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08/02/2005 4:41 PM

March. 25, 2008
TechNet Military underground base,
Tokyo Japan&

The small white room was surrounded by glass, inside three men in biohazard suits stood in front of a white table. Their face hidden by the metallic mask, a rat lay dead on the table along with many vials of different color liquids. Outside the glass over a dozen men in military uniforms stood looking into the room. Each of them with a questioning look on their face along with a young woman taking notes, back inside the glass room one of the men in the biohazard suits stood injecting a light purple serum into the dead rat. The rat began to breath the man who injected it gave the thumbs up sign towards the glass in front of him.

As he placed the needle back onto the table the rat bit his pinky finger. Everyone stopped what they were doing even the woman taking notes stopped righting. The man looked at his finger as one of his co-workers placed the rat into a steel cage. A small drop of blood ran down the side of the mans finger he stood still watching the blood flow down his finger. A man out side of the room walked up to a mic laying on a brown table and spoke into it. (Translated) Mr. Orkimoto are you ok? man said frowning his voice projected into the white room. Mr. Orkimoto took of the protective mask sweat rolled down his forehead his light blue eyes massed red not even the pupil was seen.

Mr. Orkimoto began coughing violently blood spewing from his mouth, the two other men moved for the door. Mr. Orkimoto turned his head his face looked like pure evil his red eyes froze the two men in the room he ran at them biting threw the silver suit into the neck of one who fell to the ground rolling up in pain and biting the finger off the other. The man outside the room motioned for two military personal with standard M-16s.

April 25, 2008
White House,
United States of America&

The president sat at his desk the camera crew worked frequently in the background setting up the lights and cameras. The president adjusted the papers in his hands looking over it for almost the eightieth time that day. A business suit looking man spoke to the president ok, just remember sir if you forget what to say read the word above the camera the man acted as if the president had never spoke to the nation before. Everyone took their marks ok in five&four&three&two& the mans voice trailed off as the red light above the camera turned on. The president spoke slowly at the camera Good evening, as some of you may know our contact to the greater Japan area has been cut off. He waited for three seconds as he was instructed we believe their in need of our help, and in the next few month we shall be sending troops to Japan once again he was instructed to wait three seconds there is know need of alarm as he said this he was actually worried that their was need for worry.

May 8, 2008
United States Air base,
Out Skirts of New Texas&

Private First Class, Ricky Anderson stood outside of a large cargo plane along with thirty other men. The 904th ground dogs where to be the first squad sent over to scout the area and set up a command base. There they would meet up with a local squad and two weeks later more men would be sent over. They were told that it would only be a recon mission just to make sure there was a threat. He looked at the large cargo plane which would serve as means of transportation it was green&. Ricky didnt know how to better describe it. The 904 had a good reputation with them and over the two years he was with them he had seen some great things. They were a tough bunch Ricky looked around at them; ox (or as he was called) with his M63A, Ringer, Scope, ghost, and the list went on.

08/03/2005 1:05 PM

May 8, 2008
Cargo Plane,
Above the sea towards Japan

The man in charge of the 904th ground dogs was Colonel Jack Mc Dern. He looked like he was made of stone and had no patients for slackers. He was a big man both in height and width. Ricky liked him underneath the "tough guy" outside he was a good guy and a better solider, and commander.

The inside of the plane was surprisingly quiet, the engines more of a hum inside the large oval doom they were in. On either side of the planes inside seats bolted to the wall where everyone was commanded to sit for the first twenty minuets of take off. But now the plane flew smooth and everyone was aloud to move around. Two pilots flew the plane, the cockpit separated by a metal wall and steel door.

Ricky stood up stretching "so how long is the flight?" he asked Ox who was walking over to a group of men playing cards. Ox stopped "18 hours I think" he said patting Ricky on the back, Ricky took a few steps "and whats the on flight movie?" he asked getting a grin from Ox who was making his way over to the poker group.

May 8, 2008
Military Camp
Boi Jing, Japan

The three solider ran down the empty street, one of them checked over his shoulder two dozen....."zombies" chased after them. They took a left down a street then a right, in no particular order the took lefts and rights. As they turned another corner they stopped dead in their tracks. More zombies filled the street...they were trapped on man spoke into his head set (translated)"please for the love of god answer" no response came from over the mic. The zombies began walking towards them, the solider threw his headset off and aimed his gun towards the once civilized humans advancing. "Dam you!" he shouted pulling the trigger back on his gun the bullets spraying at the people who weren't slowing down. The bullets faded in the distant background then silence........

08/05/2005 4:23 PM

Thierry was awoken from his doze by a bump as the plane hit turbulence. He looked around, confused. This wasn't his little corner of the barracks, where was his locker and his bed. Oh right. He adjusted himself if the strap harness seat, jostling his C-7 assault rifle. He had been ordered here as part of some retarded officer's idea of diplomacy and as such he was a canuck in yankees ville. Worse, he was from Calagry and occasionally still caught jibes from the floridans in the unit. The harness creaked as Thierry rose from it, slinging his rifle behind his back. His Cad-Pat urban camoflauge looked out of place amongst the American fatigues. He felt alone. He didn't want to go to Japan, he didnt want to be in the army, and he didn't want to be in America. He sighed as he looked out the window over one of the large wings.

08/15/2005 6:56 AM

Ghost had barely moved since he had sat down in his seat, his hand rested on the case his rifle sat in, specially padded to prevent any turbulence that might knock the scope. His eyes were half closed and he followed Thierry's movement with his eyes. As his eyes passed Scope, his spotter, Scope gave him the finger and grinned.

Asshole he thought to himself without malice and returned the one finger salute. Scope mimed blowing him a kiss and laughed before returning to talking to Ox.

Ghost moved his eyes, catcing sight of Thierry again, seeing him staring out the window with an ugly look on his face. He stared for a moment, then closed his eyes. This flight sucks he thought to himself before slipping into a light doze.

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08/15/2005 9:58 PM

There was a slight thrumming in his pocket and he reached in to pull out a small PDA. It was ending him a warning that he had just changed timezones to tokyo time. He swore violently in french and sat in his assigned seat. His glower at the floor would have melted holes in lesser substances.

08/16/2005 3:05 AM

Ghost awoke to someone kicking his foot, he opened his eyes and Scope offered him a chocolate bar with a raised eye brow. Ghost nodded slightly and took the chocolate bar and started to unwrap it as Scope sat down beside him.

"So what do ya think?" Scope said, not looking up from unwrapping his own chocolate bar.

"Hmmmm?" Ghost asked, glancing at Scope, then looked back down and finished unwrapping the bar.

"Ye know, about them sending in the two oh four, why send us in?, Am sure they can see just fine with their eyes in the skies." he looked up at Ghost, his bar forgotten momentarily in his hand.

Ghost stopped for a moment, staring at the chocolate He's got a point he thought to himself, then shrugged and took a bite of the chocolate. "Ah dunno" he said quietly around a mouthfull of chocolate.

Scope watched him for another couple of seconds, then sighed and began to eat his bar as well, "It don't make no friggin sense ta me."

08/17/2005 7:50 PM

Van sat silently at the very end of the cargohold by the big drop door. The slight whistling of the wind outside sung a promise of battle.

Van held his rifle close inspecting it over and over. He started to take it apart to clean for the seventh time. Why am I so nervous. Odd? With a click and snap the rifle was back together again. Van continued to go through his personal inventory double checking everything.

Finally he sat back in his seat gazing at his companions. This looks promising, he thought tuggin on the straps of his parachute making sure they were secure.I don't care if we got time to go I am going with my training and gut.

08/17/2005 10:30 PM

Thierry looked out the window at what was below him.

"Oh god...."

He hated heights, and the ocean, and right now he was being exposed to both. He turned forewards, his face turning rather green as he did so. He shoulda stayed in Montreal. With three deep breaths he adjusted his parachute and started fiddling with the small chain at his neck.

08/18/2005 1:59 AM

Ghost finished his chocolate bar and stood up, wiping his fingers on the pants of his fatigues. He stretched and started tomove his way forward, ignoring Scope's look. He glanced at Thierry as he passed him, then moved closer to the door to the cockpit, where he could overhear the pilots.

They were trying to raise the tower at the international airport, but it did not sound good. 'Tokyo control, this is Military Aircraft Juliet Papa, four nine five requesting Vector for approach.'

Ghost glanced in the cockpit and caught a glimpse of the co-pilot shaking his head and repeating the phrase again, before turning to the Captain. 'Still nothing sir, should we try another frequency?'

'Why bother, they aren't going to answer, we've already gone through all the local ones and even a couple of international ones. And we know it isn't our equipment, we picked up that Australian Jet Jockey in the F-111, and he didn't seem.............'

Ghost made his way back to his seat next to Scope. "Looks like we'll be jumping" he said simply. Scope ran his fingers through the short stubble of his blonde hair.

'Damn, I hate that shit...." he started to say, and Ghost tuned him out, staring impassively ahead, lost in his own thoughts.

08/18/2005 12:56 PM

Van stood up. and walked over to Ghost and Scope and held out his palm. In it was two com-bead systems for each of them. They both took their systems. "This is our way to comunicate." A single sentence then he proceeded to pass out the rest to the squad. "Colonel its done." He called out to Mc Dern after everyone had a system. Van then proceeded to his seat where he inspected his chuet again.

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08/18/2005 8:39 PM

Ghost took the com system and glanced at it, holding it in hands for a while looking at it before placing it on. He then lifted his rifle case, and snapped it open, taking the rifle out, he began to go over it cautiously, paying close attention to the scope.

Scope watched as he did this, but said nothing. He stood before Ghost finished and went back to talk to Ox again.

When Ghost finished, he placed it back in the case and returned to his side. He glanced up at Mc Dern, who was busily talking into the mic on his headset, whether to the pilots or someone else he couldn't tell. He sighed and sat back, returning to his thoughts.

08/21/2005 1:31 AM

Damon slept through almost everything, including the turbulance of the aircraft. "Colonel Its done." Woke him.

"Ack. Electronics!" as he upicked up a com-bead. "These things suck. Always breaking..." Damon placed it into his cargo pocked just incase he might need it if he runs into trouble. Never liked that whole "team" thing. Just liked to have one person around just in case 'it' happens again...

He turns his attention at Ghost, "So, let me guess. We're jumping again?"

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08/21/2005 1:39 AM

He turns his attention at Ghost, "So, let me guess. We're jumping again?"

Ghost blinked and then glanced at Damon. He shrugged slightly, "Looks that way, maybe secure the airport for the plane to land." he said quietly, barely heard over the throb of the planes engines.

08/21/2005 10:44 AM

Damon rocked his head back thinking of another "securety" mission. He hated the five befor this one and was assuring himself that he would hate this one too.

"So much for 'special' forces..."

His head thuded against the hull of the plane.

'someone will wake me up in time'

Darkness drifted back in to the his personal realm

08/21/2005 12:45 PM

Scorch sat near the front of the plane, watching those who would be his team mates while he cleaned his rifle and checked his gear. He chuckled to himself as he watched the sniper and the spotter exchange salutes. Colonel Jack Mc Dern watched him carefully, perhaps expecting him to load up his weapon and start shooting. His reputation had gone to shit since he did what he felt was right. Given the chance, he would do it again. And somehow, in his gut, he felt he might have to do it again.

He looked down to his rifle, a modified M-8 assault rifle. The prototype had problems with barrel meltdown after firing roughly 2 clips on fully auotmatic, and the military R&D department hoped that a soldier might be able ascertain what might need to be changed for the rifle to function properly.

Scorch looked through his sight and targetted Mc Dern while the Colonel was speaking to another soldier. "Bang", said Scorch as the Coloenl turned and saw the gun aimed at him. Mc Dern started to reach for his sidearm, then rested his hand on the pistol grip as Hannibal lowered the weapon and grinned at the colonel. Mc Dern glared as Scorch and said "Maggot."

Scorch watched as the Canadian stared out the window and turned green, illiciting another chuckle. He watched as the sniper walked by him and to the cockpit. Scorch had been listening to the pilots try to contact the Japanese airfield for almost 5 minutes, and knew something was terribly wrong after the third attempt. 'I don't think any of us are coming back from this one alive', he thought grimly, though his heart raced with anticipation.

Ghost walked back to his seat. "Looks like we'll be jumping." Scorch tuned out the rest of the conversation, listening to the engine thrum with power. 'Sometimes I think I should have been an engine mechanic', he thought to himself as a man approached and handed him a com-bead. He grimaced at it as he put it on, checking the system to make sure it worked.

"Ack. Electronics! These things suck. Always breaking..."

"No shit", he muttered to himself as he did some fine tuning on his comm and waited for the order to jump.

08/21/2005 3:59 PM

(OOC: Uhh, by the looks of things ludill aint coming back)

08/21/2005 5:49 PM

((OOC: Thats fine! I think we are good enough to continue this on our own))

Damon jerked awake as he felt something hit the side of the plane. Clowds swallowed the man across from him as his body followed the shrapnal on its way to meet the rest of earth. He ingnored the colonal as he was screaming something about being hit and we were all gonna die.

"Screw this..." he murrmered to himself.

He grabbed the first back he could reach, checked his side two side arms and kinfes then jummed . He could see the basterd that was carrieing the rocket launcher and shot his eye out the other side of his head. Two more followed there companion. Befor he got six hundered feet from the ground a group of them were shooting at time.

He looked up to see if anybody had fallowed. Two pairs of feet were a few feet above him.


08/21/2005 7:07 PM

(OOC: Uh dude, the badguys in this are like the ones from 28 days later. They dont understand that weapons can aid them, they just charge at you. There wouldn't be any rocket launchers or shooting unless it was from our side.)

08/21/2005 10:44 PM

(( Ok Thanis doesn't get what were doing lets recktify: lets say the survivours shot that at us because they were trying to get our attention but hit us instead...ok? Any way looks like its time to jump.)

As Van jumped out of the plane he knew what to do next.

"Everyone come in this is Grey Skull calling squadron when I land I will light flares meet there. Have weapons ready looks like we got hostiles from the way that rocket aimed. Scope and Ghost meet me first i want us to check out that tower it look like a good vantage point." Van was screaming into the comm system over the roar of the wind, " and by the way MY comm systems work fine. Over" He finished vainly as his parachuet dragged across the ground.

Unclipping his chuet he lit seven flares and made a feild circle of where to land. Taking the safty off his rifle he knelt taking forward position.

Everyone was landing one by one. Luckly they had dropped over the airport and where now in the middle of the run way. It was deserted. The cool night air burned his nostrils as he gathered the surroundings. No sight of anyone but from where the rocket struck maybe on top of the tower. Hopefully the soilders know japanese.Van thought to himself as he lit the final flare.

((I don't think we should get contact(see the enemy) until we reach inside of Tokyo ok we are about 4 miles out of it and i estimate a crew of survoirs are in the airport radio tower. They were the ones that shot us down to "get our attention". I have already opted to take Ludill's spot as GM unless he comes back but I wwas just wanting to know if that is ok with everyone? And we are all assuming that Mc Dern didn't chuet out because he didn't have a parachuet when the rocket hit. ))

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08/22/2005 9:37 AM

((OOC: I see. Sorry about that, my bad!))

Damon had less controle of his chuet than the last time and the building below him didnt look very inviting. He hit the ground, rolled, and droped his pack.


There was a small circle of red light with a man kneeling in it. He was too busy thinking about were that rocket came from and why in the hell anybody would shoot a rocket at the plane.

A door opened behind him. And a small group of poeple were shouting at him in Japanese one of them was holding the remains of a rocklauncher. And the pistols that the other two were holding looked like they were going to fall apart right in there hands.

"I hate babysiting survivors..."

08/22/2005 11:10 AM

(OOC: With the way most japanese soldiers aim that sounds about right)

Thierry landed in a crouch, his c-7 rifle raised. He wasn't in a JTF for nothing, he was special forces and it showed as he moved with military efficient-ness towards the rally point, his own comm unit working just fine and he used it. His french accent was heavy over the unit.

"This is Cad-Pat, I read you, how many friendlies made it ot the deck?"

He entered the circle of red light and crouched, aiming the opposite direction of the man who was already there.

08/22/2005 11:48 AM

As the plane lurched Ghost grabbed his case, using the motion of the plane to stand up quickly, he took a second to hook the case to his personal webbing and followed what appeared to be Scopes back out of the plane.

He squinted as the wind rushed past his face, he could see several falling bodies below him, one tumbled bonelessly, a thin trail of smoke following the bodies descent.

Oh this is getting better and better he thought to himself as he finally released his chute, angling to land away from the designated rally point.

As soon as his boots touched ground, he released the chute, letting it fly away in the light breeze. With practiced ease, he quick released the case, unclipped it and removed his rifle, leaving the case where it lay.

His trained eyes scanned in a circle around the area, picking out the most advantagous spots for a sniper. He touched his neck as he spoke into his com-unit. "Ghost here, saw 5 coming down, one DOA."

08/22/2005 8:56 PM

Scorch watched as the rocket ripped through the side of the plane, sucking Mc Dern out. "Fuckin A," he muttered as he rose to his feet and watched the rest of the team file out of the hole. He took a few steps toward the breach as Scope and Ghost jumped and double checked his chute, and chambered the first round in the M-8's clip. "Looks like it's hunting season."

He ran and jumped out the breach twisting in mid air and enjoying the breeze as it flew past his face. 'I [i]really[/i] hate jumping out of a perfectly fine...' He twisted again and watched as the plane listed sharply, losing altitude and trying to angle for the runway. 'Well, I hate jumping, period.'

He pulled his primary chute and guided himself down, watching as the others landed. He saw the door open and the Japanese survivors standing in the doorway. He grabbed the M-8 and aimed at them, ready to kill them all, but as their words reached him, he realized they were more frightened of something that was on the island nation of Japan.

He landed gently and released the chute, letting it drift away as he dropped to a kneeling position, scaning the landscape and the hangars for other signs of life.

"Please, get inside. Quickly!" He glanced over to the Japanese men and noticed two things; the men were civilians, and the word terror wasn't a strong enough word for what he saw on their faces.

He crept slowly toward the building, keeping constant watch and wondering what they had seen, or what they knew, that would make the men shiver the way they were.

08/23/2005 1:10 AM

"All units meet at the rendazvous point immediatly. Ghost and Scope make your way over here at the base of the radio tower. Over." Van instructions were clear as he checked that everyone had landed.

The japanese people were screaming. "All units fall in to the radio tower. ON THE DOUBLE!" He barked into his comm system, "From what I gather in japanese they say to get in or the death will take you. I don't agree with how that sounds."

He followed the civillians up the stairs to the radio tower. They were still rambling. The smell of smoke was in the air. At least I know where the rocket came from, he thought sarcastically.

As Van reached the top he could see the radio equipment was tore out and the pane glass windows were broken as if the were throwing things out. "Grey Skull here I need a check on unit status: Who is at the base of the tower? When everyone is in seal that puppy up. Over."

(translated)"Sit over there" Van ordered as they obeyed. Taking the rocket launcher from what appeared to be a pilot he continued with the interragation as he waited for everone to arrive.

((Ok I got a plan for where this can go if its ok with you guys))

08/23/2005 1:58 PM

((Its cool with me))

Damon waited until Gray Skull took charge of the survivors and watched as the others made there way over to the tower.

"Hey scope, there's a ladder here going to the very top of this tower," he informed over his piece of electroic. 'I hate theses things.'

He climbes half way up the the latter and jumped onto the roof for cover fire if needed.

"hey, guys? Whats that sound?"

08/24/2005 3:56 AM

It sounded like a low hum and seemed to grow...

((I think we got zombies?))

08/24/2005 8:02 PM

Ghost waited for Scope to move to his position, ignoring Vans request over the com. Scope had several large scratchs from down the right side of his face and dark bruise was forming on the center of his forehead. His eyes flickered toward teh radio tower and Ghost shook his head slightly.

"All units meet at the rendazvous point immediatly. Ghost and Scope make your way over here at the base of the radio tower. Over." Van instructions were clear as he checked that everyone had landed.

Ghost touched his throat, activating the com, "Negative, Ghosts standing order is overwatch."

With that, Ghost double timed to a hangar building to the south of the radio tower. it was slightly lower, but gave a clearer view on all side at ground level. He shouldered his rifle and ascended the metal ladder affixed to one wall, Scope waited on the ground until Ghost was on the roof and gave him the all clear signal.

When scope was up, They set themselves up just below the apex line of the that gave them the clearest line of sight in all directions. Through the scope he watched the other members of the team as they moved about with precision. He touched his throat again "Ghost and scope have the high ground, covering fire on your mark."

08/25/2005 9:50 AM

Scorch watched the landscape for movement as everyone rushed into the building. There was only one way anyone was going to get to them, and that was down the road that led back into town.

"Negative, Ghosts standing order is overwatch."

"What the fuck?" He turned and watched Ghost and Scope run for the hanger. 'Where are they going?' Scorch glanced around again and understood. While the tower was the best vantage point, it didn't allow for ideal line of sight in all directions. "Smart man. I hope he's as good at his job as he is intelligent."

As the last of the squad entered the tower, Scorch shut the door. He examined the door; the lock above the pull bar had been shot out . He glanced around and noticed a few steel bars lying on the ground and picked them up. He slid the bars through the pull bar, making sure that each bar caught on both sides of the doorway. The pull bar was loose on the interior, so if someone with a very strong arm should decide to pull the door open from the outside, it wouldn't hold for long.

"Ghost and scope have the high ground, covering fire on your mark."

He touched his throat and said "Scorch here. Tower door temporarily secured. Moving to upper level now." He wrapped his hand around the grip of his rifle and felt better. His nervousness was so thick he could almost cut it with a knife and eat it.

He quickly climbed the stairs and glanced around the room, then took up a position near a broken window and resumed his watch for enemy movement.

((OOC: How many PCs and NPCs are there so far? I count 5 PCs - I counted Ghost and Scope as one - and the three civilian NPCs.

08/25/2005 10:46 AM

Thierry stood near the door, his rifle lveled at it. He had a disturbing feeling that whatever was coming for them was going to make its way for this door. With a steady finger, he prodded his comm unit.

"This is Cad-Pat, I've secured the front entrance."

As he spoke he loaded a shot-gun cartirdge into the attachable launcher of his rifle and crouched infront of the door, far enough back that it wouldn't hit him if it opened fast.

"C'mon you bastards, whatever you are, c'mon."

08/25/2005 2:09 PM

"This is Grey Skull everyone listen up. Cad Pat and Scorch you watch the front enterance into the tower. Scope and Ghost I like the way you two work. Stay there but don't draw attention to yourself until WE make contact. Everyone else meet me at top of the tower. We have 3 civillians and they WERE the hostiles but it turns out that there aim just shit."
Van paused to clear his throat and let is soak in then continued, "Scope if you and Ghost could locate a ride out of this shit hole I would like that very much. As I see the mission is scrap if we can't make contact to the US. Everyone get that?" Van stopped to listen for his squads voices. For meeting everyone this week we work good together, Van thought as he also heard that ominous hum again...a low moan growing SLOWLY louder every moment.

KKRAAACK! There was a bright red flash. "FLARE!" called someone over the comm he couldn't make out who it was. "This is Mc Dern we are in need of assistance. Come in US! Come is US! **static** Need.....hel.....mu......ants attac...need hel....**end**"
"Ok team new plan we save us a lost commander. From were the transimission is commming from they landed at another airport on the other side of tokyo." BANG! BANG! Something was beating on the door. Silence. Van arose from his chair to look out the window to see a bunch of men, women and children out side the door just looking at it. "What the hell" was all Van got out before they simotaniusly looked up at the window. With a sudden moan of what they wanted the once human civillians cried out, "BRRAAAAINS!!!"

08/25/2005 3:01 PM

Ghost motioned Scope away to have a look for any servicable form of transport then lay pressed the stock of his rifle into his shoulder again, sighting through the scope at the crowd of what appeared to be civilians at the door to the radio tower. The crosshairs drifted lazily over the crowd, picking a slightly taller man whose skin seemd to hang strangely off him, they settled on his head.

"High ground on target, advise over"

08/26/2005 9:05 AM

Cad Pat and Scorch you watch the front enterance into the tower.

Scorch looked out the window and watched the crowd milling about. His brow furrowed, he looked through the scope of his rifle and glanced at them. A woman with an eye missing and flesh torn from face and arms; a man missing an arm with his chest torn open; a child, no more than 5 years old, missing his jaw and the fingers from his left hand.

"What the fuck?" he whispered as as the majority of the crowd stopped in front of the door and stared at it.

The red flash of the flare distracted him, and he glanced around to see where it had come from.

"This is Mc Dern we are in need of assistance. Come in US! Come is US! **static** Need.....hel.....mu......ants attac...need hel....**end**"

'So, Mc Dern is alive. I wonder for how long.'

The beating on the door brought him back to the point at hand. Scorch looked through his scope again and looked toward the door. A few of the civilians were pushing and pounding at the door, and it was already starting to give.


"High ground on target, advise over"

"Oh, screw this!" He grabbed a white phosphorous grenade and pulled the pin, waiting for it to start smoking, and tossed it out the window and toward the crowd. He touched the comm and said "White phos out! Recommend we open fire!"

The grenade bounced off the head of a male civilian and dropped into the center of the crowd. The male looked down at it and uttered what sounded like complete befuddlement right before the grenade went off. The white phos ignited and began to burn those nearest the grenade.

08/26/2005 9:26 AM

"I swear, its like a kid with a 'shit hit the fan' button and the little basterd was pounding on it!"

Damon stood on the roof of the terminal looking down at what he could only understand to be brain eaters. Things that were once human but are now only good for target practice and he really needed some. He drew both of his side arems and locked aim at two of the thickest meat eaters in the crowd.

"I too have confermed visual. Request persmission to open fire!" His comm deviece was working out nicelyl. Alot better than the last few. The remans of a 12 year old girl caught sigh of him!

"BBBBRRRRAAAIIINNNNNSSSSS!!" It hissed. The rest of them frenzied in responce...

"Oh, shit!"


08/26/2005 2:17 PM

Ghost held his aim steady as he got confimation to fire, he squeezed the trgger and there was a soft pop and a big kick as the head under his crosshairs disintegrated, the body fell, still twitching and moving. Silencer is working well, pity it will only work for a few shots he thought to himself idly as he took aim again.

This time a shorter woman, with another soft pop, a hole appeared in her chest as her entire back exploded onto those behind her, she was lifted off her feet and slammed into those behind her, knocking them all down.

"This is Scope, have spotted an airport firetruck, about half click from my position, looks good to go." Scope said over the com channel.

Ghost watched as the half disintegrated body was scrabbling to rise. Though with half the back gone, it was not having much luck.

He swung his scope back over the crowd, watching for a moment. "Effect of shot on body is negative, head shot seemed to work. White phos having good effect." His voice was smooth and calm, and did not betray the sense of wrongness and dread in the scene he was witnessing.

08/26/2005 5:47 PM

"This is Grey Skull! Open fire these are hostiles! Ghost you have a go to getthe truck. Pull un the window and we will jump as you go by. Everyone else form a baracade at the top of the tower! Get out of the stair well."

(translated)"We do not want to die" screamed on civilian. the other two were holding each others arms. There blood stained cloths getting darker red. The voice of the panicked japanese civilian drowned out by the sound of gun fire in the stair well. "Everyone fall out of the stair well now!"

"AAAHHHH" Van turned immeadiatly to the site of the bleeding civilians eating the now decapitated head of the civilian that was panicked just a moment ago. Immediatly he grabbed his rifle and pulled his trigger, glack, glack, glack, the custom tips Van makes are really comming in handy. With there balistic argon tips one bullet does as much as a tn gauge." To bad the gun likes to melt" , Van thought as the female mutant's arm and head exploded. The other mutant's skull exploded as the the bullet entered his empty eye socket. "Civilians are dead! When every on is at the top of the tower we head for Mc Dern on the other side of tokyo. Ghost, Scope only get the truck when you think yo ucan make it. But what till everyone gets at the top of the tower with me.

A quick scan out the window knew Ghost and Scope descion was a good one. We can slide down this power line and drop into the fire truck when the drive by. he thought. Luckly the power is out how ironic.


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08/27/2005 1:07 AM

Ghost slipped down away from the apex of the hangar roof and folded the bipod of his rifle clicking it back into place, he looked over his shoulder at Scope, who was surveying the fire truck with his binoculars.

"Hows it look?" he asked as he approached him in a crouched trot, kneeling behind him and looking over Scopes shoulder at the firetruck.

"Mostly dead, but from the sound of the com, that don't mean anything." he said without taking his eyes away from the truck.

Ghost nodded and watched for a couple more seconds. "Ok, lets go" he said as he tapped Scopes arm, and slung his rifle over his shoulder, he drew his sidearm and pulled the slide back to check there was a live round in the chamber before returning it to his holster.

He trotted along the roof until he came to the lower roof of a building jutting out from the side of the hangar. "Here" he said simply, then glanced around to make sure Scope was following, then dropped off the higher roof to the lower one, landing with a loud bang as his boots hitting the tin roof. Another bang followed as Scope landed next to him.

Ghost lay down and peered over the edge of the roof, the ground below looked clear, and the building under them was empty as far as he could see. He dropped off the roof, followed by scope and they cautiously made their way toward the corner of the building, this time scope went first and peered around the corner, his L1A1 held up ready, he looked for a second then slipped around the corner with Ghost following a second later.

Everything seemed clear, "Okie, lets go for the truck" Ghost said as he withdrew his sidearm and Scope nodded. With eyes and head continually moving, they ran in single file 5 yards apart, angling for the truck. Something caught Ghost attention to his right, a flicker of movement in the corner of his vision, at first there was nothing, but a second later, he saw more movement again as a walking corpse came into view from a fold in the land, followed by more.

"3 O clock!" he yelled back to Scope, the corpses were not an immediate danger due to distance and their slow movement, so Ghost continued his scan of the area. As he approached the truck, he slowed to a walk, his sidearm held out in front and began to make a circular sweep of it moving right, Scope did the same, moving left.

They both shot glances around them and at the corpses, noting they had started a shambling run toward them. Ghost ducked down, clearing the underside of the truck.

"Door" Ghost muttered and stood next to the door, gripping the handle with one hand, Scope covered it with his rifle as it was jerked open. The back door received the same attention, the truck was clear.

Ghost holstered his pistol and Climbed up into the front, Scope jumped into the back and shuffled over to the side to view the incoming corpses. Ghost pulled out his utility tool and stripped the plastic from the steering wheel column, as Scope rolled down his window, aiming his rifle at the corpses which were getting dangerously close.

"Just hurry up!" he muttered.

Ghost began sorting through the wires until he found the correct pair, and split them, stripping the plastic coating. He jumped slightly as the unmistakable boom of Scopes 7.62mm L1A1 rang out, seeming to deafen him in the confined cabin, and the smell of cordite drifted down to him as a second shot rang out.

"HURRY THE FUCK UP!" Scope screamed shrilly. Ghost felt the truck shudder as he touched the wires together. He touched them again, as Scope fired again, and the engine caught this time and he twisted the wires together and sat up just as the shambling mob of corpses slammed into the truck like a wave. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" Scope screamed as he began to pull the trigger of his semi-automatic rifle as fast as he could.

Ghost slammed it into reverse and floored the accelerator, for its size, the truck accelerated quickly, pulling away from the mob with ease. Scope continued to fire until with a click, he stopped, having to change magazines.

When he was about 20 yards from the corpses, Ghost slammed the brakes on. "What the fuck are you..." Scope started, then stopped as he realised what Ghost was doing as soon as he saw him change gear.

"Fucking A!" he panted as Ghost slammed the accelerator down again, picking up speed smoothly and plowing his way through the corpses who were not quick enough to get out of the way of the speeding truck. When he was through he angled around and started to make his way toward the radio tower.

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08/28/2005 12:44 AM

(OOC: Have any of you seen 28 days later? I think thats more what this was supposed to turn out to b, and man could those bastards move)

Thierry had been praying heavily to any god that would listen that this had been a nightmare. There was a moan outside the side door he was covering and with a sudden splintering crack, the door fell in a shower of splinters.

"What the..... FUCK!"

He pulled the trigger of his shot-gun attachment, liquifieying the lead zombie's head. The next ones spilled in after it, moving quite fast despite the fact that they were wedging in the doorway. The c-7's stautaco thud errupted, flooding the hallway with light as the rifle emptied three rounds at a time into the things heads and chests.

"This is Cad-Pat, I'm covering the side door of the radio tower and damn I need help, does anyone read? Scope? Ghost? Hell I'd be happy with that self righteous bastard McDern, whatever. HELP, OH JESUS."

He quickly pulled out his knife and slammed it into the rapidly moving people's heads. The thing dropped, spasming ang twitching. Thierry looked up in horror at the door way which was crowded with on rushing people.

"Oh rot in hell."

With a quick flick of his wrist, he lobbed a grenade against the wall beside him and turned around, booting it for the front entrance. He heard a dull [i]crumph[/i] and grinned as the roof behind him fell in, blockading the side door. He reached the front door and realised he was trapped.

"Uh, Cad-Pat here, I'm uh, stuck."

He pumped the shot-gun attachment and raised his rifle, preparing to blast his way through the crowd outside the rapidly bending door.

08/30/2005 3:13 AM

Ghost touched his throat, "Ghost is incoming, transport secured."

Scope leaned forward between the seats, his eyes searching the terrain ahead and around them as they roared around the hangars, making their way around to the radio tower.

As he rounded the last corner and the base of the radio tower came into view, Ghost let the accelerator ease up, and he stared at the mass of zombies around the front door. For a moment, he said nothing, only stared.

"Take over the wheel Scope" he said as he braked to a halt, and slid across the seat, to the passenger side, looking at the strange controls in front of him.

If this is what I think it is.... he started to think to himself as he gripped the control stick on the panel in front of him. A faint hum could be heard as the water cannon turret on top of the trucks began to move to Ghost's control.

Ghost grunted..."Ok, get us in close, not too fast." then he touched his throat "Cad-Pat, be prepared to open the front door on my mark, and get out of dodge, make for the back doors of the truck, anyone else close to Cad-Pat, do the same."

08/30/2005 10:35 AM

Thierry pointed his rifle at the lock of the door. With the beating the thing was taking he'd be surprised if the lock hadn't wedged, but a well placed shot of ten guage anti-personel shot would turn it to dust. A window broke and a hand reached in through the gap. He could here a strange chocked gargle coming from the hoard. A red eye pressed to the window and Thierry put three rounds into it before aiming back at the lock.

"Oh shit, thank god. Whatever your gonna do, do it quick. These guys are gonna get in pretty quickly."

He pulled his side arm and began shooting through the door, hoping to clear some room. All he heard were gargles of anger and pain and the beating increased on the now structuraly damaged door. He head a sudden whooshing noise and shot the lock. The door errupted in but instead of charging him, most of the people had been squashed to the side. The one that did make it in recieved Theirry's combat knife in the fore-head, where Thierry left it. He sprinted out, shooting a few of the people out of his way. He could hear thuds behind him as people ran after him. With a click, the rifle emptied and automatically dropped the clip. Theirry grabbed the handle of the rear door and jumped in, turning and pumping his shot-gun.


He fired quickly into the closest zombies, dropping them to the ground where they laid twitching.

"Damn I'm glad to see you guys."

The shotgun emited a dry click as the magazine emptied. Thierry slammed the door and slammed a fresh clip into the rifle.

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08/31/2005 3:10 PM

Several shots were ringing out from the stair well. A quick glance out of the window Van confirmed the building was comprimised. Taking the empty rocket launcher he place it over the power line that lead all the way down past the truck that was now spraying water into the undead force.

Sparks emmitted from the launcher sliding accross the wire. Just as Van made it over the truck he let go sending the launcher into the crowd. With a large thud Grey Skull landed on the roof of his salvation. Swinging throught the back door he took position beside Theirry. A lot of good that launcher will do me, he thought. Whipping out his Storm rifle he knelt down in the back of the fire truck covering the door.

"Alright Scope I think this is everyone who made it." He said with pain. Grabbing a special gernade from his vest pocket he held it in his hand. "Fucking bastards..." He muttered before pulling the pin. "LET"S GO!!!"

((I have seen 28 days l8r but this RP is going to be ard enough already with just us i think. I don't want zombie track stars after me too :) anyway as soon as we get going the gernade can blow up, Crazywolf you just decide when. The gernade explodes and sucks all the air out of the area with a giant fireball REALLY SUCKS ALL THE AIR.))

09/02/2005 9:18 PM

Damon droped a few more of the zombies and with a quick shink, pop, and click his .50cal specials were reloaded and ready for round two when he heard the rest of the team attend the game of "pop goes the zombie."

"Alright Scope I think this is everyone who made it."

"Oh, great there leaving without me!" He launched himself to the other side of the roof to take note of the bright red "way out". He saw a grinade thrown from the truck as he landed next to the motorized water hose. "Yeah, glad you see you jerks too. Lets get the hell out of here!"

09/05/2005 12:15 AM

Ghost continued the high pressure waiter at the mob of zombies, keeping the majority at bay as the others climbed inside the truck. With a thud he heard Damon land on the roof, for a second reaching for his sidearm before he heard him speak, realising it was not a zombie on the roof.

"Go!" he yelled at Scope without looking away from the zombies.

Scope hit the accelerator hard and swung around as Ghost let go of the water cannon control and withdrew his sidearm, fireing randomly at the host of bodies out his window.

As scope accelrated away there was a dull thump behind them, followed by a flash of light as the air seemed to suck at them, the oxygen seeming to grow thinner for a moment as the area behind them ignited into a blazing furnace.

09/07/2005 8:56 PM

"Hell Yeah!" screamed Van as the zombies were fried. "Sorry Damon", he continued," I you were on the comm. Anyway we should be in Tokyo in 10 mins. I say we sail right through and get the the other airport as soon as possible."

((Watcha think?))

09/08/2005 9:14 PM

OOC: I think its going good so far.

"Its fine. Lets just get the hell over to next one. I got the feeling it wont be as nice!" He expressed with dread in his heart. He had a horrable feeling that someing really bad was waiting for them at the next airport. Ten minuts can last a really long time....

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