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07/28/2005 7:03 PM

I figured out why most of my threads dont really take off. Mainly because they arent well thought out but also because they've already been done a thousand times over. So I'm going to float a rough idea here and if anyone's interested i'll work on it a little more.

There are two small kingdoms, think maybe the size of modern day egypt, barely noticed by the rest of the world. They are at war over a trivial idea, one wants the other to pay an anual tribute and the other kingdom's saying 'hah, right, a snowball's chance in hell.'

These two little kingdoms have been bashing at each other for some time now and the rest of the world refuses to take sides. Finnaly near the end of the war, a commander from the smaller nation ( the one that's being opressed) accidently offed an entire batalion of the few allies the nation had managed to scrape up from the rest of the world, maybe with archers or magic but totally by accident.

But now the country that supplied the batallion is pissed and demands either payment or the commander's head. Since the small country has spent most of its limited resources on fighting offthe group that wants the tribute, they can't afford to pay. But at the same time they dont have the troops to send after the battalion and the commander, who fled into a desert with no rulers, only nomadic tribes.

So the leader called in a few favours and dredged up a bit more cash to hire a few bounty hunters to send after the runaway. Their supposed to either bring the commander back alive with his batalion in tow, or kill him and bring his head.

The offending commander is innocent and is now trying to keep his own head attached because he never ordered whatever happened and his troops thought they were bad guys. So he fled knowing he would be blamed.

and thats pretty much it, the rest of the story can be put together from there. I'm open for other ideas if anyone wants to contribute and I would love for some feedback.

07/28/2005 9:09 PM

Not a bad idea, but I do have some questions...

Just to kinda clear it up a bit more, what time frame are we talkin about? Future, present, I doubt its the past, and also Im guessing the terrain of both lands are similar to Egypt as well? That would kinda clear up whether or not I would join...

Its a good idea, I would just need to know that so I could figure out my character and stuff like that.

P.S. - If theres anything close to 'Aliens' being involved, count me out, lol.

07/28/2005 9:59 PM

mmmm, maybe near the end of medieval period, shortly before the industrial revolution would have taken place in our time, and no no aliens.

I was thinking prarie fading into desert. More likely to be a country that way. crops and such.

07/29/2005 7:11 AM

Well Im kinda burnt out on medieval-styled role-plays for the time being. For the first year all I did was sword based role-playing on a strictly LOTR World, and now Im tending to steer clear from that sort of thing...

But the sorta country-side landscape makes sense I would think, and if this does hit off and you end up needin an extra person or two, just drop me a line, Ill lend ya a hand, just to let you know and all. Later for now...

07/29/2005 12:54 PM

remember, before the industrial revolution they were starting to use guns more often then not. Or hell we could even do something in the fututre. I dunno, this is here for suggestions mainly anyways.

07/29/2005 4:26 PM

Well I can see where you are trying to go with this one. But your idea of trying something new is never going to happen. Every idea has been done before and more than at least 10 to 20 times. Probably more couning on what the idea is. You got to put a bit more about why the kingdoms are fighting. It is interesting a bit your idea but put a bit of depth into it would drastically help it. Put a bigger reason why the kingdoms were fighting and mabye a bit more about the commander since it does not sound like much. That is about as much as I feel like putting at the moment. I noticed what you are doing and understand why you would want to try something different.

07/29/2005 4:36 PM

Not that I'm even remotely interested.. but...

Why not set it in a timeline about equivalent (technologically) to the American Revolution. Early rifles, pistols, and cannon will see regular military use as the primary weapons - with cavalry sabers still being a common weapon in close-combat during bayonet exchange. Cavalry still plays a role, but much smaller than it once did.

The Players are kozak mercenaries (camel-mounted troops-for-hire) that dwell in the oppressed land's desert region, living in a large Nomadic community. They are hired by the oppressed land, as previously noted by yourself.

There's a jumping off point for you. Work from there if you want a more unique, interesting game.

(By the way, the Industrial Revolution is WAY after the Medieval period had ended, there was an entire era between the two.)

07/29/2005 8:11 PM

Thanks alot Damien that helps alot.

(Crap I forgot about the Rennaisance. I knew that.)

08/01/2005 11:29 AM

Actually, the Rennaissance wasn't an era - it was an event that started in Medieval Italy. The 'era' that I was referring to is known as the Age of Enlightenment - starting at the end of the Medieval Period and running up to the Industrial Revolution era.

Anyway.. although it's really not my thing - your idea sounds fun, especially with something more original than the typical tropes of 'Medieval fantasy.'

Perhaps you could further flesh out your idea by listing your concept for a bestiary and races. Dragons? Mundane animals? Woolly Mammoths? Elves? Orcs? Dwarves? Anything besides humans and Revolutionary War-era desert and grassland animals?

08/01/2005 10:22 PM

good idea. I'll have to think on that for a while. 'Cause if I dont it'll all come out half baked.

08/02/2005 7:27 AM

Well all I really have to say is that you should work on your storyline. Work on the bestiary and races as Damien said. Just basically all around work on all aspects of the idea and world. I am kind of interested since it is going away from the old time 'medievil' fastany and going farther towards modern day but not too much. Work on it and i might join in.

08/02/2005 9:42 AM

The dominant species of the planet are tall, thin and broad shouldered for their size, with dog shaped legs that end in three powerfull claws. Their arms are long and powerful, ending in two short curved talons (fingers) a two foot tentacle which is extremely dexterous (middle finger) and a small opposable thumb. They have short necks with funny heads that look like a squashed pyramid on it's side. They have four eyes on each side and have rather good peripheral vision as well as forwards vision. They have a poor sense of smell but their long pointed ears, which extend from the flat sides of their heads, are quite sharp.

They live in large family groups inside their own kingdoms, often bringing unrest amongst the provinces as much as the rest of the world. Each of these groups have unique talents and standars. Be it weapon forging or scholarship, they excell at what they do, but only that. The military clans are by far the largest and strongest, lending most of their bulk to the imperial armies.

While the praries of the two countries have animals such as cows and horses ( Although the horses are more like giant dogs with a horse head attached) the desert houses some real beasts.

Kshir could be mistaken for demons were it not for the fact that they are as common as rats. They live far enough into the desert that they are not a real threat to the Kharak until it gets hot outside. As said they resemble demons, save for the fact that they're small, they have four wings, rather like a dragon fly, and their tail is longer end ends with a strange grasping claw. Predator.

Rust spitter:
Rust spiters are small deer sized lizards. Except instead of a mouth they have a strange funnel shaped protrusion. Through this they spit two things at incredibly high velocity. One is a large glob of toxin that stuns it's target and disorients them, and the other is it's eggs. It projects these at such force that they could puncture the armour knights wore into battle.

These are the only vegetarians in the desert. They have an ostrich-y cast to them except they are larger and can support a fully grown human. Also their feet are wider and puddle when they hit the ground, giving them amazing traction in the sand. They have no hair, instead they have a thick leathery hide. Their mouths have large, jagged, incisors to bite off the cacti and other foliage they eat, and wide molars to crush the plants. They can go without water for up to a month and can usually find it with ease.

I'll think up more later and work on the story line from the desert some more. Work you see...

08/02/2005 11:22 AM

Well I found that would be very useful. At least you have creatures thought of before it starts. Unlike a few I have seen that they just create creatures on the spot. Well good work and keep up with it.

08/02/2005 10:17 PM

thanks, I'm still working on more but ive had a migraine all day so nothings coming to me.

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