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07/07/2005 6:29 PM

It has been three years since the War of Aeons has started. This war was started by many things and people. Five years ago a small group of Aeons had descended upon the world. They were not used like all other Aeons. They were thought of as all powerful. Soon after they arrived a peninsula the size of Montana sank into the middle of the sea and vanished. It took many villages and people along with it. Because of that the people thought that the Aeons could be used as weapons. Soon all the countries sent out mass armies of tens of thousands. Already knowing of what has happened the Aeons thought they would do this. They left and scattered across the World in what they thought as secured locations. But yet in the next two years they were found and taken by many countries and governments. But yet there was a select few Aeons who were not captured. These Aeons were not found. Only one of them were but this one had a magical barrier surrounding the area it was secluded in that was thought of as could not be taken down. This Aeon along with the rest were thought of as even more powerful then the ones captured.

The countries that had captured Aeons used them as threats to take over other lands. There were six countries left ruling the world. These countries names were Elnia the country on the western part of the continent Firion, Kornia the country on the east side of Firion, Lebinon the country on the eastern part of the continent of Haradum, Oliny the country on the west side of Haradum, Aranimy the country placed on an island in between the size of half of Greenland and 3 quarters of Greenland, and finally the country of Jarnim which sat on two islands that almost completely made the shape of a donut when seen from a high area in the sky with a small island in the middle of the two. This country was mainly a huge resort and attraction area. This country remained neutral because all of the other countries got benefits from owning part of the entertainment companies on the islands. Then one day Oliny attacked a small village on the border edge of Aranimy. This erupted into a war between the two countries. Then soon the other countries joined in on the fight. They each wanted to take over their lands and more importantly capture their Aeons(hence the name War of Aeons). In the next year Aranimy learned how to use the Aeon as a weapon against the neighboring countries. They locked the Aeon in a special chamber in which its elemental energy would be taken out of its body and compressed to be used as cannon fire. These created explosions the size of nuclear bombs and more compare to how much energy they compressed. Soon the other countries learned how to use their Aeons as weapons as well. Oliny used the cannon idea. The other countries used different methods. Such as use their powers to make magical barriers at borders and major cities. These barriers would do such things as poison anyone who came from the outside of the barrier. Also there were many other things and the countries created multiple ways to use them. During this hundreds of thousands of people died.

Many chaotic and deadly creatures have come about lately. Many beasts once imagined were now roaming the land and killing at will. Mutated animals of all kinds, giant phoenixes, Chimeras, and even dragons. None know who or what caused this to happen. Only to think once again this was caused by the Aeons. As these creatures multiplied in numbers the countries as well seized many of them to use during the war. There were few that were safe. This was the time that most people have been killed during the war. This was known as the Chaos Struggles of the War of Aeons.

The countries of Elnia and Kornia were once a single country. The name was Elkornia. There was two leaders though since the country took up much land and had a population well over 400 million. But yet there was tensions between the two leaders. Also it did not help much that they were brothers that were separated when their parents got divorced. They were known as Charles Brook and James Campbell. The reason of their names being different is because soon after their parents got divorced James’s mother changed his name to make sure she never heard of her ex-husband’s name again. While separated the brothers did not talk, write, or call each other. This made each of them angry. As they grew up many more things happened that created even more tension between them. Then they both ran for president as the two top candidates. This angered them very much. They were both noticed for their many charities and non-profit organizations that they worked with and how well they did as managers and leaders of many important companies. They tied in the end and agreed on a co-presidency. They agreed that Charles would control the western part and James would control the eastern part. Over the years they got mad at each other many times for doing something for their part of the country that the other thought was a very bad choice or something that would wreck their economy. Soon the two parts of the country separated. Elkornia was a land that had been in many wars that showed by its large land coverage and huge population. Many men and women that lived in the country knew that the country often gets into wars and uses that as a way to volunteer for the military and get money. At the time that is known as the Great Separation the army had over500,000 men in it. About300,000 were from the east since there was more of a population their. So when the country separated Charles knew that he was at a disadvantage and James was just waited for a time to attack. Then the War of Aeons let loose and James got his chance. He soon attacked and took over an important stronghold on the border of Elnia.

Lebinon was a country that had much peace in its past. After the Great War of Tibiro Lebinon went into a time of peace for over 200 years. Its reign of peace ended during the War of Aeons when rumors about a secret meeting between them and Kornia were sent around the world. Their leader Naru Blackhand was furious at this. They never had no secret meeting. They disliked each other. But before they could say anything their greatest ally Elnia attacked them. This forced Lebinon to side with Kornia which created the largest army in the world. It consisted of about 550,000 men. They were almost impossible to defeat.

Oliny has had one family rule for its entire history. The family of Gyato had passed down the ruling and dictatorship of the country since they ruled. The father would pass it down to the son who seemed most fit to rule and bring the country into great compromise and democracy. But yet the race for the ruling of the country was so competitive that they ended up most of the time killing their father and each other. Most of the rulers were horrible men who thought of only power though. They made everyone do their bidding. They took the children away quickly once they became of the age of 8 and once they were of the age of 10 or 11 based upon their height and strength they would automatically be enlisted in the army and trained as hard as they could or else they would become slaves to the emperor or one of his advisors. This created a strong but cowardly army. Most of the children were just given short swords instead of guns because of a worldwide shortage of gun powder and other necessities of guns. Oliny was not always a huge country. After the death of the great Hiata Gyato the countries many regions got quickly taken over by rival countries cause of the lack of leadership by his sons.

Aranimy was just a small region in the country of Oliny. Near the end of the great emperor Hiata Gyato’s rule the region rebelled and left the country for good after many years of serving under the empire. They created their own country and quickly began to prosper. They tried hard not to get into many wars with their rival country or any others. Yet it was inevitable and they soon found out that they had a strong people in the ways of war. Many great generals that used to serve under the emperor left with the region to form a country. After all this time Aranimy has the second most powerful army in the world next to Kornia.

Jarnim has always been a place of excitement and fun. When it was first settled many strange but yet interesting things happened. Such as huge red waves that attacked the shores and many deadly fish that had a shape of a crescent moon on their bodies that attacked settlers. Once the happenings started to stop people started to make rides and amusement areas based upon what happened and what rarely happens. It soon created a great place and basically turned the country into one big amusement park. As the country grew and gained money all the other big countries bought some of the stocks of the country but they were not able to get much since in costs millions for a single stock. Jarnim never though got into war since most countries benefitted much off them.

The war started off as a fight between Oliny and Aranimy. Both asked for help by other countries and Kornia came just to attack Elnia. Elnia soon joined in as well but yet nether had chosen what side. Then Lebinon joined in with Elnia and they both attacked Kornia. Knowing that they could not win against them Kornia soon sent out a rumor that there was a secret meeting between them and Aranimy. Even though Elnia had been good allies with them since they formed Elnia attacked Aranimy before the country could say anything. Aranimy had to join Kornia and fight against its long time ally. Then with this happening Oliny joined with Elnia and Lebinon and attacked Aranimy at full strength.

The weaponry of the time is somewhat modern but yet a little farther into the future with such things as the Aeon Cannon and such. Except they have the gunpowder shortage and other things so many of the men have started to use swords and bows and things from old. All Aeons except the nine new Aeons. You can create your own for summoning and even think of what the nine so-called Legendary Aeons should be like.

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07/07/2005 6:46 PM

Lee walked along the countryside thinking to himself. Why did he deserve this? why did his parents die? Was god trying to test me? Or was it something else.

He got over a hill and sees a huge city.

"Cycrin. The most impossible and dangerous place to live in world and yet people keep coming. I see that they are still using that Aeon Cannon that they created. I wonder what would happen if they took all of the Aeons power and compressed it. Probably a total system failure and an explosion that would be bigger than the entire region."

He climbed down the hill and headed into the city. He came by numerous people as he entered. He then hears a woman yelling.

"He took my child! He took my child!! HELP!!!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Lee quickly took out his staff and threw it in the air. Then he grabbed it and as the man ran by him one of the blades went through his neck instantly killing him.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." she said

"Do not pity with your sayings of gratitude." He says as his blades go back into his staff puts it on his back and walks away.

07/07/2005 11:14 PM

Chrono Elbereth was an Outcast. He seemed on the outside to be a normal adventurer, a sword strapped to his side, his hair uncombed and messed by recent battles. In fact there was only one single reason why he was an outcast at all; His chosen profession. Chrono was a Summoner, He had learnt how to summon and command Aeons with the full intent of using his power for the greater good. The common folk just didnt understand, when the word Aeon was mentioned all they saw was the great Aeon cannon and the wars that were happening all around.

Chrono was heading towards Cycrin, His purpose was in the centre, the Aeon Cannon. He didnt know exactly what he would do, would he try to destroy it? would he try to use it? All the 22 year old Summoner knew was that he needed to be in this city...

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07/08/2005 3:56 PM

(OOC: yes it is any one can summon them but you will have a better skill at it and you will be able to summon more powerful ones. It is the same with magic and spellcasters. Also put your character bio in the OOC page.)

Finally, he was in Cycrin. He was sent as an assasin by the Olinian prime minister. No one else knew of the meeting between the two or what the prime minister was doing. But the prime minister wanted Lee to kill the Aranian leaders. This would send the country into a state of panic and would weaken the country from the inside. Lee headed straight toward the city square. As he walked he saw many poor and homeless people and parentless children. He pitied them and their horrible lives. He remembers him having to grow up the same way. He now understands what rich people are like. They are ignorant fools who care for no one but themselves. They would rather have 20 people massacred before they give up a fraction of their money. He decided soon after he ran away from his foster home that he would kill those who deproived him of a life and those who do not care for others lives.

He looks up to the sky as he walks and says "They shall all die."

07/09/2005 5:17 PM

he gets to the city square and looks at the tall AGM or Aranian Government and Military building that sits across the river that goes through the town square. He then sees exactly how merciless people are. A family of four dressed in rags is trying to get money from people. One of the front gaurds of the AGM building comes over. Lee could not hear what he was saying to them but then he saw the guard kill all of them even the children.

"You shall die later." Lee whispers

He then runs into a building near the AGM building. Many people yelled and screamed but he just ignored them. he ran to the roof and looked over the edge and saw the cars go by. He then walks back and turns around. he runs as hard as he could and jumps off the edge. He falls down about three stories before he grabs onto a ledge. He gets ontop of the ledge and looks down upon the traffic below again. He was up many floors many more than he felt like counting. He then looks into the building and vaguegly sees a few people walking around as he trys to look over a statue of a person laying down.

07/10/2005 11:14 PM

Arevar tailed close behind his companion, keeping a wary eye on anyone that could become a possible threat. A few years ago, Arevar had saved Chrono from an angry mob that had found out his true identity. The two had spent the time since them in each other's company. His two axes were buckled to his upper arms; the heads were near his shoulder while the shaft extended down past the elbow. His forest green cloak clung tightly to his lean figure.

"How do you suppose we get to this… Cannon?" Arevar had begun to stroke at the hairs on his chin as he followed behind Chrono. "I doubt they will let us walk right up to it." The man laughed aloud as the preposterous vision of them walking right up to the destructive weapon as the guards parted for them entered his mind.

07/12/2005 8:30 PM

Lorie stood on top of a building looking over at the cannon. His small black backpack contained three small explosive charges which were to be placed on the support struts of the cannon, effectively knocking it over and crushing it. His djars rested in their sheaths on his thighs, waiting to end lives. Lorie turned to the edge of the building and began climbing down the side of it head first. He reached the bottom and flitted soundlessly into an alley way, heading for the complex.

07/12/2005 11:12 PM

As Chrono and Arevar entered the city, Arevar asked "How do you suppose we get to this Cannon?, I doubt they will let us walk right up to it." Chrono thought about this for a while.
"I really don't know, Something will come along, I know it" the pair walked on silently through the crowded streets. A young boy accidently ran into Chrono's legs as the pair advanced. He yelped as he hit and fell to the ground. Chrono crouched down and helped the boy to his feet.
"I'm so sorry!" he said quickly and moved to the side to continue on
"Don't worry about it, I should have been looking too" Chrono said and watched as the boy ran off. Suddenly a thought hit him and a picture formed in his imagination. Chrono watched in his head as an explosion ripped through the base of the cannon, breaking all the surrounding supports. The huge metal creation then tilted and fell on it's side, smashing directly into a populated area of the city, crushing housed and starting fires. The imagined screams were more than enough to convince Chrono.
"Arevar, We must not destroy the cannon. I will not take a part of something that could place hundreds in danger, or even kill them. Kill people like that boy who just ran into me..."Chrono wasn't sure what Arevar's reaction would be so he stopped and turned to his companion. "If we are to stop it, we must permanently disable it instead..."

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07/12/2005 11:25 PM

Lorie crouched by the fence surrounding the cannon. The fence was electrified by either magic or technology, he could hear the hum. With a slight hiss, he Jumped onto a wall and propelled himself over the fence, landing on a support cable and hanging from it with a slight swing. He hung by his legs over a walk way, his djars in his hands. a guard walked under him and was suddenly lifted by his slit throat. Lorie dropped down a minute later dressed like a cannon guard. He shrugged his back pack on as he walked deeper into the complex. He would shut this damn thing down if it required his life.

07/13/2005 9:05 AM

Lee trys to open the window but it is electronically shut. He then takes oiut his blade staff and uses one of the blades to cut a hole in the window for him to get in. He grabs the cut off piece of glass and puts it on the ledge. It would seem no one heard him. Not surprisingly since he was on the cafetiria floor. Everyone was talking. He quickly go thtrough the hole and hid behind the statue. He barely looked over to see where the elevator and stairs were. He noticed that the elevator was on the other side of the room. There would be no way he could get past everyone without them noticing him. He then saw the stairs not far to his right. He slowly crawled his way over there as not to be seen. He then quickly ran up the stairs and hid behind the wall. He heard no one coming after him. He headed up the stairs quickly and quietly. He got to the next floor and noticed that only two guards were on this floor one guarding the elevator and one checking the two flights of stairs. One of them was about to come around the corner so Lee got out his blade staff. As the one turned the corner Lee stabbed him in the head and took his body and hid it behind the corner. He then quickly ran up to the back of the other one and stabbed him in the back. He then headed into the elevator and went to the office floor.

07/13/2005 1:12 PM

Lorie landed on the first support strut. He had scaled a wall and jumped to it, landing easily by the main beam. He placed the small charge in an angle made by two pieces of scaffold and set the timer for three and a half half an hours. With a grunt he slid down a ladder and puffed to the ground. There was A slight gasp as a guard saw him, but he was suddenly unzipped and left to bleed to death. Lorie shoved the djar back into its sheath and turned to the next support strut. It was a ten minute run there, but only a five minute run to the third support. Only three had to be destroyed to make the cannon fall over. He had three hours and ten minutes to get away from the blast. He could make it. Easily. He arrived at the support strut and scaled up to a height of twenty feet, sliding the charge into another angle. He jumped off and sprinted for the next support. The other two charges would detonate when the first one did, they would be set off by the blast. He didnt want to be here for the explosion. Let alone carrying one of the bombs. With expert grace he ran as far up the third strut as he could with his momentum and expertly placed his last charge on the last part. He dropped down to the ground and sprinted for the compound edge, removing a guard's head as he passed. He reached the fence and simply jumped, barely clearing the fence and landing on his back on the other side of the fence. With a sigh, he jumped up and removed the guard out fit, before heading towards his groups hideout.

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07/13/2005 5:16 PM

Chrono and his companion neared the entrance to the Cannon. A large metal gate, which joined to a fence of equal size blocked the summoner from his target. Chrono stopped and unsheathed his sword. He held up his hand and signaled to Arevar "Hold up a sec, we can't just go barging in, let me see what I can find" In his training in the art of summoning Aeons, he had also been taught some magic, just a few useful spells. Chrono held his sword vertically infront of his chest and began to spin it, the edge swinging down past his left hip then up and down again past his right hip. As the sword spun, Chrono gathered his MP and concentrated what he needed into his weapon. Suddenly stopping the sword as it was straight above his head, Chrono cast his 'Detect' spell. A white light appeared on the weapon's tip and the caster concentrated on the complex infront of him. Images flooded his head.
~A constant Thundaga spell had been cast on the gate~
~Around half of the guards had been brutally killed~
~A Flash of Black clothes flew past the Supports of the Cannon~
~At least one Explosive device was on the Cannon~
Chrono could not detect anything else as the spell was losing power. He desperatly wanted to know what that flash He had seen was but couldn't. Chrono turned to Arevar and informed him of what lay ahead of them.
"Arevar, The fence is electrified with a spell but someone or something has gotten past and killed about half of the guards around the cannon. It also has planted what I think could be a bomb. We Can't let that explosive go off! Come, Follow me"
Chrono led Arevar to an alleyway and began his sword movements to summon the second Aeon he recieved during his teaching; Valefor....

07/14/2005 12:54 PM

With a grunt he slid down a ladder and puffed to the ground. There was A slight gasp as a guard saw him, but he was suddenly unzipped and left to bleed to death.

After five minutes without the guards reporting in alarms began to sound, since more than one had not reported in. These men had been warned of the consequences if they didnt report in, but it wasnt that hard, all they had to do was speak to the two way intercom they had. The government officals heard the alarm, and the more important ones were rushed to the safe house building, which was closer to the Aeon cannon than the meeting room was, but it had more security. All the officials were demanding to know why the meeting had been interrupted, and the Cannon building attendants were trying to explain. Which resulted in a very loud main room, not good for listening for any strange sounds.

Misana let the men work off their aggitation and fear with their yelling, and left to go to a room with windows facing the plant. She sat on the edge of a sill, watching the outside. She internally groaned as she heard the yells getting louder and more heated. Officials loved to yell...Why they did she wouldn't know. Then she saw two figures at the fences of the Cannon. They weren't workers there..so why were they there? She opened the window and looked out it, trying to see what the two figures are up to.

They were just standing there...Could they have just been inside the Cannon compound, killing all those guards? Who knew...She looked back to the main room, then out the window again, wondering if she should go investigate. She might even have a chance to get free of this job, and let her little sister take over...Funny way this job worked..the President usually had one of the girls in her family be his assitant, it had been like that for generations...

Throwing caution to the wind she climbed out the window and down the cheap and badly built lattice, trying to climb down quickly as possible for fear of the thing breaking even under her slight weight. She made it to the ground safely and silently darted off towards the two figures at the edge of the fence.

07/14/2005 2:23 PM

Lorie had turned back. There had been rumblings about an alarm and he was to protect the detonation at all costs. With silent grace he stalked a pair of people moving around the complex fence. He had seen the detect spell and heard what one had said. He wouldn't let them keep this cannon running. It had to be shut down for the good of the world. He leapt over them soundlessly and landed on the other side of the fence, on the roof of an out building. He was in the blast radius but there was still a few hours left to stop these two. He watched them calmly, resting his hands on his djars. He hated using magic but he guessed hed have to with this pair.

07/14/2005 4:44 PM

Lee gets to the office floor and takes out the guards by the elevator. He runs down the hall and stabs a guard in the forehead as he comes around the corner. He was guessing with the alarm going off they may be in the meeting room which is more protected then their offices. He sees no guards in front of the door. He opens the door and sees no one. Just a bunch of undone papers and half full coffee cups. He ran out of the room and guessed that they may be on the top floor. He ran up the stairs and saw two guards in front of a door in which takes up the entire floor. The guards shoot at him but he jumps above them and slashes straight down the middle of one of them. He then turns around and slices off the head of the other. He trys to open the door but it is locked hard. he then uses his blade staff to ply open the door. He then kills the two guards on the other side. The leaders all stare at him.

"What the hell are you doing?!!" The President says.

"What I was told to do." He says calmly as he cuts off the head of one of the leaders.

07/14/2005 10:49 PM

Lorie looked absently at the fence. With a sudden inspiration, he cast his own thunder spell on it, amping the juice enough for it to arc out at the two figures. He was unfortunately backlit by the natural version of the spell and had to move onto the cannon's minor support lattice. There was a light creak, as the lattice wasnt really supposed to handle any extra weight and was already rusty and full of loose parts. It was a wonder it hadnt keeled over already. With another leap, he came to another minor support building, landing with another puff of dust from the gritty roof. He watched the pair's next moves from there.

07/15/2005 5:58 PM

Chrono had almost completed the summoning when a man in black dashed down and landed infront of him and Arevar.
"Must be some sort of specialist Guard or something" Chrono said as he halted the summoning sequence and adopted a battle stance of his own creation. His legs were apart on a diagonal, knees bent just enough to be noticeable. His Sword, still glowing slightly blue as the MP that had been gathered returned to its owner, was held at head height, the blade creating a line aross Chrono's face, just beneath his eyes. Chrono did not like fighting other humans, A thought entered about not fighting but was quickly overcome with the firey explosion of the cannon. Chrono's eyebrows lowered as he prepared himself internally for his enemy's attack.
"Ready Arevar? We can take this guard no problems"
The Pair's enemy Cast a Black Magic spell, Probably Thundara but possibly Thundaga, on the fence. The clash of electricity created a flashing yellow and azure bolt of pure energy that headed directly for the trio. The Man in Black Dashed into the air and over the fence, leaping backward until he reached the base of the Cannon, where he clung.
Arevar stepped backwards quickly to a safe distance but Chrono did not move. He had faced situations similar to this before. The Electricity headed directly for him, Common sense inside him screamed 'Move you idiot!' but Chrono pushed it it aside and stood fast. when the bolt was almost at him, he pushed out his sword into the bolt and let his metallic blade take the electricity. The weapon's hilt had been designed with a similar use, It had a coating of a non-conducting polymer. It's original purpose was to be electically charged, hense the need for the polymer but when Chrono bought his one, he opted not to have the enchantment.
The energy flowed into the metal but there was too much to contain. Chrono desperately searched his mind for a possible way to remove the energy. A lamp post to his left was within arms reach. Chrono had an idea.
His arms strained as he pulled his sword across him, directing the bolt. Metal hit metal as the weapon connected with the post, turning on the light above and subsequently all the other lights in the street. The energy couldnt be all used and bulbs above began exploding all around and then, just as Chrono was about to loose control, the energy stopped. Someone seemed to have disabled the fence, and therefore, saved the summoner's life. Clothes singed and still slightly smoking, Chrono sighed and fell to the ground. His right arm was twitching badly.

07/15/2005 6:18 PM

Lorie shot off of the cannon, skipping like a stone over the building that the power housing was in. The fence had shorted with the massive energy load. He landed in front of Crono, his djars held in a combat stance that could flex either offensively or defensively equally.

"I'm under orders to support and protect the destruction of this cannon. You can either run from the blast or fight me and die, either way the cannons exploding if I can help it."

He glared at Arevar in case he moved offensivly. He was preparing to cast some sort of spell at the same time. He had the perfect one. some fire would greatly add to the burns the summoner had already acquired from his short jolt of electricity. He realised he could electrify the nearest charge, that would set off the cannon.

07/15/2005 8:49 PM

As the leaders stared at him a huge blast comes out of the cannon. The shell from it quickly comes out of Lee's sight range. He then jumps onto the long table in the middle of the room and starts killing multiple foes. As he finishes killing the Vice President he hears and notices a lightning strike outside near the cannon. He knew that one like that would not happen in the same way. It would have to be some form of a thunder spell. Most likely Thundara. He ignores it and goes back to killing the leaders one after another. As Lee kills them the President pushs a red button underneath his desk but Lee does not notice. Finally Lee gets done with the Minister and the rest of the leaders.

He then comes up to the back of the President and is about to kill him when the President says "I doubt you would want to kill me. It would cost more than your life."

Just then four guards and two automatic motion sensitive mini turrets come up out of a hidden elevator.

"Put down your weapon and get away from the President." One of the guards says.

"Sorry but I am not going to pass up 20 million gil." Lee says.

"Fire." The guard says

Lee backflips in the air just barely before on of the guards shoot a shotgun. The bullets go straight under Lee if as in slow motion and hit the president in the head. The president falls off his chair onto the ground.

"Fine then. I guess I have not killed the Prez. You did. One of his guards killed him." Lee says before he charges at the guards.

The mini turrets go off as he runs. He charges as he swerves in and out. He then jumps and stabs one of the guards in the head and as he pulls his blade staff out of the guards head he kicks his body with both legs and the body crashes out the window and falls to the street many stories below. The guards look in amazement. The miniguns go off again and he flips over the guard next to him and slices one mini turret in half.
The guards shoot at him with machine guns. He trips one of the guards and the guard kills both of the other two. Then Lee stabs the last guard in the mouth. He then takes it out. He finally picks up the mini turret and throws it out the window. As it hits the ground it smashes into many pieces. Lee quickly runs out of the room and to the elevator.

07/15/2005 9:23 PM

Arevar stepped back and pulled an arrow from the quiver on his back as he drew his longbow with his remaining free hand. The ranger notched the arrow and drew back. The bow twanged as the man released the arrow, sending it towards the Black Magic caster. The arrow shied away from the mark to connect firmly in the caster's shoulder, a stream of red liquid gushed from the wound to cascade down the caster's robes.

Arevar had already begun to draw a second arrow before the first had even found its target.

07/15/2005 9:36 PM

Lorie snarled in pain, cutting the shaft off of the arrow and ducking under the second shot, shooting himself forewards and slashing upwards at the ranger's stomach. The pain in his shoulder wasnt the worst hed ever felt and he could ignore it. His other Djar imitated the first, aiming to make train tracks eight inches deep in the man.

07/17/2005 2:46 PM

As Lee went down the elevator a huge siren came from atop the building that could be heard miles beyond the city limits. Soon a message came over the intercoms in the building.

"Someone has killed the president and the other important officials. Repeat someone has killed the president and the other important officials. Stop and check all elevators, stairways and other areas the assasin could of got out of." The voice said.

Soon after hearing that Lee cut a hole in the ceiling of the elvator and got on top of it. the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened below. The guards shot in before looking. They checked the elevator but did not see Lee.

"Sir he is not on the main elevator." One of them said over a walkie talkie.

Lee cuts the wire holding the elevator and the elevator drops with the guards and smashs on the bottom. Lee could see the bodies of the guards below covered in rubble. He slowly climbs down the wire. He gets to the bottom floor. He kicks open the door and swings onto the ledge. He gets up and sees quite a few men in front of the door. He jumps high and gets to the front door. He quickly runs and smashes through the glass. He keeps running as the guards chase him down. Most of them have swords but some have guns. As he runs he notices three figures by the pillars of the cannon.

07/17/2005 10:47 PM

Lorie saw movement out of the corner of his eye but continued his attack on the ranger, pushing more force into the move.

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07/18/2005 12:10 AM

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Arever quickly countered the move and jumped back out of range before regarding his opponent. The ranger rushed back into battle, his twin axes flying in short arcs in front of him, pressing his opponent steadily and patiently waiting for any hole in his defense.

(OOC: Out of town for a few.)

07/18/2005 12:48 AM

Lorie blocked the axes with two angry thrusts of his djars, deflecting them and going for the ranger's throat with his weapons. The cannon was ticking down slowly and he would hinder this man at every turn to protect its explosion.

07/18/2005 6:09 AM

As he runs Lee slides and turns around towards the guards. He got into a defensive stance used mainly for spear type weapons. As the guards charged him he threw his blade staff at a line of guards on the right side. The Blade staff went almost all the way through the first guard and it flew him back and ended up killing the two behind him. This created a huge hole in their defense. Then a guard charged at Lee alone while the others looked at the bodies. The guard tried to stab him but Lee just stepped to the side and dodged it. He then grabbed the back of the guards neck and his shirt and lifted him. He spun him around and threw him at the other guards. Lee picked up the scimitar that the guard dropped. He then got into a defensive counter stance.

07/22/2005 8:51 PM

The ninja seemed to have ignored Chrono and was concentrating on attacking Arevar. Chrono took this fact to his advantage and got to his feet and slunk back into the shadows of an alleyway. After quickly casting a cure spell to keep his health at a reasonable level, Chrono began the movements of another summoning but was determined to keep it quiet so noone would notice.

A Flash of lightning came from around the corner and with a snort, A large horse stepped out. Chrono instantly recognised it as his Ixion summon and walked up to it. He stroked the side of it's mane and then dashed up onto it's back. Chrono bent down to Ixion's ear and told him the plan. Ixion let out a loud neigh as lightning flashed from the giant scythe-like blade on it's forehead and then dashed out of the alleyway towards the enemy.

Ixion's giant hooves rattled the cobblestones as he galloped at the man in black, stopping just short of crashing into him. He leaned back on his hind legs and kicked the ninja into a wall then lowed his head so the sharp point of his blade was sitting just above his collarbone, ready to slash open his enemy's neck at his masters command.

Chrono looked down at the man in black and said: "Yeild! You are defeated. Surrender and we will let you go without harm but if you choose to continue to protect this weapon of mass destruction, I will have no choice but to...." His voice faded off and Ixion gave another snort, clearly indicating what would happen. "We are going to destroy this Cannon no matter who gets in our way, Millions of lives are on the line here..."

07/23/2005 8:50 PM

Lorie's lip curled upwards. He had a trick up his sleeve but something the summoner had said....

"What the hell do you think I'm doing here? Taking a tour? I've seen to the cannon."

He looked at the wrist watch he had pilfered recently. This fight had taken a surprisingly long time. There was about an hour left until detonation. He smiled.

"In an hour, our problems will be solved. Provided we're all a mile or so away from here. The Blast will cripple the struts, the cannon will keel over like a domino, effectively squashing the supporting structures and command staff. Ta Ta."

With a puff of gray smoke he dissapeared from under the Aeon's blade, using simple sleight of hand and distraction to move quietly into an alley and around behind the two. He hid there, watching.

07/23/2005 9:06 PM

Ixion dashed forward as the man moved but ended up only stabbing the concrete behind. The ninja had disappeared...
"Arevar! Are you alright?" Chrono called out as he got off Ixion. He dismissed the Aeon and walked over to his companion. "He obviously had the same idea as us but..." Chrono faded off as he thought of the explosion ripping through adults and children alike. "We have to stop whatever he has done and then disable the cannon on our own... I just dont know how to though...."

07/23/2005 9:27 PM

Lorie snarled quietly. With a light gust and a flutter of cloth, he shot up to the roof then back towards the compound of the cannon. He perched on the overloaded fence and began to prepare for a thunder spell to at least accelerate the count down on the bombs. When one blew, they all would.

07/23/2005 9:34 PM

Arevar regarded his companion before he replied. He stroked his neck with a gloved hand, his eyes burning with anger. "Why do you believe that these people deserve to live? You owe them nothing yet you are willing to risk your life for them all!" Arevar turned away from his companion and sighed. His outburst had been sudden, unexpected. He quickly calmed himself and regarded Chrono once more.

"Perhaps we should warn the people," he finally conceded after a moment of strained silence.

07/23/2005 9:42 PM

Lorie began to crackle as he focused the spell through himself. With a sudden shout, the bolt shot out to the nearest bomb. It warbled suddenly with electronic interference and the timer began to speed up. Lorie smiled and looked at the fried wiring that controlled the shut down switches. This bomb was going off tonight. There was a slight sproing as he shot off of the fence and began leaping across rooftops. As he shot over the summoner and the ranger he laughed.

"You've a half hour, maybe twenty minutes. Run."

He moved full out until he figured he was safe and turned to watch the fireworks.

07/23/2005 9:48 PM

"Why do you believe that these people deserve to live? You owe them nothing yet you are willing to risk your life for them all!"

Chrono was suprised by this outburst, Arevar usually seems so reserved. It was almost as if the people of this town had done something to him and he desired revenge. Chrono let out a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak in the peoples defense but was interrupted by Arevar.
"Perhaps we should warn the people,"
Chrono simply nodded in response and began looking around. The speakers above were still blasting their warnings to the base and the surrounding city."The speakers" Chrono said simply

07/23/2005 9:52 PM

Lorie was glaring absently at the nearest speaker. The loud klaxon was giving him a migraine and he still had to sneak past the security measures to return to home base. With a grunt, he smashed his fist into the grill, not even feeling the shock from it. Usually absorbing that kind of voltage would have killed someone, but he was gifted with electricity. He looked at his watch and sat down. This would be good.

07/25/2005 9:25 AM

Lee saw the lightning hit something on the support of the cannon. He focused on it and saw it was a bomb. The lightning had sped it up. He quickly spun the scimitar into the guards. It knocked down a few. Lee quickly ran up and picked up his battle staff. He then ran as hard as he could. He could feel the pressure as he kept going. He heard that tick every second. He did not look back. He just ran for his life. He could care less about these people. They like all others would panick. He just ran. He heard the ticks get louder even though he ran farther away. Then nothing.

07/25/2005 10:13 AM

Lorie heard a muffled whump, followed by two more. He smiled as the cannon supports buckled. It was just a matter of time before the cannon keeled over, crippling it and destroying the Aeon inside. Or at least releasing it. Lorie checked his watch. Pretty soon. People had better be running now or they'd be squashed.

07/25/2005 8:55 PM

That nothingness was then interupted by the great explosion of the cannons support structures. Lee ran and ran knowing that it would crush him. As it toppled over and started crushing numerous buildings Lee saw something. There was a bright light in the barrel.

"An Aeon shell. No... it is going to shoot. The entire city will be destroyed." Lee said as he looked into the barrel.

Lee held up both of his hands as high as he could. He then cast as strong as a Protectara(or whatever it is called) spell. A orb layered with a great amount of magical barriars surrounded him. He did not give up on the running though. He knew that every step he took would save another inch of his life. Then the cannon shot the shell full of Aeon magic and....

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07/25/2005 10:56 PM

Lorie swore. This was gonna suck. He turned and jumped onto a truck headed, hopefully, out of the city. He laid down as flat as he could and began praying. There hadnt been a firring scheduled until next week, what the hell was this about?

"OH shit!"

He clenched up as he heard the cannon warming up.

07/25/2005 11:32 PM

Arevar turned his face skywards as the cannon slowly began its preperations. "This can't be good," he said to his companion. "Perhaps you should just summon up an Aeon that can get us the hell out of here. And fast," he added as he noticed the cannon was almost ready to fire.

07/26/2005 3:05 AM

Chrono desperatly searched his knowledge of magic and summoning for a way out. He needed to survive this but he also needed to protect the people in danger. He had to move upwards, thoughts flashed through his mind. Float? No they wouldnt go high enough. Could a Reflect or a Shell spell contain the explosion? No, not one of this magnitude. Summons, Valefor could take us out of the way...but what could Valefor do to save the city? Chrono suddenly felt a heat by his side, his sword was glowing slightly. He touched it and a memory came back to him...

It was spring. The wind was blowing softly and the trees were just starting to show their buds. Peace reigned in this place. Chrono saw himself lying on the ground panting, obviously exhausted. A man was near by standing in front of the foot of a giant aeon.
"How....How did you...summon such a....powerful....."
"Such trust from the Aeons only comes from experience my young student" said the older man
"Trust? Why do Aeons need trust?" Chrono asked as he began to catch his breath
"The Aeons are not just tools for use Chrono, Aeons are living, breathing beings, just like you and me. They feel pain, they feel joy. They also have the right to choose who they trust and obey. If you can prove yourself to them, they will always willingly obey your every command"
Chrono thought about this and remembered the bad burns he had recieved after he had first managed to summon Ifrit. Chrono sat up and looked at his teacher
"Master, You have to teach me how! There has to be some way to accelerate the process!"
"No Chrono, Trust can only be gained with time" The man turned and began to dismiss his Summon. Chrono sighed and watched it disappear.
"Master, what is that Aeon's name?"
"He is the King of the Dragons and his name is Bahamut"

"Bahamut" The word echoed in Chrono's head, bringing him back to reality. Chrono Knew what he had to do...
Arevar gave him a strange look as if to say "What on earth are you doing?" as Chrono drew his sword and held it in front of his face. Chrono began talking as he swung his weapon in the summoning movements that he knew so well
"I have proven myself to be trustworth of commanding the power of Aeons. Valefor, Aeon of the Wind. Ifrit, Aeon of the Fire. Ixion, Aeon of the Lightning. Shiva, Aeon of the Ice. I now call upon the name of the king of Dragons and humbly ask him for his trust. Come! BAHAMUT!" Chrono finished his sword movements on that final word and held his sword high. Colours flashed all around as the slowly decending Aeon Cannon began it's firing Sequence. "Please...."

Above, in the sky, a giant Black Aeon had arrived. He could see the scene and he knew what was on Chrono's heart. He dived down at near Supersonic speeds and flashed by the ground, grabbing Chrono, Arevar and another man who he had spied. He flew back into the sky and opened his mouth. A ball of energy gathered and was fired at the end of the cannon at almost precisely the same time that the shell was fired. The forces collided and exploded with such a force that Chrono could feel his clothes singeing, even from this distance. Chrono could feel his head getting heavy, his vison was fading fast... As Chrono began to faint in those giant claws, he just managed to see that the entire city was not destroyed. But Chrono had not been able to save those in the area around the explosion....A single tear fell from his eyes for those who perished as the world turned Black around him and he fell into Unconciousness...

OOC:Lol, felt like I was writing a Novel, I was thinking that that third man that Bahamut picked up was Lee but it's fully up to you Demon_King. It could always be someone completely different

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07/26/2005 8:37 AM

(OOC: That was very good. It really was interesting. That is the reason why I added it was about to shoot the magical shell and all to get a suspensful feeling and all. Anyway yeah I will get picked up by Bahamut.)

As I ran and ran with the shell magic feeling closer behind me with every breathe I breathed and every step I ran. I felt like this was my end. I had done so little with my life for me to feel it had meaning. I had killed so many but now it seems like it made no difference. As the shell flew closer to the ground a monster in the shape of a humongus black dragon and flew down and swept me up off the ground with sound breaking speed. As he flew up I felt the air alone tearing my flesh as we went higher and farther. The shell dropped as a ball of condensed magic hit the tip of the barrel. The explosion was even larger than it should have been. No one would survive in the blast as a huge light blinded me and I fell unconsious.

I was dreaming. It was a pleasant dream at that. I had been with my parents. In the middle of the Thornbush festival at a small town in which we lived. I was running and playing. I saw my father's... and my mother's face. They were happy watching me. The Thornbush festival was a festival made to admire when the plants had blossomed to full bloomed and the leaves on the tree started to change color. As I stared at my parents sitting on the bench I noticed that we don't seem like anyone who would be rich. We don't even have any really fancy clothes or expensive ones. I was happy my father and mother did not spoil me like others I have seen before. We lived in that community for the longest time. Until that fateful day when my mother and father were murdered. I did not want to go on with my dream. I wanted it to change to something that was good and would not make him sad. But he had nothing else. No memories of happiness. No dreams of what to become. Nothing. Then his head went blank. He had no dreams after that.

07/26/2005 10:29 AM

Arevar was yanked to his feet as the giant Aeon Bahamut rushed down to the ground to seek out its summoner. The ranger could feel the air beat against his face as he rushed up to meet the clouds, to meet the moon that had once so entranced him. Arevar turned his face downwards, towards the city he had stood in seconds before. The Aeon Cannon was ready to fire, ready to rain down its terror and destruction on an unsuspecting populace.

Arevar's hair began to stand on end; the air around him tingled with magical energy. The great Aeon Bahumat reared back, arms outstretched and head pointing upwards to the heavens. The air around Arevar continued to increase in magical intensity as Bahamut stayed suspended in the air. The Aeon did not as much as let out a feral growl as it whipped its head and arms towards the Aeon cannon. A giant beam of energy flowed freely from the Aeon, seeking out the shell of the mighty Aeon Cannon. The two destructive forces collided and exploded upon impact. The explosion sent a shockwave towards the outlying buildings and street. Where the Aeon Cannon had once stood, there was only a large crater, stretching for a few city blocks.

Arevar fell into unconsciousness.

(OOC: Chrono, that was great. Excellent post.)

07/26/2005 11:53 AM

Lorie heard something explode and turned around to see a great dragon swoop over his head. He gasped as he watched it soar higher and higher, suddenly firing a powerfull beam of energy down on the cannon. There was a brief crackling noise as the two energies met, and then the explosion shook the city. The truck he was sitting on was just in range of the explosion and the concussion detonated the diesil tanks of the vehicle, throwing Lorie skywayds. As he shot upwards, he saw the Aeon Bahamut was holding three people in it's claws. He looked over his shoulder and watched the Aeon in the cannon break free and fly straight into the night sky. Lorie could feel his lifeblood draining from his mangled body, his legs were gone, he was removed from the bottom of his ribs down. The light seemed to be leaving the day as he reached the peak of his flight. Suddenly a large red bird descended on him, gripping his arms in it's claws. The bird looked intensly at him and suddenly Lorie was back, alive in the claws of the great Pheonix. He had freed the Aeon and it would return the favour, he sensed the bird trusted him, but warily. Lorie would have to prove himself to the great life giver. Below the people who had been destroyed were re-appearing as the Pheonix's powers of life spread to the whole city. It must have felt good to bring life after only causing so much destruction. Lorie faded into unconciousness himself as the great bird bore him to the roof of a large sky scraper. With a shriek, the pheonix soared past Bahamut and into the heavens. Lorie lay there for a long time, comatose.

07/26/2005 12:35 PM

Lee woke up from his unconnsiousness only to feel horrible inside from the rememberance of his mother and father. He was still being flown by the dragon. He noticed that there was a large heavy amount of smoke in the air. He then remembered Cycrin and the Aeon Cannon. He looked down and saw nothing but a crater that was three times the size of the city. Then he saw something... no... more than one thing. Many... millions of people were down there.

"What the? Bu... but... but how? How did all those people live?" He said to himself.

He then saw a giant red pheonix that was twice the size of bahamut.

"The Aeon. That is the Phoenix of the Four Suns. Kalamor. It had the power to bring life back. Not create life but heal those who died so they can live once again. But if those who live from it's power don't use it well the Phoenix of the Four Suns... Kalamor will take their lives away just as easily with its power over heat and fire." He said even surprising himself that he knew that. He can't even remember learning that. "How did I...?" He said before the Phoenix looked at him and flew by bahamut. "Oh. That's why."

07/27/2005 5:52 PM

Lee than noticed someone else with him. There was actually two people. They both seemed to have fainted as well. Were they powerful enough to have summoned the great Bahamut... King of Dragons. I stared into the sky as the Great Phoenix of the Four Suns flew quickly past us. I noticed I ended up staring at the sky for a long time. Thinking of nothing. It was the first in a long time where it felt peaceful.

Lee could not grasp the effect of what had just happened. The Aeon Cannon had just been destroyed. One of the most powerful weapons in the world has just been destroyed. All the people survived too. He also freed the Aeon. He knew that the Aeon was not bad as it had healed all those people. Even though most of them had thought it was a dishonorable Aeon. And that is not all. He just killed most of the Aranian Officials. The country will be quickly tooken over once the news spreads to the other countries. They know that without the Aeon Cannon and their leaders the country will be almost seemingly defenseless. He thought still that none of that had anything to do with him. He is just happy that he survived. Thanks to the Bahamut. Then Bahamut flew down to the ground and set us on the ground. He then headed into the sky at ground breaking speed.

07/27/2005 10:15 PM

(OOC: You freed it? Considering I'm the one who blew up the supports. Acctually i think Bahamut freed pheonix. But whatever.)

Lorie awoke too find three people laid out on the ground next to him. People were standing warily nearby. With a grunt Lorie sprang up and dusted himself off. He looked around and recognised the summoner and ranger from earlier. And a strange man he had never seen before.

07/27/2005 10:16 PM

Chrono awoke hours later, startled, as if he'd just had a horrible Nightmare. Bahamut was nowhere to be seen and night had fallen around them. He looked to his left and saw Arevar and some other person that he didnt know sitting beside a fire. Chrono shook his head and tried to recall what had happened...Was it a dream? or had he really summoned Bahamut? Where was he now? And who was this other Man? Chrono let out a groan as he sat up and felt what he suspected was a mild concussion. The other two turned his way, finally noticing that he was awake.

07/27/2005 10:40 PM

"It's about time," Arevar said as he heard Chrono's grunt and turned to see the young man stirring. "We cooked some food, I suggest you eat." The ranger looked his companion over before rising from the fire and taking a bowl of soup to him. "You look pale," he added as he drew nearer. Arevar set the bowl on the ground as he inspected Chrono further.

"Are you alright?" Arevar was squatting beside Chrono; his hand was grasping the summoner by the wrist. "A bit weak but I think you will be fine," the ranger finally replied after a few seconds of monitoring the pulse.

"That.. Aeon. I've never seen anything like it," the ranger was shaking his head as the memories suddenly flooded back. "You did well," the ranger stated with a smile as he cuffed Chrono on the shoulder. "You'd better eat up," he said as he handed the bowl over.

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07/27/2005 10:57 PM

Lorie walked up to the group and cautiously and soundlessly sat near the fire. Before Arevar or Chrono could speak he opened his own mouth.

"Sorry about earlier, I was just following orders."

He looked up at the sky, noting the abscense of both dragon and bird.

"What was that about?"

07/27/2005 11:25 PM

Chrono managed to make his way to the fire where Arevar gave him a bowl filled with what looked like Chrono like pale mud. Chrono almost put it aside but his hunger, which he only just noticed. He took a slurp and was suprised that it tasted nothing like it looked. Chrono turned to Arevar as he congratulated him. Chrono didnt know what to say, He was still suprised at himself....
"Sorry about earlier, I was just following orders." The third Man said
Chrono looked at him, "Sorry about what? I've never seen you before. I'm Chrono by the way, Chrono Elbereth" They shook hands and then the other man, who introduced himself as Lorie, looked up to the sky
"What was that about?" he asked noone in particular
"Well, It was, well at least I THINK it was me, who summoned Bahamut. He saved us three and if I remember correctly, he saved most of the city...But I think thousands must have died in that explosion, even if it did cause less damage to the city" Chrono let out a long sigh

OOC: Just reminding you guys, Chrono fainted before Pheonix came out

Edit: OOC: Oh Hang on, What on earth? I just realised I've made a mistake. When did Lorie arrive at our group? I just realised that it was Lee not Lorie that was talking just then. Hang on, let me fix it all up now

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07/27/2005 11:53 PM

OOC: Aahh now I see, I missed one of the post above. OK I'll do that post again.

Chrono managed to make his way to the fire where Arevar gave him a bowl filled with what looked like Chrono like pale mud. Chrono almost put it aside but his hunger, which he only just noticed. He took a slurp and was suprised that it tasted nothing like it looked. Chrono turned to Arevar as he congratulated him. Chrono didnt know what to say, He was still suprised at himself.... Chrono introduced him to the third person around the fire who shook his hand and introduced himself as Lee. Chrono heard a faint sound behind him, growing louder. The sound of footsteps on dirt. As he turned, he caught a glimpse of Arevar's face with an expression of anger. Chrono spotted the ninja with whom they had fought with before the explosion but Chrono noticed that he was severely weaked, like himself. He seemed to be in the sort of state that one would be after a Phoenix Down was used on them. He showed his palms as he held his hands at shoulder level, He was clearly not after a fight. None of them were in any condition to fight at the current moment.
"Sorry about earlier, I was just following orders"
Although Chrono did not trust him, the three allowed him to join them around the fire.
The new arrival looked up at the sky "What was that about?"
Chrono was first to give an answer. "Well, It was, well at least I THINK it was me, who summoned Bahamut. He saved us three and if I remember correctly, he saved most of the city...But I think thousands must have died in that explosion, even if it did cause less damage to the city" Chrono let out a long sigh. "How on earth did you escape that explosion? You couldn't have gotten out of the blast area in time"

07/28/2005 12:00 AM

Lorie smiled, holding his hands just below his sternum.

"I didnt and was vaporised from here down when the truck I was riding blew up from the cuncussion. Everyone in the city died in the cannon's explosion if they survived the shockwave. The Aeon in that cannon was the Pheonix. Brought everyone back."

He began polishing his djars on his clothes, trying to remove the dried blood from the guards around the cannon.

07/28/2005 12:08 AM

"Ph-Pheonix? And it Brought everyone back? Everyone?" Chrono could hardly believe what he was hearing...

OOC: hey Demon_King, I just realised, doesnt that mean that the President and all the leaders and guards are also back to life too? Looks like ya did all that work for nothing!:P

07/28/2005 12:15 AM

"Everyone. At least everyone killed in the blast. If Everyone ever to die here was brought back, well there wouldnt be room to swing a dead cat."

Lori grumbled as he looked up at the sky again. What was he to do now.

(OOC: Yeah, but they dont have anything to run their administration out of now.)

07/28/2005 1:29 PM

"Well... first off I guess I must introduce myself." Lee says as he takes a bit of soup cooking over the open fire. "I am Lee Havorik. I must say that this explosion thing didn't exactly work out me. I just killed the president and the other high officials before the expolsion happened. Then the Phoenix got released and healed everyone. That would have brought the president back. But I guess that Kalamor... the Phoenix had not brang them. I doubt that even that creature would bring someone that captured it and put it in that chamber to be used as a weapon back to life."

He then went back to eating his soup. He looked around a bit making sure no one was around other than the four. He than thought about the Phoenix and how he knew about the Phoenix. Mabye... just mabye there is someway to. He was itterupted by a thought about his money that he had to get from the Olinian prime minister.

"I guess we should get some rest tonight. It will help us all." He said as he laid down and fell asleep not long after that.

07/28/2005 6:20 PM

Lorie nodded at Lee.

"I'll take first watch. Don't worry. I have no reason to kill you in your sleep anymore."

He turned his back on the fire, tuning his ears to every little sound.

08/01/2005 1:26 AM

Chrono awoke a few hours later too Lorie hunched over him, shaking his shoulder. Chrono instantly felt awake as he thought Lorie was about to attack him.
"Your Watch" he said simply, calming Chrono's nerves. Chrono, now fully alert, stood up and put another log on the fire and then leaned on a nearby tree looking around.

He gazed his eyes skyward as a cocatrice flew by slowly, not intent on fighting. As he gazed into the glittering starscape above, he began to order his memories about what had happened. He recalled seeing the cannon, the attack of Lorie, the explosion and then, The summoning of Bahamut. Could he do it again? Did Bahamut come because he had really earned the trust of this awe inspiring being? or had he come just because he needed help so badly? Chrono vaguely thought of trying to summon him again, right now, but he didnt feel like having to deal with Lorie, Lee and Arevar if he awoke them.

Dawn would not be far off now, Chrono guessed that his shift was up and gently woke Lee who was to do the last watch for the night. Chrono assumed as he settled that they would be going their seperate ways next morning. He began wondering what would happen to them all now as he fell asleep.

08/01/2005 1:32 PM

Lee awoke to Chrono's face.

"You get the last shift." Chrono says and he goes to lay down.

"Fine." Lee replies as he gets up and sits on top of a log that toppled over from the blast that happened the night before.

He watched as Chrono went to sleep. As he gazed at the destruction made from the blast of the Aeon Cannon he thought to himself what would happen the next day. He noticed that far away the sun has slightly rose upon the horizon. What would he do after this? He truely did not know. All he thought was that he would get the gil he earned and then head on to other things. But what? His life had seemingly no meaning. It seemed as if something called fate had determined him to lead a life of pain and suffering. He looked to the ground as he scrapped off some ash that he did not notice was on his jacket before. He then moved his hand through his hair in a slow motion. As he watched the sun peak out he found himself getting away from what he would do to what would the others do. He did not know why he was wondering this at all. Mabye... he thought. That they would try to go after the other Aeon Weapons?

"What... why... why am I wondering about these people? I don't know them. I don't owe them anything. I should not care even what they would do." He said to himself trying to get away from that which he knew. he did owe them something. Well... more importantly Chrono. He saw him when he summoned the great beast from above back in the city. He owed his life to Chrono. The sun then finally perched over the horizen and fell into its place in the sky.

08/01/2005 10:30 PM

With a small grunt, Lorie sat up at the sun's warm rays. He shook himself off and rose to his feet, stretching and ignoring Lee. He sat back down and stared thoughtfully at the smoke from the fire. He was trying to figure out what he would do with his life now that his cell had been wasted. Maybe he would buy a farm or move to another country, or maybe he would move to another country and take up with another similar group.

08/03/2005 4:51 PM

This is a sad moment for me knowing that I did not know that Cycrin had been destroyed by the Aeon Cannon for I was out of town that day visiting a friend out in the countryside. I strolled along the countryside as I left my friend's house. The smoke from the ashes of Cycrin rose for miles into the air. The gases left by the destruction of the once great city had surrounded the area with a dense fog. I could not see well. But yet I was not afraid for I was used to darkness from my training as a thief. I looked as I walked back for survivors. I did not see anyone. The fog seemed to be more thick than I thought so. I ran quicker down the path. I could not hear anything at all. It was pure silence. All that was heard was the scrapping of my feet along the gravel road I traveled. As I got to the foot of the ashes I noticed something. Something was moving. Was it a zombie? Hell no! It was a person. Then many more people rose out of the ashes. I looked deep into the city and it seemed as if everyone had survived somehow. As I went farther in I found a huge group of people surrounding an area. I looked closer and saw the presidents body lying on the ground with many holes in his back. I assumed he was dead.

"Well I guess he did it. Fuckin Lee. That sonovvabitch killed him!" Raven said using the words as one.

As the day turned to dark I took hold under a pile of stone walls that had toppled onto one another to form the shape of a tent.(what a coincidinc. Used in a redneck's type of voice)

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08/04/2005 11:18 PM

Arevar awoke feeling greatly refreshed. He sat up and stretched the stiffness from his bones before rising.

"How beautiful," he said in awe as he gazed at the fallen city. He had never known that destruction could be as beautiful. He continued to stare at the tumbled buildings and piles of debris as the sun bathed him in its morning light.

Suddenly, he knew. As he gazed at the destruction that the aeon cannon had caused, he realized that a weapon of such power must never exist.

"I am going to destroy the rest." Arevar was staring at the ground, his face expressionless, his eyes unseeing.

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08/05/2005 12:19 PM

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Lee stood up and looked to the east. He could barely see the shore and the ocean beyond it.

"I will accompany you along the way if you wish. I have nowhere else to go. But if we do go we must get a boat or some sort of passage across the ocean. We shall head to the country of Oliny. It is the closest and quickest to get to. The capital as well has a Aeon Cannon. It is to the east. Shall we wake Chrono and head out?" Lee said as he walked out a bit into the area that was once full of green shrubs and tall trees but now is just a barren wasteland full of sand.

08/05/2005 4:14 PM

Lorie looked up as Arevar swore to destroy the cannons.

"You do realise what that means? You realize how strong you have to get and how far you have to go? Those bombs I used barely blew out the supports which would have shattered the cannon. But you intend to do it bare handed? You are insane. I. N. S. A. N. E..... I'm in.

He rose to a standing position and eyed the wreckage. It had fallen in such a way that it really was quite a spectacle to behold.

08/06/2005 1:56 AM

Chrono awoke to a stiffness in his neck. He regretted choosing a rock as a pillow earlier this morning. He sat up and rolled his head around, his neck cracking as the stiffness began to leave. He yawned and wondered what time it was. His companions were already awake and from what Chrono could over hear, they were discussing what to do next. He heard the unanimous agreement that they should head across the sea to the next aeon cannon. Chrono walked up to them and said "I'm in" The others jumped, they had not realised that he was yet awake. Chrono held up a hand to his brow to block out the rising sun's glare and scanned the horizon. "Hmm, Anyone know which way we are planning to go? It looks like a long walk no matter which way we go, I can't see the ocean from here at all..."

08/08/2005 2:43 PM

"Well now I see you are awake Chrono. Anyway we will head toward one of the eastern ports. By what I know the closest is Lillyhem. It is a smaller port but will still get us across the sea." Lee says as he moves his eyes from Chrono to Ashes and then towards everyone else.

08/08/2005 10:38 PM

"Well sounds like a Plan. Shall we leave then? Unless anyone has any reason to stay around here" Chrono said as he adjusted his belt to sit comfortably again and ran a hand through is messy brown hair. He had never really cared about his hair but he tried to flatten it anyway. "I think I need to take a bath or something, some of this ash from the explosion seems permanent!"

08/09/2005 10:23 AM

"I have no reason not to." Lee said as he tried to get off a few marks of dirt. "Yes that may be good to clean ourselves up."

He stared at the sky as if in some sort of trance.

"While we do that we should get some supplies. As well as something that might help destroy the Cannon. It would not be smart to buy a few bombs or something in a town and then use them in the exact same one. The person who would sell us the stuff would probably remember us. We do kind of stand out." He said as he turns his head back to the ashes of the city.

08/09/2005 10:11 PM

Lorie looked at the strange man's back. With a slight smirk he offered his own opinion on the fact that they stood out.

"Dead tongues don't wag er, never caught your name. Any ways, I built those bombs out of innocent supplies, and a little magic."

He ruffled his hair, shaking what looked like a small blizard of ash out of it.

08/14/2005 9:53 PM

"Dead tongues don't wag"

Chrono, who wasnt concentrating on the conversation behind him, managed to catch those four words. He could tell that he wasnt going to agree with this Lorie on every occasion. He began thinking about the distance they would have to travel. It would take them days if not weeks on foot to travel....if only there was something else...
Chrono looked over to his right hand side to the source of the noise. He could hardly believe their luck. Chocobos! A wandering herd had come near the group, attracted to the prospect of food. "Kweh?" one said cautiously as it approached a bag that belonged to either Lee or Lorie, Chrono did not know. "KWAAAAA!" The bird screeched as it began to dash around in circles. It had managed to open the bag, spilling the contents, and then got it's head stuck deep in the upside down bag. Chrono smiled for the first time in days...

08/14/2005 10:16 PM

Lorie turned and swore.

"There goes my lunch. Aright well that covers transportation."

He jumped on the chocobo immersed in his possesions and held on for dear life as the bird began running in circles again.

"Oh jesus...."

08/15/2005 7:42 AM

"Hmmm... what a coincedense that the time we need transportation these things pop up. Anyway..." Lee says as he jumps on one and in jumped into the air and tried to knock him off like a bull.

"Dirty bird." Lee says as he smacks the chocobo in the face.

The chocobo stops going crazy and settles down sort of.

"Well that takes care of that." He says as he starts walking around with it waiting for the others.

08/15/2005 9:50 PM

Lorie's bird continued trying to shake him off.

"C'mon you nasty yellow parakeet."

With a violent hop, the bird nearly dislodged it's passenger and continued running in circles. Albeit a little more controlably.

08/15/2005 10:33 PM

Arevar calmy walked up to a near chocobo, his hand held out before him. The wild animal dipped its head, staring at the approaching man. Arevar whispered a few words to the bird before it walked over to him and crouched low enough for him to hop onto its back. The ranger smiled to himself as he watched Lorie struggle with his mount.

08/16/2005 1:32 AM

Chrono stood back and watched the three, quietly amused at their different approaches. Once the three were settled (or in Lorie's case, as settled as he was going to get) they looked over at Chrono. Arevar motioned to another Chocobo and asked what he was waiting for. Chrono had had bad experiences with Chocobos in the past. He had been thrown off one when he was young and almost trampled to death and because of that, he had vowed never to ride one ever again. Besides, he had a much better way. He drew his sword and held it flat side up just below his eye line and then proceeded to spin it around him
"Come out, Valefor!" he cried as the flying Aeon came down seemingly out of nowhere and landed. Chrono gave his long mane a stroke and proceeded to jump up onto it's back. "Well guys? What are you waiting for?" he said, almost teasingly, as he saw the expressions on the other's faces...

08/16/2005 2:10 PM

Lorie's bird seemed to calm down a little but not much. He glared at the Aeon that had pinned him just hours ago. His bird suddenly craned it's neck and nipped his leg teasingly.

"OW! Grrrrrrr"

He nearly fell off as the bird hopped again, then stood placidly, eating his lunch.

08/16/2005 4:28 PM

Lee stared at the Aeon. He decided not to say anything.

As he looks at it from all angles examining it he finally says "Well now why would you waste your energy doing that I wonder. You aren't afraid of Chocobos are you?"

Lee slowly walks up to Chrono. The Chocobo looked at him with a qiuzical look. Then Lee whispered in the Chocobo's ear for only a second. Then it jerked its head toward Chrono stopping in front of his face.

08/16/2005 9:12 PM

He glared at the Aeon that had pinned him just hours ago.

OOC: It was Ixion that pinned you, not Valefor which is the one I've just summoned

Chrono saw Lee bring his Chocobo over towards him, whispering to it as he had almost reached him. The Chocobo suddenly moved its head infront of Chrono's face, intending to frighten him. And it succeeded, Chrono let out a yelp and lent back, holding onto Valefor's long red mane. Unfortunately Valefor took this as a signal to take off and immediately began flying into the air with Chrono holding on hard as he was dangling off the end. "V-Valefor! Stop!" Chrono said as he felt his hand slip. He reached forward and found no handholds. Instead he found himself freefalling from an immense height. He couldnt help but yell as the ground rushed at him. Just in time, a gust of wind, or rather an Aero spell from Valefor, came underneath him, padding his fall but not enough to prevent all injuries. Chrono lay face down, completely winded. Blood trickled down from his broken nose and big bruises had already started to form...

08/16/2005 10:28 PM

(OOC: Oh right, its been a while since then remember.)

Lorie snarled over at Lee.

"Stop fuckin around, your gonna kill someone at this rate."

He lopped a rope around his chocobo's neck and hopped off, bending down and grabbing Chrono by the back of his shirt, lifting the poor guy's face off the ground so he could breath.

"You ok? We'll take care of your nose later. Get on the chocobo. If you don't I'm sticking you on the back of this freak here."

Lorie lightly tugged on his rope and the chocobo lifted it's head and ran forewards at the same time, taking Lorie's bag with it still over its head and hitting its rider square in the behind, knocking him flat on his face.

"Ow, that really hurt."

08/17/2005 4:40 AM

"Stop fuckin around, your gonna kill someone at this rate."

"you act as if I care for some reason." Lee says as he finally sets off eastward. "Come on already lets go."

He looks back as he sees lorie getting hit by his chocobo. He stares in amazement thinking about how stupid Lorie looks at the moment.

08/17/2005 5:39 AM

Arevar regarded the situation astutely. It seemed to him that he had gotten a feel for everyone in the group from this one incident. Calmly, the ranger galloped over to Chrono on the back of his tamed chocobo.

"Are you alright?" Arevar asked despite the fact he knew the man would be alright, they had been through a lot together already.

08/17/2005 11:31 AM

Lorie rose from the ground and jumped on the chocobo, ignoring it's protestant [i]kweh[/i]. He glared at Lee and goaded the bird forwards. It squaked and began jerkily running in a zigzagish manner behind Lee's bird.

"Listen up bird, we're gonna have to come to an agreement here."

The bird hopped and gave another loud [i]kweh[/i] before running forewards.

08/17/2005 1:47 PM

"Come on! Get the stupid bird to behave and lets go." He said watching Lorie having so much trouble with the Chocobo.

He thought it was surprising that the bird did not already start clawing at him. Finally Lee walks off east again and does not look back just to hope everyone else is coming. He looks ahead of him and sees something running towards him and the rest of the group.

"Dammit... stupid random encounters." He says as he reaches back for his blade staff.

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08/17/2005 3:25 PM

Lorie's arm blurred and a small shiv buzzed by Lee's ear and imbedded in the thing's eye, effectively blinding it and piercing past it's optic nerve. The beast skidded to a halt in a pile of twitching limbs. Lorie managed to get the bird to move up beside Lee.

"I'm just here because I've nothing better to do. Don't presume to order me around."

He reighned the bird around, strutting it back to the other two and shaking his head. He muttered something under his breath that sounded disturbibgly like idiot.

08/17/2005 6:20 PM

"I don't!" Lee yelled back at Lorie. "I have already seen how you fight."

It seemed that Lorie finally got the Chocobo to settle down as it did as he wanted it to right there. Lee jumped off his Chocobo and showed it his blade. It knew what it meant and walked a little ways away and stayed their watching. Lee then pointed his blade staff straight at the panther looking creature. It gazed at him with pierced bright green eyes. Lee felt as if the thing was looking into his soul. He stood their looking at the creature. Then it pounced and lept forth at him. He quickly jumped and slashed the back of the beast as he got behind it. He then grabbed its tail and cut clear off its body. It gave a menacing roar as it ran a bit slid around and ran towards him again.

08/17/2005 6:29 PM

Lorie leaned down and scooped up the remains of his equipment, which had been savaged by the chocobo quite effectively. With a sigh he drew his djars and shot off of the chocobo's back, landing beside Lee and moving forewards, shooting along the side of the large cat. The beast's entire left side seemed to peel downwards as Lorie skidded to a stop behind it.

08/18/2005 12:12 AM

Chrono managed to get up fine and despite Lorie's almost offensive order, he returned to Valefor's back. He knew from experience that a scout in the air would help greatly. Firmly positioned as not to fall again, he flew at a low altitude, barely above the heads of the three Chocobos. His nose felt a lot better as he had cast a Cure spell on himself as they flew along. Chrono was thinking about the group as they flew. He never had much trouble getting along with Arevar as they had been travelling together for over a year now but the other two... Lee and Lorie seemed to almost be the exact opposite of him and Arevar. He could see that this was not going to be an easy journey...

The battle had commenced below him, The group had encountered a Black Fang. A Monster that Chrono had only ever seen once before. The attack started with a savage attack by Lee, followed swiftly by an even more deadly one by Lorie.
"Valefor! Cast Fire now!" Chrono Commanded. He watched as flame engulfed the already near-dead Black Fang...

08/18/2005 11:40 AM

Lee watched as the flames engulfed the creatures body and burn it until there was nothing left except the smell of freshly drawn blood in the air.

"Well now that that is over lets head out." Lee says as he walks over and jumps back on his Chocobo.

He headed out east again for the hopefully final time today.

As he and the Chocobo walked along lee yelled back "Are you guys coming?"

08/19/2005 1:35 AM

Valefor swooped down lower to the ground about 100 meters ahead of Lee as he yelled back to the party.
"What do ya mean Lee? I think I should be asking you that!" he said with a Laugh and took off again. "I'm going to see if I can see the City yet!" Chrono called as Valefor Took off straight into the air.

08/20/2005 5:03 PM

"Ignorant little... ugh nevermind that." Lee said in a whisper.

He was still not sure the others were coming. All he knew was that Chrono was ahead of him on his beast that he summoned. His ignorance guiding him Lee sped up on his Chocobo so that he was a little farther ahead of Valefor.

08/20/2005 11:44 PM

Lorie grunted in disgust at Lee. Old people. He spurred his chocobo a little faster, which was now listening because he had shown it his djar. The brid was short a feater or two on it's neck and was listening much better now. He paced Lee, although a wee bit behind him.

08/21/2005 1:14 AM

Chrono came soaring back down to earth with an Update.
"I can see Lillyhem in the distance. If we keep up this speed, we'll be there by nightfall. Although I spotted a few monsters in the area, they wont be anything we cant handle easily. Well except possibly that Golem but we can avoid an unnecessary battle if we change course slightly that way," Chrono pointed west. "Hey something just occurred to me, Do any of you have any Gil for a ticket? Let alone 4? I only have 23..." he said indicating to a small, empty looking brown bag attached to his belt.

08/21/2005 8:06 AM

"Well the golem should still be nothing truely dangerous but if you guys want to avoid it we can." Lee said. "So ether we fight or not what do you guys want to do?"

Lee looked out. They clearly are far from where they headed off. It still will take an hour or two at least to get there from where Chrono spotted it.

Then Lee returned to listening to Chrono and he said "Well I am fine for me. I have been given 1000 gil my self for the trip here and the trip back. Lets see how much do I have..... about 300 left. Enough to get a ticket they only cost 200 gil. It is still just a small port they don't get a lot of people coming there so they keep prices pretty low compared to most large ports cost from 500 to 1000 gil a piece for a ticket in the lowest class.

08/21/2005 9:21 AM

Lorie prodded his own money bag, producing a tired clink. He had a sinking feeling the three thousand gil he had been paid was sitting in this birds stomach.

"I have two gil, unless Arevar is loaded and we don't know about it we may have to leave things up to me. OH don't worry, I'm not gonna kill anyone, just cause a ruckus and steal a few tickets. As for the Golem, I'm game for kicking his ass but thats just me."

He goaded the chcocbo into moving a little faster and craned his neck, trying to catch sight of the terrain ahead.

08/21/2005 10:28 AM

"Arevar has no money," the ranger replied as he rode his chocobo. He turned in his saddle to regard Lorie.

"Must we stray from the determined path so early? If we were to engage this golem, who knows how many others are out there exactly like him? Are we to engage all of them?"

08/21/2005 12:58 PM

Lorie cocked an eyebrow.

"If you run from everything in your path you'll nbever get to your destination, and the longer it takes us to reach the next cannon, the more chances it has to fire. Golems hate magic, and we have a summoner and my thunder spells, it'll be a breaze."

His hair crackled slightly as he spoke, although he seemed to be more agitated by the argument then by the thought of a golem.

08/21/2005 4:58 PM

"Fine we will fight him. Chrono will do well with his summons but your thunder spells will help very little." Lee says toward Lorie.

As they went farther along he finally noticed the golem. It stood stories above them and was not exactly the prettiest sight to see. Lee got off the Chocobo and got ready with his battle staff.

"Let's get this over with." Lee says walking slowly toward the golem.

His Chocobo goes crazy and runs toward the golem. The golem smashes it with a huge stone fist.

"Shit." Lee says

08/21/2005 7:02 PM

Lorie looked up at the large creature and blinked a few times.

"I thought you said Golem, not friggin colossus. Last time I saw one of these they were just a few feet taller then me."

With a quick flip he disnounted his ride and landed beside Lee. He sighed, locking himself into a defensive stance and pulling his magical ability to hand. Alright then.

08/21/2005 10:15 PM

Chrono landed beside the rest of his party just as the Collussus noticed them.
"Valefor, You'll have to go for now, Wind wont be much use against him" he said to his aeon who nodded and then faded away slowly as he was dismissed. "Hmm, Rock...Weak against....Water!" Chrono muttered as he remembered his Element lessons from his summoning training "Damn, If Only I could summon Leviathan or Bismark... Oh well, Shiva is probably our best bet" He brought his sword up to his face and gathered his MP.


The Collussus had chosen a target to attack and it had been Chrono. His gigantic fist had smashed right into Chrono's head, Shattering his sword into pieces and sending him flying backwards. Chrono crumpled into a heap as he landed on the ground.
"S-Sorry Gu....." He muttered as the pain overwhelmed him and knocked him out...

08/21/2005 10:28 PM

Lorie's smile was evident as he raised his empty palm. He twitched as Chrono was slammed to the ground but electricity began to arc out from him, harmlessly connecting with his ally's weapons. Then with a loud humming, three great bolts of energy shot out from him, impacting the beast's face with enough force to shatter a rock. He felt a decent drain in his magical energy but he was ready to move in with his djars almost immediately after as the small haste ring on his finger took effect

08/22/2005 8:26 AM

Lee watchs as Chrono gets attacked and Lorie hits the Colussus with a few bolts of lightning. Lee pushes his blade staff into the ground and takes a few paces back behind it. He puts his hands together.

"Hell's Darkness!" Lee yells out as he pushes his hands to the ground with as much force as he could.

A row of dark black flames come from his hand and shoot towards the Colussus from the ground. As they flow they hit his blade staff into the air and straight toward the Colussus. While this is happening Lee runs after his blade staff. The dark black flames hit the Colussus and engulf him within its flames as the blade staff stabs into its chest. Less than a second later Lee was jumping and kicking his blade staff with both legs farther into the Colussus. The Colussus took a few steps back and takes out the blade staff. He then crushes it in two and throw it to the ground. It then rushes towards Lee.

08/22/2005 10:54 AM

Lorie barely moved out of the collosus' way as it charged at Lee. His wrist blurred and a weighted length of rope shot at the thing's legs, wrapping around them and tripping the monster. He landed on his shoulder and looked up in horror as the thing began to fall over towards him.

08/26/2005 1:31 PM

Arever, who had been watching, quickly sprung to action and pulled Lorie out of the way of the falling behemoth.

"That was a close one," he said as he looked back at the golem, which had begun to stir once more.

08/26/2005 10:23 PM


Lorie was on the monster's head in a flash, going for it's eyes with his djars and hanging on for dear life as the thing suddenly sat up. Lorie barely managed to avoid the giant hand that swung at him and took another swing at the colossus' left eye.

09/05/2005 5:42 AM

Lee watched as the Colossus shook Lorie off of it. Lee quickly stretched his arms out his sides flew them forward and muttered under his breath "Chaos Blast" as a beam of darkness hit the Colussus and ultimatly shattering it in about ten pieces.

"Now then can we get going? Oh yeah get Chrono." Lee says to the others.

09/11/2005 3:41 AM

Chrono awoke later laying on a cheap looking but comfortable bed. Arevar was sitting beside him reading a paper. As Chrono woke and sat up, Arevar explained what had happened with the Collossus and how they had brought him to an inn in Lillyhem to recover. Chrono inquired about his stuff and Arevar said he had brought them along too but then fell silent and handed Chrono the hilt of his shattered weapon. "There was nothing we could do about that, The Collossus shattered it when he hit you"
Chrono took the hilt and held it in his hand. He let out a long sad sigh as he felt that the hilt was cold, there was no magic energy in it. Chrono explained to Arevar about the importance of a weapon or tool such as a staff or a sword, was to the process of summoning Aeons. A summoner can't use his Magic to properly summon without the aid of a magic tool. Now that his summoners sword was shattered, Chrono realised that his ability to summon had also disappeared. Getting a replacement would be near impossible as for summoning, the weapon has to be imbued by the power of the God of the Aeons, or The Ultimate Summon. This feat could only be acheived by a Grand Summoner which Chrono knew were incredibly rare, if not extinct in the world.
"Arevar...I am very sorry to say this but you three have to go on without me. I'm useless now without my ability to summon. Please don't worry about me, Go out and save the world" Chrono said with a smile which was soon lost to his greiving.

09/24/2005 8:39 PM

"Come on. Don't act like you can't get a new summoners weapon." Lee stepped in the room quietly. "Yeah yeah it is tough to get a new one and bring it back to the way that one was but there are a few summoners who can probably hitch one up for ya. There are quite a few talented summoners out there that know just the trick to bringing a summoner's weapon to the height of strength the weapon the summoner used before."

Lee looked away from him and walked to the window staring into the sunshine.

"Ether way we could still use you for something. Just make sure that you get a weapon and start working on it."

Lee back to the side of the bed and sat down on a chair close to it.

"So we will need some money to get across the sea. We did use about 50 of my gil to rest here after all." Lee said as he leaves the room.

09/26/2005 10:16 PM

Chrono got out of the bed and sat on the edge thinking about possible Money making ways.
"Do we have any equipment we dont need?" He asked but he already knew that the the party was in need of new equipment rather than having an excess. Chrono looked at the window to see what the weather was like outside and he noticed a red bauble wobbling at the base of the window. Chrono quickly dashed over to the window, flung it open and grabbed the bauble in such a speed that would impress a ninja.
"KUPOPOPO!!!" Yelled the Creature as Chrono pulled the Moogle inside the room.
"What were you doing eavesdropping on us?" Chrono asked. He heard a Shing sound coming from behind him "Lorie, Put that away! Not every situation is solved with a sharp blade meeting skin!"

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