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07/23/2005 8:41 PM

This is a RP that I have just created. Here's all the info,

Title: The Raguard War

Backstory: The Earth had always been under the stress of a possibility of a nuclear war. Treaties and peace talks held out for awhile, but the incident appeared to be unavoidable. Stress and arguements continued between multiple nations, until it finally bordered over the edge. In the year 2156, nuclear war was declared all over the world.

Setting: One hundred years have passed since war was declared. The entire world has been basically reduced to nothing. Wastelands make up most of the landscape, as the nuclear blasts have destroyed almost all life. The oceans are no longer existent, which then linked all land together.Most of the population were killed in the beginning of the war, when most of the nukes were used. Now only two groups remain, the Raguard and the Protecters, both with very different purposes. The Protectors wish to try to restore the Earth to it's natural glory. The Raguard wish nothing more then to become the ruler of the ill fated world.

Plot: The war has been going on for 100 years, millions have died and it shows no signs of stopping. The two final groups are fighting for control of the planet, each with their own purposes. The Protecters want peace, the Raguard want domination. The war needs to end, so restoration can begin, but in order for that to happen, one of the groups must perish....

Goal: To finally end the war and restore order in the world, weather with the Protectors or the Raguard.

No God Modding

Post whenever possible

No killing other players, unless with permission. There will be plenty of NPC soldiers and creatures to deal with.

Complete Sentences

You can curse, but don't abuse it.

Try to use good grammar.

Only one created character per player.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------

There are a few more things that need to be told before we start the RP.

1.Each group has a stronghold-type city or their main capital. There will probably be smaller towns, but well work those in later.

2.Each character will have a rank. I dont care what you choose as long as it fits with the story. Example: foot soldier, demolitionist, spy, etc&

3.You can make your own rank also, but it must fit the RP

4.Outside of the societies are wide-open areas. The blasts from the bombs didnt kill all its victims; some of them were mutated into monsters. These are merciless and blood-thirsty and will attack randomly&.no matter who it is.

5.The weapons are still modernized, so no laser guns or anything.

Here is the form youll need to fill out.

Prefered weapon:
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

I'll start

Name: Gremji Broven

Age: 37

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tall, well-built and completely bald. Has a scar that crosses over his right eye vertically. Lost his left leg in a recent battle and had it replaced with mechanics.

Clothing: A black jacket with a shield on the back. Tattered jeans and brown cowboy boots. A red headband that had the word "Savior" printed on the front.

Personality: Despite his appearance, he is very kind-hearted. His fighters and his people always come first ahead of him. He is very intelligent and cool-headed, even in the worst situations.

Group: The Protectors

Rank: Commander of the Protectors

Weapon: A customized sledgehammer surrounded by barbed wire. Also, a pair of revolvers, in case of longer distance fights.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Last Note: I will need someone to play as the Commander of the Raguard, since I'm the other. Also, in case you didn't know by now....the Raguard are the "evil" group.

If you have any question, please pm me.

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