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07/07/2005 7:16 PM

It has been two years since America saw the so called nuclear fall of Racoon City. Since no one knew of Umbrellas cover up, people lived in peace, not knowing of the horror that the city went threw. Umbrella thought they got rid of the T-virus, but they didnt. They blindly let it pass the gates that they sealed. The first insight of the virus returning was when a group of boy scout campers from wisconsin were seen dead at their camp sight, rip to shreads. That lead to the riot of Iowa, then to the destruction of New York City. This time Umbrella has gone to far, now the virus is around the continet, nothing to seal it. The second outbreak has begun.........

1)Follow the story, you can have your own character and place him whereever, but he/she must eventually meet up with one or more of the other characters or my character
2)No corny special powers(this is reisdent evil, not DBZ)
3) Be creative, and have fun

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07/08/2005 7:26 AM

Rick Hoodlin hadn't slept for days. Everydays the same, he sits on his roof waiting for some rescue. All he has is a few rifle rounds and his hunting rifle.

"Damnit, why won't any one show!" Rick punched the hard slate of the roof in anger. Breathing heavy, Rick begins to think of the Racoon City incident. He knew deep down something went wrong. Everyone knows something went wrong, every part of the US is infested with those "things". Out of trance, Rick quickly turned towards a screeching noise. He looked down and saw a car veering in every direction, trying to shake off the zombies that were attached.

The car crashed into a lamp post, spilling over, the driver crawled out but was trampled by a pack of zombies, they ate at him like raw meat. *BANG* *BANG* Rick let out two shots killing two of the zombies, sighing he layed the gun down and fell flat on his back. "Its no use, hes dead"

Looking up he couldn't tell if the sky was moving or something was up there. Yes! a helicopter, Shooting up, Rick starting waving his hand, the Helicopter started to fly towards Rick, he heard someones voice.

09/13/2005 2:50 PM

Dizzy, please look at the date at which UGA_fan33 posted. It has been inactive since then and UGA_fan33 is gone as far as I know. Your just posting in an abandoned thread.

Also, please use capitalization when your posting. And don't forget to use paragraphs either.

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