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07/05/2005 11:20 AM

This is to be based on the idea that Link did not put the sword back at the end of Ocarina of Time, and that Ganondork is sealed. Any questions? And please no random wacking people....and as for your first post...make it include details about your person! And I am sorry, only one Link people1

Brook blew a lock of red hair out of her yellow eyes.
"Dang it...I'll never be able to steal from the palace if I can't see." She muttered, an average Gerudo, recently sixteen. One one arm she wore a glove, which she always wore, no matter what the weather. Brook sighed, for the glove covered a great secret, one that she would keep that way for as long as possible. She pulled it off to flex her hand for a moment, and on it shown the Triforce of Power, something she had inherited. Brook quickly slid it back on and examined the guard posts once more.

07/05/2005 1:19 PM

First you need more description in the plot. Second if you are going to make a Zelda RP you should make a new world or have it that something made Hyrule change or get destroyed or something of the sort so that the people playing can manipulate it. Cause if you are just going to use the Hyrule from Ocarina of Time then there will get to be a quite a few restrictions. Such as having the same towns and areas and items and NPCs. Third you should ether have Link be a non-player character so that people can manipulate their character and then you would not have to make sure link has all the important weapons and items from the ending of Ocarina of Time.

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07/05/2005 2:16 PM

Hm...fair enough with the point on Link...but the Hyrule has plenty of space, area, and towns. Okay...

Added note: Link returns all his items to where he found them, except the master sword.

07/06/2005 7:30 AM

This would be fun I love Zelda. I think you should make the plot better and diffrent. Like insted of Hyrule it should be a new place. And the tri-force power should belong to new people insted of the origanl three. And this might be crazy but I would love to join and insted of being a person from another race I would like to be the son of Link and Zelda. (And you know they were ment for each other lol) but thats what I think but its your post so do what ever.

07/06/2005 8:18 AM


here is my character:

Weapons:usual, boomerang, fin swords
Look: a misfit, an albino zora:
torso:red shredded shirt
Pants:also red
Arms: two red wristbands

Personality: Hotheaded

Story: grandson of the high king zora, taught by his best fighters, corey is a master swordsman.

07/06/2005 2:37 PM

Well, while I could agree on future, with a change of character on my part, I would firmly disagree on Link and Zelda being meant for each other. Their desendent is one thing, but I never agree that of all the girls Link met, he would honestly go for the most troublesome and Zelda was not a great fighter, as Ganon abducted her multiple times, and he is easy to beat. What ever hapened to the triforce of wisdom? Well, Okay, but I AM SO NOT DOING WIND WAKER WORLD! We'll say one thousand years into the future. X out Brook please...

Nina looked around, her blue eyes scanning the market for her two cousins. Against the wind, she held down her sapphire shaded hood over her blue hair.
"Where are you guys?" She muttered as an emerald cloaked figure passed.
"FIONA!" Nina grabbed her by the cloak, and in a jerk it was revealed to be a girl with green hair and green eyes.
"Heh heh...hi Nina..." Fiona says.
"Wheres Luna?"
"Where can we usually find Din's daughter?" Fiona asks.
"Shes at the potion store...come on." Nina drags her cousin along. Nina, Luna, and Fiona were the foster daughters of Naryu, Din, and Farore. Luna was a spunky young tomboy with red hair and ruby eyes. Fiona was an average girl who had a sense of humor and talent for trouble. And Nina was a strict young girl who tried to keep her cousins in line. Each was sixteen.

07/06/2005 6:17 PM

At least you had it different than Hyrule. I have to say that I am not too happy of the idea of Link and Zelda being together since... they were siblings. At least from what I remember I think they were but I might be thinking of another Zelda game. Also a thousand years after Hyrule Naryu, Din, and Farore are still alive? That really sounds dumb.

07/06/2005 6:40 PM

Um...Naryu, Dina, and Farore are goddesses. Meaning Immortal. Meaning couldn't die. And FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO AGREES LINK AND ZELDA WERE SIBLINGS! Course its just my theory...But I was trying to keep it silent lest I be called crazy...that and I am running out of characters here...

Nina drags Luna out of the shop.
"Hey! They had blue flame!:"
"WE ARE ON A MISSION HERE!" Nina scolds as Fiona mocks her by moving her hand in mouth motions as Nina starts lecturing her cousins.

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07/06/2005 7:02 PM

Well now that I think of it I must to agree that they might be siblings and the only other girl I can think of link would marrie is the ranch girl sorry I forgot her name haven't played it for a wile and his friend from korki forest (sorry if the spellings wrong) never ages and she is a sage so yeah. But here is my person

Name: Saskue Merimesha
Age: 10
Race: Korki
Tunick: Black (Has no power)
Boots: Normal
Arms: Black Wrist bands
Head: Black Headband
Pants: Brown Legings
Persinality: Lonewolf, locked up to others.

07/06/2005 7:07 PM

Um...Naryu, Dina, and Farore are goddesses.

okay then. but why would goddesses want to adopt children? what do the goddesses just walk around the town with their child and play with them and buy them stuff? Keep your character but don't put it so they are the foster children of goddesses. Either way this is my character.

Name: Havilion Stunpor
Age: 19
Height: Around 5'9 give or take a few inches
Weight: 198 lbs.
appearance: He wheres a black robe over black shirt and black pants. He also has black shoes. He has a blackish grayish belt that has a small knife in the right side and some type of sand that creates a dense cloud of fog when thrown on the ground hard enough.
Personality: Often acts like a goof off when around friends but when it comes to serious things he acts seriously but yet he can still goof off about what he does and often tries to make a joke out of it.
History: He grew up as a poor child In the city Narnidum. He often ended up stealing items from friends and neighbors. As he grew he started to steal from his parents and from small stores. Once he left his home at the age of 17 he started to steal more valuable things. He stole large sums of rupees and often stole things from the carts that ocassionally came through with many rare and valuable things such as fine silks and spices. He sold these and now he lives a normal life style and he still is a theif the reason he has a small knife to pick locks and the smoke bomb type things.

07/06/2005 7:10 PM

okay, another tip people.... NJ_Born_and_Bred, you really should've opted to use the OOC/Recr portion when you started the thread, it would've made it so much easier to read.

Also, yes, I too have thought of the theroy that Link and Zelda were siblings... made sense in the Ocarina of Time... Link's mother left him in the care of Kokiri, and there's no mention of Zelda's mother. *Shrug* it's a theory, unfortunately, no real fact to base it on.

anyway, if you would like to re-create this thread, please do so, it would make it much easier to follow. you would put the story in the main section, then all the OOC/Recruitment stuff-fluff will go in the proper portion of the thread (Look at some of the other threads on the board, especially any started by myself.) If you want to do it that way, I will delete this one once I see the other started :D


07/06/2005 7:27 PM

Thank you Miss Kalia, and I really had no idea how much Out of character there would be at the time...or I would have included the portion. And as for the foster children of Goddess, Demon, I think maybe the Goddesses would want to keep to themselves, come out occasionally, and especially not draw attention to their Mortal Foster Children. Anyone mind trying again?

07/20/2005 2:06 PM

I wouldn't mind joining. I love Zelda... The game... Just tell me the place, and I will be there.

07/20/2005 6:11 PM

Fine I will. Just actually put in a storyline as to what is happening. Also do a new thread and add the OOC/REC area it would help a lot. That and one little thing do not make it 1000 years later since that would mean new advancments in the woodworks and technology and stuff. Make it like 100 years or something because else it would make it far more different than legend of zelda.

07/20/2005 7:45 PM

I agree because once this post gets started I think it will be a hit in no time.

07/21/2005 7:01 AM

That and one little thing do not make it 1000 years later since that would mean new advancments in the woodworks and technology and stuff. Make it like 100 years or something because else it would make it far more different than legend of zelda.

don't forget people, Windwaker was supposed to be set 1000 years after Ocarina of Time... am I the only one who really liked that game? the only thing I thought was bad was that Gannon himself was too easy. Puppet Gannon was harder....

anyway, well you got your support for a new Zelda thread, as soon as I see it up and running I'll delete this one.


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07/21/2005 9:22 AM

don't forget people, Windwaker was supposed to be set 1000 years after Ocarina of Time... am I the only one who really liked that game? the only thing I thought was bad was that Gannon himself was too easy. Puppet Gannon was harder....

I loved windwaker. The world is great and I liked it being cell-shaded. It looked cool and was very interesting. Yeah I was dissapointed when I beat Ganon the first time since it was so easy. I didn't like that puppet ganon was so much harder.

07/30/2005 4:18 PM

The windwaker was one of my more favorites. Definately better than that low grade Majoras Mask. The music wasn't as good, the masks...well, I just didn't like them, I don't think the timed theme was fun, and I never beat it. Not because I couldn't, but because I forgot about it when I was on the fourth level, and just never got back to it. I forget so much of what I did and didn't do, that by now, I would have to just restart the game. I really don't feel like going back through the entire thing.

ANYWAYS, I was thinking we should just set it a few years after the game ocarina of time. We could say the sages worked together to restore the land, and, at Link's request, make the villagers forget about what happened. The whole reason for the new setting in Majora's Mask was because he snuck away to escape the publicity. I dunno, though, its just an idea.

Oh yeah, and PLEASE remember to write in the past tense. Almost everyone else here does, and it helps to make the story sound a little more solid.


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