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07/20/2005 1:43 PM

Hey, sorry I've been gone long. My computer just got some new virus, and I'm still setting everything back onto it. I got it about a week ago, so it shouldn't be long until I get it fixed. The reason I was gone before that was because my grandma died, and we went to her funeral over in Washington (the state). We stayed there with relatives for about a week as well. UNFORTUNATELY, I am going camping for a week again, so I won't be back until.... mabye next Saturday/Sunday? I will be here till friday, though, so I will try and get a few more posts in until then.

07/30/2005 4:03 PM

Annnd.... I'm Back! *smoke and confetti* Great weekend. Got to shoot some shotguns, hike, swim, all that good stuff. See ya in the rps!

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