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07/03/2005 5:34 AM

Just a bunch of thoughts that came to mind from games I loved. I thought maybe something new to the RP realm might lighten up some interest. Here are a few ideas, after I hear which ones get the votes, I'll make with the plot and guidelines.

These are names for the RP, not a specific game. I did it this way to give ideas......

Halo: The Spartan Project
Advent Rising: Lost Survivors
The Matrix (The movies did suck, but RPs are ok......)
Panzer Dragoon: Dragoon Seige

Most of these games definitly give, in one way or another, interesting RPing styles. For example, in an RP of Half-Life, you are a survivor of the Resonance Cascade, but are trapped 100 ft below surface with not only a large host of parasitic lifeforms from another dimension ready to swallow you whole, but also a government militarial force sent to destroy all evidence of the incident, including you and your fellow workers! Are you a security officer in the incident who was in duty at the wrong time? Or one of the workers who made this disaster? You could even be a government agent investingating the facility at the time of the attack.......

Now how about Halo? Before the Incident of Reach, there were alot more of those Spartans involved in the war. Are you one of those heroes? Or another Marine, marooned in the mists of combat by your fellow officers to fight a lost cause? So much choice in the matter........

Just start talking, and I'll come up with something.......

07/04/2005 1:49 PM

Ok, i'll start talking.

How about you try and get your feet wet in the RPG's already running on the board, before even thinking of starting one yourself.

How about you try and come up with something other then brainless hack and slash games, when you finally do get to create an RP yourself?

To enlighten you a little, RPG is very different from a first person shooter game. Mainly due to the fact that a charcter evolves, in which I do not mean a rise in level or by picking up new weapons along his path. Get it?

07/06/2005 2:18 PM

Yes! A reply! I thought It'd take forever!
Ok........ I've been waiting for a reply in the Traveler's Inn about my char, and I got bored......summer vacation.....sorry about seeming like another drunk fps player looking to spam your forum........

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