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07/25/2005 10:17 AM

Name Sakura. Let me know if you want a battle. :) my Skill is a suprise.

07/25/2005 11:10 AM

Squirrel Nutkin confidently stepped forward into the area, carrying a large acorn under one arm.

"You wanna fight...Fight me!" he squeaked.

07/26/2005 10:49 AM

Since none dared to fight Squirrel Nutkin, he turned and retreated back to the sanctuary of the woodland.

07/26/2005 12:09 PM

Looked up from his scotch to wave. Aww... what a cute little squirrel. Luck to you, my squirrely friend! Luck to you!

07/26/2005 7:17 PM

Gecko lounged on the ground outside the ring, polishing his claws on his rough tunic. He stretched and scratched his maskless face. With a whistle he stood up, hoping someone wanted to fight.

08/16/2005 11:48 PM

Athos steps forward from the shadows of a near by tree. His steel short sword strapped tight to his hip. Hand on the hilt of his weapon he called out, "I come from far looking for challenges that are near! Who will spar will me!"

08/17/2005 6:09 AM

Hehe time to play. If you want you can have a two on one with me ;P. Im rusty so :).
Get ready! xD.

Sakrua stepped out from the shadows her body sliping out of Shadow Creep. Her hair swished back and forth. Her steps were swift and elegant, surefooted she watched the both of them. She stopped and her halberd rested against her butt. A small leather strap was around her chest and over her schoulder to hold it in place. HEr eyes glowed slightly red and dimmed to where her eyes looked orange. She watched them both carefully. she stood there and closed her eyes as the ground around her shifted uneasily as if the Atmosphere was afraid. She took her halbird over her head and pulled it out of the strap. She set the butt of the halbird on the ground with a small thud. It made a small dust ring around the halbird and her from the impact. She waited for the next move.... :)

**I am a Chaotic Neron Controller also If you must know, And to warn so GL and HF. Can be FFA too. :).**

08/17/2005 2:41 PM

The wolf-man smiled devilishly at the site of a challenge, his large canines gleamed in the sun. Two on one was good but to bad Athos Calibur never sides with prey. Unsheathing his sword Athos takes a confident step forward looking into Sakuras eyes. She was a beautiful warrior indeed, but Athos knew this was to her advantage.

"I won't let you being a women stay my hand when it is time to kill." Athos growled staring intently at the halberd, "She definetly has skill with that weapon." He thought to himself wiping his blade of on his thigh.

"Let's have some fun!" Athos yelled waiting for the next move.

((This will be fun. Good luck :))

08/17/2005 7:22 PM

Angelis waked in looking on the fight. "Ha" A short laugh was given off. [I] I hope these fowls will be a challenge.[/I]

08/18/2005 6:46 AM

Sakura shifted her right leg slightly and dashed foreward A dust trail was left behind. She raised her halberd and her eyes glowed with intense red. She pulled her left hand away and weaved it back and forth as a Storm of sparks formed around her, She charged him quickly making a quick movment to the side and cut down.

"Thanks for the comment btw. xD"

08/18/2005 12:50 PM

Athos was ready. Sakuras charged at him sparks of light erupting off her. Taking a fighting pose Athos intercepted her parrying her blows. She is tough, Athos thought as he found himself inching backwards. Can't stay like this forever gotta do something...Ah.

Digging his heels into the ground he realized the halberd was coming to fast. With a last second move he parried the halberd before it hit his left thigh.

"To close" He muttered before jumping back several feet. Sheathing his sword, Athos, called out, "Very strong warrior but what about this!"

Athos ran to regain the distance he lost by jumping back. He began to bend over and transform into his true persona. A wolf.

Sakura was now fighting with a 448 pound, 4'8" mass of teeth.

"HHOOOOOOOOOOWWWLL!!" The wolfs call echoed and shook the earth. He lowered his head ready for the next attack.

08/19/2005 7:56 PM

[I] Impresive[/I] He thought he havent seen fighters like this sence draco.

08/20/2005 3:42 PM

Shifting back to his human form Athos stood looking at his opponent. "I must cut our battle short." Was his last reply before jumping back into the shadows of the forest surounding them disappearing all together...

08/23/2005 5:56 AM

Man annoying peolpe just up and leave. If anyone wants to actually truely fight, Let me know. ;)

08/23/2005 7:49 AM

Man annoying peolpe just up and leave. If anyone wants to actually truely fight, Let me know. ;)

I do but I am just a spectator right now. :P

08/23/2005 6:00 PM

Cyres stepped forward from the edge of the forest. Looking from side to side, he was noticably drunk at the moment. His flushed cheeks glowing in the setting sun. As he entered the clearing, Cyres stared at the gathering while using his halberd as a support. His glazed eyes caught sight of the woman's gleaming polearm and an eyebrow instantly went up.

"Would I be correct in the assumtion that you are taking challengers?"

He straightened his posture slightly and reveiled a deep blue tabard over his chain-mail armor. He was muscular but still slim. Cyres swayed himself to the center of the clearing. His shoulder-length, jet black hair blew slightly in the breeze.

(Please excuse the weapon choice :p. I've been rping with this char for a long time and this has always been his weapon. It'll be interesting to see the same weapon type going at it. Oh and just so ya know, the weap isn't exactly what it seems so watch it. :p)

08/24/2005 9:38 AM

Sakura steped foreward, "Well now If some peolpe would know how to shut the fuck up, I can be nice and continue goign easy... Or I can be a bitch and Use my true character. It is up to the challanger. So, Easy Or bitchy?"

08/24/2005 5:27 PM

Cyres lifted his left eyebrow, slightly amused. "Well I'm guessing that's a yes. Hehe..." He straightened completely, belched quietly once, and began stretching. He put his halberd across the back of his shoulders and twisted his upper body back and forth. "For me to win while you're taking it easy on me would do nothing more than insult my honor. So take it as hard as you wish... for my sake." He grinned slightly at the female fighter in front of him. Cyres took his stance with his legs spread. He shifted his weight to his right foot so that he leaned away from Sakura. He pointed his halberd toward her and angled it toward the forest floor. His chain-mail clinked and his tabard flapped in the light breeze. "You're move pretty lady." he stated in a teasing manner. Cyres' eyes narrowed almost as if he simply twitched, but it was noticable that he was suddenly sober.

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08/25/2005 6:05 AM

Hey everyone, my sister has been using my accoutn so I made a new one. I am Sakura_Shadowstealer. So, you will be fighting with her. Same clothing though.

The Actual Sakura

08/25/2005 7:11 AM

Sakura turned around and pressed her palms together. " You first then. Come at me with everything that holds you together!" She yelled and she waved her hands back and forth infront of her. She slid her palms across each other and a blaxk sheet very thin and dark steatched across her hands. She picked it up and held it infront of her, it gave off a feint black aura penitrating the darkness. Sucking the darkness in it became more like a sword. It formed into a dark katana and she stood in a battle stance known as the Senshiu Dangerous. Top deffence stance. She took a deep breath....

Ooc:: It will get hard, And fun. Im sure we will both enjoy it... My first post was really small but i guarantee it will get alot more dicriptive and longer.. P.C Im wearing the same clothes as Yuna... @_@. my char @_2.

08/25/2005 5:55 PM

Cyres looked a small bit surprised and impressed by the magic performed right in front of him. He wasn't quite sure of the properties of the blade that radiated darkness. Cyres took a moment to think out his attack. Trying not to make a predictable move might be difficult if fighting one who knows his weapon well. He dicided to test her abilities first by using traditional attacks. He leaned forward and broke into a sprint toward her. "Let's get this started!" He allowed his halberd to drag on the ground behind him as he ran. As he approached his opponent, Cyres lifted the halberd above his head in preparation of an attack. He swung the polearm down right in front of Sakura, dug it into the ground and vaulted himself foot first, towards her with his plate-soled boots. At this point he was about three feet away from her. He figured that left no time for a counter... He hoped...

08/26/2005 7:17 AM

Sakura smiled seeing him begin to rush her. She raused her arm up and turned her wrist she pole landed in her hand. She closed her hand and yanked on the halberd and raised her sword. She thrusrted it upwards. **Im at school. The next post Will be long, And sicriptive. Please forgive my sloppyness at the moment.**

08/26/2005 3:27 PM

Abyss stood at the top the the near by cliff watching the spectical. His eyes hardly even blinked to the petty woman opening a challeng, the wolf accpeting then running away, and this new "drunk" suddenly sobering and finishing the wolf's job. Her magic skill was definetly impressive, he didnt know a whole lot of mages that could make a "shadow" sword.

His black, long, straw, hair hardly obscured his view as it concealed his small red eyes. 'should I join this little display of attempting to be campions? Or should I just watch and wait to get his turn at the winner?'

The wind caressed his face and the rock crumbled under his feet as he launched himself into the air. His all steel, double bladed battle axe was firmly in grip as the ground sank under is feet. 'about three zero five feet judging from the echo of thier voices' the hulk examined.

Beads of sweat dribbled down his pale green skin and soaked his violet pants. The ground was slightly cratered under his feet supporting his eight foot three inch, three ton body. His gleaming black claws were still tatterd with blood from his last masacure from a few days ago. He lightly cursed under his breath as he realized that his bow and quiver were still on the cliff side. He supported his mass with the two-hundred pound axe. He waited with anxiousness.

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08/28/2005 5:25 PM

The blade came flying from beneath him. Cyres responded with surprising accuracy. He kicked downward and landed his boot firmly on the blade. He pushed off of it with as much force as he could muster in an attempt to drive it into the ground. At the same time, he flipped slowly backward over Sakura. Cyres planted the tip of his right boot into the ground behind Sakura and slid several feet before coming to a stop. "Well, that was quite the little trick there. I might have to watch myself next time."

08/29/2005 5:54 AM

Sakura Giggled. "Dont make me work for this win. ;)." She winked at him as the blade Dissappeared and slid through the ground with no effort. She brung the sword around presseing backwards and sliding her leg back. She flipped her hand backwards behind her head and pulled out a small hair, She pressed it against her lips real quick and threw it at him. It strightened and turned talon-like. It was aimed at his heart. **Omg really sloppy. I promise my next post will be...........fun =D. All I can say is, I Wish you luck..*** "She smiled." Good luck, Have fun. I will not be going easy after this post." She jumped backwards flipping her body to the motion, she landed on her feet around 30 feet from him. she raised her head and watched him."It will get alot harder for you.

08/29/2005 3:12 PM

Though he could not see the hair directly, Cyres judged the speed at which it flew. A small glint in the air tipped him off. He attempted to dodge by leaning to the side, but he was not fast enough. The hair slid through his chain-mail and into his left arm. Cyres clutched his arm as it began to bleed. The attack had a surprising strength and pain behind it. "New tricks at every turn eh?" Cyres launched yet another attack. He took off sprinting at Sakura. A trail of blood followed in his tracks. As he approached, he took his halberd in both hands, at his right side. he came within ten feet of her and swung upwards. As he did, Cyres twisted the bottom half of his weapon's grip. The blade of the halberd suddenly seperated from the rest of the weapon. It was now connected to the shaft by a thick chain. It swung outwards at an amazing speed.

Ooc: And so... the plot thickens :p

08/30/2005 6:00 AM

Sakura smiled and backflipped at him comming at her. She twisted in the air flipping once she landed on her feet she ducked and slid under. Her arm flipped backwards the forewards comming in an upwards slash deflecting the blow. The Dark MAgi sword began to glow blue then white with immense heat. She smirked. "Don't touch if I was you." She said and snickered. She reached behind her pulling form a sheath behind her she slid out a small dagger, it was glowing orange. The dagger bust into flame. She went to thrust at his left leg then slash upwards leaving no room for him to swing his halberd.

08/30/2005 1:07 PM

I'm not exactly sure why I am doing this but, PARAGRAPHING is your friend. Please, use your friend so that way its not an eye strain to try and read your posts. Also, when you want to post Out of Character just do this...


And when you want to talk Back in Character, guess what? You just do this...


Those little stars are just annoying. And this also makes it much easier to read your posts. So please start posting this way, it'll keep people from yelling at you.

08/31/2005 7:00 AM

How long have you eben roleplaying for? I want to know. I can do whatever the hell I want. It does not say that I have to use ooc: I can use the Asterix If i want thanks :D. Just speaking my mind and getting things done.

08/31/2005 2:08 PM

When the streak of flame came at him, Cyres twisted the halberd back to its original position. The blade instantly came soaring back into place. It zipped past Sakura's head and deflected the dagger just in time. After the second weapon came into the fray, Cyres began rethinking his plan of attack. "This might need more finess than I anticipated." He reached for his belt and pulled out several small orbs. He threw them to the ground and they burst with a cloud of smoke. As the smoke thickened, Cyres's eyes slowly began to glow a bright white. He smirked as he stepped back into the thick shroud, disappearing and leaving Sakura by herself.
"Try dodging what you can't see..." Cyres spoke and his voice echoed slightly so that it seemed like he was everywhere at once.

Ooc: btw, I'll be out of town starting Thursday. I'll be back around Monday so don't think I'm just quitting on you lol. :p

09/02/2005 9:12 AM

She giggled marrily. Her eyes flashed red, she raised the sword and flicked it across the ground. The grey-white fog began to swirl and twist turning pitch black, dark as the natrual abyss. Her eyes flared up again his form glowing red outlined in blue. She smiled and awaited his reaction.

09/05/2005 1:02 AM

Abyss looked on with intrest. The close calls, near hits, people disappearing. The petty lady was pretty good with there magic know how. Alot better with it than his own abilities but they were both slow. ' slower is stronger?!' he thought to himself, 'to really kown how good some one is, is to let in "conditions" and stuff!' He oppend the small pouch that hung at his side and pulled out a small black sphere.

"Kem let ake lemot 'nes!" He shouted as he threw the oil orb to the ground. A loud bang followed my smoke prluded three over sized bobcats. 'If they can take out them and still win this battle, truly they will be worth my axe...'

"Go gett'em kitties!"

09/07/2005 9:32 AM

Smiled to herself warmly raising her head to the bang she watched the cats... She laughed lightly again. She arched foreward almost a bow and her back grew two lumps on each shoulder. She leaned back and two wings burst from her back spreading out to their full extent then folding back. She smiled revealing her teeth, one large fangs rested on her bottom lips when she had her mouth closed.

Sakura put the blade infront of her face then drew it gently in tthe air creating small runes infront of her. "Deamon's araise here my plea. Here my call from the Angel Of Darkness! I command you! come forth!" She yelled and raised both hands letting go of the sword. The sword continued to stay upright infront of her. The sky grew black and lighting flashed around them slamming into tree's creating havoc. She grinned raising her hands near the sword. It pointed towards the man, it began to glow with a black raidiance that gave off intense heat.

She weavered her hands in a figure eight snapping her wrist everynow and then. She smiled once again staring into the mans eyes making direct concact. Three black spots appeared in the ground beneath her. "You play with animals.... I play with my toys.... Kesa Denva and Rex. Get him." She said calmly pointing towards the cats and him. The shadows flowed upwards defying gravity forming into a dog like form. The shadows dripped off like liquid disiipearing. Taking form of a Wolf, A black bear and another Wolf.
Both wolves crouched down and snarled jumping up at the cats. The bear's eyes glowed red and so did Sakura's. "Kill him. I want his head. I have wasted enough time on this..." She said calmly taking the sword from the air. She held it lightly and sheathed it.

"Yell if you ever wish to give up...." She said calmly.

09/08/2005 9:11 PM

"humph, Thy! Sasha!" The halfdemon shouted.

The first cat's yes burst into flames and his body followed. His size increased three fold and he completed his fire tiger form. The there cat's eyes went blue with white middles and she was engulfed in razor sharp shards of ice that doubled her size. Thy's inital strength diminished but was made up my his new increased speed. While his sisters was graced with increased strength but slowed because of the densness of her ice armor.

They simutaneously leaped into the air coming down forth onto there new shadow opponents. Abyss's hands were now stretched out infront of him with only his index and thumbs touching. His axe as firmly burried into the ground next to him aching for his shadow "bear's" attack. 'such foolish magic. she will need more than a simple shadow beast to get my attention!'

Thy burnt right through the shadow wolf while Sasha ripped her oppontent to gleeful shreds. And turned there attention to the monster attacking there master and lept strait away to intersept it.

"Have fun my kitties!"

09/09/2005 6:52 AM

:: I hate auto hits -_- :: Sakura Flicked the sword up and pressed her leg down leaving in a sprint. She ran directly at him smileing. The grim reaper appeared infrotn of her as she left the ground and jumped up. She landed nexto him, She thrust her sword forward then slashed side ways twice leaning into her htis HEr eyes glowed white and her sword slowly melted into a lang stave. It drifted together to form a Long Halberd. She laughed Raising her hands after the attack shadows reachign around from her cloaking her in the shadows.

**If you start autoing, Even with pets. I can Guarentee I will Auto back...**

09/09/2005 2:33 PM

**My bad!**

Abyss broke from his mild meditation and watched the young lady approach. He grabbed his axe with both hands in a combat stance. He torques his body to the side barely dodging the thrust. The steel handle blocks the first of her swipes but he takes the second with out a wink. As her weapon changed form he brought his axe down to his side right side, stepped forward and swiped upwards with all of his strength. The grass and some dirt followed the blade along with a huge gust of wind. His body was still turned to the side as he prepped is right foot to follow up with a back kick. All the while his beloved cats were on there way for a mid day snack.

Thys fiery teeth solidified as did his claws. The flames around his body grew with the thought of fresh meat. His sister spit into two with one mind. All three of their gazes pierced their new found food source.

Crush her, my pretties!

09/10/2005 11:33 PM

As the battle went on, Cyres continued to bide his time. He forced the blade of his halberd into the ground on his right. Cyres entered a meditative state. With the dark mist continuing to swirl, he closed his eyes and began breathing deeply. Slowly, he stood up. Cyres removed the torso section of his chain mail. "It's about time I do my monastary justice." Putting his palms together, Cyres concentrated deeply and instantly, he could feel the power build. His eyelids slowly opened and he rushed for one the cat that Abyss had called Thy. Right before he reached the creature, Cyres slid to a halt and immediately put his right palm to the ground. A split second afterwards, the soil split and flew upwards towards Abyss' pet, slinging dagger-like slivers of rock straight for the beast.

ooc: Sorry for the long absence. It's been a busy week. :p

09/11/2005 8:07 AM

Thy felt the ground coming toward him and with out saying a word notified his sisters. Huge flames burst of his side and became wings completing his transformation. The Sashas stopped in there tracks and headed for the new on comer while Thy continued is pursuit for the lady. The twin cats lusted for the thought of real blood as they gazed upon there new target. As they grew closer each one added more frozen armor to their bodies until they had grown fifty percent larger. Once they got to him one of them jumped for him while the other quickly spun around and flung three razor blades of ice at him.

09/12/2005 6:55 AM

Sakura quickly jutted her halberd into the ground pulling herself up she flipped the halberd back aiming to his legs and completly splintering his attack. she yanked baack the halberd smeling.

**short short time to post sorry. :D.*

09/12/2005 12:55 PM

Abyss was swept off of his feet. His back hit the ground hard but he sprang back to his feet and quickly spun around. His arm extended holding his axe by its end that protruded out for a 10ft radius swing. The blunt end of the axe was aimed toward the girl. Its blades were 36 end to end making a bigger blunt weapon to dodge. All the while Thy was behind her waiting for her to jump back or up. Either way she got him or the axe.

*sorry for the short post*

09/12/2005 4:48 PM

Cyres quickly recovered from his assault and saw the sun glint off of the ice shards. He prepared himself for a counter. In one fluent motion, he grabbed the shards, spun around so that they kept their original momentum, slung them at Thanis, and jumped into the air in a round-house kick aimed at the lunging ice cat while keeping his spinning motion. Either way, he was sure he would connect with at least one of the two attacks. The shards slicing skin or the steel-soled boot shattering ice.

09/12/2005 8:46 PM

As Cyres took to the air so did the other Sasha and sent a second volley of ice shards, while the first one opened her mouth as wide as she could and aimed for the man's shin. Thoughts of juicy fresh meat taunted her icy teeth. Abyss payed not attention to the on coming razor shards as he continued his attack on small girl.

09/14/2005 6:38 AM

Sakura began to hum quetly to herself as time seamed to slow down. The tune carried on slowing time around a 15 ft. Radious. She smiled lightly as she hummed the quet tune. She crossed her arms over her chest her body keeping normal speeds. She Closed her eyes, Dark runes in red appeared around her, levitating over thin air. The book appeared in her hand. The words in Japanease appeared in the air Saying "Dark Censia Hear my Plea, Goddess Of the Moon, Luna. Grant me the honor of feeling the moons essence." She coninued to hum as the sun turned black slowly. The world slowly darkened as her plea was fufilled.

The sun was enveloped by darkness creating a Blank moon effect, Sakura smiled as she felt the moon's rays hit her. She felt the energy stirr within her, She felt it rise. The energy flowed throughout her body, Her breathing came in short raggid steps as sweat glistened on her body. Steam lifted from her body, She stopped humming and time began to have a reverse effect slowly turning back to normal. She grinned slightly and welcomed the oncomming dog. She watched as the beast slammed into an invisable wall It flung the dog backwards as she watched. She had dark rings around her eyes from wearyness. She grunted and clenched her side and small red traces laced through her armor she lifted her hand from her side and it was covered in blood. She tok hold of the halberd and goraned slightly. Her forehead was dripping in sweat. She sighed lightly and watched the dog and him closely. She was ready for anything at the moment, Her body radiated with the moon's power flowing inside her...

09/14/2005 2:19 PM

OOC: Its a cat. A fire tiger and my character is still swinging a big axe at you while you were changing and my CAT is waiting behind you for your action. He isnt moving...yet!

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09/15/2005 4:14 PM

Cyres allowed the cat to grab hold of his mail-encased leg. While still in mid-air, Cyres twised himself to the left and the cat, with it's jaws now firm on his leg, followed suit. He positioned the beast in front of the next assault, kicked out its teeth with his plated heel, and sent the monster flying at its companion. Meanwhile, the ice shards were now but a few inches from Abyss.

Cyres landed firmly on the ground and calmed himself as the darkness of Sakura's transformation took effect. His eyes began to glow once again and the pitch black darkness set in around him. The lighting in mid-day was now that of midnight. Cyres and Sakura had an obvious advantage in the dark over Abyss and his pets. The flaming cat stood out like a beacon over the night sea, and Cyres new it would be his next target. For now, however, he would wait and try to heal his wound from the razor sharp strand of hair that had set into his arm.

He walked quietly over to the edge of the clearing and began treating the bloody wound.

09/16/2005 3:17 PM

The sun now a pale figure resembling the moon that now grimmed down upon the battle. The thick smell of blood and magic coated the air and laced everthing with the stench of death.

Stalking heavly through the brush and undergroth of the forest, Van approached but no longer in his human state. The moon like sun triggered his transformation with no hope of his amulet countering it. The lure of pain and acrid scent of sweat entranced his wolfen instincts.

Hoooooowl, the werewolf called to others near by...but no other half wolves answered. Birds and animals alike fled before him. Mice bouncing around as he stalked through the tall grass. He entered a plain of tall wheat as he left the forest in silence.

Raising his long snout he smelt the air, the scent of open wounds filled his lungs and gave energy to press on. Not far now, a distant human voice echoed in the lupins heart, Not far at all...

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09/18/2005 5:15 PM

(I thought we werent auto hitting Cyres? Not even pets. Hmm...)

As night now controlled the day the cats took advantage. The Sasha had been kicked so hard that her teeth shattered and she lost consciousness. Her icy body lost all of its potency and melted the grass leaving behind a large puddle of mud. Her sister watched the boy, in the absence of light, scamper into the woods. She could see his body as if in the day and could smell the blood like it was presented to her on a plate. She lowered her body and solidified the her icy armor to take away the shimmer, though her brother was lit up like a damn light house!

Abyss felt his is preciouss icy energy in his arm and shoulder, fallowed by slight could pain. His arm absorbed the shards and transferred the energy to his axe as he swung it towards the transformed girl.

09/18/2005 7:20 PM

((Sorry bout that. Since you had one and Sakura had one, I thought I'd use mine on a pet instead of a char =p. My fault.))

As Cyres finished wrapping his wound with his a strip of his tabard tied with his leather belt, he heard the slight dripping of water. He knew of no rivers or other bodies of water in the area, and figured it was probably the cat shedding it's ice. The sound of the water hitting the ground echoed through the air and lit Cyres's sight. The entire seen was shown to him by the soundwaves. Abyss swung his axe at Sakura as a puddle replaced one of the cats. *One down* Cyres thought to himself. *But where's the other?* Cyres scanned the sceen but his vision began to fade. He reached to his right and tapped loudly on a tree. All the figures were lit once again. There was no color but his "second sight" lit everything he could not see directly with an odd glow. It was almost as if he could see their very lifeforce.

Cyres stood as the other Sasha came towards him. He slowly made his way out of the trees. He reached for his halberd just as his vision faded once more.

09/19/2005 9:20 PM

There..., a voice echoed. The wolfen beast approached spotting the battle taking place. The large warrior swinging his axe as though blind but still can see. Must feed!, Roared wolf inside. With no time to think or decide what to do the moons rays gave the beast inside the strength to overcome Vans will.

Racing to the battle ground, nose flaring absorbing the scent of the kill, the werewolf set his sights on the flame cat. Seeing as it was the only opponent distracted, the beast took the burning cat by suprise, sinkingits large teeth into the beasts flesh, although the werewolf took massive amounts of damage from the flaming carcass. Using the momentum he had built up ramming into his prey he quickly continued into the forest as a shadow in the night. Disappearing with the cats lifeless body and all.

Crouching in the forest close to a large oak, he tore into the cats dead corpse. The flames now extinguished with its life. The burns on Van jaw began to heal quickly as the sun type moon increased his powers of regeneration. Leting out a large howl the wulfing down the rest of the body the conclusion was drawn that the beasts hunger for battle was not yet satisfied. More..., groaned Van in a twisted gargle off the blood still fresh i nhis mouth.More...

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09/20/2005 6:53 PM

(And there's your free hit. lol XD)

Cyres's second sight was not powered by light as normal vision is. Nor was it powered by sound waves entering his ears. The mere presence of the energy of sound lit his path. Quick scampering behind him alerted Cyres. He quickly grabbed hold of his halberd from the ground, and turned his back on the cat Abyss seemed to call Sasha. A small flicker of a glow, flew past his range of vision in the direction of the flaming beast of prey. Cyres turned his head toward the beast and suddenly, his primary sight kicked in as he saw yet another four-legged foe take the firecat away from the battle. *I should thank the beast later... If I'm not next on his list.* Cyres thought to himself. He swung back around to face Sasha. As his vision faded, the continual swinging of an axe kept his vision dimly lit. *As long as that behemoth continues attacking, I have an advantage of sight.* Cyres turned his polearm to Sasha and turned the handle with a swift twist of the wrist. The chain shot forth toward the cat and as it neared, Cyres yanked upwards in an attempt to slice the jaw open with an uppercut.

09/21/2005 10:08 PM

OOC: Lupin king my fire tiger is FIRE. There is no flesh so I dont know what you are going to do about that but you cant have "eaten" him with out him changing back. Your wolf (magical or not) would have become fried wolf.

Abyss changed direction on mid swing, over her head and into the ground. The transferred ice extinguished into the earth. Two feet of rock, dirt and some grass had encased the girl and the hulk turned his attention to the other small person that had taken out one of his ice kitties.

"Kemt de'mas nek o'lanas..." slipped from his lips. A small blue orb had risen up from where the puddle of Sasha had been and collected itself back into Abyss's small pouch at his side. The living Sasha had followed the orb's lead but was knocked off course my sharp metal. The blue energy hid itself in the grass and made its way over to its master.

Abyss was lit up by Thy once the walking flame had realized that lunch was postponed. A rustle in the brush has caught his ear.

"A werewolf master. It comes for flesh..."

"I know my precious. We will see who its target is."

Abyss watches the glimer of the wolf's eye while Thy keeps his attention on the boy with the stick that has a shiny end.

09/22/2005 6:24 PM

(ooc: Apperently you don't understand thanis...i bit him....his fire died out...i got burned YES but then regenerated...werewolfs can do that lol. Anyway the cat is dead the end...fire or no fire...he had a snack now its time for the main course lol)

09/23/2005 7:01 AM

Sorry for my leave of absence.ooc)
Sakura grinned as she raised her arm, With her arm the Ground shook and rose quickly to form infront of her hand creating a small wall like Hard rock. She grinned. "I guess I shouldent be nice then aye?" She said with a smirk. Her eyes flashed red and went deep blue. She shifted her body to where her side faced him. She started to chant something inaudiable to regular human ears. Their was an echo in her voice as the words fell out of her mouth. " gciki Tis` nondes Katri Shinde farmore." She lifted her hands above her chest and moved them swiftly in back and foreward motions. The ground shook and trembled as The power was slowly leaking out of her. She smiled as the air around her body was estatic. The Air was full of Energy, the rocks on the ground floated up removing themselves from the ground. Boulders floated easily above her. Her hands were raised above her, She dropped her hand and let a Giant boulder fall nexto her. Right as it came near the ground she dropped to her left and pushed her hand out putting all her weight on her hand. Her foot made connection with the boulder crushing it into small spikes of rock. The rocks Hurled themselves at the Cats and the other two. She dropped the halberd and pur her hand infront of her face as if she was holding a bow. Then looked as if she was pulling back an arrow.
She opened her right palms and a blast of White light raced towards Cyres.

[Edited by Sakura_Shadowstealer on Friday, September 23, 2005 7:18 AM]

09/23/2005 6:50 PM

OOC: No, lupin its you who is just not getting it. There was no flesh to bite, only fire. The wolf's teeth would have met themselves in his body of flames. So my cat lives until you can come up with something better. :) And Sakura, your still in a cage of earth? Or did you destroy it and not say that? lol

09/23/2005 11:03 PM

Cyres was amazed at the evergy eminating from the girl. The raw power made him envious. However, despite all this, Cyres still had the best reflexes and physical prowess in his monastary.

The arrow of light sped towards him. Cyres was struck with an idea. If the arrow was made of light, perhaps it would also reflect as light would. By using the shimmering blade of his halberd, he could defend himself and attack an opponent at the same time. He quickly retracted his blade and put the shaft in such a position that the blade would be directly in the path of the arrow. Cyres braced himself as the light struck the highly reflective surface.

(( It's your call as to whether or not it bounces Sakura. If it's really a light arrow, it should bounce, but if it has some property to it that I don't know about, have it shatter my halberd for all I care lol. ))

09/25/2005 11:25 AM

((OCC: I like argueing with noobs lol :). One Thanis I see your point but as you ask for it here is the bitter details of how my character killed your character :). First as you said you cat is completely flame right?

Seeing as it was the only opponent distracted, the beast took the burning cat by suprise, sinkingits large teeth into the beasts flesh, although the werewolf took massive amounts of damage from the flaming carcass.

There werewolf bit flesh but not in the sense your thinking my simple minded freind. When a werewolf in general kills something or in this case "bites" itws bonds their soul to his own making him stronger....if their was nothing their to devour l8r after the fire died out then i guess i was mistaken....i know!...maybe you should post that the cat is entirly made of fire instead of after the fact!

How are we suppose to kill a cat madeof fire....i know ..... i just did lol))

09/26/2005 6:52 AM

ooc: My char is a Matter Minipulater And a Shadow Controller.

Sakura grinned as the arrow went through the halberd absorbing into matter. It reformed behind the halberd and lost alot of speed. It raced towards his face, The wound on her right side healed quickly by the absorbtion of the energy it almost tore her apart. She grinned lightly taking up the halberd. IT slowly melded and formed in her hand turning into a bow. It glimmered and glowed red as if it was on fire. She back flipped behind the cat near her. She pulled the string back and energy began to form around her creating an open pocket of energy around her bow. It gatherd in the center in a long black streak. She hummed lightly to herself and let the arrow go at the cat. One arrow was followed by 7 others equaling 8 in all. The arrows sang through the air completely Shadow. The arrows were the essence of Darkness.

The ground around her elapsed and formed under her as the shadows reformed around her making the blank moon effect turn real. The fake moon began to almost fall. She laughed out loud and smiled, A fang overlapping her lip. "I will have great pelasure in feeding on you boys." The bow was gone. Their were two metal spikes on her elbows that molded into two Silver blades on the sides of her arms. The Anakha's Flipped foreward and she flipped her arms foreward. "God and auto if you must to try and win But... I am done with being nice. Im bored now :D. Time to kick this bitch up a notch. haha." She yelled at them. Her armor gleamed with sweat. The shadows formed on her creating a solid matter. It formed on her like a shirt arms legging and boots. It tightened on her and locked in place. A black Tiara formed on her head embedded with small jewels. The shadows formed Shadow Iron armor on her. Almost Indestructable, She grinned lightly and waited for their next attempt for she was Done playing around to see their tacticts...

[Edited by Sakura_Shadowstealer on Monday, September 26, 2005 6:56 AM]

09/27/2005 5:42 AM


Sakura, your still in a cage of earth? Or did you destroy it and not say that? lol

I can control the earth and nature around me. I am a Mix of most classes but I can't do mass movements. I'm not a god modder. I never said it went away. And It doesen't cover me entirely. In other words I could move two inches and be in plain sight...

Ooc: This will end soon :). Time to place some of the new things I have learned from Kakkarot. :D. Good luck. I have killed my mentor easily.

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09/28/2005 11:28 PM

Tarott Steps on to the battlefield. He smiles to himself, wondering if he will be challenged today. Many of his past foes have died without a fight. "Will anyone here step forth to oppose me?" He draws the Outsider's Blade, a greatsword that is wielded in one hand, and his nullifying shield in his spare hand....


He lifted his hand and placed his hand in an enchanted motion. He cast "Alone in the Dark" spreading the battlefield with a blinding darkness. It could not be penetrated by any force, magical or physical. Now the moon was blotted out, nullifying the Shapeshifter's transformation.

"Such a strange world," he called out to the man who could not sustain his wolfen form. "If you had of been in my world, (s12.invisionfree.com/evermoon) You wouldn't need this moon, as our sun is a fiery moon." Now that he had the upper hand, he was not going to waste it. He could see everything, but noone could see anything else. He pounced forward, stabbing the wolfman in the jugular vein. He then puonced back, preparing for when his magic subsided (a couple of minutes game time. I'll tell you when it goes down).

[Edited by Tarott on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 11:49 PM]

[Edited by Tarott on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 11:50 PM]

09/30/2005 7:05 AM

*Sorry but don't mod please... to tarrot.*
Sakrua's hands raised above her head and her energy expelsed creatinging a giagantic wave of pure energy. It Clashed with the barrier creating an overwhelming energy force. the barrier broke down and she grinned again. " Please do not mod like that. Just making a barrier appear out of no where is really....noobish..." She said and laughed quietly to herself as the blades on her arm glowed with purity red flames. The flames licked her armor with no heat. The flames would not harm her because it was started by her own blood. She was somehow differant. A white fang overlapped her bottem lip and was barely shown. "Time to feed... It has been too long since I have had blood..." She began a slow run at tarrot then broke into a fast paced run. Her body glared as blood laced through her armor Staining the ground. She rushed at him her blades leaving a flame wake in the air. As she ran an image of the Gimm Reaper appeared infront of her. She smiled "Time to die for intturupting."

10/01/2005 3:49 PM

*its not modding, its a spell from my game, and its not a barrier, its just a blackness. Oh dam, vampires can see in the dark. Nevermind. But the wolf is still human.*

Tarott saw what was coming. He had underestimated his foes, as he did not quite understand thier magic. She was one of pure evil, so he would show her his good side. He was once gifted with flight from the gods, an Angelbreed. Wings sprouted from his back, as the energy around him gloyed white. He shot up into the sky, and dived around the vampire and the grim reaper, stabbing her twice in the back, He knew it wouldnt be enough to kill her, but he knew it might just wound her. He was going to help her, but now it was on. He soured into the air.

10/03/2005 5:47 AM

Sakura grinned a she watched the bright light soar behind her. " Just to warn you, I am not pure evil..." She turned around clicking his two hits to the side with her arms. The blades flipped foreward snapping into position, Her blades began to glow bright wite. " My mother Was The Goddess Athena And my Father was the Grimm Reaper... Danavies Cordes.
' She grinned and stabbed foreward at his heard " That was modding *Stabbing her twice in the back.* should be *Attempting to stab her twice in the back.* Works more and makes it look professinal. ;) Not nagging just helping :D.* She opened her hands and shoved foreward acheing for blood. The tiara and blades both were glowing white full of the moon energy. " May the gods and the Devils make you fall before me. My mother has given me the strength to summon the moons will, And my father has givin me the Knowladge to strike forces down. Feel the wrath of the Anichents!" She stabbed foreward with her left hand leaving her right to block excessive attacks. After her strike foreward she had a kick planned. The energy flowed about her sizzling and lusting to get out. The air around her soaring leaf blade was ready to encase a soul.

**As I said I am not here to nag. I am here to improve. Be lucky I am not using skills from Kakk, I feel I can actually help you guys as my master did with me ;). Do you're guys worst. Team up if you need too :D.**

10/03/2005 11:23 PM

OOC: Sorry, just a little new. You're good. Really good. Oh, btw, i wanted to help u before....

BIC: Tarott knew he was in trouble. He'd pulled all his cards, and was running out of ideas
He finally had an idea. He backstepped the attack, hopping to get his opponent off balance. Then, lifting up his hand casting Assasin's blade. Suddenly, a magical blade appeared behind Sakura, driving straight and true. All he could do was watch, as his last ditch effort went its course.

OOC: Note, Assasin's blade makes one backstab hit against the target, so try not to know whats happening. Metagaming is hard to stop oneself from doing.

10/04/2005 6:37 AM

ooc: lolz... xD Im just playing right now and im getting really bored ^^.

Sakura notcied nothing happened." fairly obvious!" She frtong flipped over him grabing his soulder and pushing herself off him. The watched as his own spell raced at him. She quickly turned around thrusting the sizzleing blade of energy at him. "Don't make it too obvious that you are casting a spell number one! If you can't see it, It is always behind!."
Her blade was invisable at these speeds at it raced at him her other hand gathering soul energy from inside her. She expulsed the enrgy while stabbing once making a small barrier around her incase he somehow mysticlly moved. :P

10/04/2005 9:55 PM

He felt the barrier around her. He saw the blade coming at him. He saw everything as it was happening, second by second. He clicked out his recall crystal at supersonic speeds. He depressed the button, sending him back to his world, but as he did, he threw another at sakura. He would fight him on his own terms, in his own universe.

OOC: Lets try something interesting, shall we? Lets move the battle to my world. It will be fun, I promise you!

P.S. Since you now have a recall crystal, you can go back to your word any time you like....

10/05/2005 5:44 AM

Sakura Grinned then laughed. " You will not win any battles this way." She cought the Crystal and began chanting quietly, The crystal began to darken and it looked like a small red mist was swirling inside it. She grinned then crushed the crystal in her hands making small bleed marks on her hand. She stood firm. " No one will even battle you if you run like that!" She sat down almost as if she was floating on air. She watched and grinned. "You guys are soo lucky you mod otherwise you would be dead :D" She laughed and let the blades click backwards locking in place. She had a aura or black pendace around her, warning her if anything creeps by.

10/09/2005 1:29 PM

(OCC: This werewolf is not from the elder scrolls version at all... and although u blotted out the moon lol... which was smart... was totally use less... when the beast takes control of Van's body... it stays in control... only because Van has "Amulet of Control" which gives who ever is in control of the body... the beast... to either change to human or stay a werewolf)

The moon had long disappeared as the lupin beast glared to the tree line of the forest of the battle in his sight. The mage who casted the fake darkness disappeared. Coward, mumbled the beast. The female mage was left holding the same teleportation crystal. The female held the crystal tightly the crushed with he power. smart move, whispered Van in the wolfens mind Sniffing the air the half wolf decided they were both powerful mages. Licking his lips the taste of his last meal still fresh in his mouth.
Suddenly he raised his head. Filtering the air he caught it...the all to familiar scent of orcs and goblins. Nothing to worry about, soothed Van insides the wolfen skull, they are to far to be a threat.

Stretching his claws scraping the ground he laid in a prone position watching intently upon the battle. The night was the only time Van ever felt secure and this fake darkness provided just that...

[Edited by Dark_Lupin_King on Sunday, October 9, 2005 1:42 PM]

10/09/2005 8:11 PM

The sands of time peeled away again, and Tarott stepped out. His origonal plan had failed, but this time there would be no running. He lifted his hand up, casting Outsider's Fury. His outline blurred, and he charged at the girl at mind-bending speeds. He slashed at her 53 times in the span of 2 seconds, then jumped back onto a verticle pole, his wings steadying him.

OOC: some damaged had to of been made then

10/10/2005 7:00 AM

Sakura laughed as the vision leaped past her. She screamed a simple word "Ha!" And the matter around Tarrot begin to tighten around his throat as he came towards her a black feild radiated about her aplifing her move, Hand prints appeared around his neck crushing the life out of him. she turned around watching him she stabbed twice at his stomach and once at hs still throat the barrier on her arm again protecting her. "Come on... "Pendance" Means Barrier of protection in Elven." The blades began glowing red hungry for blood.

10/11/2005 12:41 AM

Tarott was swept off his feet, but he had a plan. "I happen to know a few spells of the oldenarts." He the cast Cataclysm (Oldenarts is done in the mind). The entire arena lept up with energy, shredding every tree and every post. All that was left of the battlefield was a 15 foot crater. Tarott sunk to the ground. He glanced at the crevice. "If your still alive down there, I'm beat. You've won. You faught a good battle, and I guess you are more powerful than I. So, I will take my leave. I bid you all goodday." And with that, Tarott vanished into the sands of life, back to his own land. To rest....

OOC: LOL GOOD GAME!! If you get time, go to s12.invisionfree.com/evermoon and we can battle some more.

10/11/2005 5:42 AM

Sakura chuckled lightly to herself. "Booooring... At least you can rp of the sort." She grinned as her black aura absorbed the desiest energy and her barrier sheild shattered. She raised her hand and closed her fist crushing his neck before He disappeared. "You forgot about that." She stood firmly on the ground and walked slowly back to the small tavern Waiting for another fight. "Place to wait for a fight..."

10/13/2005 12:12 AM

OOC: Now who's godmodding?

10/13/2005 4:48 AM

Ooc: It isent hard to trigger something once you go away, I just made sure i had the final assult in. When you say something like "This is my most powerful..." Whatever lmao... I have been Roleplaying for 11 years, This is just games for me at the moment. Im waiting for a decent fight with somone who has a rightful honor that I can go all out on. Once I find that person, I can guarentee I will end up good friends with them so I can sparr with them. So far I have found no one that is on my level. psst... *Only way to kill me is from underneath...* *Giggles.* well I left many o opertunities for you to kill me you just never realized it. :D. The Black Aura is a matter minipulater, It stands one of any attack pretty much and absorbes the bloe having no effect on the Being inside of it. And the barrier around my arm protecting me shattered along with the Black aura ^.^. So you got close to cuttin meh up ;).

10/18/2005 9:45 PM

Abyss obsorbed his cat right after its death. 'Too late...' He still got the energy from it but not the full load. He stood around watching as the girl took her attention off of him and onto the new guy. The battle went on for a while but he lasted about as long as he had joined. The liken and the other boy were still out there as the girl started to walk away.

"Hey! Im not done with YOU yet!!!"

His eyes glowed bright white and his body changed form green to black. The metal axe grew twice its normal size and burned the air around it. All of his teeth sharpend just as his claws did.

"Je'neta kem salantaz!" the air went cold and stail. What were left of the trees were ripped out of the ground from the gale force winds. Then all at once all the engergy from the moon, wind, ice and fire that was absorbed into nature became a vortex adn spiered itself at the 'half god, half reaper'.

"Yeah, us too! We are DONE playing with you!!"

10/20/2005 4:03 PM

OOC: Waaaaay too much magic going on for this character of mine to really do much XD.
BIC: Cyres decides that he is way out of his league. The monastary tought no magics of this sort. He diecided that instead of being defeated, and disgracing his temple, it was time for him to leave this world on his own terms. He knelt to the ground in a short, final prayer. He then lifted his hand up to the side of his head and opened his eyes once more. "I'm sorry master. I've failed you..."

In the same fashion that he had blown the earth upwards at the cat earlier, Cyres sent a tremendous energy from his palm, through his skull. The entirety of his head was completely destroyed as it flew from his now lifeless corpse. The remains of his body slowly fell to the side in a lifeless heap.

OOC: I don't have time right now, but I'll probably re-enter the rp with one of my better characters. Until then, I bid you all farewell. /bow

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