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07/19/2005 2:28 PM

The Kingdom of Aeroseph had for a long time been the supreme ruler. It reigned over three villages; Burtock, Reseveire, and Daiates. As time went on though, the old King Edemeir died, leaving the Kingdom in the hands of his son, Astherfiy. He had been married to a woman by the name of Aeryanni, a common woman with dark hair and eyes who captured the young Kings heart. Together, they had a child, Celestia.

Unlike their previous King, Ashterfiy was seclusive, keeping to his Palace, rarely did he leave it. It was rumored that he had powers of a Mage and that he often used them darkly and for horrible purposes. Only those close to the Royal family would know anything, and never did they say anything.

As the young girl turned five, the death of Aery shocked the Kingdom. Story told that the King came to his and his wife's chambers and found his young bride, lifeless. A bloodless, markless death. Some rumored poison. Most rumored the King used his alleged Dark Powers for the death of his wife.

Since then, things have declined in the Kingdom. Aero spends much of the money on his own luxeries, putting them in a deep debt. Outside the Palace, in the Villages, a war is brewing. The King and Princess are in a danger that cannot be prevented.

Everyone within the Palace are locked into an uncharted room by Aero who has gone missing. And unless the Peasents can get through to them, they can't be freed and an eternal war shall fall upon them. Is it possible to save them?

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