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07/27/2005 6:14 PM

Plot: In a distant land known as Thryne, there lived a prosperous race known as
the Remnians. There wisdom and advanced civilization has had them highly regarded
for centuries, until a rebellious Remnian magician slaughtered an entire village of
humans, without reason or remorse. This incident set off a chain reaction of murders
in the Eastern villages of Thryne. The other races deemed the Remnians a murderous race
and halted all association with them and acted as if they were non-existent. This
hurt the Remnian's society and they were forced to return to primitive ways and migrate
to a remote island off the South-Western coast of Thryne. A young Remnian warrior-in-training
stumbles upon a tome of the Remnian history and discovers that they once had a blooming
society and that a supposed Remnian magician started a chain of bloodshed. The warrior,
known as Fyre, has set off to find the truth behind his race's fall, and fight off the
demons that intend to kill him before he finds it.

(post your characters in Fall of Thryne)

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08/21/2005 1:49 AM

Nobility wasnt exatctly his leg, but from the way things were going blood shed was soon to find him.

He couldnt stand all the way up in that shithole of a pub, but the ale wasnt bad and the blond was really good. Being a killer for hire always has one benefit, some chick wants a "bad" guy at least once. He stode over to the bar to grab his axe, bow, and arrows as he felt the presents of something that gave shadows a quiver drawing nearer.

His trench coat consiled his war axe and the bow perfictly and his quiver swong steadaly at his right side. People from all sides of him scamed and stared as the 8 foot demon walked down the side of the street. I guess being all back doesnt really help, does it? Yes, black as in death black. Luckly the brim of his hat covered his lime eyes.

The presents swiffend closer as he edged the town.

"Lets play!"

08/21/2005 8:10 AM

OOC: You should not post on this at all. The game master does not go on the site anymore couse he got pissed off at a few sages. Plus no one else is going to join it.

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