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07/15/2005 11:46 PM

More than 200 years ago on the world of Valeria there were three small kingdoms that were located on a peninsula on the Antha continent, Beldwin, Slaidan,and Frandar. Since the three kingdoms were within a hundred mile radius of one and other constant wars broke out over land. A village that was part of one kingdom one day would become part of another the next. This continued until the leader of Beldwin, Sith, launched every troop in the kingdom in a campaign to stop the wars.

The large army marched towards Frandar and took the kingdom by surprise. The army, which had grown larger from soldiers that had defected from Frandar, then moved on to Slaidan. The Slaidan king expected the attack and was well prepared for it. The battle between these two armies was long and bloody, but after mandy days of fighting the Beldwin had come out victorious. The three kingdoms had united and became the Beldwin Empire, but sadly the man who was responsible for bringing peace to the people had died of illness. Sith's son Dirk brought the people out from poverty. The constant wars had wrecked havoc on the economy.

The Beldwin Empire enjoyed a long reign of peace up until 8 years ago when Dirk's grandson, Endra came into power.
Unlike the rulers before him Endra was a cold hearted man. His father had made the mistake of spoiling him rotten as a child and let him do whatever he pleased. Endra felt no pride when he was crowned emperor after his fathers death. He felt the empire was small and constantly compared it to the closest civilization, The Cose kingdom.

Since the empire was not that large it was no surprise when many of the people of the empire completely encouraged their leader's decision to declare war on The Cose kingdom to gain more land. Now there was no way the small Beldwin empire could have taken The Cose kingdom in an all out war, but Endra had enlisted the help of three people who were already well known in history.

Kesh was a very large and strong warrior who had once been the leader of a barbaric tribe in the northern part of Antha, but had his tribe wiped out when he was defeated in a war with the Kengsly kingdom. He had lived alone in solitude in the mountains where his Tribe had once inhabited until Endra offered him a chance at revenge...

Bind was once a general in the army of the western Antha kingdom, Telm, but was discharged and exiled from the kingdom for the terrorable acts he commited during wartime. Endra had lured him in with the promise of quenching his bloodthirst

Seila was a well known hired mercenery in western Antha. She was know most well for her cold bloodedness and willingness to take any job as long as she gets paid. Endra of course got her join him with the promise of money.

With these three skilled warriors and every troop in the empire, Endra easily took over the Cose kingdom and increased the size of the Beldwin empire just as he promised. But Endra did not stop there he then immediatley declared war on he next closest and much larger kingdom of Telm. Hundreds of innocent people were slaughtered when Endra let loose Bind in the kingdoms castle with nothing but his two swords. Telm was finished in less than 2 months.

This continued for years until Endra had foughten and conquered all the kingdoms and empires except for the northern three, Kengsley, Mendri, and Faldor. The constant wars for years had brought everyone into poverty. Endra raised and raised taxes after every war. People were forced to work day and night to pay for the war. Most of Antha had become very dark and dreary. Large fourishing cities were now just poor villages.

Now people are sick of Endra's insane conquest for power. Small acts of terrorism have been popping up all round Antha, but nothing really serious has happened. The three northern kingdoms have been gearing up for 4 months anticipating Endras attack. Although they know resistance is futile the three kings refuse to give up.

Now it is the present. What does the future hold for Antha? That is up to you.

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