"

Monty puffed on his pipe and smiled politely at the gruff looking men and women who walked beside him, seeking adventure and profit. He tried to make conversation.

"So..uh... That's an awefully large sword you have there...heh.." Monty's comment fell on deaf ears, but he was not discouraged. He turned to a large amazonian woman walking on his left and took his pipe out while extending his right hand for a shake.
"Hello there. The names Monty... I'm a bard and-"
The warrior woman cut him off with the fiercest look
while bearing her teeth with a growl. Monty immediately retracted his hand and meekly backed away. Taking the hint, Monty decided to keep his mouth shut until he reached Sayori's house, where the bodyguard was ushering in those who responded to the proclamation.

08/13/2005 12:14 PM

The commotion of the gathering crowd poured through the common room of The Crystal Waters. Lasaphin was sitting over his empty plate, having just finished his meal of roast and potatoes. Whatever was causing the stir surely had to be more interesting that the hopeless [i]bard[/i] that was stumbling through his tale, so he pushed back his chair and headed for the door. As he stepped out into the hot sun, the voice of the large man on stage managed to carry over the drone of the crowd. Phin couldn't help but to perk up at what was said.

[i]The prophacy is to be followed, is it? This could most certainly be worth it.[/i]

His only problem was that he was uncertain of where to go. He had only been in the city for a few days. He went up to the closest person to him.

"A thousand pardons, Sir, but could you point me in the direction of the House that the caller speaks of? I'm not sure that I could find it on my own."

08/13/2005 4:12 PM

"Sounds easy enough. Might even be fun, fighting her 'chosen' warriors. And here I thought you were going to give me a lame mission." Tao laughed.

"Well I'll be going now, gotta make sure I join her group." He laughed as he jumped backwards back onto the window. He then jumped out into the open and landed on the ground. He navigated the city quite quickly and came to see many warriors traveling to the house of Sayori.

"Well well, it seems that I might have a little competition, but nothing I can't handle." As he began to walk to the house his bells started to jingle. Many turned in fear and horror to see if they were hearing things clearly. When they saw Tao they immediately made room for him to pass.

As he came closer to the front steps guards surrounded him and pointed their weapons at him. He raised his hands and said, "Hey easy now boys... If I was here to attack Sayori, you wouldn't know until the last possible minute. I'm here to help her."

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08/13/2005 4:32 PM

Jarria noticed the man at the door, and as he beckoned, she entered the Goran-touched's estate. She along with many others found themselves in a large foyer with chairs all along the walls. As large as the space was, given the number of hopefuls still outside, Jarria wagered that the foyer would be filled to maximum capacity very quickly.

So many people wanting to join Sayori... what are the chances of actually making it, with all those gathered? She pondered to herself as she looked upwards at the high ceiling of the room. She walked towards the end of the room, prefering to stand near the wall than to take a seat. Not very good, but then... you come from a line of well-known warriors, she reasoned with herself. Many know the Strongblade name, even if the little sister of Janik and Matteo isn't known as well...

08/14/2005 6:20 AM

Monty was quietly walking along with the rest of the herd, when suddenly the mass parted like the red sea. all was silent save for the jingle of bells and Monty was rather confused. He turned around and saw that the crowd had made way for a very tough looking shirtless man. Well, Monty wished to follow custom, not knowing the mans reputation so he immediately withdrew to the side, squeezing in between two large warriors. As the menacing figure passed by, Monty thought it unfair that he should not have to wait in line like the others. however he seemed to be some well known chap and so He forgot about it with a shrug. When The guard let him pass The crowd seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and reformed again as they had been.

When Monty finally made his way to the door he smiled wide and tipped his hat to the bodyguard.

"Afternoon good sir! Montclair du Felronde at your ser-"
The bodyguard interrupted the introduction with a loud laugh in Monty's face. He did, after all look rather out of place being as how he was so small and young compared to the tree-like barbarians who towered around him.

"I'll let you in, jus so the others can get a good laugh as well..."The Bodyguard said between chuckles."come on then hurry up.. heh."
the bodyguard waved him on and Monty quickly slipped in, staying close to the walls of the expansive foyer. He observed and eavesdropped as best as he could while he stood out of everyones way, waiting for some sign of this Sayori girl.

08/14/2005 12:53 PM

Jarria heard the tell-tale bells of the infamous pirate Tao, and turned her head slightly, glancing over her shoulder to see that those waiting patiently at the door had made room for the man to walk to the front. The warrioress scauled to herself when she saw this and turned back to looking at the paintings and tapesteries of Sayori's house. A man like that should not even be allowed to come in here... he does not want what is best for the Goran-touched, nor for our land...

08/14/2005 5:24 PM

Cullyn jumped back around the corner he had just turned, pressing his back tightly against the wall. Was that him? He thought to himself, and toking a deep breath he peeked around the corner once again, ignoring the strange looks from those passing him by. Whilst a black turban was by no means rare in this place, it was also not a common sight, especially on such a tall man.

Surely Darkmoor had not caught up to me so quickly, Darkmoor was one of the Emperors chief bounty hunters, and a much feared man in certain tiers of society of his own land and its neighbours. This far from there, few would have even heard of him, let alone have any cause to fear him. The tall man had his back to Cullyn, but Cullyn did not feel the need to stick around to be certain of his identity. He quickly looked around the town center, noting the large crowd in front of the stage, he strode toward it, and mixed himself up in the crowd, thanking the spirits for the size of the barbarians who made a good deal of the crowd.

When the man reading the scroll on stage stopped, the crowd shifted, and Cullyn kept himself in the thickest part of it, drawn along with it until he found himself being usherd into a foyer, he found a nice spot against the wall, where he could watch the door and the room, without being easily seen.

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08/14/2005 6:22 PM

Lasaphin neared the entrance to the House as the guard let a small man in between his chuckles. That made him think that there may be a small chance of his joining the quest. Perhaps if there were so many to respond that this one would cause laughter, there may be more than enough for his talents to be overlooked. Still, he stood as tall as he could manage and stepped up to the gate.

"Will you allow me passage so that I may respond to the proclamation," Phin asked of the guard.

To his surprise there was no laughter for his asking. The guard just looked at Phin like he was a piece of trash to be tossed away without another thought. After a lengthy stand off, Lasaphin was prepared to force his way in when the guard stepped aside. Phin frowned at him an stepped through to wait with the others that had gathered to meet with the marked child.

08/15/2005 3:19 PM

Tao walked into the house as the guards let him pass. He had expected that the guards wouldn't allow him entry but, they did. He didn't put much thought on it, suspecting that they were ordered by Marlfa to let him, so he continued into the house and leaned against a corner. Most people there made a wide arc to avoid him and nobody stood beside him.

He expected as much and sighed. It wasn't going to be fun to kill Sayori's companions if they didn't even have the guts to stand by him. He decided to pass the time by thinking of the ways he could kill someone with his sword.

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08/15/2005 10:55 PM

Cullyn took a moment to look about the foyer, his eyes picked out a couple of interesting people amongst the crowd of pretenders, and he began to wonder what this gathering was for.

Glancing at the door again before turning to the large barbarian next to him, motioning for him to lean down so he could talk to him quietly. When the barbarian explained what was happening, Cullyns mind began to turn it over as a possible solution. If this Goran thing is as important as he is saying, then maybe I can make this a nice little safe spot for myself, no one could take me away if I am one of the ones who helped bring their god back or whatever! he thought to himself, and began making his way through the crowd, picking up what information he could, and examining the other prospects.

08/16/2005 11:14 AM

Jarria growled quietly to herself, the usually calm warrioress beginning to become impatient. When will they start taking us in to see the Goran-marked? she asked herself silently, turning to look back into the foyer. It was packed, and it looked like there were still those waiting outside as well.

She looked around at those within the foyer, inspecting them as she had Cael outside. Many were warriors like herself, but how they held themselves and the look of their weapons and armor showed them to be not very experienced for the most part, so the warrioress's spirits rose slightly. The assortment of people inpressed her... it looked like there were quite a few barbarians, but the number of other races and classes of people was more than she had expected. People from all walks of life and all lands had gathered to be a part of this historic journey.

08/16/2005 2:19 PM

Sayori allowed her servents to drape her in silvery silk and white linen, a circlet of platinum rested upon her brow. Around her neck was a crystalline key, said to lend power to the chosen of the Goran.

Sayori didn't speak as she approached the balcony, then decended the spiraled stair to the gathered people. Her violet-blue eyes swept the gathering crowd. Her long dark hair was in perfect compliment of her ivory skin and silvery garments. She stared almost blankly ahead as she silently wandered through the crowd.

Abrubply she stopped, as the key around her neck grew warm and glowed with a sanguine light. She turned and looked at the amazonian woman, and smiled, nodding, holding out her hand to her.

08/16/2005 2:26 PM

Jarria had just turned back to look into the expanse of the house when she saw a figure gliding down the stairs. A moment's glance told the warrior woman that this was Sayori, the Chosen of Goran. She stood tall and her brown eyes followed the Goran-marked's progress, gaze never wavering.

Seeing a delicate hand extended towards her, Jarria bowed. "I am most honored, Chosen," she said softly before moving towards the young woman.

08/16/2005 3:33 PM

Sayori only smiled, her eyes almost fever bright as she continued, stopping again when the crystal key began to glow...

She turned her gaze towards the warrior that stood slightly to the right to where Jarria had stood, and again she raised her hand...ignoring all others till this warrior reacted to her selection.

08/17/2005 1:28 AM

...Cael stood stock still next to Jarria, he too had taken in those around him but kept his thoughts and musings to himself, instead content to wander his own memories as he leant his chin upon his bow, wrapped tightly in exotic cloth from distant lands and beaded with a myriad of stones and trinkets.

He watched the young woman approach and select the young warrior-woman to his side, allowing himself a small smile that flickered across his lips like a ghost before realising the woman was reaching for then reaching for him.

He banished his expression and stepped forward, his head bowed though his dark eyes never left the violet of the young woman's as he watched her through the tawny fringe that swayed past his vision. He idly wondered how a woman of such luxury would fare in the harshness of the world away from her silk and satined finery.

"Thank you chosen. I shall try to serve you to the best of my ability." He said in a voice that was grave with its solem promise and barely a whisper...

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08/17/2005 6:53 AM

Again Sayori smiled faintly, and again she made her way through the crowd, her steps again stopping when the key glowed. This time she reached out her hand to the Bard, and while she wondered just what he would do to help her, she didn't wish to question the spirit of Goran...

08/17/2005 8:47 AM

Monty stood quietly with his hands folded at his waist. He had a naive smile on his lips and he listened to the casual din of all the people gathered in the foyer. But the conversations halted when Sayori graced the balconi. this was it, the time had come apparantly and Monty was impressed with what he saw. He watched her glide down the stairway.

"My, now there is certain beauty to sing of." The young bard thought."She is obviously a girl of some importance. Perhaps she is my muse after all?"

He watched as she halted near the Woman warrior and as he watched the exchange between them, Monty's hopes faltered. The girl said nothing. She seemed to know already who she was looking for and it appeared she was quite selective. The next person she chose stood right next to the first! Again, to Monty's chagrin he was a rough looking sort who looked like he knew how to handle himself. Monty sighed... This was no place for a young runaway of noble birth. After all he knew nothing of this Goran fellow everyone around him was murmuring about. Still.. he would stay if only to look on the girl a little longer and perhaps find inspiration for a limerick or two.

She drifted through the crowd a bit more and came to a halt before Monty. Her hand lifted towards him and Monty looked to either side to be sure she was the one indicated.
But being sure, Monty did not skip a beat, though he could hardly believe it. He stepped forward and bowed then placed his hand in hers and gave a polite shake.

"Montclair du Felronde at your service Miss. It seems you have an eye for true talent.
I am happy to pledge my loyalty to your cause."

08/22/2005 6:16 PM

Cullyn ducked between two large barbarians who were in his way and began to watch the proceedings. She must be the Goran thingy, he thought to himself, then sighed softly as he watched.

Seems she is picking out people she knows, she is barely looking at anyone, just the ones she picks. Oh well, guess I can enjoy the show for now. He spread his legs and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched Sayori pick her group.

08/31/2005 7:05 AM

Sayori continued through the crowd, while others murmered questions on how she was choosing her 'companions'. At length she stopped, turning to face yet another unlikely companion, and she held her hand out to Lasaphin.

"Please join us wizard..." She whispered as if in a dream.

08/31/2005 1:17 PM

Lasaphin placed his fingertips together in front of him and bowed deeply. He was slightly surprised that she had picked him out. Yet he couldn't help but feel the littlest bit excited. This would surely be a story for the ages.

"My magic is yours, child. [i]I[/i] am yours."

He straightened up to watch the remainder of the proceedings.

08/31/2005 5:30 PM

nodding once, she watched impassivly as the magician joined the other three... and again she searched, felling herself pulled along by unseen hands. Twice more she stopped, again reaching her hand out to another warrior.

"Cullyn... I would be pleased if you'd join our quest..." She said softly...

Her last choice startled even Sayori herself... for she knew him only as one of the most dread mercenaries of the realms, Tao.

She hesitated, and only when the warmth of the key around her throat intensified did she reach out and invit him to the group...

09/01/2005 12:29 AM

Cullyn was not used to being taken by suprise, his eyes narrowed slightly, then he looked around before making his way to the small group following Sayori.

This is strange he thought to himself as he looked over his companions before returning to watch Sayori.

09/01/2005 6:42 AM

finally the sanguine glow that surrounded the key that hung from the chain around Sayori's neck faded, and Sayori blinked as if waking from a dream. She turned and smiled to the gathered chosen behind her.

"Thank you for coming here, and for accepting this quest. I am being called to procure an ancient artifact known as the 'eye'. It is said to be the third eye of the Goran, replacing it in the statue held here in my realm will awaken this sleeping god and restore order to this world.

The eye can only be retrieved and placed in the statue by me, your job is to help me reach my destination. You will be handsomly rewarded upon the success of this mission."

She turned and made her way to the steps, watching the crowd being ushered out by the guards. "we will leave with the coming of dawn. If you have yet to procure accomidations here, rooms will be provided for you." She turned to the nearest guard.. "You will see to their comforts."

"Remember we leave with the dawn."

09/03/2005 10:45 PM

Phin listened intently to what Sayori had to say, in spite of knowing the basics of what was fortold. What he was hoping for was a clue, if there could even be one, as to what they might face. There was none given by the end of her statement, at least not that he could see. With nothing left to do, Lasaphin turned to the nearest guard.

"You will take me to my room now," he commanded. He wanted some time meditate before he slept. The guard said nothing as he led Phin away through a series of halls. They passed several doors before stopping at one that ironically had an outline of an eagle etched into it. It seemed that he was not here by chance.

As he entered he saw that the room was very plain. It only held a small bed, a smaller table with two wooden chairs, and a small stand that was next to the bed. Even the little rug on the floor was a dull grey. There was on candle on the stand, which was already lit, to light the room. He waved of the guard and shut the door behind him. He relived himself of the small pouches hanging from his belt and sat on the bed. It wasn't long before he was deep in his thoughts.

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09/06/2005 2:27 PM

Tao watched as Sayori moved about the crowd, using some enchanted item that seemed to tell her who to choose. He rolled his eyes and sighed. There was no way that he would be chosen if she was using that item. Yet, to even his amazement, she picked him as well.

He bowed slightly to the young girl. Something inside of him tried to warn him that this was a bad sign for him. Tao tried to reassure himself that it was probably Marlfa's doing. Yet, a part of him felt that the Goran picked him because the God knew that Tao would meet his end during this quest. He hated to think that another was controlling his life so he gritted his teeth and went to his room.

Once inside he took a cold bath to steady his nerves. He lay there in the cold water and rested his head on the edge. He would lay here until he was either summoned or until his nerves calmed.

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09/07/2005 6:15 PM

Jarria bowed to the chosen with a warrior's grace and gathered her pack, slipping towards a guard silently. "I don't need a room... a space in Sayori's garden will do me just fine," she said simply. At the guard's nod, she smiled somewhat, and was lead through passages to a large, beautiful garden. The warrioress nodded to him in thanks and took a bedroll from her pack, unfurling it on a patch of grass.

She loosened the leather thong from her hair and let it fall, draping her shoulders and back in darkness. She ran her fingers through it, and then plated it together in a long braid down her back, replacing the leather thong to keep it togther.

Her sword by her side, the warrioress laid down, knowing that she would need her rest for the journey to come.

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09/10/2005 9:43 AM

Cullyn approached a guard, "I'll take a room" he said and the guard nodded and lead him through an archway and down a corridor.

Cullyn followed the guard to a simply decorated room. When the guard left he closed the door and opened the doors to the balcony to let the air in.

Undoing his belt he lay his sword next to him on the bed as he lay there fully clothed, lost in thought.

09/20/2005 8:23 AM

Outside of the keep where the band of warriors slept, Kierwood Badong sat in a tree. He knew there was going to be some big expedition starting tomorrow, and he was hoping that he'd be able to get something worth selling off of at least one of the travellers. He needed food, and the last time he had tried to steal some, he had almost been caught. The thief felt it would be better just to buy the food.

Of course, he wasn't bothering to think of the consequences he'd face if one of the warriors caught him trying to snatch something from one of their packs. Hunger has a funny way of affecting the mind.

Kierwood leaned up against the tree trunk, determined to get some sleep before dawn arrived. After all, a tired thief is soon a dead one.

09/23/2005 3:04 AM

...The borderlander strode from the halls into the fresh air of the inner courtyard where he watched the young woman re-braid her hair in silence as he found himself a corner of the open space and dropped quietly to his haunches before sitting, his back against the cool stone of the building wall.

Cael closed his storm coloured eyes and relished the cool touch of stone as it leached though his sleeveless tunic. He moved the leather wrapped bundle to his knees his weather worn fingers absently touching the multitude of trinkets gathered in his wanderings...

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09/23/2005 10:30 AM

Jarria heard the soft creaking of leather and turned, blade in hand, to find the shadowed outline of someone hunched against the stone wall. A moments inspection proved it was the borderlander... the archer and warrior named Cael. Seeing this, Jarria inclined her head in a sort of greeting.

"Well, Cael... I guess arriving early as we did was not such a bad idea, eh? Us two among the Goran-marked's chosen companions. If you would like, come out into the courtyard with me. I have an extra bedroll here if you'd like to use it."

09/23/2005 5:25 PM

The borderlander lifted his head and opened his eyes, rasing his tattooed hand to wave away his long tawny fringe, his expression one of contemplation. Slowly he nodded.

"I guess in many ways it was. But an unlikely band she has chosen for this journey, many are men with reputations as black as a warlock's heart." He answered in his gravely voice.

"I am surprised that the young lady would deign to travel amongst such rogues, but then it is not my choice but hers." He finished with a cursory glance upwards towards the sleeping chambers even though he could not see them.

"I hope this Sayori gets herself a restful sleep in her fine silks and feathered beds because I doubt if it will be soon we shall see such comforts again." He added with a slightly bemused chuckle.

He waited a moment before unfolding his legs to raise himself agilely to his feet and stride over to Jarria, his leather-encased bow cradled in the crook of his arm and jangling softly as he stepped.

"The bedroll is not necessary, not in this heat anyway, but the offer however is appreciated." He added as he lay down on his back and pillowed his arms beneath his head, staring up at the pale blue sky

09/23/2005 10:18 PM

"I guess in many ways it was. But an unlikely band she has chosen for this journey, many are men with reputations as black as a warlock's heart." He answered in his gravely voice.

Jarria nodded ruefully. "Most of the others I do not see much cause for concern of... although I do believe I heard her call the short man... the one with olive-colored skin and tanned, beaded clothes... she called him wizard. Other than him, I worry only about Tao, to be truthful. How can one trust a man such as him?" At this, she shrugged. "The others seem harmless enough... one is a bard, and the other, while a bit shady, seems honest enough."

"I am surprised that the young lady would deign to travel amongst such rogues, but then it is not my choice but hers." He finished with a cursory glance upwards towards the sleeping chambers even though he could not see them.

"I hope this Sayori gets herself a restful sleep in her fine silks and feathered beds because I doubt if it will be soon we shall see such comforts again." He added with a slightly bemused chuckle.

The warrioress nodded again, sitting up fully to better see her companion. "Aye... she does not seem like one who will take a rough journey well, with all her finery. I hope she surprises us in that and is not a whiny little princess!"

He waited a moment before unfolding his legs to raise himself agilely to his feet and stride over to Jarria, his leather-encased bow cradled in the crook of his arm and jangling softly as he stepped.

"The bedroll is not necessary, not in this heat anyway, but the offer however is appreciated." He added as he lay down on his back and pillowed his arms beneath his head, staring up at the pale blue sky.

Jarria waved him off, a trace of a grin. "I meant to lay on. It is far too hot to sleep within it, but it is cushion enough to lay on top that it nearly feels like a bed! Thus the reason I have not crawled inside mine, nor will I." She flipped her long braid of dark hair over her shoulder. "I am strange, I guess... I have always liked the luxury of a bed, but never the confinement of the walls one must have to house it in. If ever I have my own home, I will make a courtyard in the center of the house, and there, I will place a fine bed, and a screen to pull over the courtyard in case it rains." She grinned, laying back to also look up at the sky.

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