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07/09/2005 8:27 AM

The Setting:

Long ago there were several kingdoms that warred with each other and with the creatures of darkness. These multitudes of kingdoms all had a single thing in common that occasionally gave them a small alliance. This thing was the forest that seemed to be in all of their kingdoms. Despite the ease of skirting around the forests as they didn't seem to be that large, no one dared to travel into them.

The forests themselves contained a mist that drove on the demons. This mist would lead the traveller deep into a dark forest far from where they once were. It was rumored that this forest was not even within their own world, though none ever knew for sure, or at least, none that ever returned.

The forests seemed to be the homes to many demons and monsters. Within this forest was a powerful demon that controlled and prisided over the powerful mist. Many people were known to have disappeared into his grasp. It is thought that he is a monstrous creature that kills on a whim. His power has been rumored in the cities as he has been seen to slaughter groups of people with a cold emotionless expression.

Thanks to these things he is hunted for a high bounty dispite his passafistic ways and the forest has been dubbed, The Forest of Death, and he its master.

((if you have any questions feel free to IM me on AIM at SatrnTiger and I would be happy to answer them. also note this is a medieval setting)

Those light and smooth steps would carry him almost floating across the ground out of the forest and onto the plains outlying one of the five great kingdoms here in this world. He had been hearing some rather disturbing rumors that there was a creature here trying to impersonate him and was slaughtering innocent people.

Contrary to the rumors surrounding him he was quite the protector. He wanted to protect people. The disappearances had nothing to do with his intervention. He sighed shaking his head at the thought of the peoples constant misunderstanding of him.

He looked across the plains to the city walls and pushed back a lock of his long waist-length raven hair from his pale face those strange bright jade eyes glowing and swirling softly. "This will definately be an interesting adventure." His voice was soft and musical a soft and soothing tone. It seemed to carry on the air like the voice of the wind itself. Its soothing sounds would seem to sooth the very soul of any person that might here it. It was the kind of voice that any man would like to hear on their death bed to guide them into the after life.

He smiled and softly began to walk forward his long black cloak flowing around his thin toned 5'11" form. His wooden heeled boots making no sound as he moved over the ground. His hair would sway with each and every step. Something about him spoke of gentleness even to those that knew he was armed to the teeth with blades. He seemed so calm as if there wasn't a thing in the world that would upset him.

07/12/2005 7:36 PM

((Hey this sounds cool. I like the who idea. I hope you don't mind if I join))

His blonde hair glisten in the light of the sun. The man stood 5'9". He wore simple outfits that would make you think he was a peasant but they were way to expensive for peasant to afford. His pet wolf stud beside him as he walked into town. Himself being a demon he could smell the fear of the surrounding of the people. As he walked he could hear the whispers of villagers. In the whispers he could hear the roomers of the prize for the demon of the forest, but he knew they couldn't be true.

For as long as he lived he new the demon king had no rivals he was basically unstoppable. The king somehow as he fought he gained more power. Every one thought it was from the forest but the day that he faced him he knew that was untrue.

When he fought with him he almost ended up dead. Luckily for his demon blood he wasn't going to die. But the king of the forest was using some sort of power he had never seen before.

As he got to the square he saw that ever one in town was gathering for some reason. then he saw the man standing by the fountain. He rushed over to him but made it look like he was just a Towner. "So what’s up with the crowed?"

07/14/2005 7:30 PM

He moved through the city streets ignoring the looks people gave him. There was something around him that seemed to make everyone know him whether the knew him or not. He looked human enough, if a bit gothic.

He would walk to the center of town and sit softly on the fountain and pull one leg up to set the ankle on his knee and pulled out a block of wood and began carving on it with a dagger. His fingers long and delicate given a quick delicate flciks of the wrist to carve on it. It wasn't long before it was obvious that the carving was of a wolf... and a rather big one from the definition that was beginning to come in. (that'd be the one your leading around)

He would carve until a familiar scent caught his nose. It had been a while since that man had come to him. He was one of the few men that had hunted him for the bounty on his head that he had left alive. He sniffed lightly on the air and looked up those jade eyes slowly moving to lock on him.

He thought that wolf seemed familiar. He smiled and spoke softly in that strange ever overly soothing sounding tone. "Hello there. Its been a while bounty hunter. Good to see you have healed." He was smiling with true sincerity. It was such an odd thing that he not feel uptight around all these people. Could it be arrogance, or egotism, or was it that he simply felt that people didn't want to harm him, or maybe he knew something he never let on.

07/14/2005 8:10 PM

"Well I see you still remember me"

07/16/2005 7:50 PM

((can you please try to put just a bit more behind your posts..... pleeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee for me -hires a cute girl to look cute to convince him- ))

He smiled softly and nodded slowly starting with light and careful cuts onto the piece of wood carefully carving ever delicate hair on the wolf. It was quite intricate work especially for a man that was paying almost no attention to what he was doing.

He looked at him again and spoke soflty. "Good to see you recovered from all you injuries. I can assume your not here for the price on my head this time?"

07/16/2005 8:15 PM

((Yeah I can I just din't know what to put then lol))

"So the rumers are true there is a bounty for you. Yes they have healed but I am not here for you head I want a remach." His wolf started to growl. "Hush Namok" with those words said the wolf just stod there with out a sound but in its eyes he was almost trying to per into the mans soul and tear it up. "Namok go" He yelled and the wolf ran. "So were was I oh yes I want a remach here and now."

07/16/2005 9:11 PM

He looked at the man and nodded slowly. He would toss the carving of the mans pet wolf to him and stand slowly. He moved in a smooth soft motion that definately showed his noble raisings.

He looked around slowly at the people all terrified of what would happen if this demon prince started fighting for real in the middle of the city. His feet would slowly lift from teh ground as he began to float up into the air. Those jade eyes were glowing softly as eh started flying toward the edge of town. "Let us exit this town so that no one gets hurt."

07/16/2005 9:48 PM

Starts to flot in the air "So where do you want to do this" He held the Wolf scolpture in his hands "Your perty good at this. Last time we ment I never go tyour name and you never got mine so why don't we have a proper intro." He turns to face him. "The name's Ky Unitch of the Unitch clam. The very clan that swor to bring you down."

07/17/2005 11:24 AM

He stopped in the air outside the town looking over at his oppenet before soflty lowering to the ground. His wooden heels softly clicking into the dirt as he looked up at the man. "I am Longsii, prince of planets."

His eyes were glowing softly as he looked at the man. His hand was softly beginning to glow under his hand as he prepared for the fight. His personal energy signature would mask the spell completely.

"It is a pleasure to see you gain."

07/18/2005 8:04 AM

"Same gose here so tell me how long has it been."

Ky just floted there letting the wind speek to him. As he floted there he could here the whispers of the villagers. One he hered was a young boy maybe about the age of 7. "Mommy looky in the air they can fly."

"So were should we go for the remach?"

07/18/2005 8:23 PM

He looked up from the ground outside the city. "Here in the plains outside the city."

He waited for his oppenet to lower down still charging that powerful spell waiting on him so they could start their fight. "Please lets hurry this up. I have a long day ahead of me. "

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