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07/24/2005 10:28 PM

As the topic implies, I am recruiting players for my Forgotten Realms RP, What it is to Burn. Currently, there are two players: Black Plague and Flark.

The story: Flark had been sent to Miribar by Bogern to fetch the inn keeper's serving girl. On the way, he met two rangers that informed him of bandit activity in the area Later, the mercenary was approached by two messengers who delivered a letter asking him to meet another informant in Waterdeep. Bogern also received news of a towns destruction by a refugee.

Currently, Flark and Orion are sleeping at Bogern's Inn, located south of Miribar. In the morning, they will rise and set off to investigate the destroyed town and afterward probably head to Waterdeep where Flark will meet the informant.

Any questions?

07/25/2005 6:31 PM

cmon people its going to be a bit boring with just three people. join or I'll sick rabid squirrels on you.

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