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07/06/2000 5:16 AM

(OOC: This Story takes place at exactly 2000 years in the age of Mortals. Contemporary Future where warriors carry guns and magic is merged with technology)

The Inn of the Last Home hasn't changed much except for the modern furnishings. A televid hanging from a corner is on and a news report by the Elven News Network about a nasty car pileup near the High Clerist Military Fort road on route 30 was all that was being shown.

A young Mage of wearing the doctorate type uniform of a novice thaumaturgist enters the the main bar greeting the bar tender. Fixing the holster of .357 Sylvan Smith pistol and tucking it away silently he takes a seat near a window where he can see the unsullied landscape of Solace City.
"No pollution and clean air. That is Solace to you", the thought filtering in his head.
He looks again at his well crafted pistol, a far cry from the ancient mages, he thought. "I can stop a Solamnic Police Officer with this thing..."
Musing, he turns to the baked spices potatoes he ordered and ate with gusto.

05/17/2000 3:49 AM

*Entering the tavern. Hooded sees the man with the .357 and reaches for the dagger at the top of his boot, just in case.*
"Barwench, ale."
*Hooded watches the barmaid float to the bar on hover-skates and return with a light-beer. His face turns red with rage.*
"Real beer." Hooded says through gritted teeth.

05/17/2000 9:55 PM

Marcus continued cleaning his pistol ignoring the arrival of the hooded one.

"I really need to replace these Elven Air shoes. They're really cramping my feet."

He then pulled out an enchanted box of endless ammunition and started loading it.

"Better to be safe, than sorry. Isn't that the line in that old song a few years back?"He mused.

The show on the televid then turned to another news advisory.

"A recent terrorist bomb attack by the Kender Republican Army rocked the city of Kalaman this afternoon. The nationalistic rebel leader of the KRA army, Colonel Kronin Thistleknot VII, made a statement about the attack."

The picture then fades into the face of an old kender, this one is scarred and has an eyepatch.

"Aye, we have been hunted down like vermin for the last thousand years. We will not stand for this anymore. No more negotiations with the Commonwealth of Free Races. We kender now desire freedom!!!"

The picture then dissolves back to the news correspondent.

"Kender going to war, these are surely hard times," thought Marcus.

05/18/2000 4:25 AM

*Classical music is suddenly heard emanating from Hooded. Reaching into a secret pocket of his cloak, Hooded pulls out a cellphone.*

"Greetings Phone-Wanderer.... yes, uh-huh... mmmhmm... Sell now fool!.... Change it all into dwarven mining stocks." Hooded ends the cellphone conversation abruptly and re-pockets the cellphone.

*Hooded sips at his ale and watches the tv. Some sitcom is on with several human stars and a token minotaur and elven actor. Hooded shakes his head in disgust then snorts at the other patrons to see what they think.*

05/20/2000 3:12 PM

A short figure enters the Inn dressed in a long trenchcoat with a hood pulled over the face, obscuring it. Though the figure tries to act inconspicuous, she can't help but reach out for a nice leather wallet poking out of someone's pocket.

05/20/2000 6:00 PM

*Hooded snatches his wallet back and pulls his dagger out threateningly. There is a chik, chik sound and Hooded looks over to a barmaid who is pointing a pump-action shotgun at him.*
"Please, let me buy you an ale if you are short on cash." Hooded says through gritted teeth.
*The barmaid slowly lowers the pump-action and walks over with a tray of ales. Hooded bitterly pulls out his wallet and throws a few notes onto the tray.*

05/20/2000 8:39 PM

"Thank-"The shrill voice starts out, then clears and begins a little lower; "Thank you!" The figure pulls herself up on a chair beside Hooded, her own hood starting to slide off her head a little ways, revealing two long, black topnotches. Quickly she pulls it back over her face. "So, how 'bout that weather, eh? Haha!"

05/21/2000 2:28 AM

"Hmm, you look familiar." Hooded says scratching his chin.

"But I guess all kender do. So how's the cutpurse business these days? I hear all you kender are getting kicked out of the thieves guild and have to go freelance?"

*Hooded pulls out a palmtop and begins entering in notes for his stock investments.*

05/21/2000 7:33 AM

"I'm not a cutpurse!" She argues, hurt. "No one understands us! No one even tries! It's not like we *intentionally* takes stuff! We don't mean it, honest!" Before Hooded can do anything about it, the small kender is rambling on about how here people are underappreciated. Too bad he can't get her to stop!

05/22/2000 2:45 AM

"Shut up kender... yeah ok, shut up... shut the f*** up kender..."

*Hooded gives up trying to shush the kender and waves a furious hand. Hooded feels his eyelids grow heavy when the kender finally ceases the lengthy monologue.*

"Finally, it shuts up." Snaps Hooded. "Do me a favour and get me another beer, no rush. If you find anything interesting on the way, don't hurry back on my count."

05/23/2000 4:22 PM

The kender looks at him, slightly concerned. You know, you seem like you've got too much anger. Have you tried seeing a psychaiatrist? There's this really good one I know down in Haven where my friend went -- he was human like you. He had to go because he had multiple personalities." She giggles, and attemps to go on, but seeing the look on Hooded's face decides to go and get a beer for him like he asked. As she walks to the bar, someone's cell phone 'accidentally drops' into her deep-pocketed trenchcoat. She returns with an ice cold mug for Hooded. "Here ya go!"

05/24/2000 1:45 AM

*Hooded listens to the kender's "advice" with growing anger. Employing several mind control techniques to stop himself from snapping. As the kender happily skips off to fetch a beer, Hooded fantasizes about slitting the kender's throat. When the kender returns, Hooded snatches the beer furiously. Not bothering to thank the kender, who doesn't seem to mind the lack of courtesy anyway. With a scowl on his face, Hooded looks at the beaming kender irritably. Classical music is heard and Hooded reaches into a pocket to answer his cellphone.*
"I'm sure it was in that pocket..." Hooded says confused as he checks inside the many pockets of his cloak."

05/24/2000 7:17 PM

The kender furrows her brow as the classical music begins to play. *wierd . . .* she thinks to herself, *that's coming from ME!* she rummages through her pockets, then takes out the phone and answers it without realizing that she never had one in the first place; "Hello?"

05/25/2000 3:13 AM

Before the Hooded one can react the bar's door was kicked open and a number of Solamnic Policemen and SWAT came barging in. One of grabs the kender and handcuffs her. Another, this one in plainclothes approached her and cuffed her across the face. He then picked up the cell phone and hands it over to the Hooded one.

"Sorry for letting this dissident approach you citizen. Their KIND should've been exterminated long ago when the Dragon President came to office hundreds of years ago." He bows down to the Hooded and orders the men to take the kender away. His eyes seem to light up in hunger.

"I would personally 'interrogate' the prisoner sarge."Turning to one of the younger police officer.

The sargeant was obviously distressed," But sir, the orders were to take all the kenders to the holding center till they're proven to be militant soldiers or spies."

The plainclothes officer turns and pulls up the younger man by the front of his uniform," I don't care to the Abyss about the orders, bring her to my 'office' and I would personally 'question' her. Or do you want to find yourself shuffled back to some backwater like Flotsam?"

The younger officer stutters and salutes, "Yes sir, I mean, no sir, I would escort her to your office sir!" He then turns away and makes a whispered remark, "Bastard."

Across the room, the mage Marcus was watching with keen interest. He then started mentally cataloguing his spells for anything that would save the young kender from what horrible fate the vile plainclothes officer was thinking.

05/25/2000 11:41 AM

Despite a rather loud and surpised yelp from the start, the kender remained abnormally quiet and reserved. However, her deft hands were already searching through a hidden back pocket for her pick-locking tools. Still searching, she looks up at the plainscloths officer. "Are you drunk or do you always walk like that?"

05/26/2000 2:08 AM

The plainclothes officer traced a finger over the young kenders face.

"Oh, this is quite nice. You will do nicely tonight..."

His finger slowly traced down to the kenders throat down to her vest. The probing finger went between the clasp and slowly undid the topmost buttons.

A knee between the legs dropped the officer to his knees. The kender was definitely not enjoying what he was doing to her.

The officer made a motion of slapping her when a hand came up from his back and held it.

He turned to face Marcus, who was by now insulted by how the officer acted and how the officer arrogantly acted against the amicable sargeant of the Solace police force.

"I believe, sir, that you have far more important matters to attend to tonight." Marcus was casually waving his left hand unnoticed to some of the bar patrons.

Th officer's voice dronned on suddenly in a mechanical manner, "Yes...Important matters...To...Attend....To."

Marcus glanced at the sarge and his men, a smile playing on his lips. "And I believe that the sargeant would want an apology. Take your men and return to Palanthas, you still have other, FAR MORE, important matters to attend, not this kender."

The officer turned to the sargeant and apologized. He then faced his men and lead them out of bar. A disaster, it seems, has been avoinded.

Marcus turns to the kender and with the help of the sargeant removed the cuffs that were apparently off the kenders wrist already.

A grin appeared on Marcus's face as he watched the kender.

05/26/2000 2:30 AM

*Hooded takes his phone and discusses his portfolio with his stockbroker, having transferred his treasure pile into shares years ago. Kicking his feet back in delight, Hooded watches the kender being arrested. Raising his glass to the kender.*

"Look me up if you survive kender." Hooded says, a rare attempt at humour.

*Looking on with disgust, Hooded watches the kender being released.*

"Arrest that Marcus guy." Hooded tells the police.

*Hooded sighs as he sees the kender skipping happily back to his table.*

05/26/2000 5:23 AM

She bows to hooded; "Thank you for your kind offer, but I'm afraid I'll have to turn it down." She skips over to Marcus's table and pulls herself up across from him. Smiling, she hold her small hand out to him; "Hi! I'm Tolkanin Faznin! Why did you save me?"

05/27/2000 9:26 PM

Marcus took her hand and shook it.

"Oh. It's nothing. I know that officer. Well, you better be careful out here. Kenders are not usually tolerated but now they are persecuted. Keep off the streets when the cops make their rounds."

A disturbance from the the bar door attracts their attention. A richly attired man enters the room and walks over to the Hodded One. He was flanked with a phalanx of executive bodyguards.

"I have bad news for you boss. Do you remember the shipment of gold bullions that was supposed to arrive at the capital? Ah, well, it has attacked an hour ago and all of the gold that was destined for the payment of your investors up north was, ah ,ere, taken."

The man took a step back as the Owner and CEO of Drake Weapons Intercorp , the Hooded One, stood up and advanced on him...

05/27/2000 10:15 PM

*Hooded furiously approaches the man.*

"What do you mean disappeared?" Hooded says as he snaps his fingers.

*Looking around the inn, Hooded manages to control himself with several mind control techniques. Murdering people in this day and age was always such a hassle.*

"I will need to hear a full report obviously. In private, can't have prying ears and eyes knowing all my business.*

*Hooded pulls out his cellphone, and pushes a few buttons with blurry speed.*

"Alfred, get the limo and pick me up. Make it snappy."

*Hooded re-pockets his cellphone and stares at his employees, knowing they hated it when he stared at them. Several minutes later an old man in a suit walks in.*

"All of ya, let's go." Hooded says walking out the door to his limo.

05/28/2000 9:26 AM

"Cool!"Tolk whispers, then starts to follow. However, she stops and looks at Marcus. "Something tells me that wouldn't be a good idea . . ." She bites her lip. The kender curiosity to follow is killing her, but then again, she REALLY didn't like what that plainscloths officer had in mind for her. She forces herself to sit back down at Marcus's table.

05/29/2000 4:12 AM

*Hooded pulls out his cellphone and sials a number with lightening speed.*

"Kender. Tavern. Make it painfull."

*Hooded snaps his cellphone shut, winks at the irritating kender and departs the tavern to his limo. Keen to sort out a possible financial crisis.*

05/29/2000 5:37 AM

Marcus gave the kender a grin and ordered some Elven Lite Wine for them.

"It is quite nice to meet a kender like you around. Very few kender nowadays travel because most of them are either killed on sight or arrested."

He sips his beer ignoring the fact that the kender was trying hard to remove several of his items to no avail.

"You won't be able get anything off me. My real great-grandfather Mertonius cast a spell on our bloodline that prevents anything from being lifted from or person without authority."

He smiled at the kender and hands her some baked potatoes and fries.

----------------Outside at the Limo---------------

The assistant staggered, bloodied from a savage blow to the face.

"It's not our fault boss! Our security cameras managed to catch on video what mostly happened."

Going inside the limo he played a small security cam video. It distinctly produced picture of a group of masked and heavily armed men ransacking the transport. Scattered bodies of security men and a few damaged crates are seen. The men were handling some crates when the video zoomed into the lead man on the picture. It shows that person as of light built and possible a human female. Black hair waved through the mask and Hodded shuddered as he recognized the person even though she was masked.

05/29/2000 9:27 AM

Tolk shrugged, eating the delicious potatoes. "Kenders aren't ones to turn their backs when wanderlust hits. If we get killed, that's a whole new world to explore. If we get arrested, it's a whole new jail which offers new possibilities of escape. I just came from a particualrly easy slammer in Haven. Wasn't even worth the CDs I got to get in there."Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down? Why stay awake when you can Zzzzzzzz . . .

05/29/2000 9:58 PM

Marc smiled as he watched the kender fall asleep. He waved a waitress and had her make a room for the kender and paid for it with his credit card.
Whistling a sailor tune he pulled out his cell phone and started to thumb in the secret line to the Tower of Wayreth. After a short conversation on the line he finally finishes the meal. Pulling out an expensive watch he managed to lift from the kender who undoubtedly lifted it from the Hooded One he finally formed a plan on accoplishing his mission of finding the leader of the criminal organization who killed his best friend, the woman who ordered the assasination.

05/30/2000 2:29 AM

*Hooded punches another bodyguard's nose. There is a satisfying crunch sound, followed by a waterfall of blood.*

"Not your fault. I asked you to look after the shipment for me, you accepted responsibility. Now you say it's not your fault." Hooded says and calmly stabs a couple of his workers with his knife, to emphasize his point.

*Looking at the video image, Hooded snorts in disgust. The woman being one of his eternal nemesises who continually turn up to make life difficult. Getting into the limo with the lucky surviving employees, Hooded directs the driver to the airport. Hooded taking to the skies in a private jet these days.*

05/31/2000 12:18 AM

Marcus went outside and cast a tracking spell on the expensive watch. A wizard eye appeared before showing the direction to the airport.

Dashing to his elven bike he reved it up and made his way to the airport.

Unknown to him, a pair of eyes was watching him.

05/31/2000 3:20 AM

*Hooded's cellphone rings, halting his torture on an employee he answers it.*

"Yes?" Snaps Hooded into the cellphone.
"Who? Never heard of him... Marcus you say?"
"Do you want me to come over there?"
"Run a check on him. Find out some general info on the guy. See if he's a threat."

*Looking at the video image again, Hooded feels rage growing inside him. That bitch. I'm gonna crush her neck....*

"Driver. Step on it."

-----Up in the sky somewhere-----

*A hawk circled above the mage Marcus. Everything it saw was relayed through an advanced technology bitek infinity chip to a dwarf on the ground.*

05/31/2000 12:05 PM

**ooc; if that 'sleep' qoute appears at the bottom, ignore it; I wrote it down as my signature and I can't figure out how to make it go away!**

Tolk awakes in a nice room, somehow already paid for, but when she returns to the main tavern she findsshe is alone. She sighs heavily, then shrugs and enters the street. She looks down the possible roads, as if searching for Marcus, then shrugs again and heads North. She's never been North. Never been North, but always been alone . . .Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down? Why stay awake when you can Zzzzzzzz . . .

06/02/2000 5:16 AM

Marcus made a stop for an Elven Green Fuel gas
station to charge his bike. The attendant, foxy
young elf girl was staring at him and was giggling.
Appearing self conscious, he started brushing his
hair in the manner of Elvis Priestly, the famous
elven rock n' roll king. The girl started giggle
some more and went back to her counter.
Marcus paid for his bill and added an extra
including a not with the words ," Don't mind if I,
ask your your number? Phone that is." The girl
laughed and then patted his cheek.
"I'm too old for you lover boy."

The mage gave a James Frean look at the girl and
said, "But other girls say that I do well in bed
than most lover boys do..."

The girl smiled and gave him her number and
address. She blew him a kiss and Marc gave her
his address. Taking to his bike he took off on the
road again.

After he left another figure approached the elf
girl and asked her for the address. The figure
slid her a crisp one hundred Solamnic note and
flagged a waiting car. The car's side window
rolled down to reveal a young looking half-elf.

"So that's the guy the mages sent to find my dear
old half-sister. Are you sure he hasn't met that
Hooded Guy who wants my sister has he?"

The figure nodded, "Yes boss, he hasn't met the
CEO of that weapons corp."

06/03/2000 4:15 AM

*Arriving at the airport. Hooded flicks around a few $1000 bills and gets cleared for takeoff straight away. Sitting back in his private jet, Hooded pulls out his cellphone and dials up his dwarf covert agent.*

"Interesting, I've had enough. I don't want to add to my problems. Get hold of airport security. If he shows up, have him killed." Hooded says and snaps the cellphone shut.

*Pulling out a laptop, Hooded punches in a few codes and hooks up to his own personal SDS (satellite defence system) and scans the earth. Deciding that if he spotted this mage Marcus he would test out the new prototype xray laser his development team had just installed.*

06/03/2000 2:16 PM

ooc; it seems you have something planned, so I hope that if I jump right in I'm not messing anything up. If I am, let me know and I'll delete the post.

As Tolk walks along, she becomes aware of a beeping in her pockets. Rummaging around, she finds a sleek black box with a blink red light giving off a soft *blip* *blip* sound. A bunch of meaningless numbers and letters appear on the face, above which is written in silver on the black casing; SDS DETECTION. Tolk smiles, it's pretty. She finds a way to get the blipping to stop, than stuffs it back in her pockets. *I'll have to find out what that means some day.* She thinks.

06/03/2000 7:22 PM

*Not able to locate the mage with his SDS network. Hooded merely looks at the screen to fill in time. Seeing a red bleep on the map, Hooded zeros in to see the source.*

"Thy time is up cutpurse." Hooded says, unable to believe his luck that the kender had taken the device.

*Hooded programs the SDS network to fire several lazer beams at the kender. Although the kender being able to detect the attack with the SDS Detection would give her time to somehow escape the lazer beams. Hooded discarded the thought, considering kender to be nothing but cutpurse thiefs.*

06/04/2000 9:54 AM

Suddenly, the blipping starts up again, this time sounding more agitated. Tolk takes out the little black thing again and looks at it. The facing is now replaced with a little green dot and several little red dots shooting right toward the little green dot. It didn't take the kender long to figure out just what the green dot was, and she flung the black thing as far from her as she could and ran in the opposite direction.

06/04/2000 10:47 PM

*Hooded doesn't bother to watch the result of the lazer beams. Considering their success a foregone conclusion. As his plane touches down. Hooded pulls out cellphone and dials up his covert dwarf employee.*

"Send a few guys in and grab the remains of the kender. I plan to make a soup out of it. While ya at it, make sure that pesky Marcus is taken out. Send the droids after him. I've got a bad feeling about this one."

*Hooded snaps his cellphone shut only to hear it ring a few seconds later...*

06/05/2000 12:31 AM

As Marcus reved up his bike across town, he
finally notes a car following him. Only his razor
sharp reflexes saved him as a pair of attack
drones swoop up from his front with built in guns
blazing. Leaping from his bike it slammed against
a low flying drone. He pulls out his .357 and
dives down near a crate. The car that was following
him stopped as if someone inside was watching him.

"Nah, I'm just getting too paranoid."

The sole remaining attack drone tracked him and
fired a burst of rounds. Instead of ducking or
running away, Marcus stood his ground and avoided
One shot grazed his shoulder and he returned fire.
The enchanted bullet went through the drone as it
attacked Marcus.

"One shot. Damn, I'm good."

He walks over to the wreckage of the last drone
and notes its industrial markings.

"This is bad. Now, he thinks that I amthe one
after him. I should've let him know that I am
after that bitch who killed my friends and stole
his stuff..."

06/05/2000 3:13 AM

*Hooded answers his cellphone with a pissed off 'WHAT?'*

"Go and get him yourself then."
"Good, hope he does kill you. If he doesn't, I have an extra special treat in store for you."
*Hooded snaps the cellphone shut. Annoyed.*

*Berstone the dwarf stepped out of hiding reluctantly. Walking towards Marcus with his 9mm submunition Huzzi gun. Berstone was an electronics expert, not a direct conflict kind of guy. Aiming at Marcus head, Berstone lets off a few rounds from his gun. Hitting pretty much everthing except his intended target. Seeing Marcus' gaze fall on him. Berstone turns around on his stubby legs and begins to run back to his limo.*

06/05/2000 10:06 AM

Tolk had never been in a limo before, but after she ran from the blinking red dots, which just about cleared a good fifty foot patch of forestland, she came upon a long black limo with the door open. Without really thinking, and basically ignoring the firefight, she climbed in and immediatly started tinkering with all the fun buttons and nobs.

06/06/2000 1:50 AM

*Berstone made a frantic leap for the limo. His stubby legs protesting all the way. Going to lock the doors, Berstone sees the kender.*

"Get out!"

*Berstone lies on his back on a seat and kicks out at the kender.*

06/06/2000 2:06 AM

Trying hard not to laugh Marcus chased down the dwarf and leaped after him as he was about to get on the limo.

"OOOOOOF. OUCH!" As Marcus landed on the dirt missing the dwarf. He looks up and finds the dwarf embroiled in a stiff fight with someone inside the limo...

"What the as he watched the dwarf and the person inside the limo battle it out.

06/06/2000 8:46 AM

Tolk agilely dodges the kicks and punches, then suddenly leaps out of the sun roof (she had found an interesting little button earlier that opened and closed it. Open. Closed. Open. Closed. Open . . .)

"Hey, Marcus!" She leaps down infront of him. "Long time no see!"

06/06/2000 7:50 PM

Marcus made a leap for the limo when he heard tne engine rev up. Holding on for dear life at the back of the limo he started shouting, "Hey Tolk! I need help back here!!!"

06/07/2000 2:44 AM

*Berstone acts quickly.*

"Driver, do a u-turn and run that Marcus guy over, then back over him a few times."

*Berstone slides near to kender and lies on his back again. Kicking out at the kender with his stubby legs.*

06/07/2000 5:19 AM

Tolk leaps and, with a smile larger than any sea, grabs onto Marcus's legs.

06/07/2000 3:39 PM

*Giving up, Berstone builds a jet-pack from the parts in his laptop in about 5 minutes. Berstone then jumps up and flies out the roof. Moments later an elf nimbly jumps through the sun-roof and points a short bow at the mage and kender.*

"Employees of The Hooded One. Tell me where he is, or I'll kill you."

06/07/2000 8:41 PM

The surprise that streaked Marcus face was enough to let him loosen his hold on the rear fender. Only his quick reflexes saved both him and Tolk from becoming road splatter as his energy shield went up, absorbing whatever damage the rough asphalt would have done to them. Of course, there was enough inertia from their position to send them tumbling around for a while on the road.

"Good thing I managed to raise that shield before we hit dirt, right Tolk?"

He helped the kender up and looked at the distant limo making its way into the busy streets of Solace.

"Damn! If only I could make sense of what he was talking about."

06/08/2000 3:25 AM

"I must be hallucinating." Says the elf to himself. "I thought those employees were in the limo, but hey there's no one here."

*Shrugging it off, the elf jumps onto the limos roof, does a triple backflip onto the road and runs to the mage and kender. Pointing his shortbow at the mage.*

"Nice trick mage. Now I want answers."

*The short bow suddenly turns into a 14mm, 78 round, Tazki semi-automatic machine gun.*

"Don't try any hocus pocus. I know the razz-mataz. I'll put 30 caps in ya ass before you can even think about reaching for rose petals."

06/08/2000 4:09 AM

"I don't know what you're talking about." Tolk said sincerely, shrugging. "I don't work for anyone. Well, once in a while I'll wash dishes at an Inn if somehow I didn't have enough money, but that doens't happen very often. Or there was that one time that I was hired by the janitorial service to work on the air ducts of some building down south, but I didn't like that. That's why I quit. Oh, I almost forgot; my uncle once hired me for-wait, was it my uncle, or his wife's sister's grandpa? Maybe it was his nephew . . .no, I think it was my uncle . . . "

06/08/2000 6:01 AM

Knowing that a direct assault would get him
nowhere, Marcus opted for a more subtle method.
He immediately went down his knees and started

"Please sir, don't kill me! I was sent by the
police to monitor him! Please, don't kill me!"

He slowly inched his way closer, concealing the
hidden stun pellet patch between his fingers.
The patch contains a powerful sedative enough to
knock down a raging minotaur and is fine enough
to be invisible unless inspected closesly.

He then slipped closer and grabbed the elf's
flak jacket and started crying, "Please! Please!
I don't want to die!!!"

As stealthily as he can he slipped the patch on
the elf's wrist...

06/09/2000 2:43 AM

"Nice try city boy. My pa told me about the old grovel trick."

*The Elf punches a few numbers into his wrist watch computer, his nueral nanonics kick in and inject a cocktail of drugs to counter-act the stealthily placed sleep patch. The elf spins around dramatically. Pointing the machine gun at the kender's head.*

"As I said city boy. I don't get fooled into hocusy-pocusy tricks. As for you kender. One more babbling anecdote and I'm brushing your teeth with lead, kapeesh? Now start spitting out some info or my trigger finger gets restless." The elf said a little too fast. His anti-sleep drugs making him a little edgy...

06/09/2000 5:20 AM

A hand reaches out from a nearby shadow, grabs Tolk by the shoulder and pulls her in. "What are you doing here? and in the open to boot!" A familiar voice whispers into the kenders ear. "I've been worried sick about ya."

06/09/2000 5:58 AM

Marcus stands up and faces the elf with
hatred burning in his eyes. He suddenly grins

"There is another trick under my sleeves my

His eyes suddenly glazed over and a strange
beeping noise started to emit from Marcus's chest.

Slowly his face started to slide off and melt like
a toy soldier caught under the heat of the sun.
The humunculi collapsed into a heap of melting
protoplasm. As the goo started to run off it
reveals a miniature thermal explosive counting
down to 7...6...5...4...3...2...1...

06/09/2000 1:50 PM

"I can handle this!" Tolk whispers to her friend. She watches Marcus, then smiles with realization. "This is gonna be cool!" She whispers.

06/09/2000 11:02 PM

*Taking no chances, the elf pushes something on his wristwatch and disappears back to his headquarters in New Silvanesti. It was a one way trip for the elf, so he muttered a few words of ancient magic and brought up an image of the mage to see what countdown was counting down to.*

06/09/2000 11:41 PM

"Thermal Grenade Activated."

The explosion rips the place apart, the buildings collapsing to the street. The place was devastated in a 50 meter radius. Nothing but a enormous crater is present where the thermal device blew up.

----------------Near the Airport------------------

Marcus swung up the fence near the runway.
No guards, he thought, and continued on his way to a nearby hangar. He was totally oblivious to what was happening to his humunculi at that moment but a beeping sound from his wristcomp indicated that something happened to his automaton. He hears a shuffling sound nearby and quicly polymorphs himself into the likeness of a nearby patch of grass and vegetation.

It was the plainclothes officer conversing with a heavily cloaked figure.

"He was there boss, he was at the Inn of the Last Home. Thenwhen the message of your heist reached him he immediately made his to this very same airport."

The figure gestured towards a nearby hangar. Then, like some madman's dream, the figure slowly

"I wonder what pissed her more. The fact that the CEO of that stupid arms company escaped her or the fact that her assasin failed."

The plainsclothes officer made his way back to the Hangar where a helicopter waited.

06/10/2000 7:23 PM

*Hooded makes his way for a waiting limo and tells the driver to head to the warehouse. The last known location of the woman/bitch he planned to kill as soon as possible. Pulling out his cellphone. Hooded dials up Gnormsh, a technological genius gnome.*

"Gnormsh, find that mage. Find that kender and find that she-bitch. Don't get fooled by automatons and be snappy. I want results stat or you get knifed. When ya find them, send in something decent to kill them."

*Hooded snaps his cellphone shut.*

06/10/2000 9:16 PM

"This is gonna be cool. THIS IS GONNA BE COOL!! You are truely too much of a kender for my tastes, but I am your friend still. You could try being scared for once in your life." Ramoth shakes her head knowing trying to talk a wanderlust infected kender into being scared is futile. Her attentions go to Marcus. "Who's your friend?"

06/10/2000 9:36 PM

Removing the polymorph spell that hid him, Marcus
cast a different spell. His face started to change
and slowly it reformed into a new one. He sneaks
up into a maintenance door and finds a locker
used by the airport personnel. He immediately
opens one and puts on a station uniform then pins
a spare ID card he procurred from his previous
visit. He makes his way into the terminal,
bringing with him a bag of tools and data jacks.

06/11/2000 10:04 PM

Tolk shrugs, looking somewhat depressed at the explosion. She hadn't been too impressed with the plainsclothes officer, either, and had no intentions of following him, but there seemed to be too much interesting stuff abour Marcus and that other guy, the hooded one, that she couldn't keep away. "Comeon!" She grabs her friend's wrist and follows Marcus. "Marc! Wait! I wanna come too! You'll need a picklocker, I gaurentee!"

06/12/2000 12:53 AM

Turns around and wacks Tolk with his cap.

"I am not Marcus while I'm wearing this uniform. Call me Jimmy Handy while we're undercover. And go back to the locker room and wear different clothes."

06/12/2000 1:30 AM

*Hooded looks at his monitor in the limo. Listening to one of his agents report the latest news.*

"Okay Boss. One of our infinity linked biotech cockroaches picked up something interesting. It turns out that Marcus character and kender have teamed up. They're going undercover. Marcus is going by the name Jimmy Handy. Someone else has joined up with them. We're not sure who exactly."

*Hooded regards the monitor through arched fingers and turns it off. Pulling out his cellphone, he punches in a few numbers.*

"Send in Ken."

*Hooded snaps his cellphone shut.*


*Ken the Minotaur receives the co-ordinates of the targets and prepares himself.*

06/12/2000 7:28 AM

Tolk quickly changes, tells her friend to do so also, and then runs back up to Mar..er, Jimmy. She has absolutely no idea what's going on, but that just makes everything more interesting!

06/12/2000 10:27 PM

Marcus passes the security guards, showing his official pass. A miniature radio strapped to his cap suddenly beeped.

"Marcus, this is Tlen. Your position is compromised, evacuate at once!!!"

06/13/2000 1:39 AM

*Ken The Minotaur steps up to the companions. Ken being from a long line of slaves is massive. Genetically modified to be super strong.*

"What are you crazy cats doin'" says Ken. "How 'bout you step into my office and we'll have a..." Ken pauses then continues "chat".

06/13/2000 4:15 AM

Surprise crossed Marcus's face and he immediately made an excuse.

"I need to go to the primary power system of the airport, sir and we need to recalibrate the fuel injection system to the power plant and..."

What followed was not immediately known when a Marcus shoved with all his strength the minotaur.

A bullet grazed Ken and would have been killed if he didn't spin on his heels to collar Marcus.

Agents of the Bitch in Black smothered the area with numerous small to medium arms fire.

Passengers ran for their lives as bullets cut down the airport security men.

Marcus nursed his right side from ramming the minotaur hard.

"If you don't mind, I think we should help each other for now. I will answer any questions you need to ask later."

He cocks his .357 pistol as he steadies himself from behind the bulletproof table.


06/13/2000 8:43 AM

Tolk had been in the middle of a firefight only once before, and that was under the command of Kronin Thistlenot the third. She leapt behind Marcus's table and started rummaging through the pockets of the uniform (she had transferred as many of her goodies as she could possibly fit) and soon found a suitable weapon. All of it was contained in a small bag, but she poured out the contents and swiftly assembled them, ending up with a full sized titanium-alloy Hoopak stick complete with exploding marbles. She looked up at Marcus and smiled. "Ready."

06/13/2000 9:37 AM

Ramoth, who did not get changed, reached into her long black trench coat. She pulled out a piece of rabbit fur and an amber rod. (She always did like things old fashoned.) The next thing any one knows is the lightening streaks hitting several of the opponents.

06/13/2000 8:06 PM

The bolts dissipated upon contact with the specially designed combat vests the agents wore underneath their executive suits. An agent pulled out a MAC 10 and started spraying the overturned table where Marcus hid. The bullets splattered the paint job of the reinforced titanium table but did not penetrate. Marcus popped up suddenly and fired a shot from his .357 .The high velocity bullet blew the agent's spine out of his back. The MAC 10 submachine gun clattered and landed near Ramoth's feet.

06/13/2000 8:09 PM

"Whoa! That was COOL!!!"

06/14/2000 3:16 AM

*Ken jumps to the ground. After a while he waves the various corporate agents back and stands up. Several bullet wounds cover Ken's body. The minotaur shows no sign of pain.*

"Okay you crazy cats. You've had an appetizer, now for the main course."

*Ken lifts the bazooka off his back. Aims it at the group and fires. Seeing a big explosion, Ken begins to walk back to his office.*

"Ain't no crazy cat could survive that." Ken says to himself and walks back to his office.

*Ken hears a noise behind him and turns around.*

"What the-"

06/14/2000 8:14 AM

Tolk has armed her hoopak with her three largest exploding marbles, and when Ken turns she lets them loose, right for the eyes.

06/14/2000 10:28 PM

Marcus peers from the Titanium table and peers around. "What the hell has happened?"

06/15/2000 1:52 AM

*The marbles hit Ken. The huge minotaur falls flat on his face. Mortally wounded by the exploding marbles.*

"Killed by a kender." Ken says in disgust. His voice full of shame. "I dishonor my ancestors." Ken says and then dies.

06/15/2000 4:33 AM

Tolk looks at the downed minotaur disoppointedly. "I thought they would explode more. I should get my momeny back." She shrugs, then packs her hoopak back in its little case and slips it in her pocket. "Where to now, Marc . . eh, Jimmy?"

06/15/2000 10:20 PM

Pulling the kender close to him, Marcus pops up out of his place of concealment and blasts another agent of his feet. Only four more of the heavily armed agents remained.

06/16/2000 5:17 AM

*Berstone watches nervously behind an instant incinerator rubbish bin. Berstone punches a few numbers into his wristcom.*

06/16/2000 5:42 AM

"Perhaps I should have left my Hoopak assembled." Tolk mused, but there was no time for her to sit and put it back together again, so she rummaged through her pockets until she found someone's handgun, at which she pointed at an agent and began shooting wildly. Much in contrast to her Hoopak abilities, Tolk missed by miles.

06/16/2000 9:00 PM

Knowing that any extended firefight would eventually cause civilian casualties, a plan formed in Marcus's mind. He grabs Tolk nearer to him, the motion surprising Tolk as she was pulled close into Marc's body.

"Torian Kur Tsizak Kithan!"

A nauseous wave struck both of them as Marc apported both of them to the safety of the Mages Tower at New Wayreth...

06/17/2000 5:54 AM

For a moment, Tolk was so excited she couldn't speak. Then, she looked up at Marcus with excitement brimming out of her blue eyes. "So, who is this Hooded guy? Why does he want to kill us? Why did that elf think we were working for him? I wonder if Ramoth's okay. Of course he's okay, he's a mage. What are we going to do now? Are we going to track down Hooded?"

06/17/2000 5:33 PM

*Hooded hears a faint whisper. A whisper he hasn't heard for centuries. Pulling out an ancient mirror, Hooded mutters a simple but secret cantrip and looks into the mirror. A black robed mage stares out at Hooded.*

"Greetings." Says the black robed mage to Hooded. "I hear you're looking for a certain mage and kender."

"Where are they?"

"In this very tower..."

"Transport me there immediately." Demands Hooded

"Of course," replies the black robe.

*Hooded closes his eyes. When he reopens them, he stands in the tower of New Wayreth.*

06/17/2000 8:59 PM

Ramoth whispers to herself. "Go fig. Trust Tolk to run away without a word. I'll wait for word I'm sure she'll find the headpiece I placed in her pouch." She smiles remembering how wonderful magic is when combined with a touch of technology. "Hopefully she'll put it on. Heh, no need to worry about that one. Tolk loves jewlery." She walks off into a shadow.

06/18/2000 1:55 AM

Marc led the way into the tower to the Conclaves meeting chamber. As they rounded the corner he bumps into the back of a man standing there.

"Oh, sorry. We are in a hurry to meet with the..."

A slow gasp escaped his lips as the Hooded one turned to him.

"You should know that no fighting is allowed here. It is not my fault why I had to kill your men. You're the one who sent them after me!" ;)

06/18/2000 3:34 AM

*Hooded turns to see the mage known as Marcus. Beside him stands the beaming kender. Not understanding how his agents could have a problem with these two, Hooded prepares a couple of potent spells in his mind. Seeing the smugness on Marcus' face, Hooded delays a little and hears his comment about no fighting in the tower. Hooded curses, having forgotten about the ancient tower rule.*

"Of course young Mage. I wouldn't dream of starting a battle in here." Hooded says through clenched teeth.

06/18/2000 10:57 PM

"Of course, sir. Even you have to follow the prescribed protocols."

Marcus rubbed his temples for a moment before proceeding.

"To tell you the truth, it is not you who am I after. It is someone you know..."

He then leads the Hooded One and his companions (which also included Ramoth who arrived, late as usual.) to a secluded spot in the ancient tower's vast library.

He then proceeded to explain why he followed Hooded, the involvement of the SOlamnic Police to the loss of the gold and other sabotage works against his company.

"It seems you have found an enemy worthy of you sir. And it seems she will not rest till you lost everything including the shirt on your back." Marc pointed out at the Executive.

"We also have reason to believe that they are after your newly developed plasma dragonlance that have been tested at Palto Allo Desert near your secret Facility at New Tarsis."

He grins at Hooded.

"We mages have ways of finding out new techs too sir..."

06/19/2000 12:50 AM

An observant mage, clad in a red mini-skirt and sweater (with black go-go boots and trenchcoat) observed the abrupt arrival of the mages and their guests to Wayreth Station. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion as she quietly follow them to the library.

"Sweet Lunitari in the sky!!!" She cursed to herself. "They're bringing a goddamn kender into the Library!!!" She pulls out her Wand Warrior (version 5.6) and sends a text message to the head of her order. [kender in library. hide all spell components. guard all tomes and artifacts. NO ONE LET IT LEAVE WITHOUT BEING SCANNED!]

She approaches the group and kindly 'helps' the kender reshelve all the neat books she found. Glaring at Mertonius, she forces a smile between gritted teeth. "Can I help you guys find something? ...More importantly, may I help you put things back?!?!?!"

06/19/2000 3:27 AM

*Hooded's eyes narrow slightly as he regards Marcus. Surprised the mage had heard about his secret research site. Hearing Marcus talk about his enemy. Hooded's fists clench tightly.*

"So it's been her all along. I should have known." Hooded says disgusted at himself. "I should have taken her out years ago."

*Hooded turns to see the female mage in a red mini-skirt. The term 'power dressing' sure had changed over the years.*

"The Sorceress is correct. Why did you bring that kender here Marcus?" Hooded says with irritation. The irritatation turning into anger when the kender simply smiles happily back, not offended in the slightest. "Get it out. This tower is supposed to be the one place people can relax without a kender lurking about."

06/19/2000 5:14 AM

"How come you're always mean to me?" Tolk asks, hurt, "And you always call me 'it'! I'm not an 'it'! How can you be so inconisderate? It's not like I've done anything to you . . . uh, intentionally."

06/19/2000 5:55 AM

A grn crossed Marcus's face as he watched the exchange.

"Oh well, sorry Tolk,but I have to do this..."

He points to Tolk and says firmly, "Don't Move!"

The kender is immediately paralyzed by the spell.

Marc cocks his hand like a gun and blows at its barrel.

"My new spell, 'Power Word:Don't Move and Don't Touch Anything You Kender You!' "

06/19/2000 10:39 AM

"Nice spell." Ramoth grins at Tolk. "For once you'll do as you are told." She pats the kender in the back. Then looks to Marc. "You'll have to teach me that one. I seem to get swarmed by kender."

06/19/2000 2:01 PM

Irritated, the female mage starts searching the kender and finds way more 'borrowed' magical items than expected. "You are one big giant pocket!" she sighs as she pulled out four books, two rings, one scroll and a shiny object.

"My name is Aliese. Impressive spell," she noted as she regarded the 'frozen' kender. "But if you don't mind me asking, why did you bring her?"

Realizing she had interrupted an important conversation, she brought out a charm. Holding it in her hands, she whispered softly and cast a spell upon it. "The wearer of this charm will not be able to leave the tower with anything they did not have upon their selves when they entered." She placed the charm around the Kenders neck. "I know she's frozen, but, my boss likes insurance. Besides, she'll think it's a pretty little thing to borrow anyway."

Turning to the mages, she spoke honestly without being condescending this time, "Please just use better judgement next time. Remember back in '95 when Darian of the white order brought his kender friend and the south wing of the promenade 'accidentally' caught fire? It took lots of magic to restore that place!"

She turned and strolled away. Moments later her Wand Warrior beeped once. She glanced at the message: [Keep your eye on the group until they leave.]

06/19/2000 2:55 PM

Tolk would have giggled if she could at the female mage's 'charm'. If she wasn't allowed to leave with something she 'acquired' and she had 'acquired' the charm, couldn't it be a sole cause of not leaving? And, once lifted so that Tolk could leave, couldn't she still have something in her pocket???

06/19/2000 10:42 PM

With a smile on his face, Marc stroked Tolk's hair. He turned to the Hooded One.

"Forgive me from distracting you from your work for now, but I have new intelligence about an attack set by your enemy to stage a heaist on one of your gold shipments tonight. Check the route 105 to Solabthas. They would strike somewhere midway to there. And excuse me, I have to keep this kender away from the library..."

At this, Marcus laid his hand on Tolk and transported both of them to one of the guest quarters. He then proceeded to remove the power spell from Tolk.

"You should stay here my friend. I would return later. There is lunch on the table there..." Indicating a table full of food that was not there a moment ago, ", but you must first take a bath. My servants would help you in that. Farewell..."

Marcus disappears and as sudden as he left a pair of aerial servants appeared and stripped Tolk of her clothes. They then carried her over to a large marble bath tub located at the bathroom.

06/20/2000 4:32 AM

*Hooded regards the young mage coolly. Carefully considering if the young mage spoke the truth. Making his decision, Hooded pulls out his cellphone and punches in a few numbers in a blur of movement.*

"Berstone, send a few boys to the warehouse. Make sure they don't stuff up."

*Hooded snaps the cellphone shut and repockets it. Closing his eyes, Hooded pictures the appropiate spell in his mind. A little rusty, Hooded mutters arcane words to transport himself and Marcus to his private study in the tower. Opening his eyes after the spell. Hooded sees Marcus, Ramoth and Aliese present. His lack of spell casting recently having made him miscast the spell.*

"Alright Young One. I'm listening. Explain about this shipment to Solabthus. Not even ancient tower rules will protect you if I'm being mislead." Hooded says with trademark distrust.

06/20/2000 5:49 AM

Tolk was a little discondcerted at the servants...or anyone, for that manner...seeing her in her birthday suit, but she soon finds satisfaction in drenching them both with soapy water. After the bath, she ate some lunch, then looked at the door. *You know what Marcus said, Stay Here!* Tolk reminded herself, but the kender logic also nagged at her; *Just think of all the fun and exciting things that lay beyond that door! I'm sure Marcus would understand. Besides, you've got that charm. . .* Of course, kender logic won. Cramming the rest of a warm roll in her mouth, Tolk leaps up and out the door.

06/20/2000 3:55 PM

"Hmm..." Aliese thought to herself. "The Head Red wanted me to keep an eye on these guys and 'poof' they come to me! Convenient!"

A bit befuddled but interested she listened to the two mages and Ramoth's discussion. However, half her attention was focused on wondering just where the younger mage left the kender.

06/20/2000 5:55 PM

Tolk passes by Aliese. "Oh, hi!" She says as the Wand Warrior 'falls' into one of Tolk's pockets. The kender skips over to Marcus. "You didn't expect me to actually *stay* did you? It was just tooo boring! Besides, I had to make sure Ramoth stayed out of trouble."

06/20/2000 9:27 PM

Marc unconsciously pats Tolks head, pulling her near.

"The Solanthus road has a major security problem during late night transfers. Occasional terrorist actions the KRA (Kender Republican Army) and the new ditch works they do there would make it an ideal place for a hijacking. That is all I know. And Excuse me, I have to do something to my 'guest'."

Marc grabs Tolk and casts his 'Power Word: Don't Move and Don't Pilfer Anything'. He then sends her back to his room.

"That spell would wear off after 5 hours, by that time we'll be long gone. I just wish she doesn't go insane from being bored..."

06/20/2000 11:19 PM

"Well Marc, my question is, not that it's any of my business, but what good could a kender have in your affairs? Do you have a 'Power Word: Vanish from Wayreth Tower Altogether' in your arsenal? How 'bout you let me accompany her for a while." She cocked her head and smiled sweetly.

In truth, Aliese was piecing together the fragments of conversations she heard. She knew the mages were involved in possible criminal activity. The punishment was almost always worse for a convicted mage due to the obvious impact they can have in these dealings. The mages have worked too long to preserve a good reputation. Especially in they eyes of the Solamnic P.D.

She needed to confer with the head of her order on this one. "Where the hell is my Wand Warrior?" she yelled. "Never mind. I think I know where to look..." and stormed off.

06/21/2000 3:20 AM



06/21/2000 3:54 AM


*Hooded stands still for a moment considering.*

"I don't have time for that stupid wench and her plans of revenge. I've got takeovers, stock prices and research to look after. Damnit..."

*Hooded pulls out his mirror of seeing. Muttering a cantrip silently, Hooded sees an image of Gilan Majere. The current head of conclave.*

"Gilan, I need some very specific magical devices. I'll come to your study to pick them up." Says Hooded.

"I will wait for you." Gilan replies to Hooded, an interested expression on the head of conclave's face. Although the old mage doesn't ask any questions. Turning to Marcus.

"Not so fast Marcus. If the KRA has anything to do with this hi-jacking plan I'll need a kender. Don't get rid of that one I saw earlier. Bring it back to my study. As well as that kender creature, I've decided you will come along as well. You seem to have information I need." Hooded says without waiting for a reply, used to having orders followed, Hooded doesn't even consider the possibility that someone would say no.

*Hooded turns to walk to Gilan's study, but instead decides to cast a teleport spell. Closing his eyes briefly, Hooded sorts through the spells construction. Not wanting to miscast it this time.*

06/21/2000 5:41 AM

OOC; Yea!!! I go the hundreth post!!!

Tolk sat on the bed, swinging her feet back and forth and back and forth and...Geez! What was he trying to do, torture her?!?! And he had been so nice lately! She walked over to the window and opened it and closed it and opened it and closed it and opened it and threw a pebble out of it that she had found in her pocket. She sat down and started rooting though her pockets, then soon found the Wand Warrior. "I wonder how this got in here. Oh, I think it's that girls! Well, she'll be quite happy that I found it for her!" Tolk messed around with it, then finally sent the message 'You could start a war with a face that bad!' to whoever was on the recieving end. Not entirely satisfied with the response, Tolk continued to send the 'deadly' kender insults.

06/21/2000 6:12 PM

OOC: Sorry Everyone!!! :( I should have paid better attention to the beginning of the story. In all honsety, I thought I was just making a one or two time cameo appearance in this story line. (don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to still be in it) but I got my 'cowboys & injuns' mixed up. My apologies. I'll delete the entry if you want.

Still OOC: Wow, Mertonius! You make me blush and you make my toes curl! I can't beleive you posted that! (even if it is OOC!) Where's the hidden web-cam?? Hmm... e-mail me: pepe_the_epee@hotmail.com. Oh... and I'm really making thing's up with this "Head Red" thing. Who am I refering to? Is it Gilan Majere? If not, what is the name of the head of the order of the red robes?

More OOC: Mertonius, Wow! I'm still shocked. Whether or not you're kidding, you really must have big dingalings to post that!

06/21/2000 11:01 PM


Marcus made his way back to his room and knocks, to make sure that Tolk doesn't get any surprises.

"Hiya Tolk! I think we better get going!"

He picks up Tolk (who accidently drops the thingy she was using) and approts both of them out of the tower.

They both arrive at a food processing plant at the outskirts of the city of New Haven.

"AHHHH. To be out of that stuffy tower. They should really fix the air conditioning. Oh, I think, yes there he is."

Another kender pops into view skipping happily. The sight should've look funny but the large rocket launcher strapped behind the kender was what sets him apart.

"Yo Marc! Nice to see you again!"

"Hey Kreg! Good to see you too!"

Kreg made his way to his friend Marc and upon seeing Tolk, he bowed down elegantly, even though a huge weapon of destruction is strapped to his back.

"I am Kreg Silverknot, half-kender and friend to Marcus."

06/22/2000 4:43 AM

Tolk bows as much as [ossible in Marcus's hold. "I'm Tolkanin Faznin, kender-kender, and friend to Marcus too! What's that thing on your back? Is it a rocket? Can you go into outer space with it? What about the vacuum? Shouldn't you wear a suit or something?. . ."

06/22/2000 8:25 AM

The winds picks up and the sound of rustling leather trench coat is heard nearby. "Would you guys stop running off without me? It's not easy to find you you know." She looks closely at Tolk. "You didn't find a way of taking anything that isn't your right?" She looks to Marcus. "Keep your eye on her, she has her ways." She gins, knowing the basic content of Tolks pockets.

06/22/2000 4:30 PM

Aliese finds her way to the Wand Warrior in the guest room Tolk occupied. Picking in up, she contacts the head of her order, [The mages have left with the kender. Is there anything else you require? All this running around has made me hungry. Care to meet for dinner?]

The answer beeps back, [Only if you don't think my face could start a war!]

She shook her head, not wanting to know what Tolk may have done with her WW while in her possesion.

06/22/2000 7:55 PM

ooc; What do you mean, Ramoth? All I've got in my pockets are some lengths of string, a few rocks, a magical ring that makes me disappear with some fiery letters inscribed in it that you can only see when it gets hot now there was a story; you see, I met this creature once called a 'hobbit' and...

Tolk smiles innocently at the two, then runs up to Kreg and starts asking him the contents of his pockets and starts a trade-fest. She discoveres many neat and shiny and wonderful things, most of which came from the tower, not Kreg, and a few things she grudgingly returned to Marcus. Hoping Ramoth didn't see her, Tolk slipped the mage's amber rod back into her pocket.

06/22/2000 9:32 PM

Kreg is about 5'6 in height and is a half kender.
He likes heavy metal music, specially those made by ROCKALLLICA, a heavy metal band that wrote his favo song 'ENTER MAD MAN' and the favorite human song for kenders 'UNFORBIDDEN'. He likes cheese nachos and watches the KFL Superbowl (Kender Foozball League). He studied at Kalaman Unversity and graduated as a BS in Property Acquisition and Retailing. His father was a human who fell in love with a kender and ended up being cast out by both kender and human society until he became a great journalist and won the 'Punmitzer' prize in three consecutive years. He resides at New Haven as a famous news reporter and actor. He starred in a number of hit movies including 'The Enterminator' and its hit sequel 'The Enterminator 2: Judgement Day'.

06/27/2000 7:22 AM

"So how do you know Marcus?" She asks Kreg. "Have yo uever met Hooded? He's strange. I met him in Solace and he's never been very nice to me, hey! Do you want to hear about how I escaped imprisonment in Solace? Yeah, Marcus helped a little. Anyway, there were about a hundred Solamnic Police all with automatic machine guns and extra magazines and . . ."

06/27/2000 9:03 PM

"Marcus is a cousin of mine. His foster-father's brother is my dad."

Kreg nudges Marc and gives him a wink.

"I didn't know that you go for kender..."

He grins and nudges Marc again.

A look of total shock covers Marc's face as realization came from what Kreg was implying.

"Hey! We're not like that cuz. You're really sick in the head you know. If I'm going to date someone, I'd rather date some one of the same height and species, I mean race..."

He then gives Kreg a knock on the head.

"Anyway, do you have the disk about the final data transfer of the criminals?"

Kreg nods and pulls out an optical compact disc. He hands it out and Marc pockets it in one of his magic pockets.

Gunfire erupts from the other end of the alley.
A dozen gangsters of various races come, machineguns blazing.

06/28/2000 6:21 AM

Tolk immediatly assembles her hoopak, but her bag is knocked over and she soon loses her marbles.

06/28/2000 7:32 PM

Marcus, baby Im missing your ...back...rubs!

*Kit looks around for Marcus*

You there? Hey, my...back...needs rubbin'...

06/28/2000 10:39 PM

"Hey Kit, Look out!!!"

Marcus tackles Kit as she appeared out of nowhere. Bullets flew by as they both went down.
Kreg pulled out his rocket launcher and aimed at the group of punks who were spraying them with a withering barrage of small and medium arms fire.

A semi-high explosive round wrecks the garbage bin where the punks were hiding.

Kreg turned to his companion as he ducked behind a metalic crate, "This is cool. I rarely get into a real rumble like this... He he he"

Marcus was popping from behind another crate where he was holding Kit down.

"Why do you keep popping up in the most annoying time? Sheesh..."

A punk goes down as Marc's powerful .357 magnum blew his eyes out from the back of his head.

06/29/2000 4:02 PM

Tolk stands in the middle of the firefight, trying to re-bag her marbles and shoot them at the same time. She grumbles out of frustration, and finally starts to run back to Kreg when she is shot in the arm.

06/30/2000 8:17 PM


Kreg drops his rocket launcher when he sees Tolk get hit by a shot. He drops and rolls over to her. An expert stunt man for his own movies, he pulls out a HK Light Needler gun and lays down a suppression fire to cover Tolk as he pulled her to safety.

07/01/2000 10:51 AM

"Thanks!" Tolk manages through clenched teeth. She had never been hit by a bullet before, and though it was fun running through the firefight, she silently vows not to do it again.

07/02/2000 11:08 PM

Kreg's needle gun hashed a gangster's face as more than 1000 tiny needles ripped through him.

"Sheesh Tolk. Get down and let the fighting to us experts!"

Marcus was sniping away with his powerful .357 forcing the punks to back off some distance.

07/04/2000 9:32 AM

Tolk removed her hand from the wound and looked at it. *Wow . . .* She thought beyond the pain, *look at all that blood! I didn't know I had that much! It just keeps coming and coming and . . .* CLONK, Tolk goes unconcious.

07/06/2000 5:16 AM

"Kreg! Get her to safety! I'll hold them off!"

Marc popped out of his hiding position and pulled out a round object which he immediately threw to the ground. Smoke burst out from the device obscuring the place...

And the next moment they were gone...

Kreg carried Tolk in his arms and ran. He reached an abandoned shop and hid. Pulling out some pieces from his cotton shirt he made bandages and fixed up Tolk.

08/02/2000 6:38 PM

Tolk is slightly aware of her surroundings as she shifts in and out of conciousness. *I'm missing it all!* She thinks to herself, and tries to force her tired limbs to move. Her eyesight is blurry, though, and pain shoots through her head. A new feeling, granted, but not one she'd like to experience again anytime soon. *Must not miss anything!* Her kender instinct persists.

08/08/2000 4:33 AM

((OOC: Hey! Where did everybody go??? This is one of my favorite clubs!))

Tolk's instince finally wins past the pain, and she forces herself to sit up and pay attention. Seeing that she and Kreg are 'safe in an abandoned shop' gets her a little depressed, though, and she turns to the half-kender. "What are we waiting here for? Lets go fight!" She says weakly.

08/11/2000 8:12 PM

*Hooded materializes into the middle of everyone.*

"Damn. I got into an argument with that Majere boy and he teleported me here." Hooded spits angrily and pulls out his cellphone and orders a hit on the head of the conclave.

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08/18/2000 6:16 AM

Maybe we should repost this where everyone can see it. What do you think?

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